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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 17

The five of us came into the barn and the twins immediately began wheeling from end to end, making wide figure-eights around the wide-open, concrete floor, chrome spokes and struts glittering with neon colors. Many of the other kids, those who weren't sleeping, quickly took notice and gathered around, gawking and wanting to take turns riding around. They were also amazed at the flocks of colorful holographic creatures that swarmed around each of us.

"It's called a Halo," I said as I went to my little trailer. "You can get them at the Outfitter store for thirty-five credits."

"Spiff!" Josh said.

I began passing out some of the balls and other sporting gear we'd picked up, and their excitement grew; balls were tossed and, from the confusion, an impromptu soccer game quickly erupted. Nick and Nathan loaned their bikes to Dirk and Joey, giving them a turn to ride. I started pulling out articles of clothing.

"Where's Brian and his boys?" I asked, seeing that the four boys were missing.

"I think they're still at breakfast," Bobby said. "They got a late start."

I pulled the turquoise tank top from the pile and handed it to Danya. "Jeffy picked this out for you," I said.

"Thank you, Jeffy!" he said, smiling. He pulled it over his head and it stretched snugly across his smooth, lightly tanned chest. "I love it!"

Jeffy smiled.

I pulled out a bright yellow t-shirt and handed it to Bobby. "The twins thought you would look good in this," I said.

"Thanks, guys!" he said, pulling it on; it contrasted beautifully against his rich, caramel tan.

"Did you buy anything for us?" Larissa asked. She and Jennica strolled toward us, completely naked and smiling.

"Yeah, I did!" I replied. "It's in here somewhere."

"What are these?" Jennica asked, looking over the boxes beneath the clothes.

"Beds," I said.

"What do you do with beds?" she asked.

"You sleep on them!" I chuckled.

"Well, I know that, but..."

"Now you don't have to sleep on the floor."

"These are for us?" she asked, amazed.

"One of them is," I said.

"Why did you buy us a bed?"

"Because I like you," I replied. "And I thought it would be nice if you guys didn't have to sleep on the floor."

"Hey, can I take this for a spin?" Josh asked, laying a hand on my bicycle seat.

"There you are!" I said, pulling the royal blue shirt from the pile. "Kevin picked this out for you."

"Thank you, Kevin!" he said. "I love this color!" He pulled it on; it fit snugly against his light, golden-brown chest.

"And yes," I said. "You can ride my bike." I reached down and unhooked the trailer.

"Oooh, what's this?" I heard Larissa ask as Josh took the bike from my hands. I felt her hand slide across my bare butt and snag the strings at my waist.

"Oh, just a little thing I found," I said. "Well, actually, Jeffy found it." I started pushing the trailer over toward the girls' small, curtained "room."

I pushed the curtains back and went into their area. "Move the blankets," I said as I opened a box from the trailer. Both girls pulled the blankets from the floor, wadding them up in their arms. The bed came in neat folds and was surprisingly compact. I unfurled it across the floor, noticing the small, red on/off button on one end. I pressed the button and watched as the thin, plastic layer swelled into an eighteen-inch-high foam pad.

"Spiff!" Larissa exclaimed. She hopped onto it and rolled around the thick, soft surface. "Oooh, this feels nice!" She and Jennica were all smiles as they spread the blankets across it.

"Hey, nice bed!" a voice came from behind me.

I turned to see Randy coming over from the barn door; he was one of the boys in Brian's gang. He was a good looking boy, my age, but a little smaller than me. His sultry, pale-blue eyes smoldered beneath arching brows; his hair was light brown and hugged his head; his nose was slightly wider than his face might have warranted, and his mouth slightly narrower; his body was trim and supple, not overly muscular, but lightly defined.

"Spiff!" Randy went on, stepping close and reaching down to feel the fabric. "What's it like to fuck on this?"

"Let's find out!" Larissa said.

Randy, who was already shirtless, smiled, kicked off his flip-flops and peeled his cut-offs down his legs. He hopped onto the bed and was on top of Larissa in a heartbeat. She wrapped her legs around his backside, pulling him in, as he inserted himself even before he was fully erect. In a moment, he was humping her furiously, his creamy, white butt flexing and squeezing rapidly. I could easily see his thick rod gliding in and out of her tender, pink slit like a well-oiled piston.

"Oh, I can go for some of that!" Brian said, coming to my side. He pushed his shorts down his ivory legs and pushed Jennica onto the bed. "Nice bed," he said, and proceeded to slide himself into her. In a moment, he and Randy were matching rhythms as their smooth, bare butts humped and squeezed together.

"Oh boy!" Seth said. "Sloppy seconds!" He and Brandon had come in with Brian. Seth was an adorable boy, with golden, sun-streaked hair that was nearly shoulder length and always seemed to sweep to his right. He had soft green eyes that always seemed on the verge of tears, even when smiling.

Brandon was also a very cute kid, with short, dark blond hair that just covered his ears, and a face that was given to impish smiles; he saw humor in even the most mundane of situations and always seemed on the verge of cracking a joke; I wondered what silly, crazy, hilarious universe lay behind his bright, hazel eyes. Both slim, creamy-skinned thirteen-year-olds stood beside the bed, rubbing their eager, bulging crotches and grinning like Cheshire cats, as they awaited their turns.

The girls were beginning to moan and cry out as quickly moving teenaged bodies inspired their first orgasms.

Jeffy took my hand and he and Kevin lead me away from the mesmerizing sight; my flesh was already pushing my thong to new limits. "Let's go over to Dagwynn's," Jeffy said, as if reading my mind.

"Yeah, I was just thinking that!" I said. Behind me, I heard Randy moan and I looked back to see thick, white goo oozing around his shaft from Larissa's pussy. "Call him," I said, nearly loosing focus.

Jeffy pulled his little commlink from his pocket as we went up stairs. The trailer followed obediently, rising up on a tiny hover unit as we climbed. "Hey, Dagwynn, it's me," Jeffy said. "Can we come over?"

"Yeah, sure!" Dagwynn's voice came from the tiny device. "We're all out back by the pool, so just come around the house; Grandma is sleeping."

"OK, spiff!" Jeffy said. "We'll be over in a little while."

The three of us carried the other boxes and clothes up to the second-level loft, dropping off a bed and certain articles of clothing at each nest of blankets where groups of boys slept.

"Is that our bed?" Nathan asked, rushing to me from the stairs; he was surrounded by a swarm of many-colored holographic dragons. "Can I open it?"

"Yes," I replied.

Kevin helped him open the box; Nick came to help as they were pulling the folded plastic out. Kevin pulled their blankets out of the way and Nick and Nathan unfolded the bed across the floor.

"How does this thing work?" Nathan asked.

"See the red button?" I directed.

Nathan looked at the button quizzically, then with some trepidation, pushed it. The boys stood back and watched as the mattress began to swell.

"Spiff!" Nathan exclaimed. "What makes this thing work?"

"According to the box," I began, "a small electric current makes the foam molecules draw in oxygen and hold it. When the current stops, it goes flat again, so you'll have to recharge it every four to six weeks." In less than a minute, the bed was fully inflated, and Kevin piled their blankets on it. The twins crawled onto the soft pad and sprawled out, spread-eagle, their cute little thong tents rising above them. "You might have to share with Dirk or Joey, or somebody else," I said. "If there's not room with the others."

"OK," Nathan said.

"We can do that," Nick added. "But Joey better quit being such a sour-puss!"

"Maybe sleeping on a soft bed will make him feel better," I said. "Now, make your bed and get ready to go over to Dagwynn's house."

"Dagwynn's!" Nick exclaimed.

"Yippie!" Nathan added. Both boys hopped up and bounced across the bed. They slipped their flip-flops on and presented themselves, ready to go.

"Hold on," I said. "I've got just a couple things to do first - give me a couple minutes." I started climbing the ladder to the third-level loft, a box tucked under my arm. Quickly, I took a box and dropped it beside our pile of blankets, then took the last box, which Kevin was carrying, and dropped it beside the final pile of blankets, where Brian and his boys slept.

Kevin immediately began unboxing our bed and I sorted through the clothing that Jeffy had carried up, picking out our things and spreading the remaining shirts and shorts on the other boys' blankets.

I pulled my cut offs back up my legs and tucked myself in. I saw that our bed was now fully inflated and Kevin and Jeffy were spreading the blankets on it.

"You guys better put on your shorts," I said. "As much as I love your looks, you probably shouldn't run around the streets bare-assed!"

Grinning, both boys pulled their cut offs from the floor where they'd dropped them and pulled them on. I watched as Jeffy's tight cut offs hid the bright yellow fabric of the small pouch that held his sweet boyhood. Likewise, Kevin's cut offs hid his green-pouched youth, but when he stood up, I saw that, with the holes in his cut offs, he was still nearly bare-assed!

"OK," I said. "Grab your bikes and let's go!" Down the ladder, I told the twins to get their bikes also, but on the main floor, that proved to be more of a task than I thought. Danya and Josh were wheeling around, kicking soccer balls at each other and Bobby, on my bike, was dodging them as he weaved in and out. The twin's bikes were nowhere to be seen.

"Hey guys!" I called. "We need our bikes, please."

"OK, just a minute," Danya replied. He kicked one more soccer ball passed Josh. "Haha! Score!" he shouted victoriously, raising his arms high. He and Josh wheeled around the barn one more time, giving Danya a victory lap, then came to us, skidding to a stop in front of Jeffy and Kevin.

Bobby came over a little more slowly and gave up the bike to me a little more hesitantly. "I gotta get me one of these," he said.

"They're pretty reasonable over at the outfitter store," I said. "Where are the other two?"

"I think Dirk and Alex took them outside," Bobby said.

"Front or back?" I asked.

"Back," Josh said.

"I hope they didn't go too far," I said. We headed for the back door and as I opened it, Dirk flew by, just missing the outward-swinging door. Alex zipped by a little farther away.

"Damn-it, Dirk!" Joey shouted from beneath the shower. "Watch it!" His sleek, naked body glistened with cool, sheeting water, but anger burned in his light chocolate eyes.

"You OK?" I asked as I stepped close. I cupped my hands and caught some of the cold water that ran off his fresh, young penis.

"Yeah," Joey said as I drank.

"Hey, guys!" I called to them. "The twins need their bikes."

Down the next block, Dirk and Alex spun around and headed back. "Where are you going?" Dirk asked.

"Over to Dagwynn's," I said. "I wanted to see how he's getting along with his new little brothers."

"Oh, yeah," Alex said as they drew near. "I heard he adopted a couple of Lord Zedd's boys."

"Four of them, actually," I said.

"These bikes sure are spiff!" Dirk said as he gave his up to Nathan.

"Yeah!" Alex agreed.

"Well, next time I make some money," I said, "maybe - just maybe - I'll buy bikes for you, too." I turned to Joey beneath the shower. "And you!" His face brightened.

"Seriously?" Joey asked.

"Yeah, seriously," I replied.

"No one has ever given me anything!" Joey said.

"Never?" I was surprised. "Not even for your birthday?"

"Nope," he said.

"When will you get paid again?" Dirk asked.

"The next time Jeffy and I do some more holographs," I said. "But for now, we should get going."

The twins mounted up and we began pedaling along the alley, passed the barn. We cruised easily along the Strip, drawing envying looks from the few other boys we saw, who were tending to the mundane things of life or just messing around before they got ready for the evenings work. We came to the corner of Rainy Way and turned, crossed the Strip and Seascape Reef, with the hedge that held bad memories for me, and continued four blocks, to Dagwynn's street, which I now saw was named Starboard Bow. We rode swiftly on our new bikes, the hot wind blowing through our hair, our perspiration dripping off behind us. I remember from when we were leaving last time, that Dagwynn's house was the fourth on the left. We entered the gate and quietly made our way around the right side of the house, which was like a dense jungle of trees, ivy and flowers.

In the back yard, we found Dagwynn and the other four boys lounging in the pool, keeping cool, bobbing naked in the turquoise water.

"Hey, guys!" Dagwynn called. "Come on in!"

"Whoa!" the boys exclaimed as soon as they saw us and the flocks and schools of colored dragons and fish, and other things that surrounded us.

Nick and Nathan hopped off their bikes, dropping them on the soft grass, and rushed toward the pool. They stopped on the concrete deck for just a moment. "Look what we got!" they called together, showing off their new thongs beneath orbiting constellations and leaping kittens. Giggling, they turned and wiggled their bare butts at the other boys.

"Oh, hold on, boys!" I called after them.

"Wow!" Dagwynn said. "New thongs, new holograms and new bikes, too! Very nice!"

"We all got new stuff!" Kevin said, dropping his cut-offs and showing off his own thong, which bulged with his swelling, five-inch boner. His holographic fish slid over him in bright pink, yellow and blue.

I came to the twins and touched the buttons on each of their pink sunglasses; the swarming holograms vanished. "I don't think you should wear those in the water," I said. "Let's let them recharge in the sun for a bit." The twins nodded and pulled off the chainmail bracelets and anklets, and the pink glasses, laying them on a nearby table. As they ran toward the pool, they also pulled the torn t-shirts from their shoulders, dropping them haphazardly on the grass, then jumped into the pool with gleeful splashes.

"I like the look of the ripped shirts, too!" Dagwynn said. "Whose idea was that?"

"Mine," I said. "It just came to me."

Jeffy and Kevin did likewise, and Jeffy pushed his cut-offs down a bit more slowly. As he bent over, I laid my hand on his back and rubbed his shoulders; my holographic birds momentarily fluttered across his bare backside, then vanished as I took off my own pink shades.

"Yeah," I said. "We got paid pretty good for our holo session, so I decided to get a few things." I pushed my own cut-offs down and quickly modeled my own skimpy thong, which stretched around my half-hard rod.

"Oh, very nice!" Dagwynn said. "Turn around."

I turned and showed off my bare butt to him as he came closer. "Sweet!" he said. "And the thong is nice, too!"

I looked back at his smiling face and smiled myself, then hopped into the pool and his waiting arms. The water was cool, though not quite as cold as I might have liked, with the day as hot as it was, but still, it felt refreshing and wonderful. Dagwynn wrapped his arms around me, his hands rubbing up and down my back and butt, and his cool, wet lips pressed to mine. I melted into him, giving myself entirely to his kiss as his lips devoured mine.

I also quickly discovered that Dagwynn was completely naked. My hands roamed freely over his smooth, bare backside and I felt his stiffness pressing hotly into my belly. My own unruly flesh was again straining at my thong! Dagwynn slipped a hand between us and rubbed me, then he pulled my thong away and released me form my confines; the cool, swirling water felt wonderful, but not as wonderful as the smooth, bare skin of his belly and hand.

With a smile, Dagwynn took a breath and disappeared beneath the surface. I felt his hand slide into my crotch, holding himself down, as his soft mouth engulfed me. He sucked me for half a minute, then came up for air.

"Fuck me," I whispered into his ear.

He smiled and lead me over to the steps. The top step was a wide semicircle with about six inches of water over it. I stretched out and let him pull my thong down my legs; my hard jack hammered into the smooth, painted concrete. Dagwynn's fingers caressed my back and butt, and slipped into the cleft to massage my hole. He kissed my cheek and whispered, "I love you," into my ear.

"I love you, too," I replied. I watched the other boys getting to know each other intimately as Dagwynn mounted me. He rubbed his rosy helmet up and down between my moons, then gently pushed inside me; I tried to relax quickly and let him in, but there was still a little pain. He was big, and filled me, much as Rick had; I could feel him driving in and out slowly, gently, not quite as forceful or rough as Rick had been. As soon as he slid passed that secret spot that Rick had taught me all about, my belly tightened and an electric wave rolled through me. I flexed and pulsed, and felt my hot jizz spurt into the water.

"Aahhh! Aahhh!" I cried out.

"Are you OK?" Dagwynn asked.

"I cummed!" I said.

"Spiff!" he replied. "Is it OK to keep going?"

"Oh God yes!" I said. "Don't ever stop!"

Across the pool, I could see Ry and Robby ducking under the water and, from the expressions on Jeffy's and Kevin's faces, I knew what was happening beneath the surface. Zane and Justin were giving the twins similar treatment, with the occasional flash of a bare butt and an excited squeal. I saw colorful thongs floating freely in the pool, including my own, and all eight of the younger boys had smiles on their faces.

Dagwynn's pace was quickening and his arms tightened around my chest; his breath came hotly in my ear, groaning and crying softly. His smooth body felt good pressing me down, humping, thrusting; I tried to angle my butt upward to get more of him inside me; his thick shaft slid in and out of my wet hole, sending orgasmic waves through me with each pass.

Blue water and naked boys blurred my vision, blond hair soaking wet, dripping down smiling faces, excited squeals and wet boners popping up like pink masts on belly-buttoned boats. My orgasmic waves reached a crescendo and I gushed again. Hot breath in my ear, a soft teenage voice moaning, his body thrusting, rolling, quivering, his strong arms holding me, squeezing, trembling. Then he drove deep and hard, holding inside me, quivering and jerking, the release, a long sigh; he was inside me forever and I belonged to him, just as I belonged to Rick.

There was that feeling again: I wanted to have his baby, I wanted more of him, all of him! I wanted something more permanent of him, something bigger of him.

Dagwynn pulled out of me slowly and the emptiness almost overwhelmed me; for an instant, I thought I might cry. But his soft kisses on my neck and shoulder, and his strong, gentle arms comforted me.

"Are you OK?" he asked softly.

"Fuck me again!" I said.

"Come here," he said, moving down onto the second step. He guided me onto his lap, straddling his legs, and I eagerly lowered myself onto his hardness, impaling myself on his lust. This time, it was my own weight that was the driving force of our fucking - I was more in control, I was the one doing the fucking! I loved it! I began bouncing up and down in the water, feeling his big spear sliding in and out of me. I began thrusting my own hips forward and back, adding to the up and down motion, and the orgasmic spot inside me lit up again with waves and waves of shivering delight.

"Tell me when you're getting close," I said as I bobbed on top of him. The blissful expression on his sweet face melted my heart.

It took longer this time, because he'd already cummed once, and my legs were getting tired. I resorted to sitting on his lap and grinding my hips into him. I fountained twice more as I worked him; we both watched my thick, white gobs of sperm jet onto his chest and belly, only to be washed away by the waves of our motion.

"I wanted to drink some of that," Dagwynn said.

"I'll make some more," I told him.

"I think I'm getting close," he said moments later. I began bouncing higher and grinding my hips harder onto him, and soon, I was rewarded with a soft, quivering cry as Dagwynn's smooth body jerked toward me. Now I had a double dose of him! My thighs burned and my butt hole ached, but I didn't care. I kissed him wetly, devouring him, our hot, panting breath mingling between our lips. I felt him softening and he slipped out of me.

Dagwynn and I swam around for a bit, taking a sort of tour of what the other boys were doing; they had paired off neatly and were engaged in a variety of sexual acts together. Zane had Nathan sitting up on the edge of the pool and was sucking his three-inch boner expertly; Nathan was moaning and sighing blissfully.

Nearby, Ryan was also sitting on the edge of the pool and Jeffy was sucking his six-incher. "Wait, watch this!" Ry exclaimed, and Jeffy backed off. Ry stroked himself and suddenly groaned as a thick flow of white cum poured from his cock and over his hand.

"Spiff!" Jeffy said.

"Keep watching," Ry said, his voice trembling. He continued to stroke himself, his rosy cap now slick and glistening with sperm. In another moment, he groaned again and his body shivered; several big, white drops of jizz spurted high into the air, arching over and landing on Jeffy's head and in the water. As his orgasm passed, an odd expression came across Ry's face. "I'm sorry, Dagwynn, I didn't mean to cum in the pool!"

"It's OK," Dagwynn said. "I've cummed in this pool at least a thousand times!" We started to move on, then he called over his shoulder, adding, "And that was just last week!" The boys chuckled and I relished the thought of swimming in Dagwynn's nectar.

Across the pool, we found Kevin fucking Robby's butt, pressing him against the wall of the pool.

"Is this your first time at fucking somebody?" I asked him.

"Uh-huh," Kevin panted, his face a mixture of purposeful concentration and exquisite bliss.

"He's good, too!" Robby said. I could see that Kevin's teasing of his insides was sending orgasmic waves through Robby's slender body - it wouldn't be long before he would do his double-cum thing beneath the water.

"I know you met Ryan and Robby on the Strip," Dagwynn said.

"Yeah," I said. "They taught me how to make them cum in public. I've never seen a boy come twice like they do!"

"Yeah, that's pretty sweet, isn't it?" Dagwynn said. "They gave me wonderful drinks of kidcum this morning!" Nearby, another boy was sitting on the edge while Nick sucked him off. "This is Justin," Dagwynn said. Nick was having trouble managing the twelve-year-old's six-inch cock, but I could see he was working hard to give it his best; it looked like he'd also picked up some moves from Josh, back at the barn.

Dagwynn and I pulled ourselves up out of the pool and strolled across the patchy lawn, to a table that was shaded by a wide canopy. He had a large thermos canister there, and an assortment of cups and glasses; on a hot planet like this, it was crucial not to be too far from drinking water. He poured a glass of raspberry tea for each of us and we sat there, watching the other boys going at it.

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