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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 14

We arrived at the house, a palatial estate high in the hills, overlooking the city. The limo slid into a tunnel that went beneath part of the house and emerged onto a wide, circular pad on the other side, beyond which was only air and distant hillsides. Architecture was always an interest of mine, I loved beautiful buildings, not as much as beautiful boys, of course, but they fascinated me, and this one was beautiful. A tall, cylindrical tower of glass rose up beside the tunnel we had just come through and to accentuate it, the rest of the house moved in jutting terraces down the hillside.

The limo stopped at the edge of the circular pad and settled into hover mode; we got out and I followed Rick as he started for the entrance, which was at an angle beside the tower and partially inside the tunnel. Jeffy walked close to my side, his fingers finding mine, his shoulder bumping me several times.

The wide door was actually wooden - real wood - carved with ornate patterns; it slid open and we entered. We were again engulfed in cool, vanilla air and surrounded by plush, gold-leafed furniture. To my left, I saw that the tower actually contained a spiral staircase to the upper levels, and even went below ground for some unknown distance.

A tall, thin man, of about forty, met us in the entry. I could tell that he probably had been a very attractive teenager, but now his blond hair had bits of gray at his temples, and his skin was creased and leathery.

"I'd like to talk to Mr. Stein before we get started," Rick said.

"He's on the observation deck," the man said, pointing back along the hall he'd come from.

"Go with him," Rick told us. "I'll be there in a minute."

"This way," the man said as he lead us into the spiral stairs and downward. As we descended, I was surprised to find a good-sized waterfall rushing into the room below, and a pool about five meters across to catch it. The air was cool, almost too cool after coming in from the desert heat, and a fine mist condensed on everything.

"Isn't this place amazing?" Jeffy said.

"Yeah, amazing!" I echoed.

"That's a natural artesian spring," the man said. "It comes right up out of the ground."

Above us, high arches spanned the ceiling with ornate moldings and small crystalline lights, like stars, gleaming brightly. A narrow bridge spanned a meter-wide, tiled channel that lead the flowing stream out of the room; we crossed it and followed the deep, rapidly moving water along a wide hallway, where several rooms opened.

"In here," the man said as he stood at the third door down. The doors slid aside to reveal a large, nearly empty room. Several large, bright lights stood on black tripods around a fancy gold-upholstered chase lounge.

"Wait here," the man said. "And don't touch anything." He vanished back the way we'd come, and Jeffy and I stood in the empty room, milling about.

"Do you think we can go swimming later?" he asked.

"I don't know, maybe," I said. I didn't know anything about the people here.

"What do you think about Josh?" he asked.

"Josh?" I was surprised. "I like him; he seems to be a nice guy."

"Do you think he's sexy?" Jeffy asked.

"Yeah, he is," I replied. "Why?"

Jeffy fell silent; I knew there was something bothering him, a worry, a fear, something moving in his thoughts that wouldn't let him rest.

"Are you afraid I'll choose him over you?" I asked.

Jeffy froze and glared at me, his soft blue eyes suddenly becoming hard as ice; I'd struck a nerve.

"Don't worry," I said, coming close to him. I slipped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him to me. His slim body trembled slightly. "I like Josh," I whispered into his ear, "but I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with you!" I felt his arms slide around my back, his face pressed against my chest. "I love you so much, Jeffy, I could never live without you."

"Isn't that sweet," a man's voice came from the opened doorway. I looked and saw two men coming into the room, Rick following them. One was young, twenty-something, blond, brown-eyed and fairly attractive. The other was older, dark-haired with touches of gray, and seemed stern and cold. The word 'Nirkad' immediately came into my mind.

"Can we go swimming later?" Jeffy asked immediately.

"Sure, kid, why not?" the younger man said, smiling. "I might even join you!"

"After we finish here," the other man said.

"Oh, yeah, of course!" Jeffy said.

"OK," the older man said. "Now, you, what's your name again?"

"Jeffy," he replied.

"Jeffy," the man repeated with a little chuckle. "OK, we'll do you first. Please get in the center."

"I like what you're wearing," the younger man said. "Was that your idea?"

"Yeah!" Jeffy replied, looking down at himself. His jeans were tight and cut off very short about his caramel legs, showing a bit of the creamy whiteness of his upper thighs. His faded t-shirt was also tight, being rather old and a couple sizes too small for him; it had been torn in half just below his ribs and left a good six inches of his belly bare. Several small holes offered tantalizing glimpses of more tawny skin.

Jeffy moved to the center of the room, in front of the chase, and stood still while the younger man adjusted the big lights around him. The other man started some music playing, a driving beat filled the room, a beat that started Jeffy's left leg and head moving almost involuntarily to the rhythm. I smiled at him, realizing that Jeffy had music in his soul; he couldn't help but move with it.

The older man then opened two boxes that sat along the far wall and, as I watched, about twenty recorders rose up and moved to positions all around Jeffy. Some hovered just inches from the floor, others were at chest level, and a few hovered above him; there was not an angle or a view of him that would not be scanned, no part of him that would escape their unblinking eyes. Suddenly, a perfect holographic duplicate of Jeffy appeared at the far end of the room and several views of him appeared on the walls all around us. It was obviously a very expensive system.

"OK," the older man said. "I think we're ready."

"OK," the younger man said. "Begin dancing," he instructed Jeffy.

Jeffy began bouncing and gyrating, swishing his hips side to side as he turned around, his head nodding and bopping and making his light, silky hair fly around him.

"That's great," the younger man said. Then he started giving Jeffy quick instructions. "Sit down; turn to the left - no, your other left; now, one at a time, bring your legs up; smile; hug your knees; stretch out; roll over; get up and dance; pull your shirt up a little - a little more - show me your nips; rub your tummy; rub your dick; turn around and wiggle your butt..."

In spite of the man's instructions, Jeffy's moves were smooth and natural, always keeping in time with the music; I could see his burgeoning boyhood raising an oblong lump at his crotch. "Sit on the couch," the man went on. "Turn; bring your legs up; take off your shoes; roll over; smile; rub your butt; turn over; take your socks off; take your shirt off; smile; dance..."

Jeffy was a natural; he was loving this and, even though he was told to smile, his smile never really faded. The more he danced, the sexier he did it, rubbing himself, feeling himself, fingers exploring, caressing, teasing. I watched as his holographic double followed his every move and the many images on the walls gave high resolution views of every part of him, some close up, others farther away, from his face to his toes. We were completely surrounded by this visual, moving, living shrine to Jeffy.

"Now unbutton your jeans," the man said. "Open them just a little; smile; dance; turn around and wiggle your butt; rub your butt; turn around; unzip a little more and spread it open a little - oh, you don't have any undies - I like that!"

I looked and saw that the small v-shaped opening at the top of his jeans was exposing only smooth, creamy, bare skin where most boys would be showing their undies. Jeffy smiled mischievously as he eased his zipper down a bit more; his other hand pulled his jeans open a bit more, bringing the upper edge of his smooth-shaved pubic area into view.

"Pull your pants down about an inch," the younger man directed. "Yeah, I like that! A little more; show me just the top of your dick - yeah, just like that; dance around; turn; show me some butt-crack; wiggle; a little more butt; a little more - good! Turn around; show me your dick - oh, nice; it's getting bigger! Wiggle it - wave it around - make it hard; drop the shorts and step out of them; sit on the couch; turn; bring your legs up; lay down; stretch out; spread your legs; rub your dick; turn over; rub your butt; hump the couch; turn over; rub it..."

"I can squirt now, too!" Jeffy said.

"Can you?" the younger man said. "Spiff! Why don't you show me?"

Jeffy began stroking his stiff, creamy-pink pole, his light brown balls bouncing with the rhythm of his hand. I watched as his blue eyes softened and grew lazy, his face becoming a mask of bliss, his delicate, rounded helmet growing more and more rosy. His breathing grew more ragged and the muscles of his belly flexed and rolled. Jeffy drew his knees up, spreading his legs wide and baring his entire smooth, hairless crotch to me and the many cameras. Close-ups of him splashed across the walls.

In another minute, with his eyes closed and his mouth wide open, his breath coming in hot, ragged puffs, Jeffy's slim, tanned body tensed up hard, jerked and trembled. Suddenly, a thick, white streamer leapt from his cock and arched high in the air. It spattered onto his smooth chest, giving contrast to his caramel-tanned skin. Another spurt leaped high and spattered across Jeffy's cute face, some going right into his mouth. A third spurt rained down on his chest again and a forth graced his quivering, golden-brown belly. Other, smaller dribblings greased his hand and puddled on his creamy abdomen. Jeffy kept stroking his stiff cock for several seconds after his flow stopped.

With a much more relaxed and blissful expression on his sweet face, Jeffy slowly opened his eyes and smiled for the cameras. He looked at the thick, gooey whiteness that blobbed his hand and began licking it away, still smiling as his own saltiness spread across his tongue.

I licked my lips in sympathy, recalling the taste of him that I had enjoyed several times. The younger man stepped into the light and swiped up a blob of kidcum from Jeffy's belly, tasting it himself. 'OK,' I thought, 'you can have a taste. But I was the first; I tasted him before you did and I'll be tasting him long after you!'

"OK, that was great, kid!" the younger man said. "Grab your clothes and wipe yourself off." He pointed to a small chair near the other man; a couple towels sat there, neatly folded. Jeffy gathered his clothes and shoes and, holding the bundle to his chest, walked slowly to the chair.

"OK," the man said, "your turn! What's your name?"

"Oh - uh - Logan," I stammered.

"And how old are you, Logan?" he asked.

"Fourteen," I replied.

"Have you ever done this before?"


"OK, well," the younger man hesitated. "You saw what Jeffy did - basically, you'll do the same things. Just try to act natural, don't be jerky, and try not to look at the cameras. Can you dance?"

"Uh..." I tried to remember the last time I danced, it was a darkened class room at school, with two dozen other kids - I wasn't very good. "Sort of... Well, not very good."

"That's OK," the man said.

"Just move with the music," Jeffy said, coming to my side; he was still naked. "Try not to think about it - just move."

"I'll try," I said.

The music started and Jeffy stepped back outside the ring of big lights. Images of me splashed across the walls surrounding us; I looked behind myself and saw a life-sized holographic image of me looking behind myself. "So that's what my backside looks like!" I chuckled. I closed my eyes for a moment and just listened to the music, its driving beat, the high, lilting melody and a number of other sounds included in it. I let it take me; I started bobbing my head and gyrating with it, as I'd seen Jeffy do.

Slowly, I opened my eyes; I saw Jeffy standing there, smiling at me. My eyes locked on him and I smiled back. The man began calling out instructions to me, move this way, turn that way, lie down, stand up. My clothes began coming off, I rubbed myself all over, turning, bending, twisting, stroking. My breathing became ragged and my essence spurted all over me, leaving pearly puddles on my chest and stomach, as well as on the chase and the floor.

"Spiff!" the younger man exclaimed. "That was awesome!" He came close and knelt beside me as I reclined on the chase. He bent over and licked the thick goo from my chest. "Mmmm, wonderful!" he said, looking up with a strand of sperm clinging to his lip. He stood, wiping his mouth, and moved over to the other man.

Rick came into the lights and handed me a towel. "You did real good, kid," he said. "I knew they would love you!"

I stood up, wiping my chest and belly, then started gathering up my clothes. The younger man came over. "My partner and I are very pleased with your performances," he said. He looked at Jeffy. "We've been getting a lot of demand for more of you on our websites, and I think demand will be high for you, too." He looked at me. "So, we're willing to increase your pay for this session and we would like you both to come back for another session - we want you to perform together - would that be alright with you?"

"Yeah!" Jeffy exclaimed. "That would be awesome!"

"Yeah!" I said. "I can do that!"

"Great," the man said. He turned to Rick. "Call me next week and we'll set it up."

"OK," Rick said.

"And for now," the man went on, "let me see your chits." I fished my credit chit from my pocket, as did Jeffy. He took Jeffy's and swiped it through his reader; numbers flashed on the tiny screen and he showed Jeffy the readout.

"Woah!" Jeffy exclaimed. "Five hundred!"

"That's right," the man said. "And your next performance will pay even more."

"Spiff!" Jeffy said.

The man swiped my chit and showed me the display; even though this was the first holo session I had ever done, they were paying me five hundred credits also.

"Spiff!" I said.

"And now, I think you boys have earned that swim!" he said. "You know the way, I think?"

"Yeah!" Jeffy said. "Com' on!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the hall.

"Oh, hold on a moment," the man said. "I'll pay you each another two hundred if you let us record you swimming."

"OK, sure!" we said together.

Several of the hovering recorders swarmed about us and followed us down the hall. We went down a set of stairs beside the flowing stream, which had stairs of its own, and then down more stairs where the stream was divided into seven waterfalls. A fern-clustered grotto met us at the bottom and stepping stones crossed the stream to wide glass doors. The doors opened and the day's heat blasted us. Still naked and carrying our clothes in bundles in our arms, we crossed a wide patio and went down another set of stairs, beside more waterfalls. At last, on the lowest patio, surrounded by thick palms and tropical vegetation from Earth, the stream flowed into a long, sculpted pool of shimmering blue. We dropped our clothes on a table and dived into sweet, turquoise bliss.

I'm sure that somewhere in the house, images of us skinny dipping and frolicking in the water were splashed across walls, and holographic copies of us mimicked our every move. I was surprised to see a few of the camera pods even submerging into the pool to catch our under-water antics. I didn't care; none of it was any more shocking than jacking off on that golden chase. Well, none of it, until Jeffy swam beneath me and latched his mouth onto my cock like a remora!

The sleek, blond boy must have sucked me for nearly a minute before coming up for air. Then he took my hand and pulled me over to the steps, where I reclined on the top step, with only my butt and legs in the water. The sun was blistering, but I didn't care; Jeffy's eager, talented mouth slurped and nibbled at my cock, his tongue flicked and circled my rosy cap; then he took as much of my shaft into his mouth as he could and his head bobbed and weaved up and down, sucking me for all I was worth.

Five of the hovering cameras moved in close, catching my facial expressions and every move Jeffy made; I knew they were there - I could see them out of the corner of my eye - but I was determined to ignore them. Maybe another good performance would encourage our employers to be more generous.

After about five minutes of concentrated work on Jeffy's part, my orgasm began to swell. My breathing was becoming ragged and my muscles tensed. I groaned as my body jerked and quivered, my cock throbbed and I felt streamers of thick, hot jizz erupting in Jeffy's mouth.

Jeffy, the show-off that he is, allowed most of my spunk to escape his lips and hang from his chin in thick, pearly gobs that pooled on my abdomen. Then, as my orgasm passed, he began slurping up the puddles and swallowed every drop, even sucking the last oozing drops from my cock. He moved up to kiss me and our tongues lapped at each other; I could taste myself in his mouth. The recorders loved us, catching every second in exquisite detail.

I had to get back into the water to cool off and, when I came up, Jeffy was right there. He laid back and floated face up, arms and legs spread before me, his four-inch boner standing straight up like a mast. I smiled at his sweet, inviting posture.

With the cameras still watching, I took his eager youth in my mouth and lavished my lust up and down his stiff shaft; at the same time, I pushed him toward the steps. He moved up onto the top step, as I had done, and I began licking and sucking him in earnest. I loved the feel of his tender, pink helmet in my mouth, and his four-inch rod, which I think had grown a bit since the first time I'd sucked him, was easier to swallow than Rick's or Dagwynn's, or even Josh's.

I licked all around his balls, too, and down into his crotch, before returning to his hot, young cock. I worked him good for about three minutes before he began to pant and moan and twitch.

Again, the cameras moved in close; I glanced up to look at his expression, too; his soft, blue eyes were half closed, but his lips were opened, panting and quivering slightly.

Then his whole body tightened up and he jerked sideways, shuddering and crying out loudly. I felt spurts of salty goodness hit the back of my throat and, as he had done, I let it run out of my mouth and down the shaft of his throbbing cock. When he finished cumming, I closed my lips around him and sucked up the last drops. I licked up every drop and puddle from around his cock and balls, swallowing all of him that I could find, then moved up to kiss his tender lips.

The cameras backed away and panned out as we pushed away from the steps. I hoped they also caught the sound of Jeffy's soft, boyish voice crying out as he cummed.

We swam lazily for a bit, diving to the bottom and flashing our bare butts to the cameras, doing hand-stands in the shallow end, so our dicks were out of the water, and floating on our backs with our masts standing proudly in the sunshine.

"I'm starving!" Jeffy said. "Let's go see if they have any snacks around here!"

I nodded and we got out of the pool. Less than a minute later, we were completely dry from the heat. We gathered our clothing and headed back up the stairs and into the house. All the hovering cameras accompanied us and, as soon as we opened the glass doors, they zipped away up the hall and back to their little nesting places.

"That was awesome, boys!" the younger man exclaimed as we entered the room. Our images were still on the walls, each of us licking up after the other. "I love it! That was so amazing!"

"Yes, that was quite a show, boys," the older man said. Until then, he hadn't said two words to us! "Very good, very good! Pay them double and then get them something to eat."

The younger man smiled and pulled out his credit chit, keying in the next transactions. Jeffy and I looked at each other, grinning, as he swiped each of our chits and showed us the readout; both of us were now fifteen hundred credits richer!

"Are you still going to want them back for another session?" Rick asked. "Or was that it?"

"Oh, yes," the younger man said. "We'll definitely want them back! The only problem now is, how are we going to top that performance?" He chuckled. "OK, come on, let's see if we can find you something to eat."

Later, with our chits full of credits and our bellies full of imported lobster, we road the white limo back down to the Mandalay Capitol Mall.

"I still can't believe how much they paid us!" Jeffy exclaimed. "One thousand, five hundred credits! I've never even dreamed of having that much money!"

"What do they usually pay you?" I asked.

"Three hundred," Jeffy said.

"Well, even that's pretty good," I said. "Compared to working the Strip!" Dagwynn had told me he usually made twenty credits for each blow job he got on the Strip; on a good night, he might make sixty or eighty credits before having to quit, with aching balls!

Rick's car was hotter than hell, after sitting in the sun all afternoon. We opened the doors and ran the air conditioning for several minutes as we waited for the limo to leave. On the car's web access, Jeffy showed me the sites where he was posted; our dance sessions were already up, with a notice to watch for an upcoming surprise, and the visitor counter was clicking off thousands of views.

"Sex sells!" Rick said. "And you guys are HOT! I bet they'll make millions just off you two!"

"Millions?" I said. "Maybe we should get our own website!"

"No, don't cross them," Rick said. "Or somebody will be picking your bones out of the desert!"

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