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Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 21

Be There and Be Bare

Late October.

Rocky Pardo stared down into his drink. Cold, brown, 80 proof.

What the hell was he doing here? He chuckled once and coughed. A favor for his old Gulf War buddy, Houston Birdie. Nickname: Tweet.

Just a month before Thanksgiving. Sitting on a bar stool in a place called Nickie's 1971. Tybee Island, Georgia. Never been. Never wanna come back.

A bit bleary eyed, Rocky turned and looked out the open door of the bar. Late fall and still warm enough to leave the door wide open.

Just then, a kid walked by carrying two pizza boxes. Rocky's head jerked up. Maybe 5'8," lean. A long shock of black hair covered by a baseball cap, hair sticking out everywhere. Pale skin.

He was visible to Rocky for barely a second. But, his eyes imprinted what he saw. A gravelly chuckle. I should probably check that out, he thought.

They'd served together in one of the last waves of the war. Dropped into a secret base in Kuwait, quickly transported to southern Iraq. The war was almost over but guys were still dying. Worse, the rest of them survived. A huge percentage of them, Rocky and Tweet included, came down later with Gulf War Syndrome, a byproduct of the toxic burning oil fields.

They were both pretty fucked up. Headaches, depression, cognitive dysfunction. Eventually, they both got honorable discharges and permanent disability benefits.

The heat was repressive, air conditioning non-existent. As a result, more and more of their squad spent time casually naked when they were off-duty. Men and women alike, didn't matter. Sure, there was some sex as a result. But, Rocky and Tweet got off more on just the nudity part of it. He wasn't gay but he did enjoy jerking Tweet off once in awhile.

When they got back to the States, Tweet returning to the Georgia coast, Rocky back up north, it seemed like they'd never see each other again.

Bored out of his mind, Rocky reached out to some naturist groups. Nudists. Summer time camping and picnics, pool parties, house parties in the winter time.

Family events seemed to pique his interest the most. There was something about nude kids, teens and young adults, especially, that attracted him. Maybe it was because they were probably pressured by their parents to go nude, some of them trying too hard to shirk off the embarrassment and humiliation of being totally exposed. Others, pretending to be unaware of their nakedness.

Rocky was asked to organize house parties for the teens during the winter. It really wasn't that hard. He maintained a contact data base, sent out emails, and scheduled a couple of parties each year. A lot of kids rotated in and out as younger ones were added and older kids left for college and beyond.

Other than that, buying chips, soda, and a few decorations was pretty much it. Twinkle lights and a boom box rounded out the basic supplies. There was gonna be some sex. No question. Horny kids, after all. So the rest of stuff included a sling, a few sex toys, lube and condoms.

"Give me a hand, will ya?" Tweet had pleaded. Equally bored, he had also connected with the naturist community along the Georgia coast. They had never had a teen party for nudist kids but there had been some interest, according to Tweet.

"Hand? I'll give ya a hand!" Rocky chided. They both laughed.

A few of Tweet's friends agreed to chip in for a plane ticket and arrangements were made.

Rocky tipped the glass up and sucked down the last ounce or so of bourbon. Slightly unsteady on his feet, he strolled out of the bar. Anyone watching him might think he was drunk. It was mostly the effects of The Syndrome, as he called it. And, he was, in fact, slightly inebriated.

A dead ringer for Willie Nelson. Gray hair, a pony tail, skinny with sunken in cheeks, and a thin scraggly beard. Faded Penn State sweatshirt. He'd picked it up at a used clothing store. Welfare jeans. That's what he called them, anyway. Grungy looking, shrunken out of size. Dirty brown hikers on his feet. A persistent loose cough. Maybe I should get that checked out, he thought to himself.

A glance to his left. The kid had disappeared. Turning to his right, he strolled past a place called Benny's Tybee Tavern, and crossed Tybrisa Street. He was supposed to meet them at Tybee Island Pizza, just past Chu's Convenience Store.

They were three kids who had agreed to work with him to get the Saturday night party organized. He hadn't met them yet but, he figured, they would be hungry. They were kids, after all. Besides, he was hungry himself. He ordered a pepperoni pizza at the window, got some sodas, and sat down at one of the picnic tables alongside the building.

Rocky picked them out right away, raising his hand to call them over.

The girl, cute as a button. Long flowing bright reddish brown hair, freckles, and blue eyes. Petite and slender , wearing a sweatshirt and floral yoga pants. Maybe 18 years old.

An Asian guy, probably the same age, or close to it. A little taller than the girl, his hair shaved tight on the sides, long on top, a black mop of it falling over his forehead and eyes. Thin like a lot of Asian boys. Vietnamese? Maybe. Long sleeve t-shirt and shorts, even though it was getting a little chilly.

A younger looking girl. More of a chunkette. Round, short, double chin, big glasses. Her stomach pushed against a knit top. Capri's and ballet slippers.

Magnolia, Nick, and Billie. Of the three, Billie was the most experienced in the lifestyle. Fourteen years old, her family practiced nudity at home most of the time. Magnolia's mom had heard about a nudist group and talked her into going to a couple of events. She liked it. Her boy friend, Nick, had never really done anything like this. The closest he'd gotten was last summer when Magnolia got him naked on the beach. Both Mags and Nick were 18-years old.

After going over the what, where, and how of the party, the focus turned to the who. It would be a shame, Rocky told them, if they had a party and just the three of them showed up. Billie knew the most kids who might come. She'd been going to nude events since she was little. Magnolia had confided in a couple of girls she'd gone to school with about her interests. She thought it was worth the chance to at least ask them. Nick tried to think of some guys but, as he chuckled, it was going to be awkward. When he was still in high school there was one guy who seemed to spend a lot of time naked in the locker room. Maybe him.

As they went over some names, Rocky glanced up. That kid had reappeared. The one he'd seen earlier walking past the bar. He must work at this pizza joint, Rocky thought.

A guy peeked his head out from the order window, pushed a pizza out, and pointed to their table. The kid picked up the pizza, grabbed some plates and napkins, and walked over to them.

"Toby! Hi!" Magnolia looked up in surprise.

"Hey, Mags. How ya doin'?"

"Super! I didn't know you worked here. Don't you have a job in Savannah?"

"Ya, I do. I'm just filling in for Jackson. He's in the hospital, getting his wisdom teeth out."

"Ouch! Oh, ya. Hey, Toby! You know Nick, right?"

Toby smirked. "Ya. Hi."

"And, this is Billie."

Toby nodded.

"Oh, and this is our new friend, Rocky."

Rocky leaned back on the picnic bench and looked up at Toby with a weird screwy smile.

"How ya doin,' young fella?"

Damn! Those light blue eyes against that pale skin. Contoured eyebrows, so perfect, it was if they'd been drawn on. Pink lips, a narrow square jaw.

Toby felt a shiver. Odd feeling.

"Well, let me know if ya need anything."

As he walked away, Toby felt himself blushing. What was going on? Standing against the outside wall alongside Tybee Pizza, he tried to collect his thoughts.

It was so random seeing Magnolia. Sure, he saw her once in awhile at Savannah Tech but that was different. Their so called relationship had cemented Toby's ambivalence about girls. If anyone was hot, it was her. She had practically thrown herself at him, willing to go all the way. But, their relationship never went anywhere. He just plainly wasn't interested. She moved on quickly to another guy and then another guy and…well, now it was Nick, apparently.

Toby, on the other hand, was totally obsessed with one Campbell Maine. That beautiful, sexy shithead. His uniformly light tan skin that went perfectly with his long medium brown hair. Toby had gone all the way with him, more than once. But, he had such an arrogant smart ass attitude. Without trying a bit, he frustrated Toby to the max. His teasing texts, a phone call or a flirty e-mail once-in-awhile, Bell acted like he was going to drop him but always seemed to want to keep Toby on a leash.

Since Bell, life had been a roller coaster of odd hook-ups. The latest, that strange encounter with one Professor Winston Day, a man old enough to be his grandpa. A beginner's guide to the world of bondage. Toby stiffened up a bit just thinking about it. Looking at the table where Mags was sitting with that creepy looking man, he shook his head. He really needed to cool it.

"So, what about that Toby guy?" Rocky squinted out of the corner of his eye, looking at him standing against the wall.

"Toby?" Magnolia giggled. "I dunno, I think he might be gay."

"So?" Rocky thought to himself. Interesting!

"I mean…well…I don't know what I mean," Magnolia giggled again.

"We should ask him, no?" Nick offered.

He glanced at Toby. He was kind of cute, after all. That was something he really needed to keep to himself.

The chatter continued. The pizza quickly disappeared. Billie seemed to inhale half of it herself. Magnolia mostly picked the pepperoni off of a slice and ate them. Nick slowly chewed on his own piece of pizza.

Rocky was mostly just thirsty. The vision of ice cubes surrounded by Jack Daniels cut through the haze in his mind.

When they left, Magnolia split off and went over to talk to Toby. As they waited, Rocky heard Mags giggle a little. Toby's mouth dropped open. They watched her give him one of the little pieces of paper Rocky had made up with information about the party. A minute later, she rejoined them.

"Is he in?" Nick asked.

"I dunno. Maybe." She shrugged.

Rocky climbed down from the step ladder and gazed up at the last set of twinkle lights he'd hung in the lower level recreation room. Just a few more things to get organized and they'd be ready for tonight's party.

"How ya doin' in there?" He yelled out to Tweet.

"Fine! Just settin' candles out."

Rocky had to forego using the sling for the party. There was no way they could drill a hole in the ceiling of this townhouse rental to hang it from. Instead, they decided to offer massages. Tweet owned a table that he used from time to time, mostly to give other guys massages with a happy ending.

Rocky was encouraged that tonight's party would be a success. Earlier in the week, only eight kids had signed up including the three he'd already met. The number had grown to thirteen by the end of the week. As of a couple of hours ago, eighteen had indicated they were coming.

And, that didn't include the two people he was most interested in seeing.

One was that Toby kid. Damn! He'd love to see him au naturel! That slender build, pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. He licked his lips just thinking about what his junk might look like.

The other one was the young guy who escorted him to the rental earlier in the week.

Standing at the counter in the Sav-Hil Vacation Rentals office, he looked over the rental contract as that bitch glared at him. Karla, so said her name tag. What a piece of work! She acted like she owned the fuckin' house herself! The nerve of her, asking questions like she thought he was some drug dealer. Didn't she get it? He was just a guy who wanted to spend a quiet week by himself at the beach.

"Ok," Karla sighed as she let out some stale coffee breath at him.

Taking the signed contract and affixing it to a clipboard, she turned her head and yelled through an open door.

"Theo! Get your ass out here!"

In breezed the cutest kid. Mousy brown hair, neatly cut, a round face, chipmunk cheeks, fine features, and a skinny teenager body. Topping it off, big round glasses, kind of like Harry Potter.

"Take Mr. Pardo over to 32," Karla said, spitting the "P" out.

32 Gulick Street. A stone's throw, literally, from the beach. Sav-Hil staff never used the complete address of their properties. They were usually referred to simply by their street number.

"Sure, mister," Theo said, studying the rental contract with a slight frown, trying hard to look authoritative. "Wanna follow me?"

Rocky gave him a greasy smile, "It would be my pleasure."

The townhouse was just off the beach. Getting out of his car, Rocky looked up at the rental and grimaced. Not surprised, it was a bit tired and weather beaten. Same on the inside. Spacious, reasonably clean and 1980's vintage. Three levels. Lower level rec room, perfect for the party. Main floor great room and kitchen. Bedrooms upstairs.

Theo gave him a tour.

"Huh! A lighthouse!" Rocky said as he gazed out a bedroom window. It stood lonely against the grey sky.

"Yes sir. Tybee Island Lighthouse. They even have a museum, if you want to go."

Turning, Rocky coughed and squinted at the kid, "How old are you, Theo?"


F-u-u-c-k! He was cute! Looking at him more closely, he noticed the small spray of freckles across the bridge of his upturned nose. Brown eyes surrounded by those round glasses. Studious and nerdy looking.

After some chatty conversation, Rocky stood across from Theo at the kitchen island. In a matter-of-fact tone, he invited him to the party. He didn't mince any words about the nudity, either.

Clueless as to how to respond, Theo just stood there and listened. He shifted his weight uncomfortably, rocking from hip to hip.

"I dunno. I'll havta think about it."

Naked from the waist down, a t-shirt covering the top half of his body. Theo's favorite outfit. He lay on his tummy, slowly thrusting his hips into the coarse shag carpet in his room, his feet up against his mirrored closet door. Holding a hand mirror so he could see back over his shoulder, he admired the way his narrow butt opened and closed in the reflection. He'd been taught this technique by his buddy, Oliver. His jerk off confidant.

They had only done it together a couple of times. The first time was fun. The second time, Ollie pulled his pants off, displaying his mother's panties. Too weird, Theo thought.

A nude party. The idea of it totally grossed him out. It would be way too embarrassing to be just "out there." Letting everyone see his pathetic excuse for a 16-year-old body. He could just imagine his dick curling up so tight inside that it looked like a button. On the other hand, it could be kind of thrilling. Everyone else would be naked, too. He could definitely get some new jerk off material. Maybe there would be a few girls there he had secretly lusted after. Or, a couple of guys.

He felt it starting to happen so he quickly pulled a towel underneath just as the first spurts started coming out. When it was over, he turned over onto his back to catch his breath. With an arm over his eyes, he started to think. Maybe.

On another part of Tybee Island, a couple of days later, the scene repeated.

Wearing only the white shirt he used for work, Toby examined himself in his bedroom mirror.

In a moment, his pitiful noodle of a dick would be hard and a lot more respectable looking. In the meantime, it looked more like a raw chicken bone. A couple, three inches long, circumcised, just kind of waving back and forth as his weight shifted. Tender balls. Several Nair treatments had removed the last of his pubic hair.

He shrugged his shoulders. Maybe he should have kept it. Without the tufts of black hair over his dick, his stomach and thighs looked way too plain and way too white.

It had been hard to keep his mind on work. All day, he'd gone over that brief encounter with Magnolia, trying to imagine what it would be like. Be like, to be naked, that is, in front of a whole bunch of people.

"Do, tell. What's on your mind, Toby?"

Mr. Thinkwell, the hotel's general manager, had walked by and caught him staring into space.

"Nothing, sir. Just going over a list of restaurants in my mind."

Toby hadn't mastered the concierge job just yet, but he was getting better at it. Now almost three months into the job at Savannah's prestigious DeSoto Hotel, he was starting to get the hang of it.

"Hmm, yes. Well, carry on."

Thinkwell silently congratulated himself once again on the hire. Definitely too young, but potentially longer term potential. His most recent budget manipulation had freed up a couple of hundred dollars so he could order the right size jacket for the boy. Toby no longer looked like he was wearing his dad's clothes.

Long black hair that he was constantly sweeping out of his Irish blue eyes. Too long, but Thinkwell was conflicted about saying anything to him. It just looked way too cute. Pointy nose, pink lips, lanky. He couldn't resist mentally undressing him every time he saw him. He grimaced, mentally slapping his own face. Put that thought out of your mind, you depraved lunatic!

Toby pushed the sides of the shirt to his outer hips as he examined himself further. Narrow hips, flat stomach, a few moles here and there. Opening the shirt further, his nipples peered out. Too small, way too pink. He reached up and pinched one. Pinched it hard with his index finger and thumb, causing his cock to immediately thicken and come to attention.

Shrugging the shirt off of his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, he turned to the side. Raising one arm and laying it over his head, he examined his bare flank. It looked…well, it looked… He couldn't really describe it but bare, smooth, and softly curved. That did the trick. He was now fully hard. Actually, painfully hard.

Images of naked people and his naked self racing through his mind, he stroked his cock, hips thrusting back and forth. He'd love it if a bunch of people watched him do it. The orgasm was crushing. The first squirt splattered onto the mirror, followed by several more globs of spunk that plopped onto the wood floor at his feet.

One more just to stay oiled. Rocky poured a fresh bourbon as he eyed the remaining liquid in the bottle. Hopefully, he'd be able to stretch it out to last for the rest of the night.

The first bunch of kids had already arrived. Billie and her friends, having shed their clothes upstairs in one of the bedrooms, were now in the lower level rec room. Lots of giggles and squeals could be heard over the music playing on the boom box.

Rocky smirked as he tipped the glass up. Steadying himself against the kitchen island, he grabbed onto his loose fitting jeans and pulled them up a little higher. A Bucks t-shirt and sandals completed his outfit.

To gain entry to the party, each participant had to text their name and age to the number on the burner phone Rocky had purchased. Instructions were included in the response.

"Party from 8-11 Saturday night. 32 Gulick St. Tybee Island. Do NOT knock or ring bell. Enter, walk up one flight of stairs to the kitchen. Be there and be bare!"

He heard the door open and shut followed quickly by the appearance of two girls. Rocky eyed them closely as they approached.

"Hello, ladies!"

A gravelly cough followed by a chuckle. He looked them over quickly. Cute!

"Who do we got here?"

"I'm Jessica."

She talked sort of funny. When she said her name, she hit the "Ka" sound at the end extra hard. Rocky tried to think.

"Where ya from, Jessi-Ka?" Rocky asked, mimicking the way she talked.

"Aus-stral-ya," she giggled.

"Come a long way to party naked, didn't ya?"

Jessica giggled again.

"No, I live here now."

Rocky checked the list he'd written out early. There she was. 18 years old.

"And, you are?" Looking at the other girl.

"I'm Jilly." She looked at him, a serious and penetrating look in her eyes.

He glanced at the list. Wait a minute!

"Jilly? Is that you, Jilly?"

She smiled briefly and curtsied.

"Hi Rocky."

"Damn!" He chuckled.

Had it been two years? Or, was it longer? Another party, back home. Two younger kids, Jilly being one of them, had been enlisted to help out. Keep the bowls of chips filled, refill sodas, and pick up trash. That left Rocky in the kitchen to manage things and, well, drink.

She must have been fifteen or sixteen then, cute as fuck. Now, how old?

"Wha'cha doin' here, darlin'?"

"Visiting." She looked at Jessica.

Rocky chuckled, another slight gurgle of a cough.

"Aw righty, then!"

A quick recitation of the rules. Basically, get naked and have fun. No booz; no drugs.

"When can we get Nake-kee?" Jessica asked with a giggle.

"Whenever ya want, sweetie."

With that, Jessica grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. Reaching behind, she bumped her fingers against the clasp of her bra. Falling open immediately, she shrugged it off her shoulders as Jilly and Rocky looked on.

Very, very cute breasts. Not small, but not big either. Round and full, bouncing slightly, almost like they were water balloons. Pale pink nipples that seemed to merge with the tender skin around them. Combined with her face, blue eyes, upturned nose, and brown hair mixed with strands of red, she was…well, just cute.

Before it went any further, Jilly grabbed her hand.

"C'mon let's go upstairs and get ready."

She still looked mostly the same, just a bit more mature. Dark straight hair, parted down the middle, Brown eyes, pale with a field of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Thin lips, narrow pointed chin. The way she looked at people, judging them. Kind of bitchy, but he liked it.

I wonder about the rest, he thought. He smirked. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Just then, a text came in. Last minute addition. Rocky smiled. It was Theo. A warm feeling rushed over him. This was gonna be a good night!

A couple more kids arrived. Then, someone named Cornyn.

Rocky squeezed one eye shut as he tried to figure her out. Or him? A thin stick finger of a kid. His cheat sheet said 17 years old. Thin, light hair, probably blond, dyed a faint shade of pink. It kind of bounced off the shoulders, probably bone straight but teased into loose curls. Nondescript clothes.

After Rocky went through his spiel, he or she, take your pick, dropped a pair of shoes on the counter. Ankle boots with thick heels covered in some kind of tapestry like fabric, thickly woven, richly patterned and decorated with glitter.

"Is it ok if I wear these?

"Ah sure." Pause as he tried to figure out how to ask it. "So, are you a 'he' or a 'she?'"

"I'm a 'they.'"

Magnolia and Nick arrived next, all flushed and excited. As he watched them go upstairs, Jessica and Jilly were descending. Now naked, they both looked adorable. Jessica didn't have a lot of curves but she wasn't fat either. Smooth pearl like skin. Seeing Jilly, the memories came flooding back. Small pointy breasts, erect brown nipples, willowy, a tender patch of dark pubic hair. Perfectly fuckable when she was younger. More so, now.

Theo arrived a couple of minutes later. The kid must have sent the text from just outside the house. Button down collar shirt, nice pants. Those glasses. He looked like he was on his way to the library.

Rocky folded the list in half. All accounted for! That, in of itself, was pretty amazing. He sucked on his teeth. Something interesting was bound to happen.

Just then, he heard the front door swish open and shut quietly. As the very top of his head came into view, Rocky's heart and respiration jumped. That guy. What was his name again?

Toby had been in denial all day long. Not going to that nude party, no way.

A weekend off from work, he slogged through a boring day of video games and nonsensical IM's with friends. None of the people he really wanted to talk to responded to his messages. Bell, Day, CeeCee, Micah. Not even Kaito.

Nevertheless, the party kept bubbling up in his consciousness. It was inevitable. So, here he was. Walking up the steps to the kitchen of a sketchy townhouse.

When he saw that slimy looking guy he'd seen with Mags and Nick, he almost did an about face and left.

"You never sent me a text." Rocky eyed him warily, pretending to be ornery.

"Ah, sorry. I forgot," Toby responded meekly.

Rocky watched him as he recited the rules of the road. For the most part, he avoided eye contact. Was he shy or scared? Maybe, a little of both, Rocky hoped. Just once, he glanced up and their eyes met. Shazam! Those were some blue eyes. Maybe it was the pale skin or the black hair. Whatever it was, this kid could melt ya.

He sucked the last of his drink out of the glass. Time to check out the party. He sauntered down the steps to the basement.

Upstairs, Toby slipped his underpants off, the last of his clothes, and jammed them into one of his shoes.

Taking a deep breath in and out, he said out loud, "Well, here we go."

"We took bets. I won," Nick said.

He approached Toby almost immediately after seeing him come down to the basement. He was easy to spot, his pale skin a white beacon in the dark room.

Toby chuckled uneasily.

Forgetting his own self-consciousness for a moment, his eyes wandered over Nick's body. Browner than his, smooth, pretty skinny but still having some decent definition. Dark brown nipples, a black patch of hair above his brown dick. Decent sized nuts. He was incredibly well proportioned, Toby thought. Bottom line: fresh!

Nick leaned in, his shoulder touching Toby's, his half hard dick brushing against Toby's thigh.

"Maybe we could hang out later," Nick whispered.

"What's got into you?" Toby responded in surprise.

Before he could answer, Magnolia appeared.

"I don't believe it! Toby Gallivan, in the flesh!"

"That's putting it mildly," Toby laughed.

Nick and Mags joined him in laughter.

From a dark corner of the room, Rocky observed the action from a stool he'd grabbed just for this purpose. Because twinkle lights on the ceiling were the only light source, most of the kids were either in silhouette or dark shadows.

But, leaning one way and then another, he got a pretty good look at Toby. Between the tiny nipples, his belly button, and his tight package, he was drool worthy. What would it be like, he fantasized, if he could just walk up to him and run his hands up and down his body?

"C'mon Nick! I wanna dance!" Magnolia squeaked. She grabbed Nick by the hand, dragging him into the middle of the room.

Left alone, Toby brushed the hair out of his eyes and looked around. Being naked like this was so awkward. But, at least he was able to avoid all out panic. So far.

"Hey, Tobes!"

Toby's jaw dropped open.

"Ja? Is that you?"

Toby knew Ja from the DeSoto. He worked as a server-bus boy in the hotel's 1540 Room. Tall, maybe 6'1," hair cut close on the sides, a large man bun of wiry black hair on the top. Milk chocolate colored skin, bedroom eyes, pouty lips. A slightly effeminate soft voice. 19 or 20 years old. They had only exchanged a few words since Toby started working there.

Naked, he was something else. Smooth skin, a seductive sway to his hips that Toby hadn't noticed before. Dark nipples on a nicely defined chest. A luxuriously large cock and a beautiful set of balls, completely shaved smooth.

They talked for a couple of minutes. Toby had a hard time looking up at Ja because his eyes kept roving southward.

Ja noticed. A deep chuckle escaped from his lips.

"Wanna touch it?"

Toby immediately blushed. He giggled nervously.

"Nah, that's ok."

"Go ahead. I don't mind," Ja teased.

Toby rubbed his hand across his jaw. He looked around. No one appeared to be watching. He reached out with a finger and tentatively poked at Ja's cock, making it bounce.

"You can do better than that," Ja laughed.

Toby reached out again. This time, he wrapped his fingers all the way around Ja's thick cock. It was soft and rubbery, cool to the touch. It felt great. He could feel it thicken and harden in his grasp.

Toby was a little freaked out. He loved the feeling but not out here in front of everybody. He let go, bringing his hands around his back, holding onto his wrist.

"We should hang out sometime."

Toby blushed. Two invitations to hook up in like two minutes! From two different guys! He just shook his head. This makes no sense, he thought, staring down at his own pathetic dick. Well, not as pathetic at the moment. It was sticking almost straight out.

After another quick exchange, Toby remaining non committal and Ja looking disappointed, he mysteriously disappeared into the darkness.

"Wanna dance?"

A young girl stood before him when he looked up. The first thing he noticed was a large colorful plastic wristlet in the shape of a daisy. It was so big it covered most of her forearm. The second thing were her shoes. Clunky high heels covered in some kind of glitter. Cute, light blonde hair, loosely curled around her face. Completely flat chested, tiny pink nipples, no real curves to her body.

She also wore what appeared to be a flesh colored micro thong. Wait a minute! Rather than snugly covering her pussy, it appeared to be a bit pouchy. Was that a dick under there?

As they danced, Toby became convinced that "she" was a "he." Technically. He or she or, whatever, danced like a girl. Arms over her head, the way she shook her hips. Once in awhile, she would turn around, displaying an incredibly cute ass. A couple of times, she backed her hips into him, snagging Toby's cock against her butt crack. The heels tipped her hips forward making her ass look positively mouthwatering.

"Can I call you sometime?" She purred into his ear after they were done dancing.

"Ah, ok."

"My name's Cornyn."

"Ah, ya. I'm Toby."

"I know," Cornyn replied with a smile.

Rocky caught it all from his corner perch. He chuckled under his breath. Things were bound to get more interesting.

Glancing to the opposite corner of the room, he saw a door open and close. Tweet's massage room. He'd completely forgotten! Winding his way through the dancing kids, Rocky nudged the door open slightly and squeezed his way in.

Although the dance music in the rest of the basement could be easily heard, a quieter kind of music played in this room. A combination of waves crashing on a seashore and tinkling bells. Tweet's battery operated candles flickered, showering the room in a dim golden light.

Jessica, the current recipient of Tweet's skilled touch, lay on her back. Jilly stood leaning against the nearby wall, her arms folded under her breasts. A couple of other girls stood together on the opposite side of the room. Theo occupied a stool Tweet had set up in the far corner. Feet propped up on the stool's supports, legs open, his erection curved up against his stomach, his nuts sitting neatly on the stool. Cute as a bug, his pale boy like hairless body on full display.

Tweet was working on Jessica's breasts. Massaging around the outsides and into her lymph nodes and armpits, he periodically brought his fingers up and alternately tweaked or pinched her nipples. They stood fully erect almost like doorbell buttons. Her areolae had turned a slightly darker pink from the stimulation.

From the side, her smooth mons pubis projected attractively, like a small hill under her tummy. As Rocky edged around, her vagina came into full view. He felt a rush. If any guy could have ever imagined the perfect pussy, this was it. It was beautiful! Perfectly formed outer lips, the crease at the top so inviting you just wanted to lick it with the tip of your tongue. Pink inner lips, a narrow oval hole.

Tweet was a magician. Rather than getting her off by stimulating her clit, he simply rubbed his hand on her mons, tickling the top of her pussy from time-to-time. First giggling, then gasping, a bit of pressure, and Jessica clenched her stomach as she orgasmed in torrents.

Jessica's breathing was just returning to normal when Jilly stepped forward. Rocky smirked. He guessed from past history what her inclinations were. She leaned over Jessica, grabbed her hair to steady her head, and brought their lips together. Their tongues fought for dominance for several seconds as they tried desperately to get them as deep into each other's mouths as possible.

Finally disconnecting their lips, Jilly pulled Jessica to her feet. All of a sudden, Jessica was acutely aware of everyone else in the room. She blushed and giggled.

"Umm…thanks, ah, Mister, ah, Tweet."

Tweet simply smiled and nodded.

"Who's next?"

Tweet looked around the room. The two girls just stood there.

Theo shook his head and then asked, "Can I just stay and watch?"

"Sure," Tweet said with a smile.

Rocky eased himself over to where Theo was sitting.

"Ya know, Theo. You're pretty cute."

Rocky chuckled and coughed.

Theo looked up in surprise. The kid did look damn cute, Rocky thought. That face with those big glasses, his cock hard and throbbing. Without a word, Theo wrapped his fingers around it and started to slowly stroke it. He stared at Rocky with a blank expression.

Just then, the door slid open and Toby peeked in.

"Come on in and get a massage," Tweet exclaimed.

Toby looked around warily as he eased his way into the room. This seemed to be safe enough, he thought. Glancing at Rocky, except maybe for that guy.

On his stomach with his head in the face cradle, Toby closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on nothing.

When Tweet placed both hands on his back, the tension began to evaporate. Tweet's hands ran the length of Toby's body, gently pushing here, nudging there. When Tweet pressed one thumb into the base of Toby's neck while simultaneously pushing on another spot right at the top of his butt crack, something happened. His cock immediately stiffened while the rest of his body went limp. Toby audibly groaned.

That is the whitest, most perfect butt I've ever seen, Tweet thought as he bent over Toby. Running his oil covered hands first around his outer hips, then to the middle and back again. On the third time through, he let his fingers dig into Toby's crack, separating the cheeks and momentarily exposing a wrinkled pink anus. A mild sweet aroma wafted up from Toby's butt.

Back around again and again, deeper into his butt crack each time. Tweet's fingers brushed along his butthole with increasing pressure. Toby opened his mouth in a silent scream of pleasure.

Watching from the corner, Theo leaned further back against the wall. Toby's pale thin body in contrast to his black hair, his gently round butt cheeks was enough to get him off right now. He slowed the strokes attempting to put off the orgasm.

With one hand and then the other, Tweet separated Toby's legs.

Rocky coughed and chuckled. Fu-u-u-ck me! That looked hot! A front row center seat to gaze between Toby's legs, up his butt hole, with his nuts attractively crushed against the massage table. Looking down at Theo, so cutely half-sitting, half-laying against the wall, all naked like that. He suddenly realized he was hard. That didn't happen so much anymore.

Toby barely felt it when Tweet's lubricated finger entered him. Only when the second one was added did he feel any pressure at all. Then, something wider and longer.

Tweet expertly inserted the butt plug, holding it for a moment so it wouldn't pop out. With its red base, it looked positively delicious sitting between Toby's butt cheeks. Tweet massaged Toby's inner thighs, pearly white and smooth. He silently wished he had a camera to take a picture of this. Tweet tried hard to commit it to memory. With Toby panting and groaning softly, he bent one leg up at the knee. Swirling his fingers, Tweet massaged his feet and toes, alternately running both hands down to his knee and up to his ass. Then, the other leg.

"Could you? Would you?"

Theo's eyes had narrowed to slits as he looked up at Rocky.

"Don't mind if I do."

Theo wasn't that big so when Rocky grabbed him, he was able to cup his entire set of balls and cock in one of his rough hands. Theo fell back gasping.

In the meantime, Tweet was pulling Toby up on all fours, the plug still firmly implanted in his butt. With a slight nudge, Tweet pushed Toby's arms and head down to the table surface. His fully erect cock and ball sack hung tantalizingly between his legs. Tweet jerked Toby's cock from underneath, squeezing his balls, and massaging the light brown tissue surrounding his anus.

Toby peeked behind himself just as Theo, eyes glued to Toby's butt, orgasmed. He came in great waves. Rocky chuckled, Theo's spunk rolling off of his fingers and onto his clenched fist.

In the end, Tweet finished Toby on his back. One hand pinching a nipple, the other, palm open, running along the underside of his cock. Toby dug his heels into the massage table, thrust his hips up, and came, gasping and grunting over and over.

A low growling sound. Toby's eyes were closed. It sounded a little like snoring. Taking a deep breath, he realized that's exactly what it was. But, he was the one snoring.

When he finally opened them, the room was vacant. Except for Ja. He leaned over, giggled quietly and pressed his lips to Toby's, forcing his mouth open. Toby couldn't help himself. He lifted his arms up, winding them around Ja's neck and shoulders, pulling him closer.

When the long kiss was over, Ja pulled back, looking into Toby's eyes.

"I wanna take you home with me."

Toby looked back at Ja, expressionless.


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