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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 21

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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On Wednesday morning, the ride to school through Hartsdale's suburbs was filled with nervous chatter between Nick and Val over the big game the next day. Even though they were both excited, Val sensed that Nick had something else on his mind but was holding back from asking it. When Nick parked his car, way out on the back edge of the lot, he pulled the keys out of the ignition and grabbed Val's arm to stop him from climbing out. "Wait up a sec, dude. I've got something to ask you. Noah wanted me to ask you. How did it go with Tyne last night?"

"Not that it's any of Noah's jizzness, or yours, but it went fine. And NO, we didn't do anything sexy together. We just studied and he spotted me for the last part of my lifting session in the garage. And I showed him a couple of lifting moves. That's all. It was all down low and cool. Why?"

"No big reason. Noah just likes to know shit. Everyone's shit, actually. Besides, he's been besties with Tyne like since forever, so he fusses over him."

"Tell him to chill. I won't hurt his little buddy."

"Do you love him?"

"Who? Noah?"

"No, dumbass! Tyne. Do you love Tyne?"

Val twisted around in his seat and looked Nick in the eye. Finally he said, "Wow! Did Noah tell you to ask me that too? Tell him that's really none of his jizzness for sure."

"Nah. Noah didn't ask that. I did."

Val paused and studied Nick's eyes. "Do you love Noah?"

An immediate grin spread over Nick's face. "Yeah, I do. I really, really do." The goofy grin widened as he added in a tone of childlike excitement, "I can't explain it, but I love every goofy, unpredictable, sweet, stupid and embarrassing thing about him. I love every fucking bone in his body and not just the fun bone between his legs, even though I totally love that, but I love the whole freaky package. I think about him all the time. It's not like any girl I ever dated before. So doofus, answer my question, do you love Tyne?"

"Dude, I'm happy for you, man. I really am. I have to say that I … it's not the same for me … I mean, I'm into girls, yeah. But for some strange reason, I'm into Tyne also. Big time. Do I think about him all the time? Hell yeah, I do. And not just fantasies when I jackoff, I mean it like the way you said, I think about being with him. I like everything about him and love hanging together. I love his wit, his charm, and especially his good heart and sense of justice. Not to mention he's F'n beautiful. I melt when I look into his big bluish-green eyes. I just want to snuggle up with him like on a rainy day next to a crackling fire or something. It's just complicated for me and him."

"Was that a yes or a maybe? Okay, tell me, if you found Tyne and Sylvia naked on your bed, him with a raging boner and her with a dripping pussy, which one are you kicking out?"

Just then, the first bell rang. "Dude, we gotta go. We'll be late." Val sprang from the car and sprinted off across the parking lot toward the gate. Nick grabbed his pack, adjusted his boner from thinking about Noah, and followed him, uncertain of Val's answer.

Tyne heard Noah coming three blocks away and was waiting at the curb when his wreck slowly rolled up. As he climbed in, Noah blew him a kiss across the gear-shift thing dividing the bucket seats. Tyne snatched it in his fist mid-air and pretended to stuff it in his pocket. Noah gasped in feigned sadness, hands clasped over his heart, rolling his eyes and asked, "What? You dissed my kiss?"

"No, I'm just saving it for later." Tyne smiled. "When I might really need it."

"Likely story. Oh well, I got me my Nicky. He likes my kisses and he gives them back - tenfold. Unlike you, bitch."

"That's awesome. I'm so happy for you I could just pee. But since your car smells like cat piss, no one would really notice it. So you guys getting pretty tight?"

"Superglued, baby, Superglued."

"Nice. Does it ever worry you?"


"Dating a jock like Nick who has a history with doing it with girls," Tyne clarified. "Dick to twat," he said, making an 'O' with the fingers on his left hand and sticking his right hand index finger in and out of the hole. "Ever worry he might revert back to it?"

"Not really. I think all of those girls were just a convenient place to deposit his jizz. Kinda like a fancy way to masturbate. I'm not sure he realized there was even a warm body attached to those warm holes and there were certainly no brains attached. Those kinds of girls he dated are ditzes – well – at least about sex. But no, I'm not worried about losing Nicky to a girl. With Dane or Val maybe I'd worry, but not Nick. Besides, one taste of Noah's sweet nectar and there's no turning back, that's for mo-fo sure," Noah said as he licked his lips with an exaggerated flourish. Then, they both laughed out loud. "And he's tasted tons of Noah's sweet and juicy nectar – I shit you not."

"TMI, Ugh! No one's ever accused you of too much humility. Seriously, I'm thinking you're more likely to produce toxic sludge instead of nectar. The EPA might have to get called out to your bedroom for a Superfund cleanup site! Geez."

After they settled down for a minute, Noah asked, "Hey T, Nicky said you went over to Val's house last night. What's up with that?"

"Nothing's up with it. I helped him with his homework. You know that. No big shit."

"But after what he did to you, why you still going over there?"

"Because we're still friends – that's all – just friends. He tried to apologize. Kind of. Sorta. Anyway, I'm over it and I promised to help him with his homework and I'm going to keep on doing it. At least, until he's caught up."

"What about Dane?"

"So, what about Dane?" Tyne repeated the question back.

"How will he feel about you seeing Val?"

"I'm NOT seeing Val. I'm helping a friend with his homework. Plain and simple. Val made his choice, all right? It's obvious. It's Sylvia. Now we're just friends. If that bothers Dane, then tough shit."

"Okay, okay. Call me Granny and set me in my rocker! Just give me my freakin' head back. I'm just thinking about you."

"I know. Thanks, buddy, but you need to butt out of this one, okay? I love you and all, but I have to figure this out on my own. Right now, staying friends with Val while I get to know Dane better feels right to me. Dane is really an interesting guy. And anyway, I think it's what Dad would tell me to do if he was here."

Noah careened into the school lot, parked his heap between a skanky Cheerleader's newer black Prius and a scraggly stoners late-90's bile-green Dodge Neon with a huge dent in its back bumper. He climbed out of his old, creaky pile, slamming the door hard behind him with a crunch that could be heard five blocks away. Unintentionally, or maybe because he didn't really give a shit, the driver's side window was still wide open for every goon to reach in and steal his rockin' mix CD's. Tyne began repeatedly bucking his shoulder hard against the passenger side door, as Noah squatted and stuck his skinny butt cheeks back inside the car window. "One last butt in question," he said, as he contorted his body so he could stick his head under his right armpit and peer in at Tyne. "Are you in love with Val? I mean, totally, madly, undeniably?"

"Aargh!" Tyne groaned. He lifted his left foot up and over the console and shoved Noah's butt back out the window as his shoulder dislodged the sticking door, popping it open. He nearly tumbled out the door and onto the pavement, flipping around and over on his head. He'd done that once before, with bad results. "At least your nosy butt's good for something besides a rim job," Tyne quipped as he scrambled upright and out of the car.

"As if you have any experience with rim jobs," Noah snickered, slapping his ass as he came around the other side of the car. They laughed and chuckled together all the way to class.

Tyne walked into first period AP Calculus class and once catching a glimpse of Dane, he flashed him a brilliant smile. Dane smiled back and nodded, flipping his red locks back behind his big ears. To their surprise, Lukas walked in just as Tyne was sitting down. He had two Band-Aids on his left cheekbone and a scowl covering the rest of his dark face. Mr. Akamura was still busy scribbling some massive problem on the whiteboard so Dane leaned over and commented to Lukas, "Looks like you made bail. Is Lizzy still in the slammer or did she get sprung too? Did she get a cell with Lindsey Lohan?"

"Shut up, fag lover. I'll kick your ass. We both got released on our own recognizance, for your information."

"Ohhh, lucky you. So you're gonna kick my ass like Tyne kicked yours?" Dane said, and made a quick Karate chop motion, wide eyed and smirking.

"I said shut the fuck up. I was drunk. You two better watch your backs when I'm sober, or you won't live to tell about it."

"That sounds like a threat to me. I should raise my hand and report it to Mr. Akamura. What do you think, Dane?" Tyne asked with a cryptic smile. "Should I?"

Lukas shrunk back deep into his chair. He apparently had been warned about going after Tyne. He suddenly got interested in what Mr. Akamura was writing up on the board, ignoring the two guys off to his right.

"Nah, it's only a threat if there's a reasonable chance of it actually happening. This bigoted pussy-cunt isn't capable of it," Dane said loud enough for the kids close by them to hear - eliciting snickers. Lukas quickly dug deeper into his chair and glared with fire in his eyes, but before he could explode and go all postal with some scathing retort, the emo girl who attends Lukas's church stepped into the line of fire.

"Hey Lukas," she said flatly, "if you want that cinnamon flavored lube for your loser dick when you and Lizzy finally do it, I need the money. Right now or forget it." That really caused everyone nearby to bust up.

Lukas shushed her and asked, "How much?" He'd forgotten that he asked her to get the sexy stuff after he overheard her telling a girlfriend at their church how much it got her turned on when her emo freak boyfriend used it with her.

"Twenty. I'll bring you change later."

"Are you sure it works? Will it get her really hot for it like you said it would?"

"Definitely. It's epic! One drop of that on my clit and I go totally ape-shit on my BF, Ryno."

Lukas fished a twenty out of his wallet and gave it to her amidst more snickers all around him. He glared them all down, but they still laughed at him. He flipped off a couple of the loser AP geeky dudes and bitches sitting next to him. Finally, when Mr. Akamura called the class to order by telling them to shut their mouths and open their books, Dane and Tyne were still fighting for control, doubled over and willing themselves not to laugh. The rest of the class was a non-event, save for Tyne and Dane giving each other side-ways glances every now and then trying hard to suppress their giggles. Dane even went so far as to grab and shake his hard straining crotch with his right hand, while Tyne threw caution to the wind and grabbed his compact dick and balls in his hand and flashed Dane a crazy, jiggly shake right back.

Later, as Tyne and Dane were leaving class, Dane pulled Tyne back by the scruff of his dad's old Palm Tree Aloha shirt he was wearing and asked him for a favor. Tyne had started wearing some of his dad's old clothes now that he could fit in them. It was a new fad around school to wear old, retro stuff like that and it made Tyne feel closer to his dad in a strange but comforting way. "Hey, you think you could help me with something tonight? I get to watch the triplets after school for a few hours so my sister gets some rest. My brother-in-law has to go in to the Subway because the regional inspector in charge of meat management is coming and so they asked if I'd go help out and let my sis get some sleep. I guess with three of them, there's like hardly any time that they all sleep at once. I'm so excited, but I'm also nervous. It's the first time that they are going to leave me like totally in charge of those three cuties. I mean, my sister will be there if there's an emergency and all, but basically I'm supposed to try and not wake her up. I'm honored, but what if they all crap their diapers at the same time or something? You know, puke up on each other right and left? Poop I can handle, but spewage, I'm not so sure. I need some serious help here. I really could use a friend. And besides, when they're asleep we can…"

"Dane, that sounds gre…"

"… Cuddle, or order a pizza, or you know, whatever you want to do. Watch a movie. Airplane is on tonight on cable. That movie is so fuckin' funny, it's my old man's favorite from his college days." Taking on the pilot's voice, Dane quoted a line , "Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?" He snickered just from thinking about it and then blathered on, "But we can't laugh all that loud and wake up the chicklets. We just have to keep it down in case they're sleeping…"



"I said yes. YES! Shut the fuck up for a second. Geez. I'd be happy to help out with the chicklets. You'll just have to drive me," Tyne said, and smiled sweetly as the copper-headed boy processed what Tyne had just told him. Then a toothy, shit-eating grin crossed Dane's cute mug. He really was cute.

"OMG! Really? That's so freaking awesome! Oh, man! I'll pick you up just before six. Is that okay?" he asked, breathlessly. He was so excited he was about to pass out. "Is that too early?"

"It's fine. Great even. See ya later," Tyne said, starting off to his next class. Then, over his shoulder, he quietly breathed out so nobody but Dane could hear, "See you later, cutie!" All Dane could do was stand there with a goofy smile on his face and watch Tyne's tight bubble-butt shake around and disappear into the distance. He so wanted that blue-green eyed babe. Right there. And right then.

When Val got home from school on Wednesday night, he headed straight to his room and worked on his homework. He was hopeful he could have it all done by the time Sylvia showed up so she could just look it over and proof it. He wasn't entirely successful but he managed the math at least. He had an outline for an English essay to write and they worked on that together. Val was actually a pretty good writer and Sylvia only provided minor edit recommendations. She spent most of her time chatting with Vi, who was freaking out with excitement to see Tim again at the youth meeting later that night. He'd texted that he had something important to ask her but wouldn't say what it was.

Val sat and listened to their giggly, girly talk as long as he could take it and then invited them to take it to Vi's room so he could concentrate on his outline. Sylvia apologized for disturbing him, leaned over his back and caressed his strong chest while she planted a smooch on his cheek. Her soft hair brushing against his face and neck felt tantalizing. He wished he could just kick Vi out and drag Sylvia to his bed for a hot makeout session. But he had to get the outline done and he knew he'd promised his mom not to lead either Tyne or Sylvia on any more. "I should just become an F'n monk," Val muttered as the two of them bounced down the hall to Vi's room.

At the youth group meeting, they had a short prayer and spiritual message from the youth pastor and then they spread blankets on the floor of the rec hall and watched an old Disney movie, Horse in a Grey Flannel Suit. It was a sappy, happy, feel good movie from the 60's and it was kind of funny. Some kids lost interest and were talking in low voices or texting. Wyatt, the kid who suggested fag tag the week before, started playing grab ass with some of the guys on his blanket and they ended up in a just for fun, test of strength, wresting match until a chaperone walked over and told them to knock it off.

Violet and Tim were sitting Indian style on Tim's blanket and leaning against each other holding hands. That was quite a development. Sylvia thought it was cute. She slipped her hand in Val's and was lightly caressing his forearm with her other hand. Val kissed her on the cheek and she snuggled in against him. He wondered from time to time what Tyne might be up to. He also spent a lot of time thinking about strategy for the upcoming game with Eastridge High.

After some refreshments, which were pretty stale, Val, Vi and Sylvia traveled home and the two girls chatted about Vi's time with Tim. Vi was enthralled that Tim gathered the nerve to give her a goodbye peck, on the lips even. She was all a-flutter because Tim asked her out to his spring dress up dance at his middle school. Val thought it was odd, how even though Vi had gone fairly far sexually with Danny, how freshly excited she was over an innocent peck on the lips. He supposed that it was the context of who was giving her the kiss. For Danny, Vi was the conquest, now in a way, Tim was the conquest for Vi. It was fascinating for Val to witness. Sylvia and Val stood on the doorstep until Vi went inside to find her mom to gush over the dance invitation and her kiss from Tim. They engaged in small talk for a brief time until Val suggested he should get to bed given the big day coming up. They kissed and Sylvia parted her lips inviting some tongue. Val resisted briefly, then slipped her some. They dueled for a brief time and parted. Sylvia smiled all the way home and Val headed to his room and shot a text off wishing Tyne a good night and reminding him there would be no study time tomorrow because of the big game. He suggested he could sit with his family at the game if he wanted to. When nothing came back right away, Val plugged the phone in and climbed in bed grumbling.

Tyne stood on the curb waiting for Dane to pull up and take him off to Dane's sister's place over on the other side of town they called Hart-ache. It wasn't that it was so bad exactly, at least during the day, but it was just sort of old. And tired. And sketchy. Nobody wanted to be there at night, unless you were trying to score some dope or have a quickie with some pro-ho. Tyne wasn't really worried about any of that, but he was kind of leery to be taking care of newborn triplets, since he had absolutely no experience with teeny-weeny, tiny, little rugrats. But even more worrisome was dealing with Dane's older sister and his brother-in-law and how they'd deal with Dane and his first squeeze. Dane had outed himself to them, as well as his parents, and most likely everyone that he even knew outside of school, and explained that he was hopelessly, totally and incredibly seriously in like with Tyne. Tyne wasn't sure he could deal with all that so soon after getting over Val.

Tyne was a few minutes early, standing out on the curb in front of his house, rocking back and forth on his heels. The neighborhood was still and quiet, save for that crabby old man across the street who had no idea how to turn off the alarm on his car, and instead used the panic button to all the neighbors chagrin. He wondered why some people were so inconsiderate.

As he stood there in the dark, his thoughts turned to what it would be like to be Dane's boyfriend. It was easy to picture the two of them together, hand in hand running along a beach somewhere, but every time he did that, Dane's face morphed into Val's and it was starting to drive him crazy. He was even beginning to wonder if the rollover in Val's truck had somehow given him a latent concussion. No, it was more like latent confusion.

Tyne looked up from the curb as he heard the sound of a car turning down his street. He couldn't be sure it was Dane, since every time he drove, he was in some strange old car, different every time. This one coming towards him was old all right, but he was pretty sure it wasn't Dane's since it looked like an import. So far, Dane had always driven an American car. But it was him, no doubt about it from the mop of red hair on his head, and Tyne had to step back and lean way down to see inside when the car pulled up.

"Hey Tyne! Hop in," the cute red-head said.

"Hey, Dane. Thanks for picking me up. What's this one? It's cute. Looks like a peanut car." Tyne asked as he squeezed inside the small cabin. It was spotlessly clean – inside and out.

"You like it? It's a Karman Ghia. My dad just got this one. I guess he was celebrating becoming a grandpa. I don't know why he got it, I mean, it's not like more than two people can fit in it, even though it has that funny back seat. It's super slow too, but fun to drive. You should hear the horn. Oh yeah, the radio…"


"…doesn't work but he'll fix it I'm sure…"

"DANE! Chill, dude."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I get carried away sometimes." Dane shrugged his shoulders and gave Tyne a shy smile.

"No worries. I'm used to Noah being a talkmiester, but you gotta let me get in a word every once in a while. K?"

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm just excited to see you, that's all. You look good, by the way. Sizzlin' hot in fact."

"Thanks, you too. So what's the plan? You sure your sister won't give you crap for having me over? I mean, they don't even know me and I've never ever babysat before."

"It's all chill. She's so tired she just wants a little quiet time. They're just happy that we're doing this for them. Anyway, I'll show you how to take care of the chicklets. It's easy, really. Liquids in and liquids out," Dane said pulling away from the curb.

"The in part sounds okay, but maybe I'll leave the out part for you."

"It's all good, T. Hey! Can I call you that?"

"Sure," Tyne said with a smile, "that's cool. Noah calls me that all the time. Among other names. I got a question. How can you tell the girls apart? I mean, what if we mix them up and we start calling Dayne by one of the other girl's names?"

"That's easy. When my sister found out she was having trip's, she did all kinds of research. She read someplace that mothers instinctively know who is who, but the dads have more trouble. So they recommend that you paint one toenail with a different color polish. Dayne has a red toe, no big surprise there, Bella has a black one and Payton has two colors, orange and navy. So see, they're all color-coded so we can't mix them up."

"Okay, cool. That was a smart idea. That inter-web thingy really is useful! This might be easy after all. So, let me get this right: Dayne is red, after your hair. Bella is black, I'm guessing because your sister wants her to marry a vampire, right? But orange and navy? I don't get that connection."

"Not into football, huh?"

"Um, no, not much."

"Don't worry." Dane reached over the gear stick and grabbed Tyne's knee, giving it a little shake. "It'll be fun. You'll see."

They pulled up to his sister and brother-in-law's house shortly after that, and true to Dane's word, the minute the boys got out of the car they were both standing on the porch ready to greet them. "Dane!" she yelled from across the yard. "What took you so long? Oh, never mind. Hi! Tyne, right? I'm Cindy and this is Blair," she said, but before Tyne could say anything she kept on talking. "Thanks for helping us out, guys. Dane, the girls have already eaten so you boys don't have to worry about that until the evening feeding. I've pumped and put the milk in bottles already. The instructions for warming it up are on the counter next to the pan on the stove. I already put the water in the pan. Remember to test it like I showed you before you feed them so you don't scald their little tongues. They're all hanging out in their little basinets in the living room waiting for you. I told them you were coming and they're all dressed up for you. If they get cranky, sing to them like you did last time. They seem to like Blair's country music, but I don't think they really know the difference between Wynonna and Just don't play those stupid rap songs you like so much. Payton falls asleep pretty easily but Dayne and Bella are like you, according to mom, always busy and fidgeting. Any questions?"

"No, we're all good. Blair you can take off and we'll see you after you close up. Sis, you go to bed. No offense but you look hammered," Dane said, as he walked up to the front porch followed by Tyne.

"Thanks, guys. We really appreciate it. Any major problems just wake Cindy, but try your best to let her sleep, okay?" Blair asked. He looked exhausted also but not as bad as Cindy looked.

"We got it. Just go on," Dane said.

"Okay then," Cindy said as she kissed her husband and Blair hopped into their mini-van to head off to Subway. Then she wrapped her arm around Dane's neck, kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "He's a cutie, nice taste lil bro." Then turning to Tyne she added, "I'm glad you came over to help. Thank you so much. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed and collapse. I have earplugs and a blindfold so if you need me, you'll have to come in the room and shake me because I plan on being out cold in seconds flat. Even that might not work though, Dane remembers how hard I am to wake up. I even slept through an earthquake one time if you can believe it. Thanks again you two."

"Even though she doesn't have your red hair she's definitely your sister," Tyne said with a chuckle as they headed into the modest home.

"How so?"

"She rambles on and on faster than you do," Tyne said with a laugh.

"Yeah, you should see all of us at Thanksgiving. It's hard to get a word in edgewise. C'mon. Let's get inside so I can introduce you to the chicklets." They went in the house and Tyne shut and locked the door behind him. When he turned around and took his first look at the three tiny babies, he started laughing.

"What are they wearing? They look like little vanilla milkshakes."

"I know! I got them those things at the In-N-Out store by the freeway. Cool, huh?" Dane said with pride. The three little girls were laying there in white and red-striped Drink Cup onesies. Even the John 3:16 was stitched on the bottom by the snaps.

"You're too much, you know that?" Tyne said, giggling. As funny as that was, he had a new appreciation for this big goofy boy-man. "So who's who?"

"Come over here and I'll introduce you. Don't be scared. See that little cutie there? That's Payton. She's almost always asleep. She's the one that had to go back to the NICU for a few days for a tune-up."

"Is she okay?"

"Oh yeah. She's fine now. And that one waving her arms all around? That's Dayne. She recognizes my voice already. That's right, sweetie, you sure do," he said, rubbing her cheeks. "And that one with the frown is Isabella. There are going to be so many girls with that name when she gets to school. I told my sister that I'm going to come up with a really cool nickname just for her. Wanna hold her?"

"Can I?"

"Sure. Let me show you how. Pick them up like this. You gotta make sure you don't let their head go all floppy – you know – you have to support them." He scooped up Bella and placed her gently into Tyne's arms. Tyne was amazed. He had never held something so precious and totally dependent in his arms before.

"You're so tiny. Hi Bella," Tyne cooed. "I'm Tyne and I'm going to be your designated babysitter for the evening. What do you think about that?"

"Hey! She likes you." Bella had wrapped her tiny fingers around Tyne's index finger and was staring up at him with what looked like admiration.

"What's she looking at? Can they see yet?"

"They say they can, but I would guess it's just shadows and stuff. I think at this age, they have a more acute sense of hearing. That was the problem with my little brother," Dane said as he scooped up Dayne. "It took us a while to figure out he couldn't hear. But the chicklets can hear all right, can't you big D?"

"So they like music already? How can you tell?"

"They start waving their arms and legs all around to things they like, and they'll start screaming to things they don't. I played them the Tainted Love cover by Marilyn Manson by mistake and Dayne and Payton had a shit-fit. But little Bella over there just smiled and waved her arms and legs all around like she was playing the drums. I think she's going to be a lesbian. Or at least get covered all over with tat's."

"Shut up you goof," Tyne said. "Are you gonna be a lesbo when you grow up? Huh, are you? Tat's all over your pretty pink skin? You and Noah are going to be fast friends when you grow up, if you wanna get pierced. He's your 'go to' man." Surprisingly, he got an answer, just not what he was expecting. Bella opened her mouth and let loose with a burp that would make any adolescent boy proud. "Oh, man. I bet she's gonna be a trucker, too. Either that or a pro-golfer. No wait! A roller derby chick! Shit! The options are endless. A WWF wrestler!"

"T, you're so fuckin' funny! But wait. Maybe she'll be the Secretary of State someday!" Both boys erupted into a fit of giggles. "No, wait. I got it for sure. She'll be a WNBA star, like me. Only, I'll be in the regular NBA, not the … you know … other one where you can't play with a dick. I mean, I suppose you could play with a dick and still be in the WNBA it just can't be your own dick. Arrgh, you know what the fuck I mean, right?" Tyne was doubled over and coughing he was laughing so hard.

At first, things went pretty well as the teens sat on the couch and held the babies in their arms. They had switched the babies back and forth like a deck of cards and played with all three girls as they alternated between sleeping and waking. Pooping and feeding. Tyne's heart melted into a puddle of melted Jell-O as baby Dayne grasped hold of his finger, just like Bella did earlier, smiling and kicking her chubby little legs up in the air. "Two for three. Payton's next," Tyne thought. Tears welled up in his eyes at the magnificent beauty of a new life. Shortly after that tender moment, baby Dayne's legs pushed out straight and her face turned red. Almost instantly, Tyne's nose detected why she did that. "Whew, that's freakin' ripe. Here, I think your namesake needs you. She just gave you a special gift." Tyne thrust little Dayne towards big Dane and wrinkled his nose in disgust. Dane laughed and passed off Isabella back to Tyne.

"Watch and learn, T-man." Dane said as he laid Dayne on the floor on top of a pink Hello Kitty blanket and unsnapped her In-N-Out onesie. He leaned down and blew a raspberry on her puffy little belly, ignoring her putrid stench, as she kicked wildly and cooed. Then Dane took both little feet in his left hand softly and pulled the tabs on the diaper open with the right. He lifted the little baby up and used the clean part of the diaper to swipe at the gooey, stinky mess coating her cute little bottom. Then he took some pop-up wipes and finished the cleansing job, placing them in the crotch of the dirty diaper that he'd set aside. Tyne was shocked how much gooey, pale green poo the little baby had produced. The odor was so powerful that Tyne had to take a step back. Dane finished up by applying some special powder and some perfumy lotion, wrapped a fresh diaper around her nether regions and then snapped her back up, good as new for the world to see. He folded up the diaper and asked Tyne to watch her while he disposed of the toxic waste in the trashcan outside the kitchen door. Dayne smiled and kicked happily, free of the skuzz on her backside.

While Dane was handling the disposal duty, Payton woke up and began crying. Tyne went over with Isabella in his left arm and tried to pick up Payton to console her. That set Isabella off and she started shrieking like a pre-teen riding a roller coaster at an amusement park. Carefully, Tyne reached in and struggled to maneuver Isabella into his other arm but in doing so almost dropped Payton. His heart nearly stopped when he felt her slipping. Once he had them both secured in the crook of each arm, he had the stereo effect of them both wailing like banshees, and he began wailing himself for Dane to come help. That set little baby Dayne off and so Tyne knelt down and tried to shush them all. Then he remembered he was supposed to sing to them. He cleared his throat and began: "Hush little babies, don't say a word, Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring."

That didn't work all that great and they just wailed louder it seemed. "Okay, okay, you don't like that one. Neither do I, it's stupid. Let's try this one: " Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all." The chicklets really screamed after that one.

Tyne had never really thought about the lyrics of these lullabies before and he wondered out loud, "My god, that's sick. What sadist wrote this crap to sing to babies?" He tried one last time, singing the chorus to Red's song, Not Alone:

" I am with you,

I will carry you through it all,

I won't leave you, I will catch you,

When you feel like letting go,

Cause you're not, you're not alone."

It was one of Tyne's favorite ballads and because of the feeling he put into the song, the babies responded and began to settle down some.

Dane walked in from outside just then and picked up baby Dayne off the pink blanket and stood up straight. Tyne stood up with him too, and they both smiled into each other's eyes, even though Tyne had to look up a bit into the taller jock's eyes. "Keep singing, T-Bone. It's beautiful and they like it. You're beautiful, too. Inside and out." Tyne blushed a bit but then sang the rest of the song from his heart. Dane joined in on the choruses and soon all three babies settled down. Dane wanted to move in for a kiss after the song ended, but held back in restraint. Instead, he just gave Tyne another sweet, appreciative smile which Tyne returned ten-fold.

The rest of the evening was mostly quiet, with the boys sitting next to each other on the couch taking turns holding the babies. Tyne got the opportunity to do the changing thing for Payton and realized it wasn't all that bad, as long as he breathed through his mouth. The time came to warm the bottles of mother's milk and feed them. Payton was asleep again so Tyne and Dane could concentrate on feeding the other two little dudettes. Dane pulled the bottles from the hot water in the pan and squirted some milk on the underside of his pearly-toned forearm to test it. He showed Tyne how to double check his little trip's meal by pressing the side of the rubber nipple and squirting some on his arm. "Taste it," Dane suggested, egging him on. Tyne squinted in uncertainty at the suggestion. But curiosity won out and Tyne licked the mother's milk from his arm.

"Eww. That's nasty. How do babies drink that? Tastes like … I don't know what."

Dane laughed crazily, "I know, huh? I thought the same thing. It was kind of gross when Blair suggested to me that I try it – being from my sister and all. But I was curious like you, just the same. I asked him if he'd tried it and he smiled and said, of course, only he'd gotten it straight from the tap. Funny huh?" Tyne shook his head but laughed along, even though he wanted to say 'ick'. That seemed so sick to even think about for him.

Then Dane showed Tyne how to hold the sweet little girls at just the right angle to prevent excess gas buildup and slipped the bottle between baby Dayne's lips. The biggest of the three hungrily sucked the nipple in and began drawing out the warm, life sustaining contents through the rubber, baby nozzle. Tyne watched and copied him with Bella, and the tiny baby went after it with even more gusto than her sister. "Definitely gonna be a NASCAR driver", he thought. Then he looked over and smiled at Dane thinking that these precious chicklets couldn't have a better uncle than this hot and loving dude next to him.

Tyne had a whole new appreciation for Dane, and Dane was in his element showing off his parenting skills to Tyne. Dane pulled the bottle from little Dayne's lips and tossing a burp cloth over his shoulder, raised the precious child to his chest and began patting her back until she produced a couple of solid belches accompanied with a little spittle. Then he let her finish the bottle. Tyne followed his lead and burped Isabella who was fussing slightly from the gas pains, kicking him once or twice hard in the chest. After feeding those two, Dane coaxed Payton awake and got her to drink her bottle before she drifted back to sleep again. When the three girls were well fed, tired out and fast asleep, Tyne and Dane cuddled up on the couch and did some channel surfing waiting for Blair to get home. Just before nine, Dane looked over at Tyne and said, "I can't stand it anymore. I have to kiss you. You make me so hot!"

And kiss they did. At first, Tyne slid over into Dane to show his approval and they shared a brief, tender brush on the lips. Dane moved in for a second and Tyne closed his eyes, parted his lips and the two made out for a solid fifteen minutes. Tyne even got a little spunky and rolled over on top of Dane, grinding his crotch hard into the red-haired jock while clamping down on the big boy's probing tongue until the sound of Blair coming in through the front door startled them apart. Dane gave an excited little giggle as they quickly separated and both boys tugged at their crotches, sliding their hard meat down their pant legs. Dane felt positive that things with Tyne would get fast and furious the next time they got together.

Val jumped in Nick's car and they headed off to school. "What happened to you? Are you the same Nick?" Val asked, staring up and down at the fine stitches Nick was rocking. He had a grey Diesel shirt with pleats in the front, black slacks and dress shoes and a skinny silver tie. His hair was meticulously styled into a ridged peak along the top.

Nick glanced over, rolled his eyes and said, "I got Noah-ized."

Val laughed out loud. Val had on a short sleeve, gold colored shirt with a plain red tie and black, beat-up old jeans. He wore his black and red Jordan's. "I'll say. It looks like you're going to prom instead of dressed up for game day."

Nick shrugged, "What could I do? He went through my closet pulling out this and that and finally settled on what I'm wearing. Then last night he showed up with this tie as a gift. It'll make him happy that I wore it, so I'm cool with it. I don't really give a fuck if peeps give me crap over it. I really do look pretty sharp, IMHO."

"Can't argue that. If I'd known you cleaned up that well, I might have let you have that fuck you wanted so badly." Nick's head spun sideways with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Val laughed his butt off over it. Nick swerved hard left, then right, slinging Val side to side and punched him in the arm.

"You're such a dick, you know that? Besides, it's too late. I'm taken now so you're shit outta luck. Snooze – you lose, dude."


The rest of the ride was spent chatting about the plays Val had designed to help them try and beat Eastridge with. They'd heard that Eastridge had a big Asian center with bleached hair who was almost 6'4". Picture if Yao Ming and Lady Gaga had a kid. They also heard that the rest of the team was just average, save for a couple other guys. Val helped Coach Carlson create some plays based on a strong perimeter game and double teaming their super tall freak of nature on defense.

Val, as well as the rest of the team, had an impossible time concentrating on any of their morning classes. They met for first lunch and ate together as a team and then boarded the buses to travel over to Eastridge. They had a better record than Hartsdale so they got home court advantage. They dressed out in their uniforms in the girl's locker room since Eastridge didn't have a separate visitor's locker room.

Nerves and excitement were high and the sound in the rose colored locker room was deafening. Dane quietly slipped off into the toilet area and into a stall. He slid the lock shut and jerked his shorts and boxers down to his ankles in one quick movement. He spun and planted his bare ass cheeks onto the cold toilet seat and pulled his jersey up with one hand while he gripped his growing dick with the other. It was a pregame ritual for him to release some nervous tension with a quick, hard wank. In two strokes he was completely hard and the blood in his dick ballooned his large dickhead until it was stretched tight and shiny. He let go of his jersey and tugged on his dark red pubes while he pounded his dick in a full fisted jerkoff. His breathing quickened. Dane let go of his pubes and cupped his balls as he began furiously pumping his raging hot dick. His breathing was ragged. He lifted his left hand to his mouth and sucked on his middle finger, imagining it was Tyne's dick. Then he grabbed his jersey and pulled it up over his head and behind his neck.

The desired rush took over. "Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Oh god," he muttered as the orgasmic sensation caused him to slap his knees together and then flare back out. Three strong shots of hot cum splashed onto his muscular chest and drizzled slowly down toward his naval. He reached down and scooped a glob onto his finger and sucked on it, again imagining it was Tyne's cum covered dick he was sucking clean. He repeated that process several times while his hot dick slowly did the flaccid dance, shrinking and then suddenly twitching and jerking back up momentarily while it shrank a bit further each time, then eventually resting upon his flushed, red ball sac.

Dane leaned back to where the flushing mechanism pressed into the strong muscles in his back and gathered himself. He blew out a breath, blinked hard a couple times and pulled off a wad of T.P. to wipe up with. He loved a good cum and that had been an especially good one. They had gotten better since he began using Tyne as fantasy fodder. He pulled his jersey back up over his head, lifted his boxers and shorts into place and adjusted them and then pushed the flush lever with his foot. He watched a remnant glob of his thick yellowish cum get rinsed from the toilet bowl down into the hole and wondered if that particular toilet had just lost its virginity. He was pretty certain that no men's room toilet on earth was still a virgin, but with this being the girl's locker room, there was a chance that he had been its first. He chuckled at that idea as he rejoined the team, more relaxed and ready to go shoot on the court just as well as he'd just shot in the stall.

Hartsdale got one full hour of practice on the court before the game. They split up and took turns shooting free throws at each end of the court. This helped them get a feel for the different look of the basket and hone in their shots. They ran through some of the new plays they had designed to compensate for not having a big man in the middle. Evan and Dane were the starting guards, Tyrell and Nick played down on the forward spots with Dante coming up from the JV team to play center. Dante was going to be no match for the Asian giant on Eastridge's team, but he was the best they had.

As they practiced, the crowd was starting to file in for the after school playoff game. At the end, one team would move on and one would go home with the season over. Back in the locker room, Coach Carlson gave a spirited pep talk. He reminded them that it was their consistently good shooting that had gotten them the league championship and that was what they needed to do to win this game. "If you get any kind of an open shot, take it. Don't worry about missing even if it's a long shot. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Take some risks and if you miss, at least you missed trying. I'm not saying to be stupid about your shot selection either, you know what I mean. If you have a reasonable shot take it."

The nerves were building and like a group of caged animals, they became restless, fidgety and anxious. Outside, the crowd noise was growing and the respective bands had arrived and were playing. At last it was time and they were given the signal to take the floor. The team huddled together and put their hands into the middle of the circle then tossed them up and shouted, "Conquistadors!"

Then they ran out onto the floor to the cheers of their fans. After they started their warm-ups, the crowd went wild as the Eastridge Hawks emerged from their locker room. The electric excitement in the old gymnasium was physically palpable. The starting lineups were announced and they pulled their warm-ups off and took their place on the court. As the referee prepared to toss the ball up for the tip off, the crowd was on their feet cheering and stomping on the wooden, pull out bleachers. The freakishly tall center for Eastridge went up and easily won the tip over poor Dante. Once the tip off was over, the crowd sat down to watch as did Val and Coach Carlson. It was killing Val to be sitting there in his gold shirt and red tie watching instead of suited up and playing.

He looked across the floor and saw his family along with Tyne, Noah, Sylvia and even Vi's little boyfriend, Tim, all sitting together. Noah had painted himself in gold and red stripes and was wearing his little plastic helmet again. He was quite a sight and it made Val smile. He sure hoped that Nick wouldn't be distracted.

Eastridge had a fairly quick little guard who handled the ball really well. Evan matched up with him, but the guard drove by Evan with an ankle breaking juke and dished the ball off to the tall Asian. The pass was too high for Dante to do anything about it and the tall kid glanced it off the glass for an easy two points. The home crowd erupted in cheers.

Dante inbounded the ball to Evan who brought it down and passed it off to Dane. The quick guard, who had Sylvestre across the top of his brown jersey just above the flying Hawk, switched to guarding Dane and gave him fits. Every move Dane made, Sylvestre was right there. Evan sprinted around and gave Dane an outlet to pass and the Sylvestre kid switched off Dane onto Evan and pestered him. Val watched carefully as Sylvestre slipped left and stole the ball from Evan. With his speed, he easily pulled off a fast break layup to make it 4 – 0.

On the next inbound, Coach gave the signal for one of the old plays. Nick and Tyrell crossed at the baseline with Tyrell brushing off the guy guarding Nick. Dane used a pick set by Evan to get away from Sylvestre and delivered a well timed pass to Nick. Nick stepped just behind the three point line and sent up a nicely executed shot. It was nothing but net and now the Hartsdale crowd had something to cheer about. No one cheered louder or longer than Noah, who squealed like a schoolgirl who just got tickets to a One Direction concert.

On the defensive end, it was the Sylvestre – Chu show. Sylvestre would dribble around, occasionally passing to someone else only to get it passed right back to him and then deliver a pass in the paint to the tall Asian named Chu, who would take an easy shot under the basket. Whenever any other player took a shot and missed, Chu was right there towering over Dante for the rebound. Val suggested to Coach Carlson to call a time out. With Coach's permission, Val took over and was at the center of the huddle. He set up a double team scheme on Chu with the intent of keeping him out from under the basket. He had no outside shot, so all they had to do to contain him was stop him from getting into the paint. He also started having the ball passed more quickly to Tyrell or Nick and away from the Sylvestre kid, then having Dane drive the lane past Sylvestre for easy look, six to eight foot, jump shots or else passing back to Evan for three pointers.

Offensively, Dane began calling the plays that Val had helped design and passing around the perimeter. Tyrell and Nick were open easily since the guys guarding them weren't that good. By using this strategy, especially with Dane feeding Nick, and Nick going back to Dane if he didn't have a shot, Hartsdale stayed in striking distance. Dane also crashed the boards on every shot and came up with most of the rebounds that bounced out of Chu's long reach. Dane led the league among all other guards for rebounds and he had a sixth sense for where the ball was headed. He also had a good leaping ability for a guard and that helped him a lot. The problem was that all this extra movement and double teaming was taking a physical toll and the Hartsdale guys were starting to suck serious wind. Whenever Coach would pull one of the starters for a breather, Eastridge would pull away. Chu never sat, but when Sylvestre did, Coach used the opportunity to give Dane a rest.

At half time, Hartsdale was losing 43 – 37. They weren't out of it, but they had only led twice and only by one point during the entire first half. Coach and Val took turns drawing out plays and talking strategy. Tyrell raised a hand. "Coach, the whole problem is that Chu freak. He's chewing us up inside and we can't always box him out. I could take him out, though. All we need to do to win this game is to get rid of him."

Coach Carlson stared at Tyrell in sad disbelief. All he said was, "Matthew, you'll be starting the second half in place of Tyrell here. Tyrell, you sit next to me on the bench." Before Tyrell could complain, they heard the signal to go back out onto the floor for the second half. Tyrell hung back with a pissed off look in his eyes. During the first part of the next half, Coach lectured Tyrell on fairness and being good sports and integrity over winning. Tyrell listened in terse silence staring at the hardwood.

"Tyrell, I know you were thinking about the team and wanting to win. But you don't win in life when you play outside the rules or dirty. Fouling is part of this game, but not fouls with the intent to injure. That's not acceptable, not ever. Not on my team. Do you understand?" Tyrell just stared at the floor. "Do you understand?" Coach reiterated.

"Yeah, I get it." Tyrell didn't look at the coach. Meanwhile, Val was up directing traffic while Coach Carlson was engaged with Tyrell and took it upon himself to signal plays to Dane. The strategy was working and Hartsdale pulled within three points of Eastridge. At the next opportunity, Coach put Tyrell back on the floor pulling Matthew.

Val paused a minute and took in the whole experience. He thought about what the doctor suggested that perhaps he could take up swimming or golf or tennis to replace basketball with a safer activity without the head injury risks. As he heard the crowd cheering, smelled the sweaty teammates next to him, listened to the ball bouncing on the hardwood and the shoes squeaking, he knew he couldn't replace this sport with any other. He was a baller and that was that. If he couldn't get back to playing then he could coach. He had a sudden realization that he was good at it and was really enjoying it, too. His heart was in the game and whatever the risk, he only wanted to play basketball. But if he couldn't play, he'd start coaching.

The score swung back and forth in favor of each team and the crowd was really into it. Val noticed how each time Dane scored, he turned to look at Tyne in the stands and they gave each other a nod and a smile. Val had never in his life felt such intense jealousy like he was feeling right then. It should have been him out there showing off for Tyne and getting winks and nods of approval.

Then Eastridge went on an eight point run setting the Conquistadors back on their heels. Coach Carlson called a time-out. "Guys, we have to get back to what Val said and keep that Chu kid out of scoring position. Block him out. I don't care if you leave your man on the outside wing open. If they occasionally score, they score, but if we let Chu inside, he always scores. Tyrell, Nick, it's up to you to keep him out. Let's go!"

On the Hawk's next possession, Tyrell dropped off his man and stepped up next to Dante to keep Chu out. Chu powered through Tyrell knocking him down and took a pass to score. Even though it was clear to every Hartsdale player and fan that Tyrell was set, the ref made a bad call against him and gave Chu a foul shot on top of his basket. Tyrell was upset and pulled down a technical. Sylvestre took the technical and that compounded the problem. The Hawks got the ball back again after the technical and this time when Chu came in on Tyrell, he stepped aside and let Chu go. Chu was expecting contact and that put him off balance. Tyrell swung around and clipped Chu at the shins with a sweeping kick that sent the big man sprawling onto the floor. His head hit and bounced a good six inches then dropped back to the floor where he lay motionless for several long seconds. Val gasped and grabbed his own head, remembering the pain of hitting the floor. Whistles blew and another technical was called on Tyrell.

Coach Carlson was furious. The foul was a blatant setup intended to take Chu out and Coach pulled Tyrell immediately and sent him to the locker room telling him he was done. Tyrell stormed out. Matthew took Tyrell's place as Chu was helped off to the sidelines. While Chu was out, Hartsdale actually caught back up and was down only three points with 14 seconds left. Sylvestre got the inbound pass and Evan immediately fouled him. Sylvestre's foul shot bounced hard off the rim and over the crowd huddled up in the paint for the rebound. Dane recognized it and charged in hard from outside the key, leapt high into the air and literally plucked the ball out of the hands of Chu's replacement. Dane landed hard and rolled his ankle slightly. He groaned in pain but persevered and dribbled down the court. He pulled up just short of the three point line grimacing in pain with Sylvestre in hot pursuit. His Nike's squeaked against the hardwood floor as he started his upward motion for the game tying three point shot.

To his amazement, when he raised his hands to shoot the ball there was nothing there. Sylvestre had slipped in just in time to snatch the ball away in a clean steal, leaving poor Dane flying in mid-air with nothing left to shoot. The experience was sort of like the days he jacked off five times in a row as a pre-teen and just dry cummed. He went through all the motions but there was nothing there to shoot with. The buzzer sounded and the Hawks exploded with celebration. The Conquistador's season was over. Dane's amazing rebound, heroic efforts and long shot attempt had ended in getting the ball stolen from him at the last minute. He crumpled to the floor after the buzzer sounded and cried out in disappointment. Tyne buried his face in his hands and felt horrible for poor Dane. Val rushed out to console him along with Nick and Matthew.

Slowly, Dane got up and walked dejectedly with his teammates off the court. His attempt had been truly heroic and no one blamed him for the loss. Still, it was a loss and hard to take. They all vowed that next season they would bounce back and take the state championship. They had fought hard against significant odds and Coach Carlson heaped praise on them. Tyrell had dressed and left the building early with his parents and Latwanza.

After showering and dressing, Nick, Dane and Val all emerged from the locker room and found their parents. Everyone hugged and patted Dane, offering condolences for the unfortunate event at the end and he smiled and thanked them. Val was annoyed when right after Sylvia hugged him, Tyne gave Dane a hug. From the body language, it was happily received. Val thought Dane should have restricted himself to a pat on the back or a slap on the ass like he'd given him. Dane seemed to willingly accept that it wasn't his fault they'd lost and acknowledged his honest effort to win. Anyone who saw the game knew that Nick and Dane both had left everything they had on the court. They had hustled their butts off to counter the Sylvestre – Chu attack. They all decided to go for ice cream together and the high school boys, along with Sylvia, all piled into a fully restored, shiny blue and white, 1962 Volkswagen bus owned by Dane's father. The interior was immaculate right down to the blue and white vinyl seats. Dane took the middle bench window and Tyne slipped in next to him. Sylvia wormed her way in next to Val in the back row and Nick and Noah had to split up, one in the back seat and one in the middle seat.

They all went to Cold Stone and ordered chocolate covered waffle bowls. Sylvia and Vi got small ones but the guys, including Tim in order to look macho, got larges. Val could see that Tim was on the verge of heaving and started helping him out with his. There was no objection by Tim. The conversation centered around the game and the season. They relived the various events leading them to this final game and plans and hopes for the next season when they would be seniors. Everyone got along wonderfully and then they headed back to Hartsdale High so Noah and Nick could retrieve their cars.

Once everyone was out in the parking lot, Sylvia begged a ride home with Val's family and they all squeezed in - four across in the back seat. Vi and Tim had to share a seat belt since they were the smallest but neither of them seemed to mind it. Dane stalled around until Val's family left and then he asked if he could ride home with Tyne. His parents noted that it was late and that Friday was a school day. "About that, could I maybe stay over at Tyne's house and we could get a ride to school with Noah in the morning?" It had come up that Tyne was headed home to an empty house over ice cream and Dane had sent a text to inquire if he minded the company. Tyne was all too happy for the company and agreed. Given the situation and since Dane had just played his heart out, his parents consented. Tyne climbed back in the VW bus next to Dane and off they went to Tyne's house.

Nick and Noah waited until everyone was gone and then they walked hand in hand over to Nick's car. They verified that they were alone and kissed goodbye. Nick gave Noah a lift across the lot to his old heap and they each drove themselves home alone.

Dane's parents verified with Tyne that his mother would be home between one and two a.m. and that it was okay with her for Dane to spend the night. Tyne showed them the text on his phone where she not only approved it but was happy for it. As they climbed out of the cute, retro bus, Dane's father said as only father's can, "Stay inside, and play nice. Be safe."

"Yes sir," they both answered. "We will." En-route to the door, Dane unabashedly took Tyne's hand even though his parents could most likely see him do it.

The ride home for Val was sullen. He sensed something was up between Tyne and Dane. He grew more and more melancholy over not playing in the big game and couldn't help but think if he had played, the outcome probably would have been different. Sylvia snuggled and took his hand. He let her weave her fingers through his own. He smiled and was pleasant to her but not overtly affectionate. He walked her to the door when they got to her house and she leaned in for the anticipated good night kiss. Val obliged and thanked her for coming. Back in the car, he gave short and curt answers to his family's questions. Soon they let the conversation drift away from him as they had learned to do over the course of his head injury.

Once he was home, he pulled out the team roster and called Dane's house on the pretense that he might be interested in a job at Subway now the season was over. Dane's mother politely explained that Dane was spending the night at a friend's house but that she would let him know and be sure he called Val back. Val thanked her, hung up and tossed himself on the bed. He laid there stewing in his jealous juices until he fell asleep. He woke up around two in the morning, still fully dressed, including his gold shirt and loosened, red tie. He pulled off his Jordan's, socks, pants, tie and shirt and then peeled off his boxers to reveal his throbbing boner in need of some attention. He crawled naked into bed and debated whether to jackoff to thoughts of Tyne or Sylvia. He settled on Tyne and got straight down to business.

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