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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 4

We both threw our shorts back on and went out to the kitchen. I had done a small amount of research into Logan's likes and dislikes regarding food and had asked Mum to ensure the fridge was stocked accordingly. I took days finalising the menu, which looking back now was pretty basic, but back then, for a couple of 15 year olds, it suited us down to the ground.

I cooked up a bundle of toasted ham and cheese sandwiches which we devoured, washed down with Coke. "You have enough Loges? I can do some more if you want."

"Man, that was some good grub J, but I am as full as a tick my man. I'll clean up, you cooked, I clean. Sit your arse down."

"Logan, you're my guest, you're not supposed to work while you're here."

"Fuck that man, we share everything, OK?"

"OK, I guess. I'll just sit here and look pretty then shall I?"

"Pretty? You're fucking gorgeous."

"Logan, really?"

"J, when you gonna get through that thick but very lovely scone of yours that you are bloody beautiful?"

"If you say so Loges, thank you. And right back at you."

"Thanks J, now how do I clean up, do we just throw this dirty shit away and start again or what?"

We fucked around for a while just being dicks really. I helped Logan put stuff away since he was in unfamiliar territory. I just put the last plate away when I heard the side gate open then click shut.

Aunty Dot.

Sure enough, a few seconds later Aunt Dot banged through the back door. "Jeremy, how's my favourite nephew then - shut up Barry – and this must be Logan, yes?"

"Hey Aunty, yep this is Logan."

"Nice to meet you ummm……"

"Just call me Dot or Dottie, Logan, All good, what?"

"OK, ahh, Dot."

We had a quick chat, she always seemed to be in hurry. Her and her husband, Uncle Patrick, were going out shortly to visit friends (excellent) but if we wanted we could go to dinner at her place Sunday night. I politely declined saying Mum had loaded the fridge up for us so all was well. She was happy with that; said she would catch us tomorrow and have a great night. And off she went, as quick and sudden as her arrival.

"She seems pretty cool."

"What can I say Logan, like the rest of this family she is just one cool dude."

"Hah, cool indeed, but not me man, I'm fucking roasting."


"Nah, we could take a cold shower maybe, you know, together?"

Back in the 70's, air conditioning was a luxury my family couldn't afford and back yard swimming pools were rare commodities indeed.

"We can go under the sprinkler if you want Loges. Cool off a bit and maybe fool around a little in the great outdoors?"

"Top notch idea J."

We went up to our room and changed into boardies and ran outside. I turned the tap on and squirted Logan. Thus began an afternoon of water-sports, Barry joined in, running around barking and getting as wet as Logan and I. Logan shoved the hose down the back of my boardies, I reciprocated and somehow, no more boardies on either of us. Thankfully the yard was not overlooked by nosy neighbours otherwise they would have seen two very randy boys running around with very hard hoses. We stopped in the shade of a big old tree, Logan holding the hose above us a squirting the top of our heads. I stepped in and we kissed, meshing our hard cocks together. He dropped the hose to the lawn.

"Hold up J, I need a piss mate."

"That's OK Logan." I kept my arms around him, not letting him move away.

"What the fuck J, I need a piss, man, and it's not gonna wait, you know what I'm saying?"

"You know what I'm saying, Logan? Here's just fine."

"What? Really? Oh wow, you are one kinky fucker you are." But he stopped resisting. I wasn't quite sure what had come over me but the whole idea of Logan pissing between us was turning me on no end. As we pushed our cocks into each other's stomachs, the eyes of both looked up at us as we looked down at them. Pissing when sporting a raging fat is no easy task. Anyone with morning wood trying to piss in the toilet will vouch for that. But pissing with one pointing straight up is downright dangerous.

We both watched "Are you going to piss or what?"

"Easy big man, here it comes……"

And here it came alright. It shot out of Logan like a bloody firehose, streaming straight up and hitting me on the chin and just about in my mouth, then splashing down between us. I let Logan go and stepped back complaining like hell.

"Fuck, Logan, fuck". He was giggling like a school girl. He wasn't holding his dick at all and was just swaying his hips from side to side, with his dick waving around and the fountain going everywhere; it was bloody funny, I have to admit. I grabbed the hose and washed myself down while I watched, trying to work up a piss myself. Thanks to all the running water I started too and we crossed swords several times before Logan's mammoth piss dried up. I continued on until I was finally drained.

"Geez J, sorry man, it was a crazy thing, yeah?"

"You got that right my little piss buddy. You had some pressure there, I got what I deserved I reckon."

"Nah J, I liked that, I liked that we could do that and not be funny about it. It made me awfully horny Jeremy."

"Me too Loges, maybe we'll try again sometime, with some control measures perhaps." We laughed again as I hosed off Logan, ridding him of any of his piss before we stepped in and resumed our make out session.


"That's me babe." Babe? That was new wasn't it?

"You remember our first time; you know, in the shower stall?"

"I'll never forget it J".

"You know how you wanked us off, you know, like, with both our dicks together?"

"Yes J, I remember. I also remember you seemed to like it, like it a lot."

"Do you think, maybe….".

"Of course, Jeremy. We didn't finish that way, did we? You just hold on a tick." He went off to where our boardies lay on the grass and picked up his. He pulled out the ever-present tube of KY and came back.

"Do you carry that everywhere you go?"

"Not everywhere I go Jeremy. Everywhere we go. Just never know where or when we may need it when you and I are together."

"You know you looked right hot when you were dancing around pissing don't you?"

"I didn't, no. But thank you. Now you look right hot, and flustered, and need Doctor Dick Charmer to do his thing."

Do his thing he did. Logan covered his right hand and our dicks in lube then took both our dicks in his hand. Slowly he worked the lube around both of us. As he did so I leant in and kissed him. We rested our heads together at the foreheads, both watching his actions and then looked up and kissed. He started using both hands so I began stimulating us both with mine; nipples, sacks, wherever it felt good. I held his head in one hand, my thumb massaging his cheek. Logan always enjoyed that.

Dr Dick was a good wanker; he alternated speeds perfectly and tightened grip when required, he was a skilled doctor for sure. Our dicks slid over each other, sliding around, over and under one another, stimulating every part of them. The feeling of Logan's touch was wonderful. I was beginning to believe that mutual wanking need not be just a way to get off, it could be as passionate and stimulating as any other form of sexual gratification and Logan's skills were ensuring this was all that and more.

I placed my left hand on his, not to control but to support and encourage. Looking at Logan's face, his eyes closed, his mouth half open with the occasional bite of the lower lip, I knew he was close. I certainly was, his deft touch was getting me there quicker than I thought. He slowed a little and looked at me smiling, "Not yet my man, not quite yet."

"All in good time, babe." Oh, OK, now I used it and it sounded good, natural even. We had no pet names, maybe we should. He smiled, that ever charming smile, and then he decided that perhaps it was nearly time. He stepped up the pace just a little, we both moaned and grunted.

"Ohh…." I shot a load straight out hitting him in his nuts then the rest dribbled out lubricating our dicks and sending him over the edge. Three nice shots of his white jizz hit me in the lower stomach, thigh and my bush. He held on, squeezing every last drop out of our dicks, both of us were breathing hard. We began harvesting each other's orgasms, feeding ourselves and each other. Then we hosed each other off, the water taking away the last of what was a wonderful climax.

"Thank you, Logan, you are truly a charming dick."

"Dick Charmer, idiot"

We hugged, our half hard dicks again nudging each other.

We dried one another off and then went inside, still naked. "Monopoly?"

"Sure J, let's get this started, naked Monopoly. How cool is that?"

We sat naked at the table, the table where my family ate and drank, where Mum gossiped and Dad had his Sunday beer. Ahhh, freedom. It was wonderful! We played the game, but not too seriously, with our dicks never being anything less than half hard. Somehow, we always found a reason to touch each other, not necessarily on erotic zones, just touch, as if we were familiarising ourselves with the other's body. The sea breeze came in and slowly the afternoon temperature went down. 5.30 came around and I asked Logan if he would like a beer.

Logan and I had not really gone too far with alcohol; when we were at parties or just with each other we found that being together was a high in itself, even before we started our sexual exploits. That's not to say we never drank; a few beers here and there wasn't going to be an issue. Mum and Dad were quite liberal with the drinking and had said we could maybe have one or two a day each if we wanted. There were always a few cans or stubbies of the local brew in our fridge.

"Yeah sure man, we can go outside maybe and sit on the lawn?"

"Sure mate, you head out. I'll get the beers and some munchies."

"Sounds like a plan." Logan headed out, I grabbed the brews and a large bag of chips (crisps) from the pantry.

Logan had laid a couple of towels out on the lawn under the big tree where not so long ago he had jerked us off. We were both still naked, although our boardies were nearby, just in case. You know, Aunt Dot, an ever-present danger. Logan was laying down on one towel. I sat on the other and passed him a beer.

"Thanks, Jeremy, cheers."

"To my best mate."

"'And to you too, babe. Ooo, Samboy BBQ chippies, excellent." The local branded chips were Logan's favourite and we both chowed down on them, chugging our brews, talking shit and gradually edging closer to one another.

Very soon the beer, and the chips, were forgotten as we starting making out, first on our sides facing one another then with Logan on top of me. We ground our dicks into each other, sliding up and down and pushing, our pre-cum lubricating our efforts. I loved that our balls were a part of it, rubbing, riding over each other, writhing in absolute pleasure. We were both in the zone, deep kissing and touching each other everywhere. We had never dry humped before; sure, we had been close and rubbed and pushed when making out but this was different, this was full on sex in a very pure form. I reached around and grabbed Logan's bum cheeks, squeezing them and massaging them, pushing them, trying to put more pressure on both our raging cocks.

We were both making those grunts, groans and moans that indicated we were being stimulated to perfection and we both pushed as hard as we could, maximising our pleasure. Logan was sweating, he was doing much of the work so I asked him to flip, we never missed a beat and Logan started massaging and pushing on my arse cheeks. This was fantastic, laying in my backyard with him, humping away; I never wanted it to end.

We kissed, moaned, and ground ourselves into each other, it was awesome. All too soon I could feel things rising and I knew Logan too was close by the subtle differences in the noises he would make. He grunted and whimpered and I could feel things were pretty wet down below, further lubricating my dick. I lasted another minute before I too let my load loose, further messing up our stomachs. We both rested, kissing a little but it was too warm to stay like that so I rolled off Logan and looked at the sperm carnage.

"Shit Jeremy, that was a nice piece of impromptu sex. I've never done that before; it was pretty effing good man."

"Abso-fucking-lutely Loges, my first too. Next time maybe we get your trusty tube of KY on to it, yes?"

"Oh yeah, good idea man."

Our repertoire was certainly growing; the dirty weekend was ensuring that we were not going to be bored little buggers in our sex life. And bloody hell, it wasn't even 8 hours since Logan had arrived and already we had lost our loads three times. One of the joys have being a teenager, I guess. I got up and walked over and turned on the hose, then thought better of it. I went back to Logan who was still flat out and I lay next to him. I began licking my way through the mix of cum on his lower chest, stomach, dick and balls, it tasted really, really good, our cum seem to complement each other. Logan just watched, resting on his elbows, as I cleaned him up then he started on me.

"Better than anything on Earth J, and it's supposed to be good for you too!"

"Then we're going to be damn healthy, Logan."

I got up and walked over to the tap and turned it on. Logan stood too and I washed any remnants away, rubbing down Logan's stomach, balls and dick, freeing him of any residue and having a damn good time doing it. He then took the hose and started on me, taking his time and kissing me as he went. I wondered if cum was good for the lawn? By the time he finished it was well after 6.00, so I thought it time to turn on the gas barby and get things ready for dinner.

We dried off then went inside and threw on some shorts and tees, I wasn't going to cook naked, no way. Mum had bought a couple of big, thick steaks and some sausages for us and a huge potato salad was waiting in the fridge to hog down on. I took the meat out to the BBQ and Logan carried out a couple more brews.

"How do you like your meat Logan?"

"Generally in your mouth Jeremy, but you should know this. I am disappointed, you're not much of a lover if you don't know that."

"And I'm the idiot, geez Loges." We just smiled at each other, it was so easy to talk shit and joke and laugh with Logan. It was not always about the sex, it was great sex, but his company was just as important to me.

"Medium will do me perfectly buddy. This beer's going down a treat J, sex must make me thirsty."

"Yeah, it is good, nice and cold. Perfect." I put the steaks on the grill and a dozen snaggers on the plate. Everything was soon sizzling away. Logan came up and stood behind me, his arms around me, watching me as I demonstrated my cooking skills. It seemed right, us together like that.

Once everything was cooked I took it inside, retrieved the salad from the fridge and we both helped ourselves to it all. We washed it down with another beer and I let go a massive burb, even Barry looked impressed. Logan, not to be outdone, also let rip a pearler but hacked up and coughed. "Fuck, I nearly threw up some of that fine tucker, dang Jeremy, you win."

We sat at the table laughing and joking, then Logan began to clean up. "Piss off now Jeremy, I'll do it all. You go turn the telly on and see what exciting shit is on for us."

There didn't seem much point arguing, I went into the lounge and turned on the box. In 1974, Australia was still a year away from colour TV so it wasn't that great a thrill. I checked the guide and there was some old movie on so I switched the channel and sat on the sofa finishing my beer. I could hear Logan in the kitchen messing around and singing, actually singing, and, well, he sounded pretty damn good. That would go into the memory banks.

The beer, the full stomach and the day's events had caught up with me I think, I felt very mellow and closed my eyes. I heard Logan come in and he sat next to me on the sofa, his legs curled up under him and his head resting on my shoulder. I kissed his head and put my arm around him.

"Everything OK babe?"

"Yeah J, all good. Feeling a little weary after that great feed."

'Yeah me too. Just sit here and vego out for a while?"

He didn't answer, he just snuggled into me more. I kissed his head again and shut my eyes. We must have been there for a while, the movie was just finishing when I woke up, Logan was still in the same position, breathing deeply. I couldn't move then; I would have to wait. Barry looked like he wanted to go out and I was starting to get the beginnings of the need to take a dump. I sat there though and reflected on the last four weeks. Logan and I had tried so many ways to have sex with one another; it always seemed to be an adventure and it was quality sex too. It was always passionate, intimate, sensual and long. Gosh it was long. And it was always accompanied by those quiet moans, grunts, whimpering's (Logan), ooohs and aaahs that signified total pleasure. The sounds were often punctuated with some ripe old profanity and blasphemous turns of phrase but these were not harsh things like "fuck me harder". No, never that. They were just another expression of our pleasure.

Logan stirred beside me and looked around, momentarily lost. He looked at me and smiled, I always loved that smile, and I smiled back. "Welcome back stranger, good kip?"

He stretched and yawning said "Fully revitalised J, all set for another round of happy, happy fun times."

"Sounds excellent my man, but first I need to drop a log, then take Barry for a quick walk. After that, we shower."

"And after that J?"

"Wild, passionate lovemaking, all fucking night!"

"That sounds perfect. Go do your business then Jeremy. Don't be long, I'll miss you."

I got up and trotted out to the toilet. The house only had one, off the laundry at the back of the house so at least Logan wouldn't hear the sound effects. That was the one bodily function we had not seen each other do and I was not in a hurry to share it either.

I finished up quickly, washed my hands, grabbed Barry's lead, hooked him up and then the three of us set out into the night. The sea breeze had dropped and the first wisps of the hot easterly wind stirred the trees. Barry's main walk was in the mornings, this one was really just a pre-bed piss and poo for him. There was an un-kept laneway that ran behind the houses on the opposite side of the road to mine and we headed there. It was totally dark and pretty private.

"OK J, this is rare earth. Perfect for jack off sessions don't you think?"

"Ahh, yeah, well, I have jacked off down here. With Mathew a few times. I told you about him."

"Yes mate, yes you did. It's OK, J. No quick jerkoffs for us tonight!"

Barry did his business and we made our way down the lane holding hands and then on and back up my street. Logan was already taking his shirt off as we went through the front door and, as soon as Barry was freed from his leash, Logan began undressing me. We both went into the bathroom naked and waited for the water to be a little warm before hopping under. Logan began washing me, the suds flowing over my body as he caressed and rubbed every square centimetre of me. He spent some time washing and playing with my dick and balls and later, with my ring. He was always gentle and careful here and never once tried to penetrate with his fingers. I had offered myself to him several times but he had refused each time, making no excuse. I did enjoy his touch there though and tended to moan with pleasure a lot when he was in the vicinity.

He finished cleaning me and I took my turn to care for and clean my lover. His body was beautiful, I loved touching him and rubbing him. We were both just skinny kids with no form but we loved each other's bodies as if they were those of gods. I finished washing Logan with a long session around and in his hole. We both knew what was coming so it was only natural to begin some of our foreplay here in the shower. I soaped then rinsed Logan of any suds as I rubbed and pushed on his puckered little hole. After a short time, I slowly inserted my middle finger and was rewarded with the usual sounds of pleasure from him. As I did so, I kissed his neck and nibbled his left ear. His left arm extended back and he took my dick in his hand, squeezing and slowly pulling it.

Shortly, I withdrew my finger and turned Logan so we faced one another; we kissed deeply, then I turned off the shower and we stepped out, dried each other slowly, tenderly and went up to our room. I turned off all the lights other than my lava lamp and the one in the hall. This gave us a nice, moody amount of light to make love to. As I took care of the lights, Logan climbed onto the bed and lay there on his back looking at me set things up, his manhood hard, pulsing and lying in wait on his belly. A small bundle of towels sat nearby for later and I grabbed one now to place on the bed, protecting the sheets from any mess we might, we would, produce. When I was satisfied with the lighting I climbed into bed and, without laying on top of Logan, began making out with him.

We each stroked and squeezed each other dicks as we kissed until eventually Logan pulled out and pushed me down onto my back. He then started on each of my nipples, working his way down my chest and stomach, just as he had done earlier in the day. He took my dick in his hands, kissed it and rubbed his lips all over it before he made his way to my balls, licking and mouthing each in turn before returning to my dick which he took deep into his mouth. I shuddered in pleasure as he worked on my wood. Then, releasing it from captivity, he worked his way back up to my mouth and we returned to kissing and nibbling one another.

After a while I began my long, slow journey down his body, licking and kissing wherever my tongue took me. His firm little nipples gave both of us great pleasure before I moved on and buried my face in his pits, kissing them, licking them. I reached his little treasure trail and followed it down and around his bush, ignoring his leaking cock. I licked, kissed and tongued his balls, then, not wanting to wait any longer, began to work his magnificent cock with my hands, my lips, my tongue. Logan groaned in pleasure and I took him into my mouth, deep throating the only dick I had ever sucked. I could taste Logan, the pure, nutty flavour of his pre-cum and the hint of sweat from the warm night. I left his dick and moved back to his balls before moving on and beyond. Logan adjusted himself, raising up and placing a pillow under his bum, lifting it and giving me unfettered access to my goal.

I began kissing it, licking it and trying to penetrate it with my stiff tongue. Logan moaned and squirmed in pleasure, both hands first down his sides, squeezing the sheets in ecstasy before allowing them to roam and touch, pinch and rub his nipples, his body, his dick. I was on my knees leaning forward into his hole, my hands holding him up and manipulating his cheeks. My tongue penetrating and opening his outer sphincter as he relaxed and flexed. Finally, I pulled off and grabbed the KY, squirting a load onto my right fingers. Slowly, tenderly, my middle finger entered Logan and I wiggled it around. Fuck but he was tight, the inner ring gripping my finger like a rubber band, I pushed in and out all the time working on loosening Logan up for another finger then, eventually my dick. My index finger joined the other inside Logan and I moved up the bed so we could kiss while I pleasured him. I could feel him loosen up as I worked him and eventually, I pulled my fingers out. Logan sighed then shifted himself, throwing the pillow back up the bed, and grabbed the KY. He pushed me back onto the bed, then put a dollop of KY on my dick and rubbed it up and down my shaft. Then he climbed over me, one knee either side and my cock behind him. He took a hold of it and guided it to his hole and slowly impaled himself on me.

It was a sensation I never tired of, tight, warm, all encompassing. Logan began lifting and lowering himself on me, I used my hips to compliment his movements while rubbing his thighs. He leant in and we kissed, never breaking the rhythm of our love making. His cock, almost sandwiched between us, leaked pre-cum and when I had access I scooped it up with my fingers and fed us both. Logan stretched, his back arched, his head high, with eyes closed and mouth half open. His left hand rubbed his body while his right rubbed my chest and stomach. My left hand held his right hip, my right fondled his dick and sack. It was long, slow, sumptuous even. Logan looked so elegant in this position and I adored him for it.

Finally, I could feel my climax rising, I picked the pace up a little and Logan looked at me with that smile and stayed with me. I came deep inside my friend, intense pleasure taking us both. Logan leaned forward and we kissed, holding one another as my orgasm subsided. Logan dismounted and slid up my torso, his unsatisfied dick presented for my pleasure. I took him deep into my mouth and worked his cock with my tongue and lips. I could feel his impending climax and pulled back so that it exploded onto my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I continued to suck and manipulate until there was no more to be gained.

Logan moved himself off me and lay beside me, a small puddle of my own cum on my chest. I kissed Logan and grabbed a towel to clean up some of the debris.


"I reckon so J, you filled me up, sorry about the snail trail man."

"It's OK Loges, C'mon, I'll wash you clean and shiny, babe."

We showered and made out but our dicks remained flaccid, finally sated after a day of wonderful and varied sex. I cleaned Logan of my climax and we dried each other off before we went back up to the double bed. I threw the dirty towels on the floor, turned off the lava lamp and we climbed in, naked and no covers. I lay on my left side, right leg in front of my left. Logan snuggled in behind me, his right leg between both mine and his flaccid dick against my crack.

"G'night Logan, thank you"

"Night J, and thank you." He lifted his head, leant over and kissed me on the cheek. As he settled back his right arm came over my body and held my chest. I sighed, deeply, contentedly, this was amazing, sleeping with the boy that I cared for so much and quite simply adored. Life was wonderful. I drifted off into a dreamless and deep sleep.

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