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A Boy's World

by Jason Redfeather

Chapter 22

Kevin, Jeffy and I joined Brian and Brandon at the big, opened window that overlooked the alley, and our golden streams rained down on the dry grass. A truck pulled up onto the apron of the warehouse and Tommy and three men stepped out. Tommy walked over and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he knocked again. A minute later, a naked Zander opened the door.

"Rise and shine, lazy-bones!" Tommy smiled. "Or should I call you 'lazy-boner?'" he said, eying Zander's morning wood.

I called Dagwynn and told him the construction guys were here. Another truck pulled up beside the first, then another behind the barn. Two more men stepped out, along with a small army of server-bots. They immediately began unloading tools and supplies.

I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and went down to greet them. I opened the big door at the back of the barn. One more truck pulled up to my door. I went over, gave Zander and Jamie good-morning hugs and opened the big warehouse door.

The younger boys were still crawling out of bed and several were still asleep. Jeffy and Kevin caught up with me and we started getting the kids up and dressed. One group of men and bots went to the area that they were to transform into a kitchen; Tommy and the others went to the little bathroom in the back, which Dagwynn wanted made much like the one I had selected for the barn.

Dagwynn and his boys pulled up in his new car, just as I was getting ready to march the kids over to the Golden River for breakfast. "Hey, check this out!" Dagwynn said, holding up his chit. The readout was over six million. "I haven't check the website yet, but subscriptions must be going crazy!" He touched his chit to mine and transferred two million.

Dagwynn's boys accompanied me as I took all the other kids to the Golden River. As we were leaving, one bot carried out the old, stained toilet from the barn and another carried several curtains, wadded up.

When we came back from breakfast, about an hour later, a pile of rubble had been amassed on the apron of the warehouse and I saw the little bathroom in the back had been completely torn out. Laser saws had been brought in and were cutting into the concrete.

I walked over to the barn where similar operations were under way. All the curtains under the loft had been removed and Dagwynn was standing behind the stairs, looking at something on the floor.

"What's that?" I asked as I came to his side. A long rectangular trap door had been cut into the floor and been secured by a heavy deadbolt.

"I don't know," he said.

"Something left over from the original colony," Rick said. He and Tommy walked over from the other end of the barn. "I forgot it was there; I haven't seen it since I was a little kid!"

"What's down there?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "I've never seen it opened."

"I don't suppose you have a key, do you?"

"No," Rick said. "I doubt anybody does, any more; it's probably been lost years ago."

"Know any good locksmiths?" Dagwynn asked.

Rick looked at Tommy.

"Maybe," Tommy said. He made a call and, when he came back, said, "How about that! There's a guy right down the street. He'll be here in a few minutes."

Ten minutes later, another small truck pulled up to the back door. A fat, middle-aged man, with a long, gray beard, got out and, with a small tool box in hand, walked over. "Hi, boys," he said cheerfully. "Somebody call for a locksmith?"

"Yeah," Rick said, motioning to the trap door.

"Well, what have we here?" he muttered to himself. He moved over to the door and knelt beside the deadbolt, baring a bit of hairy butt crack as he bent forward for a better look. He opened his tool box and pulled out a small device, which he waved over the lock. "Well, this is an old one," he said finally. "They don't make them like this anymore!"

"Can you open it?" Tommy asked.

"Oh, yeah, no problem," he said. He adjusted his device and held it closer to the lock. I could see tiny forcefields making the air shimmer and the lock clicked open. "Slick as a whistle!" the man said. "Do you want me to make a key?"

"Yeah, if you wouldn't mind," Rick said.

The man nodded and stood up. He went to his truck and began working at something in the back.

Dagwynn stepped forward and grasped the handle on the door. He lifted it and the rusty hinges groaned in protest. Beneath it was darkness, but I could see many tiny lights far back against a wall that must have been directly under the side of the barn.

Dagwynn pushed the door back until it flopped over onto the floor. Narrow stairs lead down into an underground chamber. I walked around it and looked down; in the dim light, I could see the room below was at least twenty feet across. The stairs were rusty metal grates, but they seemed sturdy enough; I stepped lightly on the first one and tested its strength. It held. I carefully made my way down, with Dagwynn and Rick right behind me.

The lights I'd seen came from a row of holographic monitors, which were powered, but not active. In front of them was a table with half a dozen small, old-style computers. Rick and Dagwynn went to the table and began tinkering with the machines.

"OK, here's your key," the locksmith called from above. I rushed back up the stairs and paid him. "What's down there?" he asked.

"Just some old computers," I said. "And a lot of dust!" He chuckled and went back to his truck.

"This is part of the original survey system," Rick said as I came down the steps. "It accesses the satellite system in orbit."

"We have weapons in orbit, too!" Dagwynn said. "Look at this!" The holographic monitors came to life and six satellite views spread across the wall, one of which displayed cross-hairs and a targeting system, x-y coordinates and range. It looked like Mandalay City was targeted.

Dagwynn zoomed in and the cross-hairs focused on a place south of the city. "What's that?" he asked. On the screen was a small, horse-shoe-shaped canyon with a sort of raised terrace at the top end.

"I don't know," Rick said.

"It looks like some kind of meeting place," I said.

"Oh, that must be where the Nirkads have their secret ceremonies," Rick said.

"Why is it targeted?" Dagwynn asked. "And who targeted it?"

"Good questions!" Rick said.

"There you are!" Jeffy exclaimed, coming down the steps; Kevin was right on his heals. "We've been looking all over for you!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jeffy," I said. "I didn't mean to be hiding from you guys."

"What's all this?" Kevin asked.

"Part of the original survey satellite system," I explained. "We think we may have found the Nirkads' secret meeting place."

"Spiff!" Jeffy said.

Ryan and Robby came down the steps and a moment later, Zane, Justin and Zander followed.

"What did he say?" Ryan asked.

"I haven't asked him yet," Jeffy said. He turned to me and asked, "Can we camp out on Dagwynn's Rock tonight?"

"I guess it would be OK," I said, "if it's OK with Dagwynn."

"Sure!" Dagwynn said. "Sounds like fun!"

"Can we bring the video system?" Kevin asked. "We could make some videos!"

"Yeah, that could be fun, too!" I said.

"That reminds me," Dagwynn said. "We need to check the website."

Rick kept tinkering with the systems; I followed Dagwynn up to the main floor, with the other boys in tow. We walked over to the warehouse, where the holographic camera system sat on Dagwynn's new desk. He brought up the web on one screen and our site appeared. On the Admin Page, the subscription rate had, indeed, jumped and was still climbing by hundreds every minute!

We spent another hour piddling around the web, checking out the competition and pursuing various whimsical interests. I'd heard about a new form of teaching device that was becoming available, one that would download knowledge directly into a person's mind, so I looked it up on the web. Sure enough, I found them; the information boasted it could provide a complete university-level education on any subject in just six to ten one-hour sessions! I thought that would do wonders for these kids; right now, they were not really progressing. Even the older kids, like me, were just whoring around the Strip, with no real plan or hope for the future. This device could change that radically; we could grow into our own businesses, our own professions and careers, and still have plenty of time to do all the whoring we wanted! They were expensive, a hundred thousand each, and the manufacturer required a minimum order of five; they were intended for large schools, not private individuals, but I ordered five anyway.

"Why did you do that?" Nick asked as he and Nathan looked on over my shoulder.

"That's a lot of money!" Nathan exclaimed.

"You guys like to play hologames, right?" I asked them.

"Yeah," they said in unison.

"Well, just think," I smiled, "if you understood the codes behind the games, you could create your own."

"What do you mean?" Nick asked.

"Well, you could design your own ships," I said, "and your own monsters, your own worlds, and weapons!" Their sparkling eyes grew bigger as their imaginations ran wild.

The sun set and the sky was quickly fading from orange to purple; brilliant stars shimmered across the velvety dome.

Earlier that afternoon, with camping in mind, I had taken Jeffy and Kevin to the outfitter store, along with Zander, Jamie and Chaz, who had now attached himself to our little band. I bought six new airbikes, the shiny, expensive ones that sat in a row at the front of the store, along with a couple trailers for them, and a few other things that any good camping trip needed.

Now, as darkness spread across the world, I flew over to Dagwynn's Rock with a trailer full of supplies. Jeffy, Kevin and Chaz, having parked their airbikes on the desert below, were climbing up the rock by hand; there wasn't room enough on top for all the bikes. Dagwynn and his boys climbed with them, along with Zander and Jamie.

I unpacked my trailer, pulling out chests of icy bottles of rootbeer, buckets of fried chicken and biscuits, three inflatable beds and several other items. I laid the beds, still folded, beside the bike. I opened a box and pulled out a curved, metal arc, the ends of which telescoped to form a complete ring. In the center of the small mesa, I laid the ring on the stone and activated it. Glowing, holographic coals spread across its center, complete with burning logs, and fire leapt up above it, full and vibrant; it even provided infrared heat, designed to warm without burning. 'No camp should be without a holographic fire!' I thought, chuckling to myself.

I remembered camping with my Dad and Grandpa when I was little. We had gone fishing at a lake near home and camped out for three days. There, we had a real fire, which I constantly teased and poked at with a stick.

As Dagwynn and the boys gained the summit, I closed the lid on my trailer and set out the food on it. But instead of going for the food, clothes dropped away and ten naked boys splashed into the pool at the base of the higher spur. I pulled my cut offs down and stepped out of them, strolling naked into the cool water. I sat beside Dagwynn and Jeffy nestled into my lap, drawing my hands to his hard flesh. All the other boys were fondling and stroking each other, too.

"Nobody cum yet!" I said. "I have an idea. Kevin, when you're rested, get the cameras ready. With a big smile on his face, he scampered from the water and began shifting food from my trailer to my bike. In moments, cameras were swarming around us and holographic screens above my trailer showed all of us lounging and playing in the pool.

"OK!" I called. "The rule for tonight is that everybody has to cum in Kevin's mouth at least once!"

"Oooh, me too!" Jeffy said.

"OK, in Jeffy's mouth, too!" I added. I pushed Jeffy up and waded out of the water. I grabbed one of the beds beside my bike and unfolded it beside the fake fire. I went to Kevin's side and started some music playing; Jeffy, Ryan and Robby came up out of the water, dancing and gyrating, wagging their hot boners around at each other.

Dagwynn came over and took over the camera operations; I took Kevin over by the fire and laid him down on the bed. "Open wide!" I smiled. With cameras buzzing around us, Zander and Chaz climbed onto the bed on either side of Kevin's head, careful not to block the firelight. I went to Dagwynn's side and watched the screens. From every angle and in amazing detail, the cameras caught flexing butts, thrusting hips, pumping hands and blissful faces. In the soft firelight, Kevin's face was shot with leaping pearl; he laughed as he licked his lips. Jeffy and Ryan were next; Kevin eagerly lapped at their bobbing helmets and caught most of their forceful streamers; Ryan gave his usual spectacular double-dose of creamy boyjam. Then, as Robby and Jamie took their turns at Kevin's face, Jeffy moved down, snuggled in between Kevin's long, creamy thighs, and began lavishing lust up and down his magic wand.

Zane and Justin came over and grabbed my hands, pulling me away from Dagwynn. We took a second bed and inflated it between the first and my bike, then I laid with them. I realized they had been somewhat neglected, in light of Ryan and Robby's abilities to double-cum, but I quickly discovered they were every bit as adorable and passionate. I didn't want to make them erupt, that would be breaking my own rule; I couldn't shoot off either, but as I teased them, they threatened to ensnare my heart as much as any of the others.

Ryan, Zander and Chaz brought over the third bed and inflated it. With more cameras zipping around them, they slipped into a tangle of writhing, naked bodies. Blond heads, bare butts, supple arms and muscular legs moved together; eager tongues licked balls and butts, lips wrapped around curving boners, hungry hands searched out more and more smooth, young skin.

Kevin groaned and twisted as he gushed into Jeffy's expert mouth. Jeffy slurped and swallowed, and came away licking his lips.

Jeffy moved over to Ryan, Zander and Chaz, joining into their tangle. He latched onto Ryan like a remora sucking his throbbing shark, and not letting go until he received a double-dose of him. Then he went to work on Chaz, with similar results.

After giving Zane and Justin a good teasing, I pulled them up and brought them over to Kevin. Jamie had moved over to Jeffy's bed and Robby was just heaving thick, white streamers into Kevin's mouth. Justin climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Kevin, stroking himself. It didn't take him long to erupt; no sooner had Robby finished, than Justin began. Then, with Robby and Justin finished and moving over to Jeffy, Zane and I took our turns. Dagwynn also came close and the three of us together gave Kevin good measures of ourselves.

Licking his lips and wiping cum from his hair, Kevin got up and went to the video system. Dagwynn, Zane and I went to Jeffy and gave him our tasty respects, as well.

Jeffy and I came to my bike and began to eat, after the food had already been half ravaged by the others. We posted the new videos and checked the Admin Page; subscribers were nearly up to a million. Dagwynn check his chit and reported a readout of over thirteen million!

We moved over and gathered around the fire, talking and laughing, and squatting with knees spread wide to its warmth. I noticed several well-lighted buildings on a hill to the south. "What's that?" I asked.

"That's the Monte Sorri Academy," Dagwynn said. "It's a Red Catholic school." I recalled someone, I think it was Danya, saying that Reds were hot; I made a mental note.

We talked longer and moved over onto the beds, and into each others' arms. We mixed and matched, and our orgy went on into the night.

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