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Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 13

We are finally in the car on the way to school. We shouldn't be too late, and the bus would never leave without Luke anyway. He texts the coach to make sure they know we're on our way. Luke wouldn't stop trying to kiss me for agreeing to bottom for him, and he must've thanked me more than hundred times. I'm really nervous about it, but I'm a little excited. I'm not excited about the actual fucking; I'm just excited about how happy Luke is going to be, and I'm the one that's going to make him that happy. I can put up with a little pain, but I have to make sure everything else goes smoothly.

"You are just the best. You're the fuckin' best!" Luke shakes his head with wonderment and a smile that looks like it's permanently stuck on his face.

"We gotta talk more about this, man," I say, trying to get serious.

"Whatever you want… whatever you need… it's yours. Just tell me." Luke tries to rub my shoulder with one hand.

"The thing about my butt is…," I switch to a loud whisper and cup my hand around my mouth. "That's where my poo comes out!"

"Dude! I had no idea!" he gasps.

"Seriously, this isn't a porno. We only get one take. Things could be messy and painful. I might even bleed a little. I just want it to go well, but the whole thing makes me really nervous." I can't look him in the eye and try to pay attention to the road.

"G, do you think there's anything that could happen that would make me stop loving you?"

"It's not that.... It's just that something could happen that's so embarrassing that you wouldn't be attracted to me anymore.... you know, something you couldn't unsee."

"What could happen," he grabs my right hand, and I make sure I steady the wheel with my left, "is that my hot, fucking awesome boyfriend is putting himself in the most vulnerable situation just for me, and that's so fucking hot!" He turns away for a second, the looks back with his eyebrow raised. "Not attracted to you? Just look at you!" He makes a little roar and we laugh.

"It's just that everything up to now has been totally perfect, and that's a lot of pressure."

"You worry too much!" He pinches my cheek. "Perfect? Maybe you forgot the old cum-in-the-eye trick I pulled off last night?"

"Umm, that was pretty perfect," I finally look at him with a smile.

"Oh my God, I'm really gonna fuck you now!" He tries to slip his hand under my butt, but I elbow him without losing control of the car.

"Ok, here's what we're going to do. First of all, it's gotta happen in your room when your mom isn't home. I'm thinking maybe Monday after school. There's no way she'll be gone for a while tomorrow, is there?"

"I doubt it," he says. "Hey, she's going to our game today. Maybe we miss the bus?"

"It's NOT happening today!" We laugh. "We need to get some supplies at the drug store, anyway."

"You mean condoms?" He looks horrified.

"Yeah, I know how you get around," I chuckle. "No, I need to get some of those ass-cleaning-out things...." I can't make myself say the word 'enema'. "And as embarrassing as that will be, I want to get some real lube, too. Maybe they sell a butt sex party-pack."

"Lube? I have like, five tubes!" he says triumphantly.

"You have LUBE?"

"Yeah, I went out and bought some after you dropped me off on Thursday."

"You bought FIVE tubes? You little buttfucker!" I reach over and try to pinch his dick, but it's too well protected by his uniform. We laugh again, and then fall silent for a few seconds.

"So… Monday after school?" he asks sheepishly.

"Yeah… unless I change my mind."


"Hey, this ain't easy!"

"I know, I know. You're the best-est boyfriend ever. I promise, it will be so great! You'll wonder what the big deal was."

"You'd better be gentle with me. I don't want to have to go to a doctor or the hospital because you tore up my b-hole. That could be a giant disaster. The doctor will know, and he'll tell my parents."

"I know! I promise I won't."

"How can you be so sure? What if you get lost in the moment and start jack-hammering me?"

"I won't! I promise, the actual movements will be very slow and very lubed… and when my dick is cumming, my body will be perfectly still. I want to make it last as long as I can, and fucking will just speed things up."

"I'll have to trust you on that. I just hope you can keep yourself under that much control."

"I can!" He seems so sure of himself.

"Okay… Monday after school, then." I smile at him and he does a little dance in his car seat.

We pull up to the bus in the parking lot, and see that the rest of the team is already on board and waiting for us. We rush up the bus stairs and down the aisle to our usual seats as the team sarcastically applauds us… or Luke, actually.

"Let's move!" Coach shouts at the driver, and the bus starts moving before we plop in our seats.

After we get our pep talk from coach, I get out my phone, put in my earbuds, press shuffle and close my eyes. I can't talk to or even look at Luke. When he's in his uniform, he's the sexiest thing on Earth… by far. I need to get my game face on, and to do that, I have to avoid Luke. Well, I can't completely ignore Luke. I have to act as normal as possible. I don't want anyone to make a joke about us or ask if we're having a lover's spat because we're not joined at the hip. I might blush and someone might figure it out. Man, we'll have to practice acting normal. I never even thought about that.

The bus goes around a corner, and I feel Luke's leg pressed up against mine for a brief, wonderful moment. Okay, I will take a peek at Luke at the end of this song…. Okay, I'll take a peek at him right now, but it has to last me fifteen minutes. I look up at him to see he's smiling at me. I get all of the chills and butterflies that I've been hoping to avoid. His smile is so big and goofy and full of love and buttfucking horniness. I could play the kiss-till-you-cum game again right now. I could straddle him, sit on his lap, kiss him for the entire ride to the game, and I'd probably cum three times. He's just so perfect.

"What?" I mouth at him, trying not to smile. He looks to his left at Kevin, the starting catcher, who is sitting across the aisle from us. He's listening to music and trying to read a textbook, so I doubt he'll pay any attention to us.

"I love you so much right now," he whispers barely loud enough for me to hear, not breaking that amazing smile.

"Stop thinking about buttfucking!" I whisper back, and feel my face turn red again.

"I'm not!" I look back up at him, but his smile gives him away. He gets out his cell phone and starts feverishly pressing buttons. He hands it over to me, and he's typed: "I luv u so much". That gets my heart to racing and puts a little lump in my throat.

I give him a quick smile, and then I start changing the message. I capitalize the "U", put an exclamation mark at the end and pass it back to him.

He winks at me and then starts typing back. He hands it back to me: "I luv ur dingaling"

I snicker and look over to see if Kevin has noticed us. He's totally oblivious. I know we're going to be doing this back-and-forth for the rest of the ride. I can't disguise my huge smile as I start typing back.

Me: "I luv ur hot abs"

Luke: "I luv ur big brown eyes"

Me: "I luv ur buckets of precum"

Luke: "I luv ur tight little baseball pants"

Me: "I luv ur sweaty feet after a game"

He looks over at me with his devious smile. I see him start to untie one of his cleats and slip his foot out. He starts running his toes up my shin. Somehow, I manage to convey a look that says, "No, no, no!" and "Yes, yes, yes!" at the same time. He chuckles and puts his shoe back on and ties it up. I look over at Kevin, still staring at his textbook. My dick is as hard as ever by now, but I'm so into this little game. He starts typing again.

Luke: "I luv kissin' the back of ur neck when I'm holdin u"

Me: "I luv ur guns" He flexes his biceps for me.

Luke: "I luv whisperin shit in ur ear that drives u fuckin crazy"

That one gives me chills.

Me: "I luv showerin with u"

Luke: "I luv ur face when ur eatin my cum"

Me: "I luv eatin ur cum"

Luke: "Duh"

We both start cracking up. Kevin looks up at us, but goes right back to his book. Luke starts typing again.

Luke: "I luv when u get chills"

Me: "I luv fallin asleep in ur arms"

Luke: "I luv that ur mine"

I bite my lip so that I can try to think of something to rival that without blubbering. Ooh, I know.

Me: "I luv ur kiss"

I can tell that one really got to Luke. He shuts his eyes, leans his head back and takes a deep breath. After he exhales, he opens his eyes to look at me, and they're a little misty. I can feel mine doing the same. He puts his phone down and looks over at Kevin. No problem there. He takes his warm-up jacket out of his bag and puts it on his lap, hopefully to hide something. Suddenly he grabs my hand with his and we interlock our fingers tightly. I shut my eyes and just enjoy the feeling. This is so awesome. I'm sure that I'll always think back at this as one of our all-time moments.

Way too soon, we arrive at Mesa High School. I start to transform myself from Garrett the Luke-addict into Garrett the shortstop. The guys start leaving the bus, row by row. When it comes close to our time to leave, I start to stand up, but Luke quickly pushes me back down. Kevin gets up, yawns and heads out without looking over at us. Luke extends his arm out over my lap, still keeping me from leaving. My heart is racing. When Kevin finally steps down out of the bus, Luke pushes me down on the seat and we share a quick, but very passionate kiss... and just when I had almost become Garrett the shortstop. Luke stands up and tries to act normal.

"Shit, G. The things you do to me." He shakes his head. We finally head out and join the team.

The day has been so amazing. I feel like I've been living a dream. Not only do I have Luke, but he's so much more incredible than I ever could imagine. He's so considerate, thoughtful, funny, sweet, passionate and totally unafraid to show his love. I wonder how many kids my age, gay or straight, experience this level of perfection in a relationship... probably none.

I go into the game expecting the same level of perfection, but in baseball terms. However, the game couldn't have gone worse. I sit on the bench in the aftermath wondering how it could've gone so badly.

Although, I had an amazing day (2-for-3 with a single, a double and a walk, and the one out I did make was a hard line drive right at the left fielder), Luke's day was totally awful. He was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and a pop-up. I felt like the baseball was as big as a beach ball, but Luke looked totally uncomfortable all day. The worst part was that he made an error in the outfield. On a single that was hit to him, he overthrew the cut-off man and allowed an extra run to score. We ended up losing the game 5-4, and I knew without looking at him that Luke would be blaming himself.

I had started avoiding Luke in the middle of the game after I had a couple of hits and he had made a couple of outs. He's now sitting on the end of the bench by himself. I finally look at him closely, as I have to be the one to approach him. His face is red and he looks totally furious. I want to do something to comfort him. I sure as hell don't want to ride all the way back to school in awkward silence. I gingerly approach him.

"Hey man–" I start, but he quickly interrupts me.

"DON'T, Garrett. Just DON'T. I knew this was going to fucking happen. I KNEW it! I'm gonna ride home with my mom." He gets up and leaves without another word.

I get on the bus and get a free seat by a window. That way I can look out the window the whole way back to school and no one can see my tears.

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