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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 5

I was walking along the Strip alone; blue, green and red neon flared around me, melted pools of gleaming chrome flowed along the boulevard. Four beautiful, shirtless boys ran toward me; two were older than me, fifteen or sixteen, the other two were twelve or thirteen. They stopped and backed me against a wall. Each one pushed the front of his shorts down, letting his big, hard cock flop out. All four had enormous, creamy pink, circumcised boners; they waved them at me and bounced them up and down.

"You like this?" the oldest asked. "You like this?"

"Yeah," I replied, nodding eagerly. "I like it a lot!"

"Show me yours," he said.

Right there on the open boulevard, I pulled down the front of my shorts and let my cock out of its snug confines. Mine was just as big as their's. The youngest boy touched the tip of his to mine. I looked and saw Jeffy's face smiling up at me, his eyes glowing soft blue-gray.

Then I awoke, lying flat on my back, with Jeffy still asleep, half on top of me. With images of long, hard teenaged pride still vivid in my mind, I quickly realized that my own member was in a similar condition, begging for both a wicked piss and some other serious handling. I could also feel Jeffy's hot youth pressed hard against my thigh. I looked down and saw that I was in full tent-pole mode beneath the light pink blanket. Then I looked over and saw Josh sitting quietly, cross-legged, a few feet away, watching me.

"Good morning," he whispered. "I see you're full of - uh - energy, today!" He smiled and nodded at my rigid pole. "Want me to help you with that?"

I wasn't sure how I should answer, but before I could say a word, Josh peeled the blanket away from me and leaned down to kiss and lick my rosy cap. I watched as, in another moment, he was lavishing some very expert moves around and up and down my aching, hungry rod. With his wonderful warm, wet mouth working its magic, it didn't take long before I filled it and left him licking his lips.

I carefully slipped out from under Jeffy's flaccid body, missing the heat of his smoothness immediately upon doing so, and pulled a pair of clean boxers from my rucksack. I pulled them on and tucked myself inside, though my impetuous dick still wanted to make a tent of them.

As I started for the ladder, I noticed a few other boys tangled in blankets and each other, farther down the loft. I quietly climbed down the ladder to the lower loft, where I found Michael, Danya and the twins still sleeping in a half-covered tangle of naked arms, legs and tussled hair; one sweet, little bare butt lay exposed with a perfect, pink pucker that begged for attention. Farther along the loft, there were four other piles of boys sleeping beneath different colored blankets, many of whom were not fully covered; I hadn't heard any of them come in during the night. I headed down the stairs to the main level and toward the curtained toilet area.

Behind the curtain, I discovered a single, rust-stained toilet that looked like it had last been used by a tribe of sasquatch. The seat was already up, so I didn't have to touch it; I just pulled out my stiff junk and forced it to aim for the bowl, just above the water line; I didn't want to make too much noise that might wake someone. As I let go, my body quivered involuntarily and it even made my mouth tickle; I didn't realize I had to go so bad!

Then I heard voices coming closer, so I finished up quickly and tucked myself away. I flushed and opened the curtain, stepping out into the cavernous barn in my boxers, which were still tented. Two girls were walking toward me, looking at me and trying not to stare at the long bulge in my boxers. Both were completely naked; the taller one was blond, with small, conical breasts, wide hips and a faint shadow of shaved pubes above her pussy; I guessed she was about fifteen. The other was younger and more boyish, with dark hair and dark blue eyes. She had only tiny cones behind pink nipples, barely a spoonful each, and her pussy was silky smooth; I guessed her to be ten or eleven.

"Hi!" the blond said. "You must be new here. My name's Jennica and this is Larissa."

"Hey," I said softly, nodding. "I'm Logan." I wasn't used to greeting girls, even when not dressed only in my undies, they scared me; I knew they thought differently than boys, but I didn't understand how, and the few times I had spoken to girls, they only laughed at me. These also giggled at me and continued on toward the toilet. I went back up stairs, padding quietly passed sleeping boys, and climbed back to the third-level loft, where Jeffy's smooth, sleeping body awaited me.

I snuggled in between Jeffy and Josh, feeling both their hands on me, Jeffy's still asleep, and Josh's awake and eager for more exploration. I must admit, my hands were eager to explore them, too.

Josh's skin was silky smooth and supple; I could feel every muscle as my fingers roamed over his chest and belly. He leaned over and looked right into my eyes, then his lips pressed against mine; a little of his wetness crossed my lips and my heart skipped a beat. My hand slipped down to his abdomen and my fingers crossed a small rough patch, where he'd shaved his pubes away. Our lips parted slowly, eyes closed, butterflies all aflutter. My fingers wrapped gently around the base of his six-inch masculinity; much of the excess skin had pulled back, leaving a small circle of pink peeking out.

I had never actually sucked a boy off before, though I had fantasized about it for a long time; I admired the ease with which Josh had taken me into his mouth last night, and the expert moves he had used on me; I hoped I could do him half as well! I bent down over his smooth, naked body and stopped, poised to take his controller into my mouth, to taste a teenager's penis for the very first time. Before I even touched him, I could feel the heat of him on my lips.

"Don't be afraid," Josh said softly. "Is this your first time?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded, looking up at him.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'll teach you all my moves! You'll be the best!"

I smiled; I wasn't sure if being the best cocksucker was a good thing or not, but I couldn't wait to find out!

"Kiss it," he said.

I gently slid my fingers up and down his thick shaft, watching the skin roll over the tip and back down; I brought it closer to my lips and placed a light kiss on the tip. A small drop of fluid smeared across my lips, joining the wetness from his kisses. I moved my lips around on it, smearing the fluid and feeling the smooth little slit at the tip.

"Lick it," Josh said.

I parted my lips and touched him with my tongue; a slight saltiness spread into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out a bit farther and lapped softly at his creamy, skin-enfolded cap.

"Pull the skin back," Josh said. "So you can get to the whole head."

I did as he instructed, watching the skin wrinkle about the base of his shaft as his bullet-shaped helmet was exposed. I continued to lick him, feeling the smooth edges of his slit and the heart-shaped underside of his cap.

"Lick it harder," Josh said. "Flick it hard and circle around it."

I worked his helmet firmly and began to wonder when I could actually get it inside my mouth.

"Ahh, yeah, that's it!" Josh sighed. "You learn fast! That's good. You're doing great!" He let me continue for a couple minutes, then said, "Now, keep your teeth off it, but take it into your mouth. Just touch it with your lips and tongue."

I took the head into my mouth and was surprised to find it filling my mouth; I hadn't thought it that big! I circled and licked it, exploring the helmet shape; I found my head circling and weaving naturally around it.

"Relax your throat," Josh said. "Breathe through your nose and take it deeper. You'll probably gag, but relax and think about taking a big gulp of water or something."

I tried to push him farther into my throat and, just as he said, I gagged. I tried again and again, gagging each time, until I finally was able to get passed that point. Suddenly, I found my nose pressing against his abdomen and realized I had his entire six-inch cock in my mouth! I drew back, dragging my lips and tongue up his shaft, then swallowed him again.

"Ahh, yeah!" Josh sighed. "That's awesome! You're so good!"

As I drew back again, I noticed that his foreskin had rolled over the head again; I pushed it back with my lips as I swallowed his delicious cock again. I was surprised to find it was actually tasteless, just clean skin, like licking my fingers, but the feeling of having a boy's penis fully in my mouth was exquisitely naughty!

"Oh, yeah," Josh moaned. "Keep that up! Go a little faster."

I worked him for another couple minutes as his breathing became more ragged and his body began to flex and tense up. Suddenly, he caught his breath, jerked hard and quivered; his cock throbbed between my lips and my mouth was flooded with thick, salty fluid. I swirled it around and more filled my mouth, nearly to overflowing. I swallowed and more refilled my mouth. My tongue tingled slightly and I loved the taste of him. A stray thought came to mind, Mom always told me, "You are what you eat!" I almost laughed. Now he would be a part of me. More of him filled my mouth and I swallowed again, and again. Finally, his gusher slowed to a trickle and I was able to enjoy it longer, to savor the taste of him as I sucked the last drops from him.

I looked up and saw bliss laying softly on the blond boy's face; he opened his eyes slowly and gazed down at me with love and gratitude.

"Spiff!" he said softly. "That was wonderful! You're gonna be awesome on the Strip!"

Reluctantly, I allowed him to slip from my lips. "I just want to be good for you guys!" I said.

"Now do me next!" Jeffy exclaimed. I didn't know how long he'd been watching, but he smiled at me with eagerness and anticipation burning in his pale blue eyes. He pulled the blanket away from his naked body and his neatly circumcised, creamy-pink boner stood straight up.

I smiled at him and crawled on my elbows over to his delicious-looking, four-inch pleasure. Just as Josh had taught me, I kissed his little, rosy helmet and began to lick around it. There was no extra skin to pull back or deal with, so sucking him was much easier. I pushed him deeper into my mouth and found my nose pushing into his smooth abdomen before my throat was satisfied; he was younger and not as developed as Josh, being two inches shorter and slightly thinner. I couldn't wait for him to grow bigger!

I was delighted to feel his body tremble and his soft breath quivering as I swallowed his precious boyhood. I pulled back, dragging my lips and tongue up his shaft, then swallowed him again, and again, and again. Each time I came up to his cap, I circled and flicked it firmly, making Jeffy moan softly and quiver. It didn't take long before he was panting and groaning; his body twisting and flexing. Then the slim, tawny boy jerked hard and his belly went tight. Once again, my mouth was flooded with rich, thick boyjuice, not quite as much as from Josh, but enough to get a good taste of him. I swallowed eagerly, drinking his essence into me; he, too, would become a part of me, in body as well as in spirit.

After Jeffy finished squirting, I sucked the last drops from him and lay there, holding him in my mouth; he didn't soften and I kept licking him. Minutes later, he groaned again and spurted more luscious kidcum into my mouth. I swallowed every bit of him and sucked for more.

No sooner had I sucked the last of his boycream from him, than Jeffy hopped up and scampered along the loft. I wondered where he was going, so I got to my feet and followed. He passed the ladder and another pile of blankets that had three naked boys tangled in them, still asleep. The wide-opened window at the end of the loft overlooked the alley; the door that covered the opening hung from one hinge and looked as if it hadn't been moved in decades. Jeffy stood there in the hot, morning sunlight, naked to the world, and let fly a golden stream into the alley below.

"What the...?" I heard Danya's voice from below. "Shit, Jeffy, no wonder the grass is dying out here!"

Jeffy giggled, but didn't stop.

I looked down and saw Danya and three other boys, naked and taking showers in the alley. One wet, dark-haired boy, Danya, who had apparently been doused by Jeffy's morning fountain, moved into the cold spray of the shower again.

Jeffy shook off the last golden drops of piss, then turned and pressed his slim, naked body against me. "I'm hungry!" he said.

"Yeah, me too," I said, sliding an arm around his bony shoulders. "What do you guys do for food around here?"

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