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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 20

I awoke, staring up at the rafters of the old barn, my flesh again needing attention. I could have handled it myself, but decided I'd save it for Jeffy and Kevin, they so enjoyed me and I them! I carefully untangled myself from both my sleeping boys, crawled off the bed and hobbled my stiffy stiffly to the window at the far end of the loft. As my golden stream sailed into sunlight, I felt a hand on my shoulder; I was surprised to see a naked Brian standing beside me.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he replied, his glittering stream joining mine. "Hey, how'd you do that?"


"The party yesterday," he said. "And all the things you bought; it must've cost a fortune!"

"About seven thousand," I said, grinning. "But it was worth every bit!"

"And Mack's, last night?" he asked. "You did that, too, didn't you?"

"Uh-huh," I said. My stream ended and I shook off.

"How did you do it?" he asked, incredulous. "Are you rich, or what?"

"Getting there!" I said, smiling. I wasn't sure I should tell him, but something in his blue eyes made me trust him. "OK, don't go blabbing this around, but..." I told him about the websites and what we were planning with our own.

"Can we be a part of it, too?" he asked. "We can make vids and stuff!"

"Yeah, I think so," I said. "I'll talk to Dagwynn." Jeffy and Kevin came to my side, nudging passed, and aimed out the window. From behind, the morning sun created a narrow halo around each of their bodies, lighting up every tiny hair and filling my mind with their curves. Then Randy was there, followed by Seth and Brandon; I stepped aside to watch the parade of delightful morning wood.

'Such beautiful boys, every one!' I thought. 'They would all look good in vids! We could make dozens with just these few boys, and if we add Dagwynn's boys, Zander, Jamie, Jimmy Legs and others from the Strip... We could have vids for years!' My mind started racing - still photos, interviews, dancing and music vids! We were sitting on a gold mine!

I took everyone to breakfast at the Golden River again and, on the way back, Dagwynn and his boys glided up in a shiny, new air car; its gleamed. bright white form was long very stylish. The top was down and the bright sun shown on blond heads and bare shoulders.

"Dagwynn!" Nick and Nathan called out together.

"Hey, guys," he replied. "Come on, we have things to do!"

"I've been thinking," I said, as we piled into his new car. Kevin snuggled onto my lap; Nick climbed into Zane's lap and Nathan sat on Justin. Jeffy sat on Ryan, with Robby squeezed between him and Dagwynn. "Brian wants to be in some of our vids, his boys, too."

"Great!" Dagwynn said. "Zander and Jamie do too."

"With all the boys around here," I said, "we'll be making vids for years! And I want to make some dance vids with you guys, too!" I patted Ryan's freckled shoulder.

"Oooh!" Ryan exclaimed. "Yeah!"

"First, we have a rescue mission to do," Dagwynn said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll see."

The car lifted and swung around to the right. The alley brought us to Emerald Springs and we followed that across the Strip and Seascape Reef, and a few more blocks, to Ocean. Just on the other side of Ocean, we descended into a ratty-looking neighborhood, with many old, run-down houses and several empty lots. Dagwynn brought the sleek, new car to a hover in front of a house that looked abandoned, the front door was opened and all the windows were broken out. The yard was bare dirt and rocks, with scattered piles of trash.

"What place is this?" I asked, as our boys began extricating themselves from the car. Almost before I could finish the question, I saw a shirtless Zander come to the door; he wore only a pair of dingy underwear that seemed to hang on him. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "This is where they live?" I thought the barn was bad, but it was a mansion compared to this place!

"Breaks your heart, doesn't it?" Dagwynn said. "I've been wanting to do something for them for so long..." We got out of the car and walked toward Zander.

"What are you guys doing here?" Zander asked. Jamie and a couple other boys came up behind him.

"We're rescuing you," Dagwynn said, clapping a hand on Zander's shoulder. "Tell everybody to get their stuff together. You're moving to a better place."

Dagwynn pulled me by my wrist into the house and I was further shocked. Dirt, trash and broken glass were piled along the bases of the walls and higher in the corners. The walls were covered with graffiti and other stains, many of which I think were piss. Both walls and ceiling had holes, where insulation hung out in puffy wads and the smell of raw sewage assaulted my nose. At the back of the room was an old, broken-down sofa with a large burned spot near the middle. Many young kids, the ones I'd seen with Zander yesterday at the party, were milling about, naked, their skinny, bony bodies smudged with grime. I didn't even want to see the rest of the house! Just standing in the living room, I could almost feel the diseases crawling up my legs.

Zander and Jamie both moved back into the dim hallway, speaking into the various rooms, spreading word for everyone to gather their things, they were leaving.

"Who's house is this, anyway?" I asked.

"I don't know," Dagwynn said. "It's been abandoned for years. These guys moved in a few at a time because they couldn't find anywhere else to sleep."

"And what are you going to do for them?"

"You know those warehouses behind the barn?" he asked. "I bought them yesterday. I wanted to clean one of them up and remodel it before they moved in, but Zander said something disturbing last night, so I think we have to move faster."

"What did he say?" I asked.

"One of their group disappeared yesterday," he said. "A ten-year-old boy named Ronnie."

"I'll buy more beds from the outfitter store," I said, "and clothing."

Kids were coming from the hall and gathering in the living room, a few at a time, some with dirty clothes hanging over their arms, others with only what they had on, which wasn't much; a few also carried toys or stuffed animals.

"How many of you have bikes?" Dagwynn asked. Nearly all of them raised their hands. Zander came up behind them. "Zan, gather them all together," Dagwynn went on. "And ride your bikes over to the alley behind the Golden River casino. I have a couple things to do, but I'll meet you there in a little while."

Zander took a couple boys by their hands and began leading the group outside.

"Make sure you get everybody," Dagwynn said. "Don't leave anyone behind."

Zander nodded.

Back in the car, Dagwynn drove down Ocean, to an office building near the Mandalay Capitol Mall. "I have to get the keys," Dagwynn said. "I'll only be a minute."

We waited in the car, in the shade of a lush, leafy tree, and watched a travel pod take him up about thirty stories.

With Kevin sitting on my lap and wiggling a little, my wanton flesh was hard pressed beneath him. Of course, some of his wiggling was my fault: I teased and caressed the firm bulge in his cut offs.

Ryan's wristcomm chirped and he looked at the tiny display. "Our website is ready," he said. "It's GLXY.KevinsPlace.glx." On the car dash, he touched a pad and a holographic screen came up before them. He entered the URL and a blue sign-in page came up, with beautiful, mirrored boys on either side. "And our password is..." He looked at his comm and his fingers danced over the holopads; "Admin" appeared on the username line and glittering stars stretched across the password line. Another page came up, with a second gorgeous, reclining boy stretched across the top and "Kevin's Place" printed tastefully, stylishly below his smiling face. On the left side was a column of choices for photos, videos, and other things, including a list of banner-links to other websites. In the center was an input box for new posts.

"Wow!" I said. "It looks great! What do you think, Kevin?" He nodded, smiling. "I like that the picture isn't really Kevin," I went on, "so no one will know that it's your site!"

"Now we need to start making vids to post," Jeffy said. "Can we do a dance vid first?"

"Sure," I said. "But I think you guys should paint your faces, so no one will recognize you."

"Good idea," Jeffy said.

"That's a great idea!" Ryan exclaimed. "We can do all kinds of crazy make-up and stuff!"

"Yeah!" Jeffy said. "It has to be sexy, though."

"Oh, yeah, of course!" Ryan said.

Dagwynn came back a minute later. "Is that it?" he asked, slipping into the pilot seat. "I like it!"

"We need to get some video equipment," Ryan said. "Like Lord Zedd had, or maybe better."

"I was thinking that, too," Dagwynn said. "I have to go to the clinic this afternoon, maybe we can stop on the way back."

"Clinic?" Robby asked. "Are you sick?"

"No," Dagwynn said. "I donate sperm."

"You donated to me this morning!" Robby said, chuckling.

"Me too!" Ryan added.

The car lifted and Dagwynn drove us back to the barn. As we cruised toward the taller buildings, I looked down and saw a flock of kids on bicycles heading for Seascape Reef.

"They're on their way!" I said, pointing to the group below.

Dagwynn brought the car down behind the barn and hovered over the apron of the first warehouse. We began stepping out onto the hot, sunny concrete. "Ryan, you and Robby go over to the casino and lead the kids back here," Dagwynn said.

"Which one of these is yours?" Jeffy asked, looking at the six warehouses that stretched down the block.

"All of them," Dagwynn said, walking to the door of the first.

"What are you gonna do with them?" I asked.

"Well, this one is going to be a house for Zander's bunch," Dagwynn said. "And at least one of the others is going to be a video studio. I'm not sure about the rest, yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something." He walked to the big door and slid the key through the reader; the door squeaked and groaned, and began to open upward.

"I'd better head over to the outfitter's," I said.

"Hold up a sec," Dagwynn said, coming closer. He held up his chit and I saw the display with nearly three million credits on it. He keyed in a transaction and, as he did so, I counted seven digits. We touched and I saw my readout grow by a million credits.

"How much did these warehouses cost?" I asked.

"About half a mil," he said.

"I wonder how much the barn would cost," I mused. Rick was there, working on a car in the big, opened door of the barn. A couple other guys were there; they looked to be about Rick's age.

"Probably about a hundred thousand," Dagwynn said. "Ask Rick!"

Hearing his name, Rick looked up around the front of the car. I started toward him.

"Hey, Rick!" I said. "You own the barn, right?"

"Yeah," he replied.

"Want to sell it?"

"You want to buy it?" he asked, looking suspicious. "How much?"

"I'll give you a hundred thousand for it," I said.

"I'd take that," he said.

"Show me your chit," I said. He pulled the small device from his pocket. "Here's fifty thousand," I said, touching mine to it. "I'll give you the rest when you bring me the deed."

"Where'd you get that kind of money?" he asked.

"I discovered I'm sitting on a gold mine!" I said.

"Gold mine..." Rick muttered. "Right!"

"I'm going over to the outfitter store," I said, "but I'll be back in a little while. Bring me the deed as soon as you can."

"I'll get it tonight," he said.

Inside the barn, I grabbed my bike and attached the little trailer to it. Jeffy and Kevin came along. As we started along the alley, we encountered the flock of ragamuffin kids on new bikes. "Go back there," I told Zander, pointing to the back of the casino. "Ryan and Robby will show you where to go." He nodded and we parted ways.

We walked into Hansen's Planetary Outfitter Store and the manager greeted us with a big smile. In half an hour, we emerged with ten inflatable beds, piles of clothing and three server-bots. I wasn't sure of the sizes of clothing to buy, but I'm sure it would all get used by someone. On the way back to the barn, I made another call and ordered thirty pizzas to be delivered to the warehouse.

Back at the warehouse, I saw they were about the same size as the barn, though not as high, there were no lofts, but there were panels in the roof that let in defuse sunlight. We found Dagwynn and several other boys sweeping up piles of dust. There was a table against one wall and a small enclosure in one corner; I guessed it must be a small toilet area. Young kids, many naked, wheeled around the perimeter on shiny bikes, with big smiles on their faces.

I immediately ordered the bots to take over for Dagwynn and the others, and he and I carried the six-foot table out into the middle of the floor.

"So what are you going to do with the barn?" Dagwynn asked.

"I'm not sure yet," I answered. "I thought maybe an indoor pool or something." Jeffy and Kevin came to my side, dodging several two-wheeled kids as they zipped by. "A new bathroom would be nice - with real showers!" I looked at Jeffy, smiling; I suspected he really liked showering naked and getting off outdoors.

"And warm water?" Jeffy asked.

"And warm water," I said. "Not that I mind freezing my ass off every day! Anyway, I thought I would ask for suggestions from everybody - bedrooms might be nice, too!"

"What's all this ?" Zander asked, looking at the pile on my bicycle trailer.

"Clothes for your kids," I said. "And the boxes have beds for everybody."

"Can we open them?" he asked.

"Sure!" I replied.

Minutes later, an adorable, sixteen-year-old pizza boy arrived. He unloaded two stacks of wide, flat boxes and brought them to the table. Kids gathered around and began feasting on fresh, hot pizza; Dagwynn and I moved aside, paid him generously and feasted on the fresh, hot delivery boy!

As he left, I sent Nick and Nathan over to the barn to fetch anyone there to come eat pizza. Rick and his two friends joined us also.

"So why do you want my barn?" Rick asked.

"I want to make it a better place for everyone who lives here," I said. "Got any ideas?"

"Well, I've thought about bringing in some gym equipment," Rick said. "I always wanted a place to work out. But, other than that, not really..."

Behind him, I saw kids starting to bounce on beds, many sporting new shirts and shorts, but a few were still naked.

"We need to get some furniture for this place," Dagwynn said. "Chairs, tables, sofas - oh, and lights! It's gonna be dark in here tonight!"

Looking up, I saw a single row of fluorescent lights running the length of the ceiling; further investigation revealed a panel of switches beside the door. I looked back at the kids. "Toys," I said. "That's what's missing: these kids need toys!"

"There's a huge toy store over on Seascape Reef," Dagwynn said.

"We should plan an expedition later," I replied.

"Tomorrow," Dagwynn said. "We still have a few things I want to do today." He turned to Rick. "Would you mind watching the kids for a couple hours?"

"What am I, a babysitter?" Rick asked indignantly.

"If you don't mind..." Dagwynn said.

"OK," Rick said. "But it may delay getting the deed to the barn."

"That's OK," I said. "Tomorrow's fine."

Dagwynn piloted his car once again, along Ocean Avenue, passed the Capitol Mall, to the big medical center. We settled onto the roof of a smaller building across the street and walked into the upper lobby. A receptionist stared as the ten of us besieged her counter. She smiled when she recognized Dagwynn's face.

"I'm here to make another donation," Dagwynn said. "And my friends want to donate, too - well, except these two; they're too young!" He smiled at Nick and Nathan.

"You look pretty young, too," she said, looking at Jeffy and the others.

"We're old enough," Ryan assured her. "Younger sperm is healthier, right?"

"Right," she replied, smiling. "OK, I'll need your medical data." She tapped a reader on the counter and, one by one, we each slid our chits through it; we were all in good health. Beside her, a small printer began spitting out labels, which she applied to specimen containers and handed to us, calling each by name. "Take a room," she said, pointing to a row of doors down the hall. We moved like a herd and I looked back at her, seeing her eyebrow raise as we all, including the twins, crowded into one room.

The room was small and white, with a raised, padded table and a small counter and sink; a typical examination room. On one wall was a chart, showing a person's internal organs, drawn in minute detail.

"Eeew, guts!" Nick cried.

"Eeew!" Nathan echoed. "Oooh, look!" With his finger, he began tracing out the genitalia shown, and both became fascinated.

With the door closed, shorts fell and boners waved at each other like old friends. Nick and Nathan giggled as the rest of us began stroking, and their giggles turned to squeals as each of us, in turn, groaned and, with shaking hands, flooded our specimen cups. More squeals came as Ryan and Robby produced double specimens.

As we handed our specimens to the receptionist, she looked up. "By the way, Dagwynn," she said, "we've confirmed two more pregnancies by you. Congratulations, that makes twelve, now!"

"You have twelve children?" Ryan asked.

"Yep!" Dagwynn said. "All by different women! So where are these two?"

"One is on New Hebron," she said, "and the other is here."

"How old are they?" I asked.

The receptionist checked her records. "The oldest one is almost two years old," she said.

"Boy or girl?" I asked.

"I don't have specifics on each child," she said, "but he has seven boys and five girls, so far."

"Sweet!" I said. "Seven little Dagwynns and five little - what? - Dagwynnas?"

"Oh, I hope not!" Dagwynn chuckled.

Back in the car, Dagwynn piloted us to the Capitol Mall and set down on the same parking structure Rick had brought Jeffy and I to before. The ten of us piled out and walked across the wide rooftop, to a row of travel pods that nested around the perimeter.

Walking in the bright sunlight, I looked at Jeffy, who was at my right hand. His smooth, bare chest and shoulders glistened with tiny, silvery hairs; it was almost as if he were made of spun gold! His lips curled into an easy smile and the wispy beginnings of a blond mustache glittered along his upper lip. I marveled at how quickly I had given my heart to him, at how easily he had ensnared me.

A travel pod took our gang up to the fifteenth floor of a gleaming, white tower, where Ryan and Robby said Lord Zedd bought all his fancy electronics; they said it was the best on the planet. No sooner had we stepped from the pod, than a young man greeted us, not a server-bot, but a real human.

"Hi!" he said cheerfully. "How can we help you today?"

"We're looking for the best holocam system you have," Ryan said; Robby came to his brother's side.

"Oh, you're Lord Zedd's boys, aren't you?" the man said. "I almost didn't recognize you without the tights."

"We were..." Robby said.

"Yeah, too bad about him..." he said. "He was one of my best customers."

"His video system was getting old," Ryan said. "What's new?"

The man stepped back and motioned for us to follow. "Right this way." He conducted us to a smaller, glass-enclosed room with many sorts of video systems on shelves. A pair of plush sofas sat back-to-back in the middle of the floor, with matching tables of dark wood on either end. Of course, just as Ryan had asked, he took us straight to the most expensive one.

"This is the latest thing," he said as our motly crew gathered around. "The 3000-SRX." His hand waved over a rather unimpressive-looking black box, with a row of tiny, blue lights along the front. He lifted it from the shelf and took it to one of the small tables. "It has an internal power supply, solar rechargeable, so you can take it anywhere; it's small and light, it even comes with a shoulder-strap. It controls and coordinates up to thirty camera pods and gives full web access, so you can post your vids immediately and easily." He activated the box and more lights sparkled from its front panel. A dozen wide, holographic screens blossomed in the air above it; from tower-like racks, many pods floated silently into the air, taking up positions around the room. Images of the room and all of us splashed across the screens, showing many different angles, some showing close-ups and moving from face to face, others panning left or right, up or down.

"Jeffy, come over here," I said, pulling him to a patch of open floor. Cameras focused on him and the screens became his shrine. On the other side of the room, a holographic Jeffy appeared, perfect in every detail. His golden glow brightened beneath the room's small, halogen lights. "Can you get music on that thing?" I asked.

"Sure!" the man said. "Anything that's on the web. This gives you full access." One screen went to a music site and brought up a vid by a popular band. A heavy beat filled the room and Jeffy began bopping and gyrating with it. In another moment, Ryan and Robby jumped in beside him and immediately began matching him, move for move. As the three shirtless boys danced, the cameras moved around them, zooming in and out, panning around; the salesman worked several holographic controls, making different scenes fade in and out around the boys on the screens.

I noticed Kevin watching the man intently; he was getting this! Maybe he couldn't dance very well, but video brought excitement and life to his eyes; that was the key to his world!

"This system also has a whole range of video effects," the man went on, "and a full editing suite, an animation suite; anything a high-end production studio can do, you can do with this system."

"Spiff!" I said. "How much?"

"Four thousand, nine-ninety-nine," he said.

"What do you think, guys?" I asked the group. Heads nodded approval and many positive comments flew.

"I think we'll take it," Dagwynn said.

On the way home, Dagwynn made a little side-trip. We rose up and hovered over the twin pillars that held up the sky, twin slabs of smooth sandstone, fifty meters across, stood as islands above the colony, dividing city from space port. On the west, houses and buildings stretched to the mountains, on the east, tarmacs played host to a dozen bit, white ships, like leviathans sunning themselves.

We climbed out of the car and walked where few ever stepped. On the other tower, I could see a small beacon, no doubt, left by the original survey team; this was their "ground zero," from which all measurements of the planet were taken.

Here, above the valley floor, the air was cooler and a slight breeze blew. The sun was westering and cast a warm light diagonally across the mesa.

Dagwynn moved to the back of the car, where our new video system had been stowed. "Release the hounds!" he said as he opened the trunk. He pulled out the box containing the main console and handed it to Kevin, then began opening the other three boxes, containing the thirty camera pods.

Kevin had the system up and running in no time, and camera pods swarmed around Jeffy, Ryan and Robby. Many screens filled the air and holographic likenesses of them stood nearby.

"But we don't have costumes," Ryan protested, "or make-up!"

"This won't be a dance video," Dagwynn said. "I just want you three to blow each other." He turned to Kevin. "Are you recording?"

"Ready when you are," Kevin said.

"Begin," Dagwynn said. "OK, you guys act like you've been walking all day. Go over to that higher rock and sit down to rest." The camera pods followed them. Dagwynn directed them to subtly start touching each other, then fondling and kissing each other. In a couple minutes, they were sliding their shorts off and eagerly lapping at fresh, pink boners.

I moved over to the holographic doubles of the three sexing boys and looked closely. I was amazed at the amount of detail the camera's picked up: I could see every golden hair on their faces and bodies, I could see the tiny flecks of color in their irises, I could even see the minute lines in their skin. It was just as if I was looking at the real boys!

I stepped back and went to Kevin's side; his hands were moving delicately amid the 3D control surfaces and pads; he was really getting the feel for this. I watched as he zoomed in and out, and panned around the three, capturing every move, every scrap of action from every angle.

Jeffy was lying on his back, his bare legs spread to the south. Ryan moved up beside his head, stroking himself, but careful not to block the sunlight. He groaned and jerked, and pearly drops poured onto Jeffy's smiling, open-mouthed face. Ryan's flow ebbed, but he kept stroking. Suddenly, he erupted in a fountain of white that also spattered Jeffy's face and hair. He leaned over and kissed his brother as Robby moved up on the other side of Jeffy's head. In a moment, he gave a repeat performance, giving Jeffy another double dose of pearl jam.

Jeffy, who had also been stroking himself the whole time, licked his lips and groaned; his belly tensed up and rolled as his fountain skittered up his chest and across his rippling abs. After finishing and receiving kisses and licks from Ryan and Robby, Kevin faded the cameras to black and shut them down. They automatically drifted back to their nesting racks.

"Beautiful!" Dagwynn said. "That was great!" He peeled off his shirt and, as Jeffy sat up, began wiping him off. "We won't post this one for a while," Dagwynn went on. "Not until we've solved the Nirkad problem." All three nodded.

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