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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 21

The next morning, Rick came into the Golden River buffet and placed the deed to the barn in my hand; I touched his chit with the remaining fifty thousand credits.

"I have a friend who's a contractor," Rick said. "He does remodeling and construction. If you want, I can talk to him, maybe have him come over and look at the barn."

"Yeah," I replied. "That would be great. I'm not sure yet, what I want to do with it - I haven't asked anybody for ideas, but, yeah, ask him when he can come over." Rick nodded. I turned to Jeffy and Kevin. "What would you guys like to have in the barn?" Both shrugged their shoulders, but I could see wheels beginning to turn behind their eyes. "Would you like your own rooms? Maybe your own bathrooms?"

"No," Jeffy said thoughtfully. "I like it open, I like sharing with everybody and all of us being together."

"A video place, maybe," Kevin suggested.

"Dagwynn is going to turn one of his warehouses into a video studio," I said. "So you'll have that whole building to make videos in." Kevin's eyes brightened. "And part of that you can turn into a dance floor, too, so you can make dance videos." Jeffy's eyes brightened, too, and big smiles spread across both their faces.

Upon returning to the barn, I began asking around for ideas. Jennica said she didn't really care about her own room, but would need a nursery for her new baby. Larissa suggested a kitchen; she was getting tired of restaurant food.

I found Danya on the second-level loft, stretched out on his bed, stark naked, and looking at naked boys in a holomag, as he stroked himself slowly. I stretched out beside him, with Jeffy and Kevin sitting on the edge of the bed, and asked him the same question. He didn't care much about having his own room, either; he had plenty of space to do what he wanted, walls wouldn't make any difference.

"Carpets might be nice, though," he said. "These floors can be hard sometimes..." A photo came up in his mag, showing two very nice-looking boys making love, one lying on his belly and the other mounted on top.

"Ooooh!" Danya crooned, pushing his bare backside into my hips. I pulled my shorts down and entered him, giving his insides the caresses he craved. Kevin, a lover of pearl, moved to Danya's front and drank from his fountain. Jeffy spooned my backside and kissed my shoulder, his arms wrapped possessively around my chest and belly; I reached back and caressed his backside as well.

With Danya well seeded, I moved to Nick and Nathan, who now sat yards apart, manipulating fleets of holographic starships and fighters through the air. All they wanted was a game area for their new games, which they were already sitting in.

I had to admit, I was beginning to agree with the others; I didn't really want my own room either. I was beginning to see it as a separation from others, rather than a privacy issue; with nudity and sex so common among us, we felt little need for privacy.

Dagwynn changed his mind and decided to create a work-out room, as Rick suggested, with a pool and spa area, in the warehouse beside the kid's home. The third warehouse would become our video and dance studio.

Rick cruised by behind the barn, waving gleefully, in his sleek, racy new car. It was small, a two-seater, bright, glittering candy-apple red and hovering on a cushion of red light. Rick's friend, Tommy, sat beside him, shirtless and smiling; the top was down and the sun shown on their freckled shoulders.

"Tommy came by to see your place," Rick said. "His dad is the contractor I told you about. Tommy does plans and estimates for him."

"Great!" I said. "Come on in!" We moved through the big, opened door into the cavernous space. "I think we'll leave most of it open for now," I said. "Maybe carpet a few areas. Larissa wants me to put in a kitchen and dining area, and we desperately need a new bathroom!"

Tommy had a pad in his hand and started keying in ideas. "How big is this place?" he asked.

"A hundred feet by two-fifty," Rick said.

"We only have one dirty, old toilet in this place," I went on. "I thought we should replace that one and put in at least two more, and I'd like a nice bathing area, with showers and a nice, bit jacuzzi tub."

"Like a spa?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"How many people live here?" Tommy asked.

"Eighteen," I replied. "With about twenty across the alley and coming in and out all the time." Tommy entered more notes. "Oh, and we need a nursery, too."

"Nursery?" Rick exclaimed.

"For Jennica," I said.

"No kidding?" Rick was surprised. "Who's the father?"

"She doesn't know," I said. "Could be almost any of you guys. We'll have to have the baby tested after he or she is born."

"Congratulations, daddy!" Tommy grinned.

"Hey, we don't know if it's mine, yet, OK?" Rick said.

"What's up there?" Tommy asked, pointing up to the lofts.

"Sleeping areas," I said.

"This place needs to be sealed," he said. "See all those cracks in the roof and walls? In the old days, those were left open so the place could expand and contract with the heat. But we get some wicked dust storms around here sometimes and, without shielding, this place will fill up fast. That's not healthy, especially for little kids! And may I suggest some insulation and air conditioning?"

"That would be nice," I replied.

He made more notes in his pad. "Now, about this bathroom, let me see what you already have." We moved to the back corner, where the depth of Jeffy's humiliation had once been revealed to me, and pulled the curtain away from the sasquatch pot. "I see what you mean," he said. "This is all you have?"

"That's it," I said. "Glorious, isn't it?"

He wrinkled his nose at the smell and backed away.

"Who's red car is this out here?" Dagwynn asked, coming in behind us.

"Mine," Rick said.

"It's a beauty!" Dagwynn said. "But it's in the way; I ordered some furniture and the delivery truck is here." Rick went with him outside to move his car.

"That's Dagwynn," I said to Tommy. "He'll be wanting to talk to you too; he owns the warehouses across the alley."

"Yeah, I know Dagwynn," Tommy replied.

"Oh, yeah, I should have known," I said.

"We went to school together," Tommy went on. "I'm the one who introduced him to the Strip."

"Really?" now I was surprised. "You worked the Strip?"

"Oh, yeah, for many years," he said. "Until my Dad found out and kicked my little faggot ass!"

"Oooh, that must have been rough," I said.

"He got over it," Tommy said. "Now I work for him and we're spiff!" He looked around a bit more. "What's over here?" he asked, pulling back another curtain.

"Actually, I don't know," I said. "I've never looked back here."

A twenty-foot area of dusty, bare floor stretched before us, and cobwebs hung from the bottom of the loft above. "This should be plenty of space for a bathing area," he said. "We've done some nice work in a couple of local spas; this should be easy! Is there a price-line you were looking for?"

"Not really," I said. "I mean, we don't need solid gold everything, but I'd like it to be nice."

Tommy grinned. "But I like solid gold everything," he said, waving his hand around flamboyantly.

I chuckled. "I wouldn't know how to behave!"

"OK, something conservative, then," Tommy said. "We have some beautiful marble on this planet, and other stones, too." With his tablet, he touched some pads and projected a holographic model into the corner; they were beautiful, with gleaming, white marble and glossy, black accents.

"Nice," I said. "Maybe a more open design, you know, spacious and not at all closed in."

"I know just the thing," Tommy said. He touched another pad and the holograph changed. A large, marble tub appeared in the middle of the floor, with big shower stalls along the wall.

"Except for the toilets," I added quickly. "Those should be closed in - but not cramped!"

"Got it!" he said. Large stalls appeared along the adjacent wall.

"Yeah, that's great," I said.

"Now, about this kitchen..." We walked to the other side of the barn and discussed the possibilities for the opposite corner; of course, the work bench had to go, but I wanted to keep the neon lights, and maybe add more. As we finished up, he showed me a holographic kitchen that looked perfect for our needs.

"We're working on a couple other projects right now," Tommy said, "but I can probably have a crew here in a couple days to begin work."

"Spiff!" I said.

We walked over to Dagwynn's warehouse, where he and Rick were supervising a fleet of server-bots as they assembled and placed chairs, sofas, tables and rugs. Parts of it were starting to look down-right homey! Folding screens divided areas and made cozy spaces for this or that, without completely cutting things off from the rest of the room; lamps and oriental rugs created warm, comfortable areas for play, rest or study. The perimeter still seemed to be given over to bicycle traffic, but even that was made to curve around the occasional flaring, 3D video area or furniture group. The beds had been gathered toward the back of the warehouse, near the single small bathroom, while the living areas were in front; still, there were large areas that were unused.

"This new video system is great," Dagwynn said, walking over to me. "I was able to access all sorts of things on the web. That's how I bought all this."

Another truck was pulling up on the apron, settling on green light. More bots began off-loading refrigerators, cooking units and three large dining room sets.

"Let me see your chit," Dagwynn said, and touched it with another million credits.

"By the way," Rick said, coming to my side. "That whole row of apartment buildings between the barn and the Regency is for sale, too."

"Really?" I asked. "How much?"

"Fine hundred thousand," he said.

I thought it was a fair price; it was the same amount Dagwynn had paid for the warehouses. "Who owns it?" I asked.

"Me," Rick said.

I didn't know what I would do with a whole row of apartment buildings, let alone, with the people who lived in them! "Let me think about it," I said.

That afternoon, we gathered all the younger kids and proceeded to Seascape Reef, where thirty of us laid siege to Kimberley's Toy Store. The battle was furious and sacrifices were made, but we emerged victorious; thirty smiling kids carried colorful boxes and bags of booty back to our lair.

"Would you watch the kids for a while?" Dagwynn asked. "I want to take some of the boys into the desert, west of here, and make a couple videos."

"Sure, I guess I can," I said.

"May I go, Master?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, I need him to run the cameras," Dagwynn said.

"Very well," I said, as if I wouldn't let him! "But save yourself for me; I'll have you when you return!"

"Yes, Master," Kevin grinned.

"Who else are you taking?" I asked Dagwynn.

"Ryan and Robby," he said, "Zane, Justin, Zander and Jamie."

The seven of them piled into Dagwynn's car and lifted away westward, leaving Jeffy and I to ride herd over all the younger kids. They were all busy with new toys, games and videos, so keeping them in line was easy. I called Jimmy Legs and asked him if he'd do me a favor, to go over to Mack's and bring fifty hotdogs, fries and rootbeers to us. "And get something for yourself, too, and whoever's with you!" I said.

Twenty minutes later, Jimmy brought Jake, Kyle and a dozen other boys from the Strip to the warehouse, carrying bags of food and bottles of rootbeer, and eager to see what we were up to. I tapped Jimmy's chit with ten thousand credits and thanked him for the favor.

He smiled widely. "Any time!" he said. He and all the other boys walked all around the warehouse; they were impressed and a little envious, especially about all the toys and things the younger kids had.

"I never had anything like that when I was little!" one boy, Jay said. He was thirteen and amazingly cute, with rich, red hair, big, blue eyes, and a million freckles. His skin wasn't milky white, like most redheads, but he actually had a sort of ruddy tan that was beautiful. I could see most of his body; he wore only a pair of smug, white jammers that hugged his round butt and firm thighs. He was supple and smooth, with a broad, flat chest, pink areolas, rippling, six-pac abs, and a taut, little navel. His legs were smooth and rounded, with myriads of tiny, golden hairs amid his many freckles.

"Can we move in with you?" another boy, Bailey asked. "We live in a shitty little garage on the other side of Seascape Reef."

"Maybe," I said, thinking we still have three warehouses to fill. "I'll talk to Dagwynn."

"We can pay rent," Bailey offered.

"We'll see," I said. I wondered if their place was as bad as Zander's had been. I thought of Rick's apartments and wondered if, maybe, I should buy them; no doubt there were hundreds of kids on the Strip that deserved better housing.

After Jimmy's bunch left, a steady stream of boys came over from the Strip to see what we were doing; word was spreading fast and I knew that after tonight, everybody on the Strip would know. I had to come up with something to maintain our security and, maybe, to gain their loyalty, so that we would all stand together for each others' defence, rather than raping and pillaging each other.

Chaz, the spiky-haired blond I'd seen turning tricks on the Strip the second evening I was here, came by with three other boys and also checked out our operation; as with the others, they were impressed. I asked him to do me a favor. I tapped his chit with eleven thousand credits, and asked him to go to Mack's and pay a thousand for food for all the kids on the Strip tonight. He nodded and his boys went away smiling, each of them ten thousand richer.

With the little kids distracted by toys and things, Jeffy and I sneaked away for a few moments to satisfy our lusty needs. Once finished and with our messy body parts licked clean, we opened the small bathroom door to find three ten and eleven-year-olds standing there, grinning at us.

"We know what you been doing!" Rily said.

"You been fuckin'!" Jared said.

"Sucking, actually," Jeffy corrected.

"Do us, too!" Rily said. Jeffy and I pushed them back onto a nearby bed and yanked their shorts down. We slathered love up and down their precious young boners until each moaned and quivered with pleasure.

When Dagwynn and the others returned, I told them what had happened. "Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later," he said.

"Jay and Bailey asked if they could move in with us," I said.

Dagwynn smiled. "Yeah, their place isn't much better than Zander's was," he said. "I'd love to be able to do something for them."

"We still have three warehouses that aren't spoken for," I said.

"I hadn't planned on starting a big orphanage," Dagwynn said. "But..."

"But that seems to be where the greatest need is," I said.

"The only problem is," he said, "if we start taking in all the kids on the Strip, the Nirkads will notice. It's bad enough we're competing with their websites!"

Another bunch of boys came by; they were a rougher-looking bunch of fifteen and sixteen-year-olds. One stepped up in front of the group and puffed his chest. "You think you can buy friends?" he challenged.

"Hi, Tony," Dagwynn said. "Long time, no see!"

"What are you little skags doing here?" he challenged again.

Kevin, Zander and Jamie came to my side. I felt Kevin's arm slide around my back, along with Jeffy's.

"Just trying to give these guys a better place to live," Dagwynn said.

"We heard you got money," he said. "You been buying hotdogs for everybody."

"Yeah," Dagwynn said.

"I hate hotdogs!" Tony said.

"What do you like?" I asked.

He thought for a moment. "Pizza's good," he said.

"Show me your chit," I said.

"You think you can buy me, too?"

"Not buy," I said. "Just doing you a favor."

"And what do you want from me?"

"Just one thing," I said. "Go to Big Boy's Pizza, give them a thousand credits and tell them to give free food to all the kids that come in." I tapped his chit and transferred eleven thousand. His eyes popped when he saw the readout. The four boys with him gathered around and I tapped each of their chits, too.

"And what if I don't want to do it?" Tony challenged again.

"Then keep it," I said. "And know that you could have fed a hundred kids, but didn't!"

"Where did you get all this money?" he asked.

"I can't tell you right now," I said. "But maybe later, if I decide I can trust you, I'll tell you."

"If you can use me?"

"If we can work together," I said, "we can all profit nicely!" I looked at all the boys, making sure they all knew they could be a part of our prosperity. "All of us."

He was quiet for a long moment, then smiled. "Pizza for everybody," he said, nodding. He turned to walk away, then turned back and said, "Watch yourself; the Nirkads know about you!"

After eating the remaining hotdogs, Dagwynn took us over to the barn, up to the second-level loft, and we watched the holovids they'd made in the desert. The first one featured Ryan and Zander, stretched across a rocky terrace above sheer cliffs, and bathing each others' faces in pearl. The second showed Zane and Robby atop a high mountain peak, likewise feasting on each others' eager youth. Justin and Jamie were next, swimming in an oasis pool and making sweet love in the sun. Dagwynn posted all three on our website and we watched them again, admiring the performance of our site.

I brought my wristcomm up and spoke, "Copper."

"Hey, Logan, how you doing?" his voice responded a moment later. "I've been waiting for your call."

"I'm doing great!" I said. "Hey, our website is finally up and running!"

"Spiff!" he said. "What's the address?"

"It's glxy.KevinsPlace.glx."

"Got it," he said. "Let me bring it up."

"I arranged a free membership for you," Dagwynn said. "The user name is Copper77 and the password is the same."

"OK," he replied. Another pause. "Wow, looks great! I'll have to check out the vids!"

"Yeah, we just made those today," Dagwynn said.

"When can you start promoting it?" I asked.

"It's late now," he said, "so I'll start first thing in the morning. I've already got some ideas."

"Oh, I'm sorry; did we wake you?" I asked, suddenly remembering that every colony world had a different day/night cycle; I had no idea what time it was on his planet."

"No, not at all," he replied. "I was just thinking about you, if you know what I mean."

"Just stroking about me?" I grinned.

"You betcha!" he said.

"I wish I could be there!" I said.

"I'll be back there soon," he said.

"Spiff!" I replied. "Can't wait!"

"Watch the subscription rate," Copper said. "I see its been about twenty or thirty per hour. See how much it jumps after I start promoting it."

"We will," I said. "Let me know when you're coming; we'll meet you."

"I will," Copper said. "See you then!"

"Bye!" we chorused, and the connection ended.

Later that evening, Dagwynn said he had to go home and check on Grandma, so we followed him as far as the Strip. With hugs and kisses, we bid him and his boys good-night, and watched as they continued along Rainy Way.

We went back up the Strip, waving at Jimmy Legs, Jake and Kyle, who were across the street, and headed for Big Boy's Pizza, to see if Tony had really done as I asked. As we approached, I saw several boys sitting at the tables outside, eating pizza and chatting animatedly. Though I didn't know any of them, joy filled my heart as I saw them, well-fed and happy. Inside, other boys were walking away with free pizza and drinks.

"How's business?" I asked the young guy at the counter.

"Amazing!" he said. "Thanks to someone who paid for pizza for everybody."

"Spiff!" I said. I ran my chit through their reader, transferring another thousand. "Keep it going!"

His eyes popped. "Hey, wait!" he called as I started to walk away. "Who are you?"

"Just another Mike!" I said, smiling.

"Can we get a pizza, too?" Jeffy asked.

"Sure!" I said. "Go order something."

I watched my sleek, golden boy swish his cute, little butt to the counter under reddish neon. Zander and Jamie went with him while Kevin and I found a table outside. As we sat down, Kevin took my hand and placed it on the lump in his crotch; I realized we'd been so busy, I hadn't fulfilled my order, to have him when they returned. From the hardness in his shorts, I guessed he must be backed-up pretty good, by now!

Minutes later, Jeffy and Jamie each brought a pizza to the table; Jeffy sat beside me, opposite Kevin, and Zander next to him.

As we ate, I asked Zander and Jamie about how they'd come to be on the Strip. Their stories came into my mind as my eyes glazed over sliding chrome and neon colors; the anger and fighting mixed with glamorous pedestrians, the drugs and abandonment mixed with snippets of glittering conversations.

I had to stop rubbing Kevin, before he got too close! I shifted in my chair, propping one foot up on his, just behind his elbow. That put my head closer to Jeffy, where he kissed my cheek and whispered hotly into my ear, "I love you!"

"I love you too!" I whispered, and kissed him back.

Just then, someone shouted from a passing car, "Hey you! Come here!"

I realized, with my knee raised nearly to my shoulder, I had been inadvertently showing off my leg to the passing traffic. I don't know why I did it, but I got up and went to him. My own dick was prominently swollen in my cut offs.

"Twenty, right?" he asked through the opened window. I nodded. "Come on!"

This guy was younger and better looking than any of the others who had picked me up on the Strip, though he was a bit scruffy-looking, but he seemed honest. "Back in a bit!" I called back to my boys. I got into the car, still wondering why I was doing this; I had two million credits on my chit! I guess I'm just a whore at heart!

We cruised up the Strip a ways; I watched naked kids splashing amid holographic mermaids, casinos and hotels glittering with neon and dancing fountains, holographic giants dancing to driving music. His hand slipped into my crotch, where he felt my hardness. His fingers went to the button and I helped him unfasten and unzip my shorts. In view of the Red Catholic cathedral, my pants came down and my rod popped up. Naked to my ankles, he was impressed. We turned onto a side street and stopped at a small park.

"Come on, kid!" he said, stepping out of the car. The park was dimly lit; tiny lights wrapped around a few trees, climbing along spidery branches into the night sky, where constellations slid and morphed around each other. I pulled my shorts up to my butt and followed him, my long boner waving before me.

In a dark area, he pushed me over the end of a picnic table, my shorts again dropping to my ankles. I felt his warm, wet tongue begin sliding up and down the cleft of my backside. The feeling was delicious! I was glad I was clean back there; the desert heat forced most of us kids to shower twice or three times every day.

His hands slid up and down my legs, around my butt and over my back. I kept waiting for him to push into me and, with the licking wetness of his tongue on my hole, I was starting to want it! He turned me around and slathered my raised scepter with lust. Moments later, all too quickly, I felt my orgasm rising. I flooded his mouth and felt him swallowing hungrily.

A short time later, he dropped me off across the boulevard from Big Boy's Pizza, where I saw my boys still waiting at the sidewalk table. They waved to me and went to the corner, where they crossed over to me when the light changed.

Jimmy Legs was on the corner, showing off his long, smooth legs and swishing his bare butt through torn cut offs. He smiled and came close. "Hey!" he said. "I don't know what you did, but Tony likes you!"

"I just asked him to buy pizza for everybody tonight," I said.

"Well, you made an impression!" he said. "Tony hardly ever likes anybody - except his own gang! I think he's beat up more people on the Strip than he's ever liked! He even beats up his own gang sometimes!"

Coming to my side, Jeffy immediately wanted to know what happened with my trick, so I told him as we walked back to the barn.

Behind the barn, the five of us showered quickly. Kevin was ready to explode, so I sucked him and let him erupt deliciously in my mouth. Jeffy worked on Zander and, when Kevin finished, I moved to Jamie, whom I'd never tasted before. He was delicious, too!

Zander and Jamie returned to the warehouse across the alley and Jeffy, Kevin and I retired to the third-level loft. The three of us snuggled on the bed and I went to work on Kevin again because he was still hard. Jeffy went to work on me and Kevin on him. Soon, we were all unloading in each others' mouths.

"Master?" Kevin whispered.


"Please do it again."

I did it again.

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