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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 15

When we got back to the barn, we found Dagwynn and the twins running around naked, squirting each other with the hose. Grandma's car shined like a fine emerald and the sleek, water-slicked boys gleamed even brighter. Josh, Kevin and Danya were there also, they, too, had stripped down and joined the antics, carrying buckets of water from a warehouse faucet across the alley and splashing great tongues of water over Nick and Nathan.

"What are you savages doing?" Rick exclaimed.

Upon seeing us, Kevin immediately came to my side; I loved the sight of his smooth, creamy body, bare naked in the bright afternoon sunlight; his uncircumcised dick was about five inches long, rosy-helmeted and hard as a rock.

Bobby and Joey came out behind us to see what was going on; Joey grabbed the hose from Dagwynn and began spraying Josh and Nathan; it was one of the rare moments when he smiled. Dirk followed and got Joey to turn the hose on Rick, also spraying me, Jeffy and Kevin.

"Oh, now you've done it!" Rick said. He grabbed the bucket from Danya and went across the alley to fill it. When he came back, he chased Dirk and Joey around the alley as they laughed and squealed, and finally gave both a good dousing.

I pulled my tank top off and wiped the drops that trickled down my legs and Jeffy's chest, only to be sprayed again. As they played, I watched Dagwynn, walking around naked and dodging the occasional splash or squirt; his smooth, creamy skin glowed in the afternoon sun and his beautiful dick swayed heavily between his muscular thighs. After being fucked by Rick, I wanted him to do me too - I wanted him bad!

He noticed me staring at him and came to my side. "What?" he asked.

"Fuck me," I said before I could stop myself; suddenly, I was embarrassed at myself and I couldn't meet his eyes.

Dagwynn put both hands on my shoulders and turned me toward him. He pulled me to himself and I felt his hands slide down my back, his fingers pushing into the back of my pants and squeezing my bare butt. "Are you sure about that?" he whispered into my ear.

"Oh, yeah," I said. "Rick fucked me last night, and now, I think I need you."

"And what about Jeffy?" he asked.

"I need him, too," I said.

"OK," Dagwynn said. "Do Jeffy first, because right now, I need to go. I start at Panda Moon in about twenty minutes." He gave me a kiss on my lips and then slipped from my embrace. "Bye, guys!" he called, waving to the others.

"Where are you going?" Nick and Nathan asked together.

"I'm working tonight," Dagwynn said.

"Oh, perfect!" Rick said. "Jeffy and Logan were going to take us to the Golden River for dinner, but now they can take us to Panda Moon!"

"Yay!" the twins exclaimed. "Panda Moon! Panda Moon!"

Jeffy and I looked at each other; that was news to us! But with our newfound wealth, we just shrugged our shoulders and nodded. "OK," we said together.

"Spiff!" Dagwynn said. "I'll set up a room for you. How many are coming?"

Rick looked around, counting heads. "A lot!" he said.

"OK," Dagwynn chuckled. "A big room! In about an hour?"

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Rick said.

Dagwynn nodded, smiling, and turned to get into his grandmother's car. With barely a whisper, the shining car lifted on blue light, spun around and slipped around the corner, toward the Strip.

I took Jeffy's hand and lead him into the barn. I gathered our blankets, pink and green, from the space near the toilet and carried them in a wad up to the second-level loft. "Grab that one," I told Jeffy, nodding to the blue and white striped blanket hanging from a hook on the wall; it was well dried now, after our shitty little mishap of this morning.

With blankets dangling over our shoulders, we climbed the ladder up to the third-level loft. Again, I folded the blankets together to form a thick pad on the floor, the blue and white striped blanket, Jeffy laid aside, to cover us later.

I grabbed Jeffy and yanked his shorts down to his ankles; his beautiful, tender youth popped out in my face and I immediately began sucking him. My lips felt his firmness grow, my tongue felt his swelling thickness and length. Circles and flicks made his slender body quiver, his soft voice sigh.

My fingers worked quickly and my shorts dropped to my knees. I stood and they fell to my ankles; I took Jeffy in my arms and laid him on the blankets. I bent over his four-inch stiffness, taking him in my mouth again, and wondered if he was long enough.

When his dick was nice and wet, I moved quickly up over his body, straddling him with my knees, and lowered myself onto his pole. Without lubricant, he didn't slide in quite as easily as Rick had, but his smaller size didn't stretch me to the point of ripping open, either. Jeffy's dick pushed into my hole and felt as though he just barely reached inside; Jeffy caught his breath and sighed. I began rocking back and forth, moving him slightly in and out, trying not to lose him completely.

Jeffy began panting hard and his body quivered; he thrust his hips upward, driving his dick deeper inside me, reaching for more. I knew he was filling me with his essence. Jeffy's length wasn't quite enough to reach that secret hot button inside me, but looking down into his sweet, blue-eyed bliss was enough to make my orgasm rise quickly. My own dick twitched and, without even touching it, spurted streamers of thick, white jizz all over Jeffy's chest and belly.

"Ah-oh," I said after my orgasm passed. "Now we gotta hose you down again!"

Jeffy chuckled and looked down at his chest, his fingers smearing pearly puddles. His boner slipped from my backside as I got off him; I took his hand and pulled him to his feet. I pulled him close and wrapped my arms around his bony shoulders, his slick, wet chest and belly pressing against me. I kissed his tender lips long and wetly, nipping at him as if to devour him. I felt his firm body melt in my arms as his hands slid around my back.

"Hey, com' on, you two!" Rick said from the top of the ladder. "You're buying us all dinner tonight!"

"We just need a quick shower," I said.

"Let's go!" Rick said.

Jeffy and I climbed down the ladder naked; I thought I'd just run back up for clothes later. "Oh, what have you two been doing?" Danya smiled, seeing out smeared bodies.

"We been fuckin'!" Jeffy said proudly.

"Yeah!" Danya said. "He could fuck me for free! You both could!"

Jeffy chuckled and Danya followed us out back to the shower. We both caught our breaths as we stepped into the cold spray. As we sluiced the goo away, Danya went back inside. A moment later, he reappeared with two pairs of shorts and two shirts over his arm.

"Here, try these," Danya said. "I think they'll fit."

The day's heat dried us quickly; I pulled on a pair of cut off blue jeans and found them a bit tight. I didn't know who they belonged to, but I could wear them with the assurance that their snugness would keep my wayward flesh from slipping out.

The other pair of cut-offs fit Jeffy a bit loosely, threatening to slide down his legs and leave him bare naked. He kept pulling them up each time his tan lines became more than two or three inches exposed. I admired the tantalizing glimpses of his adorable butt crack.

Josh came out a moment later with two pairs of flip-flops, which Jeffy and I slipped on. "Were you lonely last night?" I asked him.

"No," Josh replied. "I slept with Danya and Kevin."

"Spiff!" I said.

Slipping t-shirts over our heads, we went inside, where eight smiling boys awaited us. As our gang headed out the front of the barn, I heard sounds from the girls' cubicle; I looked and saw Brian, a cute, spiky-haired blond boy, fucking Jennica, and another boy, Randy, a sultry, sexy, sandy-haired boy, fucking Larissa. Two other, younger boys, Seth and Brandon, were sitting close by, also naked and stroking themselves as they watched. I didn't know any of them, but I'd seen them around; they were a tight clique and ran together most of the time; they were the ones that slept on the other side of the third-level loft from the ladder.

Outside, we moved along the alley in the shadow of the big casino; the westering sun was getting low and the shadows were getting long. We came around the corner and, once again, saw Lord Zedd's giant air yacht hovering before the entrance. The red carpet had already been rolled out and the young, harlequin men stood at attention on either side of it. Many people were milling around on the sidewalk, some looking rather annoyed at being blocked from their adventures on the Strip.

The crier, again in black tights and heavy cloak, blew his trumpet fan-fair and called out his introduction: "All kneel! Behold, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he surveys and master of all his domain!" He smartly walked up the red carpet and stood beside the casino doors, awaiting his master.

Rick lead us through the small sea of spectators and knelt right behind the line of harlequin men. All of us boys knelt with him and watched as the young harlequin boys emerged from the yacht. This time, I got a better look at their faces: they looked about thirteen, slim, blond and totally adorable. As before, they wore only harlequin-style tights in pink and blue, and short, red cloaks, with broad, gold chains on their bare chests; one of them, with curly, blond hair, reminded me of Nick and Nathan.

Lord Zedd emerged, this time in heavy, rich green robes, encrusted with gold and jewels, and took the hands of each young boy as he stepped down to the sidewalk. Two more bare-chested, thirteen-year-old boys, dressed just as the first, followed Lord Zedd, carrying the corners of his long, green cloak.

"Does he always come here?" I asked Jeffy, who was kneeling beside me.

"Yeah," Jeffy said. "He likes Queen Jezzabell's."

"He never goes to any other casino?" I asked. "Or whore house?"

"Not that I've ever seen," Jeffy replied.

"What do the boys do while he's...?"

"I don't know," Jeffy said.

"And all these other guys..." I mused. "Do they get to fuck, too?"

"Yes," the nearest harlequin man whispered.

"The boys too?"

"No, they just watch," the man replied. He returned to attention as Lord Zedd drew near.

Zedd waved regally as he walked slowly toward the casino. I admired the forms of the boys in their snug tights; all of them showed nice bulges at their crotches, a couple even looked circumcised - I could clearly see the rims of their half-swollen caps. I also admired the firm roundness of their perfect butts, covered with only a thin layer of form-fitting cloth, I tried to imagine them bare.

One of the boys caught me staring at him and he winked at me, his lips curling into the sweetest smile, and then, to my amazement, he licked his lips invitingly. I was so surprised, I just gawked at him with my mouth opened. He grinned broadly and followed his master.

Lord Zedd went into the casino and the harlequin men rolled up the carpet, placing it again in the door of the yacht. They moved quickly to surround their master, who was waiting, then the whole entourage began moving again. Rick stood up and lead us after them until they disappeared into Queen Jezzabell's Moon Palace.

"You guys go on to Panda's," Rick said. "And be sure to tell Dagwynn." He turned and also went through the heavy curtains of the Moon Palace.

"Tell Dagwynn what?" I asked as we turned to leave the casino.

"That Lord Zedd is here," Jeffy said.

"He always goes to Panda Moon after he's finished here," Josh added.

"He's kind of a Moon freak," Jeffy said.

"Oh, well, that makes sense," I said. Jeffy and Josh looked at me blankly. "He's lunie!" I said. Still blank stares. "Luna - Moon - get it?" I guess that joke didn't play well on a planet with no moons. "Never mind," I chuckled.

Outside, the big yacht had slipped away and both foot and air traffic on the Strip had resumed. The setting sun shown only on the tallest buildings now, casting a warm glow over the street below. The usual lights and signs flashed and flickered, splashing colors and patterns across the chrome-bathed air cars. Glitz and glamour began to appear here and there, women in shiny dresses and glittering shoes, high-spun hair and jewels, bare-chested men in purple and black, with hints of gold. And of course, the boys were beginning to congregate, skimpy shorts and long legs, torn tank tops and rippling bellies, blonds, brunettes, red-heads, glittering eyes and bright smiles; a sea of eager young bodies with rising and lowering tides of smooth boyflesh. I looked over at the pawn shop, where Rick said Michael always worked; three other boys, all blond and cute, had taken over his spot.

"Yes, Sir," the greeter-bot said to Josh as we entered Panda Moon. "We've been expecting you." It took us back to a large private dining room at the back of the main floor. This room was much nicer than the first room we had eaten in; this room had big holograms of waterfalls and misty mountains that made the room seem much larger than it really was. A long table with six chairs on each side stood in the center and, in the middle of it, was a long, oval track with trays that could move like a train from one end to the other.

"Hey, guys!" Dagwynn said as we were trying to decide who would sit next to whom.

"Dagwynn!" Nick and Nathan exclaimed. They ran to him and threw their arms around him; as usual, they wore only small, red bikinis, and Dagwynn gave each of them a pat on the butt as he kissed their foreheads.

Jeffy sat on my right and Kevin sat to my left; he leaned close and bumped my shoulder, smiling. I smiled and bumped him back. Jeffy saw our little interaction and I felt his hand slip over into my lap, his fingers delicately seeking out the bulge there.

Dagwynn made his way around the table, greeting everybody and giving hugs and kisses to each boy. He whispered something secretively in Kevin's ear and Kevin nodded, with his shy smile.

"He really loves you," Dagwynn whispered into my ear after greeting me with a kiss. I gave a quick nod and smiled back.

"We just saw Lord Zedd," Jeffy said as Dagwynn kissed him.

"Oh, spiff!" Dagwynn said. "That means he'll be here soon!"

"It'll be a while," I said. "He was just going into Queen Jezzabell's a few minutes ago."

"Still, I'll have to get the other big room ready," he said. He looked around. "Where's Rick?"

"He went into Queen Jezzabell's right after Lord Zedd," Jeffy said.

"Hmmm, interesting..." Dagwynn mused. He continued around the table, greeting and kissing all the other boys. The twins clung to his arms, begging for more attention; Dagwynn smiled, knowing exactly the kind of attention they wanted. "Sorry, guys," he said. "I need to go do a few things. How about we meet later?"

"At Boy Island?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah, Boy Island!" Nick exclaimed.

"Sure, if that's where you guys are going to be," Dagwynn said. "I'll be off at midnight. Let me go get your dinner started. Anybody want anything different from the usual?"

"Pot stickers!" Josh called.

"And chow mein!" Danya said.

"OK, anything else?" Dagwynn asked. There seemed to be no takers. "OK, I'll be back in a bit; in the meantime, feel free to mingle." With a broad smile, the smooth, shirtless boy vanished between the heavy, white curtains.

Jeffy and I were already mingling; our hands were in each others' laps, teasing each other. I thought about what Dagwynn had said, that Kevin really loved me, and I glanced at him sitting there beside me, looking as alone as if he were the only boy on the planet. I slipped my hand onto his thigh and rubbed gently up and down, inching more and more toward his crotch.

Moments later, four server-bots came into the room with cups and tea pots, and poured steaming tea for all of us. They also laid white, china plates before each of us, as well as napkins and chop sticks.

As my fingers ventured into Kevin's crotch, I found he was already pushing up a sizable bulge in his cut-offs. I knew, like the rest of us, he wasn't wearing undies, so I decided to give him even better treatment than just a tease. I leaned over to him, laying my left arm across the back of his chair. "What'cha thinkin'?" I whispered into his ear. At the same time, my right hand slid up his thigh and into the leg opening of his shorts. I fished around and pulled his stiff boycock out along his creamy thigh; he wiggled about slightly, getting comfortable. His face flushed and his eyes darted to the other boys around the table; most of the others were involved in talking, joking and teasing each other beneath the table. I could only imagine how many other young dicks were coming out of hiding down there! I straightened up and slipped my left hand into his lap again, gently stroking his tender, sweaty flesh.

To my right, Jeffy's hot, young cock had also miraculously slipped its bonds and lay along his smooth, tanned thigh, fair game for my lustful fingers. Now I had two luscious boys to play with, a thirteen-year-old on my left and a twelve-year-old on my right! I was in heaven!

I was just getting into a good rhythm, when Kevin caught his breath and jerked in his seat. My fingers were suddenly covered with hot, slippery goo; I tried to contain it and not let any get away. I felt several forceful spurts gush into my palm and threaten to run out. After his flow stopped, I raised my hand to my face, looking at his pearly puddle, thick in my palm, and licked it up.

As I was licking the last of Kevin from my fingers, Rick came into the room and sat in the twelfth chair, near the head of the table; his tea and chop sticks were waiting for him. "What did I miss?" he asked.

"Not much," Danya said. "We've all just been sitting here, playing with our dicks!"

"And each others' dicks, I'll bet!" Rick said, looking around. He noticed me licking my fingers. "I see Logan got an appetizer, or was that a cocktail of Kevin?"

"Hahahaha - COCK-tail!" Nick and Nathan exclaimed together. "Hahahaha!"

I couldn't help but smile. My other hand was still working on a cocktail of Jeffy, which I hoped to taste momentarily.

The parade of server-bots returned with platters piled high with chow mein, pot stickers, sweet and sour pork, and of course, more tea. Now I was in a real quandary: I could only use chop sticks, or even just a fork, for that matter, with my right hand, so should I eat or pleasure Jeffy?

Jeffy solved the problem for me; he took my hand and put it on the table. "Eat," he whispered. "We can finish that later."

I smiled at him and picked up my chop sticks; I still had Kevin's hot boner in my other hand - it never did soften.

We ate quietly, talking little. I discovered that Kevin was pretty good with chop sticks, but the twins still struggled. Dagwynn came in and helped them again, showing them how to hold one steady and the other like a pencil. He demonstrated by pinching up large gobs of chow mein and plopping the long noodles on their plates. The two curly-haired blonds made quite a mess of themselves and the table as they tried to scoop the long strands into their mouths. I wondered if there was anything funnier than watching these two trying to eat with chop sticks! I could see I was going to have to hose them down again when we got back to the barn!

"Behold, Lord Zedd!" came a cry from the main room. "Emperor of all he surveys and master of all his domain!"

"Ooops!" Dagwynn said. "I gotta go! I'll see you guys later." He vanished through the curtains and we listened as Lord Zedd's entourage entered the next room.

We continued to eat quietly; the twins were getting a kick out of watching the trays travel around the table on their little track. Several server-bots came and went, collecting empty plates and pouring tea. As the curtains opened and closed, I caught a glimpse of some of Lord Zedd's harlequin men seated at a table in the main dining room; I guessed there wasn't enough room for them all at Lord Zedd's table.

Dagwynn managed to pop in quickly, to check on us. "I can't stay," he said. "Lord Zedd is always very demanding. But I'll see you guys later!"

"Dagwynn!" came Zedd's cry from next door. "Where is that boy?" Dagwynn disappeared.

Suddenly, there was a loud thunder-clap and men began shouting. We all hopped up from our chairs and went to see what was going on. Upon opening the curtains, I saw one of the harlequin men lying on the floor with a blackened hole burned through his head. The others were gathering around him, but he was dead. The other harlequin men and boys rushed out of Lord Zedd's dining room. I saw Dagwynn standing beside the door, holding the curtains behind his back; he looked pale and shocked.

"Are you alright?" I asked as I came to his side.

He nodded. "It almost got me," he said. "I had just stepped away from Lord Zedd and the beam went right by my arm!"

I looked passed him and saw Lord Zedd sitting in his chair at the head of the table, his back to the wall, a sizable hole burned through his head. At the nearer end of the table, with his back to me, the crier who always announced Zedd's entrance, also sat motionless, also with a blackened hole in his head.

"Holy shit!" Danya exclaimed, looking around my shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"I'd be dead right now," Dagwynn said, "if I hadn't stepped aside when I did! I'd be dead right now..."

I hugged him and held him tight. "I'm so glad you're OK!" I whispered into his ear and I kissed his cheek.

"OK, everybody out!" Rick said. "The police will be here in a minute. Come on, let's go!" He rushed around, gathering all our boys and herding us toward the door. Several other people were already moving in that direction; we folded into the group. One of the harlequin men began pushing the younger boys out with us. Another made a call on his wristcomm; I supposed it was for the yacht to come pick them up.

Outside, Bobby, Josh and Danya took off up the Strip, spreading the word; this was big news: Lord Zedd was dead!

Of course, everyone started guessing who would have done this, and why. The obvious answer was money; Lord Zedd was indeed, the richest man on the planet.

"He's the richest man on several planets!" one of the harlequin men said. "We travel to at least a dozen worlds regularly, to check on his investments."

The boy who's eye I caught earlier slipped in beside me and I felt the brush of his red cloak on my arm.

I looked at his sweet face and saw that he was pale and stricken, his body trembled slightly.

"Are you OK?" I asked him. "What happened?"

"I don't know," he replied, his voice cracking a little. "We were just about to eat and, out of nowhere, a masstron beam went right through the room."

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Ry - well, Ryan," he said. "Everybody calls me Ry."

"Was he your uncle or something?" I asked.

"No, I just worked for him," the boy replied. "Well, that is, I did..."

"What will happen to you now?"

"I don't know," he said. "He didn't have any kids, or any other relatives that I know of, so there's nobody to take over for him..."

"I guess we'll just go back to his mansion and collect our things," one of the men said. "We'll have to find other places to live - and work..."

"I don't have anywhere else to go," the boy said.

"You can stay with me," the man said. "All four of you can."

"Well, at least I won't have his grubby paws all over me any more!" the boy said.

"No, that's true," the man replied. "You'll only have my grubby paws to worry about!"

"I like your paws!" the boy said, slipping an arm around the man's waist. "And maybe yours, too!" he said, his hand seeking out mine.

Dagwynn came out a moment later, still obviously shaken. "Well, if you haven't already guessed, Panda Moon will be closed for the rest of tonight," he said. "Don't worry about your bills - everything's on the house. Please go home and have a nice evening."

Several police on foot patrol arrived a moment later and wouldn't let anyone leave until they were questioned. I told them we hadn't seen anything; we were in a private room with the curtain closed. We hadn't noticed any suspicious people in the restaurant or outside, nor had we seen anyone fleeing the scene. Many other police converged on the restaurant, as well as ambulances and other emergency respondents; their hovering vehicles choked traffic on the Strip; flashing lights and strobes swept buildings and faces with reds, blues and yellows; sirens echoed between the buildings; men with much jangling equipment walked fast and purposefully to and fro.

As they questioned the harlequin men, who had by now, pulled off their wide, ruffled collars, Ry made his way to my side again. Jeffy and Kevin were close to me, too, their fingers intertwined with mine. Ry came right to me and, facing me, laid both his hands on my shoulders. "I'm scared," he said, hugging my neck.

"Don't be afraid," I whispered, sliding my arms around him. Jeffy moved closer and also hugged the trembling boy; Kevin was more hesitant, but finally pressed his slim body close and slipped his arm up the boy's back, beneath his red cloak.

"What's gonna happen to us now?" he asked. "Me and my brother don't have anywhere else to go." I felt Ry's tears on my chest, soaking through my t-shirt.

"What about your friend over there?" I asked. "I thought he said you could go with him."

"He doesn't like us," Ry said. "He only wants our gold and stuff."

"You can live with us!" Jeffy said. "If it's OK with Rick."

"Yeah," I agreed. "We don't have much, our place isn't nearly as fancy as what you're probably used to, but if you want to stay with us, I suppose it would be OK."

"If it's OK with Rick," Jeffy said again.

"Yeah," I said. "We need to clear it with Rick first."

"How much gold do you have?" Kevin asked.

"Well, we have these," Ry said, lifting the heavy chains from his smooth, bare chest. "And more back at the house."

"That will be yours to keep," I told him. "You'll have to be careful that no one steals it."

"I'll go ask Rick!" Jeffy said. He began working his way through the many people standing nearby; Rick was standing several meters away, holding Nick and Nathan close to him.

Just then, the restaurant doors opened and medics brought out the first body on a hovering stretcher; the body and face were covered by a white sheet, but a corner of Lord Zedd's long, green cloak dangled from beneath it. Ry turned around in my arms, my hands sliding across his smooth, bare chest, and watched as his former master was loaded into a hovering ambulance.

One of the other harlequin boys came over and stood with us. "This is my brother, Robby," Ry said. "Together, we're Ry-Rob!"

"Ry-Rob?" I asked.

"That's what they call us when we dance for Lord Zedd," Robby said. Upon closer inspection, Robby looked a bit younger than Ry, though I wasn't sure there was a year between them.

"You danced for him?"

"Oh, yeah," Ry said. "He made us do all kinds of things - dance, model, serve, clean..."

"And he was mean, too!" Robby said. "It's like we could never do anything right - no matter how good it was, he would always find something wrong! And then he would punish us for it!"

"Do you live with this guy, Rick?" Ry asked.

"No," I said. "We're just a bunch of boys living in a big place - well, and a couple girls, too."

"No one to tell you what to do?" Ry asked.

"Nope!" I said. "But we have to figure things out on our own, sometimes."

"Spiff!" both boys exclaimed together.

"Robby, com'ere!" Ry whispered. He pulled his brother in front of himself, facing away. "Stand here for a minute." Ry put one hand on his brother's shoulder and, with his other hand, pushed my hands down to the bulge in his tights; I could feel his lump swelling and taking on the size and heaviness of a full-fledged teencock.

I looked down over his shoulder; his brother's cloak was shielding his crotch and my hands from the eyes of those standing nearby. I went to the waistband of his thin tights and pulled it away from his abdomen; his thickening, circumcised flesh lay there, creamy and pink and bending toward his left. I wrapped my fingers around it, lifting it from his tights and feeling it swell in my hand. I rubbed him until his cock was too big to be contained by his tights; it rose straight upward against his belly and I rubbed it from below his balls up to his rosy cap and back down again. I felt my own cock stiffening up inside my tight cut-offs, too; I pressed myself against his cute, round butt. I also felt Kevin's fingers joining mine in stroking Ry's cock; I slipped a hand over to Kevin's crotch and rubbed the bulge I found there, too.

Almost before I was ready, Ry lurched forward into his brother's back and I felt warm, slick fluid pour over my fingers; Ry quivered and sighed softly.

"It's OK, big brother," Robby said, patting Ry's hand on his shoulder. "He didn't feel anything."

Ry's thick boner suddenly became very slippery as my hand was lubricated with his thick boyjuice. I could hardly believe I had jacked him off, this beautiful boy, right there in the middle of the sidewalk - and nobody else seemed to notice!

"Keep going," Ry whispered breathlessly as he felt my grip begin to slip away. I was looking forward to licking him off my fingers, but kept stroking his hot, young cock, instead.

I squeezed his cock harder this time, because the slipperiness of his cum made it easier. Within a few seconds, I was rewarded with another, even more forceful gusher of kidcum, this time I could see him spurting pearly drops onto the back of his brother's red cloak. Ry groaned and jerked, and shuddered hard in my arms, pressing his face into the back of his brother's neck, as if crying.

With a well-practiced move, Robby unclasped his cloak and turned around under it, lowering it to cover his brother's belly and groin. "Hold this, please," he said, and hugged Ry's trembling body. Then, with a bright smile, he squeezed between his brother and I, taking up the same position his brother was in. He pushed his back against me and, with his crotch covered by Ry's cloak, pulled my hands to his crotch.

"Oh, I get it," I whispered into his ear. "You've done this before! Very slick!" I slipped my hand into his tights and wrapped my fingers around his stiffening cock, which was nearly as big as his brother's. "Do you do double-cum, too?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," he nodded. As with Ry, Robby also cummed quickly, spilling a warm gusher over my hand, and then, with a dozen more firm strokes, spurted a beautiful fountain of pearly drops on the back of his brother's cloak. Both times, his smooth, supple body jerked and quivered in my arms, and his soft, sweet adolescent voice moaned and cried. Ry unfastened his cloak and let his brother take it, holding it before his crotch, which was now soaked with kidcum.

Jeffy came back just then. "Rick doesn't think it's a good idea for them to stay with us," he announced sadly. "But Dagwynn said you could stay at his house; his grandma's fixing a room for you right now!"

Both boys looked up at me, worriedly. "Does that mean we can still see you?" Ry asked.

"Oh, sure!" I said. "We see Dagwynn all the time! We'll see you, too."

"Yippie!" they exclaimed together, bouncing into the air; I caught a glimpse of their crotches, both had big wet spots, with lines running down their thighs, and their hard dicks still made long, obscene bulges.

Dagwynn, Rick and the twins came over a moment later. "Hey, guys!" Dagwynn said. "You want to live with me?"

"Yeah!" they exclaimed.

"Spiff!" Dagwynn said. "I know you have to go back and get your stuff," he nodded toward Zedd's yacht that was waiting for them down the block, "so call me and I'll tell you where to meet me. Then I'll take you home." He touched his wristcomm to Ry's, exchanging links.

"Spiff!" Ry said.

"Spiff!" Robby echoed.

"What about the other two?" Kevin asked.

"I heard them talking earlier," Ry said. "I think they're going with Cam."

"Who's Cam?" I asked. Ry pointed to one of the harlequin men, a tall, sandy-haired man with broad shoulders and blue eyes. He already had his hands on their shoulders as they walked toward the yacht.

"Well, if they change their minds," I said, "tell them to contact you, and we'll find a place for them here."

Ry nodded, then both boys began dodging their way through the crowd, heading for the yacht.

Later that evening, as our little gang sat talking in the shadows of Boy Island, Dagwynn's wristcomm chirped and two excited young voices came out of it.

"Can we meet you tonight?" Ry asked. "Things are getting crazy around here!"

"Spiff! Come on down!" Dagwynn exclaimed. "What's going on there?"

"All the servants are ripping the house apart!" Ry said. "They're taking anything valuable - even the lights! There have been fights, too - I think one of the assistant cooks is dead!"

"Can you get a ride down to the Strip?" Dagwynn asked.

"Uh..." Ry hesitated. "I think so..."

"Call me if you can't," Dagwynn said. "And if you do get a ride, call me when you're close."

"OK," Ry replied.

"I hope they're gonna be alright," Rick said. "I'd hate to see the little guys get hurt."

"Yeah, me too!" Dagwynn said.

"Me too," I echoed, remembering the feel and taste of their sweet essences. I had wanted Dagwynn to fuck me tonight, but with Lord Zedd getting fucked instead, that threw all our plans off. Dagwynn's brush with death had him thinking about deeper things; he wasn't in the mood for sex tonight. I held Nick and Nathan on my knees, both of them naked and tired, after running off their sweet and sour sugar-rush, and the two orgasms I'd whipped up in their precious boners. A sleepy-headed Kevin had gone back to the barn and Jeffy was sitting beside me, also looking about ready to doze off.

This had been a draining evening, in more ways than one; even now, we could hardly believe that Zedd was dead. I hadn't known him, but Rick and Dagwynn had spent over an hour recalling some of his crazy antics, and how he was responsible for much of what the Strip was today. As it turns our, Lord Zedd was a major backer in at least three casinos, five hotels and over two dozen small businesses, not to mention the Red Catholic cathedral and many of the housing developments around the city.

A little while later, Dagwynn's wristcomm chirped again. "Ry, are you OK?" Dagwynn asked.

"Yeah, we're fine," Ry's voice came back much more relaxed than half an hour ago. "We're on approach to the Strip. Where are you?"

"We're right on top of the Golden River casino," Dagwynn replied. "Set down in the pool area of the highest saucer, we'll meet you there." The whole bunch of us scrambled down the stairs and out into the brightly lit area.

We searched the blackened, star-bejeweled sky and finally spotted a large vehicle curving toward us. As it drew near, we could see that it was Lord Zedd's big air yacht. The hundred-meter ship came in low over the roof, moving slowly over the pool and water slides, until its cushion of blue light slid onto the deck beside the main swimming pool. The yacht settled to within a foot of the pool deck and hovered there. Down along its side, the big, circular door opened and four boys stepped out, still wearing harlequin tights and shirtless, each carrying a small duffle over his shoulder.

"I thought only two of you were staying!" Rick said. "What happened?"

"Cam decided he didn't need a couple 'brats' hanging around him," Ry said.

The yacht lifted and wheeled ponderously away, climbing into the starry sky and accelerating southward.

"This is Zane and Justin," Ry said. "Can they stay with us, too, until they can find another place?"

"Sure," Dagwynn said. "If I know my Grandma, I'm sure she would say you can stay as long as you like!"

"We won't be a burden," Zane said. He opened the top of his duffle and in the bright lights of the pool area, our eyes were filled with the glitter of gold and jewels.

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