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Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 6

The door to his office, also doubling as a studio, was closed and locked.

The house, while being open and inviting also had a bad thing about it when you're told to disappear for a while. The door to my bedroom was maybe 20 feet away from where I was standing in full view of the 'family area', and the 'family area' was open to the kitchen though to the left a little bit, but not much. Easily I could see the French doors that led out onto the deck and from there down to the boat dock about 50 yards from the house.

Adam looked back just as he opened the French doors. He saw me, and his face, even from that distance, turned white a ghost. Quickly, he retreated and then half ran, half walked to me, "I told you to go in there! Go!"

"It's locked. I can't. Adam, what's wrong?" I cried.

He took hold of my arm with one hand while he grabbed his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. Quickly, he closed the door after telling me to lock it on the inside. I did. He never answered my question though. He didn't have time. Just as I closed the door I heard men entering through the door from the deck into the living room. They were telling Adam to hit the ground, and to not move...

I couldn't see or hear anything else that was going on because the room was sound and light proofed. I dared not turn on a light for fear that it would show under the door. I'd never been in that room so I had no clue where anything was located. Seriously, it was pitch black, absolutely devoid of any light whatsoever, not even a shard of light was under the door was seen from the inside...

I sat down on the floor then made my way around the room, and found a couple of tables, a sofa, and then a desk chair. Very quickly, and very quietly I dared to get up and sit in the chair. I then felt around in the darkness... pens, pencils, a computer keyboard, some knobs and dials and buttons... it almost felt like a mixer board used to produce sound. And then I found a phone. I was sweating, my teeth were chattering, my arms felt like they were quivering, my senses were on full alert as I if I were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When I picked up the receiver, its illumination was nearly blinding... and I thought, for sure, that the light would definitely give me away... but what was I running from? More importantly, what was happening to Adam?

I put the phone back on its cradle, reached down in the dark and took my shoe off, retrieved the money, business card, and credit card he'd told me to use if it were necessary. It was necessary. Without a second thought, I punched in the number and then on the third ring it was answered, "Hello, this is Tony."

I whispered, "Tony... we need help."

"Who is this?"

"James. Adam told me to call you."

"Where are you?"

"I don't know. I'm in his studio. We're at the cabin."

"What's going on, James? Talk to me."

"There were a bunch of men down by the boat. They came inside. I'm hiding out. Adam told me to call you."

"Okay, James, listen to me very carefully..."

"I'm listening. Help us, please."

"I'm going to do that. Are you listening?"


"You are safe right now. Do not answer the door, no matter what. If they get in, and they will, just tell them your attorney told you to stay put and that he's on his way. I'll be there in about 30 minutes. Cooperate but do not volunteer any information. If they ask you questions, and they will, just tell them your attorney has advised you to not answer them until he gets there. I'm on my way." Click.

I put the business-card, the credit card, the money into my sock, and then put my shoes back on and sat there, unmoving.

No longer than 10 minutes passed before I heard a key in the keyhole, and then very quickly, faster than a speeding train, 2 men opened the door and barged in, shining flashlights all about the room. They shouted, "Get on the floor! Get on the floor!"

I did as they told me because they had guns drawn and pointed at my head.

I nearly shit my pants.

I think they did too.

Nevertheless, one of the men turned on the light switch, which, when the light came on seemed like bright flashes of lightening, only the light stayed on, nearly blinding me. The other man walked to me, grabbed my arm, lifted me to my feet and then frisked me, reaching into each and every pocket of my Cargo shorts, running his hands up the inside of my shorts until he hit underwear (I happened to be wearing brief undies, thankfully), and then did the same to my back.

"I'm Officer Rhodes, FBI, are you James Talley?"

"Sir, my attorney told me to not answer any questions. He's on his way. Can I sit down while we wait?"

"No, come with me."

"He told me to cooperate with you. Where are we going?"

"Do you have a way to get him on the phone? Wait, what's his name?"

"Tony... I don't know his last name. I've got to use the bathroom." I said while grabbing hold of my dick and squeezing it firmly.

He led me into the bathroom and then to the toilet... and... waited.

"What are you, a fuckin pervert?" I said with a full dose of indignity rasping from my voice. I then turned to him and started unzipping the zipper. I then reached for the waistband of my underwear and started to tug it down but he turned around and replied, "Do your business."

"I've gotta poop, get out of here!"

"Do your business. I won't tell you again."

I didn't really need to do either but I pointed my dick into the bowl and dribbled a few drops, pushed out a fart, closed my shorts up then went to the vanity where I washed and dried my hands.

The officer then led me into the kitchen/dining room and sat me down in a chair, "Do not move." He sat down across the table. He added, "You're not in any trouble son, so don't make any. We're here take you home where you belong."

"No way, I'm not going home!"

The officer smiled, "That's better. You do talk; I was wondering. Now I know who you are. Don't go anywhere."

He walked to the door, opened it and called, "Mr. Good, it seems that you have someone waiting for you."

Then my world ended. Mr. Good AND my mother, the egg donor, entered the kitchen. She immediately walked over and drew me into a hug. My hands never left my side. She then started mumbling and moaning and groaning about how she missed her baby. It was all very melodramatic... very B minus rated, if only you knew her, and I knew her.

She cupped my cheeks into her hands and leaned in to kiss my lips... but, at the same time, I saw evil dripping through her eyes even though she was play acting pretty damned good... she should have been a fucking movie star, or some such shit.

I deflected the kiss away by turning my head away. All she got was a head full of hair.

Mr. Good said, "We're taking you back to Kansas. Adam was arrested for kidnapping, and because he crossed state lines with you... that makes it Federal..."

"He didn't kidnap me. And you <looking at she who gave birth to me), how was your fucking trip to Alaska, huh?"

Just then a dude with a very dark complexion walked through the door just as mom roared back and connected with the left side of my face and head with her open hand. Then before anyone could stop her she smashed the right side of my face with her fist, knocking me to the floor, all the while turning from the 'mommy dearest' to the 'wicked witch of the west' in one fell swoop.

"My name's Tony Lorenzo, attorney at law, representing one James Talley." He said, after putting himself between the egg donor and me. "You are James Talley, correct?"

"Yes sir." I said as the FBI man gently lifted me to my feet while the other officer handcuffed the wild woman, and very roughly sat her down in a chair.

"Gentlemen, what happened here tonight clearly indicated that the boy will not be safe to be returned to 'that woman' who only claims to be his mother. As a matter of record, I will counsel my client for him to file two counts of felonious assault on a minor child under the age of 12."

"You will not need to do that, Mr. Lorenzo. The assault was witnessed by two Federal agents and a man, a CPS worker representing the state of Kansas." The one officer (the one who 'observed' me in the bathroom) said.

"Sir, with all due respect to your badge, I will counsel my client as I see fit. Now, if you'll excuse us. As I've been told, the only legal difficulty that brought you, the CPS worker, and the person who struck the boy, to our jurisdiction is that he's a chronic runaway... is that correct?"

"That's correct." Mr. Good said quietly.

"Good. Since I'm an officer of the court then I'll take custody of the minor child. Allowing him within 50 feet of the person who harmed him would be unconscionable, yes?"

"That's not necessary, Mr. Lorenzo. This is a federal matter and we will put him into federal protective custody until such time as a full investigation is completed. Son, where is your father? Could you live with him?"

Evenly I replied, "No." Then adding some heat to the fire, I said, "He's pussy-whipped; he does whatever she tells him to do. Without her, I doubt that he'd even be a man."

Before anyone could react, the egg donor jumped out of the chair and threw herself at me, brought her knees up and kicked me in the nuts, hard, thus knocking me off my feet, and causing me to fall over one of those heavy kitchen chairs... but before it could land on my face, Tony reacted and deflected it.

The officers, both of them, slammed 'that' woman to the floor, and added shackles to her restraint. They then led her outside while reading her the Miranda rights.

Mr. Good knelt down on floor as did Tony. Gently, they lifted me into a chair. Tony said, "Mr. Good, I'll be taking custody of said minor child until such time as the investigation is completed. I would appreciate your expert witness testimony as to the events that happened this evening, at the arraignment of Mrs. Talley in the morning."

Wendell said, "James, I'll check this all out in the morning. I really have no jurisdiction in Oklahoma however we do have a reciprocity agreement here. Mr. Lorenzo, we, on our end, will get the paperwork going."

"Mr. Good, that will be just fine, however, this matter has turned Federal. I'm not too sure those federal agents are going to be taking this boy back to his home anytime soon, do you?"

"You're correct, sir. We, the state of Kansas, have agreements with the federal government that we will get started."

"Okay sir, we'll see you in court then. Here's my business card. James, are you ready to go?" Tony asked seriously.

The one FBI agent entered the kitchen through the French doors. "Have you reached an agreement, gentlemen?"

Tony looked at Mr. Good but before Wendell could say anything, Tony spoke, "We have. I am taking custody of the boy, at least temporarily." He turned to me, "James, let's get you some clothes... you have some in your room, correct?"

"Yeah, I want to get out of here. I mean I don't want to get out of 'here'; I just want her out of my life. She hates me. She's always hated me. Mr. Good, you call me a runaway youth, well, she's a run-your-kid-away bitch mother." I said angrily. Then, in a somewhat calmer voice said to Tony, "Tony, where's Adam? He's the only person who's ever given one flying fuck about me? Here and with him I can be myself."

"James, my staff's working on it. It's just going to take a little bit of time."

"Why? What did he do wrong? Take a kid in when he's down and out, is that it?" I said feeling unshed tears about to rush from of my eyes. My face also felt hot.

Tony went to the sink, ran some cold water over two small kitchen towels and then applied them to my face while saying, "James, Adam has been arrested on kidnapping charges which is federal since he brought you across state lines, and I can't believe this but he's also being charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor child."

"Oh no, he didn't kidnap anybody. I went. I left. I ran away a-fucking-gin. You saw what I have to deal with. Indecent liberties... What the fuck does that mean?"

"Basically, it means that Adam, in some way made you do sex things with him, or in front of him, or he did sex things in front of you."

"No fucking way... that's bullshit!" I said then the damn fucking dam burst. Much to their dismay, I tore out and ran to my bedroom, slammed the door and then bounced on my bed, buried my face in the pillow, and let loose cussing, screaming, and crying scalding hot tears that stung my face, adding to the misery SHE, that fucking bitch, that fucking egg donor put into my life.

I don't know how much longer it was but I felt a hand on my back, rubbing from side to side and from my neck to my waist but no further down, then back up again, over and over. The tears continued... I just didn't give a fuck anymore. If I had to go back home, I vowed that I'd just run away again, no, I swore it with a solemn oath, with my life.

"James." Tony said softly.

I shook my head and buried my head deeper into the pillow. I didn't want to talk to anybody. If they had to take me away then they'd have to bodily carry me away.

"James, listen to me for a minute." Tony's voice said then very gently he urged but did not require to turn in bed over to face him. I had nothing else to lose at that point in time so I did turn over and did looking into his eyes. I saw no malevolence, or any other reason to distrust his words, or him. The FBI agent was another matter... he wasn't finished with me, or so I thought.

Much calmer, I said, "I'm staying here. I know where you're taking me... I've seen it happen before. I'm not going there, and you can't make me!"

"James, listen to me for a moment... this is important." Tony said.

"I'm not going to juvenile." I said then got up and off the bed, went into the bathroom, tore off a piece of toilet paper, blew my nose and then sat on the closed toilet lid after seeing the bruises on my face in the mirror.

Tony entered the bathroom after I assured him I wasn't going to use the toilet. He knelt down on the floor, looked into my eyes, and said, "Nobody has said anything about you going to JH. James, while you were alone in your room, I got busy and made two phone calls. You can stay at my house if you want to. I've got room..."

The agent entered the bathroom and stood at the doorway. I got up and pushed past him, went to my bed and laid down on it, on my back.

Ronald walked to my bed, sat down on the edge and said, "Your mother gave me enough information to identify you. I ran you through the computer system; you have no outstanding warrants so I have no reason to hold you but I am responsible for making sure you have a safe place to stay. If you refuse, for any reason, Mr. Lorenzo's offers then I have no other choice but to take you to juvenile in Oklahoma City. Tulsa is full. Tony's offer is the best there is."

I looked to Tony. He nodded. I looked back to Ronald. Ronald added, "This is what's going to happen... you will stay at Tony's tonight. Tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest, Tony is going to take you to talk to the judge so that you can tell your side of the story. At that time, a hearing will take place that will establish where you go next. This is just the way the system works."

Just then Mr. Good walked into the room, spoke to Tony for a moment then turned to me but before he could say anything, Tony said, "Gentlemen, it is 12:30am. We will see you in court. The child must get some rest. This has been very stressful and traumatizing for him. As his attorney, I must insist."

To Mr. Good and Ronald, I said, ""Look, Adam didn't hurt me. He took care of me when I had nowhere else to go. He's not done anything sexual with me. I would know, wouldn't I?"

"Counselor?" Ronald said to Tony.

To Tony I said, "Tony, I just want to get this straightened out. It's all a misunderstanding, it's gotta be."

Tony said to Ronald and Mr. Good, "I will permit a few questions with the understanding that we'll stop at any time. He's tired and stressed, and is under duress."

Ronald said, "The conditions are understood. We'll still need to take his statement under oath, in court."

"That's understood. James, do you feel like answering some questions... they may make you uncomfortable? I'll step in wherever necessary. If you don't understand something then just say so."

I nodded then scooted up so that my back was against the wall so I could face them.

The other FBI agent, his name tag read Willis Reed, entered. Ronald asked him to go get some chairs from the kitchen so that we could have a discussion in comfortable settings.

When they were all seated, Tony closest to me, Ronald said, "Did Mr. Long, Adam as you know him, make you do anything that made you uncomfortable?"

"No, sir."

"Did he 'make' you do anything?"

"Yeah, he made me put on a life preserver."

"He did?"

"Yeah, what are you a dumb ass or something... we went out on the boat. He made me wear a life preserver. He also made me stay seated."

Tony stifled a groan. I said to him, "What? He wouldn't move the boat until I did."

Tony said to the FBI agents, "That is a reasonable demand." To me he said, "Did he do anything that might have put your life in danger?"

"Kinda, sorta, uhm, well he opened the boat up to see what it would do." I laughed, "That boat's pretty kewl... we were clocked at 65 knots, or if you don't understand knots it would amount to about 75 miles per hour."

Ronald made a note in his PDA.

Tony said to everybody, "Mr. Long was given a ticket. He has every intention of paying it. Mr. Long is certified for large water craft. James was, at no time, in any danger."

"Is there anything else that may have put your life in danger, James?" Ronald said after making another quick note.


"A while ago, I told you want indecent liberties means. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember. Do you remember that I told you he had not done any of those things?" I groused. Shit, adults can be so fucking stupid at times.

"Has Mr. Long, Adam, seen you naked?"

I looked to Tony. He nodded.

"Yes. But... he didn't do anything..."

"Did he make you get naked?"

"No, no way."

"Tell me about it." Ronald said.

Tony said, "I object to the question. James has already told you he was not forced to get naked." To me he added, "Adam saw you naked, just tell us how that came about. You've already said he didn't force you."

"Okay, I'm a wuss. I hate thunderstorms. They scare the shit out of me. I've always been like that, a damn baby." Tony started to say something but I quickly added, "Last week we had a really, really bad storm. It knocked the power out. I was scared shitless..."

I went on to tell how I dealt with it, and the phone calls that the bitch made to me, and my response to them, including the response to Adam's call.

"Anyway, I screamed some cuss words to him but I thought she called again... but I didn't hang up, instead I heard Adam's voice. I cried. I was a mess. Anyway, he came over to my house. I'd left the kitchen door unlocked after taking out the trash. He came in and found me sitting on the floor. He got down on the floor, pulled me into his arms and held me tight. I was naked. I always sleep naked when I'm not at home or in a garbage dump."

"So, he touched you while you were naked, is that correct?" Ronald asked after entering a bunch of stuff into his PDA.

"He held me in his arms. His arms and hands were around my shoulders, if that's what you mean."

"Did he touch you anywhere else?"

"Like where, my dick? He touched my back, my stomach, my arms, and he carried me and held me in a chair while I spun out. Where the fuck were my parents... they were running off to fucking Alaska. Did I tell you..."

Tony interjected, "You've answered their question. Ron, would you please move on?"

"No... My dad told me he'd take me gold hunting in Alaska before I turned 18... he fucking promised. If they would have been there then Adam wouldn't have been needed, right?" I ended up screaming those last few words out.

When I'd calmed down, I added, "Yes... he touched my butt. That kept me from falling out of his arms while he was carrying me into the living room to sit in the chair. But he DIDN'T touch my BUTT. If you don't understand that then you're fucking stupid."

Tony spoke up, "Gentlemen, this interview is over. Call me for an interview time." He and the FBI agents stood up to leave but I stopped them.

"Tony, I'm already upset. A few more questions won't hurt anything. I'm not going to sleep anyway."

"Gentlemen, may I have a moment or two alone with my client?"

Ronald replied, "Yes, we're about through with the questions for tonight. It is getting very late for the boy. We'll be outside."

Tony closed the door after them then walked over and sat on my bed. Softly he said, "James, most of their questions require only a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Please don't go past that point. You're doing fine. You're being truthful. I'm only cautioning you because the more information you give, the more questions arise."

"Tony, he didn't sex me. He'd never do that to me, and besides I wouldn't let him." I said knowingly.

"I know you wouldn't. Is there anything else before I call the wolves back in so we can wrap this up? I know you're tired." Tony asked.

I nodded yet I was too wound up to even think about going to sleep. Another thought passed through my head, "Tony, Adam's a photographer, right? You know that, right?"

"Yes I do know. I know of your photo shoots. They're all above board. But please, don't mention anything about it. If they ask anything along these lines, let me handle it." Tony said seriously.

I nodded.

"Tony... there are pictures in my drawer... Boy's World magazines."

Tony visibly swallowed deeply. He said, "Where are they?"

"In the drawer." I said pointing to the built in cabinets and shelves on a wall opposite of where we were sitting.

Tony immediately got up and went to where I had pointed. I joined him. He opened the drawer... they were gone. None of the drawers contained anything but my clothes and sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, wash cloths and some dresser covers.

Tony began breathing again as he moved things around. I found that a bit odd but didn't say anything.

"Don't talk about it. If they ask questions, like I said, I'll handle it, okay?"

"Sure, no problem."

The men returned and resumed their seating places. Ron said, "Okay, he touched your butt when he was carrying you to a chair to comfort you because you're afraid of thunderstorms. My daughter is petrified of them, so I understand." To Tony he added, "Tony, we'll want to obtain a medical examination."

"Understood." Tony replied.

I asked, "What medical examination? I feel fine."

Tony offered, "We need to get your injuries documented. The doctors will examine you very carefully. It's just a usual precautionary procedure. There shouldn't be any needles, okay?"

I nodded.

Ron continued, "Has he ever touched your butt for any other reason?"


"Has he touched your penis in any way?"


Tony started to say something but before he could, I added, "He dried me off WITH A TOWEL that morning when I was so upset and scared. That's the ONLY time."

"The morning of the thunderstorm?"


He made some notes in the PDA. Tony nodded.

"How many other times has he seen you naked, James?"

"A couple."

"Tell me about them."

I looked to Tony. He nodded.

"I don't like to wear clothes, okay... I would streak from the bathroom to my room... at my house. He saw me twice. Both times I had a towel to cover my dick."

"That's pretty normal for kids to run around the house without clothes on. There were only those two times?" Tony asked.


"Did you have an erection those two times? If so, then did he see it?"

"I don't know. Maybe... I had a towel around me."

"Ron, I'm about finished with this line of questioning. You have children of your own. It's understood that kids run around naked and they get erections... it's just a part of the human male experience. Move on."

"Has he ever touched your erection, at any time, for any reason?"


"Have you ever seen him naked?"

"Yes. Once."

"Tell me about it." Ron said not allowing his facial expression to change one way or another.

"It was just the other night, here; I went into his bedroom for something. His door was closed. I went in anyway. He was taking a shower. I only saw him through the glass shower door."

"What did you do then?"

"I left."

"Was he doing anything sexual?"

Tony spoke up, "That is irrelevant. The boy just admitted entering Adam's closed door bedroom. My client is not consigned to a life of celibacy just because a child is present in the house, isn't that correct?"

"I'm establishing a pattern. My question is relevant."

"Mr. Wilkins, as a married man... Nevermind, this session is over. The boy has clearly demonstrated a caring relationship with the accused. The man comforted this child. That is no basis for the charges being levied against him. Now, if you'll excuse us. James, you've had enough for today. Let's take you to my home where you can get showered and into bed and settled down."

I looked Tony directly into his eyes, looking for anything that would make me distrust him. I saw nothing that would make me believe that he was anything but upright and trustworthy. I knew things about people, remember?

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