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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 6

We dressed quickly in light shorts and t-shirts; it was already starting to get hot beneath the barns metal roof. This was the first time I'd seen Jeffy wearing clothes, though I noticed he didn't put on any underwear, but pulled a tattered pair of denim cut-offs up his smooth, golden-haired legs. I pulled sat down and pulled on knee-socks, which Jeffy told me I was doing it wrong.

"What do you mean?" I asked. I was sitting on the floor with my knees drawn up nearly to my chest.

"Like this," he said. His hands gently surrounded my right calf and pulled the sock back down, so it crumpled around my ankle and a little more than half my leg muscle was showing. Then he pulled some of the wrinkles up a bit and arranged them carefully, even, but seemingly casual. "See?" he said. "This shows off your legs better and makes your ankles look less like chicken legs." He stretched my leg out before me, so I could look at it. "See how sexy?"

I had never really paid much attention to my legs before, but I had certainly seen many very sexy legs on other boys. I had to admit, my leg did look very sexy! He quickly moved to my left calf and performed the same operation. My floppy, white high-tops completed the look.

Jeffy lead me down the ladder, where we met Josh and a few other boys on the second-level loft. They were dressing, too; shorts and t-shirts seemed to be the order of the day. Josh introduced me around:

Bobby, who looked to be about fifteen, had dark, curly hair and dark eyes, with a rich, milk-chocolate tan. He had a large, sparkling bobble dangling from his left ear and two thick bracelets, one leather and the other a braid of multi-colored strings, about his left wrist; a thin, gold chain lay softly about his right wrist and a dark chain was snug about his throat. He wore white shorts and a white tank-top, both of which contrasted starkly against his smooth, darkly tanned skin. His body was lean and seemed to sway and gyrate gracefully as he moved, almost as if doing a sensual dance as he dressed; he pulled up the front of his tank top and tucked it behind his head, leaving his chest and belly bare. As I looked more closely, I realized that his eyes were actually green, flashing only as he turned toward the light.

Alex looked to be about thirteen, his sun-streaked blond hair slightly wavy over his forehead, his dark blue eyes intense and piercing; it was as if he knew me intimately with just a quick glance and dared me to show any hint of falsehood. His lips seemed to be just a little too shiny and I thought he must be wearing some sort of gloss; it was very attractive on him. Alex was the only one not wearing a t-shirt; he wore his button-down shirt wide open in front, showing off his smooth chest and four-pack abs; his belly button was a very cute little "innie," surrounded by tiny, golden hairs.

Josh's third companion was Joey, another thirteen-year-old with sandy, sun-streaked hair and brown eyes; his look was very serious and matter-of-fact; he gave me a deadly-serious look that threatened me with dire consequences if I messed with him. He was the only one still naked; his brown, half-grown dick was surrounded by a crescent of dark, close-cropped hairs, but his dangling balls and crotch were smooth. He quickly pulled on a pair of gray-green shorts with small, brown leaves printed on them, and a blue t-shirt that left his soft, creamy belly button bare.

Some distance away, half-hiding behind a large, metal support post, another boy stood, watching us shyly.

"Are you coming, too?" I asked him. "What's your name?"

"That's Kevin," Jeffy said. "He's really shy."

Kevin was a slim, lanky thirteen-year-old with brown hair, dark eyes and the faint, wispy beginnings of a mustache. His skin was creamy and pale, as white as my own! He also wore faded cut-off blue jeans and a blue and white striped tank top with a number of holes in it.

"Come on, Kevin," I said. "You're part of this family, too!"

Slowly, he came closer, eyes downcast, head cocked a bit to the left. I saw Joey give him a threatening stair and Kevin stepped to the side, staying just out of reach of him. I wondered what his story was, what made him so fearful, and as he came closer, I slipped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him against me.

"Don't be afraid," I said. "You're always welcome with me and I'll never hurt you." I kissed his cheek and squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. It may have been a display that was a bit over the top, but something about him told me he desperately needed it.

He searched my eyes; I saw that his were dark blue and held deep, soft vulnerability in them. As I looked back into his eyes, I saw that there was also a secret pain there that he held tightly; I could almost see the scars of his soul, where he had been deeply ripped open. I smiled and kissed him again. He smiled back, hesitantly.

As soon as Joey pulled on his shoes, we went down stairs and out into the bright, morning sunlight. I followed this mob of young boys with Jeffy close on one side and Kevin on the other, both with fingers entangling mine.

We walked along the narrow alley between the casino and the big hotel; a bridge joined the two about ten feet above the ground; I hadn't even seen that when Rick had brought me through here last night. The sweltering sunlight beat down on us, the heat of it seemed to scorch me even through my shirt. As we walked, the boys talked about some of their exploits on the Strip last night.

"Yeah, these two guys," Alex was saying, "they said they were Monte Sorri guys..."

"Reds?" Bobby exclaimed.

"Reds in training!" Josh said.

"Reds are hot!" Alex said. "Anyway, they took me up to Monte Sorri, to a big swimming pool they have up there. We went skinny dipping and then they both sucked me dry!"

"And what did you do?" Bobby asked.

"Well..." Alex smiled sheepishly. "They were kinda hot - well actually, they were really hot! So I sucked both of them, too!"

"Spiff!" Bobby said.

"I knew it!" Josh said, ruffling Alex's hair. "And how was your night, Joey?"

"Pretty quiet," he said. "I just had one guy who picked me up in his yacht - all he wanted to do was watch me jack off! Then he dropped me off six blocks away!"

"Still, that's an easy twenty, right?" Josh said.

"Yeah," Joey said. "It's a good thing, too - he was a fat, hairy old man - I would hate to have had him fuck me or something! Ugh!" His whole body shook in revulsion.

"Well, I had a better night," Bobby said. "Four guys sucked my dick and three fucked me, then another guy fucked me without sucking me - I cummed on his seat anyway, so he may have to explain that to his wife - haha!"

We rounded the corner from the alley onto the Strip and I was surprised at how different it looked now, compared with last night. The traffic was much less; the grassy boulevard was nearly empty, the gleaming air-yachts and the fabulous floating, chrome-dripping limo's of the evening were gone, and only a few small cars, and the occasional bus, drifted lazily along the broad, grassy avenue. I felt like I could almost lay down and take a nap on the soft lawn, or go examine the strange, yellow-podded hedge-row that lined its center.

The inhaling current of the Golden River casino was still there, like the throat of some great, yawning leviathan, but this time, we allowed the glittering blue and white lights to draw us into the broad doors. Inside, the air was cool and, as my eyes adjusted to the softer light, we were swallowed by red carpets and more flashing lights. We passed rows and rows of blinking, ringing slot machines and game tables, most of which were unoccupied, except for the dealer-bots and security-bots that roamed the floor; all the gamblers were in their beds, sleeping off the excesses of the night before, bemoaning their losses and dreaming of better luck to come.

Of course, being a rag-tag bunch of kids and nearly alone in the place, a security-bot approached us right away. "This is a restricted area," it said. "Access for under-aged patrons is limited to the restaurant areas and the Galactic Arcade."

"Relax, Rusty," Bobby said. "We're just going to the buffet."

"Very good, Sir," the bot replied, and went about its patrol.

A wide escalator took us up to the second floor, where Bobby lead us into a broad, circular atrium. Four travel-pods sat in their bays, empty and waiting. The nine of us crowded into one of them and Bobby said, "Buffet." The doors slid shut and the pod lifted, gliding through the opening in the ceiling and up into the big saucer that hovered above the main building.

As we rose through it and emerged above it, I looked down and saw a small golf course spread across its roof. The second saucer, which was off-set from the others, had tennis and basketball courts on its roof.

We glided up into the third saucer and into another pod bay, where the doors opened to let us out. Another escalator took us up one more floor and Bobby lead us into a huge restaurant.

At the door, everybody lined up before a holographic menu board. Upon entering, we each punched into the display the number of persons and type of meal we would be having and then swiped our credit chits.

Jeffy clung to my arm and whispered into my ear, "I don't have any money. Would you pay for me?"

I saw that the buffet was only five credits per person, so I squeezed his hand and nodded, pressing the buffet menu choice twice.

"Do you have money?" I asked Kevin. His face turned red as he shook his head. "No problem," I said, and punched the menu once more, then swiped my chit and saw it go from sixty-four credits to forty-nine."

Neither of the twins had money either, so one went in with Bobby and the other with Josh. I also saw Alex pay for Joey, who was still brooding about something.

Once inside, I was amazed to see just about every kind of breakfast food imaginable spread out in heated pans, trays and bowls, many with brightly colored flower garnishes. Server-bots occupied the area behind the counters, moving about, replenishing dwindling containers of food and cooking certain items to order. The restaurant was crowded; I think there were more people at the buffet than in the entire casino below, including the bots!

Jeffy and Kevin took plates ahead of me and I followed; suddenly, my heart swelled with joy as they began piling their plates with food, a feast that I was happy to provide for them.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "This is amazing!"

"I know," Bobby said; he was right behind me. "Seeing all this food makes my dick hard!" Everyone within ear-shot laughed.

With plates piled high, our gang of nine commandeered a large, round table, where we feasted most heartily, laughing and joking the whole while. I often felt Jeffy's hand on my thigh, even trying to sneak up into my shorts from time to time. To my surprise, I also felt Kevin's hand on my other thigh and he, too, was trying to get into my shorts! At one point, Kevin's hand met Jeffy's and they exchanged knowing looks and broad smiles as they continued to compete for my swelling boner. All of us went back for seconds and I noticed several poorly-concealed bulges among our group; that made me feel better about trying to hide my own unruly flesh.

As we ate, Danya, Michael and several other boys came over, with plates piled high, and commandeered a neighboring table. They were more raucous, joking rudely and laughing loudly, occasionally tossing a biscuit or a pancake over into the middle of our table. We laughed and tossed it back, along with a few pats of butter and a sausage link.

After eating, I followed the boys down to the arcade, where they scattered among the many holo-games that littered the big, darkened room. Jeffy, of course, stayed by my side, leading me by the hand to some of his favorite games and giving my swollen dick a little teasing rub every time we passed into a darkened area between machines. I tried to be interested in what he was showing me, but a part of me couldn't help but feel guilty for being there; it was my own selfish amusement that had kept me occupied while my parents and Grandpa were being murdered.

I told Jeffy I was feeling sleepy and wanted to go back to the barn; he was a little disappointed, but said he would go with me. "You don't have to," I said. "Why don't you stay here with Kevin; I can find my way."

"No, I want to go with you," he said.

I slipped my arm around his shoulders and hugged him close, kissing his forehead. "You're so sweet," I said.

"We're going back," Jeffy told Kevin, who was hypnotized by a holographic game. Kevin nodded, not wanting to be distracted.

I leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Catch up later," I told him and he nodded, glancing at me with affection in his dark eyes.

Jeffy and I started for the exit and I happened to look over into a dark corner of the room, between two gaming machines. I saw Bobby standing there, his white tank-top and shorts glowing softly in ultraviolet light, his darkly tanned skin nearly invisible. His shorts were peeled wide open, smooth, tanned skin plunged deep into his crotch. Josh's gleaming, blond head nodded and wagged frantically before the other boy's hips. Bobby smiled, his white teeth glowing like his clothing.

Outside, the sun's heat again threatened to wilt me, except for my dick, which Jeffy continued to tease with his finger nails, scratching the fabric of my shorts along the underside of my bulge. "If you keep that up," I said, "I'm gonna make a mess in my shorts!"

He giggled and teased me some more.

We got back to the barn and found only Larissa there; she was just coming down the stairs from the second-level loft, naked and padding softly, with the grace of a cat, across the cement floor.

"Hi!" she said softly.

"Hi," Jeffy replied. "Did they leave you all alone?"

"Yeah," she said. "There's nobody up there." She pointed up at the loft, where she'd just come from. "Can I come with you?"

"Yeah, sure," Jeffy said. "We're just gonna sleep or something, though."

"That's OK," she said.

"Don't you want to catch up to the others?" I asked. "Get some breakfast?"

"I don't eat breakfast," she said.

We started up the stairs and she followed, all the way up to the third-level loft. Jeffy quickly stripped down naked and stretched out on his blankets, not bothering to cover himself. I lay beside him, pulling my t-shirt over my head and leaving it in a wad in my hand. To my surprise, Larissa straddled me and sat, rubbing her smooth, bare pussy on the bulge in my shorts.

"Don't you want to get naked?" she asked.

"Oh, well - uh - OK, I guess," I said. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down; she scooted up and ran her pussy right over my fingers. I had never touched a girl before; her skin was softer and silkier than anything I'd ever felt; her little, hairless pussy was moist and smeared across my knuckles.

"Oooh!" Jeffy exclaimed. "She wants you to fuck her! Can I watch?"

"Sure!" she said. "You can get some sex, too, if you want!"

"OK!" Jeffy said, rubbing his creamy, pink dick into a quick boner.

Before I could do anything with my shorts, Larissa grabbed the waistband and began pulling them down, along with my boxers. I popped up like a flag pole and the hot air of the loft swirled around my bare balls. She pulled my shorts off my feet, along with my sneakers, and leaving me with nothing but one sock, she crawled up over my body and again sat on my hips, this time bare skin on skin. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and moved up, guiding it into her crotch. She rubbed it back and forth in her silky smooth slit, teasing her little, pink clit with my helmet for a moment.

"Are you old enough to fuck?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah!" she said. "I've been fucked lots of times!"

"Really?" I asked. "By who?" As soon as it was out of my mouth, I realized that was a dangerous question; I wasn't sure I really wanted to know by who.

"Well, Jeffy's fucked me a few times," she said. "And so has Danya, and Jonah, but he's not here any more. Nick and Nathan tried to fuck me, but their dicks are too small... Oh, and Rick fucked me once."

"What? Not Bobby?" I exclaimed. "I thought he fucked anything that moves!"

"Yeah, that's how he talks," she giggled. "But he only likes boys. He fucked Jennica once, just to see what it was like, but I don't think he's ever done it with any other girl since then." She eased herself down on my long, thick rod and I watched as it sank right into her; the warm, wet embrace of her tender, little pussy was exquisite, even though she could only take three or four inches of it. She leaned over me, placing her hands on the floor beside my ribs. Her bare butt was in the air over my hips, with only my cock connecting us. She began to roll her hips up and down, driving me slowly in and out of her; the feeling was much like Josh's mouth, but without the tongue action.

Jeffy came up and straddled my head with his knees, presenting his four-inch boner for Larissa to suck, which she did eagerly. His smooth, golden balls hung just above me, brushing my nose as he thrust back and forth. I reached up and kissed his nuts as they swung there and I watched his tender, creamy, hairless crotch as I felt Larissa slide up and down on my cock.

I had to chuckle to myself inwardly: I had never touched a boy or a girl sexually all my life, and now I'd had sex with two boys and a girl in less than twenty-four hours! Yes, this had to be heaven!

Larissa quickened her rhythm and was soon thrusting her hips with a rapid-fire snapping motion that was driving me crazy. Having not cum in almost two hours, it only took about five minutes before I felt it rising in me again, that wild, uncontrollable, shivering electric wave that a billion boys lacked the power to stop. Above my face, Jeffy's bare crotch was calling me with the musky smell of a sweaty boy. I raised my head and buried my nose into the back of his balls, inhaling deeply the delicate scent of him; I felt his smooth, warm thighs sandwich my face; I licked his ball sack and the whole area of his creamy, quivering crotch. My belly tensed up and I jerked to the right; I felt myself erupt hot, molten sperm inside Larissa's silken pussy, fully seeding her sweet insides.

Jeffy collapsed backward, dragging his balls and his wet dick over my face. I could see thick gobs of his white cum on Larissa's face, smeared around her mouth. "Oh, my God!" Jeffy panted. "That was awesome! When you started licking my balls - that made me cum so hard! I loved that!"

As my flow stopped and my orgasm faded away, Larissa was still working me hard. I looked down and saw that my shaft was coated and glistening with my thick, creamy goo as it oozed from her overflow. A moment later, she drove herself down hard on me and held me for long seconds as she quivered and moaned softly. Finally, she relaxed and collapsed on top of me, resting her cum-smeared face on my chest, my cock still deep inside her.

"Awh, you slut!" Josh said as he climbed the ladder. "Caught in the act!"

"Who are you talking to?" I asked.

"You, of course!" he chuckled.

"Oh, and what you and Bobby were doing in the arcade wasn't slutty behavior?" I challenged.

"Of course it was!" Josh said, smiling broadly. "I didn't say I wasn't a slut!" He moved to lay beside Jeffy and went right to work licking the boy's glistening boner.

"So who was your first?" I whispered into Larissa's ear.

She raised her head and looked at me. "Well, actually..." she hesitated. I kissed her lips and tasted Jeffy's cum. She giggled and I kept kissing her until all of Jeffy was licked away.

"Ummmm," she went on. "Are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yeah," I said. "No secrets! Tell me everything!"

"Well..." she said. "It was my stepdad. But that was so long ago, I barely remember it."

I was shocked. "How old were you then?"

"I don't know, four or five," she said. "He fucked me a lot, almost every day. Sometimes he would even take me out of school so he could fuck me!" I didn't know what to say.

"I wish my stepdad had only fucked me!" Josh said. "I could have dealt with that! I might even have liked that! But not the beatings he gave me every night!"

Again, I was stunned. I guess I should have known; all these kids weren't here for no reason. They had all been ripped out of their families by something, whether by outside forces, as I had been, or by self-destructive forces.

"But then my Mom caught him," Larissa went on. "And she shot him, so now she's in prison and I got bounced around from one foster home to another because they all caught me fucking their boys - or their neighbor's boys. Then I just got tired of it - of all their rules! I love to fuck and I want to choose when and with who! Now I live here and I do things my way!"

"Yeah, me too!" Josh said.

Bobby came up the ladder shortly after Josh, so I got him to share some of his past with us too. It turns out his Mom had become addicted to koffra, and then had graduated to sybellina; now she spent her days and nights in a completely drugged-out stupor and was always whoring for more.

Rick stood before the dark, polished desk, soft lights casting reflections and shadows alike. The room was dark with expensive cabinets and furniture imported from Earth. A small hologram moved over the desk, images of Logan and Jeffy that Rick had surreptitiously captured as they ate their fried chicken.

"He looks nice," the black-suited man said from behind the desk. "How old is he?"

"Fourteen, Sir," Rick replied. "His parents were killed at the SpacePort Inn yesterday; you probably heard about it."

"Yes, most unfortunate," the man said.

"I know he's a little older than my usual finds," Rick said. "But he's attractive and very well endowed."

"Yes, he should make a fine replacement," the man said.

"Replacement, Sir?" Rick said. "I don't understand."

"I've been thinking," the man said. "Michael is getting older; I believe he'll be turning sixteen, soon, correct?"

"Yes, in two weeks," Rick said.

"He's moving beyond his prime."

"He's still a good worker," Rick defended.

"But for how much longer?" the man asked. "This is not a business for the soft-hearted, Ricky. If a product is no longer selling, it has to be cleared out to make room for something new."

"Yes, Sir, I know," Rick said. "But..."

"I want you to get rid of him," the man interrupted. "Make it look like an accident - or maybe like something the Nirkads would do."

"I'll get rid of him," Rick said, thinking he could put the boy on an outbound freighter or something.

"We can't have any witnesses, Ricky," the man said, as if knowing his thoughts. "If outsiders learn what goes on around here, there could be questions, investigations... The legal entanglements would be very expensive - for me and for you!"

Rick nodded; he knew what that meant - he and all his boys would become victims of the Nirkads.

"Of course," Rick said thoughtfully, "if the right outsiders learn what happens here, we could be swamped with business!"

"I've already taken care of that," the man said. "Half our trade comes from off world; in secret circles, this planet is known as a boy-lover's paradise. My concern is that the wrong people might hear something. There's no telling who a stray kid might talk to! Take care of it, Ricky. I'm counting on you!" The man's voice had turned as stern as his finger pointing through the hologram.

"Yes, Sir," Rick said; his stomach knotted up as he turned to leave the spacious office; he dared not speak for fear his trembling voice would give away the pain that choked his heart. He had found Michael when the boy was only eleven, had brought him up himself, taught him everything he knew about surviving and working on the streets, had slept with him in his arms and had enjoyed Michael's tender fruits himself many times. Murder was not an option, nor was handing him over to the Nirkads. He had to find another option. But what?

As he was leaving the office, Rick saw the young, silver-haired girl coming up the hall. Her ivory skin and dark make-up were as perfect as her bejeweled nails. "Hi Ricky," she said. "Did you get the boy I sent you?"

"Hi Lisa," Rick replied. "Yeah, I did; he's great!"

"What's wrong?" she asked; she could see something was bothering him.

"Oh..." Rick glanced back at the closed door behind him. "He wants me to get rid of Michael."

"Oh, poor thing!" she said, her dark brows furrowing, her ruby lips turning pouty. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Rick said. "But I can't kill him - I just can't."

"He'll know if you don't," she said. "He'll be waiting for a police report or something."

"Yeah, I know," Rick said. "But still..."

"He'll kill you if you don't," she said.

Rick nodded and stepped around her. "Don't tell your father," he said finally. "I'll think of something."

She nodded, then turned and opened the office door. "Hi, Daddy!" she said as she walked in.

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