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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 7

The last week of the school holidays seemed to evaporate in a flash. Logan and I met a few times, both down the beach and at the park, and continued our sexual enjoyment of each other. We knew that our times together would be limited once the new school year began and so it came to pass. We still got to see each other regularly, at recess and lunch mostly. We did not share many classes, with Logan taking a far more difficult route than me. Deep down I felt I had run my educational race, I had no desire to go onto tertiary education and so I took very little interest in most of my subjects. I enjoyed English and English Literature, both involved great teachers and the subjects suited my academic inclinations.

I found myself valuing every moment I could spend with Logan, though there never seemed to be enough of them. I would get butterflies in my stomach when I knew I was going to see him, even if it was only for a few moments between classes. I had always got that fluttery feeling in my stomach when I was going to see him but I had put it down to the excitement of sex; now, even without any promise of that, I still got them.

After a couple of weeks, we did manage to get some sort of a routine where we could meet and spend time together and maybe enjoy each other's bodies. Logan was supposed to go to a study group every Tuesday and Thursday after school, between 3.00 and 5.00pm. Some weeks he would miss one or the other when we would catch a bus that ran on the main road to the south of the school and terminated at our beach. It passed by at around 3.10 and got us to our destination five or ten minutes later. We would disappear into the showers then and spend the next hour enjoying ourselves before catching the 4.30 bus back up to the school. Miss that bus, and we, or at least Logan, were in the shit. That bus would get us back to school in plenty of time to wait for one of Logan's parents to pick him up and I would then wander back to the main road and catch the next bus home. If we wanted to continue these little meetings, then we never missed that 4.30 bus. Keeping my promise to Rod, I would never allow Logan to miss both study periods in any given week no matter how desperate I was to be with him.

We seldom saw each other out of school though, with Logan's social life being held in check big time. We did manage to meet sometimes in the city on a Saturday afternoon after I finished work. Logan would come into town on the premise of buying clothes or something then we would meet and duck off to the movies or have a cheap bite to eat before we would have to head home alone. During all this time I never felt that we were drifting apart, rather the enforced separations worked the other way, drawing us closer together and making us more determined to make the most of our limited time with each other.

I had started work for Dean Charles at the giftware wholesale business the Saturday after our long weekend together. Castledean Gifts was a wholesaler selling to a wide range of retail businesses and on a Saturday I would pack up orders to be despatched around the state. I also unpacked new shipments and picked orders ready for packing and despatch. Mr Charles and I were mostly the only ones working and we hit it off immediately. He was around 50 I guess and would have been a right looker in his day. I found I could talk to him easily and more often than not Logan would somehow appear in our conversations. A few times Mr Charles' partner dropped in for a chat or even to help out. Tony Castle was a little younger than Mr Charles, probably 45ish and he too would have been good looking in his day. Don't get me wrong, I was certainly not into older men, but even I could see that at one time they would have been lady killers. I assumed when Mr Charles called Tony his partner then he meant 'business partner'. It slowly dawned on my dim witted mind that that was not necessarily the case.

Since I was working I decided to change my look a little and had most of my long hair cut off, not quite short back and sides but way shorter than it used to be. Logan loved it and shortened his up as well a few weeks later and he definitely looked hot. Some of the girls commented on our new looks but they could do and say whatever they wanted. It was nice to get the compliments but it certainly wasn't going to change anything between Logan and I.

As summer passed into autumn, we struggled to find somewhere where we could enjoy each other. As the cooler weather set in around April, the use of the showers increased. Too chilly to use the cold showers, surfers and those crazy, cool weather swimmers would use the warm showers previously there for our exclusive use. We found the whole thing a blow to our sexual activity. Likewise, even if Logan could meet for a nocturnal outing to the park, it was getting too cool to strip off naked and partake in our pleasures. We talked about it when we could and struggled to come up with a suitable alternative. We actually thought we may have to resort to just pulling each other off in a dark corner somewhere, a thought that we both abhorred given the freedom that summer had afforded us.

By early April we were becoming a little desperate. We were being foiled time and time again and things were beginning to look extremely grim. I missed Logan, not just for the sex, although that was certainly a big part of it, but also for the pleasure he gave my life as a whole. Then, just when we were at our most desperate, Rodney stepped in.

When it came to Rodney, Logan's Dad was happy for Logan to go off with him anytime. Mr Phillip's sister's only son, Rod seemed to have a very strong influence and used it when required. Logan had told Rod of our difficulties getting together so he had come to the rescue, bringing with him someone new. Rod had started university back in March and had reacquainted himself with an old school buddy, one year older than him, but a right spunk and I think someone that he had played with previously.

Miles Brand was the eldest son of a well-known Perth family. They were unbelievably well off and lived in Dalkeith, one of Perth's exclusive western suburbs south of where my family were situated. Miles could have been a precocious numpty but was, in fact, one of the nicest guys I have ever been given the privilege of knowing. Where Logan, Rod and I behaved pretty straight, Miles did not. He wasn't a raging queen by any means but he was effeminate and that suited him quite well and certainly did not bother any of us. He was also a stunner to look at. Blond hair just over his ears, wonderfully lush pink lips, deep blue eyes, olive complexion, and a roundish, pretty face with sensational dimples when he smiled. He stood about 6' and carried himself with dignity and class.

Rodney and Miles made a handsome couple and they seemed more than happy to assist Logan and me when they could, even though their own relationship was relatively young. Despite the age differences we seemed to click almost immediately. Both Logan and I believed we had a fairly mature relationship and I think that helped in gaining both Miles' and Rod's trust. Our first outing together in early April was just a drive down the coast on a Saturday evening and a casual feed at a small Italian restaurant in Fremantle, the port city that serviced the greater Perth region. We got to know each other and it was soon apparent to us all that this could work. We had a great time, laughing and talking about a wide variety of subjects. Miles was in second year Biomedical Science (pre-med) and he enjoyed regaling us with some of the juiciest case studies that they had to read about. It was a fun night and, despite there being no sex, I was really happy to have had the time with my Logan.

Miles' parents' house was huge and it sat on a massive block overlooking the Swan River, which ran between the hills in the east, through Perth, and emptied into the ocean at Fremantle. The complex, as we called it, included a two bedroom, fully fitted apartment that overlooked a pool the size of a small nation along with a tennis court and cabana. And it was all Miles'. His parents and his three younger siblings were in the big house while Miles had the run of the apartment. Miles had come out to his parents when he was 15 so they welcomed Rod into the family without any complaint and, later, even Logan and I. After our first double date we began to see more of Miles and Rod, joining them regularly for dinner or the movies or some other entertainment, mostly on a Saturday night. We would then all head back to the apartment and stay the night. Thanks to Rod's influence this was never an issue with Mr Phillips and my parents never questioned me too deeply about where I was spending the night. They had met Logan a number of times and liked him so were happy for me to disappear into the sunset with him and his cousin and his cousin's mate.

It was wonderful. Logan and I used the spare bedroom and made very good use of it. It had a king size bed in it, its own ensuite bathroom, complete with shower and a spa bath (jacuzzi), and big sliding doors out to the pool. The apartment itself had a large lounge area, fully fitted kitchen, TV, stereo system and a gas log fire place to sit by on cold winter nights.

Our birthdays were quickly approaching and the four of us decided we should go out for dinner to celebrate our turning 16. Rod and Miles would disappear for a few hours after dinner allowing Logan and I full use of the apartment. Both Logan and I were greatly looking forward to the night, school was on a two week break and he was being held on a very tight leash so we were barely seeing each other. Our birthday fell in the middle of the second week of the break so we would get together the weekend before. Logan and I had not been with each other for a fortnight. We were desperate to get together and tend to the needs of our young bodies.

I worked that Saturday and told Mr Charles about our forthcoming night out and how much we were looking forward to it. He was quite surprised when I told him Logan and I had been born on the same day.

"And have you bought your friend something nice for his birthday then Jeremy?"

"Oh, no, not really, I'm not really sure I know what he wants, we haven't really had much of a chance to talk about anything like that."

"Well, what do you think he would like Jeremy? Perhaps we have something here that would suit?"

Castledean carried a huge range of stuff, one of the lines was sunglasses from a couple of companies, neither being brands I was familiar with at that time. But I did like a couple of styles, one looked like the sunnies pilots wore on TV. It was out of season too, so the stock was discounted to off-load it.

"Ahh, I really like the Ray-Bans sir, neither of us have sunglasses and we do spend a lot of time at the beach, in summer I mean."

"A very good choice young man, I'm sure we can work out a good price for you Jeremy if that's what you would like to give him."

"Yes sir, I think he'll like those."

"OK then, I've got some decent paper around here somewhere. Finish packing that Geraldton order and I'll wrap them up for you."

"Thanks heaps, Mr Charles."

"Ah, you're a pleasure Jeremy, think nothing of it."

So I had my gift for Logan; I hoped he would like them. They weren't cheap but they would suit his lovely face, I knew he would look super cool in them.

I finished work around 1.00pm and caught the bus home then did a few chores around the house and wrote part of an English assignment. By 5.30 I had showered, dressed and packed my overnight bag. I was just hanging around waiting. Finally, 6.00 came up, the designated time for collection, and I kept watch for Miles' car through the lounge window. He pulled up a little after six and I said my goodbyes to the parents and Barry then trotted out to the waiting car. Rod and Miles were in the front and there was my beautiful Logan in the back. He slid over to the right side as I jumped in the left. We all said our hellos and everything and then Logan pounced on me as we drove off, grabbing my head and kissing me. I responded of course and we made out for a short time before Miles told Logan to put his seatbelt back on. Spoil sport.

"Don't worry boys, plenty of time for fun and games later. For sure." Rod smiled back at us.

We chatted about our week, what we were up to through the break and in no time we pulled into a parking spot in Subiaco, barely 5 or 10 minutes east of home and a few kilometres west of the city centre. Miles knew of a great little restaurant that served authentic Mexican. I had never indulged but certainly looked forward to it.

It was great, the boys had a few margaritas while Logan and I loaded on sugars and had a couple of Cokes. The food was fantastic, although some of it nearly blew my head off, I had tears rolling down my face from it but, damn, it was nice. The four of us laughed and carried on like old friends. I guess for Rodney and Logan, well they were old friends; Miles and I were the newbies. But it made no difference; we just enjoyed each other's company and had a ball. When it came time to pay, we all threw in our share of the bill and Miles went up to pay.

We waited for him near the front door and once he re-joined us we headed out and back to the car.

"Now you two birthday boys, Rod and I are going to drop you off at the apartment so you can have a few hours' privacy while we go and dance the night away. We'll probably be back around one or two so that gives you plenty of time to enjoy each other."

It sure did, they dropped us off a little after 9.00pm so we had hours in which to indulge ourselves. Miles let us in, then he called a taxi, they would be drinking and he didn't like driving when he'd had a few. Rod and he left us though and they walked out to the front of the complex to wait for their cab.

We dropped our overnight bags and as soon as they closed the door Logan was on me; we kissed and made out for ages as we reacquainted ourselves with each other. We both squeezed and rubbed our trapped dicks through the denim of our jeans and then I tried taking Logan's pullover off but it proved a bit difficult so we finished up doing our own. Then we unbuttoned the others shirts before we again dove in to make out. It was snug in the room, the air-conditioning was on, but I thought it might be nice to lay by the fire so I broke off the kissing for a moment and turned on the gas fireplace. Logan joined me by the fire and started to unbuckle my belt and undo the top button of my jeans all the while darting in and kissing my face and my lips. Then I did the same to him but also lowered his fly. No underpants of course and his dick seemed quite happy to be released from its warm coverings. Logan undid my fly and released my cock giving it a few light tugs as he did so. We shed our unbuttoned shirts then I squatted down to get Logan's shoes, socks and jeans off of him. He did the same for me and we were finally free and naked. I must say, stripping down in summer is so much easier!

There was a magnificent fluffy rug in front of the fire place and we lay down on that, kissing each other, our hands going everywhere and each of us taking turns to be on top. Logan finally took control and started his downward journey towards my dick. Slowly his mouth wandered downward as he suckled on my nipples and tongued my navel. He wasted no time once he arrived at his goal, taking my rock hard dick into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the head and digging into my slit, taking whatever produce he could. His left hand squeezed and manipulated it making it do his bidding as his right toyed with each of my nipples in turn. I stroked his hair and held his hand as it teased me; all the while his mouth and other hand pleasured my cock. Then he lifted off and began licking my sack, taking each of my balls into his mouth, and sucking on them as his hand continued to stroke my dick. I had missed my man, two weeks was a long time when you adored someone and you had great sex with them.

Logan continued stimulating me, pleasuring me and as he did so he shifted around granting me access, finally, to his stunning dick. I could feel the heat coming off of it as I wrapped my right hand around it, jerked it a few times and then, rewarded with a drop of his nectar, I went down on him; I took him in one long downward movement before coming back up and tonguing and kissing his glans. My hips were slowly pumping in time with Logan's movements and as I got into some rhythm Logan did likewise. My right hand guided and controlled his dick as my left explored his balls and his grommet, rubbing it and massaging it. His own hand was doing the same to me and I groaned in pure ecstasy.

Logan's hips pushed a little harder trying to bury his cock deeper into my mouth. I was very close and suspected Logan was too, his balls tightened and I pressed hard on his perineum, feeling his juices rush forth. He unloaded shot after shot into me, lining my mouth, my tongue, my throat with his white swimmers. He continued on me taking me deep into his mouth as I too let loose a host of my own sticky swimmers. We each suckled on the other's dick, taking everything they had to offer before I finally pulled off and shuffled around to join Logan near the fire. We kissed, deep and long, basking in the firelight, warmed by both it and the sex we had just enjoyed.

We lay there for a while, on our sides looking at one another, kissing and touching.

"It's nice here in front of the fire Loges, snug and comfy."

"It is mate, and if anyone asks we can just say we were roasting some nuts by the fireside."

"Ha, that's pretty good for you, babe."

"Why thank you, kind sir. Now, I'll be back in just one moment."

He got up and I watched as he walked out of the living room, picking up most of our scattered gear as he went. The view was lovely, despite hating it when Logan left me, the view often made up for it, even better if he was naked.

He came back in with a couple of towels and the ever present KY, placing them nearby, then resumed his position on the rug next to me. He took my face into his right hand and rubbed his thumb over my lips, I kissed it as it passed over several times then took it into my mouth, sucking on it. He smiled and as I let it go he moved a little closer and we began to make out, Logan finishing up on top of me with my legs spread allowing him to rub his dick and balls over mine. We were both hard again and as always, the sensation of dry humping with Logan was wonderful. As we did so we kissed and my hands wandered over his head, neck, back and bum, squeezing, massaging and stroking, whatever was appropriate at the time. His right hand held my face again as his left wrapped around my body. Our hips moved in unison as we pleasured each other.

Logan whispered into my ear "J, it's been too long, can I make love to you, babe?"

It had been a long time. Given the volume of our love making when he was in me we had not had an opportunity to couple that way since our dirty weekend. I could think of nothing better.

"My word yes babe, you don't have to ask, not now, not ever." I certainly never asked him if I could take him, it just happened naturally. I wanted that to apply the other way as well.

He stayed on me as he reached over and grabbed the KY, then he kissed me deeply and rolled off. I lay over on my left side, right leg forward and up giving him easy access to my chute. He lay down behind and began preparing me for his hardness. Logan knew it would cause some loud sounds of pleasure as he began massaging and penetrating me. He was right of course. Not as loud maybe as a siren but not far off it. I moaned, groaned, ohed and aahed, then began the blasphemy and the cussing. And his dick was nowhere near my hole yet. It did turn him on though and as he inserted a second finger he kissed my neck and ear and my face as I turned to look at him. My right arm was now behind me and I stroked him slowly as he continued stimulating me, my body shook with pleasure. He removed his fingers and grabbed a towel; I lifted myself up a little and he placed it under me. We didn't want to mess up fluffy the rug.

I lay on my back and spread my legs, fully exposing myself for Logan to do his business on me. He scooted forward and I could feel the pressure of his knob on my hole as he pressed it home. Gradually, he penetrated me and then I felt his pubes against me. He waited for me to say OK and within a short time I managed to say it was fine, but go slow, I wanted this to last. My hands alternated from his face, his hair, his back and his glorious arse. We were both making substantial noise, now sounding like a pair of banshees. He straightened up and one hand manipulated my dick while the other massaged my head, my face and I took his thumb back into my mouth, sucking and licking it. I watched as his face expressed what he was feeling, and thought how beautiful he was. He leant back over me and picked up the pace, almost slamming into me then dropped it off, alternating between slow and casual and fast and frenetic.

This was a new addition to the repertoire for both of us and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sound of his thighs slapping into me was a massive turn on and I moaned accordingly. Adding to that, Logan had found my sweet spot and continued to pound on it, sending huge waves of pleasure through me. A thin line of sweat appeared along his upper lip as he exerted himself, now desperately taking us to the ultimate goal. I could feel myself begin the first sweet, delicious sensations of an impending climax and I looked at Logan as he maintained a steady but accelerated pace. He was biting his bottom lip so I knew, I could cum and he would be right there with me. I managed to say "Cum", or at least I think that's what I said, and then we both grunted as we did indeed cum, shot after shot came out of me and I could feel my arse fill even more as Logan lined my interior. Logan continued to thrust into me, trying to get every ounce of pleasure from his orgasm. Finally, he stopped and lay his head down next to mine. I kissed and nibbled his ear as my hands continued stroking his hair and back. Our breathing slowly returned to normal and I could feel my orgasm squeezing out from between us.

"Fuck J, that was wonderful babe, thank you."

"Thank you Loges, bloody sensational. I missed having you in me."

"One day I'm gonna record us doing that and listen back. I reckon we woke up half of Dalkeith man."

"Loud, dude."

Logan slipped from within me and pulled himself up. I was a mess of cum, despite cumming 45 minutes before, this was a full load.

"Bloody hell J, best we get you straight into the shower, that was one big cum, man." His stomach and pubes didn't look that much better.

I sat up as Logan wrapped the second towel around me to stop drips and stood up, then took my hand, helping me up. As I did so I moved forward and kissed him. "Your fucking beautiful, you know that?"

"Thanks J, so are you, I need you, you know?"

"Likewise babe."

I could feel Logan dribbling down my thighs so started heading for the shower clenching my arse. I think Logan had let loose a massive load himself. We hopped into the shower and began our usual routine, how I loved Logan tending to me, his touch was gentle and caring and never rushed. Once done we dried each other off and went back into the lounge. I dug around in my bag and pulled out Logan's gift. Logan was standing naked by the fire.

"Hey Loges, just a little something for Wednesday. Happy birthday, babe."

"Oh shit J, really? Thanks man, I wasn't really expecting anything, your enough."

We hugged and kissed for a minute.

"Open it babe, I hope you like them."

He undid the careful wrapping that Mr Charles had done for me, exposing a brown leather case. He opened that and pulled out a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, gold frame, green lens, very cool.

"Fuck J, no way, these are right cool. Far out babe, this must have set you back heaps man, fuck. Thank you, thank you, thank you." He grabbed me and we embraced again.

"My pleasure, we sell them at work, mate. Any problems with them just let me know."

By this time, he had them on and he did indeed look cool. He grabbed me again and we kissed, sunnies and all. He held me very tight and I didn't think he was going to let me go.

"I am so lucky to have you J. I, I feel so empty when you're not around. I've missed you this year, so, so much."

"I'm here now babe, I'll always be here for you, you know that right?"

He pulled off me just long enough to look at me. "I know J, always and forever, right?"

"Always and forever, Logan."

We kissed and made out for a very long time standing by the fire, just us, not talking, just enjoying the other's company and body. Then Logan turned the heater off, took me by the hand and we went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind us.

We made love again twice that night, long and passionate, first me coupled with my Logan and then, in the early hours of the morning, dry humping. We knew it was likely we wouldn't be together again for a while, maybe for a fortnight when hopefully we would be invited back here. We needed to make the most of our opportunities.

The next day was Mother's Day so Miles dropped us all off mid-morning in order for each of us to fulfil our family obligations. Logan kissed me goodbye, just as we were approaching my place, and then he said "J, thanks so much for these," pointing to the Ray-Bans on his face "I'll call you Wednesday, OK?"

"Sure babe. See you soon. Thanks Rod, Miles, I, we, really appreciate it."

I waved them goodbye and went inside wishing Mum a happy Mother's Day as I walked into the kitchen. I had a nice present up in my room and went and grabbed it and gave it to her, kissing and hugging as her as I did. After that I went outside and played with Barry for a while and reflected on last night. It didn't bother me Logan had no gift for me, he was always gift enough and besides, I had a part time job that paid well and if I wanted to share that with my man then that was my choice. Logan's allowance was spent on our nights out so that was more than enough for me.

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