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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 6

We took Barry back to the laneway, the same as the night before. The conversation we had just concluded confirmed what I had been feeling for a while, in fact almost right from the very beginning, that there was a very special bond developing between Logan and I and that the decision not to go further with Mathew, let alone with any other blow in, was the right one. I was really happy too that Logan had made the same decision, virtually at the same time as me. It made me feel secure in our relationship and I hoped that Logan felt the same way. Neither of us seemed afraid or reluctant to be totally frank and honest with each other and I believed that was yet another solid block on which to build a lasting relationship, one that now boasted a strong commitment to one another. My negative side kept telling me that it was all happening too fast but no matter how I looked at it, it felt so right, that we were supposed to be exactly where we were.

Both Logan and I joined Barry in having a leak in the laneway, it was a most enjoyable piss and we crossed swords once or twice before I reached across and took control of Logan's dick. He responded by doing the same and for the first time since being a toddler, someone else held me while I took a piss. We both found it to be an interesting exercise and by the time we finished were both sporting half hard dicks. I put Logan's back into his shorts as he did the same for me and then we kissed and headed home. A laneway was no place for us, not when we had a comfortable double bed on which to undertake our sexual exploration. And tonight, I wanted to explore.

We cleaned our teeth, sharing the bathroom sink, and then I locked the doors for the night, turned off all the lights and went up to our room. Logan was waiting, naked on the bed illuminated only by the lava lamp. He looked gorgeous. I took off my tee and shorts and lay down next him, me on my right side, Logan on his left; our hands explored each other's faces and bodies as we just looked at each other. I adjusted myself a little and kissed Logan, our tongues meeting straight away in a passionate oral tussle. I pulled off and began an exploration of Logan's entire body, starting with his forehead and then kissing and licking his entire face, torso, arms, hands, sucking each of his fingers then moving on to his pits and legs. I ignored his cock and balls for now, preferring to find new zones that turned my boyfriend on. I licked his feet and took each of his toes into my mouth before I began working my way back up his legs and body, back to his beautiful face.

I asked him to roll over onto his stomach and I started my exploration all over again as I kissed and licked my way from his neck, shoulders and back. I paused to massage and knead his shoulders then my tongue traced his spine, all the way to his crack before I moved straight to his thighs, his calves and his heels. Back up I went, telling him to roll over again as I began my oral pleasuring on his sack and balls. Finally, I took his leaking cock into my mouth, licking, kissing and sucking him clean of his excitement and then taking it deep into my mouth and throat. Logan writhed and twisted with pleasure as I continued my assault on his manhood and he used his own hands to pleasure his nipples. My left hand found its way to his hole and, as Logan spread his legs, I began to massage his grommet, eliciting deep moans of pleasure from him.

I left his cock and began my journey back to his wonderful lips, detouring to, and staying with, for a while anyway, each of his nipples. My left hand remained at his hole, teasing and stimulating it as I took Logan's mouth and kissed him deeply. Then I began my journey back down toward his cock, kissing and licking every inch of his beautiful body. I took his cock back into my mouth, my tongue flicking under the glans and around it. I moved between Logan's legs, lifting them so I had clear access to my goal. I began orally stimulating his hole, licking at it, kissing it, blowing on it. My hands were gripping either side of Logan's torso and I rubbed each of his nipples with my thumbs. Logan was squeezing and stroking his cock, making sounds of pleasure and contentment. My tongue continued its assault on his hole as I stiffened it, trying to penetrate its first line of defence. My own cock was nearly bursting from its skin, it needed release.

I pulled off Logan and I climbed off the bed and grabbed the KY from the dressing table. I smeared my fingers with it together with my raging hard-on before I again assaulted Logan's beautiful rosebud. He lifted his legs into the air providing me with the access I needed and my middle finger entered him, slowly, carefully. I pulled it nearly out and back again, twisting it, bending it trying to give my beautiful man maximum stimulation. As he loosened a little my index finger joined the other and they began the dual pleasuring of his hole and lining. Finally, he was ready and I pulled my fingers from him and lined my dick up with him. I pushed slowly, steadily and gradually my cock disappeared into Logan as he moaned and whimpered with pleasure; he wrapped his legs around me as I leant forward and kissed him, steadily building my pace up as I thrust my dick deep within him.

I leant back and grabbed his dick, rubbing his pre-cum all over it, concentrating on the head, pleasuring it as mine was pleasured inside him. Then I leant forward again and we kissed time and time again as our passion took control. Our breathing became erratic, my senses told me that I was close. I looked at my lover and thought that he too might be nearly there. I increased my pace a little and tried desperately to go deeper into his chute. I sat back just in time to see his cock give a jerk and then two or three wonderful squirts of cum erupted from him as my own orgasm took over and I came deep inside my boyfriend. I leant forward, spreading Logan's cum over us both and we kissed, long and deep. My wilting dick slowly exited Logan and finally I sat up and looked at my man. He looked back at me and we smiled. I placed my right hand on the side of his face and rubbed gently with my thumb. He nuzzled in and closed his eyes.

I got a clean towel and wiped down Logan's dick, balls and stomach then did mine. It was still early, 9.30 or thereabouts so we decided to shower and clean ourselves of the remains of our lovemaking. We walked down to the bathroom with our arms around each other and as I turned the taps on Logan kissed me. He was, surprisingly, still hard and seeing him in that state made my half hard dick wake up fully. We climbed in under the shower head and again kissed, our dicks once more sandwiched between us. We began sliding over each other, stimulating our cocks and our balls as we rubbed, pushed and ground ourselves together, the warm water lubricated us and our passion, so recently sated, grew. It was as if the commitments we had made to one another earlier had awakened a new level of passion within us both, we both needed to pleasure the other, now, any way we could.

Our arms, our hands, were all over each other as our bodies squashed, teased and stimulated our dicks, our eyes kept meeting, and we continued kissing and moaning, drowning in sexual desire. Our balls, so recently emptied, were again surging, boiling, so close to yet another wonderful climax. My right hand held Logan's head, my left rubbed his back. His hands were on my bum cheeks, rubbing them, pushing them. Our tongues continued their tussle as I reached my climax, grunting, moaning and letting loose a small barrage of swimmers as Logan did the same, smothering our stomachs, our cocks and balls in each other's climax. We stayed together, holding one another as the water began to wash away our orgasms.

When we eventually separated we washed each other down, soap and water taking away the last vestiges of our pleasuring. I washed Logan's bum and hole, the water had done its job here too, then we dried each other as we always did. When we were done we walked back up to our room and lay down, again facing one another, then I shuffled across a little so that we were in each other's arms., Logan resting his head on my neck and shoulder. We drifted off to sleep that way, a tangle of arms and legs and I was never more contented.

I awoke sometime through the night, the light was still on and we had somehow, in our sleep, moved so that we resumed the position that seemed to suit us both. I was on my left side, my right leg in front of my left and Logan was right up against me, his flaccid dick in my crack, his arm over me as if to draw us closer together. I went back to sleep comfortable in our closeness.

Never before in my life had I woken up to such a wonderful thing. My boyfriend lay behind me, kissing and nuzzling my neck while his hand gripped and pulled my morning wood as his own cock slid between my legs, the head nudging my balls with every thrust.

"Good morning, dearest, woke up a little horny did we?" He smiled as I looked over my shoulder at him.

"I got a bit randy, yes. I waited but you wouldn't wake up so I thought a little bit of stimulus would do the trick. Was it wrong to do such a thing?"

"Fuck no babe. It would be wrong to stop."

"You like, yes?"

"Yes, my man, I do like. I would like it even more if you got some of your magic gel and used your long, elegant fingers on, or rather, in me."

"Really? You sure J?"

"Logan, yes, please let's not go through this every time I want you in me. Please?"

"Sorry babe, I'll try to be good." He looked behind him and managed to grab the KY without having to get out of bed. I lifted my right leg allowing him full access as he pushed out a good wad of KY onto his middle and index fingers of his right hand. He pushed his middle finger around my hole and then up against it as I pushed back; it slid slowly in forcing some rather loud moans from me. As he stretched and stimulated my bum he returned to kissing and nuzzling into my neck. I turned my head and we kissed. No morning breath here. I couldn't have cared if there was. I moaned, trying to control the volume.

Logan continued to stretch me open and eventually his index finger joined its mate in pleasuring me. Logan's dick remained untended and I felt a little guilty. I reached behind and took hold of it, squeezing and stroking it. It was wet and slimy around the head from his pre-cum and I rubbed it all round, further stimulating him and forcing more pre-cum to ooze from his slit. He continued kissing me and nuzzling as he fingered my hole. Then I felt his fingers slide out and he squirted some gel onto his dick which I then spread around his head and shaft. I took my hand away and he scooted forward a little, lining his dick up with my hole, ready and waiting. Slowly he pushed forward, the head sliding in as the sphincters stretched to take him. He pushed a little more and I could feel him sliding home, his head gliding over the lining, stimulating me and forcing more moans and groans from me.

"Oh shit J, you're so hot, so tight, shit a brick, I love this Jeremy."

Once he had filled me he waited while I became used to his beautiful cock planted in my rear.

"OK babe, give it your best."

He began slowly pumping in and out giving us both stimulus; I starting flexing my butt muscles, experimenting with what I could do to further enhance the experience for us both. Flex too hard and Logan could barely move inside me and it hurt, we didn't want that. Flex just right and it was magic. This is what he did for me, when I was in him, multiple little flexes that literally felt like the cock was being milked of it's essence. Logan groaned along with me as I concentrated on pleasuring us both, just as I knew he was trying too. His hips were thrusting and pulling back but each time he did so he would move them a little up or down forcing his head to brush along the lining or hit that wonderfully sensitive spot that sent shivers through my whole body and forced even louder pleasure noises from me. I looked in front of me and there was poor Barry, laying on his bed watching me, his head on one side as he watched his Dad get taken from behind and pleasured by the man his Dad totally adored. I turned my head back to Logan and we kissed. My right arm extended back rubbing Logan's butt and thigh, my left lay spread as I tried to maintain my position. My own hard-on lay untouched, almost painfully hard and dripping pre-cum onto the sheets.

I pushed back onto Logan as he picked up the pace, his sounds of pleasure gaining in frequency and volume, almost echoing my own. Barry was sitting up now looking intently at us, head cocked and a couple of half barks came out before he lay back down, staring at the action unfolding before him. There are no secrets between a man and his dog.

Our breathing was ragged, my dick was close to erupting yet again, for what would be what, my eighth or ninth orgasm for the weekend? Logan's pace picked up and I knew he was about to cum inside me, lining my chute with his pure white cream. I looked down as my own dick let go, an orgasm that splattered over the unprotected sheets, not as much as normal but still an intense and pleasurable experience. Logan held me and stayed in me as he kissed and nibbled my neck and shoulder. Eventually I shuffled forward a little allowing Logan's dick to slide out and then I turned over to face him and we made out, luxuriating in each other's company and the pure happiness of being together. We stayed that way for some time as we regained our breath and our sweating bodies returned to some normality.

"Bloody hell J, that's intense man, you are so tight and sensitive and wow that sex, you make me feel like, fuck I don't know."

"As long as I make you feel good Logan, I just want you to feel good and cared for."

"Oh shit J, you do that alright. But there's more I think."

"As if we are one?"."

"Yeah, it's like that, like we are just one being."

"It's fucking great isn't it?"

"My word it is, Jeremy."

"Always and forever Logan."

"Always J, always and forever."

We stayed a little longer in bed and then we both got up, Logan had leaked out of me wetting the sheets and dribbling down my right thigh. I didn't care, sheets could be washed. Logan wiped himself and me with a towel then went out for his morning crap while I went and hopped in the shower. He joined me shortly after and we went through our post sex ritual.

We dried each other, went up to our room and put on some shorts. I put a tee on too since I was going to cook up a feast of bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast on the BBQ. I got everything out of the fridge and Logan helped me carry it all outside. I turned the barby on and waited for the plate to get hot. The day was clear, warm and just a hint a sea breeze. It was going to be a cooler day then. I threw on the tomatoes, then the bacon. Logan went back in and got some bread ready in the toaster and grabbed a couple of plates and some utensils. Once the bacon was getting close I put four eggs on the plate and called out to Logan to put the toast on. By the time that was ready so was everything else. He brought the plates out complete with toast and we piled on the food. We sat at a small table outside and dined al fresco.

"Top notch feed again young Jeremy, I could eat this way every day my man."

"Mmmmm. Me too but I think we might finish up with fat little bellies buddy."

"Bull, not with the exercise we're getting. I've never cum so much in my life J. I don't know where it's all coming from."

"I know man, that last one, there wasn't a lot but it still felt fucking sensational."

"It did mate. I like you in me J, but I like being in you too."

"Yeah, I know what you mean babe, I think it's a good thing though, you know, having a wide range of things we can do together, share together."

"Too right.

"Say, Jeremy?"

"Yes mate?"

"When do you turn 16 babe, it's kind of a special day isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess sweet 16 and all that. I have to wait until May though bud."

"Bullshit. May? Me too."

"Oh yeah; what date?"

"The 15th."

"Bull bloody crap, no fucking way. Dude, that's mine as well!"

"Bullshit. Really? Far out J, that's so cool. We share our bodies and we share our birthdays. Fuck yeah!"

"That's just plain unreal."

"We'll have to do something real special for that day, Jeremy."

"Shit yeah."

We chatted on for a while, nothing special, just general crap then I had a thought.


"Yeah, J?"

"What's your middle name dude?"

"Um, James mate, I thought you knew."

"Nah, doesn't ring a bell at all."

"Why do you ask anyway?"

"I want to name my dick for you, how does Jimmy sound?"

"Fuck Jeremy, you want to name your dick after me? That's real cool babe. Jeremy and Jimmy. Fucking perfect."

We had a bit of laugh over that then cleaned up the brekky stuff before taking Barry for a fairly long walk around the neighbourhood. Once we got back I stripped our bed and the one Logan was meant to have used in the spare room and threw the sheets and all the dirty towels in the wash. While I was doing that Logan put clean stuff on my bed and then the spare. He was handy to have around was my Logan. Once all that was done we put some music on and danced away what remained of the morning. Mrs Phillips was picking Logan up at 11.00 so we needed to be ready for that.

At 10.50 Logan had his bag all packed and we waited at the front door, making out. Just before 11.00 we saw the Phillips family wagon pull up so Logan grabbed his bag and we both walked out to the street.

"Hi Mum, how's it going?"

"I'm good Logan, how about you? How was your weekend boys?"

"Excellent; really good."

"Hi, Mrs Phillips. Logan's a pretty good house guest, he can come again I guess."

She smiled. "Well, we'll see Jeremy, maybe next holidays."

"That would be great. See you at the beach Wednesday Loges, have fun at the dentist tomorrow man."

"Gee thanks mate." Logan smiled as he buckled himself in. "Thanks J, it was an excellent time buddy."

"Thank you Loges. Later man."


I waved as they drove off and then I headed inside. I felt incredibly empty and, after the highs of the weekend, I felt low and lonely. I gave Barry a scratch and a cuddle. My other boy gave me some comfort at least.

The following Wednesday, Logan and I met down the beach; we would be meeting that night so we joined our friends rather than heading to the showers. It was going to be something of a comedown, going back to the shower or the picnic tables, after the freedom and luxury we had experienced over the weekend. We both fervently hoped there would be opportunities in the future to again undertake our pleasuring in such comfortable quarters. I was, however, looking forward to the evening's activities as I had done nothing, either with Logan or myself since he had coupled with me Monday morning.

The morning was Perth's typical summer's day. The wind was light, blowing off shore and the sun had its usual bite to it. A summer in the sun and we were both quite tanned although both of us had to put cream on our noses, they always managed to get burnt otherwise. We were standing, talking to our mates, Daniel and Max.

Other than those I already knew from primary school, Dan had been one of the first blokes I had made friends with at the start of Year 8. Standing about the same height as me, Daniel was absolutely gorgeous. Clear skin, big brown eyes, pink, lush lips, beautiful smile, such bright white teeth, and curly brown hair, Dan was the go to guy for the girls. He always seemed to be out with one girl or another but never any from the sanctum, never. He had a pretty good body too, no chest hair but a lovely treasure trail heading down to his manly delights. Dan and I had enjoyed a couple of wank sessions together early on. He was, I guess, my first wank buddy. I'm not sure how but we finished up in a neighbour's garden at an end of Year 8 party, we didn't touch one another, we both just had a need to offload some cargo. I don't think Dan even looked at me, I certainly looked at him, he had a lovely package for a 13-year-old, uncut (I had never seen one of those before) and an upward bend in his six inches with a nice couple of nuts hanging quite low.

We met up again a few weeks later, just hanging around at a mutual friend's place and we were mucking around in the bedroom. Again, I don't really know how, but Dan and I had our dicks out and once more had a wank session. The friend watched on but did not participate, although he was squeezing his dick a lot in the confines of his shorts. Dan blew onto a dirty tee shirt and I did the same, it was all pretty gross I guess, but Dan seemed to enjoy getting off and I certainly enjoyed watching. I used those images for a while during my self-pleasuring sessions, intermingled with Chris joining in.

And dear, quiet Max. I had befriended him a little after Dan simply because he was so likeable. He was a competitive swimmer and had the body to go with it; even at 15 he was built. Dirty blond hair worn short, blue eyes and thin lips with a killer smile, Max did not say much but when he did you listened. It was normally profound, bloody hilarious or educational. Maxy was a popular lad amongst the crew and I think enjoyed some of the women folk's company on a regular basis. He would never kiss and tell, our Max.

The four of us were standing around in a semi-circle talking, looking out over the ocean. Logan and I were at either end, Daniel and Max in the middle. A few of the crew were around as well, swimming or just lazing on their towels. The day, the location, the company, it was idyllic. And then the peace was broken.

"Boys! You ugly bunch of reprobates, what's happening?" Chris Walters wrapped an arm around my neck and knuckled my head.

"Whoa, what the fu… hey Chris, where the hell have you been man?"

"Down south mate, with the family." He shook hands with all of us and joined us, looking out over our summer playground, standing right beside me with his left arm over my shoulders. I could feel Logan's eyes on me and I knew that he would be watching this interaction carefully. We all talked about the last few weeks, what we had all been getting up to (omitting of course what Logan and I had been getting up to) and where Chris had been for the last six weeks or so.

Chris was a little taller than me, long blond/brown hair parted in the middle. He had brown eyes, a wide mouth with deep pink lips and a healthy tanned face and body. He was pretty solid in build, stocky was the right term I think, and he had a light fuzz on his chest with brown nipples the size of a 20c piece. His treasure trail was pretty patchy and he had a fairly widish arse, nothing like Logan's wonderful attribute. A few of the others walked up and began talking to Chris so I stepped back and went over and sat on my towel. Logan wandered over after a while and sat near to me watching the others chat to Chris.

"All OK, Loges?"

He looked at me, one eye shut in the bright sunshine and smiled. "Couldn't be better J, couldn't be better."

Excellent, Logan was comfortable then with my being around Chris and that was good news indeed. Honestly, Chris had long been history. My crush on him was nothing more than a subconscious need to be with somebody, and for some reason he became the object of that, the object of my lust. I had Logan now, everyone else just paled into insignificance and my commitment to him, our commitment to each other, was, as far as I was concerned, all powerful.

I looked at Logan and thought how lucky I really was to have found not only a like-minded soul but one that cared so much about me and whom I cared equally about too. Logan looked over at me and gave me one of his beautiful smiles. We held our eyes together long enough for each of us to understand. You are mine and I am yours.

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