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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 6

Mr. Applegate.

Almost a week went by.

On Friday, as they were walking out of school together, Jordy told him he was on his way to visit Mr. Applegate.

"Wanna come with me?"

Connor didn't really have anything else to do. "Sure. Why not?"

Mr. Applegate's house was on a quiet street lined with older homes, about two blocks from the arena. It looked kind of like the house from "The Munsters." Old, Victorian, iron fence across the front yard with a squeaky gate. Wood siding desperately needing a fresh coat of paint, moss covered cedar shakes, and a front porch that looked like it was about to fall off of the house. Lace curtains covered every window.

As they walked up to the door, Jordy said, "Just follow my lead."

When Mr. Applegate opened the door, Connor was surprised to see a really old man. Older than he could have imagined. He was mostly bald and grossly over-weight. He looked like he had some kind of skin condition; skin flaked off of his cheeks. His eyes were cloudy like they were filled with lake water. He wore a grubby old t-shirt that was supposed to be white but was now mostly yellowish gray. His loose fitting cotton pants were held up by a pair of red and yellow suspenders. He wore brown house slippers and supported himself with a cane.

After Jordy introduced him to Mr. Applegate, he invited them in.

"Take off your shoes, boys."

He led them through the dark house. It was furnished as if it was from another century. The chairs and sofas were old, overstuffed, and dusty looking. Yellowed wallpaper lined the walls. The creaky wood floors were covered with old oriental rugs that seemed to overlap each other. It smelled funny. Like an old people smell. Connor wrinkled his nose and tried to breathe through his mouth.

The sun porch was a little nicer. At least it was brighter. Sheer curtains on three sides let in filtered sunlight giving it an eerie glow. A large sofa sat against the window facing into the room. Another upholstered chair and a matching ottoman faced the sofa at a ninety degree angle. A large dying green plant sat in one corner while other smaller plants, mostly dead or dying, rested on a round metal table with a frosted glass top in the opposite corner. The only sound came from a grandfather clock ticking away in an adjacent room.

"Have a seat, boys," Mr. Applegate said as he directed them to the couch. A narrow Formica topped coffee table with a marble pattern held a small plate of cookies. Mr. Applegate was apparently expecting company.

He asked the boys a couple of questions about school as they munched away on the cookies. But, most of his questions and comments were about hockey. He seemed to know a lot of about their team. In particular, he praised both boys on how well they played. He wanted to know what they were thinking before and after scoring goals or making big plays.

Mr. Applegate then slapped his hands on his thighs. "Ok, boys."

Wiggling his finger, he gestured for Jordy to come over and sit on the ottoman in front of him. Clearly understanding what Mr. Applegate was asking for, Jordy went to the ottoman, sat on it, and leaned back onto his elbows with his feet up in the air.

Mr. Applegate smiled through yellowing teeth, reached over, and slowly pulled Jordy's socks off, one at a time. Mr. Applegate ran his fingers up and down Jordy's feet. As Connor looked on in shock, he continued to lightly massage Jordy's feet, Mr. Applegate pulled one foot closer to his face, smelled it and kissed it softly. He lightly licked and sucked on each toe. Mr. Applegate methodically repeated the same kissing, licking, and sucking process on Jordy's other foot. All the while, Jordy had a blandly soft smile on his face, somewhere between sleepy and bored.

Mr. Applegate turned his gaze to Connor. He froze. Looking at Mr. Applegate, he made a small shake of his head.

"C'mon Connor!" Jordy said. "It's ok." Putting his feet down on the floor, he shuffled back to the couch.

Reluctantly, Connor got up and replaced Jordy on the ottoman. Mr. Applegate repeated the same foot play on Connor. As he lay back on his elbows with his feet up in the air, he realized that he was starting to get hard. Glancing at Jordy, Connor could see his eyes darting back and forth between his feet and the bulge in his pants.

When Mr. Applegate was finished, he sat back in the chair, his breathing labored. He wheezed through his mouth when he inhaled. If anything, his squinty eyes were even cloudier.

"Ok. Thanks for coming over, boys."

They put their socks back on as Mr. Applegate watched them closely. When they were ready to leave, he pulled himself slowly out of the chair and escorted them back to the front door. After putting their shoes back on, Mr. Applegate gave each one of them an envelope as they were on their way out.

After they left the house, closed the iron gate behind them, and were well down the block, Connor opened his envelope. He found a $10 bill inside. Jordy had $10 in his envelope, too.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Jordy asked with a questioning look in his eyes.

Connor didn't respond immediately.

After a couple of steps, he blurted, "That was fuckin' weird, man!" They both burst out laughing.

As they walked along the sidewalk, Jordy turned to Connor.

"The other night at Max's. Do you do that very much?"

"Let someone jerk me off?" Connor smirked. "Never." A pause. "That was a first."

Jordy chuckled. "Well, I meant do it. Jack off."

Connor blushed. "Like, all the time," he admitted.

"Me, too."

They walked along in silence for a few moments.

Staring straight ahead, Connor said, "I do it everyday after school. Except when we have practice."

"Me too."

Just then, they reached the street corner where it was time to split. Connor's house was in one direction; Jordy's in the other.

"See ya," they said simultaneously. The boys went their separate ways.

Connor could not wait to get home to do something about his painfully stiff dick. Halfway down the block he glanced back and saw Jordy just standing on the sidewalk, watching him.

Connor waved his hand. "C'mon!" Jordy sprinted toward him. Wordlessly, they half walked half ran the rest of the way to Connor's house. When they got there, they ran up to Connor's room and closed the door.

Connor jumped on his bed. "Wanna see something?"


Connor reached under the bed to get the Penthouse magazine. He'd secretly recovered it after Tim had grabbed it away. They both lay back on the pillow with their heads next to each other as Connor thumbed through the magazine.

Jordy was already rubbing the front of his jeans. Almost immediately, he sucked his stomach in a bit so he could dip his hand underneath the waistband to reach his cock. Holding the magazine over them so they could both look at the pictures, Connor did the same.

After stroking for a minute, Connor laid the magazine on the bed next to them, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants and underwear down. Jordy did the same. It was only natural; the first thing they did was check each other out. Connor was amazed at the size of Jordy's cock. It must have been at least 6 inches long. Maybe it was because of Jordy's diminutive size but it looked really thick and the head looked big. Connor's looked like a pink pencil dick in comparison.

Connor admired the way Jordy was stroking his cock. Long and slow. Sometimes he touched the underside of his cock with two fingers and pressed on the head with his thumb. Connor's fingers wrapped around his own cock as he pulled his hand back and forth in a rhythmic manner. He snaked his other hand under his shirt to caress his breast and tweak his nipple.

They orgasmed separately, less than a minute apart. A couple of spurts came out of Jordy's cock, hitting his stomach and pooling in his belly button. Connor clenched his stomach but when he ejaculated, just a couple drops leaked out.

They laid on the bed looking straight up at the ceiling. Jordy pulled his t-shirt down using it to wipe the spunk off of his stomach. With their pants still at their ankles, they turned to face each other, each one propping his head up with his hand and elbow. Connor let his eyes roam over Jordy's stomach down to his cock. Although his erection was receding, it still look pretty big. Unlike his pink one, Jordy's cock was sort of brown in color. His brown colored nuts appeared to push his cock forward. Moreover, he had a small cute patch of dark pubic hair just above his crotch. The musky smell from what they had done was pervasive.

Jordy looked Connor over, too. He'd always liked the cool way he tossed his blond hair. With his pants down, he looked sort of pretty. What a strange word to use, he thought. But, he looked so perfect. Slightly round hips, narrow waist, smooth skin. His dick and balls, not nearly as big as his, still looked just right for him. And, of all things, those amazing blue eyes.

"Can I ask you something?" Connor finally broke the silence.


"Mr. Applegate. "How did that happen?"

"I noticed him at the rink a couple of times, just standing around." Jordy's eyes dropped to Connor's dick for a moment. "Then I actually met him at the Mini-Quik. I was getting a drink and he was just there. He said something to me about the team. It sounded like he knew a lot about us. He told me his address and said I could stop by sometime to talk about hockey and stuff."

Continuing, "It was kind of creepy. but for some reason I kept thinking about him and about him inviting me over. So, one day I just did it. I went over to his place and we talked and then I just started doing the stuff he asked me to do."

"What stuff?"

"Well, stuff like what we did when we went over there. You know, with my feet."

"Did you do other stuff, too?"

A pause. "Well, ya," Jordy replied quietly.

"Did you let him touch your dick?" Connor asked with alarm.

"No. But, I let him see it."


"I dunno. He asked. So, I did it."

"Just like that?"

"No," Jordy chuckled. "It was sort of weird. He didn't ask me like right off. First, he asked me if I had any hair on my legs."

Connor laughed. "That sounds ridiculous!"

Jordy laughed, too. "I know. I pulled my pants legs up so he could see the hair on my legs."

"Then what?"

"He wanted to know how high the hair went. Like if it went all the way up. I told him, no. But he asked me if I would show him, so I pulled my pants down and showed him."

Connor stopped laughing. His dick started to get hard again. "So, like did you take them off?"

Jordy nodded. "Well, he asked me if I would as a favor." His cock started to swell again as well.

"He was just looking at me, kind of sad like. So, I thought I'd do the old guy a favor and I just took my underpants off."

"Holy! Did you get naked?"

"No, I didn't dare. I just took my underpants off."

"What happened then?" Connor couldn't wait to hear.

"He just asked me to lift my shirt up and turn around so he could see my butt."

"But, he never touched you, right?"

"No," replied Jordy.

Connor didn't say anything more but he knew Jordy was lying. There was a long silence. They both stroked their cocks until, one after another, they came again.

Connor laid on his back and stared at the ceiling. "How did I figure into this?" he asked Jordy.

"I dunno. Mr. Applegate kept asking about you. I guess he'd seen you at hockey, too."

Connor let out a long sigh. Someone else looking at me, he thought. Why?

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