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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 14

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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"What took so long?" Shawna's mother sniped as she put her cigarette out on the side of the car door and flicked it into the Hardcastle's driveway.

"Sorry," Vi apologized. "I needed help from my mom to find my cleats."

"Yeah," Shawna piped in, "And she had to finish what she was doing before she could help us." Vi shot her a dirty look and Shawna broke into a smug grin.

"I hope you're not late." Shawna's mom bitched at the girls, then started the nearly worn out Ford Fusion and reversed out of the driveway. Even though she stepped on it, the car didn't accelerate very fast. Violet couldn't help but wonder what Val and her mom would say if she tried to wear the same kind of halter top that Shawna's mom had on. She was pretty sure it wouldn't be good, and forget about her dad. He would come unglued. She could see the nubs of her ample breasts poking out of the stretchy fabric. She had a dragon tattoo above her bulging, left globe. Violet and Shawna were just starting to develop and couldn't really get large enough nubs to show even if they wanted to. Violet wondered how large she would get upstairs. She knew that Danny liked to rub her budding boobies, even if they weren't that large, when they had kissed. She knew it gave him a boner because he had to adjust himself down there. Seeing what she had just witnessed between her parents set her mind spinning on a path of sexual thoughts and curiosities.

When they pulled into the parking lot, Shawna's mom asked, "How late will this go? Ramon's coming over to take me to the car show and then out to dinner. I'll get pizza for you girls."

"Can I have some other friends over?" Shawna asked.

"A couple I guess. Who?"

"Just Kylie and Danielle?"

"Have I met them?" her mother asked.

"I don't think so. They go to our school." Violet gave Shawna a questioning look, not recognizing the names, while Shawna winked back at her.

"I guess. Just don't make a damn mess."

"We won't. We'll be super careful not to make any mess. Thanks." Shawna got on her phone and sent the text messages. The two girls grabbed their bags and headed to the bathroom together so Violet could change into her uniform. Shawna's mom grabbed her lawn chair, umbrella, and cooler full of Diet Coke from the trunk. On the way, Violet asked Shawna who Kylie and Danielle were.

"Think about it, Vi. Kyle-ee and Danny-ell." Violet's eyes grew wide and her mouth gaped open.

"Did you really text them to come over?"

"Sure. I told them it would be just us there alone and we'd have pizza. They'll wait until my mom is gone then ride their bikes over. We can eat pizza, dance a little and go out in our complex hot tub. If you want a second chance at Danny, I bet you can have one. I'll get Kyle to fuck me in my mom's room and you and Danny can use my room. Then they'll split before my mom and Ramon come home to fuck each other's brains out. Cool, huh?"

"Yeah. Cool." Violet wasn't too sure it was cool, but she wasn't too sure it wasn't cool either. A gazillion thoughts exploded in her head. She went into the bathroom stall and shut the stainless steel door. While she was changing into her uniform, Shawna was standing against the wall discussing her intentions for Kyle later on.

"I'm gonna be on top like your mom was when I do it with Kyle this time. That looked hot. I bet I can even get myself off before he shoots this time. What about you, Vi? How are you and Danny gonna do it?"

"Umm, probably the same I guess. If he wants to," Violet answered as she stood there with her pink panties she'd just removed in one hand and her sliders in the other hand. She tossed the panties into her bag and before slipping on the sliders, Violet bent over, spread her legs and then spread her vagina open and peered at herself. She wondered what it would really feel like to have a boy's thing sticking up inside her. It caused her to get equally excited and frightened. Val's words rung in her head, 'Don't be that girl…You're too young for this…Find a good guy who likes you just for being you.'" She ran a finger along her crack a couple times before shuddering and pulling her sliders on.

The two of them got dirty looks from the coach as they run up to the pre-game speech he was giving. He broke off his lecture about defense being more important than offense. "You can't lose if you never let them score!" he'd just said for the 1000 th time. He looked at Violet and said, "I'm sorry about your brother. Shawna's mother informed me why you are late. How is he?"

"Better, I guess. My mom said he's out of his coma."

"Great! So if you have trouble keeping your head in the game because of it, just let me know and I can take you out. But we need your foot up front if you're okay."

"I'm fine."

The game was hard fought and it was truly a defensive battle. Every time Shawna made a stop in the backfield and advanced it up to Violet, this deceptively fast, big boned girl would stop her and take the ball away. Near the end of the second period, it was still 0-0. When the ball was in the backfield, Violet found herself thinking about Danny and his 'big one' sticking in her. Because of it, she wasn't moving into position to get a pass or win a passed ball. During half time the coach talked to her about it and she assured him she was okay. Even though she was only halfway into the game, she was better than her sub so the coach left her in. With very little time left, the big girl stepped into a ball that Violet had deflected near the sideline deep in the corner. She kicked it full force. The ball smashed into Violet's left breast and ricocheted off the big girl's hairy arm out of bounds behind the end line. Violet dropped to her knees as the searing pain radiated from her tender breast. The big girl sneered as she jogged past, "Stop faking it, wimp." The referee whistled the ball dead and the coach ran out to check on her.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned. "Do you need to come out?" Violet shook her head for no. She wiped the tears away and stood up. Shawna came up to take the corner kick and Violet set up just outside the goalie box. The big girl fronted her. Violet had two other girls' crowd around her to shield her from the referee's view. Shawna delivered a perfect shot to the near post and Violet charged into position with her two teammate's right behind her. Violet delivered a huge cleat shot to the big girl's calf, dropping her, then she leapt up and headed the ball into the top near corner of the net for a goal.

Her team went wild and charged her as she turned and ran past the big defensive girl still on the ground clutching her calf. Violet almost laughed when she saw how hairy the girl's leg was with her sock pulled down. "Wimp!" Violet called out as she ran past into the arms of her adoring teammates. Three or four passes later, the game time was up and Shawna and Violet cheered their win with the rest of the team. The coach was ecstatic and kept crowing about the great defensive effort.

While the girls changed out of their cleats, Shawna said, "Looks like I get credit for two assists so you could score today."

"Two?" Violet asked, "You mean one. We just won, one to none, remember?"

"Well, yeah, that's one assist. My other assist is for when you score with Danny later on." Shawna smiled as Violet shushed her.

Buford glanced at his watch and realized he had to hustle to get to the canyon and meet the tow truck. He jumped out of bed and found his clothes. He quickly dressed and was about to leave when he stopped, rushed over and hastily made the bed. After such a nice treat from Polly, he didn't want to annoy her by leaving the bed a mess. Then, he rushed out and jumped in his truck and sped off toward the canyon. Along the way, he had flashbacks of the great sex he'd just shared with his wife, causing him to break into singing classic rock songs from his youth by Van Halen, Guns and Roses, and Aerosmith. In between those thoughts, he would think about seeing Val in the hospital and the gut wrenching panic he'd felt when they got the call that Val was in a coma and being taken to the hospital. Buford muttered a prayer of thanksgiving to God for sparing his boy.

Buford headed up the canyon and when he reached the turnoff onto the dirt road, he found the tow truck driver parked there trying to figure out if that was the correct road to take. Buford parked behind him and walked up. They exchanged pleasantries and then the driver followed Val's dad up to the accident site. When they reached it, Buford was overwhelmed with the image. He hadn't envisioned so much damage to the truck. The front of the cab was smashed, all the windows were blown out and the bed was misaligned with the cab. If it hadn't been for the roll bar, the boys would likely be dead.

"Hoo-wee! Yur boyz is damn lucky they made out good as they did," the tow driver said. "Damn lucky." Then scratching his chin and lighting up a cigarette, he added, "This here's gonna be a bitch to get back out. I might need a backup unit. When he finished his cancer stick, the tow driver waded into the stream and looked for places to hook his winch line. Buford watched from the bank. They both backed their trucks down the road a ways and found a wide spot for Buford to park and then the tow truck turned around, backed up the road, and angled the rear end toward the stream. The driver waded back in and the first thing he did was set the hook to pull the truck back onto its wheels. Next, he hooked up to the front and slowly winched the truck out of the stream and back up the streambed. It was slow and took several attempts but was finally successful.

Once the truck was finally retrieved, the driver pulled out a portable winch and tied it off to a large pine tree. He waded back into the stream and hooked it to the front end of the quad, then pulled it slowly out of the water and up the embankment. They worked together to load it into the bed of Val's smashed up truck. Buford was pleased to see that it was in decent shape other than being full of water and a few scratches and dents here and there. He was certain it could be salvaged with a little effort.

Val's dad peered into the busted out driver's side window of the truck while the tow driver packed the winch away. He inspected the damage as water continued to flow out of the smashed door. He was overwhelmed at the amount of damage. He realized the truck was totaled beyond repair. It made him sad for Val. He knew how much he loved that truck and he worried how he would take it when he saw it. He wondered if it would be best to break the news to him before he came home, since he was planning on storing it in the driveway until he could figure out what to do with it. Val might get upset if he saw it wrecked without a little bit of warning from him first. He reached in and unraveled Val's Sacramento Kings boxers from the gearshift lever. It reminded and troubled him anew that Val and Tyne had been traveling home naked. He tossed them back onto the seat and watched as the tow driver secured the truck to the flatbed of the tow truck and began pulling it home. Buford walked down the road to his truck and followed the mess home. He directed the driver where to put the truck, tipped him $40 for his extra effort and then took a couple of pictures of the truck and Banshee with his phone. Then he sent Polly a text and headed to the hospital.

Over at the hospital, Tyne stood in Val's sterile, mint-green cubicle-like hospital room, looking between the curtains and down at a very compromised and almost-naked Val. His bare ass was rolled over to the side of the bed and only his feet were covered by the flimsy sheet, the rest of his body was naked, save for a piece of gown tied around his neck. He was resting on his hip while some plain looking, carelessly dressed girl was splattering something slushy and white all over his bare, beefy buns and rubbing it in. Tyne couldn't believe it, and he stood there with his mouth hanging wide open in awkward astonishment. Who is that bitch and why does she look familiar , he thought to himself. She looked like a farmer's daughter - some hick fresh off the turkey farm trying to get to Val, but he was in no mood to think about the ramifications of that right now. He just wanted to break them up. Get the hell off my dude, he thought. You're no candy striper and you don't belong here touching my Val. It should be me.

"Hey Tyne!" Val said, looking up over his shoulder, his killer smile shining at him once he spotted his friend. Val casually turned around in his confined bed and pulled up the sheet half-way to his pecs and then completed the roll to his back. It was obvious to everyone in the room that he had a boner – a big, hard, raging boner. But if he was embarrassed, he didn't show it. Just like an everyday occurrence , thought Tyne.

Tyne couldn't really speak at the moment, because his mouth was dry and the use of his brain to form even rudimentary words suddenly failed him; so instead, he looked quizzically between the two of them, the stud and the hick, and then back to Val's big boner propping up the thin sheet. He thought he saw a spreading wet spot at the peak of the tented polyester expanse, but pushed that horny thought from his reeling and spinning mind. Finally, after a long and uncomfortable silence, and only after he finally recognized the girl from the Valentines dance at school the other night, he asked, quietly, "Sylvia…what are you doing? You might hurt him even more. You should get off him. He's injured, you know. He's been through a lot. He crashed his truck and smashed his head. For god's sake! He's been in a coma."

"I'm, uh, well, I'm putting lotion on his body," she started slowly, then rushing out the next part, she said, "the nurse told me to!"

Tyne half expected her to add "honest!" but she didn't say it.

"Yeah, it's okay, dude. Nurse Danielle told her to do it," which was partially true. Then turning to Sylvia, he added, "Thanks. It felt great."

"Oh. Okay, fine, I get it. No problem then." Tyne struggled to keep his voice in check, but he could tell he was squeaking a bit, exposing his irritation. He took a deep breath and continued, "So Val, Nick and Noah are outside, waiting in the hall. They wanted to see how you're doing and they were nice enough to give me a ride over here. I thought you might like this candy bar, since you told me it's your favorite, but it seems like you're busy. I'm not even sure you can eat it, now that I think about it, because you might have dietary restrictions or something." Tyne thought that served him right after all. "So, uh, maybe I'll just go on down to the cafeteria while they come in or find a snack bar and get something to eat. I'll come back here, when, well, you know, later on when you aren't so busy and everything."

"No, it's cool, dude. You can stay. The nurse was going to put some itchy-cream on my back and butt, but then she had to go and do something else right away. Some older dude down the hall needed her, you know, like a minor emergency. A code yellow or code brown or something like that. They're always calling out all of these color codes over the P.A. system – I don't even know what they all mean. It's confusing. I'm never sure if I should run out of my room or hide under the bed. I asked once, but they won't tell me. It's like some top secret hospital stuff. Anyway, she asked Sylvia to do it for her, since she's so busy right now and Sylvia was right here. It's no big deal, really. I've had doctors and nurses and tech's pinching and prodding all over me. And I mean ALL OVER ME! Seriously, tell them to c'mon in. And give me that F'n candy bar. I've been jonesing for something good to eat for a while now. You should see the shit they call food around here."

"Well, I'll send them in, but I'll head out and come back in a few. You know, you can't have more than three visitors in a room at one time. It's against regulations or something. I mean, they might even pull a code black on you or something. Like I said, maybe I'll go on down to the cafeteria and come back in a while. No big deal."

"That's okay, Tyne. I really should get going," Sylvia said, looking around for something to wipe her sloppy hand with. Not finding anything suitable, she wiped it off on the edge of Val's hospital bed-sheet, and then looked at her hands like she just caught something nasty. "I'll see you, Val. I'm glad you're going to be okay."

"No, don't go. You just got here."

"No, really. I should go. Your friends are here."

"You're a friend too. Will you come back?"

"Um, yeah, I guess I could. If you want me to, that is."

"I do want. Maybe tomorrow when I'm more myself and not so goofy on all of these drugs, we can spend some time talking about something besides my old fishing trips. I'd like that so we can get to know each other better."

"Okay, then. Sure. See you tomorrow."

"Thanks, Sylvia, for, well, everything."

"You bet. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Sylvia," Tyne said coldly.


"Tell the guys to come on in, on your way out, okay?" But she was gone, or at least didn't hear him. More likely she was too shy to talk to them.

After a second, Tyne asked, "What was that all about? You shouldn't get all excited like that. I read on the internet it's not good for you in your current state." Tyne pointed at the continuing erection.

"I told you it's cool. These drugs make me all weird I guess. I gotta tell you about the sexy dreams I've been having. You're gonna freak."

"Yeah, I'm sure I'll freak," Tyne said without much enthusiasm. "What were they about?"

"They were about you. You and me and boners! Crazy, huh? I was all groggy from the drugs and Nurse Danielle came in to check on me and I thought it was you doing it. When she touched my dick to check on the tube sticking out of it, she triggered an explosion and I shot a load with that thing in me. It was freaking weird. I was so embarrassed when I realized it was her and not you touching me."

"Yeah. Sounds weird." Tyne was a bit relieved to hear he was the object of Val's drug induced fantasies rather than Sylvia, but apparently Sylvia was his choice for when he was fully conscious.

Before Val could tell Tyne anything else about his weird sex dreams, Nick and Noah barged into the small room, not all that quietly, forcing Tyne into the back corner by the door to the tiny, sterilized bathroom. The door made a loud crash when it smashed against the wall, knocking down the white-board on the wall that had the names of 'Today's Nurses' listed on it. He figured they'd all get kicked out any second if these guys kept up the racket.

"Hey, Buddy! How are you?" Nick asked. "I'm so glad you're all right." He walked up to Val and bumped fists, paying attention not to get caught up in Val's IV line. "You look good, except for those bruises."

"Hey, you big stud!" Noah said with a wide grin, stepping forward, relieved that the hot jock didn't seem like a vegetable. He was subdued today, wearing all black, except for a turquoise skin-tight Hanes t under his hoodie and his favorite clear, chestnut colored, horned-rimmed glasses. His hair was spiked up and pointed to the left like a Zac Efron wannabe.

"Hi guys. Yeah, I'm okay, I think. A little pounded and bruised here and there and I have a monster F'n headache that they can't seem to fix, but the doctors say it will go away pretty soon. I love the drugs they have me on, though. I get freaky dreams that are way cool."

"Well, you look good, stud. Almost like your old self," Noah said, striking a pose with his hand on his hip seductively while eyeing the big bulge in Val's lap, looking kind of plump under the thin bleached hospital sheet. He was remembering taking pictures of Val in the locker room and was starting to get tingly down there himself. Would it be too weird to take erotic pictures of this stud in his hospital bed, he wondered. Hot, but twisted, he surmised. He reached in his pocket and fingered his cell phone absentmindedly.

"Yeah, you don't look all that sick." Nick was staring, too, but who could help it? That big cock was plump and enviable, and right there in front of them under the thin sheet – shit, you couldn't miss it! Nick had a fleeting thought that maybe the drugs Val was on was making him super-horny, kinda like those drugs for old men they hawked on TV late at night. But then, Val didn't seem to have a clue. Maybe he was perpetually horny. "Umm, you know, according to the commercials, if that erection lasts more than four hours, you should consult with a physician. Do you want me to see if I can find one around here?"

"Thanks for the offer, Nick." He covered his boner with his hands. "I think I can manage on my own if I need it to go down. I appreciate you for coming to visit me. You too, Noah. I was just telling Tyne that they finally pulled the plug from my dick so now I can pee on my own, even if it is into this little bottle. That was so F'n gross, having that thing inside my dick. I wouldn't wish that on anybody, except maybe Lukas."

"Such abuse of a magnificent piece of art, I hope there's no permanent damage to it, beefcake," Noah chirped. "And I hope that nasty gash under that head dressing heals without scarring. Although, a little scar might be sort of a sexy addition to your look."

"Funny, Noah. But seriously, you need to thank Tyne here for saving my F'n ass. According to his story, and the news on TV, he pulled me to safety out of that river. I coulda floated all the way to the ocean. Saved my life, I guess. I don't remember any of it."

Everybody turned to look at Tyne, who reddened up super-fast. "It was nothing really. Anybody would have done that for you, Val. It just happened, and I was there. I'm glad I was there to help you out. No big deal. Anybody would have done it," he said, thinking of the farmer's daughter, Sylvia. She probably wouldn't have had a clue what to do. Bitch.

"Horse-shit!" yelled Nick. "I'm not sure I would have moved that fast. I probably would have been worrying about my own skin. But, shit, I mean, I'd do that for Val in an instant, but, damn, dude, you are a hero, little buddy."

"Yeah, well," Tyne stammered, "they didn't make it look that way on TV." Secretly, he liked that Nick had called him little buddy.

"Well, fuck 'em all!" Nick said, surprising all the guys. "Fucking news nerds."

"Yeah, I saw that too this morning. So why were you guys all naked and stuff? Where were your clothes? Tell us all about it! I wanna hear all the itsy-bitsy details," Noah asked, not so subtly. He wanted to hear Val's side of the story to compare notes to Tyne's version and see if they added up. He was pretty sure they wouldn't and had a pretty good idea that much, much more happened up in the mountains.

"I already told you guys," Tyne whined, louder than normal. "The truck rolled over into the river and I got Val out through the broken window. No biggie. Nothing more to tell."

"Yeah, well, I wanna hear the whole story, too," Nick said, moving around the room closer to Val and Noah, leaving Tyne standing in the back, feeling defeated, and worn-out. "And I want to hear all about what Sylvia was doing in here just now. She ran out of here like she was on fire. Her face was redder than Dane's hair. How did she find you here and what were you two doing?"

"She got my number somehow and I gave her Val's home number. Everybody has my digits, you know. But yeah, what's up with her? She couldn't even look at us," added Noah. "She sure could use a magnificent makeover by Noah of Hartsdale Hills! That dress! My god, I swear it was a Goodwill reject."

"She's the girl Tyne made me dance with at the Valentine dance, remember? She came to visit me thanks to Noah's help. There's something about her I really like. She's smart, too, like Tyne. She's also easy to talk to like Tyne is. She is kind of … not ugly exactly… more like plain, but she has nice tits, don't you think? It was nice of her to come see me. If it hadn't been for my good buddy, Tyne, here, I never would have met her." The guys all turned and looked at Tyne again.

"Ugh. I'm outa here," Tyne said, way too loudly. Fuck them , he thought, fuck them all .

"Don't leave. Help me tell them the story. I was unconscious for parts of it." Everyone except Tyne chuckled.

"No thanks, I've heard it and told it enough times already. It's old news to me, and probably to Val, too. It's time to move on and for Val to get better. I'm going downstairs to get a snack. I'll be back later," Tyne said. This was starting to be too much for him and his emotions were disturbingly close to boiling over the surface. If he didn't get out of there soon, he was going to make a messy, cry-baby scene. So as he headed for the door out of Val's room, a different nurse, a mean looking creole woman with short dreadlocks and a nasty snarl, came barreling into the room and told the guys to quiet down.

"Lissen here my little boy-dude's. If'n you can't keep it down now, way on down low, low on down to the freakin' ground, I'll hafta kick you-a boys out so flat on your freakin' fat fannies and so crazy fast ya won't know what freakin' hurricane hitcha upside da face. You disturbing da udder patients," she said, "and I don't like dat. Plus, I don't get paid enough for dis skuzz from you-all's. Got dat?" She pointed at each one of them, one at a time and then gave them the evil stink eye, like some kind of wicked voodoo witch, which she probably was.

While the three other guys told the nurse that, yes, they'd be quiet, and that they 'got-dat', Tyne just slipped out the door behind everybody, without giving her a reply, and walked as fast as he could down the long, blindingly white corridor towards the bank of elevators down at the end of the empty hall. Looking down at his green canvas camo's while he walked, he did everything in his power not to start bawling like a little baby. Tears stung at his eyes. Actually, what he really wanted to do was kick something or somebody, like the time he put his foot through the closet door in his bedroom when he missed his dad so much the day his grief turned into fury. But he knew better than to make a big scene in a hospital like this, having heard all of the gossip from his mom about people who did just that kind of thing in hospitals. And Noah's dad always had a good story or two to tell the guys after school about people on his ward getting all rowdy and uppity. But now he wasn't so sure he could control it, because his head was buzzing and his emotions were going ballistic, and he was afraid to let them loose and blow it. Like a fireworks factory that got torched at night by a crazed arsonist on speed. Maybe he should just go outside and walk around the parking lot a few times, maybe for an hour or so , he thought, and cool down.

He was standing in the wide foyer, looking down at the fake marble floor, punching the hell out of the elevator keypad buttons repeatedly like a homeless schizophrenic. He wanted to get the hell out of there before Noah came running after him and made a big scene like he was some sort of damsel in distress. He was thinking about bailing across the hall, towards the emergency stairwell, and on down to the ground, when the door to one of the four elevators finally slid open soundlessly. Not even the usual 'bing' sounded. Not paying any attention, he barged in once the door had cracked open enough for him to slip through, not thinking or caring if anybody was disembarking the tiny lift or not. Assuming that the elevator was empty and just for him, and only him, he crashed headlong into a guy a little bit taller than he was, knocking both of them to the elevator's slippery floor, Tyne on top of the poor guy.

"Nice to meet you, dude. Now, either kiss me and promise to call me in the morning or get off me!" the guy cried out while Tyne was scrambling to get up and off of the dude in the tight, confined space. This was a smaller elevator, not the ones used to transport patients. It was just for the regular people visiting their friends and loved ones.

"Oh, man. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there. I was lost in my thoughts and I thought the lift was empty. Here, let me help you up," Tyne said, sliding off the guy on his hands and knees and rolling over to the side. "I'm really sorry, seriously. I guess I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going."

"It's all right. I'm pretty sure I'm okay. Nothing's broken. But if there was something broken, I guess this would be a good place for it to happen." Looking up at his attacker from his position on the floor, the guy said, "Tyne? That's you, isn't it? They said on the news cast you went home, after talking about you two being naked and showing your bare ass climbing into the ambulance."

Tyne flinched but then said, "Oh, my god. Dane! I didn't even recognize you. I thought the elevator was empty. Geez, I'm so sorry, man. Are you okay? Here, grab my arm and let me pull you up."

Just then, the elevator started buzzing and the doors started to close on the boys. Since Dane's legs were sticking half-way out of the doors, they just slid back and forth like crazed machinery sometimes does, hitting him in the ankles. "Ouch. Stop that damn thing, will you?"

"I'm on it," Tyne said, standing up with a start. He turned around and commenced pressing the 'Open Door' button like a maniac. Dane scooted his legs back into the car and then stood up, leaning against the back wall. "Are you okay?" Tyne asked.

"Yeah, I'm good. No harm, no foul," he said with a wheeze. "Where's the fire, dude?"

"No fire. It's just … well, never mind. I was headed down to the cafeteria for a snack. You here to see Val? Of course you are. What a stupid question," Tyne said, rolling his eyes. He was sure Dane thought he was a first-class idiot. He really didn't want to get into it with Dane. "He's in his room but he has company." Why did I just say that , he thought?

Either Dane didn't catch on or didn't care and said, "Yeah. He's not exactly a close, close friend of mine, but we're on the same basketball team and all, so I thought I'd stop by and make sure he's okay. He's a good guy and he sort of stuck up for me a while back. I saw all that shit on the news about the two of you. That was freaky."

"Yeah, you and twenty million other people around here." The elevator came to a stop at the eighth floor, the maternity unit, and Tyne quickly punched B for the basement cafeteria. He wasn't in any mood to see a bunch of women in labor right then, even though he felt happy for them. Nobody was waiting there and he was happy that no one else got on with him and Dane. Not that he wanted to discuss the events of the last day or so with his jock classmate any more than he'd not wanted to talk about it again with Val, Noah and Nick.

"You know," Dane said, as the lift dropped quickly on its way down, "You guys did look funny on TV, but you probably saved Val's life. It didn't really matter to me that you guys were naked. I get that. I was in scouts and I know that when you get wet and it's freezing outside you huddle together to share your body warmth. There was this one time on this snow camp and the leaders told us not go near the frozen pond, but Kevin couldn't resist – he just loves the water- and he wanted to see if he could walk on the ice and wouldn't you know it, he fell in. Crack! Whoosh! Splash! He started screaming like my cat having sex and the leaders had to pull him out. They stripped him down naked right there in front of us and got some dry boxers for him, zipped two sleeping bags together and made him get in with two leaders on both sides of him to warm him up." So anyway, I got you, dude. No big deal. You deserve like a medal or something." Tyne's body language had clued Dane in that he was sensitive about the earlier mention of them being naked.

"Thanks. Seriously, thanks for that. But I don't think I'm going to get the same reception at school tomorrow, whether I knock them all down or not." Tyne tried to joke, but he wasn't very good at it.

"Who cares? They can all go suck my dick. If I see anyone giving you shit over it, I'll kick their asses. I think you did an off the hook thing up there. You're number one in my book."


"Yeah, really. Grace under pressure, man. That's you. I know we're not great friends or anything, but we've known each other since second grade, and we used to hang out at recess some when we were little. You're smart, cool and always have it together. Things I'm not. You're all good, dude."

"Thanks, Dane. I'm just not sure that everybody at school will feel the same way. Especially after they saw both of us naked on TV," Tyne said with a sigh. Just then, the elevator doors popped open and the smell of marginally edible food wafted into the small room. "I was going to get something to eat. Want to join me in my misery? The least I can do is buy you something for doing a face-plant with you in the elevator."

"Yeah, that's cool. I'm kinda hungry myself. Usually I get treated to dinner before I let someone jump my bones, but it works in this order too."

Tyne smiled at his joke and said, "Great. Let's go."

Dane followed behind him and admired his cute ass in the tight jeans he was wearing. He thought about how nice it would be to see it naked again. Dane reached down and gave his package a little inconspicuous squeeze. They got trays and started down the cafeteria line, eyeing the unappealing fare. Dane leaned over to get a better look at the coagulating brown gravy that was meant to go over what appeared to be meatloaf. He felt the pressure of the tray press against his own pudged-up meat and he held the position extra long to enjoy the sensation of it.

"I guess I'll have the mystery meat with the brown goo poured over it," Dane told the worker in the white, paper hat and plastic gloves. The skinny, zit faced kid rolled his eyes and dished it up. Thankfully, the kid stirred the gravy up before ladling out a glob onto the mystery meat. Potatoes with more gravy, a pile of corn kernels, and two dinner rolls later, Dane was done. Tyne opted for a cup of chicken noodle soup and a plain bagel. Tyne paid and they went to sit down. Tyne saw Val's mother and veered to the opposite side of the room.

"So what had you so preoccupied that you knocked me down in the elevator?" Dane asked. Tyne wished he hadn't asked.

"Just all the shit that's been going on. The whole mess up on the mountain and that news report and thinking about going back to school. Plus, things with Val."

"You worried he isn't gonna get better? On the news they sounded like he was."

"No, I think he will. I hope at least. I feel kind of responsible for the whole mess."

"Why? Val was driving wasn't he?"

"Yes. Just the whole Val-n-Tyne date thing and Val feeling like pressured to take me. He said he wanted to, but I kind of wonder if he didn't just feel obligated to. I don't have any real friends besides Noah and I was hoping…"

"I get that. I don't have many friends either."

"Bull. You're on the basketball team. You're a popular jock."

"That doesn't mean shit. I don't really fit in. I crack stupid jokes and I talk too much. Guys pretty much just tolerate me."

"What about the girls?"

"Girls? What are those?"

"Those creatures with the lumpy chests and attitudes," Tyne snickered.

"Oh yeah. Well, between you and me, they don't have much interest in me and I sort of feel the same way about them. You know what I mean, I think."

Tyne put the spoonful of soup that was halfway to his lips back into the bowl. "Why do you think that?"

"For the longest time I thought you and Noah were a couple. Well, shit, everybody at school does. But then last night Nick and Noah came in to the Subway I work at. It was obvious to me they were on a date, especially the way they were looking at each other. Anyway, let's just say it takes one to know one." Dane stared hard into Tyne's eyes.

Tyne shifted his gaze back to his soup and replied in a sullen tone, "Oh. I see."

"What? You act like we have a disease or something. I think it's pretty cool, actually. I mean it has its issues of course, but hell, in exchange we get to play with dicks. At least, someday we will. First you have to find someone who has a dick and doesn't mind if you play with it. That's the hard part, of course. Meanwhile, I just practice on my own equipment. I suppose you do too, I mean what guy doesn't, right? Do you think about Val when you do it? You can't laugh, but you know who I think of when I do it? Dylan and Cole Sprouse. OMG they are so hot. You kind of look like them, you know that? I just…turn your head back toward the door, now chin up a bit. Damn, you really do look like them. That's incredible."

Tyne smiled. "Do you even breathe when you talk? Who are Dylan and Cole Sprouts, anyway?"

"No way! Are you sure you're gay? How could you not know who they are? They're the two twins from the Suite Life on Deck. They used to be on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody when they were younger. You seriously don't know them?"

"Oh. I know who they are now. I just never knew their real names. You really think I look like them? That's cool. They are kinda cute." Tyne smiled wider. He liked Dane even if he was a bit goofy.

"How would you like to get the two of them in bed for an hour? That would be a memory to last a lifetime, wouldn't it?" Dane shoveled a mass of meat dripping with brown goo into his mouth and smiled. The way the meat looked, he wondered if the hospital recycled the cut-out parts from patient's surgeries into it. The thought grossed him out a bit, but he kept eating anyway to fill his bottomless pit.

"I suppose something like that would be a lifelong memory. I'm starting to want to make some memories like that of my own. When did you realize you were gay?" Tyne asked.

"Wow. I kind of always knew it. I think I was really sure of it when my parents took my binky away from me. I loved sucking on it and pretended it was my little wee-wee I was sucking on. I tried and tried to bend over and reach my little binky between my legs but just couldn't do it. I got so frustrated. Isn't that weird? I still miss my binky."

"Yeah, kind of is weird, actually. How old were you?"

"Eight, I think. No, wait…nine. Yeah, nine." Dane busted out an infectious grin and Tyne cracked up, bursting out loud in his high pitched laugh. That caught Mrs. Hardcastle's attention and she stood, tossed her trash and walked over.

"Hello Tyne. I hadn't noticed you until I heard your distinctive laugh. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Thanks." Then feeling like an explanation was needed, he added, "There were too many visitors in the room with Val, so I left to come down to get something to eat."

"I see." Polly was curious about his explanatory tone. "Was Sylvia still there then?"

Tyne tried not to let his mood swing show, but the old fury that Dane had distracted him from began creeping back in. "Yes, for a little bit. After she finished fond…umm, fondly rubbing the lotion on him, she left."

Mrs. Hardcastle suppressed a smile and asked, "And you're on the team with Val, I believe. Your name is ... Dave, right? I think that's what I've heard the coach call you at the games."

"No ma'am, it's Dane. Close. It's a good thing you don't come to our practices or you would have assumed my name was Dumbshit or Jackass. That's what coach usually calls me there."

Tyne snorted out a laugh and Mrs. Hardcastle quickly overcame her surprise at his use of those words and then chuckled along.

"How is he really doing? What have the doctors told you? If you don't mind my asking," Tyne pleaded.

"I don't mind. I know you're truly concerned for him. I know you have special feelings for him, don't you? Your mom and I talked."

Tyne scowled at her and glanced toward Dane, who shoved a massive glob of artificial potatoes into his mouth and looked away.

"Oh, yes, well, sorry. Val's going to be okay. There will probably be some lingering damage but there's no telling exactly what that will be. So far, we haven't identified anything that he has lost the ability to do, but there will probably be some things. The doctor warned us that most patients in his situation go through depression and get sort of belligerent, but he still seems to have his good humor. One thing he won't like, I'm sure, is the doctor said absolutely no basketball for at least a month. That takes him past the end of the season and into playoffs. The doctor said if he was his kid, there would be no more basketball, period. I don't know if I can do that to Val. It's his life. I have to talk it over with Buford, er, Val's father."

"Yeah, I knew that was your husband's name," Tyne responded. "Val has stayed really positive through all this. He's too nice of a guy to believe sometimes."

"Did you say he can't play basketball?" Dane asked after swallowing down a mouthful of corn.

"For at least a month."

Dane dropped his fork and wiped his mouth with the cheap, paper napkin. He blew out a lung full of air and said, "Damn. That sucks major. Coach is gonna be pissed."

"There are a lot more important things in life than basketball," Tyne snipped. "Val's health and safety for one thing. If the doctor says he shouldn't play then he shouldn't play. We'll help him through it if that depresses him. That means you and the team can't make him feel responsible if you don't make it into playoffs." Tyne was wagging his finger at Dane.

"Chill out. We'll make it into the playoffs, but if he's out for a month, he'll miss the first two playoff games. If we lose one, we're out of it," Dane said, counting on his fingers. He looked seriously at Tyne and added, "I won't do anything to make Val feel bad and I'll do my best to keep others from doing it either. I promise you. And don't point that finger at me, it has a nail in it."

"Thanks. I feel better about that."

Val's mom looked at Tyne and felt the genuine love and concern in his voice and demeanor. She liked this boy. She didn't necessarily like the idea that he was a boy, but she liked the human being. She understood Val's attraction. "Well, I should get back up to the room in case the doctor shows up for rounds. I wouldn't want to miss him."

"Tell him, I'll be up in a minute with Dane." Mrs. Hardcastle placed her hand on Tyne's soft hand and shared an unspoken note of appreciation for his shared concern for her son, then stood and left without another word.

Shawna's mom praised the two girls on the way home. She clearly enjoyed having the parents praise her daughter and her friend as the two superstars of the game. Truth was, Violet hadn't played very well until the header at the end, but Shawna really had played an amazingly good defensive game. When they got to Shawna's, they took turns in the shower and then went to Shawna's room to chat and giggle over girl stuff. They laughed over and over about cleating the big girl. They nicknamed her 'Amazon girl'.

Shawna's mom called to them and when they walked out, Violet almost gasped. Ramon was there and he was a short, well-built Latin guy. His jet black hair was slicked back and he had a noon shadow. He was wearing a form fitting, Nike, athletic shirt that conformed to his V-shaped, ripped body. His dark nubs pushed the fabric of his shirt out like Shawna's mom's did. What really caught her attention though, was the large lump in the left leg of his tightly fitted, white jeans. When they were introduced, Ramon nodded and simply said, "Yo."

"I got your pizza ordered. It will be here at six. We will probably be home around ten. Are those other two girls coming over?" Shawna's mom asked.

"Not sure. They're trying to get rides over."

"Remember, no messes."

"I know, I know." As soon as Ramon and Shawna's mom pulled away, Shawna sent a text message to Kyle. He replied that they were on their way. Violet started sweating the situation. She sent her own text to her mom that they won their game and that she scored after Shawna assisted. She sent another text that she was at Shawna's and they were having pizza. She asked if she could spend the night. Her mom replied that she could not because it was a school night. Four or five text messages later when she said she could just borrow clothes from Shawna and ride to school with her, Violet's mom caved in. Violet immediately wondered if she should have really tried so hard. Now she was stuck.

The boys came over and they were nervous and awkward as horny junior high school boys are. They asked about the game and high fived the girls when they heard how it ended. Danny heaped praise on Violet until it became almost silly. They decided to hang out at the pool and hot tub for a while and the girls went to their room to change. Shawna only had bikini's for Violet to wear and she chose the least revealing one. When the boys came out of the bathroom from changing, Danny complimented Violet on how hot she looked. Violet blushed and shot a quick peek at his crotch but couldn't tell anything in his O'Neil board shorts. It struck her that both boys had less hair on their legs than the Amazon Girl had and she started to giggle.

"What?" Danny asked acting all offended.

"I just was thinking you boys got less hair on your legs and arms than Amazon Girl has."

"I got hair on my legs, it's just not real dark yet," Kyle whined.

"Barely any," Shawna chided. "Just like above your dick."

"Shut up. I got hair there." Now Kyle was truly offended and embarrassed.

Shawna clearly enjoyed making him squirm and teasing him over his budding manhood. "What about you, Danny. I heard you got a big dick, you got some hair to go with it?"

"Oh my god, shut up. Yes I've got hair. Not like it's your business, though. I bet I got a bigger bush than you've got down there!

"Prove it."

"No way."

"Chicken. I bet you barely have any just like Kyle. He's got like three hairs I think."

"Shut up. I got way more than that."

"What like six?"

"NO! Seven." Everyone cracked up and Kyle put one hand over his face and one on his crotch and said, "I'm so embarrassed." He laughed along though.

"Okay, I'll bet you I have a bigger bush than you've got. Loser has to get naked in front of us and do three jumping jacks," Shawna challenged.

"You're sick, you know that?" Danny said. "I'm not flashing everyone. Kyle, you seen us both naked, tell her I have a bigger one."

Shawna cut Kyle off. "Don't say anything. I want him to prove it. I think he doesn't have any."

"You just want to see my dick. Fuck off. Let's go to the hot tub if we're going to."

"No, you don't have to show your dick. We'll just pull our bottoms down enough to show our hair. Are you chicken?"

"Whatever. This is stupid." Danny untied his drawstring and hooked his thumbs in the waistband and slid them down to expose his pubic patch. For a twelve year old it was sizeable.

Unfortunately for him, though, it was smaller than Shawna's and even he couldn't deny it. "Fuck. Okay, go ahead, get your jollies." Danny pulled his t-shirt off and then dropped his board shorts. Violet gaped at the nicely shaped, cut dick. Danny's balls hung in their hairless sac and then started to swing when he quickly did three jumping jacks. Violet felt herself getting squishy down there as she watched his penis flop up and down along with his balls. "Happy now? Can we go?" Danny asked as he pulled his shorts up and dragged his t-shirt back over his head.

"Yup. Told you I had more, but I have to admit you got a pretty good patch." The four of them headed out the back door toward the commons area where the pool and spa were at. Kyle reached up and put his arm around Shawna's shoulder, but she took it off and wrapped it around her waist instead. Danny made an uncertain move toward Violet's hand and Violet reached for it.

They swam for a bit and the boys showed off doing flips into the pool while the girls cheered them on. They played Marco Polo for a while and then the boys wrestled with each other in the shallow end. Finally, they playfully wrestled with the girls and Violet loved touching and being touched, skin to skin. She felt Danny's erection against her leg and that got her really excited. They ended up in the hot tub sitting shoulder to shoulder and Kyle and Shawna did some kissing. Danny and Violet held hands and she pulled their clutched hands onto her thigh and he rubbed it slowly.

"We better go inside before we miss the pizza," Shawna said. They climbed out and the boys quickly wrapped up in their towels. Inside, the boys retreated to the bathroom again to change. The girls changed in Shawna's room.

"I felt it," Violet said.


"Danny's boner. What do you think?"

"Oh that. Cool. You're gonna really feel it after pizza when he sticks it up inside you."

"It's big. Will it hurt?"

"Nah. Kyle's didn't."

"Yeah but you said his was like a toothpick."

"I know, but I still think it'll be okay. Don't worry about that. What's the biggest thing you've stuck up there."

"What do you mean?"

"Like when you're getting yourself off, what's the biggest thing you've stuck up your slit."

"Nothing. Do you do that?"

"Hell yeah. I thought everyone did. Not even your finger?"

"Well, yeah. I've put my finger up there a little. Like what else do you use?"

"Different things. Mostly, my mom's vibrator."


"Well it might hurt a little for you then if you've never done anything like that and if he pops your cherry if you still have it, but it'll be okay. Just tell him to go slow."

"I don't know."

"Don't chicken out again. Oh my god, I can't keep hooking you up like this."

"Okay, okay."

They went out and found the boys on the couch arguing over which music to play. The pizza guy came and Shawna gave him the money and brought it in. She poured the sodas into glasses and they sat around the table, listening to music and eating. The girls each ate one piece, the boys devoured the rest. They cleaned up the mess and put the glasses in the dishwasher and Kyle said, "We need to go do the thing. My dad's picking our bikes and us up in his truck out front in like a half hour. We told our parents we were visiting a teammate who lives in these apartments."

"What thing?" Shawna teased.

"You know what thing. THE THING!"

"Are you ready?" Shawna grabbed his crotch and goosed him. "Yup. You're ready, unless you got a pencil in there. Big shocker."

Kyle pulled away. "I don't know why I like you. You're so mean sometimes."

"Ahh, I know why you like me. Because I let you do me. That's why. C'mon horny boy. Let's go. My room's all yours," Shawna smiled and winked at Violet and Danny as she pulled Kyle by the ear towards her mom's bedroom.

Danny stared at Violet, wanting to say something but not daring to. Finally, he mustered up the courage to ask, "So you wanna go do something together?"

"I don't know. Kind of, I guess." He reached for her hand and they went into Shawna's room, closed and locked the door and sat on the bed. Danny leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. They started making out but then Danny stopped abruptly.

"What about your big brother? If he finds out we're doing this, he'll kill me."

"I won't tell him."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay." Danny reluctantly started kissing and groping again. Violet could sense his nervousness. She was also nervous. Val's words, 'Don't be that girl' rung in her head. Val's words, 'I'll rip your balls off and feed them to my dog', kept invading Danny's head.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Danny asked.

"I do but I'm scared to. Do you?"

"Same. I really want to do it, but before I just wanted to do it so I could say I had and brag about it. But since your brother scared the living shit out of me, I've kind of got to know you like, you know, as a real person and I like you a lot. I don't want to hurt you. And I don't want him to hurt me either."

"Really? You mean like you really like me?" Violet gripped Danny's hand and he gave a little shrug and a nod. "Maybe we could just do something smaller."

"That's cool with me if you want to. Like what?"

"I don't know. Maybe make out some and rub each other a little."

"Okay. Cool. Promise you won't tell your brother?"

"I Promise." Danny smiled at that and stood up and pulled Violet up to her feet. They embraced and she felt his boner press into her belly. They made out standing up for a while and when they fell onto the bed, Danny groped at her small breasts. She pulled his hand from her left one because it was still sore from the game. He apologized and they started to French kiss each other again. Violet slipped her hand down between them and rubbed against his boner. It did feel pretty big. "It was pretty cool seeing you naked before. Can I…umm, like see it like this?"

"If I show it to you, will you play with it for me? Like rub it?"

"If you want me to," she whispered excitedly. He pushed away and dropped his shorts and boxers in one quick motion and lay back on the bed.

Violet sat on the bed next to him and was shaking as she reached out and gripped his quivering erection. To her, it looked about the same size as Tyne's from when she saw him standing in front of the bathroom mirror at home. She was amazed as she felt the soft surface and internal hardness of his boner. She had the sudden urge to feel Tyne's and see if it would feel the same as Danny's. Danny moaned as she played with him. He took her hand in his and showed her the right pressure to use and how far down to pull the skin. Then he let go, dropped his hands to his sides and lifted his head to watch.

He slipped his hand under her shirt and awkwardly tried to get under her bra to rub her right tit, but it didn't go well. Violet pulled his hand free, lifted her shirt off and over her head and then took off her bra. While she did so, he pulled his own t-shirt off so he was naked except for his grey ankle socks. She watched and flushed pink as he cupped his hand over her small breast and then fingered her little nub until it stood out. She thought about watching her father caress her mother's breasts while she was riding him and it suddenly made her feel grown up. At Danny's begging, she resumed stroking his dick while he played with her tit. Soon, he grunted and his whole body jerked. "You okay? Did I hurt you?"

"NO!" he said frantically. "Don't stop. I'm about to cum." He pulled Violet's hand back to his dick and with three more strokes from her hand, he jerked again and erupted, spraying creamy, hot cum over his belly and her hand. He fell back on the bed and Violet started giggling. She watched his boner twitch around and start to slowly shrink. She lifted her cum coated fingers to her nose and smelled the unique aroma.

"Wow. That was cool. Did you like it?"

"Hell yeah. That was freaking awesome. I think I love you," Danny breathed out. "Can we do it again sometime?"

"I guess. I kind of liked doing it."

"Cool. So what do you want to tell Kyle and Shawna?"

"What do you mean?" Violet asked.

"About what we did. They'll want to know. Do you want to tell them we really did the real thing or not?"

"Oh, I don't know. What do you want to tell them?"

"I don't know either. If we tell them we only did this, they'll harass us about it. I'm kind of sick of hearing about it from him. But, it's up to you."

"Yeah same here. I guess we could tell them we went all the way so they'll leave us alone about it. But you can't tell anybody else."


There was a rap on the door to the bathroom that startled them. Kyle called through the door. "Hey, are you two done fucking around in there? My dad just texted me and he's on his way to pick us up. Hurry up in there."

"Okay. Yeah we're done. We'll be right out." They searched for something to clean Danny up with and then he saw the rubber that Shawna had left for them to use on the night stand. "Oh crap," he said. She'll know we didn't do it if she finds this here unused." He tore it open and pulled it out. "Rub me some more and get me hard again."

Violet took his softening dick in her hands and followed his directions. It was weird to her how it was floppy at first but then started growing under her touch until it was tall and firm again. She pulled it downward until it resisted like she'd seen Tyne do in the bathroom then let it flip back up so that it slapped against his belly, causing her to laugh. She started to do it again, but he stopped her.

"Okay, that's good." He pulled her hand off and placed the rubber over his tip. He rolled it down over his shaft like he'd practiced a couple of times with ones he'd swiped from his big brother and then he gripped his own dick and started jerking it wildly.

"What are you doing that for?" Violet asked.

"Because I need to cum again in the rubber so they'll think we really did it."

"Oh. Don't you want me to do it for you?"

"Yeah, but it'll be faster if I do it myself. Find something to wipe up the other stuff from before."

Violet pulled open a drawer and pulled out a pair of Shawna's pink silky panties and used them to clean up the earlier cum that hadn't already dried on him. She dabbed at his damp pubes while he frantically jerked himself. He started rubbing her naked tit again until he suddenly jerked once more and grunted. Violet watched his cream fill the little rubber tip. He peeled it off and laid it on the night stand. "Perfect," he said out of breath. He grabbed the panties and wiped his dick off. "Oh man. That feels good on my dick."

Violet put her bra and shirt back on while Danny got dressed quickly. He picked up the panties and asked, "What should we do with these?"

"Leave them I guess."

"It might piss her off that we used them. Maybe I better take them with me so she won't know." He carefully rolled them up and stuffed them in the pocket of his shorts. He turned to head to the door but Violet stopped him.

"I want a kiss," she said.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." He pulled her in close and kissed her. Then he said, "I gotta go. Thanks. See you at school." He fled the scene and she wrapped her arms around herself marveling at what she'd just done. She wondered what it would be like to really have him stick it in her. She wondered what it would be like to have Tyne stick his in her. She wondered what it would be like to have one like Val's or Ramon's stick in her. She smoothed out the bed and went out to say goodbye to the boys. Kyle had a huge grin on his face and so did Danny. Kyle had something else, a nice purple hickey on his neck.

When the boys were gone Violet said, "I can't believe you gave him a hickey. He'll have a hard time explaining that."

"That's his problem. I wanted to mark my territory. God it was so good being on top. I totally controlled the action and got myself off so good. I had to use his hipbone for it though, because when I used his little dick, he kept almost losing control. When he saw me get off, it blew his mind and he shot in his rubber before even sticking it in. So I had to hurry and stick it in after he cummed so he could enjoy being in me before he went soft. How was it for you?"


"Great. That's it? Come on, tell me about it. Details girl. I want details. Did you get off?"

"No. It sort of happened too fast."

"Yeah. That was how it was with Kyle the other times too. Horny little shits can't control themselves. Do you want me to get you off and see what it feels like?"

"You mean like doing lesbian stuff together?"

Shawna laughed her head off. "The last thing I am is a lesbo. I'm not talking about kissing each other and shit, just getting each other off. C'mon, we'll just go play in my room until my mom gets home." Shawna took a very nervous Violet by the hand and pulled her to her bedroom, shut and locked the door and pulled her shirt off for her. She undid her small bra and pulled off her pants and panties. "Lay down, I'll be right back." Violet lay down on the bed and was shaking with nerves.

Shawna returned with her mom's vibrator, stripped herself naked and twisted the knob at the end. It buzzed into life and Violet's heart started racing. Shawna slathered some slippery stuff onto the vibrator and placed it against Violet's pink taco which spread itself wide. Violet cried out as the vibrations sent shock waves through her body. Slowly, Shawna slid the tool down and up into Violet's hole but it wouldn't go in very far. Shawna slid down and spread Violet's lips wide and poked her finger in. "You sure you guys had sex? You still got your cherry."

"Yes. Look, here's the rubber he used."

"Hmm, well he didn't really stick it in very far then. He must have just rubbed along your lips. He was probably too stupid to even know it can go up inside you. You need to stretch that out or tear it before you can have real sex." Slowly, Shawna worked a finger up into Violet while she brushed the vibrator over Violet's little nub. After a few minutes of that treatment, Violet had the most amazing experience of her young life.

"Did you boys have a good time?" Kyle's father asked after the bikes were loaded into the back of the truck.

"YES!" they both emphatically answered.

"Wow, such enthusiasm. What did you do?"

They both stared at each other and then Kyle blurted out, "We played Brock's new FIFA video game."

"I see. Well it must be pretty good."

"Oh, it is. I'd never played anything like it before. It gave me goose bumps, it was so money."

When they got to Kyle's, Danny claimed he needed to get some homework help from Kyle and said he'd just ride home so Kyle's father unloaded both bikes in the driveway. Kyle and Danny thanked him and rushed off to Kyle's room. Danny locked the door and they started giggling. "It gave me goose bumps," Danny mimicked when the door was shut. "I almost had to bite my tongue off not to start laughing."

Kyle laughed. "Well, didn't it give you goose bumps?"

"Hell yeah."

"So how did you like sticking it in? Freakin' awesome, isn't it?"

"Oh, umm, yeah -- freakin' awesome."

"This time, Shawna wanted to be on top of me and she like totally got herself off by rubbing on me and it was amazing, dude, when she got the feeling. It made me cum before I even stuck it in her. How long did you have it in before you shot?"

"Not long."

"Same for me the first time. Damn, I'm boned up again from talking about it. I wish Shawna was here now to help me with it."

"Yeah, I wish Violet was here too."

"Umm, Danny, don't take this wrong, but what would you think of maybe helping each other out. Just like rubbing one off together. It's okay if you don't want to. I just thought …"

Danny smiled. "You're a freaking sex freak. If you want to do it quick, it might be kind of cool. Are you talking about like just watching each other do it or actually like touching each other's junk?"

"Just watching, but if you wanted to touch it, I'd let you I guess. If you wanted to, I mean. Would you want to?"

"Shit, that's freaky. Would you want to touch mine?"

"I don't know. I kind of wondered if everybody's feels the same."

"Okay, let's just do it quick."

They suppressed grins and pulled down their shorts and underwear. "Check this out?" Danny said. "These are Shawna's silky undies. Feel how nice they are on your dick." Danny reached over and rubbed them against Kyle's two and half inch bone and Kyle cooed.

"Let's use our hands now," Kyle suggested after a minute of the panty treatment. Kyle reached over and gripped Danny's nice bone and Danny crossed arms and took Kyle in his fingers. They worked themselves into a rhythm until Kyle pressed his lips together, stiffened his legs and shot a small wad. Danny stopped immediately after Kyle shot and held his hand out as if it were covered in radioactive slime. He grabbed the pink panties and used them a second time to clean himself up with.

Kyle stopped jerking Danny when he came and Danny didn't really care. He was ready to be done with it. It didn't really do as much for him as he thought it might and he'd already shot two wads earlier with Violet. He jumped up and pulled his shorts and boxers back up. "I better go. See you at school."

"Don't you want me to finish you off?"

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks. See ya."

"Okay. See ya." They parted with an air of slight discomfort between them, which worried Kyle a bit and left him sort of disappointed.

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