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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 7

I don't know who drifted off first, or how long we slept, but when we woke up, Larissa and I were smeared with dried cum and we reeked of sweat; the uppermost loft was stiflingly hot. I realized it had been a noise down stairs that had awakened me, someone was slamming doors and stirring around down there.

"Holy shit!" came Rick's voice from the top of the ladder. "You guys are a mess! And what is that smell? I think the whole bunch of you need showers, quick!"

Jeffy jerked awake and raised his head, looking at me with blurry eyes; his silky blond hair was a tussled mess.

We got to our feet, still naked, and climbed down to the main floor. Josh and Bobby were nowhere around, and the twins joined us, also naked, on the second-level loft, where they had again been playing their holo-game.

Someone had draped towels over nails along the back wall, near the door, probably left from Danya and the others this morning. Still a little blurry-eyed, I guided Jeffy and Larissa toward the back door.

Rick came to Larissa and slid his finger into her pussy, then brought it to his mouth. Tasting my cum, he smiled and gave me a wink. Whether from pride or guilt, or maybe both, I wasn't sure, but I couldn't help but blush.

The late afternoon sun cast long shadows behind the barn; its light reflected warmly from the fronts of the warehouses across the alley. As usual, there seemed to be no one around; we had the whole alley to ourselves. We strutted out into the open air and sunshine, stark naked, the twins begging me to wash them again, as I had last night. How could I refuse?

I started the water running and Larissa stepped under the spray, catching her breath against the cold. She quickly washed, taking only a minute to soap up and rinse. Jeffy stood by, with an amused smile, as each of the twins dragged me under the spray and begged me to soap them up and rub them. My hands glided up and down their slick curves, around their silky, bare butts and between their hairless legs. I rubbed each of them until each in turn shuddered and sighed, and I wished they were old enough to produce what I longed to taste from them.

Finally, it was Jeffy's turn and I knew what was coming. His hands explored me as mine explored him; we matched each other stroke for stroke, kiss for kiss, thrust for thrust. As always, I made a mess, spurting myself up his chest, over his belly and onto the ground. Likewise, Jeffy spewed himself onto my belly and down my legs, breathless and quivering, blue-eyed bliss piercing my heart with the joy of giving and sharing. As I rinsed him, Jeffy pressed his slim body against me. "I'm hungry!" he said.

"Me too!" I replied. "I think I've cummed five times today! I need something good for making more sperm!"

Jeffy chuckled.

Back up in the loft, we dressed without even needing to dry off; the heat up there dried our skin and hair before we had climbed to the top of the ladder. I knew all the other boys would be out on the Strip, working, or doing whatever they did there, and I wanted to see more of it. I suspected the night might be cooler, so I pulled on an old pair of long bluejeans, with holes in the knees, and an old t-shirt. Jeffy dressed in very short shorts and a snug tank top that left about two inches of his belly bare.

Nick and Nathan came to me, still naked, and hung on my arms. "Take us to Boy Island!" they cried. "Take us to Boy Island!"

"Boy Island?" I asked. "Where's that?"

"I'll show you," Jeffy said. "But first, you guys have to put some shorts on, or something!"

"OK," they exclaimed, and they scampered excitedly back down the ladder.

Jeffy wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a long, wet kiss; my hands roamed over his back and slipped down around his butt.

"I think I love you," he whispered as our lips parted.

"I think I love you, too!" I replied. Our lips came together again in soft, breathless wetness. The tips of our tongues slipped together, hot breath mingled mouth to mouth, my abused dick threatened to come to life again.

"We'd better get going," he said. "I'm still starving!"

"Yeah," I sighed. "I suppose..."

"Com' on, I'll show you a good place to eat."

"Better than the casino?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "The casino is good for breakfast, but dinner there is expensive."

"Oh, OK," I said. Our bodies slipped apart and our hands reluctantly pulled away, his fingers catching mine for a final, momentary good-bye. We climbed down the ladder and the twins rushed at me as I stepped onto the lower loft.

"Can we go now?" they asked in unison.

"Yeah," I said. "Are you guys ready?"

"Yeah," they said. They had pulled on shorts and t-shirts, one white, the other blue, but both their shorts were royal blue. Their feet were bare, except for flip-flops, which snapped against their heals as they walked.

"We're gonna go get something to eat first," I said. "Jeffy's gonna show me a place."

"Panda's?" one twin asked.

"Yeah!" the other exclaimed. "Let's go to Panda's!"

"That's just what I was thinking," Jeffy said.

"OK, let's go!" I said.

The five of us, including Larissa, who met us by the door, left the barn and walked down the alley. The closer we got to the Strip, the more I could smell it; the air was filled with a cacophony of food smells, perfumes, colognes, and other, less identifiable scents. All the brightly colored lights were flashing, flickering and glittering in a blur of patterns and shapes; chrome-licked cars and yachts glided along in pools of liquid color; tall hair, extravagant hats, glittering heals and print dresses of a hundred styles walked, arm in arm, with black, white, blue and purple suits, dripping with gold, silver and jewels. Laughter and excited talk, snippets of conversations, passed by in a river of flamboyant extravagance and hoity-toity camaraderie.

We, looking like a motley mob of ragamuffins, stopped at the mouth of the alley and studied the passing crowds. Where the throng thinned a bit, we made our entrance onto the sidewalk and moved along with the river of people, passing in front of the casino. Wide windows allowed views into a pizzeria, a deli, a large market and a spa; across the street, I could see a pawn shop, a French restaurant, a fish restaurant and a sporting-goods outfitter. We stopped at an intersection and waited for the lights to change; even though the cross traffic was at a higher level, twenty feet above our heads, there were always vehicles transitioning from one direction to the other. I finally had the presence of mind to look up at the holographic street signs hovering above our heads; I knew the Strip was actually named the Starlight Strip, and I now learned the cross street was Thurber Downs. We crossed over to the other side and continued south along the boulevard.

All along the Strip, I saw dozens of kids, mostly boys, standing along the walls and alleys, showing off their long legs and bare bellies, obviously waiting for passers-by in need of servicing. As we walked along, I saw a vehicle pull to the curb ahead of us, where a trio of boys stood in front of a theater.

"Watch this," Jeffy said, stopping and pulling me to the window in front of a clothing shop. "This is what the boys do."

I watched as one of the boys, dressed in snug, blue jammers that seemed painted on his cute, round butt and strong thighs, and with a sizeable bulge, stepped over to the car. He ducked his head into the opened passenger-side window and talked with the driver for a moment. Then he stood up and looked down along the Strip, standing with his bulging crotch pushed into the car window.

"See how he's standing?" Jeffy said. "He's showing himself off to get the customer to come up to his price. He usually asks twenty credits, most of the boys do, but some of the customers like to be cheap and only pay ten or fifteen."

"You know him?" I asked.

"Yeah," Jeffy said. "His name is Chaz."

Chaz turned and ducked into the car window again; I saw his blond head nodding, then he stood up again; his bulging crotch seemed bigger. He opened the car door and got in.

"He must've gotten his price," Jeffy said as we watched the car pull away. He took my hand and we continued along the sidewalk.

Another block down, I saw a restaurant with orange paper lanterns in the dark, wooden entry way. Above it was an orange neon sign that read "Panda Moon." A round panda bear face grinned widely from the window; blue, green and red neon Chinese characters surrounded it.

The doors slid aside and a greeter-bot welcomed us in Chinese. The main floor of the restaurant was a wide, open room with many, white-clothed tables where half a dozen groups of people were eating and talking. Several small, curtained rooms opened along the walls and along an upper balcony overlooking the main dining room.

"Can we have room six?" Jeffy asked the artificial man.

"Certainly, Sir," the bot replied. "Right this way."

We followed the bot upstairs to one of the many private rooms. We sat around a circular table, which took up nearly all the space in the room.

"Is Dagwynn here?" Jeffy asked the bot.

"Yes, Sir," the machine replied. "I'll fetch him."

The bot left and I called up a holographic menu. The prices didn't look too bad as I considered that I still had forty-nine credits on my chit. "So, what's good here?" I asked.

"Everything," Jeffy said.

"Especially Dagwynn," one of the twins said. They began laughing and Jeffy's face turned red.

"We usually get the sweet and sour," Jeffy said.

"With a side of Dagwynn!" the other twin laughed.

"What's Dagwynn?" I asked, looking up and down the menu.

"You'll see," the twins laughed.

"He's a who, not a what," Jeffy said. "He works here."

"Oh," I replied. "Friend of yours?"

"Yeah," Jeffy said. "He gets us food cheap."

"And other things, too!" the twins said together.

Moments later, a gorgeous, shirtless boy came into the room; he looked to be about sixteen. His hair was thick and blond, nearly parchment-white, brushed up into a thick crest on top of his head. His eyes seemed sleepy and his lips were full and lush. He had a thick, knitted scarf wrapped around his throat and below that, smooth expanses of creamy, bare skin stretched over his voluptuous curves and softly-defined muscles; his belly button was a virtical slot that seemed to invite my growing tongue into it, as did his lips.

"Dagwynn!" Jeffy called.

The boy's face brightened and a sweet smile broke out across his luscious lips. "Hey, guys!" he said. "Where've you been? I haven't seen you in so long!"

Jeffy threw himself into the boy's arms. "I've missed you," he said, pressing his face into the boy's bare chest; Dagwynn rubbed his shoulders and ruffled his hair. "We didn't want to get you in trouble by coming in too much."

"Oh, you won't get me in trouble," Dagwynn said. "I see you have somebody new here!"

"Oh, yeah!" Jeffy said. "Dagwynn, this is Logan; Logan, this is Dagwynn."

"Logan, is it?" Dagwynn said, reaching for me, over Jeffy's shoulder. "Very nice to meet you."

I took his hand and shook it; his skin was smooth and warm, his grip, gentle, almost feminine. I was tempted to slide my hand all the way up his arm and down over his smooth body, but I consoled myself with the silky touch of his palm against mine, his flaccid fingers sliding through as our hands slipped apart.

The twins moved to his side. "Hi, Dagwynn!" they said in unison. I wasn't sure, but I think I was beginning to see tiny differences in them; the beginnings of being able to tell them apart.

"Hi, Nick," Dagwynn said as he kissed one boy's cheek. "Hi, Nathan." He kissed the other. "Are you guys hungry?"

"Yeah," Nick said.

"Hungry for you!" Nathan added.

Dagwynn chuckled. "Well, I'm hungry for you guys, too!" Jeffy still had his hands on Dagwynn's smooth, curved flanks; he kissed Jeffy's cheek and wrapped his arms around Jeffy's shoulders again. "So, do you guys want the usual?" he asked.

"Yeah," Jeffy said.

"And how are you going to pay for this?"

"I guess you'll just have to take it out of our hides," Jeffy said, smiling.

Dagwynn lifted Jeffy up onto the edge of the table and pushed him onto his back. He slipped his fingers into the top of Jeffy's shorts and pulled them down; as usual, Jeffy had no undies, so he was instantly naked below his tank top. Jeffy's neat, four-inch boner popped up like a jack-in-the-box; Dagwynn let his shorts fall to his ankles, like shackles on his sneakers as he spread Jeffy's knees wide apart. I felt a twinge of jealousy as Dagwynn bent over and, in one wet, open-mouthed move, engulfed Jeffy's entire boyhood. Jeffy sighed as Dagwynn's full lips pulled back up his shaft; Jeffy's eyes grew lazy, closing down to mere slits, his mouth dropping open with his soft, panting breath. Dagwynn's blond-crested head wagged back and forth as his expert mouth lavished thick, teenage lust up and down Jeffy's upward-curving stiffness.

The twins also watched with wide-eyed amazement and delight; I suspected they were anticipating their turns under the careful ministrations of this young god. They leaned back against the green wall, their hands in their shorts, rubbing their little boners; I could almost see their bare knees quivering.

I wondered if I would have a turn with him; I certainly wanted to see what this gorgeous teenager had been blessed with, what sort of flesh lurked inside his khaki trousers, between his smooth, strong legs.

Larissa was the only one that seemed unimpressed by this display of wanton boysex; she glanced at them from time to time, but spent most of her attention on the holographic display, which she had changed from the menu, to a game of solitaire. I heard her mutter, "Boys!" under her breath as she rolled her eyes.

"Would you be more interested if they were girls?" I snickered.

"Maybe," she smiled.

A moment later, Jeffy groaned and his body flexed and twisted. "Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhh!" he exclaimed. I saw a tiny drop of thick, white fluid appear at the corner of Dagwynn's mouth. Dagwynn swallowed, and swallowed again, his full lips gently rubbing the throat of Jeffy's cock.

"Oooooh!" the twins exclaimed together.

"That's a good one!" Nathan said.

"He's cumming really hard!" Nick exclaimed.

Jeffy shook hard for another few seconds, crying out softly, then began to settle down. Dagwynn swallowed one last time, then let Jeffy's rosy pink stiffy slip from his luscious lips. "OK," he smiled at the twins. "Who's next?"

"Me! Me!" they both exclaimed together, rushing toward him.

Jeffy scooted off the table and slowly pulled his shorts up; he came straight into my arms, still panting a bit, as he sat on my lap and pressed his face into my chest.

Dagwynn lifted Nathan up onto the table and yanked his shorts down. Nathan's three-inch boner popped up like a perfect little pink lollipop. Dagwynn bent over the boy's eager, quivering body and embraced his sweet, young dick between his full lips.

"Do him," Jeffy whispered into my ear. "Suck him."

I looked down into blue-eyed love and saw that he was honest; he wanted me to experience Dagwynn as he knew I wanted to. He stood up again and took my hand, pulling me toward the older boy; I stepped closer to Dagwynn as he bent over Nathan's wagging, shorts-shackled legs, and, as Jeffy moved aside, I dropped to my knees. Suddenly, my hands began to tremble and my heart pounded loudly; I reached up to unbutton his trousers, my fingers suddenly bumbling knobs. As his zipper glided down, I discovered he had no underwear, only rich, creamy skin, smooth and free of all hair.

Dagwynn's pants slipped down and his stiff, seven-inch cock stood out. I let his trousers fall to his ankles; the light, blond hairs of his legs glittered softly. Ducking under the edge of the table and between Nathan's legs, I moved in close to his thick, skin-sheathed cock; I could feel the heat of him on my lips.

I quickly pulled Nathan's flip-flops and shorts off, allowing his legs to spread wide and me to get closer to this strange, beautiful youth. I leaned in and kissed the tip of Dagwynn's cock, feeling the smooth, twin ridges that flanked his narrow cum-tunnel; I felt a small wetness there, and a hint of salt. As I licked around the circle of rosy skin unsheathed, I took more of him into my mouth, pushing back his foreskin with my lips. His smooth, bullet was bigger than Jeffy's, even bigger than Josh's; I forced my mouth to take him, my lips to engulf him, my throat to swallow him. Soon, I had most of him deep inside me and I could smell a delicate, sweet scent of cologne where his hair had been; suddenly, it was as if a cloud lifted in my mind and I was swept away on a fresh breeze. I drew back, slathering lust along his thick shaft. My tongue circled and flicked the helmet that threatened to resheathe itself; I pushed back, swallowing him again.

My hands slid up his smooth, creamy thighs, and I could feel his slightly coarser hairs there; the muscles of his legs were rounded and strong, his skin rich and creamy, and sparsely haired. I cupped his dangling balls with one hand and caressed them lightly, as I liked to have my balls rubbed when I pleasured myself. The fingers of my other hand explored his smooth, warm crotch and the cleft of his perfect, bare backside; he had not a trace of hair anywhere between his legs or in his butt.

I drew back off his cock again, flicked it a few more times, and swallowed him again; each time my nose neared his abdomen, I was refreshed with that sweet scent, like vanilla and wild flowers. I swallowed him many times, milking a little more precum from his body each time.

Nathan's feet were dangling against my shoulders, wagging and kicking occasionally, until I felt him tense up and heard him cry out, "Mmm - mmm - mmm!" I didn't know such a young boy could cum so hard!

Reluctantly, I had to release Dagwynn's cock as Nathan scooted his bare butt off the table and Nick climbed up. Again, I had to remove his flip-flops and shorts in order to gain better access to Dagwynn's tasty treasure. Once in my mouth again, it felt right at home; I swallowed him as deep into my throat as I could; the feel of a big, hard, naked cock filling me was luxurious and rich. This is what I was born for; this is right where I belonged!

It didn't take me long to get back into the rhythm I'd had before being interrupted: a long swallow, a stroke back, lick, flick, circle, swallow. I repeated this many times, loving every millimeter of him, the bullet-shaped cap, the rim around the back of it, the heart-shaped underside, the small, tender bit of skin that stretched between cap and shaft, the thick foreskin that rolled up and back with each stroke; I loved it all!

I heard Nick cry out and his legs went straight on either side of Dagwynn's hips. A moment later, the ten-year-old swung his leg over and his bare butt scooted down beside me.

Dagwynn straightened up and backed away from the table; I followed, not letting go of him, nor missing a stroke. Then I was able to lift my head and give him a proper working over. His hands gently cupped the sides of my head; his touch was soft and warm around my ears; his hips began gyrating and thrusting back and forth. I glanced up and saw that he had his head laid back and his supple belly was beginning to flex and roll.

In another moment, his gushing fountain of youth flooded my mouth with an abundant flow of thick, rich fluid, which he must have been saving up for a special occasion. His spurting wasn't forceful, but poured out of him like milk spilling across a table; there was a lot of it! I swallowed several times, trying to keep up with the flow, but even so, I felt warmth trickling down my chin. And his taste! My tongue tingled with salty, blond heaven! He was the perfect appetizer for a Chinese feast!

But that wasn't the end of it. I didn't want to let go of him; I would have gladly sucked on him all night! But he pulled back and tucked it away behind khaki fabric, safe until the next time. I had hopes for desert!

Then he pulled me to my feet and pushed me back onto the table. His fingers went to work on my jeans and he quickly pulled them, and my boxers, down my legs; I took up the same position as the bare butts of the other three; my ankles became bound up by my jeans, my knees spread apart, and my cock stood up like a monument to wanton, teenage lust.

"Wow!" Dagwynn remarked. "You have a nice one! How big is it?"

I shrugged my shoulders, a little embarrassed to admit that it was a proud tool.

"Oh, com' on!" he said. "Don't tell me you've never measured it!"

Yes, indeed I had measured it, just a few weeks ago, before we left Earth. It was rumored that living on other planets sometimes made people grow taller, or made their arms or legs grow longer; part of that same rumor also said penises sometimes grew longer as well. Also, many of the boys at school had remarked on it after seeing me naked in the locker room; they often wanted to compare length, width, and even the distance they could squirt a load. I was a little embarrassed to find that I could beat most of them on all counts! "Eight inches," I said.

"Beautiful!" Dagwynn breathed. "A bit hairy, though. Would you like some help shaving it? I have some hair-inhibiter at home, too, if you want to use some."

"Oh, well, I hadn't thought about shaving it," I said. "But I guess I could try it."

"Great!" Dagwynn said. "I'm off all day tomorrow; why don't we meet here and I'll take you home with me. We'll make a day of it!"

"OK," I nodded and I saw Jeffy to my side, smiling broadly.

"Oh, I knew you guys would like each other!" he said. "Can I come too?"

Dagwynn looked at all the smiling faces around the table. "Sure, you can all come!" he said. "We'll make it a spa-day for everybody!"

"Yes!" the twins chimed in together.

At that, Dagwynn bent down and engulfed most of me.

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