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Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 7

To ny lived just across the cove in another isolated cove. He had driven to our cabin so it took twice the time to get there as it would have by boat.

He explained a bit about his family. His wife divorced him a few years ago. He had two adopted children, a boy age 13 and a girl age 16. The boy came to live with him a year ago last summer. The girl chose to live with his wife.

He dates once in a while but nobody worth mentioning had come along, and nobody had come home with him, nor did he stay at their place. He said his kid didn't deserve to be toted back and forth to strangers' houses just so he could get laid.

His family was sort of a United Nations effort. His ex-wife was Chinese, his daughter American Indian, his son black and he himself is Italian thus the origin of his last name: Lorenzo. He asked me if I had any problem with any of the origins... I readily replied that I didn't have any problems with anybody, except for the 'rents.

He was easy to talk to about most everything. He said that he and Seth went to the lake each and every weekend, except when his daughter had some really, really important event. He was very active in her life but then again they weren't all that close though they tried therefore it was best that she live with her mother. The opposite was true for him and his son.

When I told him about my 'no hand outs' and 'no charity' creed, he was quick to point out that his son didn't live rent free in the he had chores to do each and every day, without an allowance. He said, "I don't give charity, except to good causes, and I don't permit freeloaders to live in my home, not even for a day. I've taken a few people in but they usually don't last very long. I run a tight ship so I hope you're not on drugs, don't drink, and work hard in school and life. By the way, I think you'll like Seth. He's come a long way since I adopted him a few short years ago. He's a hard worker... he's catching up on growing up, and he's just about there. He seems pretty happy. I hope you guys get to like one another. Though you won't be staying for very long, I hope you two can become fast friends."

By the time we got to his house, I was nodding off, tired and worn out from everything that had happened that day. My watch read 2:15am.

"Seth's in bed, I'm sure. If you guys get along good then he's got a king sized bed if he wants to share it. For tonight, since it's so late then I'll make up the hide-away bed in the family room for you. If you want to take a shower then I'll get you a towel."

"Uhm, if it's okay... I'll wait till morning."

"That's fine."

He drove up to a huge A-Frame house and pulled into its driveway, put the car in park and turned it off. "Well, we're here. Seth's room is up in the loft. He's usually up early. <Laughing>. The boy doesn't like to wear clothes so be prepared. Our home here is clothing optional. We probably won't change to accommodate you if you're uncomfortable... if you don't like it then I have some heavy dark sunglasses."

"Oh that's no problem. This is your house."

I'd forgotten to grab the bag with my clothes so he went upstairs and retrieved a pair of sleep shorts and a shirt for me to wear for the night.

I didn't waste any time after he offered them and headed to the bathroom where I took care of business and changed clothes. When I returned to the living room, Tony had ready a camera and he proceeded to take pictures of my face for documentation purposes.

"Good night and thanks. I've never had an attorney before."

"Good night, James. I'll be leaving very early in the morning. I need to be at Adam's arraignment to represent him."

"Do good, okay, please? He's really a good guy."

"I'll do okay; it's why they pay me the big money so I can have two houses." Tony giggled then turned and went to his bedroom, second door on the left at the end of the hallway.

I rolled over onto my side after deciding I didn't feel comfortable jacking off in their home. I lay awake for about 4 hours, turning and twisting every now and again to find a comfortable position. At some point, I did fall asleep, though it was fitful, waking up every 30-45 minutes.

*-* Monday *-*

My nostrils were the first to wake up... they were being strongly stimulated by from frying bacon, bread toast. The second stimulus was from my auditory organ was tweaked by what sounded like an electric mixer of some kind. The third organ to be stimulated was my urinary system telling me, in no uncertain terms, that it needed to be emptied sooner than later. The fourth was my reproductive system in that my penis was definitely saying that its hunger, need, a want even, and demand to be released from its confines, and paid attention would need to be done, also sooner than later.

The fifth, the visual system was slow to respond because it was still behind and enfolded by eyelids heavy with sand and gravel weighing them down... but then with determination and heavily weighted muscle curl exercises they did indeed open only to see bright sunshine entering through the floor to ceiling windows. At first I didn't know where I was but then the events of the previous evening came flowing back, in vivid detail.

Lastly, perhaps the most important sense that was making its presence well known: my stomach was growling.

Quickly, I tossed off the covers, got up and padded to the bathroom with my dick poking out those thin flannel sleep shorts, leading the way and then unloaded a frothy mix of kidney refuse liquid. The next order of business was to take a shower... my hair was standing out in disarray, and I had a terrible case of 'bed-head'.

With the water temperature just right, I washed my hair and used the suds from the shampoo to wash the rest of my body spic and span. When I got to that appendage which designates me as male, I lingered. Shards of pleasure emanated from it. Knowing a trip to that far away planet was imminent, I sat down on the floor, grasped that organ and quickly stroked it for all it was worth, which was one hell of a lot because soon seizures took over all sense of time and direction. One, two, three, four and then a fifth spasm racked my world until two aftershocks, of sorts, brought me back down to Earth. Slowly, ever so slowly, with water showering over me, my dick resumed its parade rest state of affairs.

After drying off, I shook out my hair. I did not feel comfortable with using one of their hair brushes, or their tooth brushes, and I did not feel it right to go rummaging through the cabinet drawers looking for those items.

With that accomplished I headed toward the origin of those smells after putting back on the same sleep shorts.

When I entered the kitchen I was taken aback because, standing at the sink was a boy walking toward the table where people eat – devoid of any clothing. For a guy, I found him captivating...

He looked up then with a warm toothy smile said, "Good morning, James. Did you sleep well?"

"I slept okay. Thanks. Uhm, I hope you didn't mind that I used your water to take a shower."

"No, not at all. Please sit. I've made breakfast. I hope you like it, and I hope you're hungry because there's plenty. Help yourself."

"Okay, thanks. Can I do anything to help out?" I asked while looking him over with rapt interest.

"Yes there is actually. Please sit and eat up." Seth said then without any further adieu he sat and looked at me expectantly.

Needing no further encouragement or invitation I did indeed sit and began eating like I'd never eaten before, or at least in a year or so, as did Seth.

Between bites, I eeked out thanksgivings for such a wonderful meal. Seth was very reserved, and almost uncomfortable with hearing my praises. All too well, I knew the feelings he was having but was not putting into words.

"My father told me this morning that you had a very difficult evening last night. He didn't go into detail other than to say that he needed to extract you from a most unpleasant situation, and that you'd spend a few days here until things got straightened out. Welcome to our home. What's mine is yours."

Hmm. okay, err nevermind... I won't go there.

"Actually, things were really kewl until she showed up. She's really fucked up."

"Who, your mother, did she do that to you?" Seth asked quietly.

"Yeah... she smacked me around a few times before they could stop her."

"I noticed. Your face's puffy. I'll make you an ice bag. I'm sorry you had to endure the wrath. I understand. I've been there."

With that said he got up and walked across the room to the refrigerator/freezer. He reminded me of how a deer walks through the forest. His back, narrow at the hips spread out until his ribcage, at which time the muscles stood out and the expanse widened. I looked up and down, spellbound, and then I watched his naked butt cheeks as they swayed to and fro with each step. I observed his loose and freely swinging testicles from his backside. His butt cheeks were full. You could definitely see muscle definition. And then his long slender legs, plump with muscles their entire length, walked with a grace that I'd never seen before.

When he got the cabinets he bent down and opened it, and at the same time I saw his dimple nestled deep between the cleft where God had split him in half. For a moment, a brief one, I wondered if his anal tissues were as sensitive as my own... I was brought back to reality when he turned and looked at me... clearly, he saw me looking at him. He smiled then went back to his task.

When he brought the wrapped up ice cubes to the table, I saw that his circumcised penis was a little more than what appeared to be ' half staff' of a full erection. Once he arrived back at the table, he stood to the side and put his one hand on my back and then applied the ice pack with his other hand, and held it there firmly yet gently. The coolness felt good to the soreness.

"Seth, thank you. I didn't realize that she'd hit me that hard. It's all fucked up..."

My eyes became blinded, my throat – it felt like I was going to close up, my chest – heaving. I began fighting to regain control of my runaway emotions, emotions that I had sworn countless times to maintain inside so that they never saw the light of day. "It's all fucked up. I fuck up everything – Adam's in jail because of me... if I wasn't in his life then he'd not be in jail... I should have known better..."

I heard a chair scoot until it was touching mine. Then he removed the ice pack, sat it down on the table and then he sat down on the chair, scooted in and pulled me into his strong arms, whispering for me to just let it out, to not hold it in, and to keep on until the moment passed.

My arms went around his chest under his armpits. I hugged myself in, and he tightened his grip but not enough to keep my racking sobs and chest spasms at bay. Soon enough, I began regaining my composure. I quickly squeezed him, wiggled out of his arms and then headed to the sink where the paper towels were located. I tore one off and blew my nose, and at the same time ripped a fart which seemed to break the tension as I became self conscious, and started giggling. He made a big deal of pushing down – success. We both cracked up wildly when his air escaped into the rich leather surface of the chair causing his fart to sound like a machine gun firing off several rounds in rapid succession.

"There, all done." Seth said which brought about another round of belly laughing. He got up from the table and began clearing away the dishes. His dick, which had previously been half-erect was standing up and proud. To say I was mesmerized... well, I worried about that too... a guy's not supposed to be captivated by another dude's equipment. But then again, I'd not been around other guys, and certainly not when they were erect, in fact I'd not seen another guy's equipment at all... other than the few times I'd seen the sperm donor... however he'd not had an erection those times. And then, without even looking down, I felt the tip of my cock tightly hugging those soft flannel sleep shorts.

Seth, seeing my eyes looking at his stuff, said softly, "If you're uncomfortable, I'll put on some clothes... wait; I'll go ahead and get dressed..."

"No, it's fine. This is your home."

"But you're our guest... I'll be right back."

"Seth, no don't do that. I'm not here for hand outs. I'm not a charity case. You do what you do in your own home..." I said then with only a slight hesitation took off my sleep shorts, walked to him and then hung the fabric on the back of the chair. I then began gathering dishes. When both hands were full I carried them to the sink and started rinsing them in preparation for insertion into the dishwasher.

Seth joined me and in short order had them ready to go. Casually, certainly not intentionally our bodies touched. While that seemed weird, especially when my organ assumed a full stance, pointing to the sky and hugging my belly, it didn't seem weird, all at the same time.

After he put in the soap and hit the wash cycle he headed for the door, opened it and motioned for me to join him, "We'll get busy with chores. The sooner we get them finished, the quicker we go swimming. We've got a slide... dad just had it put in... I've never used it yet."

With that he walked out onto the deck. I was very self-conscious. When I arrived at the door I said, "But we're naked..."

"This is our cove. Don't be ashamed. You've nothing to be ashamed about, do you?"

"But I'm hard..."

"As am I." Seth said, gripping his penis and squeezing firmly. Then just as quickly he released his throbbing organ. He added, "Come on, let's get chores done."

Later, after sweeping and washing down the decks, pulling trash bags and putting them into a dumpster, washing the glass sliding doors, and other various and sundry tasks, Seth turned on the water jets that primed the water slide. Once it was wet and slick he obliged me to be the first one to use the newest addition to their water fun regimen. To say we had a blast would be the understatement of the century. Assured of our competence, we began sliding down together, one behind the other with our arms intertwined, with full contact, just enjoying ourselves to the maximum. We both had rampant hardons but other than goofing off, as boys will do, we didn't pay them much mind.

For quick rest breaks we'd lay out on the deck leading to the boat and water slide, just allowing the hot sun to bake our skin and the breeze to cool same. Then we'd be back at it, playing, goofing off, without a care in the world. It was nice. All cares and concerns put on the back burner, if for only a little while.

Sunburn has a way of sneaking up on a person. I didn't even pay attention because I wasn't even aware that my skin was being fried until we headed to the house to get drinks and to use the bathroom (pooping in the water we were swimming in wasn't a viable option, for obvious reasons!), and to grab some lunch.

We were comfortable with each other, as if we'd known each other our entire lives, so when bathroom duties needed to be taken care of he went first. He said, "Dude, you're fried. We've had enough sun and fun for today. I'm not immune to sunburn but I feel warm too. We'll find something else to do; maybe we'll go take a boat ride. Dad has a pontoon boat that I can take out. We can go fishing in the shade, or we can just do whatever comes to mind. We're on no time table. I'll just call dad and let him know."

"Neat. Hurry up." I giggled, holding my legs together to keep from going too early.

Soon, he was finished, flushed the toilet then it was my turn. I blasted the toilet with refuse and methane gas. He laughed, as did I. He also got the Aloe Vera and applied it liberally... all over my body save for my cock that was standing out proudly. Even it was sunburned but he respected my possessions, although as comfortable as we were with each other I still respected his concerns.

We went to his room. He said that while naked was okay, he liked to at least take a thong or something to put on in the event that water patrol checked us out, or we met another water craft in our cove. Usually, other people stayed out of the cove but sometimes someone wandered in, or a supply boat would enter, although there were no plans for any deliveries.

We packed a cooler with cold cuts, bread, Miracle Whip, mustard and Cokes, loaded it on the boat, and then we made it ready for its excursion for the season. With some difficulty getting started, the engines roared to life, and we were on our way with him at the Captain's helm.

On the way out of the cove, Seth began putting street shorts on without underwear. I followed suit as he said we needed to get fuel, that it was a public place, and because we'd need to go inside the store to pay.

"Oh shit." Seth said then did a quick turnaround and headed back to the cove. He added, "I forgot the card." We both laughed. When we arrived, like a deer running he went to their house and soon returned with the necessities and then we took off heading for the station.

Once the boat was filled, we took off for Adam's cove. There were no people around so we docked, ran up to the cabin, entered, and went from room to room looking for Adam as his truck was still parked in the driveway. He wasn't anywhere to be found. I grabbed some underwear, a couple pair of shorts, and several shirts; even though Seth said we wouldn't need them.

Just as we were walking out of the kitchen onto the deck, the phone rang. I'd answered his phone before so I ran back in and picked up the receiver. "Hello."

"Who is this?" A young guy's voice asked.

"James, who's this?"

"Barry. Is Adam there?"

"Nope." Thinking quickly, I added, "He's tied up right now."

Seth, who'd been looking at me seriously suddenly snickered. I flipped him the bird and went back to the call. He laughed out loud.

"Do you know when he'll be...?"

"No, sorry, he's on business, what's up?"

"Oh nothing; he just told me to call if I needed something... it's really okay, I'll just call back another time. Thanks." Click.

"Who was that?" Seth asked curiously.

"Barry. The area code was 505. Where's that?"

"Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know him, he's a cool kid. Did he say what he needed?"

"Nope, just that he wanted to talk to Adam."

"Oh okay. Did you get his number? I haven't heard from him in probably 3 or 4 months."

"Uhm, caller id says 505-666-7891."

"Do you have a piece of paper? I'd like to write it down and call him later."

We took off for Seth and his dad's cove. After arriving, our clothes found their way into a dry place. Seth whistled when my shirt came off, "Dude, you're scorched, isn't it sore?"

"Yeah, but I'm okay though."

With that we fished for hour or so. Seth caught 6 nice sized catfish. All I could catch were bluegill but he said they fry up nice too.

Since the boat had no restroom, we had fun peeing off the side and comparing the length of the arcs. Seth, clearly having a much bigger wand organ than me won hands down. The last time we peed, Seth asked sheepishly, "Do you jack off?"

"Yeah, definitely, wanna?"

Seth smiled then sat back in the captain's chair, took hold of his prong, looked at me questioning whether or not I'd actually do it... to answer his questioning look, I took hold of my own prong and began jacking without abandon, all the while looking at him. He smiled warmly then began jacking his meat. It was long... if I were to guess, it had to have been 5 inches, or a little more.

I wondered if I looked like he did... his eyes were squinting, his pace accelerating, his muscles tightening, his legs spreading which gave me a full visualization of the inner works between his stretched out legs. I found how his balls hung... I couldn't believe I thought it... but it looked erotic... then his eyes opened wide like saucers, and then fluid began shooting from the end of his penis as his muscles jerked their reactions.

I doubled the efforts on my own dick, and then rapidly reached the crescendo of orgasm, sending my legs pushing down on the floor while lifting my butt cheeks off the chair to provide maximum intensity, a trick that I'd learned soon after I'd began jacking off a few months previously.

Seth got up and went forward. He was rummaging around looking for, I assumed, something to wipe his splooge up... I looked down to my dick and saw that its head was a little bit wet but my tummy and those 6 pubes were dry.

Seth didn't find what he was looking for. He returned to the chair then began lapping the liquid from his belly, lower chest and thighs. I said, "That's just gross. Why are you doing that?"

He replied, "Hey, I couldn't find anything to wipe up with. It's not gross. Did you know sperms don't have any germs?"

"No... What does it taste like?"

"It's a little salty... but it's not bad. Wanna try some, I mean if it doesn't gross you out."

"Sure. You're sure it doesn't have pee in it?"

"Yeah, I'm sure, it's just cum."

He scooped some of the fluid onto his finger, then got up and put it to my lips. I took a tentative swipe at it with my tongue. It didn't taste bad at all. In fact, it tasted a little sweet. I grabbed his wrist and inserted his finger fully into my mouth, licking it clean and dry.

I then showed him my dick... but the wet spot had dried. He looked to me curiously... I didn't know what he was asking but I nodded anyway.

He took hold of my dick and squeezed it which made a drop of 'something' come out of the slit. Again he looked at me carefully... then without invitation or declination, he reached down and swiped that liquid from my slit with his tongue, and then let go.

"Tastes like cum to me; it's real sweet."

"That's really cum? It's nothing like yours though."

"Give it time. You'll be shooting in a few months, no doubt." I smiled. He knew how to make me feel good and important. A warm feeling went through my body, and I felt okay, better than I'd felt in a while.

"Let's go get these fish cleaned. We'll have them for dinner tonight."

Tony arrived home at about 5pm... We'd just finished cleaning the fish, tossing their guts into a zip lock bag. At first, I felt very embarrassed to have him see me naked and with a half-hard penis but he didn't even pay much if any attention.

"So what did you find out? Is Adam okay?" I asked.

"He's okay, under the circumstances, but, unfortunately, they're playing hardball. Also unfortunate, they've set his bond at half a million dollars, cash only. It'll take me a few days to extract that much cash money from his holdings."

"Geezus dad, they don't even put that kind of bail on murders..."

To me, Tony said, "It's a little complicated. It's just going to take me a few days to get it all straightened out. It's not your fault so don't go blaming yourself. I was officially granted temporary custody of you though we need to go to court tomorrow morning. The judge wants to meet with you. He wants to hear your side of things. I'll talk to you later so that you're prepared to talk to him... it's my job. Meanwhile, you boys go take your showers while I get dinner started."

Seth smiled; his bright white teeth definitely illuminated his dark chocolate skin. I managed a smile. He said, "Dad, be sure and deep fry it... I love it that way."

"I'll fry up some potatoes and onions and green peppers too. Might as well have a heart attack and clog up the arteries. Go on, you guys have about an hour, maybe a little longer." Tony said smiling. He then play-swatted Seth's naked butt cheek and sent us on our way. I was able to avoid his smack but then Seth more than made up for the miss.

As we walked toward the bathroom, Tony said to Seth, "Son, make sure James takes a cool shower and then bring me the Aloe."

"I'll get it, dad."

Tony nodded.

At the door to the bathroom, Seth said, "We might as well take a shower together, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine. Wait, I need to go down to the boat and get my clothes."

"You won't need them but yeah, we need to get them before it gets dark. The dew gets really heavy here in the cove."

With that said I entered the shower and got the temperature just right while Seth took another dump and cleaned up. Once I got wet, I smelled like lake water. I also noticed that, against the white granite tile, my skin was beet red, and it was definitely sore. I looked down my back toward my globes... they too were definitely red and hot.

Seth entered the shower, smiled then pulled the door shut. He said, "Sorry, I have to take a shit 5 or 6 times a day... it's just my system... damn, you're sunburned. The Aloe is good stuff though. I wipe myself down with it after every shower. My skin tends to get really dry but it rarely burns though I have a little bit."

"Is that because you're black?"

"Yep, our pigments are different than white peoples... it's kind of a natural sun-block."


I washed my hair, face, neck, chest, belly, and my jewels while Seth did the same. We jabbered about this and that, about nothing all that important or in particular.

I tossed the washcloth over my shoulders to wash my back but yelped because my skin was way too tender to be grated like that. Seth took the washcloth, rinsed it thoroughly and then filled it with water. He took the bar of soap from the dish inset and lightly ran it over my skin which was much, much better. He didn't stop at my waist, instead he went on down and trailed the bar through my crack, and then went deeper, and then touched my pucker which sent an involuntary shudder through my body, and immediately my penis boned up. He fingered my hole but made no effort to insert his finger, though at that juncture I wouldn't have minded, not one bit. Although he didn't linger, the damage already been done, my cock was tightly hugging my belly, and pointed straight up, and throbbing with need.

"Sorry James, I got carried away..."

"It's okay; I kind of react when my butt gets touched like that... it's not bad, or anything. Okay, my turn, turn around."

With that said, Seth did indeed turn around and I performed the same ministrations to his back, and butt. I noted how easily my finger could have entered his hole... it was all relaxed and stuff... but I didn't press the issue.

When Seth turned around, he too was massively boned up, just like we'd been on the boat earlier in the day. He said, "Dad has a rule... no bones at the table. If I bone up then I've got to put clothes on. He's funny like that."

"That's okay... I really don't want to bone up in front of your dad."

"I've been boned up... it just happens to us guys... it's no big deal... he just doesn't want me boned while we're eating." Seth said factually while rinsing off. He then took the washcloth, filled it with water and used it to rinse my back since the water jets from the shower head was too much to take.

He blotted my back, butt and legs dry while I dried my hair and shook it out. I looked into the mirror. My hair was wild, tangled and unruly. Seth said, "My hair's short and kinky <he giggled>. A hair brush does me no damn good. You look fine. Come on, let's go to my room, I don't want to put no damn clothes on."

We went to his room, which was on the third floor... actually it was a wide open loft. You could look down into the kitchen and living room but the room was deep enough so that from the bottom you couldn't see his bed.

Seth plunked down on his back, took his penis in his hand and began slowly but methodically jacking. He urged me to join him. I did.

We scooted together, and it worked out well because he was left handed while I was right handed.

I was on the fast track to orgasm while Seth took his time. Not 10 seconds before I blasted away he leaned down and kissed the tip of my cock then lay back down and began furiously laboring toward his climactic end. I exploded then maybe 1 second later I felt his body tense, and in my haze looked over and saw his sperms eject all over his stomach and my arm. Lost in the moments, all else didn't matter, not one bit.

Together we consumed his offerings and then he leaned down really close to my cock and observed it carefully. Once again he firmly squeezed its mid-shaft causing a drop of clear liquid to exit. He looked at me and smiled, then without hesitation reached down with his tongue and lapped it up.

Just as we were getting ready to get up and head downstairs, he spread my legs to observe the stuff I have been my butthole and the backside of my testicles. Without invitation or rejection, he leaned down inside and kissed that same area. He then widely separated my globes and put his finger on my hole which sent a shard of pleasure rocketing through my entire body.

"I really like that!" I said breathlessly but his dad called us to come to dinner which thwarted any further explorations.

Needless to say, we put on underwear and shorts because of his dad's rules about boners at the kitchen table.

After dinner and cleanup was consumed and performed, respectively, we all went into the family room and watched TV for the rest of the evening. I carefully observed their interactions, wishing against all wishes that I had an adult to dote on me like Tony was doing to Seth.

As melancholy settled in I decided to just go the sleeper sofa and turn in for the night. After tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in, I did indeed fall off to sleep.

I awoke during the night with a warm body lying next to me. Not quite awake but not asleep, we intertwined legs and arms and fell off into la la land.

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