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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 18

Sipping frosty glasses of raspberry tea, Dagwynn and I sat in the shade of the canopy and watched the eight naked boys sexing each other around the pool.

"So, how are you guys getting along?" I asked.

"Awesome!" Dagwynn said. "Ryan was telling me that, back at Lord Zedd's mansion, all four of them had to share a room. But here, Ryan and Robby have a room together, and Zane and Justin share a room, so they actually have more space now! And, because they've lived so closely for the last few years, they've already worked out all their differences!"

"Spiff!" I said.

"But what was even better," Dagwynn went on, "was that they still found their way into my bed during the night. I woke up just the way I've always wanted to: tangled in a pile of smooth, naked boys with hard dicks, eager to cum!"

As Dagwynn and I talked, the other boys emerged from the pool and gathered around us, all naked and most still sporting nice boners. They poured themselves glasses of sweet, red tea and drank deeply.

Jeffy was first, he came over and snuggled his way into my lap, Ryan's cum dribbling down the side of his face. I cupped his chin in one hand and licked from his cheek bone to his temple, tasting Ryan's essence. Jeffy giggled.

Ryan followed, he came and stood beside Dagwynn, sliding an arm across his shoulders.

"So you got to suck them off this morning?" I asked.

"Yep!" Ryan exclaimed. "We gave him breakfast in bed!"

Dagwynn chuckled. "Best breakfast I ever had, too!" Another of Lord Zedd's boys drew near. "And this is Zane," Dagwynn said as the slim, blond boy stood beside him.

"Hi," I said, holding out a hand to shake. "I'm Logan."

"Hi," Zane said, a little shyly; his grip was soft and his hand smooth and dry. Dagwynn poured him a glass of raspberry tea.

Kevin came and stood beside me, and Robby with them.

"This is Justin," Dagwynn said again, slipping an arm around the fourth boy's butt and drawing him close. "And you already know Ryan and Robby..."

"Yeah," I said, smiling up at the two cute, blue-eyed blonds.

"Thank you for making us cum on the Strip," Ryan said.

"Yeah, that was awesome!" Robby added. "I never thought I would cum right there on the street!"

"I thought your double-cumming was pretty awesome, too," I said. "I've never seen a boy do that, let alone, two boys!"

"And speaking of awesome," Dagwynn said, "I saw your swimming pool scene this morning - now that was awesome!"

"Oh, they posted that already?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dagwynn said. "You haven't seen it?"

"No, we don't have net access," Jeffy said.

"Would you like to see it?" Dagwynn asked.

"Yeah!" Jeffy exclaimed.

Dagwynn stood up and began gathering empty and half-drank glasses, I grabbed the big thermos, and we headed for the house. The other boys scattered around the pool, gathering stray speedos, thongs, halos and other accessories. Inside, Dagwynn made a quick dash to the kitchen to deposit the glasses, I followed and set the thermos on the table.

Back in Dagwynn's room, everyone was sprawled across the bed and floor like a tossed boy-salad, tangling legs, arms and naked bodies with carefree abandon.

Dagwynn sat at his desk and brought his system on line. I snuggled in between Jeffy and Kevin on the edge of the bed and we watched as two walls flashed to life, as well as a large block of space in the center of the room. Jeffy leaned his head against my shoulder and I looked down at him to see two pools of liquid blue love.

Dagwynn turned to the block in the center of the room, where icons and symbols floated. He poked at a couple and, in moments, the website came up. Dozens of options floated amid a hundred or more 3D images of boys.

Dagwynn selected one and suddenly, the room was filled with Jeffy and I in all our naked glory, swimming and frolicking in shimmering, blue light. We fondled each other, kissed under water and slurped each others' wagging boners. We moved over to the steps and feasted on each other, until each of us produced a glistening, white fountain of youth for the other to lick up. All the boys, including Dagwynn, "ooh'd" and "awh'd" at our performance, and they made remarks about how they each loved a different view of us, or a movement, my muscles, Jeffy's eyes and smile, our kisses.

As our holographic doubles teased each other into orgasms and then licked up afterward, more young fountains were inspired in Dagwynn's room. Soon, the place was reeking of fresh, youthful nectar and each boy moved to wipe up pearly puddles, some licked off each other.

"No wonder they paid you so well!" Dagwynn exclaimed. "They're gonna make millions off you two!"

"Millions?" Jeffy exclaimed.

"Maybe tens of millions!" Dagwynn added. "Look at the counter."

It was true, the counter for that particular posting was rising by thousands every second.

"What about the comments?" Ryan asked.

Dagwynn touched a couple pads. "Positive comments are nearly eighteen thousand!" he said. "Negatives are only three."

"Who doesn't like us?" I asked.

Dagwynn clicked on one; a woman's 3D image popped up and began talking. "You boys should be ashamed of yourselves!" she said. "You're acting like dirty, filthy animals! If my son acted like that, I'd shoot him in the head!"

"I hope she doesn't have any sons!" I said.

"No kidding!" Dagwynn said. He cut off her rant and selected the next, which wasn't any better, and the third was even worse! "The funny thing is," Dagwynn said, "you have to be a subscriber to comment, and this site has nothing on it but boys doing just what you two were doing!"

"So if they don't like it," I said, "why do they subscribe?"

"Exactly!" Dagwynn said. He touched a few more pads, then said, "They all come from Daylore 3, which is a particularly prudish colony, from what I hear."

"You know, we could do that," Ryan said.

"Leave nasty comments?" Jeffy asked.

"No," Ryan chuckled. "We could have a website like that and make millions ourselves!"

"Oh, I don't know," I said. "Rick said we'd be crossing the Nirkads if we tried anything like that."

"Nirkads, schmirkads!" Ryan said. "Do you know how many websites Lord Zedd had? Dozens!"

"Over a hundred!" Zane injected.

"With every kind of sex you could imagine!" Ryan said. "He made at least twenty holovids right here, at Queen Jezzabell's Moon Palace!"

"Really?" I was amazed, although, I guess I shouldn't have been; by now, I knew a lot more about what goes on on the Strip than when I arrived! "How would we do that?"

"I can call one of Lord Zedd's webmasters," Ryan said. "They can throw something together for us in just a day or two!"

"And what about the Nirkads?" I asked.

"The website will be based off world," Ryan said. "The Nirkads won't be able to find out anything about us."

"Spiff!" I said.

Ryan put his little wristcomm to his chin. "Skinner," he spoke into it. After a moment, a man answered, his voice barely audible and badly distorted. "Skinner, is that you?" Ryan asked.

"-eah, is this -yan?"

"Yeah, it's Ryan," the boy responded. "Hey, I need you to do me a favor."

"I heard -ord Ze-- got killed"

"Yeah, he's dead," Ryan replied. "We're on our own, now, but we got away with some of his gold."

"Who's 'we'?" Skinner asked.

"My brother and I, and a couple other boys," Ryan said.

"--ere are you liv--g?" Skinner asked.

"With a local boy and his Grandma," Ryan said.

"--ell, I'm gla- -ou're OK," he said. "So what's the fa-er?"

"We need you to build us a new website," Ryan said.

"Ok," Skinner replied. "How do you want it?" The connection was clearing up.

"Make it like Zedd's last one," Ryan said, "but this one is going to be mostly boys. And make the subscription price less than the others, say fifteen credits or so."

"No problem," Skinner said. "Now that Zedd is dead, who's going to be taking over his sites?"

"I don't think anyone is," Ryan said. "None of us have his passwords."

"I do," Skinner said. "Would you like to keep updating them?"

"No, I don't think so," Ryan said. "I'd rather focus on this new one."

"OK, but what about new subscriptions? His sites will still be active for another year."

"Uh, I don't know," Ryan said. "What would you suggest?"

"I can funnel everything to your account, if you want," Skinner said. "I'll post a notice that they won't be updated anymore, but people can still look at what's there."

"OK, that would be awesome!"

"What account would you like to use?" Skinner asked. "Don't worry, this comm is scrambled, so no one will get your number."

"Stand by," Ryan said. He looked at Dagwynn. "I don't have an account."

"I do," Dagwynn said. "Use this one." He swiped his credit chit across Ryan's wristcomm.

"OK, got it," Skinner said. "You'll start receiving funds later today, and I'll get started on the new site. What do you want to call it?"

Dagwynn looked at me and I looked at Jeffy. "'Jeffy's Place?'" I said.

"No," Dagwynn said. "The Nirkads know him."

"They're gonna know anyway," I said, "as soon as they see new vids of him popping up!"

"How about 'Kevin's Place,'" Ryan said. "Do they know him?"

"No, I don't think so," I said.

"And we can start with vids of him and other boys," Ryan said, "and introduce Jeffy later."

"OK, Kevin's Place," I said. "And we can hide him off-world if something happens."

Kevin smiled.

I was walking along the Strip, coming back from having walked Dagwynn to work at the Panda Moon. I couldn't help looking at the boys leaning against the walls and door ways, showing off their long, bare legs and their slim, supple midriffs. I noticed several of them watching me, too, with bright smiles and licking their lips invitingly. Ahead of me, I caught the eyes of a couple of boys, a blond about fourteen and a dark-haired boy about fifteen, they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a few other boys, and moved to intercept me as I approached.

"Hi!" the blond boy said, smiling brightly, his blue eyes sparkling.

"Hi!" I replied.

"What's your name?" the dark-haired boy asked. His green eyes were gorgeous and intense.

"Logan," I said. "What's yours?"

"Jamie," he replied.

"Zander," the blond said. "Where you from?"

"Earth," I said. "You?"

"Here," Zander said. "You been here long?"

"A couple weeks," I said.

"You're really sexy," Jamie said.

"Thanks," I replied. "So are you - both of you!"

"You wanna get together?" Zander asked.

"Sure!" I said, remembering Jeffy and Kevin, whom I'd left back at Dagwynn's house, with the other boys.

"Hey you!" came a man's voice from behind me. "You, in the checkered shirt!"

I turned to see who was calling, and glanced around quickly, seeing I was the only one, of all the boys nearby, who was wearing a checkered shirt. I didn't recognize the man calling from inside an air car that had glided up to the curb; he looked to be about forty, with sandy hair and a toothy smile. "Come here," he said. "Come here!"

I hadn't even thought about doing a trick; I was just walking along the street and stopped to talk to a couple boys. Suddenly, I realized that I looked just like the rest of the boys who were selling themselves here! I stepped over to the curb and ducked my head into the open window. "Yeah?" I said.

"Wanna go for a ride?" he asked.

"I get twenty," I said - that was the standard line, wasn't it? I don't know why I said it, I wasn't even looking for a trick!

"Sure, no problem," he said. "Get in!"

For some crazy reason, as if my body was on automatic, I got into his car. Remembering the boys on the sidewalk, I turned and smiled to them, giving them a thumbs-up. "I'll be back!" I called to them. They nodded and waved as the car pulled into traffic.

"So, what's your name, kid?" the man asked.

"Mike," I said, thinking fast; I didn't think giving him my real name was wise.

"Oh, what a coincidence!" he said. "My name's Mike, too!"

I nodded; I didn't know if he was lying or not, and I really didn't care.

"Hey, I know this great little place right up here," he said. "You wanna see it?"

"Sure," I said. Lights and colors streaked by, dripping from the buildings and other cars as we cruised the Strip. He turned off into a side street and then into a small parking lot in front of a dentist's office, where he stopped. "This is your great place?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah!" he said. "We can be totally alone here!" He slipped a hand onto my bare thigh and rubbed up and down a bit.

"OK, spiff!" I said.

"Well, you sure are a sexy boy!" he said. "Whatcha got?"

"Thanks," I said. I slouched down in the seat, pushing my crotch nearer to him; his hand roamed up my thigh and over the bulge in my cut-offs.

"Wow!" he said. "You got something there!" His fingers went to the button and then unzipped me. My cock flopped out, half hard, as he pulled my shorts down. "Nice!"

He leaned over and started sucking me, scraping me with his teeth and doing next to nothing with his tongue; he wasn't nearly as good a cocksucker as the boys in the barn - even Nick and Nathan could do better!

In my mind, I went back to the times Jeffy and Kevin, and some of the others had sucked me - that made my dick hard. I imagined Dagwynn sucking me and I moaned out loud, to make him think it was him that excited me. I remembered chasing Kevin around the barn, naked, in the middle of the night, and forcefully fucking him; I had taken possession of his soul that night! I could feel a drop of cold saliva trickling down my crotch, but I tried to stay focused on Jeffy, Kevin and Dagwynn. Josh's face came to mind and I remembered the first time he sucked me - I moaned again. This was harder than I thought! With a little more work, I might even be able to cum, but it wouldn't be easy. I dreamed about Jeffy sucking me in he swimming pool at that fabulous house - that helped a lot! I groaned and focused hard on Jeffy's sweet face, with a mouthful of me. And then how I'd sucked him there, too, and licked up all his cum!

Finally, my orgasm swirled through my balls and up my cock, spewing my seed into this stranger's mouth. Like it or not, I would be a part of him! He licked and slurped, and got most of it, but I felt some of my gooey mess dribble down between my thighs.

Without licking me clean or sucking up the oozing spunk from inside my dick, he sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "That was great, kid!" he said. "Now, why don't you go play."

"I think we have a little business to complete first," I said as I pulled my shorts up.

"Oh - uh - yeah, I guess..." Hesitantly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit chit. He keyed a transaction into it and I touched it to mine.

"Hey, I said twenty," I told him; he had only transferred ten credits.

"Sue me!" he said. "Now get out!"

Realizing there really wasn't much I could do to get my money, I opened the door and stepped out into the parking lot. Nearby, I saw a small stand of palm trees with rocks around their trunks. Suddenly, rage filled me at the man's callous attitude; I grabbed a rock about the size of a baseball and hurled it into his side window. Bash! Glass scattered everywhere inside the car.

"Hey!" the man shouted. "You little bastard! You'll pay for that!"

"Sue me!" I shouted back as I ran into a narrow passage between the buildings. I emerged on the Strip and darted out into the slow-moving traffic. I leaped the center hedge row and dodged cars until I got to the opposite sidewalk. There, I lost myself in the crowds, walking with a group of people southward, back toward the Golden River. My crotch felt wet and gooey, and I probably reeked; I would need a shower when I got back to the barn, if for nothing else but to wash him off me!

I passed the alley leading to the barn, and the inward current of the casino entrance. I continued along the boulevard to Thurber, then crossed to the other side. That's where I had last seen Jamie and Zander.

Jamie and all the other boys were gone, but Zander was still standing there alone. His face was somber, but a bright smile lit him up as soon as he saw me.

"Hey!" I said, coming to him.

"Hey!" he replied. "How'd it go?"

"Awh, he shorted me ten," I grumbled.

"Oh, I hate when they do that!" Zander said.

"And he was a lousy blow, too!" I said. "I thought he'd never get me off!"

"Awh," he groaned in sympathy.

"Yeah, it was like fucking a dead cat!"

"Eeew!" he wrinkled his nose.

"Just kidding!" I chuckled. "I've never fucked a dead cat - or a dead anything!"

"I'll bet I could do better," Zander said, brushing my arm with his.

"Yeah, I'll bet you could!" I said. I slipped an arm around his shoulders and we walked into a narrow space between the Panda Moon and another shop. I was immediately sorry we'd come into this place: it reeked of cigarette butts, piss and a number of other things I didn't even want to identify. The space was only about a meter wide and I didn't want to touch the walls.

Almost before we were off the street, Zander squatted before me and I felt his hands go to my crotch. He had me in his mouth in no time and, yes indeed, his lips and tongue were exquisite! I'm not sure, but I think he might even have been better than Josh! He swallowed every inch of me; I felt his nose poking into my abdomen. This kid really loved cock! In probably less than four minutes, he had me quivering and groaning, and gushing into his wonderful mouth! He sucked me dry and licked me clean; I could tell he was reluctant to let go. Finally, Zander stood up, licking his lips and smiling sheepishly.

"You were right," I said. "You're awesome!" I held him in my arms and kissed his lips, tasting a little of myself. He pressed into me, almost melting, and I rubbed gently up and down his smooth back; suddenly, I wanted to take him home with me! Oh, what would I do with another boy? Now I knew how collectors of fine art must feel; these boys must be the most exquisite works of art in the universe!

Gently, I eased my embrace of him; it was my turn now! I knelt and ran my hand over the firm bulge in his shorts; he must have been about six inches and without underwear. I pulled the front of his shorts down, stretching the elastic waistband, until he popped out. He was neat and clean and circumcised, and yes, a good six inches. Just the kind I like! As Josh had taught me, I moved slowly, building his antici...pation. I kissed the tip, brushed my lips across his smear of precum and slowly began licking him. I took my time, circling and flicking him, feeling the smoothness of his glans, the shape of his slit and rim; I loved cock too!

I pulled his shorts down a little farther, so they wouldn't crimp him, then laid my hands on his firm, rounded calves; his skin was smooth and his little, silvery hairs were soft. I felt his knees tremble as I took more of him into my mouth.

Suddenly, I thought of Dagwynn, who was working at the Panda Moon, just on the other side of the wall to my right. As Zander filled my mouth, Dagwynn, Jeffy and Kevin filled my mind. Before I knew it, I was sucking Zander with a vengeance, and he was trembling hard, his high, adolescent voice crying out softly. Then he jerked and a gusher flooded my mouth; he was rich and, I think, saltier than any other boy I'd tasted. He was delicious! I slurped and sucked until he was empty and clean, and all I could taste was smooth skin.

I stood up, a little shakily, letting the blood flow back into my legs, and hugged and kissed this sweet, young god again.

"That was awesome!" he breathed hotly into my ear as we embraced. I slid my hands up and down his back lovingly, soothingly, feeling the sharpness of his shoulder blades and the firmness of his muscles; as with Jeffy, there was no fat on this kid at all.

We slipped apart and moved back out onto the wide sidewalk; at last, I felt like I could breath again! I drew in a deep breath and cleared my lungs of the stink of that narrow space. Zander started to walk back toward the street and I caught his arm. "How much do I owe you?" I asked.

"What?" he replied, surprised. "You don't have to pay me."

"No, I wouldn't do that to you," I said. "Show me your chit."

"But..." he started to protest.

"No, it's alright," I said. "I want to."

His hand went to his pocket and drew out the tiny device. I keyed a transaction into my own, feeling generous for the wonderful nectar of his body. I touched mine to his and he looked at the readout.

"Fifty!" he exclaimed. "But that's more that twice my price!"

"I know," I said. "But you're especially delicious!"

He launched himself into my arms again and kissed my lips hard. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" he exclaimed. "Now I can buy food for the house!"

I looked into his eyes. "Have you eaten?"

He looked down and his face began turning pink. "Not for a couple days," he said.

"Come on!" I said, grabbing his arm again. I pulled him into the Panda Moon and caught Dagwynn's attention; he was talking to some people across the room. "Dagwynn!" I said as he approached. "Give this kid all the food he can eat; I'm buying!"

"Yes, Sir!" Dagwynn said, very politely. "Right this way." Looking at the other people in the restaurant, dressed so finely with suits and ties and jewelry, I suddenly felt like we were a couple of dirty, ragamuffin whores, but Dagwynn was very professional. He lead us to a private room to the right of the main room and closed the curtains behind us. Once inside, his demeanor changed. "Hey, Zander," he said softly, kissing the boy's cheek. "It's good to see you again; I've missed you!"

"I've missed you, too, Dagwynn," Zander said, hugging him back.

"Oh, I guess you two have met," I said, suddenly awkward.

"Yeah," Dagwynn said. "But I haven't seen you in at least a month; where've you been?"

"Working up at the other end," Zander said. "Someone said a Nirkad was looking for me down here."

"Well, I'm glad you're back," Dagwynn said. "But you watch yourself! I don't want to hear anything bad about you!" He gave the blushing boy another kiss. "Now, what can I get you?"

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Zander asked. "You've already given me so much."

"Yes, I'm sure," I said. "Order whatever you want, and get some to-go, too!"

Zander ordered a nice meal, nothing extravagant, but nice, and Dagwynn keyed it into the system. I ordered sweet and sour for myself, too, and take-out for nine. He left, promising to return, and a few moments later, bots brought tea.

I brought my new wristcomm to my mouth and spoke, "Jeffy," into it.

"Hey, Logan, what's up?" Jeffy answered a moment later.

"Are you guys alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure, we're fine," he said. "We're playing space pirates and we have Ryan and Robby tied up right now!" I could hear the twins squealing in the background.

"Hey, I made a new friend over here at Panda's, so I'm gonna be a little late."

"I can't decide if we should keel-haul them or make them walk the plank," Jeffy said.

"Oh, the plank," I replied. "Definitely the plank!"

"I always thought cabin-boy-slave was more fun," Zander said.

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Jeffy said. "Is that Zander?"

"Yeah, you know him?" I asked. The moment I spoke it, I knew it was a stupid question! Of course, he knew him; Jeffy knew everybody on the Strip!

"Yeah, I know him," Jeffy replied. "How ya doin', Zan?"

"Much better now!" Zander said.

Dagwynn returned and drew meager, half-spent loads from Zander and I, and I got another from him. No sooner had we zipped up, than bots started bringing our food. Dagwynn disappeared again and Zander and I ate quietly; he was really hungry!

"So you're getting take-out for nine?" Zander asked.

"Yeah, for Jeffy and the others," I said.

"Yeah," he said. "I live with about twenty other kids."

"Do they work the Strip, too?" I asked.

"Me and Jamie do," he said, "and a couple others. But most of them are too young."

"Wow, so you support all of them?"

"Uh-huh," he nodded.

"That's gotta be rough," I said.

"That's why I hadn't eaten," he said. "Sometimes, there just isn't enough."

Just then, Dagwynn came back, his face bright pink, his eyes wide. "I can't believe it!" he breathed, leaning back against the wall.

"What happened?" I asked.

He pulled his chit from his pocket and showed me the display. My eyes popped wide.

"Four hundred thousand?" I exclaimed. "How?"

"Lord Zedd's websites," he said. "And it's only been a couple hours!" He stepped close to me. "Give me your chit." He keyed in a transaction. "Don't look yet," he said, then touched his to mine. "Give me your chit," he said to Zander. Again, he touched them together. "OK, look!"

"Ten thousand!" I exclaimed, breathlessly. Zander just sat there, mouth agape, staring at Dagwynn. I stood up and hugged Dagwynn tightly, kissing his neck.

"This is only the beginning!" he whispered. "By tomorrow, it could be millions!"

Zander and I took food over to Jeffy and the others, including Grandma, and we watched them eat. He and I were bursting with the wonderful news, but Dagwynn didn't want us to say anything yet; I think he still wasn't quite sure it was real! As they ate, I could feel their spirits rising, or maybe it was just Nick and Nathan getting amped up on sweet and sour pork. At any rate, the conversation grew more excited and the hologames more frantic. Just after midnight, Dagwynn came in, with Jamie in tow, both carrying boxes of take-out.

"Come on, you guys," Dagwynn said to Zander and Jamie, "I'll take you home. The rest of you better get some sleep; tomorrow's going to be a busy day!"

I gathered my boys and we all gave Grandma a kiss good-night. We would have kissed Dagwynn's boys too, but boys don't kiss boys in front of Grandma! We shook hands instead.

Outside, the night was still balmy. The streets were dark and quiet, the glow of the Strip rose into the sky and tall hotel towers, dappled with soft room lights, looked down on us. To the north, toward the equator, I could see faint flashes of heat lightning, and above them, a velvety black sky, where stars and constellations slid and twisted together. Me and my gang walked under soft, amber streetlamps, following the grid back toward the Strip. In the dimness, our halo systems produced bright, flamboyantly colored swarms and flocks around us.

No sooner had we stepped onto the Strip, when I spotted a gorgeous, lanky teenager stepping out of a sleek, moderately-sized yacht. His hair was honey-blond, his skin tanned a golden brown, his legs were long and smooth, and his short cut offs were tattered and holey, not only showing off his long, beautiful legs, but much of the creamy skin of his firm, rounded backside.

"That's Jimmy Legs," Jeffy said, bumping my shoulder.

I was getting tired and the chrome and neon of the Strip were starting to run together for me. Jimmy Legs had a warm, reddish glow about him, and Jeffy's eyes and hair sparkled with blue neon.

The yacht lifted and pulled away, joining the molasses flow of traffic. The lanky teen stepped back, smiling, a gave a little wave to someone inside. He was starting to turn his attention to other vehicles passing by as we approached.

"Hey, Jimmy!" Jeffy called.

The boy turned to us, focusing glassy, green eyes. "Jeffy!" he said, smiling broader. "Long time no see!" He reached out, shook Jeffy's hand and clapped his shoulder. "How's it hangin', boy?" he asked.

"Hard and lonely!" Jeffy said, smiling back. I'd heard that question and response many times on the Strip. "This is Logan," Jeffy introduced me.

"Logan," Jimmy smiled and extended a hand, "I've heard good things about you!" He moved close and gave my hand a solid pump, but didn't let go.

"Really?" I was surprised. "Word's getting around?"

"Oh, yeah!" Jimmy replied. "Heard you been takin' real good care of my little bud's here!" I could hear just a hint of loneliness in his voice, and maybe a little envy.

"Yeah, we've been getting along pretty well," I said. "I might not mind taking care of you pretty good, too!"

"Well, I'm pretty well tapped-out for tonight," he said. "I was just about to crawl home!"

"Well, tomorrow is another day!" I said; I'd heard that said many times on the Strip, too.

Jimmy smiled and our hands finally slipped apart. Reluctantly, he stepped back and started to turn away.

"Hey, meet us for breakfast!" I said. The words came out of nowhere.

His face brightened and his eyes began to sparkle; I could feel his loneliness lift a little. "I'd like that," he smiled. "Where?"

"Up there," I said, pointing to the great disks hovering above the Golden River casino. He turned and looked up. "They have a great buffet!" I said.

"Yeah, I was there once," he replied. "What time?"

"I'll call you," I said, tapping my wristcomm to his. "You can bring friends, too, if you want."

"OK, I'll see you tomorrow!" he said. As he walked away, I could see a bit more bounced in his step, almost a graceful sort of dance in his long, beautiful legs.

"That was nice," Jeffy said.

"Too much for a first meeting?" I asked.

"No, not at all," Jeffy replied. "I think he's hurting inside. It'll be good."

With Jeffy and Kevin holding both my hands and Nick and Nathan trailing closely, we crossed the Strip and continued toward home. As we crossed Thurber, I saw Brian and his clique of boys standing on the corner. I noticed Randy now had a head of thick, light-turquoise curls that gleamed in the soft lights of the shop they stood beside. I nodded and smiled at them, not really intending to stop.

"Hey!" Brian called.

I stopped. "Hey," I said back.

"Hey, thanks for the bed," Brian said, "and the clothes and stuff."

"And the balls!" Randy said. "We had so much fun this afternoon!"

"Yeah," Brandon added, "thanks!"

"So much fun it turned your hair blue, I see!" I grinned.

Randy chuckled.

"I'm glad you guys like them," I said. I was surprised when Seth even came close and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Kevin backed away timidly, but then came back to my shoulder when he saw Seth's loving gesture. "You're welcome!" I said. "Kevin picked out that shirt for you."

"Thank you, Kevin," Seth said, and kissed him, too. Kevin blushed and pressed his face to my shoulder.

"Hey, come to breakfast with us," I said. "I'm thinking of a little surprise and I may need your help."

"OK," Brian said. "What surprise?"

"Tomorrow!" I said as I pulled Jeffy and Kevin back on course for home.

"What surprise?" Jeffy echoed as we went on.

I chuckled and kissed his forehead. "Tomorrow," I said. I could see frustration in his blue eyes, but I ruffled his hair and he broke out in a smile.

Suddenly, as we were passing the Golden River casino, I saw him. I was shocked. I stopped and stared; there was no doubt it was him: the same copper-haired young man I'd seen on my first night here. He was dressed in the same - or another - purple jacket with black slacks, and had two slim, gold chains laying on his smooth, lightly-tanned chest. He was just coming out of the casino and seemed to be alone.

He spotted me and did a double-take, then with a quirky sort of smile, started toward me. I moved to him too, as if drawn by my own fagnetic attraction. Jeffy and Kevin both gave me odd looks, but followed along.

"Hey, I remember you," the young man said. "You came with us from the SpacePort Inn."

"Yeah," I finally found my voice. It had only been about two weeks, but seemed like a whole other lifetime ago. "How's it hangin'?" It was a rude question, common on the Strip, but I didn't know what else to say.

He grinned, his bright green eyes ensnaring my soul. "Hard and lonely?" he said. "Is that the right answer?"

"Yeah, that's it," I chuckled. "My name's Logan." I held out a hand, still a bit sweaty from Jeffy.

"Copper," he said, grasping my fingers. "Well, actually, my name's Adriene, but since I colored my hair, everybody calls me Copper. I think I like that better!"

"Nice to meet you, Copper!" I said. "This is Jeffy and Kevin."

He shook hands with both. "And am I seeing double? Who are you?" he asked, looking at the twins, who had stepped to Kevin's side.

"I'm Nick," one said.

"I'm Nathan," said the other.

"We're twins," Nick said.

"Both of you?" Copper grinned as he shook their hands.

"Of course, both of us!" Nathan said.

"That was a joke," Copper chuckled. "So, do you work here now?"

"Yeah, sort of," I said.

"Because I really am a little lonely tonight," he went on.

"OK," Jeffy said to Kevin and the twins, taking the hint quickly, "let's get home and get some sleep; tomorrow's gonna be busy."

"Are you gonna fuck?" Nick asked.

I chuckled nervously.

As he started to herd them away toward the alley, Jeffy looked back at Copper and I. "Oh, yeah, they're gonna fuck, alright!"

"Good night!" Nathan called back. "It was nice meeting you!"

Copper waved, smiling. "I guess there are no secrets around here!" he said.

"Not about sex," I said.

Copper slipped his arm around my shoulders and began guiding me across the alley. We turned into the Mandalay Regency, which I had never been in before. Fountains sprayed jets of dancing water into the air and multi-colored lights gave them a festive glow; even though it was getting late, a dozen or more naked kids played in the pools, amid air-born, holographic fish. Inside, the lobby was warm granite floors, beige walls, plush furniture and lush plants. Gold leaf was everywhere and big mirrors spanned the ceiling.

We entered a travel pod, which lifted us from the main building, into one of the towers floating above it; it nested itself in an alcove numbered 5705. When the doors opened, I was greeted with a spacious suite, more plush chairs facing tall windows and gold leaf, and a fluffy, queen-sized bed.

Copper immediately slipped his purple jacket off and I was suddenly transfixed by his gorgeous body. His chest was broad and smooth, his pecs rounded and accented with bronze, slightly-conical areolas. His ribs made a perfect V-cut to his narrow waist and his belly rippled with six-pack abs. His belly button was a neat, half-inch "innie," surrounded by tiny, golden hairs. His abs also made a perfect V-cut that plunged into his trousers, daring my eyes to follow.

"Uh - if you don't mind," I started, "how old are you?"

"Nineteen," he replied. "And you?"

"Fourteen," I said.

"Perfect!" he exclaimed. "I love boys your age; that's like the peak of sexiness!"

"Oh, I don't know," I replied. "It looks like you're peaking pretty well!"

"Thank you," he said. "But I'm starting to have to work at it. Let's see what kind of body you have!"

Smiling, I peeled off my shirt and dropped it to the floor. "Oooh, nice," he breathed, rubbing the backs of his fingers across my bare chest. He caressed my nipple, tickling me and inspiring a bulge, then his fingers slid down my belly, to the button below my waist. "And what's down here?" he asked, pulling it loose.

Beyond his shoulders, I could see the city lights sliding by as our tower drifted in its oval course above the lobby. I saw the saucers of the Golden River casino drift by and if I'd stepped closer to the windows, I could have looked right down on the barn.

My shorts slipped down my legs and Copper admired my flesh as he took me in hand. Now completely naked, I stepped out of my shorts as he pushed me back onto the bed. I watched as he bared himself and licked my lips as I saw he was my size and neatly cut. He crawled up and lay on top of me, kissing my neck and sliding his hand down my belly. Colors and lights ran together, flesh and gold and sweet cologne. His lips found mine, his mouth engulfed me, bright green eyes ran with gushing pearl. Sweat, muscles, hardness and saltiness; exquisite pressure and quivering pleasure, more pearl, lots of pearl!

Suddenly, morning broke.

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