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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 3

If someone asked me to describe my summer so far I could only say awesome.

1973 was done and dusted, 1974 kicked off happily with family and relatives and Logan and I recommenced our sexual exploration of each other when the year was but two days old. While the shower stall was convenient, safe and generally private, it did not afford much in the way of variety for sexual positions. When we were coupled, it was always from behind, we both wanted to look at each other, kiss and make love front on. We tried a few times to find a way but unless we wanted to get down and dirty on the floor (we didn't) then we were limited.

I must say right here that I never, and never will, call it fucking. At least never with Logan. It was always too sensual, too caring, too passionate, to be fucking. We both preferred making love or coupled, it did not sound so disrespectful of the act. I realised very quickly in my relationship with Logan that he was very special and that the two of us were developing perhaps a life defining relationship that would be far more than just sexual gratification. Here we both were, 15 years old, going on 16, but our relationship quickly had a maturity about it that most teenagers could never hope to attain.

On New Year's night I was hanging with my neighbour's cousin and we wandered down to the regional park at around dusk. By day the park was full of families, picnicking and barbequing and socialising. At night, cars and vans found their way to dark corners so that the occupants, boys and girls alike, could indulge in the age old joy of sex. That night, Mathew and I wandered around and found that the place had many permanent picnic tables and benches. I thought that they may well be handy at some point and filed it away. A year younger than me, Matt liked me wanking him off so I did, but certainly not with the joy or pleasure I had when undertaking that exercise with Logan just a day or two ago. Poor Matt. I think he would have liked to have gone further but I was already thinking that to do things with other boys may not be conducive to a good relationship with Logan, particularly given his response to my behaviour around Christopher. I knew Logan had been messing with his cousin but he had been up front and honest about that and we had not started our sexual exploration of each other at that point anyway.

I pulled Mathew off while he lay on one of the picnic tables with his pants around his knees. When he was close he took my hand away, rolled over and blew his load on the grass. Four days earlier and I probably would have been far more into experimenting with Matt, just not now.

After we spent the first week of 1974 attempting to have sex the way we wanted to in the shower I told Logan I thought maybe the park would provide us with something better, more open, but still generally safe and away from prying eyes in the dark. Logan had also been thinking about different ways we could meet up and enjoy each other's bodies and so he had all but decided that his new mission would be to help his grandparents around their house, gardening, painting, whatever they wanted. He thought this would bring us new opportunities other than the shower stall. We were, I think, on the same page.

So it was that by the second week of the year we began a new routine that would serve us quite well for the next 4 or 5 weeks of our holidays and beyond. Most days we would meet at the beach and if that was the only meeting time open to us then we would indulge ourselves in the stall. However, if Logan was heading to his grandparents then we would spend the morning enjoying the beach and head home at lunchtime. Logan would then spend the afternoon helping his grandparents, stay the night and then back to the beach with me in the morning. His grandparents were pretty liberal for old codgers and after dinner Logan would walk up the street and meet me. So long as we were both home by 10.30 all was well. We would then wander down to the park and utilise the picnic tables and benches for our own sexual activities. We often laughed at how the next day someone would be eating their lunch right where Logan and I had been naked and made love.

Our first such excursion was not a particularly easy one. Being summer it didn't get dark enough for our purposes until around 8.00pm and then we had to find a bench that was not likely to have car lights flash over it and catch us naked, but then still be light enough to see what we were doing. We eventually found a suitable candidate that had a small lake on one side of it and was protected on the other side by some low trees and bushes. Perfect.

No. It wasn't. While it was great to be able to have sex in hitherto unexplored positions, at least for me, we found that wood benches were hard on our bony naked bodies. Shit.

That first night we started by 69ing on a table. It was wonderful and we both went all the way to orgasm, filling our mouths and our stomachs with each other's tasty offerings. After a short recovery period where we cuddled, fondled and kissed, we tried numerous positions in an effort to ease the pain of the hard table and benches and we found a couple that would become our firm favourites. We both especially liked where I lay on my back with Logan straddling me and then lowering himself onto my hard cock. This gave both of us the opportunity to look at each other, kiss and, if necessary, for me to play easily with Logan's excited dick. Logan's knees could not cope with the hard wood though and my back was none too pleased either. We swapped to Logan on his back with his legs wrapped around my back and me on my knees then Logan on his back at the edge of the table with all our clothes cushioning him and me standing. All these gave great penetration and fulfilled our other requirements. We just needed to be able to get more comfort.

I solved the problem by bringing along a couple of beach towels. These at least provided a bit of a cushion for us and anyone seeing us with them would just think we heading to the beach for a night swim or, later, when our passion was sated, on the way home from a night swim. Not making love in the shower stall was excellent after our teething problems and our relationship continued to grow. The one problem was the aftermath of our love making, I could not very well send Logan home to his grandparents with a weeping arse and shorts soaked with my cum. I suggested we could perhaps try condoms. Logan was a bit reluctant but had some Rodney had given him so we tried a couple of times. Not for us at that point I'm afraid. So we began a new post love making routine which we both found to be almost as intimate and as tender as our actual coupling.

I started bringing cloths or tissues which I would then use to clean as much of my orgasm as possible from Logan's thighs, even his balls sometimes, and of course his beautiful hole, Mr Winky. It was a long process that I was happy to undertake, we both found it added to our sexual experience, it was after all just another part of the lovemaking equation. Neither of us were quite into cleaning up with our tongues considering where it was leaking from so this was the next best thing. I was happy to eat Logan's arse anytime, just not post coital. The beach towels too came in handy for this purpose and I became quite adept at using Mum's new automatic washing machine.

I should say here that our lives at this point did not just revolve around sex even though it reads that way. We both had other friends to hang with and we would often head into town to catch a movie or go ten pin bowling, either just the two of us or with a hoard of our friends. At one point Logan and I played a round of golf at the local public course. My hand eye coordination sucks and I was awful. Logan was not so bad, I think he hit an 88 that day, I was well into the triple figures. I really don't know how Logan scored so well considering he spent a good part of the day laughing and giggling at my ineptitude. I could see the funny side so wasn't too upset with him taking the piss.

Anyway, what we both truly longed for was being able to have sex in a bed and do it all night long if that was what we wanted to do. The opportunity would present itself towards the end of January, still a couple of weeks out from us commencing Year 11.

Mum and Dad were heading down south for the Australia Day long weekend. They would be leaving early Saturday morning and not be home until sometime late Monday. My elder sister and brother were both no longer living at home so they were not going to be a problem, Anthony, nine years older, was on a training course in Melbourne, my sister Katrina, six years older, was in Europe. You beauty! Somehow Logan got permission for a two night stay over, he asked his Mum first, she said yes. His Dad was none too pleased when he found out and there were apparently some harsh words said but the decision was made and Logan would be spending both Saturday and Sunday night with me. As I was to discover later, Logan's father would regularly put up road blocks, making it difficult for Logan and me to see each other.

My parents had given me a new double bed for Christmas, just weeks before. It was simply a case of giving me sufficient room to sleep given that my black Labrador, Barry, enjoyed taking nearly all the space in my single bed. I had, at the time, wondered when I would get to break the double in and would never have hoped for it to be so soon as a few weeks.

A few days before the long weekend I was sitting alone on the beach waiting for Logan. He was normally very punctual for our meetings but on this day he was a little late. I kept scanning the beach for him and finally saw him making his way towards me from the carpark with a guy I did not know.

"Hey J, how's it hanging man, sorry I'm late. Rod here give me a lift and he's a shit driver. Rod, this is my man Jeremy, Jeremy this of course is my hot cousin Rodney."

We shook hands and shot the breeze, talking about Rod's driving and generally just getting to know each other. Rodney definitely was a hotty, just not to my taste. Darker skinned than Logan, he had a mop of jet black hair, brown, penetrating eyes, lush lips made for kissing and a definite five o'clock shadow. He would need to shave 5 times a day to keep that fucker under control. When he took his shirt off he had a great clump of hair on his tanned chest, almost obscuring his largish nipples. He stood taller than both Logan and I at about 6'2". Handsome more than pretty, he was too hairy for my taste I'm afraid.

After we had all been for a swim Rod sat back and just allowed Logan and I to interact. He seemed to be observing us, perhaps trying to get a handle on the johnnie come lately who had taken his fuck buddy away from him. After an hour of talking shit and generally messing about, with Rod always in the background, Logan headed off to the kiosk to grab us all a soft drink.

I sat back watching him go, enjoying, as always, his rear view.

"You mean a lot to him you know."

I turned and looked at Rodney. "I know Rod; he means a lot to me too."

"I've been watching you both, today, and at other times, without either of you knowing."

"Spying then." A little too tersely, perhaps, but what the hey?

"If you want to call it that and I make no apologies for it either." He paused, only for a moment, then went on.

"Look Jeremy, I don't mean to be a prick about this. I've known Logan my whole life, I love him, I just want him to be happy, to be safe and to know that his partner will be there for him. From what I've seen, and from what Logan has told me, you two have something very, very special. For kids, you are both showing a great deal of maturity in the way you treat one another. I can only hope to find someone that will give me the sort of relationship you guys have."

I wasn't really sure what to say. "Logan is very special to me Rod, I don't know where it will end up, like you say, we're just kids. But I do know that right now my life would be really quite empty without him."

"And Christopher?"

"Oh, I don't know; I have hardly given him a thought since Christmas. He's not been around, away I guess, but I don't think my feelings for him are going to be what they were. I still want him as my friend, but the lust? No, whatever I felt for Chris burnt out when I started with Logan." It was true, I just lost it, now my attention was on someone that really mattered to me, and me to them.

"Good. You need to be strong for him Jeremy. He's sensitive and vulnerable, sometimes too caring, too soft, and he will, sometime in the future, need you to be strong for him. I have been around his family for ever; his Mum is great, so are his younger siblings. His Dad though, and don't get me wrong, there is nothing evil about the man, but his Dad is going to make demands on Logan, academically speaking, that will put enormous pressure on Logan and, as a consequence, on your relationship. Logan will try his guts out to please his old man but it will never be enough. You need to be there when he needs you and step back when it's the right thing to do for him. Do not let him fail Jeremy, it will make things even harder for you both. Logan will need you, in ways you may not yet imagine. I will help when I can, but the onus will fall pretty much upon you. I'm sorry."

I thought for a minute, gathering my thoughts. "As I said Rod, I don't know where this relationship will go, where it will take Logan and I. I'm hoping, I think, that it may take us both a long way together." I hesitated.

He watched me patiently as I processed everything he had said and then looked inside myself to find the right words. The fact was that our friendship had grown from nothing to something quite intense in a very short period of time. We had become close friends and enjoyed each other's company well before we embarked on our sexual relationship. That friendship, I thought, gave us a solid foundation and the sex, well that added another, totally brilliant, dimension. Yes, it was now an integral part of our growing relationship, but it was only a part of the whole. My feelings for Logan were, I realised, running far deeper than I had anticipated.

I was, or at least tried to be, careful with what I said to Rodney next.

"In reality, I mean, really, we've been physically together for less than a month. We were close friends before that and now, well now…." I hesitated, again gathering together what I wanted to say. "It's early days for the pair of us. I know Logan cared for me long before I even knew his name pretty much. But importantly, I care for him now. I promise you, for as long as Logan and I are together, for as long as he is my friend, not just my lover, but my friend, I will protect him, I will care for him and I will support him. Whatever I have to do, whatever the sacrifice, I will be there for him and I will try to be strong. For him."

"Jesus Jeremy. No wonder he wants to be with you. Honestly, that's all I can ask of you. Thankyou."

Neither Logan nor I were, what I would say, academically inclined. Whatever we were going to achieve over the coming years, especially the next two, life defining years, was going to take some very hard work. I wasn't sure I had it in me but I certainly knew Logan could, if he worked for it, be anything. My goal now then would be to ensure he achieved it, whatever the cost to me.

Logan returned then with three Cokes and we resumed where we left off.

Saturday finally arrived. Mum and Dad took off a little after 6.30 so I had some time to kill before Logan was due to show-up around 11.00. This would be my last Saturday off for some time. Mum played tennis regularly every Thursday with a group of ladies and one of them had a brother who owned a wholesale business in the city and who was looking for someone to work Saturdays. The place stocked all types of giftware, from crockery and glassware to jewellery and corny novelty items. I had seen the owner, Mr Charles, a couple of weeks before Christmas and he seemed happy with my attitude so said I could start at the end of January. I would be there most Saturdays from 8.30 to 12.00, longer if necessary, and pick orders, pack them, unpack new stock and generally just help out around the place, doing tasks that the regular week day staff did not have time for. It paid well and Mr Charles seemed OK. It would allow me some financial independence and I could save for a car; like everyone in Australia, I couldn't get my licence until I was 17 so it gave me a bit of time.

I did my normal chores, walked and bathed Barry, hung out some towels, now free of the stench of sex, and waited for my mate to arrive. I had butterflies in my stomach, this was a big event for me, for both of us. I could hardly wait. Logan was true to his word and at 11.00 o'clock, almost on the dot, the front door bell rang. Barry started barking so I told him to shut up - he didn't – and hurriedly opened the door. There was Logan, overnight bag in hand, and looking sharp as always.

"Well, are you going to let me in or what?" he smiled.

I opened the screen door, Barry went straight up to Logan, sniffed his crotch, looked back at me and smiled his goofy Labrador smile. I pulled him back by his collar, looked up at Logan and apologised.

"Sorry man, he likes sniffing balls and arses."

"Just like his boss then." Logan grinned. I shut the doors and turned to face Logan. We buried our faces into each other immediately and stayed that way for ages, Barry looking on. We held each other tight and between kisses and grinding and moaning I managed to say "Fuck it's good to have you here Logan, welcome to my home, it ain't much but it will be ours for a couple of juicy days at least."

He smiled at me, such a warm, embracing smile. "C'mon J, show me around mate, where's our love nest?"

"This way bud." I led him up the hallway to the end bedroom. A double bed stood pride of place against the far wall.

"Fuck, a double J, you never said you had a fucking double." He dropped his bag and jumped onto the bed, laying on his back looking up at me. Gosh but he looked hot. I climbed onto the bed next to him laying on my right side looking directly at him, my left arm over his stomach. He was on my bed, he was laying down next to me and bloody hell he was beautiful. He turned his head to look at me and the next thing I knew I was on top of him and we making out, seriously making out, fully clothed.

"Shit, shit, shit. I'll be back, stay exactly where you are" I leapt up and took off out of the room leaving Logan a little confused. I wasn't away long and we resumed our make-out session. Curiosity got the better of Logan though and between kissing he asked "What the fuck was that about J?"

"Ah yeah, sorry about that man." I stayed on top of him, his legs were parted, our crotches rubbing and pushing against one another and even fully clothed it felt wonderful. "It's my Aunt Dot mate, she, like, lives two minutes down the road and she will check up on me. She also just walks in when she wants, no knocking, you know, so I had to lock the doors man. Sorry."

"That's cool mate. No key then?"

"No, no key." At least I hoped she didn't have a key.

"Fuck man, I thought you'd cum in your pants or something."

"I think I will if you don't do something about this soon." I pushed my wood hard into Logan's, thus commencing another full on session. Logan managed to get my shirt off and I eventually got his nearly over his head but no further, he finished the job and I went to town on his beautiful nipples. I do like tits, even as a gay bloke I still appreciate a fine set of female titties, I just don't want to play with them. I discovered, however, I loved playing and suckling on Logan's nipples and they were perfect. I knew he liked me tending to them too, according to him both had direct lines to his dick. I eventually deserted his nipples though and began working my way down his chest and stomach, kissing and licking as I went. He held my head in one hand, stroking my hair and massaging my scalp. My tongue found his navel and I buried it into it, licking and tasting the light saltiness of his skin.

"Oh fuck J, that's the spot man, fuck oh dear." I stayed a little while there then, pleasuring my lover before I moved on, having now discovered another little Logan hotspot. I followed his treasure trail down to the waist line of his shorts. I could see the outline of his hard-on through the cloth and went down on it, licking it from base to head, squeezing it; a small wet patch at the tip told me of Logan's excitement and I sucked on it, drawing out the lovely flavour of his pre-cum from the fabric. I lifted my head and undid his fly and the single button of his shorts before I pulled them off of him and threw them on the floor. Neither of us wore underwear much these days so he was now totally naked and on my bed. Oh happy days!

I took his leaking cock straight into my mouth, my tongue searching out and finding the produce of his excitement. I had perfected my cock sucking and could now take his full length without gagging. At 6 ½" neither of us were massive, just average, but that suited us both. It could have been 4" and I still would have loved it. I bobbed up and down on him, my left arm stretched up rubbing and teasing his right nipple, my right hand holding his cock, making it obey my desires. I squeezed and stroked it as I went further down and licked his balls, his sack and beyond. Then I journeyed all the way back to my start point, his left nipple, before we kissed again, long and passionately.

Logan forced me to roll off of him and he began his journey of exploration, licking my entire torso, kissing under my arms and teasing and suckling on my nipples. He made his way down my hairless torso, not even a sign of a treasure trail, then, like me before him, he began working my dick through the fabric. He stayed like that for a little while before he just pulled my shorts off my skinny arse. I lay naked before him and he took my entire cock down in one smooth action before coming back up and teasing and manipulating my glans. He then slowly shuffled around, all the while pleasuring my dick, my balls, my body, until his dick was where I could take it. We had 69ed before and it was a great way for us to offload our initial excitement before we got down to the long passionate sex we both enjoyed so much. Of course, nothing was ever hurried between us, even this, the first orgasm of the weekend, took some time, each of us sensing the other's impending climax and each of us stopping, allowing our partner to settle before we renewed our efforts to again bring our partner to the precipice.

For the third time that morning I could feel my climax rising, I could sense Logan's too as his balls started to tighten and one of us, it never mattered who, decided it was time; instead of calming the situation we both increased our efforts to bring each other to the climax we so desired, so needed. Both of us went over the edge, only seconds apart, and we took the offering we gave each other gratefully and wholly. Logan moved up the bed after our climax's had abated and there was nothing more to extract from our half wilted dicks. We kissed, tasting each other, and lay in each other's arms, contented and satisfied, at least for a little while. We stayed that way for some time, not talking, just enjoying the feel of each other's body against the other, enjoying the company of someone who was so close, so caring and so in tune with the other's needs.

We both have dozed off; eventually, I awoke with a start. I was still safely ensconced in Logan's arms, my head resting on his shoulder. I looked up, his eyes were closed. I looked the other way and Barry was standing right there, staring at us, wagging his tail. I looked down our bodies, both of us were now totally flaccid then checked the bedside clock; 1.30, OK, no wonder I felt a tad hungry. Logan moved a little and stretched out. I sat up and kissed him lightly on the lips, rubbing his chest.

"Fancy some lunch, my man?"

"Shit yeah, I'm starving."

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