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The Pale Blue Sky

by Jack Lynch

Part 2 - Connor, Chapter 7

13 Years Old. The Vibe.

A feeling. A vibe? What was it?

From time to time, Connor felt a flutter in his stomach. Or a shiver from his neck to his shoulder. It was subtle. Like someone softly blowing on his ear. If he glanced around he frequently discovered someone looking at him. More like a stare.

It was usually a man. Sometimes it was someone really old, like Mr. Applegate. Other boys would stare at him, too. Some his own age, others older. Sometimes it was a group of giggling teenage girls. More than once, a girl had come over to him and whispered, "Hey, you know Zoey (or some other girl) thinks you're really cute." He didn't know what to say. Usually, he just blushed in embarrassment.

Sometimes he would just stare back. Most of the time they would look away and pretend not to notice. If he was in the mood, he'd make wide googly eyes and stick his tongue out. Other times he would nod or smile or even give a small wave back.

Connor sort of knew why they were staring. For the jillionth time, he checked himself out in the mirror. I dunno, he thought. Ya, I guess so. He liked the way he looked. He practiced making faces in the mirror. Sultry, with his eyes barely open and his lips slightly parted. Smiling so his dimple showed or trying to smile just enough so that it wouldn't show.

Once in awhile, he would return to the three-way mirror in the basement to check himself out. He liked to turn this way and that to see how his butt looked in jeans or bike shorts. It was tight and round. Stripping his shirt off, he studied his reflection when he lifted his arms up and put his hands behind his head. Once, he pulled his pants off so he could see how he looked wearing just his underpants. He pushed the waist down and scrunched the legs up so they looked more like bikini bottoms. When he looked at himself, he sometimes got an erection.

He pulled his underpants off so he could look at his junk. After the smooth contours of his body, his dick and balls looked kind of ugly. Like they had been stuck on. He shrugged. I dunno, they looked kind of like they belonged. His cock wasn't very big; maybe like 2 inches. Circumcised with a roundish cone like head. It kind of looked pushed out by his nuts. Sometimes his balls just hung there like they were in a grocery bag. Other times, especially in the basement where it was cooler, they looked and felt tight. A thin patch of light colored pubic hair had sprouted. It looked like his dick was wearing a hat.

One of the people who was constantly checking him out was the art teacher, Mr. Perwein. He seemed to be extra friendly towards Connor. Regularly, he would stop him in the hallway to find out how his day was going. In class, Mr. Perwein seemed to pay too much attention to Connor even though he was terrible at art. His sole subject was drawing, painting, or building funny looking houses.

Even still, Mr. Perwein singled him out for praise. "You'll be a great architect some day!"

Connor shared his observations about Mr. Perwein with some of his friends. At first they didn't believe him. Then one day, he was walking down the hall with Max and he felt that flutter. Glancing behind him, he saw Mr. Perwein standing in the doorway of his classroom, checking him. Connor gave Max a quick jab in the side, turned his head slightly, and pointed behind him with his eyes. Max turned around and nailed Mr. Perwein in mid-stare.

Even though he quickly looked away, it was obvious.

"Jeez, Connor!" Max said as he laughed.

The proof of Connor's observations about Mr. Perwein spread like wildfire amongst his friends. He got his share of good natured abuse. But, most of it was reserved for Mr. Perwein. They started calling him Mr. Pervert. And, of course, boys can be cruel and crude. They laughed and teased Connor who took it all in stride.

"Hey Connor! Did you get your blow job from Mr. Pervert today?" "Connor! Mr. Pervert wants to see you in his office." "Tell us how big Mr. Pervert's dick is, will you?"

Connor did his best to stay away from Mr. Perwein even if it meant taking a different hallway to get to his next class.

The community center attached to his school included a large indoor pool. The pool had several sections, the biggest of which had big spill buckets and fountains. Connor and his friends especially enjoyed it on those Saturdays during the winter when it was freezing outside. The family swim time was a chance to have fun and carouse around in a warm weather oasis.

The boys played a boisterous game of catch with a plastic ball. As they threw the ball around, dove after it and dunked each other, Connor noticed a man walk into the pool area by himself. He stood out because he was old, like Mr. Applegate. Maybe even older. His face was deeply lined and his cheeks sunken in. He also stood out because he was the only person fully dressed. A wooly jacket covered an old plaid shirt. He wore a flat top cap. He was clearly a perv. Who would come to a swimming pool for a family swim without kids?

At first, he sat down in a chair on the far side of the pool. After awhile, he switched to a chaise lounge at the corner of the pool where Connor was playing with his friends. Connor got the feeling that he was being checked out but tried to ignore it. Once in awhile, he would glance over at the guy. He stared intently at Connor not even bothering to pretend to look away. It was creepy.

At one point, the ball went over Connor's head and bounced onto the pool deck into the corner where the man was sitting. As Connor hoisted himself out of the pool, he could feel his swim trunks being pulled down by the pressure from the water. When he stood up, he realized that his trunks were halfway down his hips, exposing his stomach well below his belly button. Ignoring the man, he ran past him to the corner and grabbed up the ball. Walking to the edge of the pool, he tossed the ball into one of his friends. Rather than hitching his swimsuit back up to his waist, he pushed it down an inch or so further. He knew part of his butt crack was showing. Glancing back, he could see the old man's eyes glued to his half bare bottom. Connor laughed and gave the man a little wave before jumping back into the pool.

The old guy hung around while they continued to play. When it was time to leave, Connor made sure he got out of the pool on the opposite side. He quickly "escaped" into the locker room with his friends.

At the end of the hockey season, the coaches took the team out to McDonald's for lunch. Even though it was early Spring and the weather was still in the 50's that didn't stop most of these hot blooded boys from wearing shorts. Connor wore a pair of short basketball trunks. Incongruously he also wore his favorite hoodie.

He was sitting on a bench chewing on some French fries when he absentmindedly shifted his hip to one side, lifted his leg up, put his foot on the bench, and brought his knee up to his chest. With his leg in that position and the loose legged shorts, Connor wasn't aware that someone could see all the way up his thigh to his crotch. But, as he was chewing on a French fry, he got that feeling. A little shiver.

Looking up, he saw a man sitting at a table kiddy corner to them staring intently at the opening of the leg of his shorts. He was a plain looking man, not that old, with medium short hair. Instinctively, Connor dropped his foot down to the floor in a weak attempt at modesty.

Something clicked in Connor's mind. He decided to give the man a little thrill so he brought his foot back up onto the bench.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the man now staring intently at his leg and thigh. In fact, he knew his briefs were easily visible as he slipped his back a little further down the back of the bench and opened his leg a bit wider.

The banter of the other boys seemed to disappear. All he could think of was what the man was looking at. He felt himself start to get hard.

What the heck, Connor thought.

"I've gotta take a leak," he mumbled.

He got up and went to the men's room. After squeezing out a few drops into the urinal he went into a stall. Locking the door, he pulled his shorts off followed by his underpants. His cock was hard now. He stuffed the underpants into the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie, put the shorts back on, and pulled his erection down so it wasn't so noticeable. He still had to hold the front of his sweatshirt down over his shorts because it was obvious they were tented out.

Returning to where his friends were sitting and slouching back onto the bench, he turned to see that the man was no longer there. He shrugged, oh well, and tried to re-engage with his friends' conversation. And his boner thankfully disappeared. A moment later, out of nowhere, the man reappeared with a cup of coffee. He sat back down. Barely concealing his interest, he resumed checking Connor out.

Here was his chance. Connor brought his foot back up on the bench as he pretended to concentrate on what his friends were talking about. Slightly opening his leg again, the man could see everything. Connor knew he was completely exposed. He felt the cool air on his dick and balls. It was exciting and dirty. He placed his hand on his calf and slightly pulled his foot off and on the bench in a small rhythmic fashion. Within seconds, he was hard. He didn't know if the man could see his erection. He hoped so.

Just then, one of the coaches signaled it was time to leave. He looked the man directly in the eyes as he got up. He sat expressionless; his mouth open. As he got to the door, Connor gave the man a smile and a little wave.

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