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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 11

Monday November 3rd 1975 launched our last week of high school, the last week some of us would see each other, the last time we would go into many of the classrooms, see our teachers, use our lockers. Once this week was over we would be heading off for a two-week study break before returning to take our various exams over the last two weeks of the month. Then, freedom, at least for a while. Those heading off to tertiary education would recommence their education in late February while the rest battled for apprenticeships and jobs. Thankfully, I was all sorted and would commence with Castledean the first week of February.

Logan and I were all but guaranteed a full summer together, no risk of summer school, no risk of restricted fun time to allow for study, study and more study. Plans for our pre-Christmas excursion were coming together nicely and, with Mr Phillips still spending so much time in Melbourne, we were spending more time together than we ever had.

The last Tuesday of our education revolved very much around a leaver's luncheon, held in the large music room at the north end of the school. We weren't really expected to be at school in the morning so it was after 11.00 when I picked Logan, Chris and Daniel up from their respective houses. They all lived in Wembley Downs, north of my place which sat on the southern end of the school catchment zone. The guys all lived at the northern end so we were about ten, maybe fifteen, minutes apart by road. I was the only one of us with my own car and, other than myself, only Dan had his licence. Logan never had time even for lessons since all his spare time was studying or with me while Chris was going for his licence sometime during the study break.

We all laughed and joked on the way to the school, about ten minutes south west of their homes. Soon, we would all go our separate ways, these wonderful guys I had spent the last five years with. I was pretty sure that we would remain friends and catch up when we could. All except Logan of course. I had done some homework and thought that I could afford a one-bedroom unit with kitchen and living room on what I believed I would be earning and still have money to run the car, buy food and clothes and have a bit of fun at the movies or a club or pub. Logan could come and live with me, with a little help from his parents and maybe a part time job. I hadn't broached the subject with Logan, I wanted to make sure of my figures before I made that offer but I thought perhaps I would say something while we down south. I had already decided to tell him of my love for him while we were away and the living together bit fitted nicely with that.

The lunch was a heap of fun, Daniel gave a speech after we had eaten, summing up the five years we had spent together. He gave a year by year commentary on everything our year had achieved in sports, education and even the wayward things we had gotten away with. It surprised our ancient headmaster and most of the staff just what we had succeeded in hiding from them. When he concluded, our entire year stood and gave Dan a standing ovation; it was fantastic being reminded of all we had achieved over the years. Dan looked pretty happy with himself when he sat down again.

He was followed by the headmaster's speech, which was pretty lame, and then the sporting and academic awards were presented. Logan picked up two trophies, one for Physics and another for top of class in English Literature. Once more I had reason to be proud of my boyfriend. As an average student I got jack shit, but I didn't care, I was just happy for my man.

After the lunch we all headed down to the beach, changed into our bathers and played beach cricket and generally run amok. A number of the staff joined us and we had a great time beating them in cricket. This was one afternoon Logan and I would not be heading to the change rooms for a bit of fun. Too many people, too much fun to be had elsewhere. Besides, Mum and Dad were heading off Friday for a weekend away so I was picking Logan up Friday afternoon and wouldn't be returning him home until Sunday some time. While I was at work Saturday he would go down the road and help his grandmother out. His grandad had passed away back in July so she depended on the family to assist when and where they could and it was a good way for Logan to earn brownie points with his Mum.

I took the guys home a little after four, dropping Logan off last so we could make out for a while in a quiet spot we knew. We talked about the weekend, it would be pretty much our last together for four weeks while we studied then underwent the excruciating agony of exams. I would pick Logan up Friday and we would then spend the night at home. Once I got home from work Saturday, Logan would come back to my place and later, after some fun no doubt, we would head into town, have an early dinner and go to the movies to see 'Three Days of the Condor'. Then back home of course for more fun. My last Saturday of work was the 14th December so we planned on heading down south the following day and be back Christmas Eve. Mum and Dad had given their blessing and Logan had got tentative permission and support from his Mum. Mr Phillips was due back early next week so Logan promised he would ask then.

On the Wednesday most of the Class of '75 headed to Rottnest, a holiday island 12km off the coast and serviced by two or three ferries. They would start their journey in Perth at 8.00 before heading down river to pick up more passenger in Fremantle at 9.00. Then an hour later they would drop all their passengers off at Rottnest and wait until 4.00 before making the return journey. There were no cars on 'Rotto', as we all called it, other than service vehicles, everyone got about on foot or bicycle. It was pretty much a working class holiday spot, no glamourous hotels, just a pub, a very famous bakery, general store, bike hire and tearooms. There were two or three camping grounds and a host of holiday 'villas', all pretty basic and rough. Campers lined up for hours to get a warm shower at the one hot water shower block on the island and electricity was rare. Very basic but a lot of fun. Of course, if you were rich enough to have a boat you could hire moorings and relax on-board. The settlement was on the eastern side of the island, facing the mainland, a small air strip lay just to the west of that and the balance of the island was salt lakes and scrub. The island was inhabited by small marsupials called quokkas and it was those beasts that had given the island its name. A Dutch explorer had seen the creatures and thought them to be big rats. Hence the name, rats nest, Rottnest.

So, we all headed to Rotto for the day with a few teachers tagging along to make sure we behaved. We spent the day swimming and generally mucking about in a small protected cove called The Basin, just north of the main settlement. It was a lovely day, warm, little breeze and the ferry ride to and from the island was mostly smooth sailing. The inner sanctum spent much of the day together laughing, joking, carrying on with mates we all hoped we would see again and stay in touch with. Logan, Dan, Max and I spent the day within close proximity to each other, Chris was off shagging some girl from another school he had met on the ferry, while most of the sanctum joined us from time to time for a chat, a swim or just to be with us.

I had taken guitar lessons from the age of 9, not stopping until I was 14. I continued learning at school, though, so by late 1975 I wasn't too bad a player. Both Dan and I took our guitars and we spent a bit of time playing some tunes with Logan singing. He really had a lovely voice and many of us joined in singing along to whatever Dan and I knocked out. Chris returned just after lunch to much applause and good natured teasing. He seemed satisfied with himself. By 3.30 we all started to head back to the jetty and climbed aboard our ferry for the two-hour trip back to Perth. It had been an exceptional day with old friends and I still remember many of the songs we sung along to.

We all rocked up to school on the Thursday, mainly to clean out our lockers and say some farewells to our favourite teachers. We also had cars stocked with flour bombs and eggs which we fully intended to dump on the neighbouring high schools east and north of us. It was a tradition of course, which the teaching staff tried half-heartedly to curtail. We didn't park our cars in the student carpark that morning because we had heard a rumour we would be raided. Cars down there were searched and some eggs were confiscated but we were still armed to the teeth allowing us to partake in some shenanigans. All good fun of course and we got as good as we gave. Most of us met down at the beach just after lunch and went for a swim to rid ourselves of the flour and eggs caked all over us. It took me two hours to clean the car of the mess, inside and out.

So, that was it then, Year 12 was done, just the exams to go. Although I had a job to go to, my parents and Dean Charles encouraged me to do the very best I could, you never knew when a good TEE score would come in handy. So I fully intended to study hard, or at least hardish, for my exams. I knew Logan would spend the next two weeks and more hitting the books and revising his guts out, he had worked hard, his reward was in sight. We still had a couple of nights together though and we both intended to make the most of them.

I picked Logan up just after lunch on Friday. I had Barry with me, he really loved riding in the car with the window down, and I asked Logan if it was okay if we took him down to the dog beach for a run and romp before we headed home. Not a problem, of course. The dog beach was south of where we normally entertained ourselves and while that area was developed, facilities, carparks and grassed areas, as soon as you headed south there were original sand dunes and scrub. There were a few houses down that way and a narrow road heading south that had a couple of small carparks across the road from the dunes. I parked at the northern most one and we put Barry on his lead, crossed the road and followed a sandy track down to the beach. I brought Barry here quite a bit once I got my licence, often accompanied by Logan, and we had discovered a little hollow, protected by dunes and scrub that we thought would be a nice spot for some nocturnal activities as the weather warmed up. Much cooler than in the car and a blanket or two would stop the sand getting where we didn't necessarily want it.

That was not our plan today though. Once we were on the beach I let Barry off his lead and he started running around like a mad thing barking his box off and telling us this was bloody great. Both Logan and I ran around after him as we headed for the water and turned southwards, throwing the ball for Barry and letting the waves wash around our feet. After the dog beach, which ran for about a kilometre there was an illegal nudist beach. Logan and I had wandered down there once with Barry a few weeks before and thought we would probably not do so again. There were a few perverts about when we were there and their tongues nearly hung out when they saw two 17-year-olds wandering their way. We beat a hasty retreat.

We mucked around with Barry for a good hour, swimming, throwing the ball and generally having fun with him before he looked totally knackered and we thought it time to get home and enjoy each other. We wandered back to the track and placed Barry on his lead. Once back at the car I dried him off and we rubbed off as much sand as we could. Then I got a bottle of water out, gave Barry a drink and waited for him to finish. When done we all piled into the Chrysler and headed off home, a tired Barry flat out on the back seat and a couple of horny boys on the front bench seat.

I parked the car in the garage and let Barry out into the backyard to dry off and roll around on the grass. Logan grabbed his bag and we both headed into the house through the backdoor. Aunt Dot and her husband were away so there was really no risk of being busted but I still locked the door just in case my brother dropped in or something. We just needed to play it safe. Once inside I took Logan into my arms and we kissed as we brought our heads together. We got up very close and personal and began grinding our dicks into each other. I pulled off and took his hand, leading him into the bathroom, then I removed his tee and his boardies, leaving him naked, beautiful and all mine. He helped me off with my kit and I reached into the shower and turned the taps on. We waited for the water to be just right before stepping under the flow.

We wrapped our arms around each other and began a slow, deep, make out session, feeling each other's hardness against us. I separated once again and began washing the sand off Logan, just as I had in the shower stall nearly two years ago, just as I had done countless times since. Once I had done that I grabbed the soap and began washing every square centimetre of his beautiful body, lingering over his hardness and his hole. He took the soap off me and began to rinse me of the salt and sand and he too lingered around my arse and my dick. When he finished we kissed again then he took first my cock then his into his right hand and began stroking them together. We hadn't done this for what seemed like an age and I had nearly forgotten how sensational it was to feel our two dicks being pleasured together this way. I leant in and kissed Logan before I began tweaking his nipples and tickling his sack. His left hand joined his right and he alternated speed and grips, pleasuring both our dicks. We leant into each other and kissed again as he continued his ministrations and then rested our foreheads together, both watching the action below.

I lifted my head, looking at the wonderful man in front of me, my left hand continuing to play with Logan's nipples while my right held his face, my thumb rubbing over his lips. He leant into it, closing his eyes and moaning and whimpering softly. I could feel the beginnings of my climax and looking at Logan, as he bit his bottom lip, I knew we were in sync with each other and we would cum together. My cock was on top at the time and I moaned as I let loose three sticky strings straight at Logan, washing down over his tummy and pubes. Logan came almost immediately after, four spectacular shots over my tummy, balls and thighs. Fuck I loved this; I really loved to see him cum. Logan kept stroking us as we again kissed and held each other. Finally, he let go and we allowed the water to wash away our orgasms.

"Shit J, It's been a while since we've done that, it still feels great doesn't it?"

"My word Loges, thank you babe."

"Always a pleasure mate."

I turned the taps off and we stepped out, drying each other off before heading up to our bedroom. We lay down on the bed, each laying on our sides looking at one another and kissing, our semi hard dicks nearly ready for a second round. My right hand stroked Logan's thigh as his left rubbed and stroked my face gently. Logan sat up and kissed my forehead then pushed me so I was lying flat on the bed. He began a full exploration of my body then, kissing my eyes, my face, ears, mouth, everywhere, before heading into my right pit and arm. He took each of my fingers and my thumb into his mouth, sucking and licking them before he worked his way back to my arm pit. Then he kissed his way over my collar bone to my right nipple which he suckled on, licked and nibbled before slowly, gently, making his way down the right side of my body.

He spent time kissing and tonguing my navel before he took my dick into his mouth, cleaning it of leaking nectar before leaving it and working on my sack and balls. On he went, kissing and licking his way over my right leg, sucking on each of my toes before shifting sides and starting on my left. He worked his way up my leg before once again teasing my sack and then taking my cock deep into his mouth. He let it go then and began his journey up the left side of my body lingering over my hard left nipple sending shockwaves all the way to my dick. He finished at my face and kissing my closed left eye asked me to roll over. He shifted again, this time straddling me so he sat lightly on my back. He began by kissing the back of my neck, licking it and gently massaging my shoulders all the while rubbing his hardness up and down my spine.

He steadily worked his way down my back, kissing, licking, following my spine as he shifted to accommodate his progress. He came to my arse and massaged each of the cheeks before moving on down one leg and up the other. When he returned to my bum, he spread my cheeks exposing the pink puckered skin of my hole; I parted my legs and rose up a little, fully exposing myself to him. He kissed there, licked it and pushed on it with his stiffened tongue, eliciting deep moans and groans from me. He worked my hole for an age before once again moving up my back and finishing on my neck. He moved back down the bed and returned to my bum; I adjusted myself again allowing him full access and he again began orally stimulating me, forcing more loud carnal noises from me.

My body was in ecstasy and my hole quivered with the sensations Logan was gifting me. After an eternity of pleasure Logan lifted off and jumped off the bed, retrieved the KY from his bag then returned and lubed up his pulsing dick. I raised myself again allowing him better access. He put a bit of gel on his fingers and worked it deep within my hole before pulling his fingers out and gently but steadily inserting his dick. I rested on my elbows as he took me from behind and began pumping into me, alternating his speed and depth of stroke. We both vocalised loudly as I reached down and began stroking myself. His left arm supported himself on my back while his right rubbed wherever he could access. Every now and then Logan would bend forward and kiss or lick my back and lower neck. Then he pulled out, flipped me and reinserted himself as I lifted my legs, again allowing him free access.

This was better, we could kiss, look at each other's pleasure and make eye contact. Logan leant forward and we kissed long and deep as he continued to alternate the pace and depth of his thrusts. He sat back up and stroked my cock, slick with pre-cum which he rubbed all over it, squeezing more from the slit. He collected it with his finger and took it into his mouth as he picked the pace up a little, constantly hitting the hot spot in my arse and slapping our skin together. His facial expressions changed and I knew, he was very close. I watched him as he came in me, biting his bottom lip, eyes closed, nose scrunched up. He grunted as I sensed my bum being filled by his juices. I was stroking myself when he pulled out and lowered himself on the bed, taking my hardness into his mouth and licking and sucking me, bringing me to my climax. He took all I had to offer and stayed on me until I became too sensitive to stand it. He moved back up the bed and lay beside me, we kissed and held each other as we both came down from the highs of our orgasms. Eventually he got up, grabbed a fresh towel and began cleaning me of his climax before we both returned to the shower and washed away the remnants of our love making.

Once showered and dried we put on shorts and a tee and went through to the kitchen. I unlocked the backdoor and let Barry in. It was nearly 5.30 so I asked Logan if he wanted a beer.

"Sure J, thanks man, I'll grab them."

He went to the fridge and grabbed out two cans while I went to the pantry and picked out a large bag of BBQ chips. We went out under the big tree, sitting down on the lawn, opened our beers and chips and just relaxed. We chatted about our forthcoming exams, study timetables and of course our holiday down south. We were both looking forward to that, it was a sign of our approaching independence from our families as we went away without our parents, without any adults, for the first time in our lives. Another six months and we would both be 18, old enough to vote, to drink and to have hetro sex. Our sex, guy sex, was still unrecognised and illegal.

Logan went back inside and brought out a couple more beers. I was waiting on the patio for him and as we opened them I asked Logan if he was hungry.

"Yeah man, getting a little bit peckish, what's the go tonight, mate?"

"Steak, sausages and salad Loges, your favourite." It was, every time he was here at my place, he asked that one meal be steak and sausages, cooked by me. Even in poor weather I would have to do it on the BBQ for him and I never minded one bit. I would have cooked in a blizzard for him.

"Aah, I knew you'd look after your old mate J; you have never let me down, Jeremy, never." He took my face into his spare hand and kissed me, lingering just a little while before breaking off. "You know I, you know I adore you J, don't you?"

For a second I thought the 'L' word was about to come out, but no, not this time. "I know Logan; just the same as you know I adore you. I want to be with you Loges, forever man."

"We will be J; we'll always be together."

We kissed again before heading inside to prepare dinner. I lit the BBQ on the way so the plate and grill would be ready when we were. Logan grabbed Barry's plate and prepared his dinner while I went to the fridge and retrieved the steaks and a dozen sausages. Mum, as always, had made Logan's favourite potato salad as well and I suddenly realised why these were his favourites here. This meal was the same as the first one I had cooked for him, the first time he had stayed here, the first time he had taken me, and when we had committed to one another. I looked at him as he snuck Barry some chips and wondered why I had never realised it before. It just made me love him all the more. He was a romantic and a sentimentalist and it made me want to hold him forever.

Logan grabbed the cooking utensils and beers while I carried out the protein. The BBQ was ready so I put the meat on and took a long draught of my beer. We both enjoyed a couple of nice cold ones before dinner. As I stood watching the meat sizzle, Logan came up behind me, taking his customary position, wrapping his arms around me and resting his chin on my left shoulder, watching me turn the sausages. These were the moments I cherished, just us, together and close. The sex was great but it meant nothing without the friendship, the respect, the trust, the tenderness and the sharing that our relationship was built on.

When the meat was done we went inside and sat side by side at the table, scoffing down all the salad, all the meat and enjoying another brew. We sat at the table afterwards for a while talking about how he thought his grandmother was beginning to lose the plot, that she missed her husband deeply and seemed now to struggle with many things around the home. Mrs Phillips was an only child so there was precious little support elsewhere. Logan thought his Mum had begun looking for a nursing home for the poor thing. I visited my own grandmother in one and despised the place. I thought back then I would rather be dead. I still do.

We cleaned up the dishes and utensils quickly and went into the lounge. Logan picked out some tapes and we danced the evening away to some of our favourite songs. We had Bowie on, Aladdin Sane and 'Let's Spend the Night Together', when suddenly there was an unexpected silence. I pressed stop and opened the front of the player. The tape had snapped; it was a done deal. We loved that tape, 'Let's Spend the Night Together" was our anthem.

"Oh shit J, bugger man, we'll have to buy that one again."

"Too right. Oh well, something slow dude?"

"Oooo yeah."

I popped on one of Dad's records, it was Nina Simone and 'My Baby Just Cares for Me'. It was an oldie but a goodie. Logan and I loved dancing to it, up close at times but also lots of fancy twists and turns. Neither of us led. We just knew what to do, where to be. Then we played Bobby Darin and 'Beyond the Sea', enjoying the big band sound and swing long before Robbie Williams and 'Nemo'. Fuck but I loved to dance with my baby.

And so we spent the night dancing and kissing and cuddling. I still needed to be up about 7.30 in the morning to get to work for 8.30 so about 10.30 we turned off the music and took Barry out for his evening pee and poo in the laneway. Logan and I always joined Barry for a piss there and, more often than not, would hold each other while we pissed. We had both become quite adept at controlling the other's dick and certainly enjoyed the experience. After we finished we put each other's half hard dicks away, kissed and headed back home. Barry was satisfied and was quite used to these biped creatures being pretty friendly with one another.

Once back home we cleaned our teeth and went up to our room, stripping off as we went. We both climbed onto the bed and Logan lay on top of me as we made out while our dicks hardened up. I adjusted my legs allowing Logan to slot in between and our dicks and balls rubbed over each other as Logan began moving his hips, all the while our tongues were wrestling in each other's mouths and our hands were all over us. We both enjoyed dry humping, it was just as enjoyable as any other form of boy sex, it was just different. We both found it to be incredibly intimate, our faces, our bodies, our dicks, our balls could not be closer to each other and we could both contribute to the effort. The KY was sitting near me and I grabbed it as Logan lifted himself off me. I squeezed a good dollop onto both our dicks and Logan again slotted into the gap, resuming his movement. The lube allowed free movement as our cocks and balls slid over each other while intensifying the sensations we were both feeling. It did spoil the clean-up but was a reasonable trade off.

Logan continued sliding around on me as we kissed and held each other, both moaning and grunting together with the occasional expletive. I moved a little, indicating it was time Logan took it a bit easier and time for me to be on top. Logan rolled off me, opening his legs as I rolled onto him and we resumed our lovemaking. Logan's arms reached around and he began squeezing and massaging my bum cheeks as I stepped the pace up a little. Logan's hips responded and his hands pressed down hard onto my bum, trying to put more pressure on our dicks, trying to give them even greater pleasure. Our cocks rubbed over each other and slid on our lubed up stomachs while our balls rolled around and over one another. It just felt so sensual, so right.

We were still kissing when Logan grunted and I felt his orgasm flow over us. The lubrication of it, the smell even, sent me over the edge and my semen joined Logan's on our balls, thighs and stomachs. We lay there as we both recovered from our climax, our tongues still wrestling in our mouths. As we recovered from our orgasmic haze I lifted my head and looked into Logan's magnificent blue eyes: fuck they were so blue. We smiled at one another then I rose up and looked at the carnage on our stomachs. Logan grabbed a towel from beside him and handed it to me, I wiped my own body off first to prevent stray drips and then began on Logan, cleaning him carefully and tenderly.

We went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, just to take away the crustiness and went back up to the bedroom, turning lights off as we went. I left the hall light on and turned off the bedroom lights while Logan waited on the bed. I climbed in beside him, laying on my left side while he scooted right up to my back, his arm over me and resting on my chest. I turned my head and we kissed.

"See you in the morning my beautiful Logan, thank you."

"Night J, sleep well babe."

We slept well that night, not waking at all until something, a loud ringing noise, intruded into our slumber; what the hell, the phone was ringing. I looked at the clock, 6.30. Shit. Was something wrong? My sister? Brother or his family? Mum or Dad?

I leapt out of bed and raced down to the kitchen, Logan and Barry following me. I picked the phone up.

"Hello? Yes, of course. Logan, it's your Mum dude."


It was a brief call. As I watched, Logan's face dropped, he lost colour and looked ill. What the fuck? He hung up and looked at me.

"J, I'm sorry babe, I gotta go home, Dad got back last night and is fuming. He's on his way here, now."

"Oh, shit dude, okay, let's get your stuff packed and throw some gear on. It's okay mate. You'll be right."

"J, I'm sorry."

"Not your fault babe, c'mon, let's get you ready." I led him up to our room and grabbed some fresh shorts and a shirt out of his bag. I also grabbed a pair of my undies, we never wore them when together but I thought it a wise precaution. As he dressed I packed the rest of his kit up. Then I threw some clothes on myself and we walked down to the front door. We kissed there, before I opened the door, and then we went out and sat on the porch step, waiting.

"I think I'm in the shit Jeremy, really in the shit."

"Loges, your Mum gave you permission, you know, one last bit of fun before the exams and all. You'll be right mate. Just remember, I'm here for you, you know?"

"I know J. We can still go to the movies tonight, yeah? Pick me up at 6.00?"

"You sure Logan?"

"Yes mate, please?"

"Sure babe, 6.00 it is."

Just as we finished, Logan's father pulled up out the front and just tooted his bloody horn, at 6.45 on a Saturday morning. Shit arse. He sat in the car, he didn't even look at us as Logan got up.

"Tonight J, please?"

"Yes babe."

Logan walked off to the car and got in. He looked at me as they drove off, alone and forlorn. He waved and was gone.

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