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Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch


"On your knees!"

Not like bending down, more like collapsing. Carey's knees hit the wet sand, a foot or so from the water. Apollo beside him, just outside of his peripheral vision. Hands behind their heads.

"You like Boyz II Men rifaqa?" Omar squealed with a cackle. Not getting a response from either, he continued, now singing. "You know. 'Although we've come to the end of the road, I can let you go.'" Off key. In an obnoxious falsetto.

"I think it's 'I still can't let go.'" Apollo corrected.

"I changed. You don't mind?" Omar smiled with his teeth. Not a real smile.

"C'mon Omar," Apollo smirked.

"I told you once before. Leave us again. You die." Serious now.

Carey looked out to the gray horizon. No matter what. He was going to keep his eyes open. Even if this was the end.

It sounded like Omar was about to say something. But, then, without warning: Boom!

Carey jerked with the sudden crack of the gun. It wasn't for him, though. He was still there. He heard the body hit the sand. Without looking, he knew it was Apollo. Tears filled his eyes and he started hyper-ventilating. The back of his head and his cheek were suddenly wet.

He raised his eyes a little higher. A mist of blood rose in the air. It just floated away and disappeared. Like dust in the wind.

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