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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 16

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Special shout-out to our editor Pablo!

When Tyne slipped out of the door to go home with Dane, Val felt very alone and a sudden intense sadness swept over him. He pressed his eyes closed and tried to force sleep to come, but it denied him the refuge. He missed Tyne immediately. Why did he have such a connection to him? He puzzled over the mystery of his unexpected and inexplicable attraction. Even as a young boy or while moving through puberty, Val never really thought about other boys or felt any attraction to one. He was barely even curious what other boys' bodies looked like.

Val marveled over Nick's seemingly overnight switch to the gay side. He and Nick had been friends for so long and as he thought back on different times with Nick, he realized there were times when Nick had acted odd as if there was something more that Nick wanted to say or do but just couldn't express it. Now, it seemed crystal clear that Nick had wanted to encourage sex play together or, at a minimum, wanted to get naked to see each other's bodies. He realized the skinny dipping in Nick's pool and his suggestions to play strip poker, supposedly 'just to make it more interesting' was all designed to try and get something going with him. There was the night, when they were about fourteen years old, sleeping over out by the pool in Nick's backyard. Nick had insisted on skinny dipping and then he didn't get dressed afterward. He just stretched out on top of the sleeping bag and popped a boner claiming he was thinking about some girl at school. Val remembered how hard Nick had tried to talk Val into sleeping naked that night too, but he didn't give in, of course. It all made so much sense now.

Val realized that the event in the locker room had been Nick's last ditch attempt at getting some playtime with him. Now, Nick had obviously given up and moved on to Noah and apparently was finally getting what he'd wanted all along with a more than willing participant. Val tried to figure out why Nick had been such a player with the ladies, though. What was that about if he was really gay and hot for boys? There seemed to be no answer to that. He decided there was no way to figure Nick out since he couldn't even figure himself out.

It seemed different for Val than for Nick. He never thought about sex that much until he was about fifteen. It was all about basketball and fishing and trucks for him. Val still had all his favorite toy trucks from his childhood lined up on a shelf inside his closet. Once Val finally started noticing girls, he was always just all about girls. He had a thing for nice tits especially. His jackoff fantasies had always been over girls. That is, until Tyne came along. Tyne, Tyne, Tyne. Tyne was such an enema. "Wait," Val muttered, "that's not the right word, but it's something like that."

He remembered finding this book his mom had about the psychology of sex. He had caught her reading it and later on, he sneaked it into his room. It was mostly a huge disappointment, since there weren't any pictures, just lots of big words. But, there was a part about sex drive and attraction that stuck with him. Some psychology department at a college did a study on what created sexual attraction. They determined that everyone has an internal love map and there are life experiences and bio-chemical interactions at work to determine why one person appeals to someone or not. They did a study that showed a guy or a girl could walk into a crowded room and process 'like and dislike' at the rate of 77 people per second. The next day at school, Val played 'hot or not hot' in each of his classes and he was amazed how quickly he could do it. Even still, he was mostly too shy to approach a girl. They had to get the nerve to approach him first.

So what was it about Tyne that put him on Val's love map? His wonderful smile for sure. His cleverness and his brains were a factor. The fact that he's really smart, but he doesn't show it off or make other people feel inferior over it counts as a reason. His sensitive and vulnerable nature that he tries to hide under his strong outer shell is a major draw for Val, he realized. Val already knew about his tendency to be a caretaker and rescuer of underdogs and people in need. Tyne's tender sensitivity is always there just under the surface. Tyne is kind and caring and very considerate. Just don't piss him off like Lizzy did; then he can be dangerous. Oh, and his skin. He has soft, smooth skin and yet not really feminine soft - a sort of masculine soft. He's not a jock but he's definitely fit and coordinated. His smooth body is so well proportioned and Val replayed the images of Tyne's naked body in his mind. And he smells sexy. All those things put Tyne firmly in the middle of Val's love map. He also had the cutest set of a dick and balls to look at and play with. If only he had tits.

Over and over, Val replayed the events of the prior day in his weary and injured mind. The excitement of waking up in the morning to the thrilling realization of being fondled by Tyne. Tyne's discomfort and panic at having been caught at it was so hilarious. Val felt very clever for pretending that he'd had a wet dream and it made him smile to himself. Seeing Tyne in the bathroom before showering was also exciting. Then, the times at the lake. Teaching him about fishing and the fun and laughter. Tyne's childlike excitement over riding the quad. Then there was the hike and the hot spring. Oh, the hot spring. The anxious anticipation of whether Tyne would give in to Val's coaxing and get naked and join him. It occurred to Val that if he was honest with himself, he was being the same way with Tyne at the hot spring as Nick had been with him on the sleepover, or lately in the locker room. He was looking for excuses to get him naked and play together. Val could almost feel Tyne's beautiful lips sliding up and down the base of his cock as he relived the hot spring experience. Then the touch and feel of Tyne's tender cock in his fingers was so exciting and amazing when he brought him to orgasm sitting on the edge of the spring. Cuddling with and carrying his naked body after the hailstorm was all part of a magnificent adventure.

Then the joy of those memories slipped away as the dark negative thoughts pushed their way in. Tyne was a boy. Tyne could not create children with him someday. Tyne had no tits. "He's gay for hell sake. Why would he be interested in me since I'm basically straight?" Val wondered. Val worried that Tyne just did the sex stuff with him because he'd felt pressured into it. "Maybe he's in lust for my hot body, but that's all. He could never be attracted to me as a person. I'm too F'n stupid to carry on an intelligent conversation with him," Val sadly muttered.

Falling in love with Tyne made no F'n sense at all. Then he asked himself, "What about my dad?" He couldn't bear to disappoint his father and he could sense from his mother's conversation that being gay definitely would be disappointing to the old man. Tyne wanted to go to Harvard and Val wanted to own a body shop. What the hell did they have in common? What right did he have to impose himself on Tyne's life and plans? What if his fascination was just a passing fancy and Tyne really did fall in love with him? If it was just boy curiosity like Nick talked about and he lost interest, then he'd break Tyne's heart. Why the hell did he have to even be thinking about forever, anyway? Couldn't it just be for now? Just for fun? No. Sex for fun was what Nick was trying to get with his skanky girls. It wasn't really fun for Nick, Val could tell. Tyne had been smarter than Val by avoiding sex play for fun with Noah and he had resisted it with Val. The whole reason Val was still a virgin is because it couldn't be just about sex for him either. It was fake and fleeting. His parents had set a silent example of what love and sex was supposed to be about. It was emotional commitment and not just physical gratification. But why then had he pressured Tyne into doing things?

And what about Sylvia? Sure, she wasn't hot or popular by the jock standard, but she was smart and sweet and really easy to talk to and be with. She was definitely on his personal love map. She liked him and he felt confident he could comfortably lose his virginity with her at some point. He couldn't deny that the lotion rub down was super stimulating. He'd fantasized during the rubdown about getting naked and oiled up for a little jiggy time. He was just getting to know her really and yet he was totally cool having her rub her hands all over his naked body. That was huge for him as shy as he usually was. He thought his mother was right. He needed to give her a chance. But then what about Tyne? Tyne or Sylvia, Sylvia or Tyne, sooner or later he'd have to choose. In order to win, he had to lose and so would one of them. It wasn't fair. It was so complicated, like simultaneous equations. "It's an F'n condomdrum," he said aloud. "No, that's not the right word, but it's something like that."

The best decision is no decision, he thought. Still, how much longer could he stay a virgin? His kid sister had almost lost hers before he lost his. Hell, maybe she already had and he just didn't know it. He had to warn her again to lay off the sex crap until she was older. But what is the rush anyway? Why is it such a big deal to DO IT? It seemed like all the sex thrown at him in the movies, on TV, in the music, even while hanging out with friends was like constant brainwashing to DO IT. It was like if you're not doing it, you're some kind of freak or geek and Val didn't consider himself either. He wished it wasn't like it is. He wished it was just saved for adults like he guessed it was in the old days. At least the way his parents talked about the old days it was. But even his own mother talked about sex stuff to the point of embarrassment sometimes and he wondered if she was just as affected by all the media focus on it as the teenagers are. She read weird books about sex all the time. There was that one book, The Joy of Sex, that ended up with some crinkled pages before Val slipped it back into her closet. In the end, Val had no F'n answers and thinking about it was just making his head hurt. Sleep finally rescued him from his thoughts.

"What?!? Seriously? Did I hear you right?"

"Yeah, I think you heard me right. If you didn't hear me, then maybe I can sign it for you, doofus! I know a lot of sign language, since my little brother is hearing impaired." Dane tapped his fingertips to his lips and then up to his cheekbone to sign for the word kiss. "I want to kiss you good night. It's as easy as that. No big deal. A peck on the lips, unless you want more than a peck. I'm good with tongue. Or no tongue, it's all up to you. Is that a problem? It's a simple request, actually. I really want to taste your lips. Dude, I've been hiding in the closet for so long, the light hurts my eyes. I took a chance with you and trusted you with my secret and you were kind to me about it. I've thought about kissing someone like you for years. I've even practiced on my pillow at nights. Since I left you at the hospital, I've been thinking about what it might feel like to kiss your nice lips. They look so tender and succulent. They look delicious and so ruby-red like a juicy red plum. I want to bite your amazing lips – they look so sweet and wonderful. I seriously want a taste of you," Dane said, looking longingly into Tyne's face, who just sat there looking totally shocked – and freaked – and flabbergasted. He was caught so off guard and was completely blown away. Nobody had ever talked to him like this, not even Val. Val came from a different place than Dane. Dane was pursuing him and it felt very odd being his prey. He couldn't believe this jock was talking to him this way. He was totally and seriously in lust for him.

After a long moment, breaking the lock of Dane's piercing eyes, Tyne turned his head over towards his right and looked out the streak-free, clean window, eyeing his mom's dying rose bed and feeling completely overwhelmed. Finally, composing his thoughts, he spit out, "No. Yes. Um, holy freakin' horse shit! I don't know. You sound like some kind of player! What's weird is that I know you're not. At least you don't seem to be at all like that." He had to cross his legs tight because he was pinched and uncharacteristically turned on by this copper-haired boy-man coming on to him. He wondered if it was like that for girls on a first date. This wasn't even a date, it was just a ride home – a favor. Nonetheless, it was flattering and his compact dick sprouted up, uncomfortably restrained in his tight briefs.

Letting out a measured breath to try and collect his bombarding thoughts, he finally came up with this: "Dane. Look. This is just way, way, way too fast. Too fast for me. I mean, yeah, we've known each other and all, since like second or third grade, but I don't really know you, you know what I mean? Like really know you. We've never really talked, except for today. Like four hours ago. If I gave you a wrong impression earlier, I'm sorry. I don't know if I'm ready for this, or that … you know … what you're asking me to do here – right now. You know what I'm saying? Geez, I sound like a freakin' girl afraid to break her thingy down there."

"No, you sound more like me when I ramble on and on," Dane said, almost inaudibly, looking down at his hands, clasped in his full lap. Then after a second, he looked up at Tyne and said quickly and quietly under his breath, "You're no girl. I'm not attracted to girls. Don't ever say that again. I did get pretty excited that you called me instead of Noah to come give you a ride. Maybe I did sort of read something into that."

"Yeah, well, no shit. I mean … Fuck! No. Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that the last week or two has been so crazy for me and my head is spinning like a freaking top! The whole school knows I'm gay, thanks to Lizzie, and that dumb-ass Lukas, who, by the way, thinks I'm turning everybody gay. Damn them! I got in a rollover with Val and then my naked ass was plastered and spread all over the fucking TV for the whole fucking world to see, and on and on. Yeah, you're cute and nice and cool and everything, big ears and all, which are cute, by the way, and I like when you sing, even songs that I don't know, and I'd like to get to know you better. I really would. But I'm not sure about boyfriends – at least not yet. I'm not sure now's the time. At least for me."

"Who said anything about boyfriends? I just want to kiss you because I like you and I think you're hot. If it turns into boyfriends, well great! Then that's an added bonus. Hell yeah! I could go for that. But shit! Like this song on one of my dad's ancient 8-track's." He started to sing, in that sexy low-key baritone voice that Tyne so liked, "Honey I will be there, yes I'll be there - This feeling I can't explain away". Then he cleared his throat, maybe totally embarrassed, or probably not, and continued in a deep, raspy voice, "But seriously, right here – right now, I get you. I get it. No pressure. None. None whatsoever." He threw up his hands to press the point home. "Well, maybe just a little – a tiny bit. But that's just me. The minute you fell on top of me in that hospital elevator I knew it was kismet. Kismet! And now that you're sitting in my car, the moonlight casting its warm glow on your creamy face – shit! I just want to eat you up."

Tyne didn't respond so Dane filled the empty airwaves, "And you know what else? Total disclosure? I've been watching you lately all around school. And especially last week when you came to our basketball game. I saw you up there in the stands cheering us on. You were so into it. I felt like maybe you were cheering me on, me! In some strange way. I liked that. It felt good. I'm babbling, I know, but like I said, any world that I'm welcome to …"

"But Dane, I was there for …"

"I know. Val. You were sitting with his family. Everybody loves Val – Val, Val, Val! Bla bla bla. I don't dislike the dude, but I get tired of him getting all the attention. It's tough enough to find a cute gay guy without the straight ones getting in the way. He should stick to the chicks and leave the dicks alone. What's he got that I don't? I know – big deal. So he has a big dick? Does he even know how to use it? It's wasted on him, if you ask me. Honestly, he can't give you what I can. He's not like us. I can give you so much more. I have so much love to give! You'll see if you just give me a chance."

"Why do you say that? Besides, he's just a friend. I told you that. It was just a class assignment and then that turned into a friendship."

"Seriously? I see how you look at him. Shit, sometimes he even looks at you all weird like. At times I think he has goo-goo eyes for you. Makes me wonder sometimes, but then he starts staring at some girl that catches his eye. Everybody at Hartsdale High looks at him like they want to eat him up – like he's a piece of cheesecake with caramel and whipped cream with sprinkles on top! Even the teachers, those old hags, get wet over him. Even the men teachers ogle him, for shit's sake. All the girls want to be with him, unless they're rug-munchers of course. All the straight guy's wish they were him, or at least want to be his best friend, or his wing-man so they can get sloppy seconds. And all the gay guys want to be with him. Been there, done that, dreaming about him. I popped a bone more than once after seeing him in the locker room. I had to slip away more than once and bust a nut in the shitter after watching him strip down after practice. He'd be all sweaty and his rippled muscles gleaming. He'd strip down to his jock and then bend over to fish out his street clothes before peeling his jock off and showing off that fucking untouchable monster of his. But I got over it. Ditto Nick, now that he's gone gay, and is screwing Noah. Well, he's bi or whatever his thing is nowadays. I don't really care. Seriously, whatever makes him happy. I don't even know how Nick could locker right next to Val and not get major wood every day. I totally get it that you're infatuated with Val, but think about the risk of chasing a straight jock like him. It's a recipe for disaster, dude. Even if you get him to mess around, you know once his curiosity gets satisfied, he'll dump you for some hot chick. I just know that I'm attracted to you – because you're just you! I like you. Just Tyne – cute, sexy, brainy Tyne! I don't want a quickie with someone. I know what I want and I want a relationship. Listen: Tyne, I like you. I really do. I want to be your friend and if it goes further than that, well, then that would be awesome. It would be great."

"Yeah, that sounds great. But you have no idea. I'm just not ready. Not … not now. I'm sorry. It's not that I don't think you're cute or nice – because I do – I just have to work out some things. I'm cool with being friends if you can accept that right now. Thanks for picking me up and taking me home. I'll see you tomorrow at school." With that, Tyne jumped out of the classic old car, shut the door and walked rapidly up the path to the front door of his house. He was thankful that the front porch light was on a timer so he could quickly fish out his key and slip it into the slot, pushing open the door.

"Hey Tyne?" Dane yelled out of the car window.


"Can we talk more tomorrow?"

"I guess. I'll see you." Then, after Tyne stopped in the doorway and turned around, "Hey Dane?"

"Yeah?" Dane looked hopeful.

"Thanks again for the ride." Tyne waived and stepped into his house. "I appreciate it."

"No problem, buddy. See ya." Dane smiled and did the two finger point to his eyes and then pointed them at Tyne.

When Tyne cocooned himself inside the empty and dark house, he bolted and closed the door behind him, making him feel somewhat safe and secure from all of the crazy-shit that had been happening lately. He felt like he was in some kind of bizarre movie, maybe a Paul Thomas Anderson kind of film, because he couldn't understand why all of this stuff was happening to him. Plus, there was this weird soundtrack going on in his head, with Dane singing and all. His life had been pretty normal up until recently, free of teenage angst. He'd been so determined to just get through high school without complicating it with relationships or sex. He wasn't good at things like this, matters of the heart and all, really, and it was starting to freak him out. He had always thought he was immune to all of that kind of crap. He always thought of himself as an intellectual – sort of like a skilled surgeon – who could keep his feelings in check, but his emotions were starting to get the better of him, something that hadn't happened to him since his father got shot and killed in that bank vault. It was something he didn't really care for – despised, actually.

That's why he liked karate so much. He could use his brains and body without the need of his emotions, or much from his head. Just concentration. He could shut down all of that extraneous stuff, like his mind was on autopilot flying an Airbus A-380 high over the Atlantic. He pressed his back to the hard wooden door, letting out a long and deep throated sigh, dropping his arms like weights, and then slid on down to the cold marble floor, landing with a thud on his ass. He pulled his legs up tight and hugged his knees snug with his arms. He sat there for a few minutes, in the cold and sterile silence, the stone of night coursing through his veins, while he ruminated over what had happened earlier that day. Shit! He thought. I'm a freakin' hot steaming mess.

The longer he sat there like that, the worse he felt. He started to rock back and forth on his buns and heels as he thought of Val yelling at him, and him storming out of the hospital room – not once, but freakin' twice! What a baby I am, he thought. No – more like a drama queen. Ick! Just like a girl who can't get what they want. I acted like Lizzy with balls and a dick instead of tits and a twat. No, he thought – I'm not like that, his inner voice told him. Not a girl. Didn't Dane just say you were cute and sexy? Doesn't that count for something? And what about Dane? He liked Dane, on some level – sure, and was flattered that the ruddy haired boy was so attracted to him. But Why? And why now? He didn't feel so attractive right now. The thing Dane said about Val being risky settled hard in his gut like a bad school cafeteria casserole. That girl risk had already started with Sylvia. Maybe it was innocent, though, like Val said. Maybe it was just her helping the nurse out. Val let him – no, encouraged him – to jack him off in his bed and then to climb up and shoot his own love juices onto him like some kind of bizarre, erotic porno. That had to mean something.

As his mind started to shut down, possibly from cerebral overload, he began to whimper. That quickly turned into tears that spun into full-scale bawling – bawling out loud with snot running down his face, his ears hot and red – the whole number five enchilada plate. Then he started to hiccup, and of course, that made him fart. He hated to do that. Both at once.

He wasn't so sad and frustrated now. Oh no. He was freakin' angry! Angry at Val for being so indecisive, angry at Sylvia for moving in on him, and getting Val's attention – rubbing his ass like that – shit. He was angry at Dane for coming on so strong and so fast – trying to kiss him already, angry at Noah for ditching him for that player Nick.

No, he wasn't really mad at Noah for that. He loved Noah, actually, and only wanted the best for his best friend and blood brother. He was angry at his mom for not being there anymore, her work being her family now. Mostly, he was angry at himself for letting his guard down and sexing it up with Val. Who the fuck did he think he was to imagine he could have the hottest jock in school. Why would Val really want him except to toy with for a while like Dane suggested. Tyne thought about Val dangling his worm in front of him like a fish that he would hook and play with while he reeled him in, only to do catch and release. What was he thinking?

But, Val didn't seem like that kind of guy. He was just being a nice guy about taking me on the fishing trip and then Nick got in his head about satisfying his gay curiosity, but why not with Nick? Why did he choose to do it with him, Tyne? Tyne didn't feel worthy of that attention and he didn't want to be used. But even more than anger with himself, he was mad at his dad. Rage welled up in him at his dad for leaving him when he needed him the most. How could you go and get yourself shot and killed when I need you so much? You always told me you'd be home at the end of your shift and not to worry about anything – that you'd help me figure things out.

He took a deep breath and wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his hands. He got up on his feet – his legs asleep and tingly – but not before hitting the door hard with his fists a couple of times. That felt good, so he did it again. Then, standing there in the entryway, he remembered all the times that he talked to his dad about anything and everything. There was nothing that was off-limits and he felt comfortable to ask him anything that was bugging him. Since he was a tiny kid, he always knew that he could ask his dad any question that was on his mind and his dad would always give the straight up answer, with no editorial. Just the facts, son, the straight dope, thank you very much. "Tyne, think about all the angles and possibilities and when you make up your mind about a problem, make your own decision and I'll be here to back you up a hundred percent." Who could have had a better dad than that?

But his dad wasn't there anymore, and Tyne felt cheated out of the person that he loved the most. It just wasn't fair. Yeah, he loved his mom, but he had a crazy-special bond with his dad. A strange connection that a lot of people don't have with their parents. Especially since he was a gay boy. He missed his dad more than anything else in the world.

Walking through the empty house, he started yelling, "Daddy, why did you have to go and die on me like that? Why couldn't you just talk that guy down? You did that so many times before. Why this time? I need you so much right now," Tyne yelled out into the quiet and dark living room, hitting his balled up fists on the back of the couch. "Why, daddy, why? I miss you so much…"

He wasn't expecting a response, and of course, he didn't get one. That just made him even more miserable. "Help me daddy, please help me! Tell me what to do. Well, forget you. I don't need you," he yelled out into the empty room and swung his arm out into space like he was going to punch someone. "Screw all of you!" Almost instantly he felt guilty and ashamed for thinking something like that.

Exhausted, he headed into his room. He was too tired to do much, so he plopped into his fake leather, desk chair in front of his computer, fired it up and sent Noah a quick IM. Nothing. No reply. Not surprising. He wondered if anybody did IM's anymore. So he pulled out his phone from his pants pocket and sent him a terse text: 'If ur not 2 busy getting plowed by N's hard dk, can u pick me up in the morn?'

It took a few minutes to get a response, and when the phone finally rang, Tyne was in the middle of stripping off his dirty clothes so he could get ready for bed. He was exhausted and totally spent. He just wanted to get under the covers and pass out. "What?" he said, not really meaning to sound so cross.

"T! What's up babycakes? You sound … um … snippy," Noah sort of sing-songed.

"Same old shit, Noah. Don't ask – and please don't tell. Just tell me that you can take me to school tomorrow morning. Not that I really want to go," he sighed. "I might play sick. And what's that song you're listening to?"

"Something by Evanescence. Why? You liked it before."

"Well it's not something I want to hear right now. That song is too sad. Please change it, okay?"

"Okay, I'm all over it. Gimme a sec."

"Thanks, sorry. I just hate that song," Tyne said sadly.

"Oh, pussycat. I get it. I hear it in your voice. What's wrong? Tell the Noadster all about it."

"Not right now. I'm too beat."

"Panties in a wad?" Noah asked. He could read his friend like a signed, first edition book. "Are you on the rag? Heavy flow? Outa mini-pads?"

"Fuck you!" he smiled, but just barely. "Yeah, my crotch-less lace panties are all bunched up and about to climb up my ass, with no tampon in my purse. What the fuck do you think? Stop being a dumbass!"

"Simmer down, T, simmer down. I'm here for you. Sweetie, you know, I've told you this so many times before: Noah knows all, and sees all. So what's wrong? Val won't have your baby?"

That made him chuckle again, if only slightly. "No, that's not it," Tyne said, taking a deep sigh.

"You won't have his baby?"

"Noah, shut the fuck up. It's a bunch of shit. Getting with Val and then almost losing him. Losing you to Nick. Afraid of – no – jealous of Sylvia. But most of all, losing my dad and all. Damn, Noah, why'd he have to die on me?"

"T, we've been over this a bunch of times before. You can't blame him because he's not here. You gotta let it go. It was his time. That's the way life is. One day here, and the next, poof! You know he wouldn't want you to be like this. Want me to come over and spend the night? I can be there in like, ten. We can cuddle until you fall asleep. It will make you feel better."

"No. Thanks, though. I appreciate the offer. I'm just sad right now, that's all. And mad. And frustrated. Shit! I don't know what's wrong with me."

"You're mom's not home, is she?"

"No. She's hardly ever here anymore."

"Oh, baby. I know. She's dealing with her own stuff. You're lonely – I get it. You just say it and I'll be right there to spend the night. I've got some new tunes," Noah teased, "and a new negligee."

"Eww. Yuck! I do not want to see you like that. Like you really have one, you dumbass. Don't make me laugh. I'm not in the mood. No, it's cool, you don't need to come over. I'm not suicidal or anything, just sad. Besides, I got an earful of some new, or should I say 'old', tunes tonight on the way home. I don't need any more weird music like you listen to tonight. That might just push me over the edge."

"Why do say that? How did you get home? If your mom had to work and you didn't call me for a ride, then who took you? Don't tell me you hitched and some trucker bear picked you up. And now you're gonna be his cub and move to a log cabin in the woods!"

"You're way off," Tyne giggled. "You'd never guess in a million years." He was having second thoughts about telling Noah about Dane.

"Was it Lukas?"

"Hardly. I'd have to kick his ass and stuff him in the trunk and drive his heap home myself. But no way! Have you seen that piece of shit he drives? It's worse than yours."

"Tyney-boy? Listen here, our cars may be dogs, Lukas' and mine, but they're way better than yours."

"Point taken. Sorry, dude. But seriously? Dane's … oops, I mean, Lukas'?"

"DANE! Oh my god! Dane took you home?"

"Oh, fuck. I shouldn't have said anything."

"Why? What's the big deal? Oh my. What happened?"

"Nothing," Tyne said shyly.

"Spill it, girlfriend. Right freakin' now! I want details."

"Okay, okay, simmer down. Yeah, he took me home, but that's after Val's mom ditched me and my mom had to work a double shift and couldn't come get me. And I knew you were with Nick and busy and all, probably fucking like rabbits, and I didn't want to interrupt you and I didn't know who else to call," Tyne said quietly. He was conflicted, embarrassed and pissed off all at the same time.

"Then what?"

"Then what, what?"

"Then what the fuck happened? And make sure you tell the Noadster every little detail. I freakin' knew he was gay, after we saw him last night. He was looking back and forth at Nick and me like …"

"You mean when you saw him last night at Subway?"

"Yeah. Nick and I ran into him at the Subway out at the Commons like I told you. He's goofy, but very cute. I love his copper hair. I thought he might be gay, after the way he was looking at us. It was kinda weird, though. He was so hyper. But he's gay. I can tell. All gay. You know me and my Noah-dar."

"He knew about you guys. He could totally tell you guys were a couple. He said he could read it all over Nick's face. You better watch yourselves at school when you're around each other. Anyway, Mr. Noah-it-all, pull up your petticoat because he wanted to kiss me when he dropped me off in front of the house."

"What do you mean 'wanted to'? Was he like puckered up and then he totally missed your face? What are you saying?"

"Okay, listen. He came out to me when we were downstairs in the cafeteria getting a snack when you guys were seeing Val. He came out to me just like that. Rode an F-18 out of the closet is more like it. Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part. I fell on top of him first."

"You what?"

"I wasn't paying attention and he was getting off the elevator while I was getting on, and well, I just crashed into him and fell on top of him is all. But anyway, we talked a little bit about being gay when we were downstairs and then we traded digits before we came back up to see Val. After you guys left, I hung with Val, and then Dane texted me because he didn't have to work after all and I thought he could drive me home. I really need to get a car," Tyne sighed.

"Fuck that. Look, you've got practically the whole Hartsdale basketball team driving you around now - Val, Nick, and now Dane. You're getting more attention than the cheerleaders. Wow!"

"I hadn't thought about it like that before. Yeah, that's kinda cool."

"So tell me about the kiss. Or the non-kiss."

"Yeah, well, we stopped for pizza and then talked some more. He's kinda cool actually. And he's definitely cute. We had a nice time, is all. But then when we got out front and I was getting ready to go inside, he asked out of the blue if he could kiss me."

"Ah, how sweet. A gentleman. Did you do him? Jump his bones? Take him up to your boudoir and ravish him?"

"No. Basically, I freaked."

"Oh, T. Why? I'm telling you, this whole sexing thing is mofo freaking awesome. We've been missing out big time. So why not jump on the Dane train, fool?"


"Val? What does Val have to do with this?"

"Nothing. Everything. I don't know. I'm so fucked up right now."

"Wait a minute. This doesn't make any sense. Oh wait! It's coming to me now. It's getting clearer. You and Val really did do something up at the lake. That's the real reason you guys were naked. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ooooh, tell me all about it," Noah crooned. "What did you guys do? Did that big ol' grizzly bear come out of hibernation and crawl up inside your cave?"

"Noah! Stop. I can't tell you. I don't ask what you and Nick do."

"You don't have to ask. I'll tell you. Nick pulled my clothes off and then stuck that beautiful hard cock in my mou …"


"You know you want to hear it."

"Maybe later, Okay? Look, you can't tell Nick or anybody else for that matter, okay?"

"Lips are sealed, baby, sealed up tight like Fort Knox. Tell me."

"I really do need to share this with someone and you're the only one I can trust it with. We got naked because we found a hot spring. It felt so good, Noah. It was so sensual out there in the woods. And then he got a boner and I got a boner, and, well, we just fooled around. That's all. Guys do that sometimes, you know. But he's straight. I think it was probably just a curiosity thing with him or something. Why would he be really interested in me? He seems to like Sylvia now."

"Not as much as he likes you, obviously. You got to play with his monster! She doesn't get to play with that like you do. What exactly did the two of you do in the hot spring? You're holding back on me. Share Tyne."

"God, you're nosy. If you must know, and apparently you must, he showed me how he could suck himself and while he was doing it, I…"

"Oh my god, you what? Out with it. You did what?"

"Okay, so we found the hot spring and he coaxed me to get naked and join him in it. He showed me how he could suck his own dick and I sucked on the lower part he couldn't reach while he sucked on the top part and our lips would touch and I licked and sucked on his balls. Noah, I'll never forget that as long as I live. Then he finished me off afterward just with his hand, you know, and we kissed and then all hail broke loose." Tyne laughed at his little pun, but Noah didn't. "Get it, all HAIL broke loose. It started hailing on us."

"Yeah, ha-ha," Noah groaned. "Just stick to the story and leave the jokes to me."

"All right, smart ass. Our clothes got soaked and he basically saved me from freezing to death and then he carried me down and we cuddled and fell asleep under the blanket, then he went back for the keys and then on the way home we crashed the stupid truck in the stupid ass stream and I pulled him out and the rescue team came for us and the news crew was there and the hospital shit and oh my god, Noah, what happened to my simple, happy, uncomplicated, sex free life?" Tyne gasped for air. "And, oh yeah. There was also something about running into a bear at one point, too."

"Dude, what's wrong with you? You did all that with Val? He like coaxed you into it and you're worried about Sylvia just because she showed up to see him in the hospital? That's crazy talk."

"See, that's just it. Remember when she fled out of his room right after we just got there? I caught her rubbing cream on his ass. She was giving him a full body, nude massage. He was completely naked and had a giant boner again. That's why I was so upset and that's when I smacked into Dane."

"Oh my god! What kind of cream? That boy is one kinky dude."

"It's not like that. It's something the nurse gave him for bed-sores or something. But still, why would Sylvia be doing that? And why did he let her? And what about the raging boner it gave him."

"I don't know. Maybe he's hyper-sexual. Does it with everybody. You, Sylvia, barnyard animals. Just not Nick. Thank god. Val pinched a big loaf over that one, much to my delight. I lucked out, baby. So yeah, he can't be gay if he didn't want to hook up with Nick. He could have very easily since Nick was all over him."

"Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Seriously, like Dane said, everyone on the planet wants Val and he could have anyone he wants, so why me? It makes no sense at all and yet I can't get over it."

"Just be friends with Val and don't mess around with him again. Dane's probably right about that. You'll just get hurt. Stick with Dane, girlfriend. That's my advice. He sounds perfect for you – low risk and drama free. Besides, even though he's not Val, he's pretty hot. We can be the second string loverboys. YOLO!"

"Yeah, I know. I'll think about it. Listen. It's late. I really need to get some sleep. Thanks, Noah."

"For what?"

"Listening to me whine. And for always being there for me."

"Back atcha, baby. That's my job. Now go to sleep."

"K. Bye."

The next morning, a new nurse, who looked like she was about the age of Val's mom, came in and checked him over. His back was aching and he leaned forward and stretched down and grabbed his toes. It felt unbelievably good to stretch like that. Then she helped him walk around the unit, which really felt good. He was surprised at how many patients there were, and at how sick and sad they looked. That made him extra determined to get well and get the hell out of there. It troubled him that his depth perception was off as he walked. Afterward, the nurse told him he was scheduled to get an MRI on his head and she was going to take out the IV later in the day. It was such a relief to get that needle out of the back of his hand and he saw it as a positive sign for going home. An orderly came and had him slide over onto a gurney and they headed down to the MRI department. He didn't have to go into the long tunnel one, just a small one on the other side. They put padded blocks on either side of his head to hold it still. It amazed Val that something so simple looking could actually see inside his head like x-ray vision. It didn't take long and he was headed back to the room.

After lunch, the nurse asked him if he felt up to showering on his own and he jumped at the offer. She warned him not to get his head dressing wet and to pull the emergency cord if he needed her and she would be just outside the door. He sat up and was a little woozy. It passed after a few seconds and he stood and walked with her steadying hand to the shower. The warm water cascading over his body was wonderful. He started to stoop to wash his feet, but got dizzy and jerked upright to lean against the beige plastic wall. When it passed, he just lifted his large feet up to wash them while he leaned against the wall. He turned off the shower and was toweling off when he heard his mother's voice. "Val, I'm here now. The nurse stepped out since I'm here. Are you doing okay in there? Do you need any help?"

"I'm fine. But I could use help drying my legs and putting my clean gown thingy on." Mrs. Hardcastle opened the flimsy door and peered in. Val stood facing her, rubbing under his arms. She was left in sudden awe of the beautiful physique of the young man she and Buford had created. She gathered herself and took the towel from him. She kneeled and dried his legs and feet as he lifted them for her. He explained that it made him dizzy to lean over. When she finished the task she blurted out the random thought that crossed her mind as she knelt there with Val's large package dangling in her face. "Genital size must skip a generation," she mused. Then she blinked and stood up with use of the sink countertop.

"Wow. You say the most random stuff sometimes. I swear you're an alien."

She unfolded the gown without comment and he watched in amazement as she almost instinctively knew exactly how to position it. He got so confused by it and which arm to put where. She tied it for him in the back and he used her to steady him as he walked back to the bed. As bad as he hated to admit it, the bed felt good to lie back down in.

"Dad and Vi send their love."

"Mmm. Tell them thanks."

"Did you sleep well?"

"I guess. I had a hard time getting to sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about everything."

"Like what?"

"Just everything."

"What kind of things?"

"Geez. World Peace and what color to repaint the White House after I'm elected. Just things, okay?"

"I'm just making conversation." His mom pouted a bit.

"Sorry. My head's kinda hurting." He pressed the call button.

"You don't have the IV anymore. That's nice."

"Yeah. I'm glad it's gone. I went down for an MRI this morning and so they took it out. I'm hoping I can get out of here."

"That would be nice."

The nurse entered, acknowledged Val's mom again and asked what Val wanted. He told her drugs for his headache and she nodded. She commented that she was glad that Mrs. Hardcastle was there since the doctor would be in soon and he would want to talk to her. She returned with horse-sized pills and a fresh water pitcher. Val downed them and lay back with his eyes closed.

He dozed while his mom read and talked on her cell phone. It was the fourth or fifth person she had explained his situation to and Val was growing weary of hearing her slightly over-dramatized version of his plight. It seemed to him like she was enjoying the celebrity status of being the mother to the coma victim a little too much. "Oh no, Gaye, nothing like that. So you saw the TV report then. Of course he's not. Well I couldn't blame him if he'd tried; I got quite the big surprise when I helped my Vally shower this morning. How long since you've seen your Tyler in the buff? I could only wish Buford had such a tool to work with." She tittered. "I joked with Val that gene must skip a generation." She laughed again.

"Mother! For hell sake, shut the hell up."

"I need to step outside, Gaye, he can hear me."

As she was leaving, Val called out to her, "Mom, just hang up. Don't be talking to people about the size of my penis. What's wrong with you?" He groaned and looked for something to throw at her.

The big creole nurse who chased everyone out the day before popped in and said, "I'm real hoppy for youze, mon. But I don' theenk the whole floor need to know youze got da big tallywhacker awright? So's keep it down now, okay?"

Val squinted at her and said, "Go F yourself, mon." He rolled away toward the wall and punched his pillow a few times.

When his mom returned, Val rolled back over. "Don't ever do that again. I mean it."

"Val, it was just girl talk. It was my friend, Gaye, from PTA. No harm done."

"No harm done? I know her son Tyler. I have a class with him at school. What have you been smoking to say something like that?"

"I'm sorry. It was just chit chat. I won't do it again."

"Did she ask you if Tyne and I are gay? She did, didn't she?"

"No, not exactly. She alluded to it but you heard me set her straight." His mom chortled and said, "I set Gaye straight that you aren't gay. Get it? Set Gaye straight."

"Yeah, Mom, I get it. Ha – ha. Real funny." Val groaned and said, "My life is so messed up. This whole thing sucks. It's not bad enough I was naked on TV, now my own mom is talking about my dick to the whole F'n PTA. Great. Just great."

Val grunted and rolled away. His mom sat in silence and turned her phone off. Val sighed heavily and willed the doctor to show up so he could go home. They remained in uncomfortable silence until the doctor arrived.

Finally, the doctor showed up and examined Val. He shined the light in his eyes and asked a bunch of questions. He seemed a little concerned over the vertigo that Val was having. He asked some basic math questions and wanted Val to recall some early childhood memories. He had him write a paragraph and name all of his cousins. He did all of that without any problem. "Is there anything you're having difficulty with?" the doctor asked.

"Umm, well, not really." Val glanced at his mom.

"Is there something you'd like to share with me in private?" Val shook his head that there was something. The doctor asked if Val's mom would mind stepping out for just a minute.

When she was gone, Val said hesitantly, "Umm, it seems like since I woke up from my coma, I'm like super horny all the time and get erections super easy."

The doctor chuckled and smiled kindly, "I think that's more age related than accident related. I wouldn't worry about that. You should feel lucky, actually. Often, head trauma results in the loss of interest or ability for that. Anything else?"

"No, I don't think so unless you have a pill to give my mom so she's not so embarrassing."

"We don't have that just yet, but I imagine we will someday," he said with a chuckle. "If you discover it, you'll be very wealthy." He walked to the door and invited Val's mom back in.

"You seem to be doing fine. Your head wound is starting to heal. I don't detect any obvious signs of cognitive loss, which is encouraging. The MRI shows some continued swelling, more than I like to see. That explains the continuing headaches you've reported. I think we'll let you stay in our lovely inn one more day and switch your anti-inflammatory to something else and reduce your pain medicine to see how that goes. That should help with the vertigo. If you do well, you can go home tomorrow."

"Not today? Really? I was hoping to go home today."

"We'll just try and be on the safe side."

"Like keeping me from playing basketball is on the safe side? Doctor, the playoffs start in a couple of weeks. My team needs me. Please let me play in the playoffs. If we lose one game we're out. Please."

"Val, you're a young man and you have a lot of life ahead of you. You shouldn't risk having a long healthy life for a couple basketball games. It isn't safe. I would prefer you never played any contact sports again, but you need a minimum of a month to really heal. I'm sorry."

"Whatever." Val scowled and rolled away onto his side.

"Val, I could show you pictures of young people who are complete vegetables from head trauma. There are others who had their personalities so altered that they have to be institutionalized. Others that lost their mobility and are in wheel-chairs. It's not worth the risk. You need to believe and accept that. There are a lot of things in life you can enjoy and do and appreciate without contact sports, including the thing you told me about earlier. Don't risk your chance for a happy life over a game." He placed a comforting hand on Val's shoulder, but Val didn't respond.

When the doctor left after speaking privately with Val's mom in the hallway, Mrs. Hardcastle came in and brushed her fingers through Val's hair. "He's right, sweetheart. It's just a game and it's not worth the risk. You understand that, don't you?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," he muttered without moving. He stared at the ugly green wall that was sort of swimming in his moist eyes.

"You want me to find something to snack on?"

"I'm not hungry."

His mom sighed and sat back in her chair and pulled out her book. The rest of the day was spent with his mom trying to engage Val in conversation and Val refusing to. His jaw was set and his face drooped. It reminded Polly of when Val was small and one of his beloved trucks would get broken. He used to mope over that for hours. He drank only when he had to take his medicine. Otherwise, he just stared at the ugly green wall and slipped further and further into himself and his self pity.

Around four, Tyne showed up. He popped in the room and said, "Surprise. Guess who?"

Val glanced over at him but made no response. Tyne continued on undaunted, "You wouldn't believe the nightmare school was today. I was late to every class. Everyone wanted to hear all about what happened up at the lake. It was like we're celebrities or something. There were only a few assholes that gave me shit about the whole gay thing. The only major asshole was Lukas in math class. I hate him so bad. We need to burn his ass good somehow." Looking over as Polly closed her book, Tyne grimaced and said, "Oh, hello Mrs. Hardcastle."

She smiled and said, "Hello, Tyne. I'm glad you came by. Maybe you can cheer Mr. Sourpuss up a little."

"What's wrong? Did you have complications or something?" Tyne asked.

"Sort of. I don't want to talk about it. Do me a favor. Go get me a Kit Kat."

Tyne looked at Mrs. Hardcastle for approval. She shrugged and nodded okay. "He hasn't eaten all day. I think maybe something with a little nutritional value might be a better idea."

"Whatever. Nevermind." Val rolled away and stared at the green wall again.

"I'm going to step out and run home to make something for Val's father and Vi to eat since you're here now. How long are you staying?"

"However long you and Val want or need me to."

"You can both go. I don't need a babysitter. Do you think I'm eight years old or something? I can just push this little button and a nurse shows up and gives me drugs. It's a great deal. I hope I can stay here forever." Tyne looked at Mrs. Hardcastle with deep concern. She returned the look. She walked over to Val's bedside and leaned down and kissed his cheek. He didn't respond or react. She sighed and walked sadly out.

"Okay, what's up? Why you being such a jerkwad to your mom?"

"Who said I'm being a jerkwad?"

"I did. Come on, what's wrong?"

"Everything. Everything's wrong. Being stuck in this F'n place is wrong. My truck smashed to bits, that's wrong. No basketball for a month and if the doctor convinces my mom and dad, ever. Working my ass off all season and having to miss the playoffs. That's totally F'n wrong. Our naked asses being on TV is totally wrong. You and me sucking on my dick together, that's wrong. Sylvia rubbing her hands all over my bare ass, that's wrong. My mom F'n telling Tyler Mock's mom that she saw me in the shower and what a big dick I have. That's way F'n wrong. My little sister getting pressured to do her boyfriend, that's totally wrong. This whole fucked up, sex crazed world we live in is WRONG!"

Tyne stared in amazement at Val. He had no idea how to respond. "Val, I'm sorry about what we did in the mountains. If you're feeling guilty about that, I take responsibility. I won't ever…"

"Shut the F up, Tyne. I didn't say I blamed you and I didn't say I was feeling guilty. I talked you into it, remember? I liked it. I liked it a lot. But that's the F'n problem. I like it and I like you. But I can't lie. I like girls and I like Sylvia. I'm an F'n mess. Everything in my life was just perfect and then like overnight it exploded out of control. I just want it all to go back to being normal but it can't. I can't put the genie back in the bottle."

Tyne was choking down tears and bent down and kissed Val on the lips. "I'm sorry, dude. I had my own little meltdown last night. I miss my dad like crazy and nothing I can do can bring him back. Some things we just have to deal with even when it hurts. But we don't have to do any more sex stuff if it messes with your head. I just want to be your friend. I … I love you, man. I don't know if we can ever really work, but I don't care about the sex part if I can just stay your friend. I mean it."

Val turned and stared deeply into Tyne's eyes. "I love you too. I do. I've never felt real love for someone outside my family before. I don't get how you can love me. I'm just a big dumb jock. What can I offer you? I can't even carry on an intelligent conversation."

"God, I hate it when you put yourself down. You're an amazing person. You're so kind and caring. You're funny and witty. Everyone loves you. So what the hell do you see in me? I'm a geeky nerd. You could have practically anyone you wanted, boy or girl, so why me? I don't get it."

"I don't get it either, but I do. I love everything about you. I think about you all the time. I was so sad when you left last night. I felt super lonely. I'm glad you came back to see me. Kiss me." Tyne wiped his tears on his sleeve and leaned in and kissed Val tenderly on the lips. Val pulled him back down as Tyne started to pull away and they kissed more passionately. They only quit because they were interrupted. "Most sorry. I have dinner. You need eat to be strong and go home." The petite Asian girl from last night was back and bowed slightly and quickly retreated. Val and Tyne looked at each other and Val started to giggle. Tyne joined and they ended up laughing hard over getting busted.

"She's right, you really do need to eat." Tyne lifted the cover and it looked reasonably edible. "Doesn't look bad. Turkey, dressing, gravy and beans. There's even some cranberry stuff here. How about it?"

"Okay. But first, help me take a piss. I'm still not too steady on my feet." Tyne helped Val sit up and then after a minute, stand up and walk slowly to the bathroom. He was boned up from the kissing episode and he made a nice tent in the gown. Tyne playfully grabbed it and smiled. "Yes , you did that to me," Val said.

Inside the small bathroom, Val couldn't push his boned up dick down and pee in the toilet, so he turned and pissed into the shower then ran the water to wash it down. Tyne stood by and watched that he didn't get dizzy, but he did fine. Tyne ran warm water and a little soap on a hand towel and wiped him clean. "Drain me quick. Then I'll eat."

"Are you sure? I don't want to mess with your head anymore."

"You won't mess with my head. Yes, I'm sure. Do me. I need it bad."

"If you're sure. Tyne knelt and started stroking the large appendage. He loved the feel and touch of it. Val leaned against the side wall and watched Tyne stroke him off. The demons tried to crowd into his mind. They demanded to know what he was doing. "Bad idea. You'll regret this," the demons said. But Val ignored them and focused on the feeling. Then Tyne, mesmerized with the task, leaned in and kissed the underside of Val's dickhead. He looked up to see Val's reaction and make sure it was okay. Val nodded approval.

"You can suck it if you want."

Tyne looked up questioning the offer. Val reached out and gently guided Tyne's head to his dick. Tyne licked it the full length and Val quivered and moaned softly. Tyne gripped Val's balls with one hand and pulled his thick, crimson dick toward his mouth with the other hand and slipped Val Hardcastle's dick into his mouth. They both moaned. Tyne instinctively went down on the large piece of man meat until the engorged head pressed into the back of his throat. He was barely halfway down its length and the girth forced his mouth wide open. He pulled back up, dragging his tongue along the underside then slid back down. He did this slowly three more times and then Val began pumping his hips while Tyne shifted into a high speed sucking action. Soon, Val made a series of deep gasps, "Huh, huh, huh, ohh, ohh, huh, huh, mmmmmm."

Hot cum filled Tyne's mouth. Spurt after spurt erupted from Val's powerful dick. Tyne swallowed and swallowed until the gushing stopped, then he pulled off until just the large head was still in and let the last of the trout juice drizzle onto his tongue. Tyne suddenly pulled off and frantically clawed at his button and zipper on his jeans. He jerked his pants and underwear down in a near panic, crawled up to the toilet and gave two tugs on his own blazing dick and spilled his seed into the toilet. When he finished, he was panting and sweating slightly. He stood and washed himself and Val off with the damp towel. Val had shrunk but Tyne was still hard as he stuffed himself back into his jeans. Tyne flushed the potty and pushed open the door. They emerged from the bathroom and found Val's mom sitting in the chair with her book.

"Did everything go all right in there?"

Both boys flushed. Tyne recovered first and said, "Yes, fine. He just needs help walking still so he doesn't get dizzy, you know? He doesn't like the nurse to help so he asked me to."

"Yes, I guessed that when I found you both missing and then I heard some … noises … in the bathroom and assumed you were helping Val out with his personal needs. It's kind of you to be such a good friend."

Val couldn't even think of what to say, so he said nothing. He was glad his mother didn't make any more provocative comments. He really expected that she might. Maybe she was just relieved that he wasn't acting all depressed still. Then it occurred to him that she said she was leaving. "I thought you were going home to make dinner."

"I was, but your father called me just as I was getting in the car. He said he was taking Vi out to Panda. She loves the Honey Walnut Shrimp so it's a little treat and a chance for some daddy – daughter bonding time."

"Yeah, she told me she likes that slippery shrimp with the nuts," Val said. Tyne bit his lip to keep from laughing or smiling.

Val got back in bed and Tyne slid the rolling table up to him and adjusted the height. Tyne opened Val's milk carton and set the food cover aside. Val ate voraciously and stopped just short of licking the platter. Tyne and Mrs. Hardcastle smiled at each other as they watched him. When he finished, he asked, "So I ate all my dinner, can I have that candy bar now?"

Tyne jumped up. "Sure, I'll go get it. You earned it." Val suppressed a smile.

"Better get one for yourself, too then." Tyne smiled over Val's suggestion. He purposely avoided eye contact with Mrs. Hardcastle as he hustled out of the room.

"You seem to be feeling better."

"Yeah. Tyne cheered me up."

"I see he did. That's good. I guess." After a pause, Val's mom put her hand on his forearm and started to ask, "Did you two…"

"Mom," Val interrupted, "leave it, okay? Don't go there."

She sighed and said, "Okay. Just be careful. He's a vulnerable young man with his father dying and all. His mom worries about his emotional state sometimes. And I worry about you as well. Be sure you think carefully about whatever you do."

"I get you. I will." She smiled and patted his arm. They talked about what his first meal at home would be. He wanted trout from the freezer.

Tyne returned with the candy bars and he even brought one for Mrs. Hardcastle. They chatted and Tyne shared more particulars about school and from all the well wishers. He said poor Ms. Harris from Contemporary Lifestyles class was getting crap from the principal over the whole thing. "He blames her, it sounds like. I tried to explain that it wasn't her fault and that we understood we didn't have to go on the date thing, but we just went fishing together as friends."

Mrs. Hardcastle stood and excused herself when her cell phone buzzed in her purse. She stepped into the hall. When she was gone, Tyne told Val, "No one was buying it in Lifestyles class. They all assume we were messing around together because of the TV thing and since we went ahead with the date even though we didn't have to. But they weren't judgmental at all about it. I actually thought it was going to be horrible, but it wasn't so bad. They were more like supportive of us. Only a few people at school gave me crap about the gay thing. Either they just figure we are and don't want to say it out loud to me or they believe me that it was innocent. Either way, no one besides Lukas and a few others harassed me over it. Dane got in Lukas' face finally and Lukas backed down and flipped us off. Tyler Mock kept asking me how big your dick is. I thought that was weird." Val rolled his eyes and groaned over that.

There was a slight tap on the door and Sylvia walked in with Val's mom following her. She smiled brightly and said, "Hi Tyne." Then in the sweetest, flirtiest voice she was capable of, she said, "Hello Val. I brought you something." She put a fishing magazine, a monster truck magazine and some puzzle books on his tray. Your dad said you liked these when I called over to your house. I know it can get pretty boring in here sometimes."

Val brightened and reached out for her hand. "Thanks. That was really thoughtful of you."

"I'm not sure puzzles are a good idea. His brain needs rest still. It's still a bit swollen," Tyne muttered.

Val glared at him and said, "I'm fine. He's just a worry wart."

Sylvia asked about his condition and he explained about the MRI and that he could probably go home the next day. She was glad of that and asked permission to visit him at home. Before he could answer, Mrs. Hardcastle told her that it would be wonderful if she would. Tyne just stood there in uncomfortable silence. Sylvia and Val chatted and she also brought get well wishes from kids at school.

Mrs. Hardcastle got up and told Val she was glad he was doing better and that she would see him in the morning. She kissed him and asked if Tyne needed a ride home. He did. But he didn't want to leave Val alone with Sylvia. All he could think about was Sylvia giving Val another rubdown only on the flip side this time. Mrs. Hardcastle asked if Sylvia also needed a ride, but Sylvia had driven there so she didn't. "Well then, perhaps you could give Tyne a ride home when you leave. I have an errand to run on the way home."

"Sure, glad to," she said cheerfully.

Tyne felt trapped. He didn't want to ride with the enemy. But if he did, at least he could keep an eye on her. Maybe he could even find out her intentions for Val. "Yeah," he thought, "that's the best idea after all. I'll ride home with Sylvia."

The conversation was light and Tyne butted in every chance he got. After about thirty minutes, Tyne announced he had some homework he really needed to do and Sylvia agreed to take him home. She stood and walked to Val's bedside. She smiled so sweetly and told Val to get better and go home in the morning. She leaned down to kiss his forehead and he redirected her to his lips. Tyne seethed.

"Thanks to both of you. You guys really cheered me up. Drive safe. See you tomorrow? At my house, I hope."

"Definitely." Tyne made sure Val's water pitcher was full of fresh cold water. He fluffed up Val's pillow for him and offered to escort him to the bathroom one more time before leaving. Val declined the offer graciously and Tyne started to lean in for a goodbye kiss of his own but stopped when Val's eyes widened. Instead, Tyne and Val did their secret handshake then Tyne turned quickly away and left the room behind Sylvia. She was floating about six inches off the floor from getting kissed on the lips and Tyne was practically stomping down the corridor from getting bumped on the knuckles.

Val fell back into a funk when Sylvia and Tyne left. He berated himself for using Tyne like that. He wondered if he really used him or if he was sincere. He felt sincere at the time. But then Sylvia showed up and he was excited to see her too. Why had he kissed her on the lips, though, right in front of Tyne? God he hated himself for that. What a fucking mess he'd created. He worried if Tyne would ever come back or speak to him again. Sleep rescued him from his demons earlier that evening and he welcomed it.

When Tyne and Sylvia got on the elevator, Sylvia said, "Val certainly was in good spirits tonight. I guess because he gets to go home tomorrow."

"Actually, he was on the verge a dark depression when I arrived earlier. I managed to talk him out of it before you showed up."

"Oh my. Thank goodness you came by then. You and he must be great friends. That certainly must have been a frightening experience for you up on the mountain. I heard about you being found naked and freezing by the rescuers. Someone said you pulled Val from the truck and swam him to shore and then kept him from freezing to death with a single blanket and you risked your own life to save his. You're a real hero."

"I'm no hero. I just did what anyone would do in that situation."

"I doubt that. I think you underestimate the courage you showed. You must have gotten that courage from your father. I heard about what he did too. I bet he's proud of you."

"He's dead."

"I know. I meant that he's proud of you up in heaven. I'm sure he's keeping track of you. Just like my mom watches over me, I'm sure. It stinks not having one of your parents around, doesn't it?"

"Yeah. It does." Sylvia was softening him. Tyne couldn't bring himself to hate her. He wanted desperately to, but he couldn't. The ride home wasn't the inquisition and evil counter intelligence mission that Tyne had planned on. Instead, the conversation was pleasant and they shared some of their personal experiences from losing a parent. They talked about math and science and plans for their future. The one thing they actually talked very little about was Val. As a result, Tyne found himself liking Sylvia, much to his surprise and somewhat to his dismay. Tyne thanked Sylvia for the ride and she offered to pick him up to go visit Val at home the following night. Tyne found himself accepting.

Tyne went in and did the extra credit homework that he didn't really need and stuffed it in his backpack. Then he grabbed his phone and dialed up Noah. Tyne shared blow by blow details of his very first human Creamsicle. Noah slurped up every word of it. He then shared his experience of the same thing with Nick. The two chatted for a couple hours before Tyne crawled in bed naked and relived the un-fucking-believable blowjob he'd given Val. Tyne cummed in his hand and licked it clean. Val's tasted better.

Tuesday morning, Tyne was awakened by Noah. "Sweetheart, get your naked ass out of your bed and get dressed. You're gonna make me late again, mofo."

"Uggh. Sorry. You can just leave me."

"Not on your life. I'm never leaving you. We're together forever, remember?"

"Thanks. You're a great friend."

Noah followed Tyne into the bathroom and chatted while Tyne showered quickly and dressed. "So what's with sucking off Val? I thought we agreed you were going to hook it up with Dane and let Val be."

"I know. I know that makes more sense, but damn, Noah, it's Val we're talking about. I love him. He said he loves me."

"Whoa. Hold on. You never said that last night when we had our little chat. That's some serious shit. Are you sure you know what you're getting into here?"

"No, Noah. I don't. Then afterward, Sylvia showed up and Val was all nice to her and he kissed her goodbye and gave me a knuckle bump."

"And you're okay with that? He's two timing right in your face and you didn't smash him in the balls and knock him back into a coma?"

"No. I'm not okay with it. I was pissed off at both of them. But I actually rode home with Sylvia, and I planned on messing with her, but she turned out to be really nice. I couldn't do it. It wasn't really her fault. Who could blame her? Val's the one showing her the attention – attention she's never really had before just like me."

"So what you gonna do? You gonna drop Val's ass and wish him a happy life?"

"I should. I know I should. But, I can't. I'm riding with Sylvia over to his house to see him tonight after school."

Noah grabbed Tyne by the shoulders and stared into his eyes. "Listen up, Tyne. Be careful. You got it bad. Just be careful. I'm here for you whatever happens. Got it? If you ever need me, I'll be there - anytime, anyplace."

Tyne pulled Noah into a hug and trickled a few tears on his shoulder. "I have to play this out. I have to see where it goes. Whatever happens happens, but I have to ride it out."

"I got you, bro'," Noah said. "I got you."

The next morning, Val took another trip to the Imaging Lab and had his head examined. He felt like he needed his head examined by a shrink as well. The turmoil from the prior night brewed up inside of him and he desperately wanted to apologize to Tyne but he had no means of communication. It was eating him up inside.

His mom showed up and could tell he was sullen again. Though he wasn't unkind to her and did answer her questions, his answers were short and strained. He was relieved when the nurse came in and announced that the doctor had looked at his MRI and called to say Val could go home. It felt good to get dressed in real clothes and get out of the gown. He showered before dressing and his mother helped him dry his legs and get his Freckles the Clown boxers on. She helped him with his basketball shorts and he wore flip flops and a tank top for the rest of his ensemble. He rode in the wheelchair to the curb where the orderly wished him well and he sat on a bench until his mom pulled up and helped him into the car. His depth perception was still off and that bothered him. When he got home and his mom helped him inside, he opted to stay in the TV room rather than his bedroom. He'd had enough of beds for a while. He watched some sports on TV and enjoyed a nice tuna fish and pickle sandwich with a tall glass of milk and some cheddar bacon potato chips. He looked forward to Tyne and Sylvia coming by. He had a plan on how to get Tyne alone to apologize. He would ask Tyne to escort him to the bathroom back by the garage and there alone, together, he'd give him an appropriate oral apology. Much better than just a kiss to make up - much, much better.

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