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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 2

As I sat on the bus heading home after that eventful morning, I thought how bizarre life could be. I mean, here was a guy who, up until six months ago, seemed to hate my guts and whom I barely knew existed. Now we were doing things together that I had only dreamt about. I was totally in wonder; it had been a great day indeed. I went to sleep that night content, thinking about the day but avoided pleasuring myself, albeit with some difficulty. I showed constraint. I wanted Logan to have my swimmers, not a couple of tissues.

Before heading home, Logan and I had arranged to meet the next morning, at the beach again, of course. "Nine o'clock sharp J, Mum's picking me up to go for a family Sunday lunch at the grandparents around 12:30 so we don't have much time and we have a bit to talk about before we, ahh, shower, you know?"

I knew alright. Anyway, I was up early, did a few of my chores, and was out of the house by 8:30, promising I would be home for lunch and finish the chores in the afternoon. I never wore a watch but figured it was near enough to nine when I arrived. I looked around and there was Logan, sitting on top of a retaining wall at the top of the beach, dangling his legs over the edge and watching the world go by. I walked over and sat beside him, as close as I could get without being obvious to the people around us.

"Hey Logan, how you doing?"

"Jeremy my man! Excellent buddy, and you?"

"All sweet, mate. You survive the night without me?"

He leaned into me and replied.

"Hah, only just J, that head job was fucking awesome man. I was hard half the night thinking about it."

"Only half the night then?"

'Yeah well, a guy has to recharge his sack sometimes, you know. How did you know what to do?"

"Don't know really Loges, I felt and watched you then tried to do the same with a couple of flourishes to keep you entertained."

"Well you certainly did that. You shit all over my cousin."


"Ah. Yes. That's what I want to talk to you about."

"I'm listening."

"Well, it's like this J, my cousin and I have been messing about for ages, since the end of Year 9. He's 17 now and, well, he's done lots of neat stuff with me, especially the last two weeks."

"He was with you for the two weeks away?"

"Hey J, you're not jealous are you man?"

"What? No of course not." I was. "Just a bit envious he got to spend all that time with you."

"Hmmm, OK. Anyways, we shared a room downstairs, away from everyone else. Fair dinkum, we spent half the time sucking and fucking."


"It's OK Jeremy, you need to hear this. You need to know that everything you and I do is because my cousin Rodney knows a thing or two about boy sex and has been generous enough to educate me in the finer details."

"Jesus, Logan." I was just a little surprised at how matter of fact he was being.

"J, please, just listen, it will be OK in the end, I promise, I just need for you to understand a few things. Then we can go and take a long, invigorating shower, OK?"

"Yeah Loges, all OK." I smiled.

"Good. Anyhow, between all our activities I got to talking about you."


"Yes, you."


Logan took a deep breath then carried on. "J, this will take for ever if you keep interrupting. Just listen. Please?"

"Sure Logan, sorry."

"Alright then. Jeremy, the fact is I have been hot for you almost since we started high school. I mean really hot for you. I have jerked off over you nearly every night since I first laid eyes on you. I wanted to get to know you so much but, well, you were entrenched in the inner sanctum and fawning all over Chris and well instead of just trying to get close I got angry and jealous and, well, you know the rest. I behaved like a total knob."

"I don't fawn over Chris."

"Yes J, yes you do."

"It's that obvious?"

"No J, it's not. I just picked up on it because all I ever did was watch you, look at you. Your secret is safe Jeremy, don't concern yourself with it."

"Thanks Logan. And I'm sorry, I must have been something of a prick to you."

"All in the past J. It was actually our fight that changed things."

"It wasn't a fight Logan."


"No, it was a tussle, nothing more."

"Well OK then. After our 'tussle', I realised that being mad at you and, well, being a prick, was never going to get me anywhere."

"So you started, we started, talking?"

"Yes J. And may I say I have enjoyed getting to know you, getting to be your mate."

"Thanks Logan, I can't imagine life without you now. Especially after yesterday."

"It was a lot of fun J. And we will do more today, very soon I think. So, I spoke to my cousin about you because, well things were going nowhere with us. I was pretty sure you were attracted to me, you're always looking at my butt and stuff so…"

"It's a nice butt."

He smiled "Yes, and you have a nice butt, face, dick, hair, ball sack, nipples. The complete package really."

"Really? Not as good as you."

"Listen Jeremy, I think you're fucking wonderful. Don't ever doubt that."

"Thanks Logan, I think you're pretty fucking wonderful too."

"OK, thanks J. Anyway, let me finish so we can go and suck each other silly."

"Sounds good. Go on."

"So, things were not progressing fast enough is all Jeremy. I knew you would be agreeable to some fun; I just didn't know how to force the issue. So I asked Rodney and he said it was simple. 'If the guy likes your butt so much then make sure you give him a damn fine view of it and then get him at his weakest, when he's chubbed up over you'. That's what he said J, and fuck me if that's not exactly what happened!"

"You planned it all?"

"Well, kind of. You sat exactly where you could look at my butt, my boardies were far enough down to show some crack and, the rest, as they say, is history."

"And the guy with the red Speedos?"

"Oh no mate, I'm not that good. He was just a bonus, a very timely bonus."

"His butt's not as sweet and tight as yours."

"Ooo, thank you. For that you can play with it some more."



With that he grabbed his towel and jumped off the wall onto the dry sand below. I followed immediately and we walked side by side up to the surf club and into the shower block. We stood at the entry listening. It was empty yet again.

"Does no-one ever use this place Logan?"

"Not really, no. I hunted for somewhere where you and I could, well, enjoy some privacy a month or so back. Always hopeful me. Anyway, I found this place and have been watching it as much as possible. If people want a shower it's only to wash the salt and sand off and most use the cold showers up near the carpark. No-one pisses here, everyone pisses in the ocean. Only the ones who need a bog come here and that's far enough away from our shower to not be an issue. So really, only shitters and horny boys come here."

"Are you horny Logan?"

"As a matter of fact, J, yes I am. But first I need to take a dump. Meet you in the shower and do not start without me."

"Whatever you want Loges."

He took off to the stalls and I wandered down to our shower cubicle. I went in and closed the door without locking it. I looked around and started to think about what we did in here 24 hours ago. My dick certainly remembered and wasted no time becoming hard. I stayed dressed though, I wanted Logan to undress me, for me it was all part of our sexual experience.

So much had happened, Logan's revelations this morning were surprising but at least I knew now how he had discovered all his little tricks. And how he felt; he said he was hot for me. No-one had ever said that to me before. And fucking? That sounded interesting. The door opened and Logan stepped in, he turned and locked the door.

"That was a quick shit."

"It was ready and waiting J. Now, let's get your kit off, shall we?"

He stepped closer but before he could do anything I moved in and kissed him, then kissed him some more as our tongues wrapped around one another. His left hand held my head pushing it into his, I had both arms around him, squeezing both his cheeks. His right hand reciprocated and we ground our hard-ons into each other. It was just as I remembered, warm, erotic, special.

Finally, we broke off and we took each other's tee shirts off. I bent slightly and licked, bit and suckled on his left nipple. He held my head, massaging my scalp and moaned softly. I stayed on his teat for a few minutes enjoying his moans and whimpering's then moved to his right. He was using his spare hand to undo my boardies, I did the same and they both fell to the floor at the same time, releasing our dicks to the warm summer air.

Logan took hold of my dick and stroked it gently, I lifted my head, kissed him and took his dick in my hand, squeezing it and caressing it. I still marvel to this day how something so flaccid can become this iron rod encased in velvet encased in silk. We stayed like that for a while, enjoying each other's touch, the feel of another guy stroking and squeezing your cock. Our spare hands rubbed each other's stomachs and chests, giving our nipples little tweaks. We kissed again and Logan disengaged. He bent over and picked up our boardies, pulled something out of the pocket in his and then threw both pair on top of our towels.

"Now then Jeremy, I have been a little dirty, you can't have me until you wash me, all of me."

He unwrapped a motel type bar of soap and handed it to me. I went over to the taps, turned them on and waited until the temperature was just right before nodding to Logan. This was a game I was going to enjoy.

He moved in under the shower and I began to wash him, front first. I lathered his arms and then his pits, but not before I had kissed each one. Then his chest and stomach, paying very particular attention to his hard little nipples. I kissed and licked them too as the water washed away the suds. Then I started on his crotch, soaping up his patch of pubes, his balls and then his dick, rubbing the little bar of soap over that angry beast numerous times. Squatting down, I soaped his legs all around, ignoring his inner thighs. I would get to them. His throbbing dick hit my face and I took it in. It tasted a little of soap but I didn't care. I loved his dick. I licked around the glans and his slit then around again before swallowing it as far as I could go. Logan held my head with both hands but did not try to control things.

I pulled off and stood up. I turned him and washed first his hair then his shoulders and his back, working my way down to the ultimate goal. I washed each cheek carefully, methodically and then down his crack. He spread his legs a little more and leant forward a little exposing his pink hole. It was spotless and I began to suspect this was a sham. A very enjoyable sham. I ignored his hole and instead washed his inside thighs, reaching under his balls and up, giving his dick a light squeeze, then it was his man cave's turn, I placed the diminished bar of soap on three fingers and rubbed it over his inviting hole, backwards and forwards. Logan's legs buckled slightly.

"You OK Loges?"

His voice sounded husky, sexy. "Yes J, that just feels sensational."

I continued rubbing his hole and then… I dropped the soap. It was worn to a wafer so I ignored it and just rubbed and pushed on his hole. Then I stepped forward, I sent my left arm under Logan's and held and rubbed his stomach, the right one I sent around to his dick. I arched my back a little and Logan came back slightly, leaning on me. I kissed and nuzzled his neck and he closed his eyes, making soft noises of pleasure. My cock had settled in Logan's crack and I began rubbing it up and down pushing against him. He pushed back. The water poured over us and we stayed like that for a few minutes, enjoying the intimacy the position afforded us.

"I think your clean my man. What do you desire now?"

Logan straightened and said simply "This."

He moved over to the little bench and pulled out a towel, first drying himself a little before starting on me. He took his time, patting me down and drying my front. Then he sat on the little bench and beckoned me over. I did not need a second call. I moved over in front of him and he began.

He had taken notice of my cock sucking and started on the underside of my glans, his tongue washing over it, caressing my knob and enticing a large drop of pre-cum to surface. This disappeared quickly as he continued his tongue's exploration of my knob. Then, on to the stem, licking, kissing, following a vein with his tongue and back to my head. His left hand attacked my balls, gently kneading them before he took each one in turn into his mouth. Oh, but he was good. I was in ecstasy. Then he returned to my stem and head and took the lot into his mouth and down his throat. My hands rested on his head, running my fingers through his hair. I did not try to control what he was doing; he was in control. I swayed my hips slightly as we got into a rhythm. His right hand was down squeezing his own cock while his left had made a detour from my balls to my own hole. He pushed and rubbed and I nearly came on the spot. Fuck, that was good. He continued sucking and licking, never gagging once. He would look up occasionally, our eyes would meet and I could only smile like an idiot.

I could feel my balls begin to boil, the familiar sensation beginning but he sensed it and stopped, just like that. He stood up and we embraced.

"You are something special, you know that?" I whispered.

"Thanks J."

We swapped positions and I started on his beautiful rod. The tip was soaked in pre-cum and I took my time as I cleaned every bit off. I squeezed his cock with my left hand and was rewarded with a nice dollop which I scooped up onto a finger and offered to Logan. He took my finger in his hands, placed it in his mouth and sucked it clean. I returned to his cock and licked every inch of it and his nut sack. Then did the same on the return trip before taking the whole thing into my mouth and started bobbing up and down on it, every downward thrust I tried to take the entire length but fell short each time.

"Just practice J, that's all you need man, you'll get there."

I tried damn hard that day but just failed to feel the hairs of his bush on my face. Tomorrow maybe. I continued stimulating my mate, my left hand rubbing and pushing on his hole. Inspiration, or perhaps instinct, took me and I came off Logan's dick, spun him around and began kissing his cheeks and his crack, my left index finger rubbing and stimulating his hole. He parted his legs and leaned forward, one hand resting on the opposite wall to keep balance. I licked all around his crack then moved to his hole and licked all around that, occasionally kissing the entire thing. Logan was making little cooing noises and, I thought, seemed lost in himself.

I licked his hole, it was nice, a little soapy perhaps? I licked again then put my whole mouth over it, devouring it. I stiffened my tongue and went to town on the opening, all the while Logan cooing and mumbling words I could not understand. I squeezed my own cock with one hand and reached around after Logan's and squeezed that too. I spent ages on his arse and my tongue was beginning to get sore, I had penetrated his hole I think just a little maybe. Logan seemed to come out of his trance.

"J, I don't know where you learnt that but that was phenomenal. Not even Rod did that.

"But now Jeremy, I need you, I need your dick. In me. Please."

"Logan, I've never…."

"It's OK Jeremy, I'm here to guide you. Grab my boardies, in the pocket is a tube."

I turned, grabbed his shorts and found the tube. "KY Jelly. What's that for?"

Logan had turned around and looked at me funny like then laughed. "Well it ain't for eating.

"Put some on your index finger and slide it in me, get it in good J, then smear your dick with it. Use plenty of it."

"Will it hurt Loges?"

"Not if you do it right J, just take it slow, stop when I tell you and I'll be fine."

I lubed up my finger and asked "How often you do this Logan, you know, with your cousin?"

"This will be my 6th time J. Now slip that finger in and do your duty."

He resumed his position, leaning over and fully exposing his ring, still wet from my attention only moments before. I placed my finger at the entry and pushed, then a bit harder, it slipped in and Logan gave a little moan. I put the entire length in, I could not believe how tight that little ring was. I pulled my finger almost out then back again, slowly, carefully.

"You can go a little faster J."

So, I did, and I started to twist and wiggle my finger while I was inside him, he moaned again so I knew I was doing my job. I spent a little bit of time on this and Logan was certainly enjoying it. His left hand supported him, the other was caressing his chest, his bum and occasionally his face. He did not go anywhere near his dick.

After a few minutes he looked behind and said "OK J, you're doing right well with that finger, Rodney always uses two, but I need you in me. Go slow, OK?"

"OK Logan" I stepped up and aimed my cock at his hole, I loved how his ring moved when he flexed or pushed. I rubbed my dick a couple of times to spread the pre-cum and gel then put the tip at his entry. I pushed and slowly my head went in, the sphincter stretching to take it. Logan hissed, and moaned but said nothing. Slowly I entered him, my God he was tight. It was warm and cosy and fucking awesome. I continued pushing until my pubes brushed his crack.

"Stop J, let me get used to it." I waited, using my hands to caress his back and butt cheeks.

"OK, pull out slow and then come back in." I pulled out slowly then just as my head was about to pop out I began the forward thrust. Logan said nothing so I started to slowly pump him. The noises coming from him satisfied me that all was well. I could feel things loosening up a little as his cavity became acquainted to my cock. Gosh but it was warm in there, warm and soft and made just for my dick, well, for the moment anyway. I was a little envious of Rodney for taking Logan's cherry but I would be giving Logan mine, for sure.

I leant forward not breaking my rhythm and kissed the back of Logan's neck and nuzzled his ear. His breathing was steady but a little deeper, quicker perhaps. Logan pushed back a little and then tried straightening, arching his back to give me room but enabling him to stand with legs apart and my cock still in him He leant his head back and turned it so we could kiss. In this position I could move one of my arms around to tend to his dick but he said to leave it. I rubbed his chest and stomach instead.

I started to move my hips a little sideways with each thrust and withdrawal, almost in a circular motion, trying to get my cock to push different parts of Logan's bum lining thrilling my glans. This really thrilled Logan too if the moans were anything to go by. Fuck if there was anyone having in the change rooms we would be busted. But at the point we were, full of lust and cum and teenage abandon, who cared. Logan too was experimenting, doing things with his bum, he would tighten it, flexing, clamping down on my tool, almost like he was trying to milk it.

All too soon I could feel my orgasm coming. "Logan."

"In me J, please." he hissed.

I felt my orgasm rise and I exploded inside my friend, shot after shot, we both moaned in unison as we kissed and held each other until my climax subsided.

"You made me cum J… the same time as you." I looked over his shoulder and sure enough there was a ton of cum dribbling down the wall and some trails on the floor.

"But we didn't even touch it, Logan." I was feeling a little disappointed, I had wanted to finish him off in my mouth.

Regretfully I pulled out of Logan, my dick still hard. Logan turned and we embraced.

"You made me cum J, no hands. You just kept hitting the right spot man. Rod's never done that."

"There's a spot?"

"Fuck yeah buddy, you're a damn fine sucker and an excellent fucker!"

I smiled but still felt a little ripped off. Logan was still hard too so I pulled out of our embrace and sat on the bench. "Then now for the sucking, sport."

Logan looked a little surprised but hey, he was a teenager. Cumming was an institution. He stepped up and I started to lick the remnants of his climax from his head and stem. The smell of sex, boy sex, was strong down here but it just made me hornier, more determined to bring Logan to a second climax.

I worked on his dick doing all the things I knew he loved, especially licking the underneath of his glans. He swayed gently in time with my movements. I wrapped my right thumb and index finger around the base and began stroking him, up at the top of my mouth stroke, down with my mouth stoke. I was squeezing and stroking my own cock and knew I was close to a second climax. I looked up at Logan; his eyes were closed, his mouth half open, occasionally biting his bottom lip. His balls got a little tighter so I thought perhaps he might be close too.

My right hand cupped his balls and I pushed hard on the perineum, just behind his sack. I felt Logan's orgasm through my fingers micro seconds before my mouth was coated in Logan's cum, three, maybe four shots hit my tongue and the back of my throat. I tried swallowing all of it but could feel some dribbling out my mouth. Then I came too and shot a load all over Logan's right leg, the rest dribbling to the floor.

Once I thought I had all of Logan's produce I pulled off, he was starting to deflate, his passion finally sated. I looked up at him and he grabbed my arm and lifted me then took me into his arms, holding me to his shoulder as he wrapped one arm around me and the other caressing my head as he kissed and nuzzled at me, cleaning his cum from my chin and lips. I wrapped my arms around him and just enjoyed the embrace. No quick pull the pants up and let's go with Logan. This was tender, passionate, real love making.

"C'mon Logan, you're a bit dirty again, lets clean you up, aye?"

We stepped into the shower and I squatted down, rubbing off the remnants of my second orgasm. The soap had disappeared in the running water so that was no help. I washed his now flaccid dick; it was just as beautiful in that state as the one I had just serviced. Then I turned him around and asked him to spread them. His thighs and balls were covered in the leakage from his bum. Tenderly, gently, I washed off the last vestiges of our love making, establishing a post coital ritual that we would carry out for our entire relationship. I checked his hole, it was a little redder, perhaps a little puffy, from our activity but it looked clean and ready to take a rest.

Logan turned and we embraced once again, long and deep as was our way, as was our way always. Then he washed my drooping dick and balls cleaning them of our coupling. He looked at his watch and said "Fuck J, we were going for an hour and a half man. That was fucking sensational."

It certainly was, I mean heck, I was used to a quick wank, not this sort of prolonged sexual performing. I fucking loved it!

We dried each other off then started to dress, it took us ages as we kept stopping and making out some more. It was well after 11.00 before we stepped back out into the sunshine, the beach was packed but, since we had time for a swim, we both walked over to our normal spot, a few of the crew were there and they all seemed happy to see us. We swam and mucked about for a while but as 12.30 approached we bid our buds farewell and wandered up to the bus stop. Logan's mum pulled in shortly after. Logan opened the front passenger door.

"Hey Mum, this is Jeremy. Jeremy, this is my Mum." Obviously.

"Hello Mrs Phillips."

"Hi Jeremy, it's nice to meet you at last. You heading home too?"

"Yeah, my bus should be here soon I think."

"Which one do you catch?" There were a few different ones that terminated at the beach and then made their way back to the city via different routes. I told her which one I normally caught.

"Oh that's easy Jeremy, the 81 very nearly goes straight past my parent's place. We're heading there for lunch now so if you want a lift, hop on in."

"Cool, thank you Mrs Phillips"

Logan smiled, this was a revelation, he had never been to my house so did not know exactly where it was. It seemed I might be close then to his grandparents. I hopped into the back, Logan the front and we headed off. We chatted about all sorts of things but certainly not what had occupied most of our morning. My street was coming up and I said they could let me off at the bottom of it. Mrs Phillips said no, she would take me home so she turned into my street; I pointed out my house and she stopped at the front.

"Hey J, my grandies only live a block and a half away from here. Cool aye?"

"Yeah, I guess. Tomorrow man?"

"Sorry buddy, family commitments for New Year and all. How about Wednesday at the beach?"

"Sure man, same time, same place, same bat channel?"

"Yep, happy New Year J."

"You too Logan. Thanks heaps Mrs Phillips."

"My pleasure Jeremy"

With that I shut the door and off they went. It had been a bloody marvellous morning. Now I had to wait two whole more days before we could mess around again.


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