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Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 22

Could. Not. Be Better.


Like a Warhol.

But, instead of a Campbell Soup can, it was a pussy.

Distinct, sharp lines. Clean. Almost acrylic. Pastel pink.

Miranda zoomed in and adjusted her focus until it was tack sharp before squeezing the shutter.

Ally should have felt shy or embarrassed. Standing there, almost completely naked, her legs slightly spread. But, she was kind of proud. She liked it, more like loved her pussy. Sort of like Kesha's song, "Gold Trans Am,"

C'mon, climb into my golden cockpit!
Love you 'til you're seein' stars and stripes
Burnin' rubber on the southern highway
Gonna take you for a freedom ride
Get inside!

Right now, the only thing she could think of was how to get Miranda Hathaway inside. Inside of her. Ally was so turned on, her insides so loose, she thought her entire sex was going to fall out on the floor.

Da pulled her eye away from the viewfinder to look again at her latest model. Pearl colored cowboy hat, long straight blonde hair framing her oval shaped face. Exquisitely done make-up. Bright blue eyes. A leather vest, hanging enticingly open. Leather chaps, mahogany brown cowboy boots.

Otherwise, naked.

Miranda Hathaway had been completely frustrated with her latest project. After the commotion caused by her last one, "Now and Then," she had struggled.

There was plenty to distract her. Faculty meetings alone were a challenge. Her colleagues were clearly divided in their opinion. Half thought the exhibit had gone over the edge. Completely obscene and inappropriate for a college campus.

"Why didn't you just post those pictures on pornhub and be done with it?" one of the mixed media professors asked, glaring at her.

The other half were mildly supportive to enthusiastic. Freedom of expression and all that. Blah, blah, blah.

"Found your voice, eh?" Don Naismith asked with a chortle. Not Smith, as he jokingly called himself, taught sculpture.

The whole rodeo thing had started out as a way to turn the page. She hung around at several arena rodeos, taking a few pictures here and there. They looked so ordinary, though. Definitely not going to turn any heads.

Something about this girl, though. Da watched her getting ready to barrel race. Complete concentration. Whispering to her Paint as she paced it around the back of the arena. She had a look. That blond hair hanging loosely around her head. A small curl to her lip. Tight features. Hips tipped slightly forward in the saddle, knees clutching the sides of her ride.

"Next up! National award winner, Ally Mac-A-Doo-o-o!"

A smattering of applause.

She didn't start from the gate like most of the others. More like she charged her mount through it from thirty feet away at full gallop. Da forgot all about taking pictures. She just watched, her mouth agog. Ally and her horse rapidly disappeared into the arena where she ran the horse through its paces. It was amazing to watch her make the turns. Her hair flying along with the horse's mane, both arms stretching the reins to the sides, heels kicked up in the air, leaning hard into the turns. Finishing her circuit around the barrels, she flew through the gate.

"Whoo-o-o!" Ally squealed as she jumped off her horse. She was immediately surrounded by other riders and a few fans.

When Miranda approached her and asked her out for a drink, Ally didn't even hesitate. As she waited for the rodeo to finish that night, Da mentally tossed her original concept in the garbage. A new idea was already percolating.

A few drinks, some verbal volley ball, and they were in the sack a couple of hours later.

Afterwards, they lay there together looking up at the ceiling of Miranda's bedroom. She laid out her new photography project for Ally.

Cute as a button, she chuckled, "Sure, honey!"

Miranda sighed. She reached into the nightstand for her strap-on.

"Turn over," she said sharply.

"No way!"


Bell stared at his phone. The message from Toby had taken him totally by surprise. He slid down on the bed and examined a sleeping Micah's bare ass for a moment before replying. His butt was so cute, either boy like or girl like, depending on your preference. Small and round, a perfectly narrow crease between two lovely cheeks. He leaned over to take in his very special fragrance. In three seconds flat, he was hard again.

"Let me know when you get here. Maybe we can hang out."


Toby smiled as he looked at Bell's response. For once in a year and a half, he felt like he had the upper hand. That "maybe" was a little frustrating. That arrogant douche was always hard to pin down.

Earlier, Professor Day had actually called him on the phone. Three weeks ago, he succumbed to the professor's wishes. Succumbed was probably not the right word. The mere intimation of what he wanted had made Toby a more than willing participant.

Even after it was over, his asshole thoroughly wrecked by Professor Day's dildo, he wanted to stay handcuffed to the bed, his arms over his head. Toby must have fallen asleep. When his eyes fluttered open, the cuffs were loose and he was covered by a light blanket.

"Ah, hi," Toby mumbled as he trudged into the sitting room of Professor Day's suite. Still naked, he stood there, letting the prof look him over.

"The lad is well suited for our needs," Winston had just typed into the email. A smartphone picture of a slumbering Toby was attached. He looked over the top of his reading glasses, taking in the young man's delightful body, cute face, and attractive long black hair. His eyes quickly swept down to the boy's adorable equipment, pink and bouncing lightly between his legs.

Within seconds, he was pinged with a response from Oliver.

"Without question!"

Almost simultaneously from Da, "A perfect specimen! I think I'd like to use him for my newest project."

Invitation given and accepted. In minutes, a plane ticket was in Toby's email courtesy of Professor Day.


Toby gave Mr. Thinkwell his cutest and most hopeful smile.

"Ok, Toby," he replied with a sigh.

Totally disarmed, Thinkwell extracted the promise of a future favor in return for the weekend off. What that favor would be, he'd have time to decide. Various decadent thoughts ran through his head.

Friday afternoon, Toby stepped off the plane and quickly caught the Uber Professor Day had arranged for him. In no time at all, he was whisked into the city to the University Hilton. Assigned to a room on the hotel's concierge floor, also arranged for by the professor, Toby unpacked and took a quick shower to wash off the travel smells. He quickly ran a razor over the stubble on his pubic bone, careful not to nick himself as he drew it under and around his balls. He liked the way it felt. The smoothness of his skin gave him a momentary boner.

Just before he left for the professor's house, he texted Bell to arrange a time to hook up.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Bell humorously warned him.

"That doesn't leave much out," Toby replied.

A fairly long walk to the professor's house. Toby didn't mind, though. It gave him a chance to settle down a bit. Heart racing at first, a painfully hard erection in his pants. The smell of rotting leaves on the sidewalks and in the gutters, the old classroom buildings, and a steady stream of students and faculty along the walkways or hanging out next to various buildings. He settled down, wondering what it might be like to attend a school like this.

"Come in."

A tall slender older man, long nose and sunken cheeks, opened the door for him. Toby was shown into a small anteroom just off the entry to Professor Day's house.

A minute later, the professor entered to greet him, a soft smile on his face. The same black suit and vest, white shirt, bow tie. Why did Monopoly keep coming into my mind, Toby asked himself?

"I wonder if you might get undressed and then join us in the sitting room."

Winston, as usual, got right to the point.

Toby blushed.


"Mmmm," the professor nodded.

With that, he turned and left the room.

Toby smirked, not knowing exactly what to do. The room was quiet except for the ticking of a grandfather clock.

He shrugged, pulled his rugby shirt off, and threw it on a couch. Less than a minute later, completely naked, his cock half hard, he ran his fingers through his hair, and walked across the hall.

As the door to the library opened, Toby was so shocked his immediate inclination was to slam it shut. Someone on the other side resisted him, however, pulling it the rest of the way open. The room was filled with ten or fifteen people dressed the same way: all in black, each with a black opera mask covering his or her face above the mouth.

Standing there completely naked, his erection evaporated immediately.

"Come in, if you wouldn't mind," a man said in a clear voice as he came forward. Rather slender, short dark hair, a black pencil mustache over his thin lips.

Hushed conversation that stopped when the door opened, resumed. A glass of what looked like lemonade was thrust into his hand, preventing him from cloverleafing his crotch. A plump rather elderly woman took him by the forearm.

"Let me introduce you around."

One by one, she introduced Toby to individuals in each group. Oddly, she didn't tell him anyone's name, just simply giving his and referring to the other person with a gesture.

"Pleased to meet you."

"Thank you for coming."

"How are you?"

Bizarre, erotic, he was acutely aware of his nakedness in contrast to everyone else. Involuntarily, his erection returned.

"Oh, hello," a man in the last group said in a sing song voice as he grabbed Toby's cock.

His hands felt so soft and smooth. Toby let his head fall back as he groaned. A couple of titters and a gasp. Some soft mumbling as people in the room gathered around.

He was nudged into an arm chair with wood armrests. One person pulled his legs over the sides of the chair as another pulled his hips forward. A woman appeared out of the crowd, kneeling in front of him, as she plunged her tongue deep into his ass. He opened his mouth in a silent scream.

In a moment, hands were all over him, clutching his chest, pinching his nipples, caressing his face, rubbing his stomach and thighs, and stroking his cock.

As he sat there, sexually ravaged in every way, Toby's mixed up emotions played like the tick tick of a clock in his brain. Embarrassed and humiliated, of course. Tick: in good ways. Tock: in bad ways. Being violated. Mmmm, ya. Feeling loved in some twisted kind of way. His body worshipped. Something he wasn't used to. He was so blasted ordinary. But, he really enjoyed the attention. Someone was even licking the bottoms of his feet. His legs up in the air, another person kissed the backs of his legs over and over from under his knees up his thighs to his ass.

It had to come to an end, of course. Rather, when he came, it ended.

A collective sigh went through the room. People slowly backed off and stood silently watching him. The man who greeted him at the door came forward with a warm moist towel and wiped him off. After pulling him to his feet, he placed his hand softly on Toby's back, directing him back out to the anteroom.

Once dressed, the professor magically reappeared. Ushering him to the door, he handed him a small envelope containing what looked like a debit card.

"Thank you for coming," he said with a slight smile.

Later. Much later.

Toby turned on his side and looked out the floor to ceiling window of his darkened hotel room. The lights of the city twinkled. A beautiful sight.

A hand sneaked over the top of his bare hip, lightly tickling his tummy, a finger softly inserted into his navel. A light kiss on the top of his shoulder.

"You ok?" Bell asked in his sexy raspy voice.

"Could. Not. Be better."

After leaving the professor's house, Toby got back to the hotel in time to shower and chill for a bit before Bell arrived. A quick check of the debit card he'd been given indicated it held a balance of $1,000.

What did this mean? Was he now a whore? Toby grimaced. Oh, well.

His heart was beating so wildly in his chest before Bell arrived, Toby thought he was going to have a coronary. When he finally opened the door, he was so nervous he was hardly able to squeak out a hello.

Thankfully, they just held each other for awhile. Bell was so sweet he almost missed his smart ass personality. When Toby was finally ready, he let Bell fuck him with wild abandon. The cum just poured out of him.

Up on his side, supported by an elbow, Bell slowly turned Toby onto his back. He let his eyes wander, from his thighs, exposed just above his knees, to his lovely dick and balls, all cute and pink, just laying there, his flat tummy, smooth chest, those adorable pink nipples, bony shoulders, chin, pink lips, those blue eyes, and his black hair.

A small frown came across Bell's face.

Uh-oh. Here it comes, Toby thought. He started to breathe more quickly. Another letdown. More disappointment. He loved Bell so much it hurt.



"Stay. Stay with me. I want you to be with me. Forever."

Tears started to well in Toby's eyes.

"You don't mean it."

"Fuck, ya. I do."

Toby wiped tears from one eye with the back of his hand.

"Tell me what you mean and don't you dare fuck with me."

"I mean stay here. Get a job here. Go to school here. Just do it."

What was he going to tell his parents? What about school? What about the job at The DeSoto.

He looked deeply into Bell's eyes.

With resolve, "If I'm gonna do all of that, what does it mean for you and me?"

There was silence for several seconds.

"It means there's not gonna be a 'you and me.' There's just going to be an 'us.'"

Another pause.

"Well, ok," Toby whimpered as he crushed his lips into Bell's.

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