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by Jeremy Myers

Chapter 10

Logan rang his mum on the afternoon of the 29th; to be honest, we were both a little surprised that his Dad had not already made him come home. As it turned out, Mr Phillips had found out about Rodney that morning and had wanted to get Logan immediately. Mrs Phillips had refused to allow him and something of a verbal stoush had apparently occurred. Mrs Phillips prevailed and Logan was free to stay one more night. After that though, there would be no more Rodney, no more apartment.

Our anniversary dinner was a fairly subdued affair, in light of the week's events. Rodney was still very downcast at virtually losing his entire family and it just didn't seem right to celebrate too hard. We all tried to cheer him up of course and maintained a happy outlook. Rodney tried too but it was easy to see he was in a deep funk. Logan and I, too, were somewhat down, this would be our last night together, at least here at the apartment, and we knew we would miss it and the boys greatly.

After dinner we went back to the apartment and we opened a couple of bottles of champagne, one last drink to the boys and to the apartment. Sean and his new girlfriend, Leanne, stayed around for a while but ultimately none of us were really great company and they went on their way. Sean was sorry to be losing us all but especially his brother; at least he would be flying over to see Miles and Rod whenever his parents decided to visit. Not so Logan and me. We would miss the apartment, for sure, but we would miss Rod and Miles so much more. They had become great friends over the past seven or eight months and both Logan and I were more than a little upset. There were a lot of tears the next morning when we were making our goodbyes.

New Year was spent with family at my brother's place while Logan spent it at home with his family. We still had a week before summer school so we met at the beach every day after New Year, taking care of our needs in the shower stalls then meeting up with our friends, sometimes slipping away for one last act of passion before heading home for the day. Logan seemed to be handling everything well, despite our impending separation and I told him how proud I was of his new found strength and control. He gave me his smile, a true gift, at least to me, and hugged me.

I didn't see Logan for the entire four weeks leading up to our return to school and Year 12. Unlike Logan's absence in August, he rang when he could and we would talk for ages until his Dad came home from work or someone needed the phone. We never seemed to run out of things to talk about. Certainly there was no sex but I found the priority was no longer that, the priority at this time was simply to maintain contact, to be together in the only way open to us. Logan described summer school as a drag but he thought that it would provide him a head start for the new term, particularly in maths and physics. I never understood either of those subjects, not at all, with my preferences leaning more towards the arts. I think given the freedom to do so, Logan too, would have headed that way.

School started and we at least got to see each other regularly and recommenced our post school rendezvous at the shower stalls once or twice a fortnight. Rodney and Miles had made the move to Sydney and we began corresponding with them both, at least fortnightly, and they would write back to my address telling us of their new friends and adventures. They were doing really well. Rodney had accepted his family's stance and now had Miles' family instead. They both seemed really happy and I hoped that we all could remain friends despite the distance.

I had been something of a late child, Mum being 39 when she fell pregnant with me, Dad was 41. Towards the end of February my Dad decided he had had enough of the working life at age 58 and would be retiring in April. Mum and he would then do some travelling with one of Mum's sisters and her husband before heading to Europe in the northern summer of 1976. This all piqued our interest as both Logan and I hoped that we might get to enjoy the pleasures of each other's bodies under my roof once more, if only we could somehow get around Mr Phillips.

Someone, somewhere, must have been watching over us because no sooner had Dad announced his retirement than Mr Phillips began heading to Melbourne for work on a regular basis, sometimes being away for up to four weeks at a time. Mrs Phillips did not follow the hard-line of her husband and would certainly give Logan a bit more freedom in the absence of her husband.

The first time this occurred was towards the end of March. Logan was able to come and stay at my place for an entire weekend, two nights. Mum and Dad were still at home so there would be no sex, at least inside, but it didn't matter, we were together and the weather was just warm enough for us to head to the park and partake in our pleasure activities. My parents got to know Logan better and he was soon almost accepted as a member of the family. On both nights, after we had returned from the park, I sat on Logan's bed and we talked, just talked, until Dad told us to shut up and go to sleep. I kissed my Logan quietly and headed off. I wanted him in my bed of course but it just was not a viable option at that time.

Dad had a good sized shed at the back corner of the rear yard. It had a workbench and cupboards and shelves in it and just one small window. Mum never went near it and Logan and I realised that when Dad was either watching football on the telly or had actually gone to a game on a Saturday afternoon, the shed could open up some possibilities. Even on a Sunday afternoon, Dad seldom went near it so we were able to at least give each other head jobs, maybe even find a way to couple, in some sort of safety and privacy. It was nothing like being in a bed, not even on a picnic table or our shower stall, but at times it was to be all we had. We both felt it was a touch seedy but we were nearly 17, we were built to be pleasured and to cum as often as we possibly could. Who were we to stand in the way of such requirements?

I wasn't sure when I would tell my parents about my sexual preferences, which of course would need to include my feelings for Logan. I knew though that it would likely not be too far away. My understanding of how I felt was becoming more coherent; I now believed, quite strongly, that I wanted to spend my life with Logan, that he really was my one and only, that my commitment to him was for life. I hated being separated from him and the butterflies I had felt for the entirety of our relationship were not only stronger, but more prevalent. Just a glimpse in the corridor at school would be enough to get my heart fluttering. I think I was falling in love with him, if not in love with him. I still could not say it though and I puzzled over that. Perhaps I needed Logan to say it first; his behaviour towards me had changed in subtle ways. He had always been attentive, caring and sharing but now I felt that, as my feelings for him intensified and formed into something solid, then so too did his on an equal scale.

I had started driving lessons in early April and, as it turned out, I was a pretty good driver, or so my instructor told me. Dad and I were also heading out occasionally to look for suitable cars and we finally found the perfect wagon. It was a 1968 Chrysler Valiant Safari, three speed automatic and a 225 cubic inch engine with low miles. Pure white, with a good dollop of chrome and venetian blinds in the rear windows, I loved it at first sight and at $999 it was within budget. So, I had a car, just no licence, but that would soon not be an issue.

By mid-April I had decided I wanted to do something special for our 17th birthday, I just hoped that it would coincide with one of Mr Phillips' absences. Mum and Dad would be around but it didn't matter, so long as Logan and I were together for it. We would be on school holidays so we could at least go out, maybe for a meal. I had also decided I wanted to buy Logan something special, something that would be symbolic of our on-going commitment to each other and our ever growing relationship. Castledean had just the thing.

The business ran a line of high end 18 and 24 karat gold jewellery; chains, ear-rings, lockets and star sign medallions. Logan and I were both Taurean and the range included a really nice design of the Bull. Dean helped me pick out the gold chains to go with the two matching pendants and he arranged to have each engraved on the back with the three simple words that personified our relationship. 'Always and Forever'.

If our parents asked where our individual items came from then we could just say all our friends had put in for them and given them to us. I would actually show my parents once I was back at school and would tell Logan to do the same. Hopefully our parents wouldn't notice we were wearing the exact same items. For Mum and Dad, it would temporarily explain the mysterious giver of flowers.

Logan and I had now been reduced to very limited sex; with the cooler weather we again lost the showers and the park. Once more we were hamstrung. Thankfully Mr Phillips would be away for our birthday so we would be able to at least see each other around that time. We both had family commitments on the actual day, a Thursday, but with it being school holidays Logan could come over on the Friday afternoon and need not go home again until Monday or Tuesday. Three, maybe four nights together and with Mum and Dad going out on the Saturday night we finally had something to look forward to. And there was always the shed.

I booked a table for two at a local Chinese restaurant, about a ten or fifteen-minute walk east of home. Our birthday was celebrated well on the day and my secret admirer once more made an appearance with a large bunch of roses signed by the mysterious 'Always and Forever'. Logan rang in the afternoon and I thanked him for the surprise and told him his present was coming. He wasn't at all fazed by that and we spoke for at least an hour.

I was busting a brick for Logan to arrive Friday afternoon. Mum and Dad were off doing some shopping when he arrived so we were able to give each other a proper boyfriend greeting. As soon as he walked through the backdoor we were onto each other with Barry barking in excitement and bounding around us, at one point shoving his black nose straight into Logan's arse, the lucky dog. I wasn't sure what time Mum and Dad would be back, they had left about 30 minutes before, but I took Logan's hand and led him up to my bedroom, dropping his bag off in his bedroom on the way.

We undressed each other quickly and lay down on the bed with Logan on top, slotting himself in to his usual spot as I spread my legs. It was the first time in three weeks we had been together and we were both desperate to make love to one another. Our balls and dicks slid over each other's as we kissed and touched and rubbed, all the time Logan pushing himself onto me. It felt so wonderful to have my man back on top of me and we ground away, pleasuring each other, sharing our bodies completely. Our dicks rubbed over each other, each contributing to lubricating the situation, as we continued to kiss and touch.

The intimacy and the passion was exciting and I had to tell Logan to slow down a little, I would not last long otherwise. We slowed our pace, trying to minimise stimulation so that we could recover a little and start again. After a short time, we began to move our hips again and both grunted and moaned as we re-established the sensations that would drive us to orgasm. Once more I could feel my climax rising and knew instinctively Logan was with me, neither of us held back. I grunted and moaned as I climaxed between us further lubricating Logan and sending him over the edge as he let go shot after shot onto our stomachs, some escaping and dribbling down my side onto the quilt.

Logan remained on top of me as we both recovered and we continued kissing. Eventually he rolled off and began cleaning me after which I did the same for him. I was finishing up when we heard Barry bark and I knew Mum and Dad had returned. We dressed quickly, checked each other for any missed cum and casually walked down the hall, back to the kitchen just as Mum and Dad walked in, perfect timing. I just hoped our breath and bodies did not smell too much of boy sex, but neither parent said anything. Not that they probably would.

We mucked around the rest of the afternoon watching TV and playing some music, sadly avoiding some of our usual dance routines. Later, we showered – separately - and dressed for our dinner date. I placed the two small leather pouches holding the chains and medallions in my pocket. A small box came with each of them but I left those in my desk drawer for the time being.

Logan and I had a couple of beers with Mum and Dad, just as celebratory drinks for our combined birthdays, then, about 6.15, we set out for our restaurant. Dad had offered to drive us and pick us up later but I declined, thanking him. It was a clear May evening with just a hint of a chill to it, perfect for a walk together. We headed off, down to the bottom of my street and turned right onto the main road, to the left would take us to our beach, to the right it would take us near to Logan's grandparents place and on into the city. Our restaurant was about 10, maybe 15, minutes away, just east of where another road from the coast joined this one. At the junction was a huge public rose garden bounded by three streets and along the back by private property. At the back was a gazebo which was where I intended to give Logan my gift after dinner.

We got to the restaurant about 6.30, having taken our time getting there, somehow managing to touch and feel each other everywhere on the journey. We ordered a few different dishes to share; beef black bean, satay chicken, sweet and sour pork, fried rice and a heap of spring rolls. Pretty basic but just what we needed and we chowed down on it hungrily. We washed it down with a few Cokes and finished with deep fried ice-cream, something of a novelty back then. Logan said he would pay, that I always paid so it was his turn. I didn't argue, I never wanted Logan to feel as though he owed me or was a kept man just because I had a good little earner of a job.

We stepped out of the restaurant a little after 8.00pm, the streets were pretty quiet and there was just a hint of a breeze. We headed back towards home but as we passed the rose garden I took Logan's hand and led him towards the back and the gazebo.

"Whoa J, this is a bit exposed here man, are you trying to get us busted?"

"No babe, just bear with me for a moment. Although, it might be a bit of a challenge for us, yes?"

"Could be, J, could be." He laughed.

We got to the gazebo, went inside and sat on the bench. I placed my hand on Logan's knee and we turned to one another and kissed, it was unlikely anyone would see us from the roads, in fact someone would probably need to be in the gazebo to actually see us. I broke off the kiss and looked at my boyfriend.

"Logan." I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out both of the little pouches. "Loges, I bought us both something, not just to celebrate our birthdays, but also our friendship, our relationship, something to celebrate us." I opened one of the pouches and pulled out the gold chain and medallion.

"For you my dearest Logan, for us."

He took the chain and medallion and looked at them both, rubbing his thumb over the engraving.

"Fuck man, thank you, thank you so much, babe. You really do spoil me, Jeremy."

"Logan, I adore you, I want to be with you, spend my life with you. You're my boyfriend and I'll spoil you all I want."

"I know, J, I adore you too and I want to be with you, like it says, always and forever, babe. This, this is precious, like you."

"Let me put it on you, Loges."

He handed it back to me then turned allowing me to put the chain around his neck and do up the clasp. He turned back to me and we kissed for a quite a while. Then I broke off and gave Logan the second little pouch. He opened it and emptied out the contents as I turned around, allowing him to put the chain and medallion on me. I turned back and our eyes met. Even in this subdued light I could see that Logan's eyes were moist. We both leant forward and kissed, wrapping our arms around each other and holding tight.

We were there for a very long time, just kissing and holding one another. It was more about us and our bond, our relationship, than anything else. Even sex had to take a back seat as we both felt the overwhelming joy of being together, being with someone who really meant so much. Finally, we stood up and, holding hands, we headed home, taking the darker back streets, allowing us the occasional stop and kiss. It took us an hour to get home that night.

Mum and Dad headed out on the Saturday night about 7.00 and did not expect to be back before 1.00am giving Logan and me plenty of time to enjoy each other's bodies. We ordered a couple of pizzas for ourselves as Mum and Dad would be eating out and watched some crap on telly while we waited for them to head out and leave us in peace. Finally, they left us to it and we waited 10 minutes just in case they had forgotten something before we headed into the bathroom and showered together, washing and caring for each other as the water washed over us. We dried each other, both taking our time, particularly when we were towelling off our very hard, aching dicks. Then we walked naked up to our room and lay down on the bed, Logan laying on top of me, grinding himself into and over my hardness and balls. We kissed long and deep before Logan climbed off and began kissing and nibbling on my nipples, sending little shock waves all the way through to my cock.

He worked his way down, licking and kissing wherever he thought to; I watched as he took my dick into his left hand and stroked it before kissing the head and licking my slit then continued kissing, licking and lipping my entire hardness. He returned to the head and licked it, flicking his tongue under and around the glans and I shuddered with pleasure. His right hand had been tweaking my left nipple, now it moved down and began massaging my sack. I opened my legs wider and lifted myself a little giving him access to my puckered grommet. His right hand moved from my sack and found my ring, massaging and rubbing it. I pushed a little, right at the right time and his finger disappeared up to the first knuckle; he continued pushing and the entire length disappeared within giving me even greater pleasure as he bent and twisted it, finding my prostate and constantly rubbing over it. His mouth continued sucking my cock controlled entirely by his other hand. Finally, he removed his finger from within me and then took his mouth off my cock and went on to lick my sack, my balls and on to my puckered hole, licking it, kissing it, trying to violate it with his stiffened tongue. He worked me for what felt like an age and I groaned and moaned to every small stimulus.

The KY was laying on the bed near me and I passed it down to him. He squirted some onto his fingers, my dick and his own. His middle finger went back to my now very wet arse and he inserted it, slowly, bringing more moans from me. His right hand took a grip of my dick and he began squeezing and stroking it slowly as he inserted a second finger into me. My body was in a sensual overload as I squirmed and clutched the sheets in ecstasy. Logan was damn good at this caper. Neither of us probably needed all the preparation, the fingering, the oral works, but it was all a part of the act of making love; it was, for us, foreplay and we both loved giving such pleasure to our partner. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed his own dick, spreading the KY over himself. I lifted my legs further and he knelt between them, lining up his cock with my very sensitive, very lubed hole. His knob nudged it and slowly he entered me. My thighs rested on his as he leant forward and we kissed while he waited for me to get used to his fullness.

He began pumping me and straightened up so he could play with my dick and balls. He joined me in moaning and groaning and I looked at him as he shut his eyes and pleasured both of us. Every now and then he would stop stroking me and lean over so we could kiss. I held his face, his head and stroked his hair and we tongued each other, our mouths vibrating with our moans. He alternated his pace and the depth of his thrusts while moving lightly to one side or the other pushing his dick harder into the lining of my chute. The sensations this produced and the constant rubbing of my prostate was sending me close and my loud moans confirmed his talents. Logan was still kissing me when I felt my orgasm begin, deep down within me as he persistently stimulated my arse. I continued moaning as I shot my load, flooding my stomach and thighs with swimmers. Logan grunted and came deep within me as he raised his head in ecstasy. As his climax subsided he again leant forward and we kissed and nibbled each other's ears and necks.

He stayed on me, kissing me and telling me how wonderful it was, how wonderful I was. As his dick wilted, Logan pulled out and began the cleaning process before both of us went into the shower once again.

"You need to pee J?"

"Yeah Loges, you?"

"Sure babe, in tight?"

"Oh yeah."

Given Logan and I tended to spend a lot of time in the shower, before, sometimes during and often after enjoying sex, we had experimented quite a bit with the whole urination thing. Neither of us were keen about the whole drinking or gargling bit, anything above the shoulders was a definite no-no, but the rest of it aroused both of us one hell of a lot. Put simply, we could not possibly get harder or hornier when we indulged in some water sports.

We could not explain why, perhaps it was the pheromones wafting up from the sometimes pungent aroma of it, perhaps it was the warmth as it splashed over us or perhaps we were just marking our territory. Whatever it was, we both were willing to indulge. Mostly, one or both of us would piss while we were close together, our stomachs sealing off the fountain in order to avoid repeating the incident we had had on our dirty weekend. At other times we would turn around and let our partner piss all over the other's back and arse. I personally enjoyed bending over a little so that Logan could piss closely on my hole, it really turned me on as the warm stream, under pressure, massaged my hole and flowed over my arse and sack. How we did it was often dictated to us by the state of our dicks.

Tonight, though, we just stayed as we were, we stood close, right in tight to seal off any accidental fountains and began to kiss and hold each other; we were both hard and getting harder by the second so we needed to remain patient while each of us told our brains it was a piss we wanted, not to cum right yet. I held Logan's head in one hand while with the other I lightly ran my fingers up and down his crack. This tended to tickle him a little and stimulate his bladder into letting go. He shivered a fraction as I did it and within a short period we could feel the distinct warmth of his piss as it flowed over our stomachs, our cocks, balls and legs. The odour of it wafted up to us as the shower washed it away, arousing us both even more. If it was at all possible it seemed our passion for each other rose to ever greater heights and we kissed desperately.

Midway through Logan' outpouring I finally began, adding my odour, my heat, to the moment and we drank in each other's lust and passion. Slowly, gradually, our streams slowed and stopped and the shower washed away the last dregs of our liquid venting. We continued kissing but relaxed our pressure on one another, releasing our rock hard cocks from their skin prison. Logan grabbed the soap and we separated, only temporarily, while he washed me down and cleaned me tenderly of his love making earlier. When he was done I took the soap and repaid the favour, all the time kissing and licking him wherever my passion took me.

Eventually he turned off the taps and we stepped out, dried each other and returned to our room. We lay in each other's arms, holding and caressing our partner, bathing in the enchantment of being with someone who cared so deeply. Ultimately, I made love to my man, long and sensual, and we again showered and cleaned each other.

After our last act, Logan and I dressed and went into the lounge, picked out some cassettes and records and spent the rest of the night dancing, mostly slow numbers, we were in that sort of mood. We loved dancing together, and both enjoyed an eclectic range of music. We had developed our moves too and we both thought, rather immodestly, that we were pretty damn good. About 12.30 we took Barry to the laneway opposite for his evening pee and poo, both of us joining him for a leak, then headed back. After cleaning our teeth, I went into Logan's room and we made out on his bed in the dark, listening for signs of my parents return. When we heard them at the back door we kissed one last time and I disappeared into my room.

We used the shed a couple of times over the rest of the weekend, first blowing each other then, with Logan leaning on the bench, coupled together. We couldn't strip entirely, in fact most of our clothing remained on, but at least we could be intimate with each other. It really was a come down.

We returned to school for second term and continued to work around Mr Phillips' work absences. Nearly every time he headed to Melbourne, Logan headed to my place until he was almost a regular feature there. Mum and Dad liked him and they spoke to Mrs Phillips occasionally when she would drop off or pick up my lover. A couple of times Mum and Dad weren't even there, they had headed off for a week's break down south and somehow it seemed to coincide with Mr Phillips' trips so Logan and I got to see a lot more of each other than we thought would ever be possible. We danced, laughed and made love in our bed, in the kitchen, lounge and the shower, wherever the mood took us and our relationship continued to flourish despite Mr Phillips' best efforts.

I also passed my driver's licence test in mid-June which opened up a whole new range of possibilities. I would often drive Logan home after school and we found some quiet spots where we could at least make-out if not have full on sex. We also started going to the drive-in and, with some blankets and sleeping bags, made ourselves a comfortable nest in the back of the Chrysler. With the venetians offering some degree of privacy we found we could enjoy each other's bodies in a variety of ways while remaining pretty discrete. If it wasn't at the drive-in it was somewhere else, so long as it was dark and relatively private, we were up for it.

I stayed with the theatre group for the 1975 play. This year it would be Macbeth so required some real acting know how. I avoided being on stage for this production by being fully occupied as Stage Manager. Rehearsals started in July with the season again opening in September. Many of the crew and actors from last year's production returned and on Wednesday nights and Sundays we began our rehearsals.

For Logan and I, we were actually seeing a great deal of each other, Mr Phillips seemed to be in Melbourne more than he was in Perth which afforded us the freedom we needed. Logan still needed to perform at school though, so doing anything through the week, other than making out occasionally on the way home, whether his Dad was in town or not, became pretty much taboo. That was seen as a good thing by Logan's Mum allowing us to see each other on Saturdays and Sundays and entertain ourselves regularly.

I think I pretty much knew by the August break that what I was feeling for Logan was indeed love. Now that I understood it and was aware of it, if I was totally honest with myself, somehow I always had loved him, that it was present right from the beginning. That made sense to me; everything we had ever done together had always felt right, I never felt complete without Logan being there and that the mere thought of his presence would fill me with a happiness and joy like no other. Yet, I still could not bring myself to tell him. We both readily told each other that we adored the other, that our lives were incomplete without the other, that we wanted to be together always and forever. Our love making was, as it always had been, sharing, tender, attentive and loving. But neither of us sought or thought to say the three words that had the possibility of changing our entire lives.

Macbeth went off well; each night played to a packed house and Logan once again came along for closing night Friday. He wandered around talking to many of the cast and crew at the after show party and I watched him as he confidently chatted and laughed with them. He had grown, my Logan. There was no sign of the pent up frustrations or hurt that had been hiding within him the year before and resulted in him exploding just before Christmas. We had finally found a balance in our lives and Logan flourished in it.

I was so proud of him, I wanted so much for everyone to know, 'hey, he's my boyfriend, I love him, and he's bloody wonderful'. If only I had the balls to do that. I did tell Logan that I was proud of him, I was proud to have him as my friend and even prouder to have him as my boyfriend and lover. I was rewarded with his gorgeous smile and similar words.

By the end of September, we were beginning to prepare for the exams that would set the scene for our futures. We had had mock exams at the end of the second term and I did reasonably well while Logan once again excelled himself. More for me to be proud of unlike his Dad. He still believed Logan could do better, be better. More work, less fun for us, particularly when old man Phillips was in Perth. I knew, though, that Logan would succeed and would go on to university, it was a certainty. But for me, no, there would be no tertiary education for me. I had no desire to extend my education beyond Year 12 and to that end I began thinking about what I wanted to do.

I discussed this with Dean Charles and he immediately offered me a full time position starting in February. It was a wonderful offer, he would train me in all facets of the business and within two years he expected I would be on the road, selling to all those shops out in the country and suburbs. I spoke to Mum and Dad about the offer and they were pretty chuffed. So it was settled, I would work at Castledean full time from February 1976.

Logan was really happy for me and told me how proud he was of me and that he hoped I didn't have to do the country runs too often because he would miss me. It was some way off but I started to think that I could perhaps rent a unit or apartment or something once I started work and Logan could come live with me. I really liked that idea; I really wanted to be with him as much as possible.

The end of September saw our sports and physical education classes disappear as the teachers endeavoured to teach the upper school students the fine art of classic dance, all in preparation for the Seniors Ball to be held in mid-October, a few weeks before we all disappeared on study leave prior to the Tertiary Entrance Exams in mid to late November. The classes were, of course, a debacle. Some of us were pretty good, others were horrendous and the girls were disgusted with the performance of some of the boys. All up, it was a hoot.

Neither Logan nor I looked for nor wanted a date for the night. We were asked by a number of the girls but we both said 'no thankyou very much, I'll fly solo for the night and see where it takes me'. Of course, we both knew exactly where it was going to take us, the back of my Valiant in a nice dark spot on the coast. All the inner sanctum boys, including Logan and I, decided to dress the same and we all rocked up in black formal suits, white shirts (with frilly fronts) and red velvet bow ties the size of a small car. We all looked very classy and the photo of us twelve guys all in a line, standing at an angle and smiling at the camera, remains one of my favourite life memories. That photo still takes pride of place in the living room.

The night was a lot of fun and both Logan and I danced with a whole host of girls. We were popular partners; the dancing Logan and I practised in my parent's lounge room provided us both with a wide range of moves and the girls loved it. We both would have liked to have danced with each other of course, particularly with some of the slow numbers, but that was just not possible. Regardless of that, the night was fun and many of us headed off to Chris Walters' place for an after ball party. A lot of the couples got together and were making out all over the house so Logan and I made a discreet exit and headed off into the night and a quiet spot for us to enjoy one another. We both knew we would be getting a lot more than most of those guys anyway.

Around this time the two of us began discussing perhaps heading down south for eight or ten days before Christmas. No more school, my Saturday job would be done by early December, since most of the shops would be fully stocked for Christmas, and we could just head off. We would borrow a couple of surfboards from Chris, he had half a dozen of them, and surf some of the classic breaks at Margaret River, Bunkers, Yallingup and more. How cool that would be, just the two of us, camping wherever and lazing away the days surfing and sunning and maybe a little bit of sex along the way too. We talked about it so much we knew exactly where we would be on any given day and even what we would cook for dinner. Dad had a heap of camping gear including a gas stove and large tent so we would be able to set up camp and live like kings.

We just had to get through the exams and the summer would be ours.

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