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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 12

I wake up and look over to see Luke lying next to me. He's propping himself up by his elbow and staring at me with a loving smile.

"Morning, Luke," I honk his nose.

"Mornin', G," he pinches my nose in return. "Don't move." He jumps up and runs out of the room. In a minute, he returns with a tray of breakfast: coffee, juice, two poached eggs and whole wheat toast. He sets it down on my lap and gives me a quick kiss.

"Breakfast in bed? Wow, you've been up a while. Where's the bacon?"

"We gotta keep those hot abs and hot ass looking good for me," he says, running from the room. He returns with an identical plate of food, which he digs into.

"Did you not sleep? Was I too clingy?" I ask while I chew. I glance at the clock. We only have about thirty minutes to finish eating, take a shower, get dressed before we have to leave for the game. Plus, I still want to suck him off one more time before we go. I have a feeling that chugging some Luke juice will give me super powers on the baseball field.

"No, I got enough sleep. I love when you hold onto me at night. It makes me happy to make you happy."

"Uhoh… what do you want?" I gaze at him suspiciously.

"G! That's not how this was supposed to go!" Luke blushes, which happens very rarely.

"Wow, you really do want something."

"I was just wonderin'… you know… when we could…." He's looking down, fidgeting with his socks and smiling adorably. I could pounce on him right now. "You know… when I could… try out my backdoor slider on you."

"Huh?" I'm completely shocked, and I feel my face turn redder than his.

"You know…."

"Already?" I whisper. I look down at my plate. Now, I'm the one that can't look him in the eyes.

"We've been doing it for three days already—"

"That was going to be my point. We've only been doing it for three days!"

"G, it's not that—"

"So, you just wanna fuck me."

"No, not just… and not FUCK. The first thing I want you to understand is that I love what we've been doing and I want to continue doing it." He grabs my hands. "Look at me!" I don't know why I feel so embarrassed, but takes a great effort for me to bring my eyes up to his. His sweet smile is making things very difficult for me to resist. "And the last thing I want you to think is that everything I've done and said so far is just so that I can fuck you."

"What should I think, then?"

"Come sit on my lap." He clears his food away and pats his thighs invitingly.

"You're not going to try to slip it in there, are you?" I hesitate before I crawl over to him, and he laughs.

"Get over here."

"This had better be some great speech," I say as I settle in on his lap and put my arms around his shoulders. "It should have lots of kisses, too."

"It will," he says as our lips meet. I feel my body melt, once again, and in this moment, I'd let him do anything he wants.

"Okay," he says, rubbing my back and shoulders. "I swear, I have no interest in fucking you."

"Yeah, right."

"I mean it! If I fucked you, I'll tell you what would happen. It would be over in eight seconds. It might be eight seconds of pleasure for me, but I know it would not be nice for you… and it might even hurt. I've thought about this a lot, and I really want it to be just as awesome for you as it will be for me."

"I don't think that's possible."

"Sure it is. Imagine what we were doing last night… Our bodies are pressed together, your legs are wrapped around me… and we just kiss passionately until we both cum… except one little difference. My dick is INSIDE you."

"You were thinking about fucking me last night when we were kissing! That's what made you cum!"

"Uhoh… I think we need another kiss before we keep going." He brings my head to his and I reluctantly kiss him. After a few seconds, we both start giggling, and our lips part.

"Okay, seriously, I do think about it a lot," he confesses. "Even that first day… that first kiss… I just wanted to slip your shorts down and slip my shorts down while you were humpin' me and kissin' me and press my dick up against your hole–"

"Luke!" I whine.

"So you've never thought about it?"

"Well, yeah… a little."

"What do you think about it?"

"It just seems… I dunno… like something I'd never be into… I mean fucking or being fucked. It's just something that doesn't appeal to me. There are just so many other things… that don't involve assholes… that are so much better."

"So you've decided that you'll go through your whole life without experiencing that?"

"Well… I just thought that if I had a boyfriend that I loved very much and that I trusted, and it was very important to him… I would let him—"

"Excuse me, just a second." Luke pushes me off to the side and runs around the room jumping, yelling and pumping his fists in celebration. He's celebrating way more than he did after his perfect game, and I laugh as I watch him rejoice.

"You didn't let me finish," I say after he clams down. "I would let him do it… ON HIS BIRTHDAY!" I laugh as disappointment washes over Luke's face.

"Okay, back on the lap." Luke sits down and pats his thighs, and I climb back on him, placing my arms around his shoulders as before. "Imagine my dick as far up inside of you as it will go, but I'm not fucking you at all…. I'm just loving you. I'm loving you and kissing you, and I'm just going crazy inside. Finally I can't take it anymore and I squirt cum deep inside of you… so deep… and you feel it… inside your body… and you love it… you love it so much that you squirt your cum all over us. It's just the ultimate… the ULTIMATE way we can express our love for each other. Now, look me in the eyes and tell me you don't want to do that." He sure makes a good case, and no one could resist that face. It sounds so good that I want him to do it right now and we can just forget about catching the bus. However, I'm not ready to give in just yet.

"It sure sounds like a waste of cum to me," I giggle.

"Waste of CUM?!?" Luke pushes me off again. "I'll show you a WASTE OF CUM!" He runs to the other side of the room and starts jerking off in the corner.

"Nooooo!" I dive on him and tackle him, and we roll around on the floor in hysterics for a few minutes, ending in a passionate kiss. I think he's convinced me.

"It will be soooooo great. I promise!" He hovers over me, wiggling his eyebrows over and over with that irresistible smile. "And if it's not, we'll work on it until it is."

"Okay, I've got an idea. We'll have a little competition."

"Okaaaay…." His eyes light up with the possibility I might actually let him do it.

"We don't have much time, so we'll have a little 69ing competition."

"69ing? How come we haven't done that yet?" His smile is contagious.

"Okay… if you get me to cum first, you can… do it."


"If I get you to cum first.…" I try to figure out what I want.

"You are NOT fuckin' gettin' me to cum first!" He loudly interrupts me and plops down in position to start.

"I dunno… you might cum first if you keep thinkin' about your hot, throbbing dick squirting cum deeeeep inside of my ass… over and over..." I feel myself starting to blush, so I bury my face in my hands and laugh.

"Shut… UPGARRETT!" He licks his lips as he wraps his hand around my dick.

"If I win, you can't take your baseball uniform off for the rest of the day, and I get to do whatever I want with you."

"Ooh," he smiles.

"Okay… on your mark… get set…"

"Get ready to cum." He gives my dick a slow lick.

"Go!" I immediately start sucking him with my finishing move. I know he won't be able to last long, especially since he's been thinking a lot about fucking me. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm already approaching the point of no return, and things are speeding up. If there was one time I wish that Luke didn't turn me on as much as he does, it's right now. I'm going to squirt… and I'm going to get fucked. Everything is going to change between us, and just when all of my dreams have come true. I hold my breath in last-second desperation to somehow delay my cum from escaping my dick, and suddenly I feel the smooth warmth of his cum coat my mouth. I exhale in triumph and savor my victory, letting myself go at the same time. Suddenly, I'm aware of my other senses. I hear Luke moaning as he enjoys a mouthful of my cum, and I feel his hands and fingers cupping each of my butt cheeks.

After making sure we've enjoyed the extent of our real breakfasts, Luke breaks away and bounces around the room again, as earlier, celebrating his victory.

"Iamthe champion!" He sings as I watch him bound around the room.

"Uhh… I don't think so." I finally let him in on the real results.

"The FUCK!" He stops dead in his tracks, and I can tell that he genuinely thinks that he won the competition.

"I was holding my breath to stop myself from cumming, and I felt your first squirt in my mouth," I say, smugly.

"Your cum was all in my mouth, dude! That's what made me start squirtin'!" He pleads his case with incredulous desperation, as if he's trying to convince a cop not to take him to jail.

"I'm not so sure…." I enjoy every second of his fear and disbelief, and I finally let him off the hook. "Okay, okay… how 'bout this? We both win."

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