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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 17

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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The days were long and boring for Val, and he desperately looked forward to his evening visits from his friends. He battled depression every day since leaving the hospital, staying locked up tight in his bedroom and laying on his messy bed. The days clicked by so slowly he was afraid he was going to go nuts. He was so sad, and he didn't go on the internet and didn't even watch his favorite sports channel, ESPN on DirecTV. He just laid there wallowing in his own funk, stewing in his dark juices. During the week or so he'd been home, Sylvia and Tyne had both visited faithfully every day after school, all smiles. Sometimes, they would both be there at the same time and it was uncomfortable at first as they both offered to leave and come back later.

Later on, as Val got slowly better, he made sure to shower and dress nicely for the visits, wearing his best t-shirts and his newest basketball shorts. He even put on his favorite Nikes. He liked being the center of attention. He grew ever fonder of both friendships - very fond. A couple times, Val had to claim he wasn't feeling well to get one or the other not to come over, just so he could bask in the undivided attention of either Tyne or Sylvia, alone in the quiet house. It had been clear that each of them were vying for Val's attention and competing with each other for it. Each one was trying to outdo the other in being helpful. It made him feel special and helped him overcome the depression. The one night Sylvia left a little early, Tyne and Val had snuggled a bit on his messy bed together, kissing tenderly and then gave each other a quick release before Tyne reluctantly called Noah to come take him home.

During the first week home from the hospital, no one bothered with bringing his homework home, but starting the second week, Val seriously needed to catch up big time. On Monday, Tyne brought him his homework and Sylvia showed up right afterwards, hot on his heels, Tyne and Sylvia would try and outdo each other in helping him do his homework, and it would be funny if it wasn't so awkward between the three of them. They ended up in a power struggle over who could do the better job of explaining things and Val ended up totally F'n frustrated. After that day, Val made a deal that Tyne would bring his homework home and help him with it on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Sylvia would do it on Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Val's second Friday night home, Sylvia was the first to arrive with his homework. "Hey Val," Sylvia chirped as she walked into Val's bedroom after his mom let her in. "Ready to work on some math and science?"

"Sounds like a riot. More fun than rolling down a mountainside." Val moaned. Sylvia spread the books across Val's desk and pulled up the spare chair, right up next to Val. They sat shoulder to shoulder as Val worked out how to solve for one variable and then plug it into the second equation and then solve that one. He got excited as he figured it out and was able to do one problem after the other on his own correctly.

"It's kinda cool how when you have two unknowns in the same problem that you can't solve. But then if you can figure one of them from solving for it in another problem, you can plug that answer in and solve the first problem. It's like magic."

"I know, huh? I love math because it's so straightforward and follows the rules all the time. Science on the other hand, is all about theories and then testing the theories until you come to a conclusion based on ruling out the alternative possibilities. I like that too, but it's a very different process."

"I think you and Tyne are lucky to be so smart. I wish I was."

"You really are smart. You're a good learner when you take things one step at a time." She smiled brightly at Val who smiled back. He looked deeply into her soft brown eyes and took in the beautiful curve of her face and her natural beauty. The lack of makeup seemed to detract from her looks at first, but the more Val saw her and studied her closely, the natural rose of her high cheekbones and unpainted lusciousness of her thick full lips was better than the plastic look of most girls. The hair needed work, though.

When they finished the science homework, Sylvia slapped the book closed and complimented Val on his good work with the study guide. She handed him the stack of flashcards they had made up and admonished him to study them once a day until the test. He agreed to.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go for a ride tomorrow and get out of the house for some fresh air. Just go for a drive to get out of here. Would you like to do that?" Sylvia asked.

"Oh man, would I ever. Where to?"

"I know you like the outdoors; my father suggested a nice ride up by Antelope Summit? It's close by."

"Sounds great. Thanks."

"Are you sure you're up to it, though?"

"Definitely, I'm fine. I'm still a little unsure on my feet, but if I've got someone to hold onto, I'm great. And I can't think of anyone better than you to hold onto." That made Sylvia blush.

Val stood up from his computer chair where they had been studying at his desk. Before she came, he'd been looking over's website, reading up on NBA games and analysis. The motion jiggled the mouse bringing the computer back to life. LeBron James popped up on the screen. She smiled and commented on LeBron's large muscles. "He ain't got nothin' I haven't got." He smiled and reached for her hand and pulled her closer. He brushed her straight, un-styled, wavy hair back behind her ears and placed a hand on either side of her delicate, rosy cheeks. He leaned in and kissed her soft, puffy lips. Sylvia shivered and froze a moment before kissing him back. Val broke the kiss, then looked into her soft brown eyes and said, "That's very thoughtful of you to offer an outing tomorrow to get me outa here. Thanks." She smiled, unable to speak after her first real kiss from a guy. Val smiled back as if understanding her feelings and pressed his lips back hard into hers. Sylvia took to kissing like a duck to water and slipped her hands around Val's muscular back. The kisses grew more and more intense. Sylvia had never experienced anything like it and while Val had made out with a number of girls, he'd never experienced the emotions attached to it like he did with Sylvia. Val began to bone up and pressed his rock hard frame into Sylvia's soft body, slowly moving up and down it, feeling her soft breasts press against his chest. Her soft hands caressed the bare flesh of his back as she roamed freely beneath his shirt, feeling his taut muscles.

Unbeknownst to the two teenagers, Violet stood in the doorway watching and smiling like a horny Cheshire cat. After waiting as long as she dared, she tapped her knuckles on Val's open door and then cleared her throat. The two lovebirds startled apart and Val scowled deeply at her. Before he could cuss her out, Violet announced, "Tyne's here. He sent me up to see if you were awake. He brought ice cream with all the toppings and a new Bond movie. Should I tell him you'll be there when you're done making out?"

"NO!" They both blurted out and then looked at each other and giggled. "Don't you F'n dare, you little twerp," Val said. "That's our secret."

"We'll be out in a minute," Sylvia added.

Violet grinned and headed off to tell Tyne they were coming.

Surprisingly, Tyne and Sylvia were getting along better each day. At first they were a bit snippy to each other, but as they found topics of mutual interest, things like advanced calculus and scientific theories on the origins of the universe, they mellowed. Val usually checked out mentally during those conversations and lapsed back into thoughts of basketball.

Tyne brightened as the two walked into the family room, horny at the sight of Val and interested in bantering over Sylvia's vast knowledge of calculus and trigonometry. Tyne was messing with the DVD and couldn't get it to work. Val took over and set it up while Violet flew into the room with a large bowl of popcorn that Mrs. Hardcastle had popped for them. Just then, Tyne got a text and asked everybody, "What would you think of Nick and Noah joining us? They're bored and kind of wanted to visit you, Val."

"I'm cool with it. Sure. Tell 'em to come on over."

Minutes later, the two guys showed up. Noah was dressed in tight white jeans and a pink and green flowered print, silky shirt that clung obscenely tight to his body. Violet giggled to herself since she could see Noah's pierced little nipples through the fabric and she thought about Ramon. Noah obviously didn't pack the same size sausage in his pants as Ramon did, though. Nick even looked nicer than usual, like he'd dressed to go out. He was in a pair of Armani low rise jeans and a stretchy, grey, ribbed V-neck. It clung tight and showed off his athletic physique and big guns. He had a new look going on too, his hair gelled and styled up in a little pointy peak, like one of those dudes in One Direction. He must have gotten fashion tips from Noah. But he looked sharp, and hot.

The movie was the newest Bond film that had just been released to DVD and the guys were all into it. By the time the popcorn and soda was devoured and the boys were starting on their second helping of ice cream, Sylvia and Violet were bored to death with the film and sharing girl talk down at the end of the sofa. Noah's attention span was nearing its limit as well and he was fiddling with his cell phone, checking his Facebook friends.

"Seriously?" Val finally asked, frustrated and annoyed and looking over at the girls. "If you're not into the film, go in Vi's room and talk so we can hear it."

They giggled, and Sylvia said, "We'll just do that." The two retreated, with a loud laugh. Tyne was thrilled to have them gone and moved over onto the couch next to Val. Once they were gone, Noah slipped from the chair he'd been sitting in and sat down next to where Nick was slumped against the couch with throw pillows behind his back. Nick smiled over at him and shared a couple of pillows with him. Noah slipped his hand into Nicks and they interlocked fingers, tightly. Tyne nudged Val and bobbed his head. Val leaned forward a bit and saw and smiled at the two lovers. Val slipped his hand into Tyne's, gave him a wink and let his eyes sparkle a bit as he pressed a gentle squeeze against Tyne's soft hand. Tyne's beautiful blue-green eyes lit up and sparkled back in reply. Then he let go and they turned their attention back to the movie as Bond engaged in hand to hand combat with some Russian thug.

"That was pretty well choreographed," Tyne said at the end of the fight scene. "Sometimes, they are ridiculous."

"That's right, you do karate, don't you?" Val said. "Someday you'll have to teach me some moves. I'd like to kick ass like that."

"You already kick my ass with the moves you've got," Tyne said with a smirk. Nick and Noah looked over at them wide eyed and opened mouthed. When they turned their attention back to the movie again, Noah laid his head on Nick's shoulder and Nick adjusted to make it more comfortable for him to do so.

"Hey Val, do you think you're up to going out tomorrow night? Like to the three-plex? That scary movie, Woman in Black, is playing."

"Sounds great. Just not a late one. Could we go around six or seven?"

"Sure," Tyne beamed. "Nick, Noah, you guys in?"

"Sure. I suppose. You need me to drive?" Nick asked.

"Well, if you can."

"Can do. Sounds fun."

"Oh, Nicky, I get scared from those movies. My parents are out of town together this weekend. I'll need you to spend the night after we see something like that."

"Now I'm totally up for it," he whispered into Noah's ear so the others couldn't see. "I'd love to."

Noah copped a quick grab at Nick's package and said, "I bet you are up to it, hot pocket." Nick blushed and brushed his hand away, purposely not looking toward Val or Tyne. Noah tittered and settled back in against his shoulder. He grew restless again and scooched up a bit and began licking the edge of Nick's ear. Nick shrugged him off with a furrowed, disapproving brow. Noah just giggled more and made another pass over the sensitive spot, causing Nick to shudder and bump him away again. Nick gave him a half smirk, half smile and concentrated on the movie again. A third time, Noah stuck his long tongue out and traced the tip over the edge on Nick's ear and then plunged it deeply into the ear canal causing Nick to cry out in surprise and jump away.

"Ahhh! Geez Noah, go play with the girls if you don't want to watch the movie," Nick whined. Secretly Nick was excited, but a little embarrassed in front of his best friend, Val.

Nick and Noah moved apart and a few minutes later, Violet came through the door and had a suspicious look on her face. Val recognized the look and knew that the girls were up to something. Moments later, Val's mom traipsed through the room, following Violet. It was clear there was some kind of female conspiracy taking place and Val worried what it might be.Violet called Noah over and she whispered something into his ear. Noah lit up like a Christmas tree and followed them out of the room, wiggling his fingers at Nick as he left, who just rolled his eyes.

Later on, When the movie ended, Violet appeared in the doorway again. "We have a surprise for all of you."

Val's stomach tightened in fear of what they all might have cooked up in there and he feared the worst. Violet stepped out of the doorway, followed my Mrs. Hardcastle and Noah, who flipped on the light switch. The three of them swept their arms outward and sang out, "Ta-da!"

Through the doorway, walked the most beautiful creature Val had ever laid eyes on. Sylvia emerged into the light gracefully, albeit with a bit of shy uncertainty. She spread her arms out to either side and asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Val let out a low whistle and Tyne pursed his lips into a terse scowl. Nick and Noah cheered and clapped. Noah, Mrs. Hardcastle and Violet had hustled and transformed Sylvia into a new woman. They dug around in their closets and found a belt to draw in the straight, unflattering jumper dress she was wearing. They had removed the undershirt exposing Sylvia's beautiful, creamy skin of her arms and chest. The jumper's neck dropped just enough to reveal the smallest hint of cleavage. The belt helped accentuate her firm breasts and add shape to her figure. She was wearing a gold chain taken from Mrs. Hardcastle's jewelry chest and it lay midway from her neck and the neckline of the jumper. Matching gold loop earrings dangled daintily from each earlobe.

The makeup makeover they had performed was miraculous. Worthy of a runway model. None of it was heavy, just a little eyeliner, a touch of mascara and a dusted rose colored lipstick. They left the natural blush of her cheeks alone. The most astounding transformation was her hair. They had it parted on the side with the bangs sweeping across the forehead and curled under her chin. The sides curled inward and framed the natural beauty of her well proportioned face. They combed and styled a few wispy strands hanging loosely over her shoulders, with one curly strand seductively hanging over her face.

"You look … stunning," Val said, standing and moving toward her.

"Lovely work, if I do say so myself. If you need some help picking out some new clothes to go with your hot new look, give me a ring, girlfriend. You got my digits." Noah mocked holding a phone to his ear.

"What do you think, Tyne?" Violet asked with a flirtatious batting of her eyes.

"Nice. Looks okay." He was being non-committal.

"Way nice, I'd say," Nick chimed in. "Hot even. Wanna go out sometime?"

"Shut up!" Noah said, punching Nick hard in the arm.

Val walked over and bowed. "Good work," he complimented and turning to Sylvia, asked, "What do YOU think of it?"

"I think I like it a lot. I never had anyone show me things like this. My mom died when I was young and my dad doesn't know anything about girl stuff. Noah's amazing at makeup."

"I've been trying to tell Nick that very thing. He needs just a hint of blue guyliner."

Nick stiffened and shook his finger at Noah, "Don't even think about it."

"Well I think you look amazing," Val said to Sylvia, "but I thought you were amazing already. This just highlights the amazing parts."

Tyne was on the verge of tears but he held his composure and sucked it up. He'd been upstaged. Standing up, he started cleaning up in a rush and the others slowly helped. Tyne popped the Bond movie into its case and begged a ride home with Nick and Noah. Sylvia thanked Val's mom and then thanked Val's sister and Noah so profusely, it was almost embarrassing. She returned the belt and jewelry.

Before leaving, she whispered into Val's ear, "Pick you up around noon?"

"Noon sounds great. Thanks." She started to step out of the doorway and Val caught her by the arm. He peered through the doorway as Nick's hot 'Stang disappeared down the street carrying Tyne out of sight.

Val pulled her back inside and into a hug. She melted into him. Mrs. Hardcastle and Vi nudged each other as they spied from the corner of the entryway. "You really look beautiful but you were always beautiful to me. You're beautiful from the inside out." She pressed her lips together and pulled him into a tighter hug. He pressed her soft breasts into his lower chest with a hand behind her back and made sure she felt his LeBron sized erection by sliding his other hand down to her ass and pressing her into the other large thing besides his muscles that he shared with King James. She started to say something but stopped herself.

"Noon tomorrow." She patted his chest with the flat of her palm and whisked out of the doorway. Val closed the door and then leaned back against it. Vi and his mom retreated without being noticed. Val closed his eyes and let the vision of the transformed beauty dance across the backs of his eyelids. He absentmindedly found his leaking erection and gently pressed his palm over the stretched fabric of his shorts.

Val was startled from his daydream by a knock on the door. He opened it to find Violet's teammate, Shawna, the defensive player Val didn't care for, on the doorstep with an overnight bag in hand. She didn't wait for an invitation and pushed her way past him. Her mother waved from the passenger seat of a lowered Chevy. It seemed Violet had a sleepover guest.

"Vi, your, umm, friend is here," Val called as he slowly followed Shawna into the other room. He had to measure his steps and reached for the wall to steady himself. The girls gave a superficial hug and retreated to Violet's room. Later, when Val wanted to shower and go to bed, he found the two girls in there applying makeup, both wearing a thin tee and tiny panties. He grumbled at them and they tittered. Shawna struck a seductive pose and said they'd be done in a minute. Then she had the freaking nerve to say she wouldn't mind if he got in the shower before they left. She even suggested they could all shower together. 'Kinda kinky' she called it. Val glared at Violet, who looked appropriately embarrassed, and once she turned around, Val flipped Shawna off. Unfortunately, she didn't see it.

After they left the bathroom, Val finished his shower and pulled on his Anime underwear, deciding he better wear a towel back to his room. He found Tyne's cologne in the medicine cabinet where his mother had stashed it, still there from before the lake trip. He splashed some on. He was glad he wore the towel because when he opened the door, there stood the two girls just outside it. Shawna looked seriously disappointed. "Our turn to shower," Violet said. "You took long enough."

"Whatever." Val quickly retreated to his room and shut the door. He thought it was odd the two girls would shower together, but girls were weird, he'd decided long ago. He slipped into bed, pulled his boxers off and pleasured himself to the thoughts of the newly transformed Sylvia. It was an odd experience dreaming of Sylvia while smelling Tyne's cologne as he jacked himself. Both of them flashed in and out of his head. Truly weird, he thought, a total condomdrum.

He heard the girls return to Vi's room and before he'd finished his fantasy, he was hearing curious, yet muffled sounds coming from his sister's bedroom. He refocused his own thoughts and was soon rewarded with the spine tingling rush of a good, solid orgasm. He pulled a doodle rag out from under the bed and cleaned himself up and drifted off to sleep.

Val woke up late as usual. He had fallen into the pattern of sleeping in and then just lying in bed for an hour or more stewing in the juices of his misfortune and also over his confusion between his feelings for Sylvia and Tyne. This morning he was even more morose than usual. The depression came and went and it seemed to have been improving. Val wondered why everything had to be so complicated all of a sudden. He climbed out of bed and wondered what day of the week it was. He looked out the window and saw his smashed up truck, which only further depressed him.

He pulled on a pair of Nike shorts and his outdoor New Balance shoes. He retrieved his outdoor basketball and shuffled outside. He never wore his good Jordan's or used his good Spalding leather ball outdoors because the cement court tore them up too easily. He dribbled the ball around a little and then lined up at the foul line. Val was an extraordinary foul shooter and he often got a quarter of his points off free throws. He was good at drawing a foul as well. The first one didn't even touch the rim, and flew into the bushes. The next three bounced off the rim's edge. Each time he was sure he was shooting perfectly and the ball veered off in odd directions, often not even touching the rim, and making him chase after them. After a half hour or more, he hadn't hit one shot. The frustration and anger were welling up inside him and he pulled back and threw the ball like a baseball as hard as he could. It smacked against the backboard with a loud thud. "Fuck it!" he yelled out.

He trucked across the court and out to his dad's shop. He found the sledge hammer standing in the corner where it was always kept. He picked it up and headed out onto the side yard where his wrecked truck was sitting there just to mock him. He stared at what once had been his pride and joy, a symbol of his charmed life and now was just a crumpled heap. Val lifted the hammer and swung it heavily into the front fender of the truck. The sound of the heavy hammer on the metal panel was loud and startled his mother, who was in the kitchen working on lunch. Val admired the satisfying dent he left. He lifted it again and smashed it hard into the front grill and then a headlight. There was an almost erotic pleasure that coursed through him as the heavy hammer head sunk into the truck's body. The glass from the headlight shattered over the side yard driveway. Over and over, he smashed the heavy hammer into the truck. Each blow brought a renewed, sick sense of satisfaction. It felt strangely good to do this.

Val's mom came rushing out the back door and his father came up from the garage where he had been working on a household project. Violet and Shawna peered out of the bedroom window, startled by the loud crashing noise. Val continued swinging. "Val, what are you doing? Please stop it," his mom pleaded. Val ignored her and kept swinging with increased fury. Sweat beaded on his strong upper body and glistened in the midday sun. Val's father placed his hand on his wife's arm and stopped her from interfering. With a nod, she noted that she understood. Finally, after twenty or more swings, Val's strength gave out and his head started to hurt. He dropped the sledge onto the cement and leaned against the truck. He put his head in his hands and wept. His parents moved in then and he folded himself into his mother's arms and his dad put a comforting arm around his shoulder. As Val was composing himself, Sylvia walked up.

"Is something wrong? Are you all right? " Val jumped free of his parents' embracing and wiped at his tear streaked face.

"Sylvia, I forgot. Our ride. I'm sorry. Everything's fine. I'll get ready quick."

"Okay. Do you still want to go? It's okay if you need a rain check."

Mrs. Hardcastle spoke up and said, "No, dear. You're exactly what the doctor ordered right now. Come on in and wait in the kitchen. I'll get you a lemonade."

Val was embarrassed, but he was so glad to have the escape. He needed to get away. All of a sudden he felt like he was in a maximum security prison. Almost as bad as the hospital was. He showered quickly, hesitated, then added some of Tyne's cologne and dressed. He came out, feeling his way through the doorway and yelled, "I'm ready. Let's get out of here."

Along the way down his street, Val said, "I'm hungry. Tom's Burgers is at the bottom of the canyon. Let's stop and I'll buy us lunch." Val insisted that Sylvia stay put in the driver's seat until he could make his way around the car and open her door for her. She was thrilled by the gesture.

Val explained his frustration that Sylvia had witnessed after they finished their burgers and fries. Val confessed how hard it was not to be depressed and that her and Tyne's visits were all that kept him sane. She listened without interfering or offering cheap advice. She was good at that, he noted. He told her how frustrated he was that his depth perception seemed lost. She assured him it would probably just take time. He worried he may never get to play basketball again. She didn't tell him it didn't matter; she simply expressed sympathy over his loss and hope it might change. They ended up feeding each other French fries and slurping the last of their milkshakes.

The ride was nice. They talked freely and comfortably. Sylvia had the radio set to a station that played mostly contemporary soft rock tunes and many love songs. She sang along with most of them and Val had to admit that she had a beautiful voice which Val complimented. "I sing in the choir at church. Didn't you know that?"

"No. How would I? I don't know anyone in choir. And we don't go to church."

"You actually have a nice baritone. I bet you could be in the choir if you wanted. They need guys badly. Pastor Dave would do flips to have you there on Sundays." Val just shook his head with a smirk. He couldn't even imagine himself in the choir, or church for that matter.

As they headed up to the summit, Val said, "You know where that road leads to I bet."

"No. I don't come up here often. Where does it lead?"

"McElroy Meadow."


"Oh? You know, 'Makeout Meadow'."

She looked over and grinned. "Never been there. But I have heard about it though. I suppose you've been there a lot."

"Not a LOT - maybe a little, but not a lot."

They laughed. Sylvia turned on her signal and slowed. She turned onto the well groomed and flat dirt road and drove up between the pines.

"What are you doing?" Val asked.

"I thought I should see what everyone has been talking about."

"It's not that much to see. It's a meadow like any other, with a road around the perimeter and places to pull into the trees and park, just like any other. It's more popular at night."

"I imagine it would be." She smiled seductively at him. She had dressed nicer than usual and her jeans clung tight and showed off her shapely assets. She had worn the lipstick Noah recommended and did her best to fix her hair again like how Violet and Polly had styled it for her. No one was parked at the meadow and as she drove around the loop she asked, "So which is your favorite spot to park in?"

He chuckled. "I don't have a favorite. I'm not as experienced at that sort of thing as you might be thinking. I'm a little shy, really. You're the first girl I ever kissed." Val smirked.

"Don't break the window when you turn your head," Sylvia said sarcastically.


"With your nose, it just grew eight inches." He laughed and thought of a clever response but hesitated. Then he said it anyway.

"That wasn't my nose that grew. It was something else."

Sylvia looked puzzled for a second and then blushed. She shook her head. "That's right, you and LeBron James." Then being the naturally curious person she was, she mused, "I wonder if he really does have a big thing down there, or if it's just a myth because he's a big athlete."

That caught Val off guard and he laughed. She was quick, he had to admit. "Oh no. He really is. I read this sort of mean spirited book that this Cleveland sports writer, Scott Raab, wrote on him when he left the Cavs to go to Miami. He actually devoted a whole chapter about how big it is. He actually called it the 'Giant Royal Cock of King James'." That made Sylvia blush even more and laugh a bit uncomfortably.

Val continued, "That's a total taboo for sports writers to talk about that kind of thing. They all know what everyone's packing from their locker room interviews, but they'd get blacklisted if they wrote about it. This Raab guy didn't care though since LeBron left Cleveland."

"I'm surprised you're talking about it with me. Do you discuss size with all the girls you come up here with?"

"No. I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you. Seriously, though. I haven't really done much more than make out with the girls I've dated. I've never liked a girl as much as I like you. With other girls, being with them is mostly annoying. I don't feel that tension with you. You're easy to talk to and you're such a great listener. It's not all about just you all the time. You actually act interested when I talk about fishing or sports."

Sylvia turned into a dual track lane in amongst the trees. A couple of miles later, she pulled off into a clearing and parked and turned off the car. "Let's take a walk."

The two of them strode into the woods a bit and found a big fallen log to sit on. Sylvia sat down and Val sat next to her. They started talking, and the topics meandered from the weather to music and ended up about their families. They held hands and Sylvia shared the sad experience of losing her mother to breast cancer. She spoke of her father's love and devotion to her, but how much she longed for a womanly influence – somebody special to confide in. She expressed the wonderful time she'd shared with Vi and Noah and Val's mom the night before and being the center of attention. She said she felt so beautiful – truly beautiful- for the first time in her life. It brought Val to tears and he hugged her as she spoke.

Val spoke of how lucky he knew he was to have such wonderful parents who stayed married and loved each other. He shared his dream of having a big family and owning his own body shop in town. Sylvia didn't belittle his dream at all, and instead she encouraged it. They kissed. Then they kissed deeply and it was filled with emotion. Hands roamed and Val nearly spilt his milk when his large hand found and cupped Sylvia's taut breasts. He was shocked to discover she wasn't wearing a bra. She moaned tenderly and grabbed hold of his large, full erection through his shorts. "I love you, Val," she whispered. He didn't respond verbally. Instead, he pulled her into a passionate, deep throated, French kiss. After a hot session of some heavy petting, they walked hand in hand back to the car. Sylvia helped him along the way so he wouldn't trip on rocks and fallen branches, his hard boner pointing the direction back to the car.

Back in the car, Sylvia looked dreamily at Val. "Would you like to come over to my house later? Everyone's gone except for me tonight. They went to visit my grandpa up in Boonville but I had to stay since I'm singing a solo with the choir at the Virgin Hills Redeemer church tomorrow. You could come hear us if you like?"

"Sure. If I can get a ride there tomorrow, that is."

"I have to go early to practice with the choir. Do you think you could get your mom to bring you?"

"Probably. She'll be thrilled I want to go to church with you, I think. My dad, not so much. He doesn't do church."

"Anyway, I was thinking that if you want to, you could come over to my house tonight. I have this movie I've been wanting to watch and I'd love to share it with you. It could be just the two of us. I could make us dinner before we watch it. You can stay as long as you like afterwards, as long as you feel up to it. It's Princess in Paradise."

Val fought the natural reaction to laugh when he heard the title. That was the romantic chick-flick he'd whined about getting dragged to by Lizzy. "Umm, that sounds really nice. I heard that movie is really good and really romantic."

"I heard it's really good, too. All the girls in choir have been talking about it. Maybe it will get us in the mood for some more making out. So you'll come over?"

"Sure. Are you kidding? How could I resist." They finished the drive up to Antelope Summit and after pulling into the turn out and admiring the view for a few minutes, they headed back down the mountain. They talked freely and laughed and sang to their favorite songs. When Sylvia dropped Val off at home, he was upbeat and cheerful. She told him that she would pick him back up around seven. As he was about to enter the door, Shawna stormed out of it, almost knocking him over, red faced and angry.

Val's mom followed quickly behind with her car keys in hand and rolled her eyes at Val. "Go see if you can talk Vi out of slitting her wrists. I have to take Shawna home."

Val found Violet in her room on her bed crying her eyes out. He went in and sat by her. He rubbed her back and calmed her down. She sat up and leaned into her big brother. "What's wrong, Vi? You two fight?"

Violet nodded and between bursts of tears explained. "Shawna's awful. I hate her. She stole Danny from me. She wasn't going to tell me but then she got mad because I wouldn't do something with her and she told me just to hurt me. She's a bitch. I hate her!"

Val listened and then said, "No big loss, Vi. I agree, Shawna's a bitch. I never liked her. You can do way better with your friends. And good riddance to Danny too. You'll make new friends, better friends."

"But Danny was starting to like me. He told me he was when we…"

"When you what?"

Violet hesitated but then trusted Val with her secret when he gave her the 'out with it' look, "When you were in the hospital," Vi started between sniffles and shudders, "I stayed over at Shawna's house one night. Her slutty mom left with her boyfriend and Shawna invited Kyle and Danny over. We did some sexy stuff. Before I went over to Shawna's, we were looking for my cleats and we heard noises in Mom and Dad's room. We sort of peeked and saw Mom on top of Dad having sex together. It made Shawna horny and she wanted to try doing it that way with Kyle so she invited them over. We each went to separate rooms to do sex stuff but don't freak out, Val! Danny and I didn't do it all the way. I just rubbed it for him. He said he didn't want to go all the way either and that he liked me just for being me. He made me promise I wouldn't tell you. He was afraid you'd pound him." She started crying and Val held her tightly into his broad chest until she recovered a little.

"Then, when I wouldn't do what Shawna wanted just now, she got mad and she told me she didn't care because she could just call Danny and he'd come over and have sex with her again. I called her a liar because she's Kyle's girlfriend and Danny and Kyle are best friends. I didn't think Danny would do that with Kyle there. But she described Danny's big, umm, big you know, penis, perfectly and I knew she was telling me the truth. She said he liked it and wants to dump me for her. She said Kyle doesn't care because he likes sucking other boys better than doing it with Shawna anyway and that Danny did that with Kyle too. How could Danny be like that after he told me he liked me for just being me and being friends? Why would boys want to do stuff like sucking together? Isn't it sick that a boy would suck on something another boy pees out of?" She cried again. Val swallowed hard.

"Violet, I'm sorry. I tried to warn you. You're far too young for all this stuff. Just forget it and find new friends. I'm going to church with Sylvia tomorrow. Why don't you come with us? Maybe you'll find some nice kids there to become friends with, without all of the pressure of having sex." Her words singed his conscience about sucking with a guy. He knew exactly why a guy would want to suck another guy. He desperately wanted to suck Tyne off and thought about it a lot. After getting sucked off by Tyne in the hospital, he had recurring fantasies of giving Tyne head in return. It excited and frightened him at the same time. But even though he couldn't push that thought out of his mind, he hadn't yet been able to bring himself to actually do the deed.

"You're so lucky you found Sylvia, Val. She's so nice. Do you think you'll get married to her someday? Are you planning to have sex and lose your virginity with her?"

"Violet, you ask the most embarrassing questions. You should become a reporter for the TV news, like that skank on channel six. You'd be good at it – better than her. So what about church?" Val deflected her questions with a question.

"I guess so. Why not? I like Sylvia." Then they hugged. All was quiet for a moment, each lost in their own thoughts.

Finally Val asked, "So what did Shawna want you to do that got you so upset?" Violet's mood darkened again, and her face got flushed. She looked away. Val turned her face back to his, "What Vi? What's wrong? Share it and you'll feel better. Just between us, I promise. I'm not going to tell mom and dad. Was it drugs?"

"No." She drew in a shaky breath and said softly, "After the boys left from her house when I stayed over, Shawna got her mom's vibration thingy and she played with me using it down there and I got the wild feeling. She brought it over with her last night and we did it again. Then this afternoon, she wanted me to play with her and to lick and suck her down there. I wouldn't and she got mad. I feel like a freak. I can't believe I did that with her. The worst part is that I liked it. Do you think I'm a lesbian?"

Val looked away and fought off a smile. "No. No, Vi. You're not a lesbian. This is why I told you to hold off on sex. It's way complicated, even for us older guys. Believe me, I know. You'll find a nice guy some day when the time is right. A great guy like Dad. You and him will have wonderful sex and he'll make you feel really good. You just liked the physical thrill of sex with Shawna, not because of her but because it felt so good. When the emotional part is attached to the physical part, that's when it's really great. Or, so I hear."

"Are you really still a virgin?"

"Yeah, really. It's not so bad. Wait for it Vi. Please? I'm not even sure I'm ready to make that step myself. I'm starting to wonder what the big hurry has to be."

"Okay. I get it. No more sexy stuff until I'm older. You're the best big brother on the whole planet." Val smiled with a little tear in his eye and hugged her tight.


"Yeah, I Promise."

Val hugged her again and then went to start picking out the right things to wear for his big time with Sylvia later on. Violet called another friend on the soccer team and started trashing Shawna. Val hated to hear her do that but understood that's how young girls are - most of them, at least. He could never imagine Sylvia being like that. But then he thought that that's just the way girls are hardwired. He was instantly glad he was a dude.

Then a disastrous thought hit him. Tyne. He had a movie date with Tyne and Nick and Noah later on. His good mood soured. He didn't want to miss what might be a monumental opportunity with Sylvia and yet he desperately didn't want to disappoint Tyne. There was no having the cake and eating it too, so he started planning a solution.

While Val and Sylvia were out on their drive up to Antelope Summit, Nick and Noah drove Tyne over to Noah's house so they could get something to eat since they were all famished. Earlier, Tyne had sent Val four text messages and gotten no reply. Tyne was really annoyed. It wasn't like Val could go anywhere lately so he didn't have a good excuse not to text back. Tyne's mind started spinning and he imagined horrible possibilities. Giving up, he sent Noah a text and Noah had come with Nick to rescue him. Well, truthfully, only Nick and Noah were famished, Tyne, not so much. He'd lost what little appetite he had. Noah had scored some good eats from Whole Foods once again, using his employee discount, and pissed off Lizzy's sister at the checkout as an added bonus when he asked her if Lizzy was a nun yet. Tyne was being sullen and moody and was giving Noah the silent treatment all the way over to his house, trying to melt into the back seat of Nick's Mustang. He wanted to go home and leave the lovebirds to themselves, but his mom was working as usual and he didn't want to be there all alone in an empty house. If he was going to be cranky, he might as well be cranky with his friends.

Once into the kitchen, Tyne had to endure Noah and Nick's lovey-dovey antics, which made him second guess going over to Noah's house. There was some weird magnetic attraction to these two, and it seemed that their lips were always connected. Plopping into a bar stool at the kitchen counter, he let a long and loud sigh, catching his best bud Noah's eye when he unlocked from Nick's hard embrace.

"T, spill it. What's wrong, girlfriend?"

"Nothing. It's nothing, really. Don't worry about me – just go back to sucking your boyfriends face."

"Yeah, what's up with you? You're usually all cheerful, dude," asked Nick, letting go of Noah and giving Tyne a hard stare. "You're not the 'party in a box' like Noah, here, but you're usually all smiles and full of positive energy. That's one of the things I've noticed about you. Nothing ever seems to bug you. Someone piss on your Wheaties this morning?"

"Yeah, it's nothing. Don't worry about me."


"Okay, okay! You want the truth? I'll tell you the fucking truth! Noah, why did you have to go and get Sylvia all glammed up? I thought you were on my team," Tyne rushed out, sorry he had to go off on his friend, but feeling instantly better letting off some steam.

"Whoa, whoa, Seabiscuit. Just slow down a minute, my little pony. You're mad at me? ME? Why? What the heck did I do?" And just because he was Noah, he let out a long wet snort and an ear-splitting whinny.

"You know what you did. Because of what we talked about yesterday. And don't spit at me, you old nag."

"As if!" He stuck his ass out into the kitchen and then slapped it, whinnying again, earning another smile from Nick. "So? We talked about you and Dane yesterday. I thought we got that settled. We didn't say anything about Sylvia. Is she off limits?"

"DANE?" Nick cried out. "Dane?"

"Yes, Dane. Don't laugh: Tyne turned him gay too."

"Shut the fuck up, Noah," Tyne said, getting madder by the second at Noah and yet amused by him at the same time, against his will. "I did not turn him gay. He's the one who flew out of the closet and latched onto me. It's not my fault."

"Dane? Our Dane? Mr. Rebound, jack off in the stall, kick my ass over it and then forgive me, Dane? Dane, on our basketball team?"

"Yes, Nicky, my boy, that Dane."

Nick let out a low whistle and said mostly to himself, "Holy shit, I never …" The others ignored his comment.

"We both decided that you'd just stay friends with Val and go for Dane. It's a no brainer, really," Noah said, turning around and rooting around in the refrigerator, still ignoring Nick.

"VAL!?! And Dane! OMG, dudes! Please tell me! Would somebody please freakin' tell me what the hell is going on?" Nick shouted.

"Oh Nicky. It's so sad. Sad, sad, sad. Tyne has the 'hots' for Val, which you of all people know will never work, and then Dane goes flying out of the closet, well, actually an elevator, and starts hitting on Mr. Sensibility here, but Tyne can't even be bothered. Just rolled over and pushed him off of him. I guess he just doesn't measure up to Val. Get your phone out and remind Tyne of what Dane's got packing. Maybe he'll realize size doesn't matter. Going for second place is better than going NO place."

"Um, that's old news. I had to delete that picture. But I'll tell you, it was way hot. Not as hot as you, my little munchkin, but let's just say, I wouldn't kick Dane out of bed." Nick slid up behind Noah and wrapped his strong arms around his waist. "But still hot. Who would have thought that guy was gay? But wait! You want Val? Dude, that's just not going to happen. Lord knows I tried to get me some of that beefsteak. All I got was my ego butchered. Noah's smart about this kind of shit, so stick with Dane like he said. It'll be less pain and torture that way."

"But, pussycat, you don't know the whole story, Listen …" Noah started.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm warning you, Noah," Tyne interrupted. Tyne feared that Noah was going to reveal some of the things he'd shared in confidence and he seriously considered a body slam might be in order.

"Chill, ice cube, I'm not going there." Noah faced Nick and said, "You see, Nicky, well … it's like this. Um … Tyne thinks he can change him. Change Val to our side, you know? Just like old Lukas and his pastor accused him of. Since they have all that baggage with the wreck and all, and doing that mock date for class, and doing homework with him, he thinks Val can fall for him. But it will never work. Val's more Olive Garden, pasta and sauce with a big breadstick, and Tyne's more Cheesecake Factory, sweet and tasty with a little cream on top."

"Bad analogy, I like both of them," Nick said. "I like pasta with breadsticks and I totally dig the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake. I don't get why you can't have both?"

"See, Tyne? That's why I love this dude."

"Thank you," said Nick, but not really sure why. "But Noah's right. Val's definitely not gay. Hell, he passed on me."

"Whatever," Tyne whined. "Maybe you're just not his type."

"Dude, I'm everyone's type," Nick said with a cocky smirk. Of course, he was just joking but it did lighten the mood a bit.

"And if Dane actually is gay, and he actually hit on you, he's a catch! A total catch. Hook that big trout and have some fun. I can totally see you two guys together," Nick added. "He's a good guy, and he's got a hell of a right hook. I should know. He's cute, too. But not as cute as you," he said into Noah's ear.

The trout reference cast Tyne back into a deeper funk. "I'm so fucking confused. I really like Val, but I know you guys are right. He's not all gay and he can never be with me like that. But he's a fucking cock tease. I swear, some of the things he says and does. Sometimes when he looks at me … I think maybe. And now he's got Sylvia. Dane's a good guy too, I know that, but …"

"He likes you, right?" asked Noah. "He's pursuing you hard, isn't he?"


"Yeah, who else, silly?"

"Dane's really got it hard for Tyne?" Nick asked, "Like stalking status?" Nick was starting to find this conversation hard to follow.

"Hell yeah. Just don't bend over when you're around them," Noah laughed, and slapped his ass again. "I want to be the first train in that tunnel."

"But what about Val?" Tyne moaned. "I just need to be sure."

"Oh, dude! You are so fucked!" This was from Nick. "Really, really fucked."

"I know," agreed Tyne.

"So let me get this straight. You like Val and think you can get him. But now Dane's gay and he wants you. Plus, Sylvia is hanging around and wants Val too. Dude, it's a no-brainer. Val's never going to be gay with you, not even a little. He made that perfectly clear. He was gushing all over Sylvia last night at his house. Isn't that a clue, dude? But anyway, that doesn't matter 'because you got Dane after your ass. Hook up with him and all this drama shit will go away. Val and Sylvia – Tyne and Dane. Everybody wins."

"Nicky, you're so smart," Noah purred. "But you forgot Nick and Noah."

"I try. But I thought 'Nick and Noah' was already obvious." Then growing serious, Nick said, "But it's your life Tyne, and we can't tell you how to live it. It's not our place to do that. Just don't miss the rainbows, chasing shadows. Whatever you decide, I'm behind you and I know for damn sure that Noah is too. He loves you like a brother. I get the whole infatuation with Val thing. Trust me. I made myself almost crazy over it. In a sick way, I thought if I fucked enough girls, Val would be jealous of me and maybe consent to messing around some day. Sick logic, I know. We are who we are, man. Be who you are and let Val be who he is. Maybe you should talk to this guy we met at the art gallery. He seems really wise about stuff and he's got experience in developing a lasting gay relationship."

"Thanks," Tyne said softly. "Dane and Tyne just doesn't have the same ring to it as Val 'n Tyne. I'm just not ready to …" The timer on the oven sounded and Noah pulled the goat cheese and artichoke pizza out and divided up the pieces.

"So," Noah mumbled with a glob of hot cheese searing his tongue. "What's up with Val's truck? It's just sitting there in the side yard like some kind of war memorial."

"You're right. It's been almost two weeks now," Nick agreed.

"I don't think they have the money to get it fixed. Val said his dad hasn't been working that much lately. I guess with the recession and all, his plumbing business has slowed way down," Tyne said.

"But wouldn't their car insurance pay for it?" Noah asked.

"Not if they have a high deductible or they didn't pay the premium. I'm guessing they only carried collision on it. I think that's why my mom hasn't got me a car yet because everything is so expensive."

"That makes sense. Mrs. Hardcastle doesn't work."

"What if it's too far gone? Like they can't fix it?"

"Val will be extra pissed. He won't want to go back to school. He saved up all his allowance money and his money from doing odd jobs around the neighborhood just so he'd have a truck when he got his license. His dad found a screaming deal and paid half on it for him. He loved that truck almost as much as he loves basketball. That's all he'd talk about since he was like 13," Nick said sadly. "I remember the day he got that truck. He was so happy."

"Maybe there's a way we can help him get a new one. How much do they cost, Nick?" Tyne brightened a bit as he contemplated a way to help Val come out of his bouts of depression for good. And maybe, score some serious points with Val at the same time.

"I dunno. A lot. Maybe 15 grand for a decent used one tricked out like that."

"Whew. That's some serious coin," Noah said. Then, thinking for a second, said, "Hey! I've got an idea. Tyne, get your mom to sue that TV station for flashing your ass all over the screen. Isn't that like kiddie porn? Maybe you'll make enough to get you a car too!"

"That's a great idea, Noah," Nick said. "I bet you could get pain and suffering money out of them, too. Want me to ask my parents? They're lawyers and I'm sure they know someone who would take your case."

"No way. The thought sounds good, but I don't want to go through all that again. I'm sure Val doesn't want that replayed, either. Think of something else."

"I have an idea. It's still warm enough out that we can have a carwash like the booster club does. We can get all the guys on the basketball team to help out. They can work in just their basketball shorts and no shirts. We'll get tons of business from the ladies. I'll wear my yellow thong and attract the gay guys. You can get the team to pitch in, right Nicky?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. Unless you actually do show up in a thong, that is. That won't make quite as much money as suing the television station, but it's a start. Where could we have it? We need like a sponsor or something."

"We could ask King to have it out at his art gallery at the Commons. He'd just love to have a bunch of half-naked high schools boys out in front of his store. Remember they have that huge parking lot," Noah said. Then Noah squealed and said, "Oh my god, and it could be a promotion for the sports exhibit he has there right now."

"That's a great idea. He'd do it, I'm sure. He said he wanted to help us if we ever had any problems. That's a really great idea."

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