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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 22

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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"Thanks for spending the night with me," Tyne said, walking into the dark living room and flipping on all the lights. "I really appreciate it. Ever since my dad died, my mom works crazy, stupid hours at the hospital. I'm not sure if we need the money or if she needs the escape from being here with his memories. It makes me kinda feel like this is my own house. Luckily, I don't have to pay for it. But it gets sorta spooky and lonely sometimes."

He was excited that Dane had grabbed his hand as Dane's parents drove away after dropping them off. But he was scared, too, since he'd never had a 'boy' like this spend the night with him before. Tyne knew full well why Dane had jumped on his comment about being home alone and suggested he sleep over. An opportunity for sex play was the obvious implication. His mind was reeling from all of the things that they could possibly do together before his mom got home – most likely without any clothes on. He felt terrified, eager, incredibly horny, and nauseous all at the same time.

"That's why I'm here. Gonna keep you company, cutie," Dane said, then added in a sick falsetto, "all night long." He slammed the door closed behind him and locked it up, good and tight. Then he tossed his backpack on the floor next to the door, turned around and flashed Tyne a monstrous, toothy grin, which pretty much took up his whole face. It spread from his beautiful dark brown eyes, tucked beneath the insanely long, shadowy, dark-red eyelashes, on down to the pronounced cleft in his bold, taut chin. Some people called that a butt-chin. But Tyne didn't. He thought it looked sexy on him. Just right, Tyne concluded. Then Dane looked straight into Tyne's beautiful blue-green eyes and said, "Gonna wrap you up in my big strong arms and hold you tight – I'll never let you go. You'll never be lonely again, I promise you that, cutie. Not with me around." Then he grabbed Tyne's shoulders and pulled him so close and tight that Tyne thought for a second he was going to be squeezed to death.

"Um…okay." Tyne squeaked out, a little winded and at a loss for words. But secretly, he was amazed that this hot jock liked him so much and was holding him so snug and safe. He could feel his body reluctantly relax, kind of like melting cheese on a thick crust pizza, and instantly realized that he could get used to this kind of thing from such a cute, hot and open guy. It was such a warm and comforting feeling.

"I hear you, dude. I'm there. I'd be lonely too if my daddy was gone."

"Thanks for that, Dane. Seriously – thanks for spending the night with me. I really mean it… well… it's nice to have you here with me. Plus, I want to help you forget what happened out on the hardwood tonight. That sucked big time," Tyne said quietly into Dane's ear. Tyne's dick started plumping up down deep in his shorts over the experience of Dane keeping him wrapped up tightly in his strong arms like that. Safe and secure, warm and protected. Then he had a weird thought creep in. "That's exactly what Val did to me in the cab of the truck before we rolled over and it got all smashed up," he thought. "We were naked under the itchy wool blanket, with Val holding me tight in his big, hard guns to stay warm. My freezing ass pressed against the top of his rock-hard, humongous, bulging boner." From this memory, his compact cock plumped up even more while thinking about that moment in time – a snapshot forever embedded deep in his mind that he would never, ever, forget – as long as he lived. "Val. Wow," Tyne mouthed silently, then sighed deeply.

"No worries, cutie." Dane said, snapping Tyne out of his deep thoughts, separating and looking around the house. "Hey, you have a nice place here. Your mom must take great pride in it."

Tyne shuddered, and had to suck in a huge amount of oxygen to get it together so he could speak. "Oh, um, yeah, she does, I guess," he said, shaking his head. Tyne consciously wiped all thoughts of Val's rockin' hard body and big, fleshy, sperm spewing cock along with his mammoth, tender, low hanging balls out of his addled, whirling brain. Then he continued, "She and my dad like nice things around here. Um, I mean, they liked nice things around here," he croaked out. "But anyway," he said, trying to be cool and calm, "you know what I mean, now that he's gone and all, she isn't so much into decorating anymore. I'm thinking that once I go away to college, she's gonna sell this house and get one of those new, boring, all-purpose condo's down in the civic center. You know the ones, all generic, boring and kinda lackluster looking high-rises overlooking old town Hartsdale and the Mossy River. They look like they were imported from some ex-Soviet Bloc country, where everything is painted grey. But I think she should do it. It's strange. It's kinda like my dad is still here, you know, lurking around the corners or popping out of a closet, wanting to tell us something – something secret like we forgot, maybe, or something we really need to know. Or things only he knows and really needs to share with us before he's gone off for good to do other stuff, wherever he is or whatever he's doing. Surfing or snowboarding on the clouds. I don't know – it's weird. It would be almost scary, but I know that he's in a better place and he's only looking out for the best for both of us – if you believe that religious mumbo-jumbo kinda stuff," Tyne said, hanging his head down low a little bit. He felt embarrassed rambling on in front of his new friend, not really wanting to get deep into this thing, whatever this 'thing' was going on between them, or to get into a down moment and scare him away. This was totally not the place for this kind of conversation. He had never told anyone any of his deepest, darkest thoughts like this, except, of course, Noah. Sexy – this totally was not!

"It's all good, dude. I getcha," Dane said, spinning around and grabbing Tyne's wrists. "Like I told you before, no worries. No worries about anything. I didn't know your dad, but I can picture him up there in Heaven, looking out for you guys. It's all cool. I believe in Heaven and angels and stuff like that. But seriously, not saying you don't need your dad or anything, but I'm here for you whenever you need me, dude. I'm in for the long haul. I'm your man."

"That sounds like the title to a cheesy gay romance novel or some weird, not so sexy song by Usher or Taylor Swift or somebody." Tyne snickered. "But thanks for that, Dane. I really, really appreciate it. It's strange how my dad pops into my head at the most inopportune times. Sometimes, especially at first when he died, I'd think of something I needed to tell him and I'd walk into the next room to go find him standing there for a second and then realize he wasn't really there anymore. It was strange. It took my mom and me quite a while before we could clean out his stuff. I kept some of his things, like his favorite watch and a favorite pocket knife he always carried. Some of his old retro shirts, too, like I wore the other day to school. Once in a while I get them out and look at them just to help me remember him."

"Can I see?" Dane asked.

"My dad's things?"

"Yeah. Sure! If you want to share it with me. I want to get to know you better, cutie, all the way. I feel for you. You, me, together being one and getting closer. Anyway, your dad must have been the best dad ever."

"Yeah, he was. Okay. If you sure you're interested." Tyne was surprised Dane would be interested in his dad's old things that really only had meaning for just his mom and him. He was pleased to be able to share this sacred stuff with him, although, he was somewhat worried about what the cute red-headed jock would think later on. He was kinda excited by this, since he thought Val wouldn't even care all that much. So Tyne reluctantly motioned for Dane to follow and led him to his room. He was glad he'd cleaned it up. Tyne pulled out the precious stuffed shoe box from the deep shelf in the back of the highest ledge in his closet and set it carefully on the bed. He opened the lid and plucked the pocket knife out first. Dane took it carefully from his hands and flipped it open, the blade sharp and shiny, and admired it, reveling in the shine from the bedside table lamp and waving it all around. He put the knife down on the bed and with each and every item that they pulled out of the box, Tyne gave a little explanation or memory that was attached to it. He was especially attached to the antique revolver, which his dad had taught him how to shoot out at the police range before it broke for good.

Dane reached in and pulled out a folded sheet of notebook paper. "What's this?" he asked as he unfolded it.

Tyne fought a sudden lump in his throat and then croaked out, "When I was cleaning off his dresser, I found that 'To-Do' list. Mom doesn't even know I kept it."

Dane unfolded it and read, "Change oil and filter in blue car. Fix the sprinkler timer in the back yard. Repair Widow Smith's air conditioner. Get a greeting card and visit Sargent Mac in the hospital downtown. Get gear together for Mother Lode Lake and teach Tyne how to fish." Dane lowered the paper and looked at Tyne and said, "That's where you and Val went, right?" Tyne simply nodded. Dane sniffed, but continued reading bullet points under the Mother Lode Lake reminder, "Poles, tackle, buy bait, fuel for lantern, tent, bags, flashlight. Camp food." The next item Dane started reading, but then trailed off as he read, "Talk with Tyne about what being gay really means. Express my love for him. Assure him I'm okay with it. Tell him to follow his heart but use his head, (the head on top of his shoulders). Tell him to live up to whatever commitments he makes. Remind him he can always seek my advice." Dane folded the paper and set it carefully back in the box, solemnly. Tyne wiped his eyes on his sleeve and looked away completely embarrassed to cry like a little boy in front of this big jock.

"Sometimes, it's like I hear my dad's voice pop into my head like he's trying to tell me things still," Tyne said quietly. "But other times, when I really need to know something I almost beg to hear him say something and I get nothing."

"I get it – I really do. Maybe, the times he doesn't answer are the times he knows you have to figure it out for yourself. If my daddy was gone, I'd hope he'd do that to me too." Sensing that Tyne needed to move on from this incredibly sad moment, Dane joked, "My daddy would probably kick me in the ass when I really needed it." Dane stood up and then jumped as if he'd been kicked by his daddy, then spun around, leaned low grabbing his cheeks with both hands.

"Hey, what was that for?" Dane said to his imaginary father. Then Dane jumped again as if he'd gotten a second kick. He spun back around to face Tyne who was sputtering with his high pitched giggles at Dane's goofy antics. Afterward they fell on top of each other, Dane pulled Tyne up off the bed. Then, swinging Tyne around like some sort of dancer on some loud and mind-numbing Simon Cowell TV show, he positioned Tyne's back to his front, then wrapped his strong arms around Tyne's chest and arms and, pulling him in tight, asked, "So you hungry? I can whip up some killer grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. Just point me towards the kitchen. Or you want something else? Pancakes maybe? Oh, I know, I know. How about some cream cheese filled French Toast?"

"Are you serious? How can you possibly eat again? Geez, like after all that shit you just ate, like what, barely an hour ago?" Tyne said, dumbfounded. He was still feeling full of ice cream and his stomach felt like it was doing handstands on the parallel bars at the summer Olympics.

"The only thing that I can do more than eat is jack off," Dane said boldly, letting go of Tyne and rubbing his hard six-pack with both hands just above his pubic patch, not so much to be sexy, but, well, just being him – unconditionally honest. "I'm insatiable. Seriously, I'm still a growing boy, dontcha know?"

"Well, no wonder. All that sugar. That explains how you had all that energy to run the court and shoot those three pointers."

"Yeah, too bad the ball wasn't there on the last one. That didn't work out so well, now did it? But anyway," he said, changing the subject, "I see that big fireplace over there in the corner – it's got our names written all over it. Why don't you stoke it up and let's cuddle up in front of it for a while and just talk. I really dig talking to you. You're not like other dude's I know, I mean, not that I know all that many other gay dudes. You, Noah and Nick are about it. Anyway, we can always eat later. I so much want to hug you and squeeze you and hold you oh-so tight. Mmmmm. Suck on your ears, maybe, or lick you all over like a Popsicle! Let's see, I think you'd be banana flavor. I love banana Popsicles. They're so much better than plain old cherry or grape. Oh, yeah. I'd eat you up right here if I could. Like fresh sushi! You'd be a Tiger Roll. Oh, oh, oh, I really have it now, you'd be a Californication Roll." Dane laughed and Tyne rolled his eyes but before he could say anything, Dane went on, "No, wait! You're not sushi, you're a peach. Yeah – a peach! That's it, exactly! You're like a soft, fuzzy, but not hairy, peach. Ripe and fresh off the tree. Yum! So, um, golden with a blush of pink, and juicy, tangy and sensual," Dane said making a slurping sound accompanied by a blatant little leer. "I don't think I've told you today how much I like you. You're so damn hot, cutie."

"God, Dane. You did say that – like half a dozen times already! You're so…so…shit, I don't know? Cool, I guess – and strange. Yeah! That's it. You're definitely strangely cool! That's you. Brainaic meets Blake Griffin's little Scottish step-bro minus all the money and the black dad. Oh and yeah, minus the short, super curly hair. And I don't think he talks as much as you do." They both busted up over the thought of that. "We make a strangely cool pair," Tyne concluded.

"That Griffin comparison doesn't work even though we both play basketball. My hair is curly, but not that curly, and I don't want to cut it, ever. Now that basketball season is over, I'm letting it grow. Besides, I can barely dunk the ball and I'd never drive or even endorse a KIA."

"Awesome. You should grow your hair out. You'd look hot with really long hair. But, yeah…anyway, I like you too," Tyne said shyly, rearranging his junk nonchalantly around in his increasingly constricted shorts. He definitely was turned on by the dark-red crowned boy, and the thought of running his hands through those long curly locks really got him hot. "You're cute in a kind of weird, crazy sorta way, if that makes any sense. Way hotter than Griffin. And he's hot. Totally hot! But you're way cute – in a good way, like I said, and I'm glad you're here with me. But, um, so, I'm really rambling on here. I think maybe you're rubbing off on me," Tyne said. "As for making a big meal, unless you're really starving, I'm not really all that hungry, at least for food, if you catch my drift," he added, giggling and slightly blushing from being so bold. "I'm hungry for something else. I'd love to snack on that nice bottom lip of yours while we lay by the fire." His nipples suddenly got hard, his butt clenched and his dick twitched at the thought of all the things that he could do with Dane. The hot basketball jock was sizzling, and he wanted to get some of the things that Val could never deliver. Never could and never would. Noah was right, he couldn't pass up on this hot, willing jock hoping for some ridiculous shot at Val. It was time to not just follow his heart but also use his head.

"Oh, yeah! Fire it up," Dane said, pointing to the fireplace and surprisingly at a loss for words. That was the shortest batch of words that he had ever spoken to Tyne without being interrupted.

Tyne went into the living room, followed by Dane, and turned on the gas log fireplace, making sure it was on high since it was a little chilly inside the house. Then he went into the linen closet down the hall and pulled out a couple odd old quilts that his mom had collected, vintage, collectible ones, and spread them out on the floor in front of the glowing fireplace. He knew that these weren't her favorites, since she kept the best ones upstairs in her armoire, or on her big, four-poster bed, so if these got dirty, he didn't really care all that much. He'd just shove them in the washer and she'd never even notice. Next, he hooked up his iPod to the stereo and clicked on his favorite sexy jazz mix, like Luther, and Marvin. This was his dad's favorite music genre and he'd hooked Tyne on it. Tyne found it soothing and comforting to listen to and he wanted it to be the romantic background to whatever he ended up doing with Dane. Maybe some R. Kelly and a few jazz instrumentals by Pat Metheny thrown in to set the mood. Then he pulled all of the fluffy throw-pillows that his mom had scattered around the living room on top of the pile of quilts. It made a luxuriously soft, comfy, cotton pile in front of the fireplace that looked sorta like an Amish bordello had crashed into a generic tract house in Hartsdale. If there was such a thing. He just hoped Dane would like it.

Apparently he did, because he was the first to settle down and get all comfortable, spreading his legs out in the soft pile of multi-colored pillows and quilts, shucking off his dress shoes and black socks and sprawling all over the soft fabric. Then, after a minute, he rolled over on his stomach and looked all around for Tyne. Once spotting him, he locked eyes firmly on his new friend, slammed his palm down hard on the floor a couple times emphatically indicating Tyne should come sit next to him. Right! Freaking! Now!

Catching his drift, Tyne finally stopped stalling around in the living room and after turning off all of the lights and fiddling with the stereo one last time, he nervously sat down next to Dane. Close, but not that close. His stomach was in knots. He was nervous and excited and uncertain what to say. He hoped Val was home asleep dreaming of his precious Sylvia. "How's your ankle feeling? I saw you come down on it pretty hard at the game today," he asked timidly unsure of what he should talk about in a situation like this. He'd never entertained a boy in his house like this before, and he was jumpy and suddenly itchy all over. Now that it was coming right down to it, he was horribly hot, horny and frightened all at the same time. What a mix.

"It's still a little sore. But it's not that bad. I'll live. Part of the perils of playing basketball, you know? You have to play through the pain sometimes. It's part of the risk of being in the game and if you get hurt, you just suck it up and move on."

"Impressive. Sort of like Val did when he smashed his head on the floor during that last league game he played in." As soon as he said that, he realized how stupid it was to bring Val up and kill the moment for Dane. He could see a look of confusion on Dane's face how to react to that comment so Tyne quickly added, "I bet you're just being brave. I bet your ankle still hurts, doesn't it?"

"A little bit. Umm… maybe you could rub it out for me? Make it all better?" he asked with a sly smile. "The weird sports trainer does that sometimes for us before he wraps it, but he's not all sexy and hot like you are. Actually, he's gross and old, and he has hair coming out his ears. I've seen him have guys take off their game shorts to give a full body massage before. Just being in underwear or jocks while on the training table seems kinda weird. Creeps me out, you know? I'd never let him do it."

"Seriously? I wouldn't want an old guy like that touching me either. What a freak. But sure, I could rub your ankle if you want me to. I won't do anything that you don't want me to or that hurts. And just so you know, I'm pretty sure I don't have hair growing out my ears. Plus, I've been told I give amazing back rubs too."

"Cool! Let me check your ears." Dane propped himself up on his elbows and cocked his head from side to side inspecting Tyne's ears. "Nope, none there so I'll take the full body rub treatment."

Tyne burst into a smile. "Cool. I so wanna do this right. Be right back." Tyne quickly stood up and went running down the hall again and on into the guest bathroom this time where he picked up a bottle of Lavender Splendor lotion and a couple of clean, cobalt blue towels. He turned and looked into the big bathroom mirror and said to himself, "I can do this, I can do this." He stuffed his face closer in the mirror to check his teeth then huffed into his hand to check for bad breath. A few seconds later, with everything clean and good, he rounded the hall and got back to the living room, and saw that Dane had already stripped off most of his clothes, only leaving on his tight, black boxer briefs that he always wore. "You don't waste any time, do you?" Tyne asked.

"Well, if you're gonna give me a backrub, you gotta do it right. You certainly can't do a good job rubbing it through my shirt, now can you? It'd get all gooey and wet. My mom might get the wrong idea when she does my laundry?" He gave a wry smile.

"You don't do your own laundry? You're spoiled, dude, spoiled rotten. But I guess you're right," Tyne said, looking down at Dane's hard yummy body and instantly popping some serious wood. From the looks of Dane's tight briefs, he saw that he was pretty hard as well, his dick pointing up to the north-west – just below his rippled six-pack, white and gleaming in the low-glow of the fire light.

"I might as well get comfortable, too." Tyne said suddenly with an excited chirp, leering at the hot stud laying there in the dark, cozy room. Tyne kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks and everything else but his shorts and tossed them all on the couch in a big heap. When he was done stripping, he had to pull out the elastic top of his shorts and underwear so he could rearrange his rock-hard, little boner up towards his belly button. Then, since Dane had slid down out of his sitting position and sprawled out after watching Tyne get undressed, Tyne got down on his knees at Dane's feet and asked him which ankle was hurting.

"The right one. But you know, now that I think about it, I hurt all over. Everywhere. My whole body aches. I'm sooooo sore. Ouch it hurts. You might have to give me a full body massage," he said, whining, and pushing loose strands of his copper-colored hair back off his forehead with his thumb, then sitting up on his elbows to look at Tyne and give him another one of his toothy grins. He looked pathetic, but oh, so fucking hot!

"Wouldn't you just like that? Hmm…we'll…you'll just have to wait and see what happens," Tyne said. Secretly he was totally excited to get to rub his hands all over this hot jock's hard, almost naked body. All! Fucking! Over! He'd have to find a second, later on, to text a report to Noah. He gingerly picked up Dane's right foot and examined it, twisting it back and forth, squeezing his tight, hard ankle all up and around. It wasn't at all swollen, and Dane didn't even flinch when he squeezed it really hard with his fingers. He was pretty sure Dane was going for the sympathy vote. Then, playfully, he said, "It doesn't look all that bad to me. Maybe I should just kiss it first to make your boo-boo go away, little boy." He leaned in and put the ankle on his shoulder, then balling up his fists and grinding them into both eyes so Dane could see, he cried, "Wa-wa!" That made Dane laugh out loud.

"Yeah, that's exactly what it needs," he whispered, and laid his head back down. "Kiss it, cutie," he mumbled, "make the boo-boo go away."

"You're going to be a great role model for the chicklets," Tyne deadpanned. Then he puckered up, after feigning off a smile, lifted the ankle off his shoulder and plastered it with tons of wet, slurpy, sloppy kisses, hocking up loads of saliva, tonguing his ankle, foot and leg and making Dane laugh and roll around like crazy, especially when he nibbled on the bottom of his wide foot and super long toes. "Stop that, T-Bone! It tickles. You're getting it too gooey! Ick! Tyne! Stop it. Don't spit on me. It's running down my leg! I'm warning you!" But Tyne didn't stop.

Finally, when Dane was squirming all over and Tyne couldn't hold on anymore, he started to laugh too, then stopped rubbing and licking and said, "Oh, the big jock can't handle it? What a girl! You gonna cry out for your mommy? Or piss all over the floor?" Tyne asked between laughs. "You're such a puss. Besides, mommy's not here to rescue you."

"I'll mommy you in a minute. Get off my foot."

"Oh, all right, you big goofy baby. Settle down big boy. Roll over on your stomach. Mind the boner!" he added in a fake English accent.

"Fuck you. I will on one condition. Give me a kiss first." Tyne didn't reply, but instead slowly crawled up, leaned down and dove face first into Dane's almost-naked body, pressing both their crotches and lips hard against each other like Crazy Glue. Lips fought, tongues dueled and when they finally came up for air, they were both rock hard and throbbing. Their cocks had clashed and pre-cum was dripping out the tips of both their stone-hard dicks like fire hoses, making wet patches in both of their underwear. Tyne and Dane had gone from zero to 100 in like 5.2 seconds, just like a Maserati.

"Oh, my, god, Tyne. You get me so hot! When's your mom coming home?" Dane asked breathlessly. "I don't want her to catch us if we're, like, um, copuler." (Screwing.)

"Merde! (Shit!) The big hot jock is teasing me with his vast knowledge of the French language. I'm so impressed – not! Just 'cause you're in AP classes like me doesn't mean horse-fucking-merde," Tyne laughed. "Don't go down that road with me or je vais vous foutre en l'air mec, monsieur." (I'll fuck you up, dude.)

"In your dreams, cutie, dans vos rêves." (In your dreams.)

"Seriously? Mangez la merde et mourir. (Eat shit and die.) But enough already! She won't be home for a few hours yet, close to two in the morning probably. Plenty of time for me to get your pussy rocks off, if that's what you're worried about."

"Oh my god! You so wish. Bring it, dude, bring it on, you cunt!"

"What?!" Tyne yelled, letting go of Dane in mock disgust. "I can't believe you just said the 'C' word. Didn't your mom teach you better than that? Or even your big sister? Sheesh. What are the chicklets gonna say when you talk with that potty mouth like that? That's so unacceptable for a boy of your caliber." Then, after a second to catch his breath, he said, "Roll over, you nasty boy! Now you're gonna hafta be punished." Dane did as he was told, after he said he was sorry, like for the thousandth time and completely unsure if Tyne was being serious or not. Tyne straddled Dane and settled down on his lower back. Then Tyne scooted down a little bit more and slapped Dane's muscular ass, really hard, two or three times.

"Hey! I told you I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," he said quietly.

"Okay. I believe you. No worries. Just making sure. Wanted to press that point home. Just don't go saying that at school tomorrow. Noah learned that the hard way one time when we were freshman and he said that word to a girl. Got his ass kicked by a teeny little Goth girl and some of her friends. She was a senior with height issues. She stood over him with her skinny-ass little foot on top of his wiggly buns. He went down, down to the ground hard. He was so embarrassed he practically peed his pants. Then he ran away home and didn't talk to anybody for two weeks. I finally had to coax him back into reality."

"You're a good friend. That's why I like you so much. You're real," Dane said quietly. "A real dude."

"Um, I guess." It felt really good sitting there on top of this hot jock, the both of them almost, but not quite, completely naked. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts and getting back into the moment, then squirted some of the goopy liquid out of the bottle into his palms. Tyne rubbed them together to make it nice and warm so Dane wouldn't jump, then mashed them down, really hard on the hot jock's pearly-white flesh of his lightly-freckled shoulders. He massaged the lotion deep into the jock's heavy muscles, working up quite a sweat. Dane didn't say much, except for some oohs and ahh's and quite a few "oh, my, god's." Tyne just ignored him, and instead concentrated on massaging over the few dark brown freckles on his hard, broad shoulders with just his fingertips, like he was connecting the stars in the Milky Way.

Tyne rubbed some more of the warm, perfumed lotion deep into Dane's firm back for a few minutes, eliciting even louder oohs and ahh's from the prone teen. When the cream dried out, Tyne squirted some more liquid goo out of the bottle and, after rubbing his palms together once more to make it nice and toasty, he scooted his butt back around and down so that he was sitting directly on top of Dane's tight ass cheeks. His dick twitched when he realized where he was sitting, which made him giddy with excitement – no – it was total horniness. He plopped his hands down onto Dane's tight lower back, just above his ass, working the lower back muscles hard and fast, pressing into his white, virgin meat. It seemed to Tyne that Dane had turned into a deep, cold-water, ocean squid all of a sudden – all soft and fleshy – he was that relaxed. Dane's back was ripped, all muscular and taut from playing sports. Two deep dimples just above his ass, right and left of his spine, cried out for some serious attention. Tyne was in a gay boy's heaven, his hands soft and fiery at the same time, like an extension of his boner.

"How come you don't have much hair?" Tyne mumbled hoarsely after a few minutes of quietly rubbing, bringing Dane out of his horny slumber. Tyne remembered that Val had a few stray hairs on his back leading down into his comical boxers and covering his ass, and in some other strange places too.

"Because I'm Scottish. That's why. Is it a big deal for you?"

"Oh, hell, no! I like smooth dudes. It's way sexy. Just don't ever go and get all tatted up like your NBA heroes. When you're eighty, you'll look stupid. Saggy flesh, goofy tat's that won't be interesting. I bet it will be passé in a few years but then you'll be stuck with them. I'm not gonna do that to my body."

"Awesome, cutie. I hear you. No tats for me either. Those things last forever. And hair just takes up space, if you know what I mean, and gets in the way of things like hot ass massages."

"No shit. But take that up with Noah. He shaved off everything but the hair on his head. He's looks like a ten-year old with nipple and scrotum rings. But being shaved like that makes his dick and balls look way bigger. It's actually kinda cool, in a weird way, with his piercings down there. My guess is that Nick will be shaved pretty soon now that basketball season is over, if Noah has his way. And tat's all over both of them once they graduate."

"Cool that, I guess. Nick is one lucky guy. But clean skin is money. Sexy. Speaking of Nick, too bad it took him so long to come out and get down with a dude. But then, it took me a while, too. But you know, I never faked it by doing girls the way he did. At least I'm honest with myself. Oh god! That feels so good. Please, please don't stop doing that, T-Bone. If you keep doing that I'll love you forever and never leave. Your mother will have to adopt me. "

Tyne had been massaging all over Dane's lower back, digging his thumbs deep into his friend's flesh, way down low just above where his meaty butt cheeks ascended, pushing his thumbs into both sides of Dane's spine, and into those two deep divots. But then he got a little crazy. Sliding back and sitting on top of Dane's upper thighs, he started to swirl his palms and fingers in wide circles down even lower, slipping his fingers underneath the top of the elastic band of Dane's black, sexy shorts, pressing deep into the tops of his firm, muscular buns.

"Oh, God, Tyne! Tyne, please don't stop doing that," Dane cried out. "Please! Don't stop! That feels so fuckin' good. Nobody has ever touched me there on my ass like that before! It feels so goooood!"

Tyne took a second to lather up his hands once again, and then scooted back down even lower and positioned himself onto Dane's tight calf's, and started to rub up the back of his meaty thighs, sometimes underneath the lower hem of his boxers up to where his butt met his legs. Going higher each time, he squeezed and pressed into the hard butt flesh, making Dane wail out loud. Then, Tyne swallowed hard and willed his heart to stop racing, as he said, "Lift up. I gotta take your boxers off if I'm going to do this right."

Dane didn't say a word – he just shuddered, lifted up his ass, hooked his thumbs under the elastic band of his silky black boxers and pushed them way down over his meaty thighs as far as he could, exposing his big, beefy, snow white buns. Before he lay back down, Dane reached underneath and adjusted his hot, throbbing dick and pulled it straight up, then pressed it comfortably under his body on the soft, cotton quilt. Tyne took over then, and pulled Dane's boxers all the way off, down his strong legs and over his big, flat feet. He threw them over his shoulder onto the couch, after taking a quick, sneaky sniff of the crotch. Looking back down, there was Dane, naked to the world but only for Tyne to see. What a beautiful, hot, sexy sight! Virgin, pearly-white boy flesh shaped and chiseled by his athletic efforts into a mythical Greek God hewn from virgin white marble. The dinner of gay Champions everywhere! The sight of that naked teen meat made Tyne's dick twitch with the likes of horniness he'd never experienced. His smallish dick was swollen beyond capacity and was as hard as solid marble. He'd never been so hard. Well, not since messing around with Val in the hot spring.

Since Tyne was halfway standing up, on his knees, and since it would be rude to be the only one wearing clothes, he quickly shimmied and rolled over on his back and shucked out of his shorts and briefs, then settled back down on top of Dane, completely naked like Dane was. The red tip of his hard, little dick landed directly on top of where Dane's butt crack ended and his muscular legs began. That gave Tyne a crazy thought, and he wondered what it would feel like to shove his dick deep into Dane's fleshy ass, riding him like a race horse at the Kentucky Derby. He quickly shook his head, wiping the thought from his mind. He wasn't ready for that kind of stuff – yet. He had to get control of himself. He started to panic about how far he had gone already. Doubts flooded over him and guilt. Guilt for taking this so far with Dane while he was still thinking about Val. He knew he wanted to go all the way, he really did want to go there, but only when the time was right. Absolutely right. So not tonight. But maybe soon. Really soon. "Follow your heart, but use your head," rang in his mind's ear.

"Oh, hey," he quipped, lightening the mood. "You're naked. My gosh, how did that happen?"

"I don't know," Dane said thoughtfully. "I think some high school brainaic went wild and just stripped me nude. Maybe he wants to take me to show and tell for his anatomy lecture. But it's all cool. I like to be bare-ass naked. At least when I'm in good hands and amongst friends. You gonna give my ass a good rubbing? I sure hope so. God, Tyne, you weren't messing with me, you really are good at this massage thing. I could …"

"Oh, hell yeah I am good!" Tyne said to cut him off. "Just lay there and shut the fuck up. We're gonna skip the anatomy lecture and just head straight to the lab work. I'm gonna make you feel so good, good like you've never ever imagined." Tyne lathered up one more time, and then plopped his palms hard onto Dane's exposed, creamy, butt cheeks, slapping and pinching each one lightly, letting out a giddy little laugh when his fingers left tiny, light little pink marks all over the pale buns. He was totally excited to be the one in charge for a change. It helped suppress his doubts and guilt. Then, he commenced to rub, squeeze, manipulate, prod and buff the hot, white mounds of teen flesh. He dug his fingers deep into Dane's steaming hot buns, kneading and fawning over the untouched rump roast for the very first time, ever. He was woozy with excitement, crazed with lust, and giddy with delight. Looking down and seeing what he was doing to this hot, teenage jock, no questions asked, caused him to shiver and shake with incredible anticipation. His little dick was leaking and drops of warm cum slipped down his inflamed shaft.

Dane was going wild too. He was so caught up in the experience that he was totally speechless, which for Dane was unheard of. He just moaned and groaned and squirmed like a happy seal on a slimy, moss-laden rock near a sunny beach, with little grunion jumping out of the sea and into his toothy mouth. Satiated and satisfied.

Tyne kept rubbing all over the big white globes, sinking his fingers deep into the slippery skin softened with the lavender smelling lotion. He'd make firm, deliberate, circular swoops with his palms, from the top of Dane's puckered cheeks, down low all the way to where his fleshy ass disappeared to meet his strong, hard legs. He'd place his palms flat on Dane's buns and just work his thumbs and fingers deep into the hard flesh. Dane just continuously sighed with overwhelming satisfaction, completely at a loss for words and unable to do more than squirm a little. Every so often, Tyne would grab a fleshy cheek in each hand and spread the globes apart, getting a fast glimpse of Dane's treasured, hairless, virgin rosebud. But Tyne was sorta nervous to brush against the wrinkly dark-rose entrance, even though he so much wanted to do so. It looked so hot and inviting, and he really wanted to explore it further. So he thought about it for a minute and then said fuck it, threw caution to the wind and went for it.

Casually at first, he ran his slippery thumbs up the top part of Dane's crack, his rock-hard little boner twitching like crazy, dripping some cock-goo on top of Dane's thighs. Dane didn't seem to mind, and in fact, seemed to love it since every time Tyne leaked a bit, Dane felt the hot gooey liquid land on his legs and he'd let out a high-pitched moan and shove his ass up to meet Tyne's hands. Tyne rubbed along Dane's crack and every so often slipped over his back-end door with his thumbs. Just ever so lightly, over the wrinkly entrance. Tyne thought doing this would be freaky, but in fact, every time he ran his fingers over the jock's hot hole, he shuddered with excitement. And Dane seemed to dig it, too, reacting with another moan and grinding his crotch into the soft quilt.

Then suddenly, without any warning, Dane said breathlessly, "Stop! It's your turn. Let me do you. I gotta get up."

"Oh, okay. Did I hurt you?

"Dude, no way!" Dane said, pushing up and moving around on his hands and knees, flipping Tyne backwards onto his ass. "I was about to blow my load all over the place, hands free even. I'm not ready to do that yet."

"Gotcha," Tyne said. He was pretty close to the brink, too, but saddened he couldn't explore Dane's butt and that special secret place any further. He really liked digging into the jock's butt and tempting himself with the pucker hole.

"Man, your dick is as stiff as mine is," Dane said, after spying Tyne's rock-hard bobbing boner. "Let's switch places. Lay down and I'll rub your back. Just don't shoot – let's do that together, okay?"

"Oh…uh…yeah! That sounds cool. I'll do my best at least. I'm pretty horned up." Secretly, Tyne was thrilled. But he was kind of embarrassed about being rock-hard in front of Dane too for some reason. He'd only showed off his boner in front of Val a couple times before, and Val seemed to really like it. He wondered what Dane thought of his dick. Then he had a weird thought and worried that it was too small. "Do you think my dick's too small?" he worried out loud. But that thought was quickly answered.

"Oh, no, T-Dog. Your boner's cute. And I dug it when it leaked out all over my legs. That was way hot! Like hot lava erupting from Mount von Tynesdale."

"Funny, Dane, real funny." Tyne turned around real fast and dove head-first onto the puffy pile of old quilts because he was so conflicted and wanted to cover up his boner. He was embarrassed and ecstatic, light-headed, mellow but giddy with added horniness all thrown together in a sexual cocktail. Shaken, but not stirred. What a mix!

"I'm totally serious, dude. Don't put yourself down, cutie. That was freaking awesome. And you are too, Tyne. I love the looks of your dick. It's perfectly proportioned and bite sized. More than a mouthful is just a waste, right?"

"Thanks, Dane. Well, it's all your fault. You got me all horny," he said out of the side of his mouth into the big fluffy feathered pillow. Just like Dane had done earlier, Tyne settled down onto the floor and had to reach down and rearrange his hard stick-like boner so it didn't get bent, bruised or busted. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed, somewhat, and waited for Dane to do his magic to his naked, exposed flesh. Just the mere thought of the hot, naked jock on top of him doing sexy things with his big hands to his equally bare naked body made him quiver with eagerness, and his compact dick pulsed with anticipation. He took a fast, really deep breath and tried to center himself like he'd been taught to do in karate class. That seemed to help – but only just a little. He was in the land of Hornyville, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

Without warning, Dane plopped down on top of Tyne's ass, settling hard on top of his cute, meaty butt cheeks and lathered up his dry hands, then reached down and started to rub his palms and fingers up into Tyne's tight shoulders. Tyne felt Dane's scrunched up balls pressing into his bare ass cheeks and it made him shiver with excitement. Tyne's shoulders weren't as big and burly as Dane's were, of course, but Tyne had some good definition from his years doing Karate. Plus, to Dane's delight, Tyne's skin was a light coffee color, nary a freckle or imperfection anywhere to be seen. Dane loved it, and his exposed dick, already hard with a mind of its own, twitched right and left over the top of Tyne's naked body. He swore to himself right then and there that he was going to make Tyne feel just as good as Tyne had made him feel earlier.

Changing gears, and trying to get his mind off of the 'almost' sex he was having and trying to get control over his pending orgasm, Dane asked Tyne what song was playing on the sound system. He'd heard a few songs from Tyne's 'make out mix' earlier, some were good but nothing registered like the one that was playing then. It was a strange, guitar instrumental, making him happy, horny and giddy all at the same time, if that was even possible. Kind of like he was naked and soaring high over the Na Pali cliffs of Kauai, searching for Tyne on some remote and isolated sandy beach down below the high cliffs where Tyne was waiting, just as naked as he was. Someplace where they could kiss and make-out passionately and then share that most intimate of connection between them. Anyway, Dane was used to his dad's 70's rock music, and of course, the current songs they played on K-JAC FM, broadcast from the top of Hartsdale City Hall where everything was rap and hoe's and nothing sexy like this song. Maybe because he was naked and in touch with another naked guy, naked skin to naked skin, he was on sensory overload all of a sudden and propelled deeply into his other senses.

"It's Facing West, by Pat Metheny" Tyne said, waking him out of his own personal fantasy. "He has all of these great guitars. There are synthesizer ones, acoustic ones, even guitars that he made himself. Shit! He even has his own guitar roadie. Like Eddie Van Halen. His songs either get me really, really horny or so completely, undeniably sad. He's great though. You should hear 'First Circle' or 'It's For You' with his partner Lyle Mays. It's like crazy sex on top of a guitar covered with whipped cream and a cherry – right there on the stage in front of everybody for everybody to slurp up! I was lucky that my dad took me to see him one time at The Amphitheater over there in Chimney Beach at the lake a few years back. You either love it or hate it. I love it. Noah calls it jack off music, but he has no taste and talks out his ass all the time. Anyway, Pat Metheny doesn't get as much attention as he should since he doesn't sing." The music conversation served them both well and curbed the immediate risk of cumming prematurely.

"Awesome. I totally dig it. It's way hot, and I'm way horny." He was completely boned up, hard as a fuckin' brick, and he could hardly contain himself even after the small distraction. So he took a deep breath that rattled throughout his body and then, once he got it together, he poured the silky, thin lotion on top of the smaller boy, straight from the bottle, forgetting to warm it up first. But it didn't seem to matter so much to Tyne since he was so hot, he just moaned with pleasure as it splattered all over his back, shockingly cool. Putting the bottle down to the side, Dane reached out and rubbed the oil all over, just like Tyne had done to him, and worked it hard into his neck and shoulders, up and down and all around. After he got the upper muscles around his shoulders all relaxed, he squirted another gob onto his lower back, squirted a little on his own hard, bouncing cock, and rubbed another squirt onto Tyne's flesh like there was no tomorrow. Every time he reached down onto Tyne, his hard dick rubbed on Tyne's tight, slick little back, sending shivers of delight through Dane's body. He had to fight to compose himself because he was getting so turned on. He had never thought of doing this kind of thing with another guy. He had always thought when he'd meet another gay guy they'd go straight to fourth base like on the internet porno's he'd seen. Kiss a couple times, tear off the clothes and shove it up the butt and all that – none of the lead up to getting screwed kinda stuff. But this seemed so much better! Slow. Hot. Sensual and sexy.

Shaking his head quickly, that thought reminded him that he was still interested in Tyne's fleshy butt, so he scooted back a little on top Tyne's legs and squirted out some more lotion onto his fleshy butt cheeks. He drizzled even more of the liquid onto Tyne's cheeks, making sure it ran down the crack of his ass. He shot out another short squirt onto his own rock-hard dick, which was lying on top of Tyne's crack. Tyne didn't complain, and instead, just sigh and moaned with pleasure enjoying the erotic feeling of a hot thick dick pressed against him.

"That feel good?" Dane croaked out as he leaned down and nuzzled hoarsely into Tyne's left ear. He'd bent down further and pressed his buff chest onto Tyne's prone back, lips exotically close to Tyne's earlobe, his hard cock slipping seamlessly between Tyne's taut butt cheeks.

"Oh, my god, Val, yessss," Tyne moaned quietly into the pillow. Suddenly, Dane pushed himself up and off Tyne. He rose up and dismounted, kneeling next to Tyne. Tyne was startled from his daze and twisted to look at Dane in confusion. "What's wrong? Did you cum?"

"No. Did you?"

"No. I need to soon, though."

"You don't know? Do you?" Dane asked.

"Know what? What are you talking about, Dane? What's wrong?"

Dane smiled through his frustration and said unconvincingly, "Nothing. Forget it. It was nothing. Lay back down."

Dane squirmed around a little, then slowly leaned back up and rubbed all around Tyne's butt, spreading his tight cheeks and getting a glimpse of Tyne's little hole, just like Tyne had done to him. He slipped a finger over it and pressed. The knuckle started to disappear but Tyne clenched up.

"If you're prepping me to have full on sex, I'm not ready for that just yet. Okay?"

Dane hadn't been prepping for anything, but he got the message. Not yet and maybe not him. He climbed back over Tyne and backed down on Tyne's thighs and said, huskily, "Dude. Roll over. I need to massage your chest."

Tyne did, slowly, which was fairly easy because they were both so oily. And strangely, he wasn't even embarrassed that he was sporting the hardest boner of his life. Once he got fully turned around under Dane, he looked up into the eyes of the copper-headed boy. He had a huge grin on his face, and Tyne couldn't help but smile back.

"Close your eyes, T-Dog. Just enjoy the sensation."


Dane pointed the bottle of lotion directly at Tyne's chest and squirted out a stream of the liquid, starting at his pec's and working it slowly down in an S shape towards Tyne's groin. Then Dane squirted some on his own hard boner and then dropped the bottle and scooted up so that both boys' hard dicks were pressing on top of each other.

"Oh, Dane, that feels so hot!"

"I know cutie, I know. Just lay there and let me do my magic. I desperately need to cum with you."

Dane reached down and started working the lotion into Tyne's upper body. When he got down to Tyne's nickle-sized brown nipples he paid special attention to getting them good and lubricated, and then took his time lightly pinching and squeezing them. That made Tyne go crazy and he started to moan and roll around some. "Stop that! It feels weird."

Dane didn't say anything, and instead started rubbing Tyne's chest and stomach, making slow, strong arcs with the palms of his hands and barely pushing his fingers into the warm skin. He'd swirl all around, sometimes slowly and sometimes quicker. He'd rub up high and then pull both hands down the sides of Tyne's ribcage, teasing him. Tyne just moaned with pleasure.

Spreading a bit more lotion into his hands, he went back to work on Tyne's naked body, slowly rubbing lower and lower until finally, after about five minutes, he could take no more. He leaned back a little bit, then reached down and took both of their throbbing hot rods into each of his hands. Dane knew that he was close and he figured that Tyne was too, so he just lightly touched the pulsating shafts, rubbing the meaty flesh in the palms of his hands.

"Dane, I'm gonna blow if you don't stop that!" Tyne cried out.

"Yeah, me too," he said, but instead of continuing to get them off, he let go of both cocks and leaned all the way down so that he was fully on top of Tyne. Dane stretched his strong legs out and balanced on his toes. Then, looking deeply into Tyne's blue-green eyes one last time, he settled his lips down onto Tyne's and started to kiss the smaller boy with reckless abandon. Tyne didn't put up any sort of resistance, and instead, kissed back with identical force in a crazed sexual torrent.

Dane really started to slide up and down on top of Tyne now, grinding his hard cock deliberately onto Tyne's equally hard and throbbing cock. The sensation was phenomenal! Both boys were sweating now, releasing their unique musk as their bodies were trying to melt into one. Tyne was matching Dane's thrusts, but he was finding it hard to concentrate on Dane's sweet lips and tongue as he did so. Just as he was going to pull away, Dane made the decision for him and pressed his head down next to Tyne. Now they were fully entwined on top of one another – head to head and toe to toe. Tyne grabbed handfuls of Dane's firm ass cheeks and pulled him into his humping crotch.

Dane kept up the pace of grinding his hard cock onto Tyne while Tyne reciprocated by pushing his own hard cock up and into Dane's body. Soon, they found a great rhythm and were really relentless in their lust for each other. Tyne wrapped his arms around Dane's back to pull him even closer, if that was even possible. Then Dane started to groan into Tyne's ear, softly at first, but that was the final straw that Tyne needed to set him off.

Toes curled, fingers balled up, both boys let out loud moans of pleasure. Scrotum's pulled up tight and cocks blasted out shot after shot of that delicious hot boy batter. Dane shot the first volley of hot cum between their silky smooth stomachs, but Tyne was a very close second. Two, three, four and five good-sized loads were released and when no more sperm was forthcoming, the boys continued to grind into each other until the shared high was over.

When their breathing had resumed to normal, Dane rolled over and off of Tyne, and then scooted around and pulled Tyne into him so that they were spooning. He reached out and pulled up a loose part of the quilt so that it was covering both of them, wrapped his strong arms back around Tyne's chest, pulled him in tight and both boys fell asleep almost instantly. The next morning when Tyne woke at his usual hour to get ready for school, he found himself cuddled up naked against Dane's warm body. A large quilt had been draped over them both and Tyne realized his mother knew. He woke Dane and they showered together. They each threw down a bowl of cereal and Tyne reluctantly woke his mom for a ride. She was polite and didn't say anything about what she'd discovered. The conversation was strained because of the perceived embarrassment. As Tyne leaned over the console to kiss his mom's cheek after Dane climbed out of the back seat, his mom hushed his mumbled apology and simply said, "I love you Tyne. Just be safe, okay?" Tyne smiled and assured her he always would be.

Friday morning after the game, Val hated even the very idea of going to school. Still, he knew he had to go. He felt like he'd let both the team and the school down by not being able to play. But even worse than that, he didn't want to face Tyne and think about him and Dane being together. He knew it would be awkward and it was in fact really awkward. All day long, as the clock slowly ticked by, he felt more and more listless and frustrated. His emotions balled up inside him and began rolling downhill growing larger and larger like a snowball. At lunch, he saw that Dane was sitting with Tyne and Noah over by the chess tables so Val stayed inside with the rest of the basketball team. The group was pretty quiet, still sucking on their loss and pissed at Tyrell's stupid move. Tyrell hadn't come to school at all. It was sort of depressing and on top of that, the day was overcast and grey, adding to the general feeling of gloom.

Later, in Contemporary Lifestyles class, Tyne and Val shared some strained and uncomfortable conversation about the weather and then conveniently drifted into a pretend interest in Ms. Harris's lecture. Val desperately wanted to ask about Dane spending the night with Tyne, and what exactly they did together, but at the same time he didn't really want to hear it. As for Tyne, he felt uneasy about what he'd done with Dane and where that relationship was headed while still fighting his overwhelming feelings for Val. It made for an extremely uncomfortable situation for both of them.

After the bell, Tyne hung back after class to give Val a head start and then once he was out of sight, Tyne wandered over to the gym building. He walked through the gym and into the regular student locker room. The coaching offices split the regular lockers from the nicer team lockers. Nervously, Tyne knocked on Coach Carlson's door and was ushered in. He was offered a seat and asked what it was he needed.

"I think you know that I was with Val when he rolled his truck up in the mountains a couple weeks ago, right?"

"Yes. I knew it was you he was with. Everything all right?"

"Well, I've been concerned about Val lately and I think he's kind of depressed. I have an idea that might help him snap out of it."

"Okay, that's a good thing. What's your idea and how does it involve me?" Coach Carlson leaned back in his chair, offered a warm smile and fiddled with a pencil.

"Well, I found a place at The Commons that will let us hold a car wash fundraiser and we would use the proceeds toward purchasing a replacement truck for the one that got wrecked. The insurance isn't paying very much on the wrecked one and even for an older truck we need more money to help him replace it."

"That's a nice gesture. So I still don't see what you want from me."

"Well, to hold the car wash we need a certificate of insurance from a non-profit organization or The Commons management won't let us hold the car wash on their property. So I was hoping the basketball booster club could help provide us with that."

Coach leaned forward in his chair and set the pencil down. "I'm afraid that's not possible, son. The school district monitors the booster club activities very closely. A few years ago another coach used the money for lap-dances at the downtown strip club, Skank-ees. After that got out, every penny doled out has the utmost scrutiny." He fished around in a drawer and pulled out a form that he slid over to Tyne. "This is the request for a fundraiser and to get a certificate of insurance. As you can see, it is very specific about the purpose and use of the funds. All the funds would have to be deposited into the booster account and checks have to be written by only authorized signers for approved expenses. All of that gets audited and helping buy a player a new truck wouldn't be an acceptable use. I'm sorry. Your motives are admirable, but I can't help you. How much do you need anyway?"

"Probably eight or nine thousand dollars." The coach guffawed, started to double over but then caught himself.

"Sorry. It's just that I've run a lot of car washes for the booster club and the absolute best one we ever held earned just over $1100."

"Oh, that's all? That's like nothing. Okay, well thanks. I'll have to think of something else."

"Yeah, I'm afraid so, son. Good luck to you."

"Thanks." Tyne left the office a bit dejected. Well, a lot dejected. He walked out into the gym area and past most of the basketball team. Since their season was over, they didn't have to practice during sixth period anymore and most of them were just milling around in their street clothes tossing basketballs randomly at the basket. Some, including Dane, were in the bleachers getting a head start on their homework. Tyrell was noticeably absent, which wasn't a big surprise. Val saw Tyne and called out to him, but didn't make any effort to walk over and talk to him, since he didn't have much to say. Val's shout got Dane's attention and he put his books down with a slam and trotted over. They bumped knuckles. Seeing the two guys chatting together made Val jealous, so he quickly walked over, out of curiosity, with his hands clenched tight in his pockets.

"What are you doing here, T-dog?" Dane asked. "Looking for me, cutie?" He whispered the last part, not wanting his teammates to overhear.

"I was talking to Coach Carlson about an idea that I had to help someone, but it's not going to work out."

"That's too bad. What was your idea? I think you're amazing. You're always thinking about things and looking for the right angle, always wanting to help somebody out. No wonder you get such good grades. What are you like a 4.4 now or something? Can you even go that high? Have you ever had anything besides an A, like ever?" Dane asked all in one breath.

"Uhh, it was nothing important. But yeah, I got a B once. Anyway, it won't work out and it was kind of a naïve idea so it's a little embarrassing. I'd rather not talk about it. Anyway, I gotta get to class. Later, k?"

"Okay. See ya tonight, cutie. Around seven, and you have to wear a shirt with a collar on it, remember?"

Tyne looked embarrassed, purposely avoided looking at Val and said softly and quickly, "Yeah, shirt, collar, seven, got it."

"You and Tyne going somewhere tonight?" Val asked, as he approached the two boys. He had heard just the tail end of their conversation and wanted to know more.

"Yeah, my dad's entered some of his old cars in a car show for this weekend at the Hartsdale Country Club and Tyne's coming with us to go see the show. It's at this fancy place so you have to kind of dress up for it. Not like a suit and tie kind of thing or anything but just no jeans or t-shirts, you know? You ever been to a car show? They're pretty cool. There are some freakin' sweet rides there. You're into cars and trucks, right?"

"Yeah. Have fun." Val turned and walked abruptly away back to the group tossing up random shots at the basket. Dane shrugged and retreated to his bleacher to resume his homework.

Later, on the ride home, Noah sensed Tyne's mood and asked about it. "What's going on now, pussycat?"

"The car wash at King's gallery won't work out. It's history. The booster club can't let us use their insurance and King said The Commons won't let us do it without insurance and so we're screwed over. Why does everything have to be so complicated?"

"I know, T. It sucks royally. Poor King. He was so looking forward to all that half-naked teen meat. I say we revert to plan B."

"Which is?"

"You become a male prostitute and let me pimp you out. We'll be able to buy Val a new truck and replace my ride both in like a week or two. Or maybe I could just fix this one up, like totally redo it from top to bottom with pink leather seats, shag carpet, pearlescent paint job, and a killer sound system. It could be sweet!"

"How about doors that open and shut, an engine that doesn't send out smoke signals every time you accelerate and sound like the high school drum and bugle corps when it's running?"

"Yeah, that too, of course."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Noah, but this fine piece of ass isn't for sale." Tyne lifted a cheek off the torn fabric of Noah's passenger seat and slapped himself.

"Okay, plan C then. We let Nick's rents put some heat on the Channel Six News idiots and see if they can shake some cash out of the money tree over there. I mean, why not?"

"Okay. What would it really hurt? I guess we can try. Plus, now the fucking insurance company is messing with Val and his dad, I guess. When I went over and talked to his dad about the car wash idea, he was telling me all about it. They're trying to get out of paying because of some kind of off-road exclusion or some other bullshit. And if they do pay, they only want to give them like $7,000 dollars on it total. Can you believe it? It's all such a racket."

"We'll sic Nicky's rents on that insurance bullshit, too. Ka-ching!" he said, making a whipping motion with his hand.

"You sure have a lot of confidence in Nick's parents. What's to say they'll even care and want to be bothered?"

"You forget Nicky and Val have been best buds forever – like when they were in diapers or something. His parents are actually pretty cool and are totally connected. My god, the mayor practically calls Nick's mom from the toilet before he takes a dump to make sure she's okay with it. Doesn't want to get hemorrhoids or something. I swear to god, she runs this fucking city."

"Okay, well knock yourself out then."

"I'm on it like glittered eyeliner on a drag queen." Then Noah started pressing Tyne for details of his night with Dane, but Tyne just put him off. Even though he'd planned on texting Noah about it while it was happening, afterwards, he decided not to. Noah got in a funk over it and started pouting. He hated not knowing intimate details about his best friend and he especially hated it when Tyne wouldn't share the dirty, down-low details. Finally, Tyne let it slip that he had another date with Dane that night to go to a car show with Dane's family. That perked Noah right back up and he started to offer outfit suggestions.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm going to wear plain, beige colored khakis and a blue, cotton, button down shirt. Nothing fancy, but I'll still fit in."

"OMG. Butter my buns and call me a biscuit. That is so, so not sexy. Tyney, baby, get real. How are you ever gonna catch a man wearing that slop? You'll look like you work at Best Buy."

"I don't know, Noah, I just don't know. I can't figure out what the best thing to do is or what I really want. Being with Dane is fun and exciting and all, but I'm just not sure I want to start a real relationship right now with him at this point in my life." He purposely left out that he still couldn't get over his feelings for Val, in spite of knowing it was pointless.

The dark abyss Val had wandered through after he got home from the hospital gaped open its ugly jaws and swallowed him up again. The season was over and there would be no more practices or games for distraction. Val worried that he may never be able to play again and even though he had enjoyed helping to coach, he knew that wasn't likely to be possible again in the next season. It was a fluke because of his situation this season. He started dwelling again on all the things he'd lost since the accident and the heavy darkness overshadowed his normally cheerful countenance. He slept in often and was belligerent about getting up for school or other activities. His tardies had mounted to the point that Val was sentenced twice to serving after school detentions, which didn't seem to even bother him. He answered everyone's questions in short, abrupt and occasionally rude quips and more and more people just started to avoid talking to him.

When Tyne came over on Tuesday's and Thursday's it was exciting for Val and he was honestly happy to see his friend. However, when he arrived and actually sat down next to him to study, the guilt Val felt over the recurring urges to grab Tyne and smother him with kisses ruined the experience. Kissing was only part of what Val wanted to do with him. He really wanted to strip him naked and press the flesh, living out his almost daily bedtime fantasies. He desperately wanted to taste that tantalizing little cock between his legs and suck on his nice balls. It was a near obsession with him. Many a doodle rag was soaked in Val's cum during those weeks with Tyne as the inspiration. Tyne held himself aloof in Val's presence, making no overt attempts to entice Val, but there was still a glint in those brilliant blue-green eyes and the lingering touches that communicated the silent messages Val longed for. He still had feelings for him. Val knew it, and knowing it made the situation even harder to deal with.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Sylvia came by to study and they continued attending the Wednesday night youth meetings at her church. Val and his family also continued attending the Sunday church services in spite of his dad's complaints. His mom had found friends there and so they were going and that was that. Vi had no complaints since Vi and Tim had become an item, officially going out together, and they always ended the Wednesday night activity with a goodbye kiss. They held hands at every opportunity and they talked on the phone every day. Tim invited Vi to the spring dress-up dance at his school and she was so excited to go with him. She jabbered on and on about it until Val got nauseous from hearing it. Seeing them together and witnessing the innocent joy of puppy love shared between the two pre-teens made Val a bit jealous of her.

He still enjoyed Sylvia's company and he found her increasingly attractive. She had truly blossomed into a lovely young woman and had actually taken Noah up on his offer to help her do some shopping. To her surprise, Noah jumped at the chance to help her and kept saying, 'Oh, Val will like how you look in that,' whenever she tried things on that he'd picked out for her. She dressed in style, though sufficiently modest to please her father, and gained significant self confidence along with her newfound beauty. She initiated hand holding and begged kisses from Val at every opportunity and he obliged her. He considered, more than once, pursuing another chance to take her virginity.

On the most recent Wednesday night outing, After Vi had gone inside, Val hung back with Sylvia on the porch step. Sylvia pulled him in close and engaged him in kissing and hugging. Val surrendered to his male passions and got a little carried away, making out with her right there on the doorstep. When he regained his senses, he had his tongue firmly stuffed in Sylvia's mouth, dragging the tip of it across the roof of her mouth while he had both hands roaming freely under her blouse, one in front and one in back. He was passing the gay test and had his firm erection pressed into her just above the hip. He stepped away, smoothed her blouse and apologized. Sylvia told him there was nothing to apologize for. She loved being with him. She confessed her love for him and willingness to share "everything" he wanted together. Her intent was obvious and it left Val in a serious quandary. After a last peck on the lips good night, he retreated inside and off to his room where he pulled out the poem he'd written. He read it over and over. That night his cum was spilt making imaginary love to Sylvia and feeling guilty over it afterward.

Val ruminated about Dane and Tyne spending more and more time together and while he tried to pretend it didn't bother him, he felt the jealous juices churning inside. Dane joined Noah and Tyne every day at lunch and Val watched them as the three of them laughed and joked together. They'd invited him a couple of times to sit with them, but he felt like a fourth wheel. He wished he had second lunch with Sylvia so he could sit with her instead. That would be so much less awkward. So he ended up either sitting alone or with Evan and some of the other basketball guys, even though he didn't feel like he fit in with them anymore either. Eventually, he stopped going to lunch altogether and went to the gym to shoot baskets by himself. More like, he went to the gym and missed shooting baskets by himself. His depth perception had improved to a point and then reached a plateau. He could get around fine and even drive again now when he could borrow his mom's car, but hitting a basket from any distance was definitely a hit and miss proposition. Even though he could drive, not having his own set of wheels made his frustrations grow.

On Saturday, two full weeks after the game, Val woke up to an empty house. His mother had attempted to wake him earlier to go with them to Vi's soccer tournament but he'd resisted. Not wanting to fight about it, they'd left without him. Now he was feeling lonely and guilty for not supporting Vi. Guilt was a close companion to depression. They went together like peanut butter and jelly or, in his mind, like Val 'n Tyne. He got up and pissed and then walked to the kitchen wearing just his Farticus boxers. He toasted some strawberry Pop-Tarts and ate three bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios. Val washed the bowl and looked out the window. He wandered out back and picked up the dog's ball and tossed it around with Torque. He repeated the process a dozen times but grew tired of it long before the dog did. After the final toss, Val trotted around the corner next to his wrecked truck to hide from Torque. He pulled the passenger side door open and climbed in.

Val reached under the dash and flipped the bypass switch he'd installed so that the radio would play without the keys in the ignition. He was pleased to find the battery good and the system still able to function, albeit the bass from left rear speaker was messed up. While he was leaning down to flip the bypass switch, he noticed something under the seat. He reached under and pulled out one of Tyne's black ankle socks. He rubbed it lightly between his thumb and forefinger. It made him reflect back on the time at the lake and how much fun they had in the hot spring. He lifted it to his nose and sniffed. It smelled dank and musty, like the rest of the truck, only stronger. Val thought about lying naked together with Tyne under the blanket as they'd snuggled to remain warm. Val remembered the feeling of his erection pressed against Tyne's soft body and thought about the times he'd brushed his hand over Tyne's stiff rod. Glancing around and seeing no way of being detected, Val unbuttoned his fly and fished his large trout from the flap. He rubbed Tyne's sock gently over his bulging dick and closed his eyes as he slipped into a sexual fantasy starring Tyne as the supporting actor.

Val was listening to a thumping song with a solid dance beat to it and stroking himself with both hands. His left hand bumped his bunched up balls on the down stroke and his right hand rolled over the sensitive ridge of the head on the upstroke. After stroking nice and slowly for a while, he began feeling the initial effects on his motor controls and his butt cheeks flexed. Next, his toes curled involuntarily as the chemicals flooded the brain. His sphincter tensed and then tightened while his lower lip pulled downward into a grimace when the tension built up to the moment of release. "Ahhhh, yes!" Val called out as his thick, white cum erupted from his expansive, long dick. He opened his eyes to watch a second load fly from his slit towards his face. He instinctively dropped his jaw as the spurting juices splashed onto his tongue, lip and chin. He slid the slippery cum over his tongue and tasted his cream as a third spasm ejected another stream onto his chest.

"Ugghhhh," Val groaned as he came off the high of the orgasm and felt the remaining cum dribble down his dickhead onto his fingers. A final involuntary spasm coursed through his body ejecting one last small spurt of cum. His stroking slowed as his breathing started to regulate. He took Tyne's sock in his fingertips and wiped his chest and dick with it. He sat there waiting for his dick to droop, listening to the radio with his eyes closed and basking in the post orgasmic escape from his sadness. Self abuse was his drug of choice when he wanted to forget about life for a minute. Suddenly, he was startled by the sound of Tyne's laughter.

"Dude," Tyne blurted between high pitched giggles, "what are you doing?"

"Holy shit!" Val jerked and reacted by covering his drooping dick. Then he realized it was Tyne standing there as if he'd conjured him up from his sexual fantasy. "What the F are you doing here?"

"Nuh-uh. I asked you first. What are you doing?"

"Well, I was … I was just checking out if the system still worked," Val stammered.

"Which system? Your sound system or your reproductive system?" Tyne joked and then added, "Based on the sound and the smell, I'd say both systems are in good working order."

"Funny, smartass. So now answer my question, what the F are you doing here?" Val repeated as he stuffed his limp tube back into his fly.

"I came by to take some pictures of your truck and get the make and model of it."


"Umm, for my insurance."

"What the F does that have to do with your insurance?"

"It's just … well … I don't know. It's complicated. I just need it."

"Whatever." Val opened the glove box and pulled out the handbook and registration on the truck and Tyne copied it all down on the notes app in his phone. Then he asked Val to get out of the truck so he could snap some pics of it.

Val carefully climbed out, avoiding broken glass shards and held Tyne's sock out, "I found your sock. Here, you can have it back. I hope you don't mind I sort of used it just now after my system check."

"Eww, sick. No thanks. You can keep it. Stick it under your bed and keep it for a doodle rag. Think of me when you use it."

"I did."

"You did what?" Tyne asked as he focused his phone cam on the smashed driver's side.

"Think about you."

Tyne pulled his focus away from the picture and turned his full attention to Val. It was almost comical seeing him standing there, tall and muscular, naked except for his Farticus boxers, dangling the cum soaked sock from his fingers with a distorted, pensive look on his face.

"TMI. That seems a little creepy, to be honest." Tyne returned his attention back to the truck and concentrated on getting the right zoom level to illustrate the full extent of damage. Val lowered the sock to his side and took a step back to lean against the house. He felt the rough, cold exterior of the wall against his bare back. He watched Tyne take several more shots of the truck and mustered the courage to ask a question he may not want to know the answer to.

"Do you ever think about it?" Val asked quietly.

"Think about what?" Tyne busied himself with reviewing his pics on the phone viewer.

"Our time at the lake. Do you think about it sometimes still?"

Tyne stuffed his phone in his jeans and looked Val straight in the eye, "Every day – every fucking day." Val desperately tried to read the expression and intonation in Tyne's response but he couldn't. He wasn't sure if it was spoken with regret or fondness. There may have been a bitter edge to it – or maybe not. Whatever was behind it, there was definitely melancholy.

"Tyne, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for F'ing it all up." Val sagged against the wall, tossed the soiled sock angrily back through the open truck window and pressed both fists against his eye sockets willing himself not to cry.

"I know. It's over so just let it go, all right? I hate seeing you like this, beating yourself up. Besides, it's not you. Life's just fucked up. Shit happens, people die, trucks get smashed, you lose big games, people … come and go in your life. That's just how it is."

Val swallowed hard and mumbled, "I guess you're right."

"You gonna be okay? I need to go. Nick and Noah are waiting in the car. We have to go pick up …." Tyne cut himself off.

"Dane?" Val filled in the blank.

"Yeah. We're going over to Nick's and grill some burgers and swim. Why don't you come with us? You really need to get out of here."

"No thanks," Val muttered. "I'm fine."

"No you're not fucking fine!" Tyne exploded. "People who are fine don't wander around at noon in their goofy fucking boxers and jack off in their busted up trucks so they can cum in some other guy's sock. That's not fucking fine. People who are fine don't mope around all day and quit trying to get on with their life and push everyone away. Enough wallowing in your fucking self pity. Go get some board shorts on and get your grumpy ass out in the car. You've got five fucking minutes!"

"You think you're so smart. What makes you think you know what I'm going through?"

"It was on my psychology final. Question 31 was true or false: 'A guy who masturbates in broken down vehicles is mentally unstable, depressed and in desperate need of friendship.' I marked true and since I got 100% on the test, it must be true. Now go get your fucking ass dressed and out to the car, now!"

Val blurted out a snorting laugh. "Of course you'd say you got 100%. Thanks for trying, Tyne. Seriously, thanks. But I'd just feel all awkward and shit over at Nick's. I'd just be the odd man out."

"Dude, we're talking about me, Nick, Dane and Noah for god's sake. It's not possible to be 'odd' in that group. Just come with us. Please."

Val hesitated but answered, "No, I'll pass. You should go get Dane."

Thinking fast, Tyne pulled his cell phone back out of his pocket. He dialed Sylvia.

"Hey Sylvia," Tyne said cheerfully. "We're headed over to Nick's house for a b-b-q and pool party. Val's gonna be there and he wanted me to call and see if you could come. Can you?" Val pushed off the wall and took a step toward Tyne like he was going to rip the phone out of his hand.

"What are you doing?" Val mouthed. Tyne gave him the hand to signify that he should be quiet and leave it alone.

"You can? Great. I'll text you the address. Awesome. See you there soon."

"Why'd you just do that?" Val scolded. "You had no business doing that."

"Dude. Seriously? You need to get out. If she's there, you won't be the odd man out. Four gay guys and whatever the hell you are, makes her the odd man out instead of you. Now go get some shorts on and let's go. I'm hungry and Nick's parents are waiting for us so hurry up."

"You're impossible, you know that?"

"So I've been told," Tyne said walking away, shaking his head but inwardly smiling. "So I've been told. Now hurry your ass up. And burn that fucking sock when you get back home."

Val was simultaneously annoyed and pleased. He trotted inside and pulled out a pair of blue and yellow board shorts, a nice, pale blue t-shirt to match and stuffed his toes into his flops. He swapped out the cum-soaked Farticus boxers, opting for a pair of black ones with a red Iron Man over the fly. He grabbed a beach towel from the hall closet, jotted a quick note to leave on the table for his parents and went out to join the guys. Noah had vacated the front seat for Val's long legs and was sitting in the back sporting a small scowl. He didn't like being separated from his beloved Nicky and he definitely didn't like the idea of Val being around Tyne and Dane. Nick and Val bumped knuckles when he climbed in and they sped off to get Dane. When they arrived at Dane's house, Dane was visibly surprised to see Val but tried to mask it quickly. Tyne realized he should have sent Dane a fast text to warn him, but couldn't do anything about it then. Tyne unbuckled his seat belt and slid to the middle of the back seat to make room for Dane to sit next to him. Dane wedged himself in and gave shout outs to everyone and a quick squeeze to Tyne's leg. Dane had on a black swimsuit with white stripes on the sides and Tyne reached down and tugged at a few of the sparse and straggly red hairs on the inside of Dane's fleshy white thigh.

"Oww. Stop that." Dane whispered and jerked his leg away, swatting at Tyne's hand. Tyne just giggled, proud of himself. Noah relaxed a bit and smiled when he saw Tyne interacting so easily with Dane in front of Val. They all chatted about music and their favorite new songs on the way to Nick's.

"So anyway, I actually found Val sitting in his truck checking out his system when I went in to take the pics of his truck," Tyne commented. Val spun abruptly and shot Tyne a warning glance. He wasn't sure how far he was going to go with the story. Tyne grinned at him a bit mischievously and then added, "It still sounds pretty good except for the one bass speaker in the back was a little messed up." Val relaxed and turned around. "Adele sounded like she was gargling. It must have gotten soaked with something wet," he quickly added, raising an eyebrow and looking around the headrest over at Val.

When they pulled up to Nick's, Tyne and Noah followed Nick inside to change while Dane and Val went out back to the pool. When Nick and Noah headed into Nick's bedroom, Tyne asked where the bathroom was at so he could change. "It's all right, just come in here with us," Nick offered with a nod of his head. "We all have the same equipment." Reluctantly, Tyne followed them in and closed the door behind him. He went over by the closet and pulled his dark blue, Hawaiian print suit out of his dark green gym bag and started to undress with his back turned to Nick and Noah. But then he had to turn around when Nick started laughing his butt off. "What the hell is that thing?" Nick asked, pointing at Noah.

Tyne broke out laughing too, as Noah stood there stark naked, hairless as the day he was born, with a tiny, yellow bikini Speedo stretched out with both hands to display it. Nick was shaking his head and laughing as he slipped his own grey boxer briefs down and off, providing Tyne his first glimpse at his hot, buff, naked body. Tyne knew the polite thing would be to look away but he couldn't bring himself to, and anyway, he wanted to see if Noah was stretching the truth. While he was no match for Val's hot physique, he was no slouch either. His body was athletic from head to toe and he had a well formed, cut penis that lay softly against a respectable ball sac. His pubes had been trimmed into a nice triangular patch and it looked like his balls were shaven clean, no doubt some of Noah's handiwork.

Noah picked up on Tyne's lustful gape and stepped in close to Nick. He threw his arm over Nick's shoulder pulling his neck to him, letting the Speedo dangle over Nick's right breast and said, "Isn't he just one hot hunk of burnin' man flesh?" Tyne chuckled nervously and Noah carried on, "And the best part is, he's my burnin' hunk, aren't you baby?" Noah pulled Nick in for a kiss.

Nick smiled and flipped his boxers onto his bed and answered, "Definitely, Woody. And these sweet jewels here are all mine to play with." Nick grabbed a handful of Noah's smooth dick and balls as they pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss.

"Oh my god, I should have opted for the bathroom," Tyne said, spinning away and quickly pulling his pants off and his suit on. The two broke their kiss and laughed at his discomfort.

"Nah, it's all cool. Sorry about that. We're done. At least for now, right Woody babe?" Nick asked.

"Oh yeah, Nicolito. Now I have something to look forward to for later when we're alone."

"What's with the Woody thing? I thought only your mom and sister called you that?"

"It's my nickname for Noah. There's a whole story behind it with his Toy Story Woody doll and his older brother, Booby playing with his woody," Nick said.

"Yeah, I know all about it, I was just surprised you used it since I didn't think Noah liked it all that much."

"He likes it when I use it. Want to hear what he says when I pull his string?" Without waiting for an answer, Nick reached down and grabbed Noah's limp dick and gave it a tug.

Impersonating Tom Hanks in the Woody character voice, Noah said, "There's a snake in my boot." Then he added, "Wanna take it out and play with it?" They all laughed. Nick gave his dick another tug and Noah said, "Reach for the sky! But drop yer pants first." Tyne was doubled over when Nick gave one last tug and Noah said, "I see yer Bullseye. And I wanna ride it all night long."

"Enough, enough. You two are twisted," Tyne said between fits of laughter. They settled down, finished dressing, walked out back, and found Val engaging Dane in an animated conversation over the most recent player trade between the Kings and the Miami Heat. Tyne was relieved that they weren't shooting daggers at each other or worse, swapping punches. The two of them broke up the conversation and looked up together, busting out in laughter simultaneously when they saw Noah. In addition to his yellow Speedo, he'd donned a white and yellow striped tank top that had been cut off at the bottom of the rib cage and hemmed up to expose his mid drift. It was quite a sight. He immediately put on a show with one hand on his perky, little ass and the other behind his head while swiveling his hips from side to side provocatively. "You like?" Everyone laughed and Nick slapped his ass, grabbed him in his arms and ran to the pool carrying Noah with him and jumped into the deep end. Noah came up sputtering and promising revenge on Nick's ball sac later on when he least expected it. The others joined them and soon everyone was splashing around and having fun. Sylvia arrived a few minutes later and was surprised that she was the only girl there. She put her stuff by a deck chair and took her wrap off to reveal a yellow bikini, albeit not a real skimpy one.

"Wow, It's gonna be hard to tell Sylvia and Noah apart," Dane commented, drawing laughter from everyone.

"Nah," said Nick, "Sylvia's the one with a slightly bigger bulge …" Everyone expected him to say in her top but instead he pushed away from Noah and finished by saying, "in the crotch." He laughed immediately at his own joke and everyone else joined him except for Noah who pretended to be offended. Sylvia looked a bit embarrassed but didn't say anything. Noah swam to the ladder and climbed out.

He walked over to the picnic table and snatched a half cut cucumber from the platter. The other half had been cut in slices for the burgers later on. Noah stuffed the cuke in his Speedo and cocked his hips in his trademark manner and said, "Now you'll mistake me for Val."

"Oh no," Sylvia chimed in to try and be part of the joke. "Val's felt much bigger than that." As soon as the words escaped her lips, she wanted to retract them.

A chorus of "OHHHH," broke out from everyone as Sylvia clasped both hands over her mouth and Val plugged his nose and went under the water. His face was flushed and red with embarrassment. Noah jumped back in the pool with the cuke still lodged in his Speedo. He chased Nick around wanting a hug and teasing that Nick wanted to cop a feel of his big bulge. Finally, the joke grew old and Dane suggested playing Marco Polo like he used to do as a kid. They did that for a while and the embarrassing situation blew over. Then they got out and Nick started grilling up the burgers. Noah finally pulled the cucumber out of his bikini bottoms and started to put it back on the platter. "NOOO!" everyone cried out.

"God, Noah, throw that thing away. We all know where it's been." They all laughed as Noah tossed it in the trash can. Once the food was ready, they sat in no particular order at the table and devoured the burgers. Over the meal, the topic of spring break came up.

"I want to go to Mother Lode Lake. I hear that's a hot spot for guys and girls to get lucky," Noah chimed in. Everyone shot him daggers. "What? I heard it on the news, so it must be true, right?"

"Oh my god, Noah, you are so inappropriate sometimes," Nick said disapprovingly.

"Seriously, though, I'd love to go camping. I've never done it before," Dane commented.

"I wouldn't mind doing it either, to be honest. We should all go together and have a guy's camping trip for like three days or something. We could fish, ride Val's and my quads, swim and maybe go check out the ghost town. It could be fun," Nick added, warming up to the idea.

"Ahhh," complained Sylvia. "Why guys only? I want to go. I love to camp."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just assumed you wouldn't be into that," Nick apologized.

"I go all the time with my dad. I have my own fishing pole and tackle. I have my own tent and all the other gear. I even have a big down sleeping bag rated for minus twenty. Plus, I bait my own hook and clean my own fish. I can cook some wicked camp chow over the fire too. So there."

"Wow. Impressive," Val said. Tyne wasn't too strong on the idea of being back at Mother Lode Lake with everyone. It was his special place with Val and he wasn't keen on the others moving in on it – especially not Sylvia.

"It's agreed then," Val declared. "We'll all go to Mother Lode Lake for spring break."

"Me included?" Sylvia begged.

"Sure. You're part of the gang now, I guess. Especially if you can gut a fish. Tyne might need your help with a refresher course."

"I can clean my own fish, thank you very much," Tyne shot back.

"Oh my god, I'm so excited. I can't wait. I've got to do some shopping. I should make a list. Where's my phone? Imagine how much fun we can have in the tent at night, Nicky! Woo-hoo!" Noah wandered off looking for where he put his phone down at. Val was also excited and was more like his old self all of a sudden. Even Dane seemed excited. Val could tell that Tyne was trying to act excited but was clearly just acting and Val wondered why that was. He thought it would make Tyne happy to be going back up there. Tyne excused himself to go speak with Nick's father about the truck information. Val wondered what Nick's father would have to do with his truck and made a mental note to ask Tyne when he came back.

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