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Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 1

Jilly and Antoine.

Church camp. Jilly took notice of him first at Vespers. That was the camp's rather oblique way of adding a prayer service into their daily activities without making it seem like going to church. Antoine stood out, of course. Shiny black skin, shaved head, deep brown eyes, a wide flat nose, thick puckered lips. When he spoke, he had a delightfully soft English accent. His family had recently moved to town from the UK.

She sought him out later. At first a bit reticent, then he opened up to her. They bantered playfully back and forth. She liked him. He was smart and just as quick witted as she was. Now 12 years old, Jilly had become very selective about who she would hang out with. A lot of the girls thought she was stuck-up. She didn't care. She knew that her carefully developed persona was intimidating.

Her mom was a speech therapist who insisted that she and her younger sister, Jo-Jo, speak in complete sentences. No "Umm's" or "ah's." If you can't think of what to say next, she instructed, just take a breath. And, if you don't have anything to say, just don't say anything at all. She made them practice looking in her eyes when she talked to her. Don't let your eyes wander. It just makes you look ignorant, her mother had said.

Jilly wandered down a hiking trail during free time one day. Totally by accident, she discovered him laying out in a small clearing. Because he was mostly obscured by some small trees and bushes, she didn't realize he was naked until she was already upon him. Laying on his stomach, a towel spread out beneath him, he barely moved once he saw her. It was too late anyway.

Flopping down next to him she asked, "What are you doing?" A half smile, half giggle on her lips.

"Well, it's free time, so I'm being free," Antoine chuckled.

She looked him over. Smooth dark skin, narrow hips, hard round butt cheeks, a deep cleft in the middle of his back, strong shoulders, a narrow neck. She wasn't exactly used to looking at naked boys her age, but he looked pretty good!

"Is this a thing for you?"

"I dunno. Sometimes. If I feel like it."

Jilly shrugged.

"Do you mind?" She asked as she grabbed the bottom hem of her t-shirt.

In less than a minute, she was naked, too. Antoine moved over on his towel to give her some room. She lay on her back, frozen, acutely aware that all of her parts were just "out there." Pale as he was dark, small breasts that were more like bumps on her chest, small hard pinkish brown nipples, a cute stomach, and a fluff of dark brown pubic hair above her vagina.

"This is savage!" She broke into wave of non-stop giggling.

Antoine giggled himself as he turned over onto his back to lie next to her. That's when she saw it. Amazing! This long thick thing, darker than the rest of him, scary hard.

Jilly started to feel a little afraid.

"I'm not sure I actually want to do anything," she said quietly.

"That's all right. Don't worry."

He was being so polite, she thought! Maybe she should let him…do something. She just stared straight up to the sky.

"Can I tell you something?" Antoine asked.


"Just between us."


"I'm gay."

Jilly let out a long sigh of relief.

"Oh. That's really ok. I mean…"

She couldn't think of what she should say next. Her mom would be really pissed off if she heard the way she was speaking.

For the next few minutes, they just talked. A frank and open discussion. Antoine confessed that he'd been gay for as long as he could remember. Being Black was challenging enough. Black and gay just made everything that much harder. Jilly was a good listener. In the end, she pledged her total support.

"You can count on me. I'll be your girl friend. I mean, not a girl friend, but a friend…who's a girl. Ahhh! That sounds so stupid!"

Antoine laughed.

After they got dressed and were ready to go back to the camp, they hugged each other long and hard.

He didn't mean to drag her into it. But, he was afraid to go by himself. And, Jilly just got him. Got him better than anyone else. Deeply closeted and profoundly frustrated. Last summer, Antoine spent hours viciously throwing a tennis ball against the wall of a building near his house. He got pretty good at it, too. He even wondered about going out for a baseball team. Pitching sounded pretty good to him.

Antoine had overheard a couple of guys talking about it in the locker room at school. The word "nude" was what caught his attention. The boys both chuckled uncomfortably about it. Something about a party for teens. A guy named Rocky. More laughter.

"Shut it down! Someone will hear!" One of the boys hissed.

He knew who they were. Two 10th graders, Lennie and Marcus.

He saw them after school. They were standing on the sidewalk just beyond where the buses loaded, talking to some old guy. Without a doubt, a perv. Kind of a scary one, too. Long greasy hair tied back into a pony tail, unshaven, thin face, sunken cheeks. Kind of bent over.

Antoine thought about crossing over to the other side of the parking lot to avoid them. But, before he could make a move, their conversation ended. Lennie and Marcus headed toward their bus, the old guy walking in his direction. Antoine stood frozen in his tracks. As the guy passed by, he nodded.

"How ya doin?'"

Antoine didn't say anything. He just stood there. But, something made the man turn around and look back at Antoine. He quickly backtracked to where Antoine was standing.

"You know those two fellas?"

Antoine just nodded, his mouth half opened.

With a slight cough, the man chuckled. He gave Antoine a quick summary. There was going to be a party this Saturday night. All nude, all teens. Boys and girls.


"Ah, ya, I…guess so."

"How old are you?"


The man pursed his lips, screwed up one eye, and looked him over more closely.

"A little young." He paused. "But, I tell ya what. I'm gonna need some help. Settin' up, keepin' the food tables stocked, pickin' up trash."

He stopped to rub his hand around his chin.

"You in?"


The man gave Antoine the particulars. Address, time to show up, other details.

"My name's Rocky, by the way."


Rocky smiled, coughed, and nodded his head.

Just as Rocky turned to leave, Antoine asked, "Can I bring a friend to help out?"

He coughed again, "Sure!"

"This is crashy!"

Jilly had agreed to go with Antoine. She wanted to support her friend. But now, faced with actually doing it, she started to panic a little.

Antoine was already down to his shorts, one single article of clothing away from being naked.

"It's ok, Jilly. I understand."

Kind of a disappointed voice.

She shrugged her shoulders. I guess I can't let him down, she thought. She popped her bra open and slipped it off. Once her panties were off, she turned one foot, tipped it up on her toes, and gripped her thumb nail in her mouth, looking coyly at Antoine and giggling.

Antoine smiled and laughed.

"Jilly. You're a vision!"

He looked her over. Completely naked except for white socks, turned down at the tops, and red heels. She really was adorable, he thought. If I wasn't gay… Nah, don't even go there. That dark hair of hers, down past her shoulder blades. Brown eyes, super pale skin, freckles across the bridge of her nose. Those cute little breasts, stiff nipples, her small waist and narrow hips. A small patch of dark pubic hair barely covered her slit.

Rocky congratulated himself when he saw the two of them. That girl was fuckin' cute, with those trampy red heels on. But, Antoine was something else. That evenly dark skin, smooth and shiny. A shaved head, dark eyes, and nice full lips. True to his heritage, he was generously well endowed. That's one big sucker, he thought. More than six inches, even soft. Thick, too. Pretty damn good for 13. The kid even shaved his pubes!

He set them to work right away and they performed admirably. As the teens arrived for their "Be There To Be Bare" party, Antoine and Jilly conscientiously performed their duties. Both carried small serving trays. Together, they went to the large side-by-side refrigerator and loaded cans of pop onto one of the trays.

Rocky was giving the third degree to the cutest guy. Antoine didn't dare look. He caught a glimpse of him when they returned to the kitchen to fill the trays with more sodas.

Older, maybe a senior. That suited Antoine just fine. He loved older guys. Slender, around 5'10," light brown hair, fine features, nice clear skin, thin lips, a narrow jaw. Brown eyes, he thought. He had a kind of a light medium pitched voice. Slightly effeminate? He wasn't sure.

"Did you see him?"

Jilly looked around the darkly lit downstairs rec room where kids were dancing, snacking, and chatting.


"The guy upstairs in the kitchen."

Jilly frowned.

"Not sure."

Antoine spotted him a few minutes later. Carey. Rocky had told him his name when he sneaked back upstairs to ask.

He was mostly obscured by some swole kid. Bigger and more muscular. They were talking and laughing. Crappa-roonie! They weren't hooking up were they? Phew! A minute later, some chick dragged the other guy away to dance. Now, he just stood there. Cute AF! Hip bones sticking out a bit, a flat tummy. His dick wasn't all that big but it was perfect for him. He just sort of stood there. You could tell he was a little self conscious. Fuck! That just made him even cuter.

"Is that him?" Jilly whispered to him.


They both laughed as a girl breezed by him, quickly giving his dick a tug. He involuntarily pulled his hips back, hitting his butt against the food table he was standing in front of. A moment later, some big dude stopped in front of him. They both glimpsed the guy grabbing Carey's entire package. He held it for a minute before letting it go.

Jilly put her hand up to her mouth. OMG, he had a hard-on! She had to stifle a laugh. When she glanced at Antoine, she could see he had a serious, almost concerned look on his face. Without a word, he grabbed his tray of sodas and walked over to him.

"Want something to drink?" Antoine stared into his eyes, hoping for something. Anything.

"Umm…ya! How about a Coke?"

After making a bit of a show of twisting the top off the soda can and handing it to him, Antoine could hardly think of a thing to say. He just walked away, balancing the tray with one hand like a restaurant waiter. He swung his hips a little hoping he might notice.

Antoine returned to stand next to Jilly.

"I think I may be in love."

"My turn," she said with a smirk.

She grabbed a bag of chips and walked over to where the guy was standing. She just looked straight into his eyes. She dared not show any expression.

"I need to refill the chips."

"Oh, sorry." He blushed a little as he shuffled to the side.

The rest of the evening for Antoine was kind of like a dream, one of those where you wake up just before the good part.

A while later, he actually got to kiss Carey. It was awesome! He tasted so sweet and he smelled so good. Jilly set it up. She kind of tricked Carey into doing it. First, she kissed him, then made him close his eyes while she changed places with Antoine.

Then, of all things, Jilly got Carey to stick a finger up Antoine's butt. He loved it. He was disappointed though. It was obvious that Carey was totally freaked out. The final performance was watching Rocky give Carey a blow job. Everything about the evening broke new ground for Antoine.

He looked for him at school, finally tracking him down in the hallway where all the seniors had their lockers.

"Wanna hang out?"

Antoine looked up at Carey with hopeful eyes.

Carey chuckled softly. "Listen, I don't know how to say this. I don't want to get involved." Then more seriously, "I can't get involved. I'm going away to school in the fall and I won't be back."

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