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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 1

My story starts in the early 1970's and covers two of the most wonderful years of my life. My name is Jeremy Myers and back then I lived in Floreat, a suburb west of the city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. My suburb was bounded to the west by a huge regional park which in turn was bounded further west by a newer coastal suburb, City Beach. Then, it was the wonderful coastline, playground to kids and adults alike in the long hot Australian summer months.

I started year 8 in 1971 at City Beach Senior High School, a couple of kilometres inland from the beach of the same name and overlooking the Indian Ocean. The school captured students from 5 or 6 different suburbs and a host of primary schools, so many of us were strangers to each other when the new school year commenced in February. By mid-1971 though, we had formed friendships and alliances that in many cases survive to this day. I was a popular kid amongst my peers, getting on well with all the different sub-groups that secondary education seemed to create. Surfies, academics, nerds, jocks, girls and guys; I got along with them all.

There was, however, a group of about 20 of us that formed a stronger than normal bond, we were a mixed crew, no sub-group dominated and we weren't necessarily just made up of the most popular. There were some others, too, that hung around on the edges of the group hoping one day to be granted full access to what many called the 'inner sanctum'. We held some sort of authority I think, often settling minor disputes and, by Year 10, controlling the cigarette black market for the entire school (5c a smoke, no credit). We were well respected, liked and were not into the bullying thing. In fact, we totally discouraged it.

I thought of myself as reasonable looking, not ugly, but no stunner either, reasonable tan, occasional zit, blue eyes, skinny body standing about 5'8" at 15 and long light brown hair, bleaching towards blond in summer. I never really thought much about my sexual orientation, I just knew I liked being with guys and enjoyed looking at their attributes. There was no teenage angst over it but by the same token it was the 70's, one did not just come out. I was not sexually active really, other than developing the fine art-form of self-pleasuring and the occasional mutual wank session with a mate or two. I was, I think, quite naive when it came down to it. I heard things of course, but 13- and 14-year olds probably are not the greatest sex educators around. Years 8 and 9 plonked along reasonably well. The only blip was I had a huge crush on one guy, Chris Walters. Boy, did I lust after that guy. I spent so much time ingratiating myself to him I was in danger of losing sight of many of those around me and perhaps losing my place within the sanctum.

As Year 10 progressed, I became aware of one guy, Logan Phillips, who always seemed to be around and hanging out on the periphery of the inner sanctum. He was also very much a protagonist, always surly, rude and unkind, and it constantly seemed to be directed squarely at me. I thought he was quite cute; I was attracted to him and would have happily fooled around with him if the opportunity ever arose. It was just a shame about the bad attitude and shitty moods. To be honest I could never understand what had bought this attitude towards me on, I didn't remember ever wronging him so it was a puzzle. I found that I did not like being disliked, no matter how insignificant the individual was to my life.

After one class in June 1973, where Logan had been particularly nasty, I was heading down the stairs from the second floor when I felt a giant slop on the back of my neck. I looked up and there was Logan grinning and wiping his chin. The prick had lobbed a juicy gooby on me, a direct hit. I turned and raced back up the stairs.

"You're gonna pay for that you grubby little shit Phillips."

"Fuck you Myers."

"Oval, lunchtime." was all I said and I turned, heading on to my next class wiping what I could of his spit from my neck and back. The oval, or sports fields, were the congregating place for many of the 800 or so students and where the sanctum spent lunchbreak.

I'd like to say that we both covered ourselves in glory that day. By lunchtime the whole student body knew there was a fight happening and half of them rocked up to see what must have been one of the poorest, most half-hearted fight events in all of educational history. Not even a good headlock, just a few slaps, a scratch on my neck and a lot of pushing and shoving.

Our anger had subsided, neither of us really wanted to fight, and consequently it was all pretty piss poor so far as a fight was concerned. That was, however, the turning point in our relationship. Instead of ignoring or insulting each other we actually started talking and getting to know one another. He was, as it turned out, a really a nice bloke. A little taller than me at about 5'9", nice lightly tanned clear skin with brown wavy hair worn long as was the way back then. Crystal blue eyes, small nose with a hint of a few freckles and thin yet slightly pouting lips. Like me he was skinny, neither of us were really sports orientated but we both surfed occasionally when the mood took us. We both well into body surfing which helped bring us closer together. He also had a very nice butt and I took every opportunity to look at it, discretely of course.

I brought Logan into the inner sanctum, if I was there then so was Logan; no-one seemed to mind and he quickly became a valued member of the crew having a sharp mind and getting on well with the faculty. He was useful to the group and he was something nice for me to perv on too. We quickly became best of mates, it just seemed to be a natural friendship once it got started, and I enjoyed my time with him more and more.

By late spring we were catching up outside of school hours, movies, the beach, and the occasional party. We began meeting each other at City Beach which was easy for us both to get to. It had a groyne to the south and another well to the north. It also had a good break for body surfing and was very popular with our classmates. I really enjoyed our beach excursions, we would surf, talk shit, tread water, talk shit and bask in the sunshine and yes, talk shit. It also gave me great opportunity to check out Logan's body. No hair on the chest, a hint of a treasure trail and lovely brown nipples the size of a 5c piece. And while the front of his blue and grey board shorts did an excellent job of concealing whatever was behind the Velcro fly, the back could not do the same for Logan's perfect bum. It was wonderful, small, bubble like and tight.

There was no easily obtainable porn back then other than Playboy or, if you were lucky, Hustler, but nothing that could inspire or help me. No internet to search for gay porn and educate myself on what I could do with another boy. So, it rather surprised me how keen I was to put my hand down the back of those boardies and play with Logan's crack and beyond. I had heard, of course, that a bum hole could be a sex organ for those who desired it. And boy, did I desire it!

Much of the time spent at the beach was just the two of us, but there were times where there were great hordes of our friends from both our school and those primary school buddies who had gone off to the exclusive private colleges. It was on one of those occasions, in mid-December, after our school year had finished, that Logan asked if we could have a chat.

"Of course, man, let's go for a swim, aye?"


So out we went, beyond the breakers, it wasn't really that far and we had done it countless times before. We floated and trod water for a little while, the sounds of the waves and people washing over us. Logan spoke up eventually.

"I'm going away Saturday Jeremy, only for a couple of weeks, we'll be back for New Year, but, well, I'm sorry I won't be around."

"Don't be sorry Loges. You'll come back, I'll still be here and we'll carry on having an awesome summer. Where you heading?"

"South bud, my family and Dad's sister's mob as well. I think I'll miss you..."

"It's 2 weeks Logan, you won't have time to miss me. I'll miss you, who's going to be my surf buddy?"


"Hey man, it's cool, it's your family man, it's all good Loges."

"'K. "

"You just enjoy it dude"

Teenage boys, people of few words, but what we were each saying was true. I was going to miss him, even if it was only 2 weeks, and I knew he was sincere when he said he would miss me. We mucked around splashing, mock fighting and catching a few waves before it was time to pack it in and head home.

"2 weeks' man." I said

"2 weeks." replied Logan. He turned and started walking up the beach to his bus stop affording me a view of his glorious butt.

The 2 weeks went by pretty quick really. I had discovered a new playmate in my neighbour's cousin, Mathew, and he kept me relatively entertained with mutual wanking sessions. As much as I would have liked to play with Logan, I was a teenage boy with needs and desires and rampant hormones so I certainly was not going to save myself for him. Anyway, who knew if anything would ever happen between us? So far there had been little sign of desire from his side which pretty much kept mine in check. And my gaydar, well that was and still is, ineffectual. Besides, I was still lusting after bloody Christopher Walters. And where the fuck was he? I hadn't seen him in ages.

Christmas came and went and I was pretty sure Logan was due home on the 27th or 28th. I hung around home reading James Bond paper backs and waited for Logan to call. I was beside myself when the phone rang on the afternoon of the 28th and Mum called out it was for me. I ran inside and picked up the hand piece.


"Hey J, how the bloody hell are you man? You miss me?"

"Loges…. Far out man, my oath I missed you. I'm great, you?"

"Yeah all good, got a bit to tell you, maybe show you too."

"OK, sweet. You able to meet up at some point? Tell me all about your hol?"

"Can hardly wait J. Tomorrow at the beach? Say 9.30?"

"Fuck yeah. Tomorrow then."


And that was that, simple, to the point, done. I wondered what he meant by the little cryptic about show you? Show me what, I wondered? I was intrigued. I went to bed that night and thought about Logan and his, ummm, attributes and that of course led to a self-pleasuring episode which was bloody wonderful.

I could hardly wait the next morning and finished up getting to the beach about half an hour early. It didn't matter, I was standing at the top of the beach scanning the ocean when an arm reached around me and rested on my shoulders. Logan. We shook hands and Logan placed his spare hand on my shoulder, almost but not quite drawing me in. We looked into each other's eyes, both of us looking for something perhaps, then Logan spoke.

"Come on J, let's get a spot and go for a swim aye?"

"Sure Logan, fuck it's good to see you!"

Logan looked at me, a hint of smile on his lips. "You too, J"

We found a nice quiet spot a bit north of where we usually hung out. Neither of us wanted to be disturbed by any other members of the beach crew, not today, today was about us and catching up. Spreading out our towels and throwing off our shirts we ran into the water and then swimming just beyond the break.

We talked about Logan's holiday, Christmas, all the usual stuff. Logan seemed a little different to me, he seemed a little more confident, more in control and, well, closer, more touchy feely. Nothing erotic, although every time he gripped my shoulder or arm or ruffled my hair it felt electric, there was definitely something different about him. After about 30 minutes of chatting and horseplay we headed into shore and our spot. I lingered getting out of the water and watched Logan walk up the beach. He had new boardies, aqua blue, and they looked hot on him. His butt, if it was at all possible, rose even further in my esteem.

By the time I got to our spot Logan was laying on his belly, resting on his arms. He looked back as I arrived but said nothing. I decided to sit toward the top of my towel and wrapped my arms around my legs. This afforded me a nice view of Logan's butt. I looked back to him, he had his head down cradled in his arms and looking away from me. I took the opportunity to check out Logan's rear view, his back was pretty well tanned from weeks in the sun and I could just see the beginning of his crack, there was a lovely gap between the waistband of his boardies and his skin. Room enough for my hand to slide down there perhaps? My dick responded by twitching and beginning its journey to hardness. Logan kept adjusting himself, wriggling and squirming, trying to get comfortable I guess and that was certainly not improving my dick's unruliness.

Then I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. This most magnificent piece of manhood was standing 10 metres away, about 18 years old, wearing red Speedos and perfectly tanned, not a hair to be seen except on top of his head. He had an incredible face, beautiful I think would sum it up. He seemed to be looking for someone and was turning around searching, giving me alternating views of a wonderful butt and a near perfect package. I was hard in a second.

He must have found whoever he was looking for and jogged off south. Things were definitely getting cramped in my boardies at that point so I rolled to my left, over toward Logan, and lay belly down on my towel. Logan had, at some point, turned his head toward me and almost certainly had seen a quick view of my hard-on. He just smiled at me. Things were still cramped downstairs so I rose up and punched the sand to make myself a cock nest. I settled again only to watch Logan do the same thing.

"They have a mind of their own sometimes." I ventured.

"Damn right they do, although, I suspect there was some stimulus perhaps?"

Ooops, I was caught, I think. "Yeah, maybe…. I'm, ahh, pretty worked up."

"Show me."

"Ah, Logan, I'm not sure..."

"Just show me J."

Shit, what could I do, this was what I had been hoping for wasn't it? I looked around to see if the coast was clear then rolled onto my left side facing Logan My hard-on ran off to the right and up. To give him a clear view I placed my thumb and fingers either side clearly showing my dick's profile.

"Holy moly J, that is hard, and a nice size, what is it 6 ½, 7 inches?"

"About 6 ½ Loges but I…."

"About the same as mine then." With that he rolled over and did the same as me. His hard dick clearly profiled. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I so wanted to take it in my hand, my mouth, anywhere.

"It's beautiful Loges." I croaked.

"Ah, wait until you see it naked… you do want to see it naked don't you Jeremy? I really want to see yours."

I slowly regained a little bit of control, or so I thought. This was happening, really happening. Just maybe I was going to see my wonderful friend in all his glory. "That would...I… yes...yes please."

"Well, all right then, finally. C'mon."

"Where're we heading Logan? I don't know…"

"For fucks sake J, it's OK, I know a place we'll be safe and comfortable. I've been scoping for a while to find somewhere. Now come on, I need to see that beautiful cock of yours."

We got up, grabbing our shirts and towels, both using the latter to cover our less than discrete woodies.

"This way man, c'mon."

We headed up the beach towards the surf club, every now and then touching each other 'accidentally'. At one point Logan put his arm around my shoulders drawing me closer, just for a second or two; it felt so right. Thankfully, my senses were returning, I was normally the one in control but for some reason I had become this stammering nervous nelly.

We walked into the change rooms, to the right were urinals and the shit booths, ahead were a row of shower stalls, fully enclosed, private. Logan had done his homework. We walked down to the end one and Logan went in, I followed, turning and closing, then locking, the wood door. There was a wooden bench and hooks on the wall then a little step down into the shower proper. I dumped my stuff on top of Logan's towel and shirt. Logan stood watching me.

He stepped closer, put his right hand behind my head and pulled me into a full on embrace. Our lips met and we kissed lightly. Lightening. First kiss with a guy. I pulled my head back and looked at Logan, looked deeply into his eyes, leaned forward and kissed him, this time neither of us pulled away. We kissed long and deep, his tongue entering my mouth soft and warm. I returned the favour and let my hands drop, reaching around and holding both butt cheeks. He moaned softly as our tongues fought over space and our very excited dicks rubbed against each other. It felt so good, our naked torsos against each other, our hard-ons so close to one another. I pushed hard, grinding my wood into him. He pulled out of our kiss and whispered.

"Not so fast J, we'll get there, there's no rush man."

He stepped back a little giving himself enough room to undo the single button of my boardies. He took hold of my dick through the fabric, giving it a few strokes, and then pulled the boardies apart, the Velcro fly making a loud tearing noise. He smiled and let them drop to the ground. My cock was rock hard and a drop of pre-cum was leaking out. I was a big pre-cummer. Logan looked, inspected and wrapped his hand around it giving a couple more light pulls. My turn to moan.

"Nice J, very nice, cut, straight and hard. Maybe thicker than mine. And you're free balling too."

As he was inspecting my kit I reached up and undid his button then slowly ripped open the fly. His boardies dropped off and like me he was not wearing any other hindrance. His cock was beautiful. Slightly darker in skin tone than mine, cut, with a perfectly formed purple and angry head and his veins clearly showing through the translucent skin. He had a very nice bush above his dick base and the treasure trail certainly did lead to treasure. Neither of us had much of a nut sack at that point, our boys were in hiding still from our swimming only minutes before.

I grabbed his dick, giving it a squeeze and a few jerks before we both let go and stepped in for a full-on naked kissing session. Our cocks were sandwiched between us as we made out and we ground in to one another, lubed by a constant flow of pre-cum from us both. We both had one hand behind the other's head and the other on an arse cheek; I kneaded, stroked and squeezed his bum and he reciprocated. While this was all fun there was an uncomfortable issue; beach sand was everywhere, on our dicks, our tight balls, down our cracks.

I had a thought and I pulled out of our passionate embrace, smiled and stepped into the shower, turning on the taps and testing the water until it got to a good temperature.

"Come on in, the water's fine, you need J to wash you."

Logan grinned and stepped under the shower. I cupped my hands and collected water, tipping where I thought there may be sand caught. I took great pleasure in washing his dick and sack and noticed that his balls were beginning to return from holidays. Like his dick, they were beautiful, perfectly shaped, a nice size and I was pretty sure they would hang nicely from the perfectly bald sack.

I turned him around and began to wash and rinse his crack. He responded by spreading his legs and leaning forward, resting one hand against the wall to balance. I had never seen, let alone touched, anyone else's ring but I knew straight away; I was home, man. It was puckered, hairless and a lovely deep pink; I cleaned what sand I could away from his hole then rubbed my forefinger over it several times, applying just light pressure. Logan moaned, almost whimpered, softy. At first, I thought I had hurt him, I mean I didn't really know anything about these things, but instead of pulling away he pushed. I rubbed his hole more, allowing the water to lubricate my thumb and finger as they took turns caressing that perfect hole. There was more I could do there, I was sure, but then Logan reached around with his spare hand and grabbed my dick.

"Now J needs a wash; J has been a very naughty boy."

Our eyes met as he turned around and, again, we both looked deep inside one another. We made out for a while, our cocks again sandwiched between us. Logan broke off eventually and began to wash me the same as I had done him. No-one had, of course, touched me in that most intimate of places but I willingly allowed Logan access. He was gentle, caring and skilled. I had no idea my ring could produce such wonderfully erotic sensations. It was bloody tremendous.

Once Logan had finished caressing and washing me he turned me around and took my cock and his cock into his hands, gently stroking them, rubbing them over each other. Oh, but gosh it felt good. All the time he did it we did not break eye contact, my right hand massaged, tweaked and pinched his hard nipples, my left hand held his hip.

"Logan…." I whispered.

"Not yet J, soon, just not yet."

He stopped stroking us and stepped in for another kiss, allowing me time to settle, then took my hand and led me out of the shower. He sat down on the little bench and pulled me in close. He began by pursing his lips and rubbing them up and down my shaft then he licked my knob, all around it, tonguing my slit and tasting my pre-cum. He looked up, smiled and took my cock into his hungry mouth, sucking as he went. Great stones, that was good. My nuts had returned to their rightful place and he now gently massaged and kneaded my sack. His other hand held my dick as slowly he engulfed the whole length. Pulling back, then down again, licking the head at the top of the stroke and the stem on the return. He took his hand from my dick and, without missing a stroke, reached up and began tweaking my left nipple. Damn, who knew those things had direct lines to my dick? I moaned softly as he gave his all to me.

I began to think I may be close but I didn't need to worry. He had already pulled off and was standing. The guy had a sixth sense I think, he seemed to know when I was on the edge and would then take it away from me. He was good.

My turn then. I had never sucked a dick before but, like everything else today, it just felt right. Logan's dick sucking was wonderful, expertly executed and had easily taken me to the brink. I would have to try very hard to be equal to the task and pleasure him as much as he had me. His dick stood in front of me, throbbing, beating in time with his heart. I started by licking the large, fresh drop of pre-cum off the tip, held it on my tongue and then licked all around and under his very angry head. The thing was on fire, I could not believe the heat that was radiating from it. He moaned softly as I put his knob in my mouth and licked under it; 3, 4, 5 delicate strokes of tongue in that sensitive region before licking his slit then around his knob and back to start again.

"Sweet fuck J, where did you learn that? Awesome man."

I looked up at him, then continued my ministrations. Like him I pursed my lips and ran them over every centimetre of his stem before giving his knob another going over. Then down to his balls, licking his nut sack and taking first one then the other nut into my mouth. I returned to his dick and, without even thinking about it, I took his knob into my mouth then continued on, taking it as far as I could without gagging. I did this countless times, all the while licking his knob at the top of the stroke. My right palm cupped his nuts and I allowed my middle finger to stretch out and push hard on his perineum, right at the base of his sack. He gasped but just adjusted himself to give me better access. My left hand was rubbing his stomach and chest, he grabbed it and took it to his right nipple. I squeezed and teased it while my right index finger again found his hole. His breathing changed and I could feel his nuts moving.

"J, Jeremy, that's enough man, stop please, mate"

I pulled off him and looked up, my finger still on, almost in, his hole. He pulled me up and kissed me, wrapping his arms around me. Then he stepped back to look at me. He leaned forward to my ear.

"Sorry J, it's our first time with one another, I want us to cum together, OK?" he whispered.

"OK Logan, was it good?"

"Best blow job ever J, how many dicks have you sucked anyway?"

"One…. just now."

"Fuck J, you're a natural born cocksucker, you know that?"

"Just doing my job."

"Come here man."

He pulled me into another embrace then stepped back and grabbed my dick, spreading my pre-cum over my head and shaft. As I took his dick into my hand he said simply 'It's time, Jeremy".

We stroked each other's dicks with one hand and alternated between stimulating balls, nipples, faces with the other. I held Logan's face in my hand and he nuzzled into it while he massaged my left nipple. It was wonderful, the feeling of warmth, sharing something special, feeling this beautiful guy's dick in my hand and mine in his, it was almost emotionally overwhelming. Never had sex been like this for me. This was long, sharing, mutual sex not at all like the quick crank with a mate in some dark corner I was used to. No, this was much better than that.

All too soon I could feel things rising.


"Me too man."

I watched as Logan unloaded all over my stomach and chest, three, four, five spurts of near snow-white swimmers. He grunted and moaned as his climax continued. I followed quickly. Not being much of a shooter I was right happy when three sticky strings spurted out all over Logan's tummy, one hitting the bullseye of his beautiful navel. It felt wonderful, best climax I had ever had. He held his spare hand under my dick claiming the rest of my orgasm as his. As it subsided, he began to lick my cum off his hand. He offered me some. Sure, I had eaten my own pre-cum but never swimmers. Ah, what the fuck. I took his offered finger into my mouth and licked it clean. Not bad. He began collecting my spunk off his belly and I began to harvest what of his remained on mine. His was slightly saltier perhaps but tasted brilliant.

Once we had finished our impromptu meal we embraced, holding each other tight, kissing and nuzzling each other's necks, our slowly deflating dicks nudging, perhaps kissing, one another and our torsos mixing together what remained of our orgasms. I could taste me in his mouth as we kissed, I was sure he could taste himself in mine. Our tongues searched out any remnants they could find. We stayed that way for ages, enjoying the feel of each other's bodies against one another and basking in the afterglow of sweet wonderful sex.

When we finally broke apart Logan led me once more under the shower where we rubbed each other over gently with our hands, removing any residue and just enjoying the feel of one another yet again. Finally, we both moved out and I began drying Logan off, gently, caressingly. He smiled, his eyes almost closed, his mouth half open. Why had we not done this before? All that time wasted! Once I finished, Logan did the same for me. It just felt great being cared for by this guy. I wanted, needed, to spend more time with him.

We got back into our boardies, grabbed our stuff and Logan headed out but not before another make out session. I waited a few minutes then followed him. The block was still empty. We wandered down to the beach, each discreetly touching one another. The beach was packed now, the week between Christmas and New Year, half of Australia shuts down. And on a perfect summer's day like this, most of Perth had decided the beach was the place to be. Ahead of us we could see a bunch of our mates. We joined them and spent the rest of the day just mucking around. Every now and then our eyes would meet, we just smiled and carried on with our mates.

This was going to be an awesome summer.

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