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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 8

Wednesday rolled around soon enough and with it birthday wishes and gifts from the family. All very nice but nothing very exciting really. Around mid-morning I was sitting at the kitchen table finishing up an assignment when the front door bell rang. Mum was just walking through so she answered it. I heard her talking to someone then the front door shut.

"Jeremy, I think you had better come here love, I have something for you."

I got up and walked through to the front. Mum was there with a large bunch of flowers, roses, orchids, ferny things and some I didn't know.

"Wow Mum, are those late for Mother's Day or what?"

"They're not for me Jeremy, they're for you."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, it's your name on the envelope. Open it up."

I found the card and indeed the name on the envelope was Jeremy Myers. I pulled it off the little stick and opened it. Inside was a plain card with three simple words on it.

"Always and Forever."

My beautiful Logan.

"Well, who are they from? Show me."

"I, I don't know Mum, it's not signed."

"Oh dear, my son has a secret admirer, gosh. I better put them in some water then, OK?"

"Yeah thanks Mum, thanks."

I was overwhelmed, Logan had surprised me good and proper. Flowers were different, not the sort of thing one guy sent another, but between us, well like everything else, it felt right.

My Logan called about 2.30, Mum was outside when the phone rang and Dad was, of course, at work.


"Happy birthday Jeremy; you sweet 16 you."

"Thanks mate. Happy birthday to you too Loges, you OK?"

"Yeah man, all good. You get some cool pressies?"

I ran through what the family had given me, nothing really too exciting and he did the same. It seemed the Ray-Bans were the best of his deal. I could tell by the way he was talking that he was wondering if I had received the flowers.

"Oh, and I got a right surprise earlier too."

"Really, what's that, J?"

"Well, my boyfriend," I whispered "he surprised me with flowers; Mum thinks I have a secret admirer."

"And do you?"

"It's only a secret for everyone else babe; thank you, they're really nice. No one has ever sent me flowers before."

"I wanted to surprise you J, are they really OK?"

"Yes dude, thank you."


We spoke for about an hour, nothing of any great consequence, just guy stuff, boyfriend stuff. I felt a bit down when we finally hung up from each other. What Logan had said the other night, about missing me, I realised I missed him too, even though we saw each other from time to time, at school and socially with Rod and Miles, I missed our constant interaction. Summer had spoilt us; it had given us an opportunity to get to know each other better; as individuals, as friends and, of course, sexually; I now missed all that. I wanted our relationship to grow but not interacting regularly was hampering this.

Once we returned to school we at least were able to catch up regularly to talk; sex now was restricted to our nights at the apartment. Neither of our Mums worked so there was never any hope of a bit of after school pleasuring at either house and the showers were way too busy now for us to enjoy ourselves in. Two weeks after our birthdays we were finally back together at the apartment. The four of us had headed off for an early dinner then into the city to see a movie. Rod and Miles dropped us off back at the apartment; they were just going to a friend's place for a while and would be back in hour or so.

Logan and I stripped ourselves off quickly, lit the gas fire and made out for ages on fluffy the rug as we dry humped our way to orgasm. We then cleaned each other with our tongues and mouths. Once we had done that we picked up our clothing and disappeared into our bedroom for the rest of the night. I went into the bathroom and started running a bath. I thought it might be nice to for us both to sit in it and relax and see where it took us. The thing was huge so we could certainly enjoy it together.

When it was at a suitable level we both climbed in facing each other, our legs on either side of one another and our dicks and torsos as close as we could get them. Logan turned around to the controls and turned on the pump for the jets. Neither of us had ever been in a spa so this was something of a novelty. It produced some interesting sensations but, to be honest, it was soon forgotten as we began making out together. Eventually Logan pulled off me, turned and switched the jets off. We were just too involved in each other to really enjoy the spa functions.

Both of us were sitting up, our arms around one another, supporting one another as we allowed our passion to control us. My right arm came back around and I gripped Logan's dick, stroking and squeezing it. He did likewise to me, both of us moaning inside the other's mouth as we enjoyed the sensations we were giving each other. Logan pulled off me and reached over the side of the tub. He had placed the KY there, knowing of course that the two of us naked together and in such close proximity to one another could lead only to one thing. He turned around onto his hands and knees and offered me his hole. I lubed up my middle finger and I pushed gently on him; my finger slowly disappeared within him and I began massaging his chute with it. He moaned softly as I provided him with stimulus and after a few minutes I inserted a second finger, further stretching and stimulating him.

When I thought he was ready I lubed up my dick and, as Logan turned back to me I resumed my position sitting up in the spa. I hoped the lube wouldn't disappear in the water. He approached me, and with his legs either side of me he virtually sat on my lap, his thighs resting on my thighs. He wrapped one arm around me and with the other gripped my cock as he lowered himself down onto me. As his bum engulfed my cock he wrapped both his arms around my neck and shoulders and I began to thrust in and out of him; my own arms holding his head and his torso. In this position he too was able to provide impetus to our lovemaking, driving my cock deep into him.

This was a new position for us and it took us a little time to sort out who should be doing what and when and where all our bits and pieces should be. But sort it we did and, once we became accustomed to it, we settled into some glorious lovemaking. My cock was penetrating deeply with each thrust and, by Logan's responses, was hitting his spot regularly, thrilling him to the core. We kissed and kept looking at each other, smiling between our moans and groans, then kissing deeply again. Logan broke off and leant back, his arms supporting him, allowing me to penetrate deeper and giving me the opportunity to pleasure Logan's rock hard dick. Our movements caused the water to splash around us but it didn't matter, it was warm and encompassing and different.

Logan sat back up again and our lips met once more as he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. I could feel my orgasm rising and as Logan pulled off me I could see that he was approaching his climax too as he bit his bottom lip and groaned in pleasure. He leant in again and held me tightly, shuddering with pleasure as his orgasm erupted in the water around us. I grunted as I let lose my swimmers inside of him and we both held each other, our heads together, breathing hard as we came down from our mutual climax. We kissed and stayed there in the tub for some time, holding each other's bodies, heads and faces as we allowed ourselves to bask in the sexual afterglow.

Eventually we stood and stepped out of the spa and into the shower. Both of us were sticky with the results of our orgasms and we began the customary clean-up of each other, both taking particularly care with the other's holes and now flaccid dicks. Once done we dried each other off slowly and tenderly and made our way back to our bed. We were laying in each other's arms contented and happy when Logan broke some news.

"Jeremy, I need to tell you something, I hope it doesn't upset you too much."

"Ah, best get it over with then babe, what is it?"

"The family mate, Dad told us last night, we're all going away for the August holidays."

"Oh OK, well we don't see each other sometimes for that long so…"

"J, we're going to Disneyland, you know, in California, we'll be away for four weeks."

Four weeks, shit, shit, shit. That was not good, but how could I say that to my man? Stay positive. Stay strong.

"Disneyland mate, California. That's really cool Loges. Four weeks, I'm gonna miss you heaps, but it's a trip of a life time babe."

"Yeah I'm kinda torn J, you know. I'm looking forward to the trip and all but I know it won't be the same without you and I'm really going to miss you."

"Mate, just come back to me, OK? Safe and sound, please?"

"I will J, sorry you can't be with me."

"Nothing to be sorry for, Logan. Tell me more about it." I squeezed him and kissed his head as he told me of the family's plans. Four weeks, I wasn't sure how to deal with that. And how come, if Logan's education was so important, did his Dad get to keep Logan out of school for two extra weeks. It sucked, but at least it was nine weeks or so away.

Those nine weeks flew by. School was actually going OK. Through my English teacher, I joined the students putting on this year's play, 'Pygmalion'. I had a bit part but was also the Property Manager and Assistant Stage Manager so that was cool. It was a bit of fun and since I had all this spare time it helped fill in the hours. Rehearsals would continue through the holidays, on Sundays, and performances would commence in early September for an extended season of three nights.

Logan and I were catching up fortnightly at the apartment and tried to see each other as much as possible around school. We were still struggling to come to terms with the restrictions that had been placed on us so we were often up most of the night at Miles' place enjoying each other, then sleeping most of Sunday when we got home.

Work was going along nicely, Mr Charles, now Dean, and I got along really well and he trained me in many facets of the business. My thick brain finally realised that he was a kindred spirit, that he enjoyed the company of one Tony Castle in the same way as I enjoyed one Logan Phillips. We had never discussed this, but I think we both realised the situation simply because we could not stop talking about our respective partners. I had grown to respect Dean a great deal and valued his guidance and assistance, both with work and outside of it.

Eventually I told him, around the end of July I think. I was beginning to be a bit down as Logan would be going soon for his holiday and I would be alone, or at least without my man. I had told Dean that Logan was going away ages ago but he saw something in me change in the last couple of weeks leading up to our separation.

"So, Jeremy, you're not as happy this week, is it Logan and his trip?"

"It's that obvious, Dean?"

"Yes Jeremy, you're not yourself at all. Am I right in suspecting that Logan is more to you than a friend?"

"Much more sir. He's, well, he's my everything."

"Oh, I see."

"Sorry Dean, I should have told you ages ago I guess, I've never really told anyone."

"Then I'm honoured you've told me, son. If I could help I would Jeremy, Logan will come back and you both will pick up where you left off. I can see in the way you talk that he does mean a great deal to you and I suspect you mean a great deal to him."

"We have made commitments, you know, no one else, and we never have. I know he'll be back and all, it's just getting through those four weeks."

"Jeremy, is that true, you boys have made a vow that you will only be with each other?"

"Not a vow, a promise I guess, a commitment. We made it at the end of last January, not that long after we became, ummm, active, you know, ummm…."

"Yes, I see. Jeremy, you understand that for two boys to do this, two boys of 16, it is a very mature thing to do. I know people who are three times, four times your age and can't make that commitment."

"We felt it was the right thing to do, Dean. In fact, nearly everything we do just feels right."

"Well, I am impressed Jeremy, very impressed. I think when Logan returns I would like to meet this man of yours, yes?"

"Of course."

"And since you have been honest with me, I should be honest with you. Tony and I, well, we are partners, the same as you and Logan."

"I kind of gathered after a while that he meant an awful lot to you Dean. I'm glad you've told me though."

"Tony and I, we too made a commitment Jeremy, not as young as you but a commitment none the less. That was when we were in our twenties, gosh so long ago, 24 years we've been together."

"That's an awfully good effort Dean."

"Yes, yes it is. Now if you would like, I have staff on holidays the same time as you so you can work Monday to Friday if you want, regular hours, regular pay."

"That would be great, thanks Dean."

It would be great, financially it would help lots towards my car and it would also keep me occupied. I needed between $800 and $1,200 for a car, that would get me a six-cylinder wagon between six and eight years old. Pretty good for a first car I reckon. I thought a wagon would be good because Logan and I could sleep in the back, go to the drive-in and lay in the back and find a dark spot somewhere and have fun in the back. All positives I think.

Logan and the family were flying out on the Sunday before school broke up for two weeks and would be back the Friday after school went back. Trusty old Rodney worked things out well. We would go out on the Friday night before departure for one last fling then go out again the Saturday night after the family returned. Rod booked the time with Mr Phillips and it was all sorted. We were so grateful to Rodney; he was a life saver that man.

That Friday night was wonderful, despite knowing I would not see or hear from Logan again for four weeks we had a magic time. Miles picked us up in his Dad's Mercedes and we drove to a lovely Italian trattoria down in Fremantle. The food was awesome, true authentic Italian, cooked and served by a wonderful family of, well, Italians. Rod and Miles were drinking Chianti and Logan and I each had a glass as well, mixed with a little water. We both decided we liked wine, although our faces were a bit flush from the alcohol. All the tables had red checked table clothes on them and there was a shrivelled old man in a corner playing an accordion. People were singing along with him, songs we mostly didn't know, but gosh it was fun. I almost forgot Logan would be jetting out Sunday.

When we got back to the apartment we were still laughing and all singing ridiculous Italian songs, some I knew from Dean Martin records my Dad played. We all sat on the lounge for a while, settling down. After a short time, Logan took my hand and said goodnight to the boys and led me to our bedroom as I to said goodnight, shutting the door behind me.

We undressed each other slowly, feeling each other's hardness through the denim and kissing and holding one another tightly. We had not been with each other for two weeks, that was hard enough, however would we manage four? I undid Logan's belt then his button and fly, lowering his jeans to his ankles before getting down onto my knees and taking him into my mouth. I licked and sucked his dick, taking my time around his glans, pleasuring him and being rewarded by a drop of his pre-cum. Logan discarded his shirt as I continued my ministrations and I raised my left hand to tweak and excite his right nipple. I took his dick deep into my mouth and throat while my right hand tickled, rubbed and stimulated his balls and sack. He began to swing his hips in perfect harmony with my own movements as my tongue worked his slit, his glans and his shaft, my mouth and lips giving further stimulus to his excited dick.

"J, I'm close man." His hands were on my head stroking my hair, his hips trying to push his cock further into me.

I just looked up at him, our eyes meeting, then I continued. We had never done this, not really. We had always pleasured each other simultaneously, never alone like this. But I wanted this, I wanted to remember just my Logan, just his orgasm without it being hazed out by my own climax. His dick was deep into my throat when I felt his balls moving, tightening up.

"Oh shit Jeremy, oh, babe."

Logan let loose in my mouth, I counted four maybe five blasts as they hit my tongue my throat, everywhere, I swallowed and swallowed again as he kept losing his load. It just kept coming, and I kept enjoying all that he offered. Finally, there was no more to be had, his dick became too sensitive and I pulled off of him, standing up and kissing, our tongues washing over one another. Logan pulled off and looked at me.

"J, thank you man, that was wonderful babe, you know?

"I'm glad you enjoyed it babe, now I'll get the rest of these things off of you."

I squatted down and took off his shoes, socks and then his jeans leaving him naked with a half hard dick. I stood, virtually still fully dressed, only my jumper had made it off me. Logan started kissing me, slowly undoing my shirt before pulling it off. He was rubbing my dick through my jeans and I was pretty sure things were damp down there with pre-cum. I had been hard now for a while and it was inevitable.

With my shirt off Logan began tending to my nipples, I moaned with pleasure, his tongue doing amazing things to them, making them hard and sensitive. All the while he was rubbing and squeezing my cock through the denim of my jeans and I realised I was very close.

"Shit, Logan, stop man, I'm real close, sorry."

"We'd better take care of that then." I had my back to the bed and he pushed, sending me back onto it. He had my shoes and socks off in no time then unbuckled my belt and undid the single button before dropping the fly. I lifted my butt and he pulled the legs, taking the jeans off in one easy movement.

My bum was right on the edge of the bed and Logan dropped to his knees between my legs and began to clean my head and stem of any pre-cum there. Then he took my whole dick into his mouth and teased my glans with his tongue before he very nearly swallowed me whole. The sensations were wonderful. He came back up and then down again. His right hand fondled my balls while his left controlled my dick. He pulled off and rubbed his lips all over me before he took me once again into his mouth. He began bobbing up and down on me and my hips joined in the movement. His left hand moved to my exposed ring and rubbed and massaged it. I moaned as he stimulated me and I could feel my climax rising.


He just continued on, but at least I had given him warning before my dick shot him several times in the mouth and throat. It was glorious. I came with total abandon, knowing I only had myself to worry about. Slowly I came down from the climax, Logan still suckling on my dick and fondling my arse. Eventually he took his mouth off me and looked at me smiling.

"It's different J, when it's just one of us looking after the other, I think we need to work on this, thanks babe."

He stood up then lay down on top of me as we made out. I could taste myself still in his mouth. We kissed and cuddled for a very long time, all the time grinding into one another, feeling each other's dicks grow to hardness and our balls rub between us as we meshed ourselves together.

Logan eventually pulled off and stood up and went to his overnight bag, extracting the ever present KY gel. A couple of towels sat on the side table and I got up off the bed and pulled the covers down while Logan stood next to me, slowly pulling his own dick. I turned and took him into my hand, squeezing his hand over his own dick, and kissing him. He took my dick into his other hand and slowly pulled it, sending shudders of pleasure through my body. We spun around and I gently lowered Logan onto the bed, his bum on the edge. I knelt down and again took his dick into my mouth, licking the head and stem, rubbing my lips all over him. His legs were parted and I began my journey to his hole, licking and kissing his sack, taking his balls into my mouth and then kissing and licking his perineum. Logan adjusted himself, opening his legs wider to allow me full access to my goal. I licked his bum and all around his beautiful puckered hole and then kissed it and licked it. My left hand gripped Logan's dick and squeezed and stroked it as my right hand pleasured myself.

I stiffened my tongue and began to stick it into Logan, all the while trying to penetrate his ring, easing the way for what was to come. Eventually I pulled off of him and grabbed the KY, squirting some on to my right fingers and some more on both our cocks. My middle finger entered Logan slowly, eliciting soft moans from him as my left hand spread the gel over Logan's excited dick, providing him more stimulus, more pleasure. I stroked him steadily as I inserted a second finger, searching for and finding his pleasure centre. His tight inner ring gripped at both my fingers as he flexed then it loosened up a little as he relaxed, sighing deeply. I stopped stroking Logan and instead stroked myself, spreading the gel all around my own hard excited cock.

Logan was teasing his own nipples as I pulled both my fingers from him and adjusted myself to line my cock up with his hole. His bum was still right on the edge of the bed and I bent my legs to match the height of his hole. My head nudged into Logan's sphincter and I pushed, first lightly then a little harder and felt his rings give as I entered him slowly. I pulled out then went straight back in and continued pushing as my entire dick entered into Logan. I never tired of the sensations this brought to either of us, I knew how Logan felt, full and stimulated. I pulled back and slowly pushed back in, time and time again as I increased the pace of my thrusts.

One hand gripped Logan's raised right leg, the other hand played with his dick, squeezing, pulling and rubbing it. His balls sat almost symmetrically either side of his shaft base, tight against him, moving slightly with the rhythm of my thrusts. I looked down at his face, eyes closed, his mouth half open as he lost himself in the pleasure his body was feeling. I picked the pace up just a little, my thighs occasionally slapping against his, he began to bite his bottom lip and I knew he was close.

His balls retracted and, as I watched, a small splash of cum erupted followed quickly but three, then four wonderful squirts, splashing down on his chest, his stomach and his pubes. I continued thrusting into him, losing my load deep within my boyfriend moments after his own climax. I grunted as I shot my lot into him and came down from yet another wonderful orgasm. I reached over to the table and grabbed a towel, placing it under me, under Logan, as I pulled out of him, bringing with me the inevitable debris of sex. I pulled out then pushed back in, thrusting a few more times, lubricated by my own cum, before finally exiting my lover. I left the towel where it would collect me from Logan's hole and knelt so I could clean his orgasm from his body, licking and sucking up his beautiful seed. When this was done I raised myself and lay on top of him, kissing first his firm little nipples then his lips, tenderly and long.

Eventually I removed myself from him and helped him to his feet. We kissed there and then walked into the bathroom for our post-coupling ritual. Afterwards, we lay on the bed, each of us on our sides, looking at one another while our hands and fingers explored the other's body. These moments, after sex, were just as pleasurable sometimes, just being with and touching my beautiful friend gave me huge amounts of happiness and pleasure. We made love twice more overnight, first dry humping then me deep inside my man yet again.

Miles drove both Logan and I home late in the morning. I sat in the back with Logan and we made out most of the way home, Miles giving us a bit of latitude with the seat belt rule. As we approached my house we kissed one last time and said our goodbyes. I would see him in a month, we would survive and he would come back to me.

The four weeks dragged by, first the week at school without Logan, then the two weeks at Castledean. Work was pretty good really, Dean took me through a few different processes including the importing side of the business and dealing with Customs. I also served clients who would come into the showroom and select items for their retail outlets. It was all very interesting really and I certainly enjoyed the selling side of things. The days were long though, not the short days we had at school by any means. 8.00am to 4.30pm every week day. But the people were nice, it paid well and it was overall a worthwhile experience. But no Logan.

By the time I headed back to school on the Monday I had started getting butterflies, looking forward to Logan's return. The week dragged by. Finally, Friday arrived and I knew Logan would be back in Australia, back in his home catching up on sleep and recovering from jet lag. I went to work Saturday morning and could barely contain my excitement. In the end Dean sent me home early saying that I was no good to anyone until I had seen my Logan. He understood.

I had my bag packed and was ready by 5.00, an hour before I was due to be picked up. The hands on our old clock on the mantelpiece barely moved. 5.45, 5.50, 5.55, 6.00. Where were they, why couldn't they just once be early? 6.02 and finally Miles' classic Ford Galaxy pulled up out the front. Saying my goodbyes to the family I tried to be cool and calmly walk out of the front door and up the path to the street. Eventually though, I got to the car and opened the back door.

No Logan.

What the hell? Where was my lover?

Then he was there, behind me, with his arm around my shoulder pushing me into the back seat. The bugger had got out on the opposite side when they had pulled up and hidden waiting for me to see he wasn't where he was supposed to be. Prick. He shut the door behind him as he jumped in and it was on. Miles pulled away from my house but we were already kissing, embracing, touching. Logan had had his hair cut even shorter and it looked perfect. He looked perfect.

We couldn't take our hands off each other, we couldn't stop making out. I felt sure I was going to cum in my pants I was so excited. Finally, Rodney tried to take some control.

"For fuck's sake guys, cool it will you? Your making me hard and Miles hard and he's trying to drive and, bloody hell Logan, not in the car man."

Logan had dropped his head down onto my lap and was trying to lick my hard cock though the denim. I think we were on heat. Logan straightened up, we giggled and went straight back to kissing and rubbing each other, squeezing our hardness through our Levi's. I think Rod just gave up. Fortunately, our restaurant was only minutes away in Subiaco. If we had been going to Fremantle, then I think we both would have gummed up our denims.

I don't remember much about the meal, Logan sat on the opposite side of the table from me, a tactical decision made by Rod I think, and I couldn't help staring at him, my beautiful Logan was back. He talked about his trip, about how he missed me too, I think, but later he had to repeat most of what he had said, it all just went over my head that night.

Unlike most occasions when we were out for dinner, we did not linger, Rod and Miles could see the lust in both Logan's and my eyes and knew better than to keep two young tigers from pleasuring each other after an enforced break. Being totally decent about the whole thing, the boys dropped us off at the apartment and said they would not be back until about 1.00, so enjoy ourselves.

As soon as we were through the door we were ripping our clothes off each other, kissing, holding, stripping. Logan went into the bathroom and brought some towels back while I lit the fire and grabbed the KY out of the side pocket in Logan's bag. We dumped our supplies nearby and returned to kissing and holding one another. Eventually we lay down on fluffy and, laying on top, I began grinding our dicks and balls into one another. Logan leaned over and grabbed the KY and I lifted up while he lubed up both our cocks. His hand on my cock nearly sent me over the edge, it was wonderful. We returned to our humping, kissing long and deep. How much I had missed this intimacy. How much I had missed my Logan.

I had spent the last four weeks pleasuring myself and suspected Logan would have entertained himself as well. Even so, I was quite sure that I would not be lasting long this first time together. We were both moaning deeply, Logan's hands were all over my neck, back, shoulders, bum, wherever he could touch me. My right hand held Logan's face, gently caressing his left cheek while my left was stretched out trying to ensure I had some purchase and maintained a steady ship. Our dicks slid over each other and our stomachs sending waves of pleasure through both of us as our balls and sacks bumped and slid over each other. Normally we would flip, to share the working load but we both knew it would not be long. Sure enough, I could feel my orgasm begin and looking down at Logan could see his, too, was imminent.

We both grunted and moaned as our climax's ripped through our bodies sending us both into rapturous delight. We stayed as we were, kissing and holding one another as we both came down from our orgasms. The smell of sex filled the air and we rejoiced in it. Both of us shot big loads so, once I pulled off Logan, there was much to clean with one of the towels. Using KY kind of ruined cleaning by mouth but intensified the pleasure. Afterwards, we lay there on fluffy in each other's' arms just enjoying the feel, touch and company of each other.

After a while Logan stood up, telling me to stay where I was, he would be back in flash. He walked over to his bag and rummaged around in it for a second. He found whatever it was he was looking for and turned back to me, carrying a small parcel. It had Mickey Mouse wrapping paper over it and was about the size of three cigarette packets stacked face to face.

"Something special for my beautiful Jeremy."

"Really Loges? For me?" I sat up to receive my gift and kissed Logan as he bent down to hug me.

"Yes babe, just for you, all the way from Disneyland. Open it mate."

I unwrapped it carefully, wanting to save the paper as a memento. As I removed the paper a black box was exposed with Ingersoll and Disney trademarks on it in gold. Logan was sitting next to me now, his legs crossed in front of him, his hard dick pulsing with his heart. I opened the box carefully. Inside was a Mickey Mouse watch, his arms being the hands, with a brown leather strap finishing the gift.

"Far out Logan, this is beautiful, thank you babe, thank you so much." I grabbed him, hugged him and was now kissing him.

"My pleasure man, you like it?"

"It's bloody awesome dude, thank you so much." I strapped it onto my left wrist, it looked fantastic. I would never take this off, not unless I really had to.

"Thank you Logan, It's the best present ever."

"Anything for you J, anything."

I grabbed Logan again and began making out with him as his legs came out from under him and he lay down allowing me to lay on top of him, grinding my dick against his. After a short time, I grabbed the KY and asked Logan to pleasure me. We swapped positions, but instead of lubing up his fingers Logan went down on my very hard dick, licking it, sucking it, pleasuring it. He continued jacking me off with his left hand as he shifted slightly and began making his way to my arse. Logan had never orally pleasured me that way so this was going to be something new and pleasurable.

He took each of my balls into his mouth, swirling them around before leaving them and licking all over my perineum. Oh man, that was wonderful, as he continued to stroke my dick. He licked all around my hole as I lifted and spread my legs allowing him full unhindered access to me. He licked the puckered skin, then kissed it and licked it again, all the while never stopping pleasuring my dick. I could feel his hot breath as his tongue worked miracles on my sensitive ring and I moaned and groaned with absolute pleasure. He stiffened up his tongue and began assaulting me with it, trying to penetrate and stimulate me more. It was incredible, my moans were almost like one big long and loud horn. I could hardly get my breath, this was wonderful. My dick was leaking profusely with the stimulation.

Finally, he pulled off and lubed up his right fingers. He inserted his middle finger steadily then pulled it out and put it back in. He began twisting and bending it while pushing and pulling it in and out of me. I continued with the sound effects. Then he inserted a second finger, stretching me in preparation for his hard throbbing dick. He slid his fingers in and out then gently, carefully, surprisingly, added a third finger, stretching me further. Damn, he was good, I was totally over the moon. When he pulled all of them out I felt empty, uncared for.

He placed a towel under me then he lubed up his dick and lined it up with my rosebud, pressing first lightly, then a little harder as he tested my resistance. I felt his knob slide in and slowly his entire length was inside me, hot, pulsing, hard. He pulled out slowly then back down again and began to build up to a steady action. His right hand played with my dick, pulling it, squeezing it, even pushing it with his palm. My body was nearly overwhelmed with the sensations I was feeling. He took his hand from my cock and leant in so we could kiss, all the while pounding into me, again alternating the speed at which he would first drive his dick in then pull out. He sat back up, his eyes now closed as he concentrated on both our bodies, his mouth half open, moaning almost in harmony with me. He went back to playing with my dick as my own arms and hands alternated between my nipples, clutching the rug with pleasure or just rubbing my chest and stomach.

I felt my own climax begin to rise as Logan continued to stimulate my arse and my dick. His eyes were open, looking straight into mine as he bit his bottom lip and began grunting as he let his load loose into my bum. Seconds later I shot my load, filling up my navel, splashing all over my pubes, his hand and some running down my stem to dribble over my balls. As I finished cumming, Logan again leant in and we kissed passionately as our climaxes subsided.

Logan pulled out of me and I again felt empty. He began licking up my orgasm and scooped a wad on his left index finger for me to take. I took his entire finger into my mouth and sucked and licked it clean before releasing it. He continued cleaning me then began on himself. He stood up then and took my hand, lifting me up. I could feel his cum dribbling down my leg so we headed for the bathroom to take care of the cost of sex. I took my new watch off as Logan turned on the taps and we climbed under the shower to clean, to kiss and to hold each other.

When we had dried each other we went back into the lounge and cleaned up the debris of our lovemaking then headed into our bedroom for some cuddles and rest before our next round. We made love twice more that night and again the following morning. We were drained, totally, but it was wonderful to have my Logan back, I had missed him so much.

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