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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 4

Jeffy took me by the hand, much as Rick had, but much more gently, and started leading me deeper into the barn. The main floor, except for a long work bench along the wall to my right and several curtained-off areas to my left, was bare, so there was little to draw my eyes away from Jeffy's slim, beautiful body and sweet face. I was captivated by the tiny hairs that made his body seem to glow, as if surrounded by light; they swirled in circles across his shoulder blades, gathered into a slightly thicker mane that ran down the middle of his back, then fanned out across his lower back, and gathered again, to plunge into the creamy cleft of his perfect, round butt. Similarly, on his chest, swirls of delicate gold surrounded his small, tawny nipples and gathered to run down the middle of his body, fanning out around his belly button, then plunged toward his perfect, creamy penis, where they vanished without a trace; I guessed he must have shaved himself there. I felt storms of butterflies in my belly every time I looked at him.

"We don't keep much on the bottom floor, down here," Jeffy said. "Sometimes Rick and his friends like to bring their cars in here to work on them."

We started climbing the stairs. "This place could hold dozens of cars!" I said.

"Sometimes it does!" Jeffy replied. "Rick does a lot of work for a lot of different people." As we climbed the steps, his arm and shoulder kept brushing mine and I felt his hand begin to take mine, then pulled away. I took his hand and pulled him closer; he looked up at me and smiled sweetly. "The girls sleep on the bottom floor," he went on. "Most of the boys sleep up here, and a few of us sleep up there." He pointed to yet another loft above us, high among the dusty rafters.

The second-level loft was a long, open floor with piles of blankets and clothes strewn about. Two younger boys were there, sitting cross-legged on blankets, one with his back to me, and between them was a wide field of holographic armies and demon hoards. Both boys had curly, blond hair and they, too, were naked, except for an array of colorful plastic bracelets which rattled softly as their fingers manipulated the game controllers.

"This is Nick and Nathan," Jeffy said as we walked over to them. The boys looked up at me with beautiful smiles and sparkling eyes; I could see their soft little wieners, like delicate, pink fingers, hanging from their tender, creamy, hairless crotches. "They're twins," Jeffy continued. "Guys, this is - uh - what was your name again?"

"Hi, I'm Logan," I said.

"Hi," they said in unison.

"How old are you guys?" I asked.

"Ten," they replied, again in unison.

"Do you guys always go around naked?" I asked.

"Yeah," all three boys said together.

"It's usually pretty hot here," Jeffy said. "Rick doesn't let us go out much, so we don't usually bother with clothes."

"He only lets us go out for showers," one of the twins said.

"It's almost time for our shower, now," said the other. "Will you take us?"

"Oh, uh," I thought for a moment; I hadn't expected to be taking care of other kids. "I guess I could, if Jeffy will show me where it is."

"Sure!" Jeffy exclaimed. "We can all take showers! Com' on! You can leave your stuff over there." He pointed to a spot against the wall to my right.

I set my rucksack on the floor, leaning it against the outer wall of the barn; that was it, I'd moved in, I was home. I stood there considering the significance of that as I gazed at my cute, young roommates - barnmates!

"Well, com' on!" Jeffy exclaimed, placing his hands on his hips. "Get naked!"

"Here?" I asked. "No, I'll wait 'til we get to the bathroom."

"Hahaha - bathroom!" all three boys began laughing. "Hahahaha!"

"We don't have a bathroom!" Jeffy said. "Com' on, get naked and we'll show you."

Hesitantly, I kicked my shoes off and pulled my t-shirt over my head. The twins got to their feet, their cute little wieners wagging before them, and all three boys watched, and made little sounds of approval, as I uncovered my body. I'd never really considered myself to be particularly good looking, rather average, I thought, but these boys seemed impressed. I had pretty good muscles and very little fat, no hair on my chest or belly and not much on my legs, either. And, of course, being new here, I wasn't as tanned as they were; my former home had been in the north of North America, where people just couldn't tan without artificial means. As my jeans came down, again, they commented without words. I paused with my thumbs in the waistband of my undies; I wasn't sure what they would think of this...

"Com' on, let's see it!" Jeffy said eagerly. His young dick had grown to a nice, four-inch boner, which he held in his fingers and rubbed slowly.

I hesitantly pushed my white briefs down.

"Ooh!" remarked one of the twins. "He has lots of pubes!"

"Ooh!" remarked the other. "His dick is thick!"

"Wow - and long!" Jeffy exclaimed as my clinging undies slid down my shaft.

Finally, my dick was free of its sweaty confines and I suddenly realized how nice the swirl of air felt around it.

"No extra skin!" Jeffy exclaimed. "I like it!"

I wondered if I should really be showing myself to these young boys, especially the twins, but then I figured, 'What the hell, there don't seem to be any rules around here where clothes are concerned.' I pushed my undies to my ankles and stepped out of them.

"Great!" Jeffy exclaimed. "Com' on! Let's take a shower!" He grabbed one hand and one of the twins, I'm not sure which one, grabbed my other; they lead me down the stairs and off to the other end of the barn from where I had come in. There was less light down there and I watched from slightly behind them as their three perfect, creamy, round butts seemed to glow softly in a bluish neon haze.

Outside, it was dark; night had fallen, but there was a dim, amber glow from a distant street lamp. Behind the barn was another narrow alley of bare dirt with patches of grass, about sixteen feet wide, which separated it from more, low clap-trap buildings. There were no windows on those buildings; they were a patchwork of solid panels and big doors. I guessed they were warehouses or something.

A short length of garden hose ran up the side of the barn from a faucet and a sprinkler head was screwed onto the end of it; the grass was lush and green beneath it. Jeffy turned on the faucet and water began to spray from the head.

"Gee, this is modern!" I quipped.

"Rick made this for us," Jeffy said. "Before, all we had was the faucet."

"Wow..." I moaned sympathetically.

"Wash us!" the twins exclaimed together.

"Wash you?" I echoed. "Can't you wash yourselves?"

"No, you have to," one twin said.

"Why do I have to?"

"Because you do!" they said. "You're the new guy!"

"Rick says the new guy always gets the shit jobs," Jeffy explained. "And you're the new guy!"

I had to admit that the thought of washing these boys with my bare hands, exploring their smooth, slim bodies with my bare fingers, was enticing, and my dick was beginning to swell at the prospect. If this was a shit job, I would gladly volunteer for extra duty! I kept thinking this is too good to be true; this can't be happening! But Jeffy handed me a bottle of body-wash and I watched the twins get under the spray.

I moved closer and discovered that the water was stone cold! It did feel kinda good after the heat of the day, and the evening was still pretty warm, but it was a bit of a shock at first. "Wow - cold!" I exclaimed. "This must be hell in the winter!"

"This is winter," Jeffy said. "Just wait 'til summer!"

With thoughts swirling in my head of an even hotter summer coming, I squirted the purple liquid into my hand, rubbed it into a good lather, and started in on one of the twins; I still wasn't sure which one was which! My slick hands followed the curves of his back and shoulders, then ventured lower, to the perfect globes of his bare butt. He seemed to lean back into me and my hands glided around to his front side. His smooth chest was firm and I felt his cute little nipples go hard. My hands slid down his belly, which was also firm and showing the first signs of rippling abs.

Almost accidentally, I felt the top of his little dick; he giggled and pushed my hands down farther with his own. He gently encouraged me to rub all around his tender little balls and his dick, which I felt swell between my fingers. I quickly ran my hands down his rounded thighs, knees and calves, then back up to where he wanted me. I continued to rub him there with one hand and returned to his perfect butt with the other; I ran a soapy finger deep into the smooth cleft between his globes and tenderly rubbed another soft spot. In less than a minute, he caught his breath, his body tensed, and he quivered in my arms.

When he relaxed, he turned to me and kissed my cheek, then said, "Wash my hair, too, please." His voice was noticeably softer, almost a whisper. I lathered his curly blond hair, rubbing his round head soothingly for a minute, then told him to rinse.

His brother eagerly stepped into my arms, expecting the same treatment, which I eagerly lavished upon him as well. And like his brother, he also quivered pleasantly and paid me a kiss before I washed his hair and told him to rinse.

"Go inside and dry off," Jeffy said. "We'll be in in a few minutes."

"Are you gonna do it?" they asked in unison.

"Go inside!" Jeffy ordered. Giggling, they vanished through the door.

All this time, Jeffy was standing by, his lean, darkly-tanned body nearly invisible in the shadows; I could only see his gleaming blond hair, his bright blue eyes, and the creamy bikini shadow around his hips. He took the bottle of liquid soap and pulled me into the cold spray with him. We lathered each other and Jeffy unabashedly wrapped his fingers around my stiffness, slathering suds up and down its length. The feeling was wonderful; I'd never had anybody touch me like that.

"I like your dick," he said softly. "Rick's has too much skin; it gets in the way."

"I like yours, too," I had to admit as I stroked his four-inch boner. Like me, he was also circumcised, and his tender helmet was becoming more and more rosy with every caress. "Do you do this with Rick a lot?" I asked.

"Not too much," he said. "Maybe once or twice a month. He doesn't live with us; he lives in the apartments across the street. But you'll stay with us, I hope, and we can do this all the time! I hope!" He looked up into my eyes with twin pools of ghostly blue desire; he was so close I could feel his breath on my lips.

"Yeah, I hope so, too!" I had to say.

Jeffy pressed his cool, slick body firmly against me and began to rub his hips up and down; I could feel his smooth hardness trying to dig into my groin while at the same time, he was grinding my own solid tool into his belly.

I enfolded him in my arms, my hands gliding smoothly up and down his back, across his shoulders and around the squeezing and relaxing orbs of his butt. The cold spray sluiced the soap away, but couldn't cool the fires in our loins. We stepped away from it for a moment as we continued to writhe together.

I knew this was wrong in some way, even though it felt so right; I knew boys weren't supposed to do this together, but I had been wanting something like this for as long as I could remember. Grandpa always said there were no illegal feelings, only illegal deeds; was this one of them? How could it be? How could this, my first real love, if this was real love, be wrong?

Suddenly, as Jeffy's breath was becoming ragged; he moaned softly and his body jerked and trembled in my arms; I felt a pool of warm slickness grow between us.

With the excitement of his climax on me, my own orgasm began rising inside me, sweeping me up in it, until I quivered so hard that Jeffy was pushed slightly away. In the dim light, I saw long, pale streamers of my love spurt onto his chest, over his shoulder, onto his neck and down his belly.

Jeffy giggled as my flow ebbed, smearing thick goo across his belly. He turned to the light, out of my shadow, and I could see streaks of myself on his cheek and nose, and nearly in his eye.

"Oh, yeah," I breathed. "I think I'm gonna like it here."

I heard other voices inside the barn. Suddenly, the door burst open and the twins and three other boys came out into the alley. The twins, of course, were still naked and the others were dressed in short shorts and revealing t-shirts, like the boys I had seen on the Strip.

"Look, Jeffy has a lover!" one remarked loudly, laughing and pointing as he staggered about. He had straight brown hair, slightly streaked with gold, dark eyes and a slim build.

"Gee, Jeffy," another exclaimed. "Did you have to rape him before he even gets settled?" He also had dark hair and eyes, but his build was a bit stalkier.

The twins guffawed and I felt my face flushing; the third older boy, who was blond, was just smiling quietly.

"Oh, I think Josh likes him, too!" quipped the first boy again. "Better watch out Jeffy, you might have some competition!"

"What are you guys doing back so soon?" Jeffy asked.

"Oh, the police raided Jaquimo's again," the stalky boy said. "So the whole Strip is running scared, now..."

"Logan, this is Danya," Jeffy pointed to the boy who had answered his question. "And Michael and Josh. Guys, this is Logan."

They greeted me warmly and the quiet boy, Josh, moved closer. With a gentle finger, he swiped up a gob of my leavings from Jeffy's chest and tasted me. "Nice to meet you," he said.

"Josh, is it?" I asked. He nodded and I shook his hand. He looked to be slightly older than I was, but was also amazingly cute, almost as cute as Jeffy! His blond hair was longer and hung straight down on all sides of his head; his round face, full lips and blue eyes made my heart melt again. He smiled shyly as I gazed at him; suddenly, I realized I'd been staring - again! This planet seemed to be chocked full of gorgeous, blond boys!

There was another sound inside the barn. "Hey, who's hungry?" came Rick's voice. "Where is everybody?"

"I am! I am!" the twins called as they ran back inside. The others followed.

Jeffy and I moved back under the cold spray to rinse our excitement off, then also went inside, naked and dripping. Josh tossed towels to each of us as Jeffy closed the door. We quickly dried ourselves and Jeffy went right over to where Rick and the twins were digging into a bucket of fried chicken on the work bench.

The towel wasn't quite big enough to wrap around me, so I just held it in front of my privates as I walked toward the others.

"Don't worry," Josh said. "Everybody goes naked around here most of the time." And to prove his point, he pushed his raggedly cut off jeans down his long, smooth legs and stepped out of them; his long, flaccid dick wagged as he moved; he too, was shaved smooth. Together, we joined the others.

"Oh, yeah!" Rick said as Josh and I drew near. "I knew you were a good looking kid the moment I saw you. Drop the towel and let's see what you got!"

Reluctantly, I lowered my towel hand to my side; though my boner had subsided, my dick was still half-hard and oozing slightly.

"Oh, nice!" Rick exclaimed. "Hung like a horse! You're gonna be popular on the Strip!"

"He's already popular here!" Danya said.

"Oh, do you like him, Josh?" Rick asked.

"Yeah, I do," Josh replied, smiling. "But Jeffy's already raped him!"

"Really?" Rick said. "What the fuck, Jeffy! I'm gone ten minutes, and you rape the new guy?"

"Hehehe!" Jeffy giggled and I could see his cheeks turning pink, which made his freckles stand out even more.

Rick stepped close to me. "You let him rape you?" he spoke softly, but the others could still hear.

"Uh - well - sort of..." I stammered.

Rick chuckled. "Com' on, you guys: eat!"

Other than the meal bar that Rick had given me earlier, which I still wasn't sure was entirely edible, I hadn't eaten all day, so I was starving. I slung the towel over my shoulder and dug in with the others.

"We already ate," Danya said. Josh stayed close by, even though he didn't eat. Danya and Michael went upstairs, peeling off shirts and kicking off shoes as they went; the stairway holding the casually discarded evidence of their impending nakedness.

Rick went over and picked up Michael's shirt from the bottom step. "Hey, you guys live in a barn, or what?" he shouted as he tossed the shirt up onto the loft. I could hear the others laughing from above. Rick returned to our little group as we feasted on greasy chicken and biscuits. "Well, I gotta go," he said. "I still have some business on the Strip, so I'll see you guys tomorrow."

The boys said good night as we watched him walk to the small door at the far end of the barn. "And don't forget to turn off the lights!" Rick shouted before disappearing into the night.

We ate in silence for a bit, then the twins ran upstairs to finish their holo-game. Jeffy put down his last chicken bone and moved close to me, pressing his smooth, naked body against mine. "Sleep with me," he whispered hotly into my ear.

"Me too!" Josh whispered loudly, smiling.

How could I refuse? 'This has got to be heaven!' I thought. As I finished my last piece of chicken, Josh walked along the work bench, his smooth, bare butt swishing as he went. Near the small door at the end, he flipped a switch and the main row of fluorescent lights along the center of the barn went dark. He returned along the work bench, his slim body lit only by the colored neon lights that hung from the wall above. His long cock swayed between his creamy thighs, as he walked, turning off each light as he came to it. He passed Jeffy and I, and continued turning off lights at the other end of the bench.

"Missed one!" I said as he returned. A single blue light continued to glow at the far end of the bench, nearest the door.

"We always leave that one on," he said. "In case someone needs to get up during the night. By the way, there's a toilet over there." He pointed to a curtain in the corner, opposite the blue light; the shower was just on the other side of that wall. "We leave this light on, too," Josh said, pointing to the one above the empty chicken bucket. "So we can see to come down the stairs."

With that, we walked to the stairs; I looked around the darkened barn and wondered what else lurked in the deep shadows that I hadn't noticed.

On the second-level loft, I looked over to see the twins still playing their glowing holographic game, and beyond them, Danya and Michael were in each others' arms and moving rhythmically beneath a blanket. Low moans and heavy breathing resided there. Other clusters of blankets, clothes and boys' posessions were scattered along the loft from end to end.

I started for my rucksack, which I'd left leaning against the wall, near where the twins were playing. To my surprise, Jeffy continued up a ladder to the third-level loft.

"Com' on," he said. "We sleep up here!"

"Oh, OK," I replied. "Just let me get my stuff." I quickly gathered my clothes and shoes, and slung my rucksack over my shoulder; I had to juggle them around a bit as I climbed the ladder and, as I came up onto the third level, I found Jeffy squatting over the head of the ladder, so my face was in his bare butt before I realized it. "What the...?"

"Hehehe!" Jeffy giggled and scampered away, to a pile of blankets thirty feet away, against the outside wall of the barn.

"He does that to me all the time," Josh said. "I usually poke his little hole, or lick him!"

I finished climbing and stepped onto the loft, where I discovered more blankets and a few bits of clothing strewn about. Josh followed me up; some of the clothing must have been his, they seemed too big for Jeffy. Farther down along the loft, to my right, was another pile of blankets and clothing, where, obviously, another boy or two lived, but there was no one there.

"Aren't there others that live here, too?" I asked. "Where are they?"

"I don't know," Jeffy said.

"They work the Strip like the rest of us," Josh said. "Sometimes they stay out all night, so who knows where they are."

The loft received precious little light from below and in the gloom, I noticed a wide window at the far end, where I could see a panorama of glittering city lights. I laid my rucksack and things aside and went to the blankets where Jeffy was holding a place open for me. As I lay down beside him, he snuggled close and lay one leg between mine; I could feel the heat of his stiffening youth against my hip.

I watched in the soft gloom as Josh peeled off his t-shirt and kicked off his shoes, leaving him completely naked; his shorts were still on the floor far below, near the back door. He also lay beside me and snuggled close.

"Well, I guess you've noticed," Josh said softly. "We're all queer as three-headed cats around here!"

"Yeah, I noticed," I said.

"Except the twins," he went on. "We're not sure what they are yet - other than being nuisances, of course, and totally cute!"

I chuckled. "And I guess you noticed that I enjoyed being raped by Jeffy, too!"

"Yeah," Josh replied. "So, how long have you known?"

"A couple years, I guess," I said. "Actually, I don't really feel like talking right now; it's been a crazy day. My parents were murdered this morning."

"Oh, were they the ones at the SpacePort Inn?" Josh asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Yeah, I heard about that!" he said. "Oh my God, they were your parents?"


"Oh, man, I'm so sorry," Josh said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"My Mom and Dad are dead, too," Jeffy said softly.

I felt his body begin to tremble and felt his tears on my shoulder. With that slight encouragement, I felt my own tears welling in my eyes. In the darkness, my face twisted up and Jeffy and I cried together.

"Let it out," Josh said as he squeezed my other shoulder. "Let it all out."

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