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Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 8

*-* Tuesday *-*

Tony awoke me with a startle at 7:30am. He spoke to me and another person on the sleeper sofa. I turned to see Seth lying on his side looking up at his dad. "I'm going to Oklahoma City on business. I'll be gone most of the day. James, hopefully I'll be able to get Adam sprung loose from jail."

"I don't understand why he's in jail. Everybody saw what a bitch my mom was. And I told everybody that I went with him voluntarily... he didn't snatch me like they thought he did. Honest."

"Yeah, I know James. He's got a couple of other problems that we're trying to get worked out. Okay, gotta go, there's plenty of food in the refrigerator."

With that Tony leaned down and Seth rose up and they shared a quick kiss on the lips and a hug and then Tony was off on his business trip.

Very quietly, Seth said, "It's going to be okay, just hang in there."

I looked into his eyes. His assurances were sincere which helped to lift the melancholy that had settled in the night before when I went to bed.

Hungry and growling stomachs coupled with urgent needs to pee got us up and out of bed faster than anything else could have, well almost anything else.

While we were peeing, the first order of business, Seth put his arm around my hips and let his hand drape over and cup my butt cheek. I did the same for his. Although I didn't need to whisper, I did in fact whisper, "Maybe we could jack each other off? Nevermind, I didn't say that."

I hurried up and when finished I shook the appropriate number of times then backed away to the sink and began washing my hands. Seth joined me. After a moment he said, "I wouldn't mind messing around some, if you want to that is."

Just then both of our stomachs groaned their needs for urgent attention. Instead of fixing a big spread for breakfast, we just had cold cereal, a banana and large glasses of orange juice. We packed the cooler with soft drinks and sandwiches for lunch since we had no need or plans to be back anytime soon.

Once cleanup and daily chores were accomplished we went swimming for a while then took off on the pontoon boat with no particular destination in mind. Since it was a weekday there were few tourists to mess with. We did see some in a cove. Seth said the fishing was good there. We agreed to hit that place before returning to his home later in the day.

A couple of exploration hours later we headed for the cove where Adam lived. Everything appeared to be exactly as we'd left it the previous day. After docking, all our clothes were taken off and tossed into a dry compartment. We both grinned at seeing our cocks were hard as could be... but the air was hot, and we needed cooling off, in more than one way. As it were, we dived off the boat since if the water was deep enough to have a big ass boat moored then it was deep enough to dive into.

We ended up playing some serious grab-ass, and I mean serious grab-ass like when you intentionally touch another person's cock, and they don't mind, and in fact they grab yours too, and you don't mind.

When we were all tired out we headed to the rope ladder that leads back up to the boat deck. We arrived at the same time. I offered for him to go first but then he offered for me to go first. Off we went on another tangent of laughing, playing around, grab-assing... until we were totally exhausted yet neither of us would say 'give'.

The second time we arrived at the rope ladder, I went ahead and started up it to avoid another round of 'arguments' (ha haa) about who would go first. I'd taken about 2 rungs up the ladder when I heard Seth take in a deep breath. I turned around... he was intently looking at my back; I traced his eyes to my butt. Playfully, I wiggled it in an exaggerated fashion and continued on up the heavy nylon stairs until we reached the top. I helped Seth over the ridge, that 8 inch separation between the boat and the dock. He was afraid of heights, though not as afraid as I was of thunderstorms. He didn't say anything, but I just put it together after he jumped over it which caused him to run into me, sending me to the wood deck.

He quickly reached down, took hold of my hand and helped me up. He looked me all over despite my telling him that I was okay... yet I let him touch me because it felt nice. Something inside of me was yearning for him to touch me down there, to run his hands over my complete body including but not limited to my prong which was hard with desire.

As it were, for a moment I sensed some hesitation between us so we separated and headed up to the cabin. I fetched a key from one of the window sills on the back of the place which let us in. The first order of business was to hit the bathroom where I unloaded into the septic tank. After wiping up good I washed my butt with soap and water so that I could sit on the furniture without needing a towel. On the way out Seth was headed in. When we passed, I grabbed his dick, squeezed firmly and then let go and went on about my way. He giggled and said something to the effect that I was playing with fire. I said something along the lines of I had a hose to put it out with. He giggled back and said something like I didn't make enough stuff to put anything out. I bantered back by saying an ark would be needed if he were to cum in the lake. That cracked him up. It cracked me up too. It felt good to be goofing around, having fun, and not having a care in the word or any worries, for a change.

I went into the kitchen and fixed us two tall glasses of ice tea and then went out to the shaded part of the deck, sat them down then sat down on the comfortable lounge chairs. I tweaked the few public hairs growing from my right groin... they were getting slightly longer, I was sure. I ran my fingers over and down my balls that were hanging nicely. I then went on down further and tweaked the little ridge of dividing tissue that separates one side from the other. My hole experienced a slight spasm as I brushed my index finger across it. I watched my cock pulse and grow.

"Whatcha playing with?" Seth said from the doorway. I turned and faced him, smiled then went back to what I was doing. He walked over and sat down next to me on the lounge chair and then leaned down to see what I was doing. I was definitely getting turned on with the ministrations I was giving to that dark and hidden place, the doorway to the dungeon of stink... but was it really just for that, I wondered about its sole purpose because I found so much pleasure there. I wiggled my finger in such a way to relax, and before I knew it, my finger entered to the second knuckle. It was very dry yet the waves of pleasure were intense and plentiful.

"Dude, doesn't that hurt, even a little bit?" Seth asked from wonderment.

"Nope, pure pleasure." I said then extracted my finger. He took hold of my hand and sniffed it looking for any trace of malevolent smells or substance.

After finding nothing to complain about he said, "That doesn't smell bad at all. It's kind of sweet... I mean it has its own aroma but it isn't bad or anything."

"Yeah, I washed my butt good after using the can. Besides I don't like dragging a towel around. Adam says as long as we do it that way then we don't need a towel. Did you wash good back there?"

"That makes sense, and yeah I took a quick shower to get the lake water gunk off." Seth said, and then he reached for my dick and looked into my eyes, silently asking for approval. I spread my legs wide open to give him full access. I closed my eyes and jolted upright when he touched the crown of my cock. Now, I'm cut but the doctors left enough skin up there to slide up and down even when I was at the point of being totally hard.

I reached my hand toward Seth's male gland but he pushed it away, saying, "Let me do you then you can do me, okay? Is that okay with you?"

I smiled then laid back and closed my eyes. He knew what to do. Soon, very soon, I was groaning and moaning and needing to cum yet he was going too slowly. I reached down, took his hand and began jacking my cock faster. He caught on very quickly. I retreated and put my hands behind my head just as the spasms began and top ended sending me over the cliff. I came harder than I could ever remember coming. When I recovered, I looked down... not only did I see the slit area wet but there were two or three drops running down the shaft. Seth wasted no time. Instead of using his finger to gather up those drops he went directly over my dick with his mouth and worked his tongue to clean all sides. I stopped him because my cock was exquisitely tender and sensitive to the touch, even though he was very gentle.

Seth then lay down beside me and said, "Did I do okay?"

"Oh, hell ya; I thought the end of my dick was going to blow off into orbit. Thanks, your turn!"

We changed positions so that I was looking directly at his penis, up close and personal like. His skin was tight and did not permit much play between it and the underlying firm spongy tissues, but nevertheless he began undulating his hips in time with my ministrations. Maybe he likes his butthole tweaked... I thought.

With that thought clearly in mind, I reached down with my other hand and ran my fingers across his hole. He jumped with the contact, yet he also raised his leg which gave me full access. I sniffed my finger and found that it smelled clean. Like I did to my own hole I wiggled my finger gently but persistently, pushing from one side to the other all the while exerting upward pressure. Soon, my finger fully entered his deep dark cavern. Damn, he was tight. It was almost like his rectal walls were gripping my finger like a pair of vice grips. He was also moaning and pushing against my finger, and squeezing. His breathing became rapid. I felt his cock expand and saw his balls tighten up.

Then it happened to him. His rectal walls went into spasms... my finger felt like a tourniquet had been applied to it. He also shot his nectar in rapid succession sending the first splash to his lips, the second to his chin, the third to his neck, and then several other spasms sent his seminal fluids to his belly and then dribbled into his sparse dark black pubes.

When he was finished, I slowly extracted my finger and showed it to him so that he'd know that he was clean down there. He took hold of my hand and sniffed the finger that had been inside his most private of places. He said, "It smells different but it's not bad or anything."

With that said, I began cleaning him up. I started at his chin and worked my way up and out away from his lips. Yet... something was drawing me closer and closer to those deep luscious mounds of skin. I looked into Seth's eyes, looking for any sign of discomfort or disgust. Finding none, and feeling none, I made the journey and we made contact.

I'd never ever kissed anyone before. It was quick and tentative. I felt something stir inside of my heart and guts... it was almost like I was starved hungry or something. Seth took his turn and reached up and touched my lips. His kiss was different though. Deep. Wanton. Needy. He reached up and placed his hand on my cheek oh so tenderly, oh my god, I was addicted.

With our initial tentative exploration complete and pleasant, our kiss became continuous and constant. We'd take turns kissing each lip, either upper or lower and then sometimes met in the middle for a mutual touch. Yep, I was addicted, and from Seth's reactions... so was he.

When we separated we grinned like Cheshire cats, kissed one more time, and then sat together in companionable silence. I said, "I've never been kissed before, ever, that I remember anyway."

"You're good at it. You're a natural, James. I'm sorry that you haven't been kissed before... are you sure?"

"Nope, never. But, it's okay. Seth, you gave me something that nobody has ever given me before. Thank you. I mean it." I said while I felt my eyes filling with unshed tears. Quickly, I pushed them aside with my fingers and then got up, pulled him up and led him into the house, sat down at the bar where we kissed until our lips were crushed (not!).

Seth called his dad at about 4:30 in the afternoon to see when he was going to be home. His dad replied that Adam had a court hearing the next morning and asked us if we'd be okay until he got home the following afternoon.

Hell yeah!

Seth told him we were at Adam's place. Tony wasn't all that happy about us being there. All plans to stay overnight were squelched when Seth admitted that he hadn't locked their house or turned on the alarm for being away overnight. I told him that Adam had some food that needed to be eaten before it spoiled. He gave us permission to stay until one hour before sundown at which time we needed to return to their place. He wasn't mad or anything. He was just concerned, and DID NOT want us out on the lake after dusk.

After reassuring Tony that we'd follow his directions, I got steaks out of the refrigerator, sniffed them carefully to make sure they were still good – they were. Adam had taught me that it's best for steaks to get to room temperature before throwing them on the grill to cook. So that's what we did after I soaked them in some of his secret formula marinade.

While the steaks prepared, we went down to Adam's boat, donned life preserver jackets then took turns jumping off the bow and then climb up using the rope ladder.

The last time we went up, we stayed topside and sat down together in a chaise lounge chair. He sat with his back up against the rear seat while I laid on my side facing him. I was drawn to him for some reason that I didn't understand. He would look at me, and then he would touch his lips to mine giving me that which I was quickly learning to yearn. I never knew kissing someone could feel that good. My heart soared, and so did my something else, both to epic proportions.

He joined me, lying on his side facing me. Our arms went around each other, and our fingers traced little circles starting on our faces, progressing to our necks then our chests, stopping only to play with those little nubs of flesh and making them hard as buttons. Unknown to us what our natural desires were, I didn't want my tits played with as it was irritating. In order to run our fingers along our spines we had to get really close together, so close in fact that our noses were touching which in turn led to even more kissing, more deeper kissing. Automatically, without aforethought, I stuck out my tongue out to wet my lips but his mouth took hold of it and squeezed with his lips, teasing it with his teeth.

I liked that. I liked that a lot. The sensations were sending shivers throughout my body, starting at my tongue and seemingly ending at the tip of my mad hard dick.

He put his leg over my hip then began kneading my butt with his strong fingers. I about creamed right then and there when his finger brushed over that little tail bone and then down until his finger tip rested on my butthole. He tweaked it a couple of times. I felt myself getting faint (no, not really, I was lying down), okay, I was getting giddy with excitement, so much so that I did what I never thought I'd be doing – not that I'd even thought about it... I wanted something of his inside of me. I wanted him to leave me with a lasting impression, something that I'd never forget, or want to forget no matter what.

Seemingly, on its own volition my body contorted just enough to both push him onto his back and me onto his stomach... but I wasn't satisfied with simply lying on top of him although I liked it a whole bunch. Something was driving me to do what I did next.

I sat up then wiggled myself down low on his lap area. His fully erect and elongated gland touched my butt cheek... it felt damn good. The look on Seth's face was surprise when I lowered myself and moved my body so that his raging hard penis was directly blow my nether regions.

As unspoken desires raged through our teenage bodies, seemingly on its own without aforethought Seth rearranged himself so that he was better aligned. Mind you, we had no idea what we were doing, as whatever we were doing we'd never done before. Weird.

Not weird enough to stop though. I lowered myself as far as my knees would permit. I landed right on his pubic bush. Automatically, his hips rose up causing us to touch THERE in that supposedly forbidden place.

Simultaneously, I reached my hand down and took hold of his member and raised it up to where it was lightly touching my back door. Seth put his arms around my shoulders and sighed heavily, almost like he was going to asphyxiate or something... but he didn't asphyxiate, not by a mile.

I needed more. More was not enough. His cock was teasing me in the worst possible way. Had the desire not been there as it was then you could call it tickling my hole... but the desire was there, both of us, we had it.

When I was assured that the head of his cut cock was firmly planted in the little dimple I kinda sorta sat up and pushed my hips down and using my legs pushed up. I looked into Seth's eyes... they were glazed over, his lips were slightly parted, and his breathing was ragged.

With some effort (okay, a lot of effort), I kept wiggling the head of Seth's cock, digging deeper and deeper into that deep cavern that I was just learning to be a focal point of intense pleasure. Finally, his head popped through the ring of desire. I was all consumed at that point. I rose up just enough to give just enough momentum to fully and completely engulf his raging hard cock with my pleasure tunnel.

"Oh God, James, you do not know that that feels like... oh my God in heaven." Seth said and then his body took over. His hands went on my hips and guided me up and down on his member... he was tensing up. About all I knew about sex was that when I got ready to blow a load I tensed up, and my vision became but narrow slits, all I could sense was the intense pleasure emanating from that appendage jutting out. I sensed that was what Seth was getting ready to do so I sat down on his cock and began rapidly squeezing my butt muscles as hard as I could. Seth was whimpering. Drool was dripping from his mouth – but I didn't care. I reached in and joined our lips just as he began huffing, puffing, spasming, jerking and rolling his eyes back inside of his head.

Somewhere in his moment, I became unconscious, unaware of anything because nothing else mattered as I reached my own pinnacle of success, lost in a sea of pleasure tidal waves, with no life preserver mainly because I didn't need a preserver... I could have died right then and there... and been as happy as I'd ever been, forever.

But neither of us died, thankfully.

Our needy kisses and caresses became satiated, meaningfully soft yet enough to make the other one aware of the others' presence.

His penis went soft first and fell out. My butthole felt weird, like it was still wide open, and then a breeze of air confirmed my suspicions. I began giggling. Seth smiled and looked at me like he was asking if I'd lost my last marble. Very quietly, between kisses, I said, "My butthole feels like its wide open. That breeze confirmed it. Geezus, Seth that felt so damn good... I hope you'll do it to me again at least 40 billion million more times." As I was saying those words my reserves fell by the wayside as I began to cry softly into his chest and neck. He pulled me down so that my body was laying the full length of his. He wrapped his arms tightly around my back and just let me experience those pleasurable feelings welling up deep within myself... until they passed.

We were both hot and sweaty and sticky from our exertions. After a few quiet minutes of solitude, I got off Seth and pulled him up. We walked to the boat and then dove off into the still warm water... but the warm felt better than nothing. We didn't play around or anything, instead we joined at the ladder and kissed a few times though not hungrily, yet they were hungry... we were both starved for something, love maybe? All analysis aside, we were just enjoying each others' company to all ends of the earth. Finally, I felt 'right', like maybe I was worthwhile, or something.

Then Seth did something I didn't expect. He took two steps up the ladder and stopped. He turned around and then with one hand pointed to and tweaked his butthole which was readily apparent since he was above me and his cheeks were thin enough so as to totally expose his rose petals.

Once again I became giddy with excitement. I said giggling, "Do you want me to do it to you, is that what you're pointing at?" To answer my question, he began diddling his butthole and then inserted his index finger to the second joint then removed it, leaving it open for just a second.

He took one step down and I took a step up. My steel hard cock grazed against his cheek and then went outward from the slickness of the water dripping off his butt. We tried it again, it slipped off again.

Putting ingenuity into play I took one more step up so that our feet were on the same rung. After repositioning ourselves, my dick wiggled nicely into his butt crack, and grazed upon the center of his hole. While the position was there I pushed my way inside. He yelped but by then I was imbedded to the hilt... the only way I could NOT be in his hole would have been to jump into the water but he said to stay still, to let him get acclimated to the invasion.

I felt his butthole relaxing with each second. Automatically, instinctively, I began undulating my hips thus driving my cock deeper inside of him... immediately, I felt myself tense up as a rocket jet of ecstasy washed over my body, causing me to lose my grip on the road which sent me into the water, still experiencing great racking spasms of pure delight. But I had to do something because I was rapidly sinking into cold water. Getting my wits back, I started swimming to the surface, and when I arrived Seth was waiting. He grabbed my hand in his and pulled hard which got me back onto the rope ladder. Meanwhile, I was laughing like crazy, thinking that was the funniest damn thing that had ever happened, ever.

As soon as Seth saw that I was okay he too started laughing his ass off then his face turned serious... he was not looking at me, he was looking out over the lake. I turned my head around to see what he was looking at.

Fuck. The water patrol. And it was coming toward us, albeit slowly, but still...

I looked at Seth with grave concerns emanating throughout my entire body, knowing that something wasn't right. I said, we need to get out of the water and get dressed. We'll just run up to the house as fast as possible. "Ready, set, GO!"

As we were running up, Seth slipped and fell on the deck with his wet feet being the culprit. He got up immediately, was okay then we tore into the house. I slipped and fell in the kitchen. By that time we were cracking up, albeit nervously. In my bedroom, we both slipped on stretch shorts then returned to the kitchen. The patrol officer was standing on the deck talking into his hand-held radio. I opened the door and went out to greet him, "Hey officer."

"Oh hello, James. I just came to check on you. I see you have a friend... what's your name, son?"

"Seth. Seth Lorenzo. My dad's name is Tony Lorenzo." Seth replied.

"I know your dad; he's a good man. What are you boys doing here? There isn't anybody home." The officer said.

I replied, "This is kind of my home. We just came down here to spend the day. We're going to eat and then go back to Seth's place."

"You guys really shouldn't be here. The feds will be here tomorrow to seize the property. It's too bad. I liked Adam... it's too bad he's going down for illegal pornography."

"WHAT? What the fuck are you talking about?" I screamed. Seth put his arms around my shoulders and held me in check. I felt like going off.

"Who is Adam to you, young man?" The officer said carefully, professionally.

Seth whispered into my ear, "Don't say anything. I'll call my dad." To the officer Seth said, "Sir, my dad is James' attorney. He's also Adam's attorney. Any and all questions need to be directed directly to him. As the son of the attorney of record I have advised James to not answer any questions until my dad is present." Seth then put his arm around my shoulder and led us into the house, leaving the officer standing there dumbfounded that he'd been told in no uncertain terms to fuck off, albeit politely.

We stole away into Adam's study and closed the door. Seth called his dad and explained the situation to him, where we were, and why we hadn't gone to their home like he'd told us to. Seth flinched a few times. I leaned into his ear and heard his dad basically going off, explaining that he couldn't be in two places all at the same time, and that we've got ourselves into a mess that he couldn't fix right that instant.

He then, once he calmed down, asked Seth if the officer was still at the house. We both got up and stealthily walked through the house and into the kitchen. The doors were wide open, just as we'd left them. The officer and his boat were nowhere to be seen.

Seth replied, "No they're gone, dad."

Seth turned the phone speaker on. He told Seth to get us to their home as quickly as possible and then to lock the doors and not permit anyone to enter and that we were not to leave no matter what. He was going to make some calls, and if at all possible which was very likely, he'd be leaving within the hour and would be home an hour after that.

Click. End of conversation.

Although we were starved hungry, I put the steaks back into the freezer, we gathered up our clothes and put them on, locked the house, and then went to his dad's boat, boarded and slowly made our way out of the cove looking this way and that for signs of the patrol. The coast was clear. We could have gone out in the open waters but instead Seth stayed close to shore in case we needed to ditch quickly so we could blend into the woods.

As it were, we made it to his house unscathed, tied up the boat and quickly went up to the house, locked it up tight, made cold cut sandwiches, wolfed them down, and then settled in to watch TV until his dad returned.

I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof and kept checking out the back door to make sure the water patrol and any other law enforcement people had not arrived and were not coming our way.

Seth, meanwhile, was relaxed and mellow, which balanced out our states of being, collectively.

"Come sit with me. Relax. Don't worry so much. We're safe here. You don't have anything to worry about because you've not done anything wrong, so stop your stuff because it's making me nervous."

"I can't help it. You don't know my parents. Hell, I don't even know my parents for that matter... they're fucking crazy, Seth. They're up to something."

"Yeah, maybe but I don't know why your mom is why she is... it makes no sense to me. You're good people, James. Maybe she had a fucked up childhood or some other psychobabble bullshit. The thing is you're safe now."

I started to say something but Seth had other plans. He grinned mischievously then before I could react he'd reached into my jeans, grabbed hold of my flaccid boyhood and squeezed it to a full erection despite a few meek and feeble protests from yours truly.

"Come on, I want to show you my room." Seth said quietly. His smile and his facial features told me that we would not be checking out his model cars, posters, and other such boyhood treasures.

His room was on the second floor loft. It looked out over the living room and kitchen (we'd left lights on). It was very neat and tidy. The bed was one of those circular ones. It was the only thing out of order in that the covers were here, there and everywhere with the pillow scrunched up in the center.

As one, we took each other into each others' arms and held firmly. I reached down where I unsnapped and unzipped my jeans and worked them loose. Another pang of fear threatened to overtake the moment. Seth seemed to understand. He urged my chin up and then planted little light petal kisses on my lips. At first, because of my fear, I somewhat resisted but he persisted. I began relaxing in many ways, and in other ways I tensed up causing me to begin returning his ministrations. Eventually, thankfully, we began searching for tonsilar tissues, and all the while he was running his hands up and down my back under my shirt. His hands then began their trek into the back of my underwear, and then he cupped those cheeks south of the border, and then he made a nearly fatal mistake (who am I kidding?) of moving his index finger into the split that separated one globe from the other... while I was somewhat coherent, all coherence was lost when he wiggled his index finger just enough to insert it into my hole about one inch.

Almost at the same second he withdrew his finger and wiped it on his jeans. I was about to say something but he said "Come with me."

Being almost all consumed with, what I would later learn – lust, I followed him like a puppy dog. He led us into the bathroom where he told me to sit on the toilet, that he'd be right back, and to not worry so much. With that said he left the room with a promise that he'd be right back.

Within 2 minutes he returned carrying a bag and tubing. He turned on the bathtub spigots and filled the reservoir and attached one end of the tubing. He then knelt on the floor and urged me to push as if I were taking a crap. I did do just that but felt nothing that needed to be released into the sewer system.

Then I put two and two together. I blushed fiercely but he quickly raised my chin up and kissed my lips lovingly and tenderly.

He got the jar of Vaseline from the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, scooped out a bit then applied it to my butthole, inserting one finger then two, wiggled them around and told me to push down one more time and then again.

Results. When I was finished and cleaned up he sat down and made several attempts to evacuate that which may have needed to be evacuated, with no results.

He got up off the toilet, handed me the Vaseline, I scooped out a bunch then applied it to his back door just as he had done to me. There was nothing there but I had an idea :-)

I knelt behind him and quickly aimed my dick at his winking rose petal and then in one fluid motion entered his hole until my pubes were resting comfortably against his butt cheeks. He then clenched his butt cheeks tightly which put a vice like pressure on my cock. Since he was a bit taller than me I could not get a rhythm going. "Come on, let's go to bed." I said.

He reached for the toilet paper but I took hold of his hand and urged him up and into the bedroom where we laid down on the bed, with him on his stomach, and I once again found his hole to be inviting and wanton. Not to leave him hanging, so to speak, I easily and completely entered and began rhythmically working in and out, and soon hit a colossal orgasm, second to none.

When I came down from that natural high, without taking more than one or two seconds I took some of the goop from his hole and applied it to mine, rolled over and pulled him into position. Seemingly, naturally, he entered my hole and began the age old process of fucking the hell out of me... no complaints from me, mind you.

What happened next scared the holy shit right out of the both of us. The fucking light in his room was suddenly turned on. Seth pulled out and scrambled for the covers, all wadded up on the floor where we'd kicked them. At the same time, we looked up and saw two men and a woman... they'd obviously been watching us uncouple and attempt to rapidly cover our naked bodies.

After a couple of attempts to quickly unravel the covers we just grabbed our underwear and quickly put them on haphazardly... I realized I was putting mine on backwards, but didn't care; I just wanted to get covered up.

Both men entered the room, walked to us and told us to sit on the bed and remain quiet.

"What the fuck is going on here?" I squeaked angrily. Not wanting to be caught, I jumped up and made a beeline for the door but I bounced off the second officer and landed on the floor on my butt. He then harshly lifted me to my feet and sat me down on the bed, opposite Seth.

Seth motioned for me to sit still and to keep my mouth shut.

He stood up and said, "You have no right to enter my house without a warrant. You are disregarding the legal process. Get out of my house."

The lead officer, the one who sat me on the bed pulled out a paper and read that I was immediately being placed into protective custody and that I was to come with them.

The woman stated, "Kansas has petitioned your presence. Your father reported you as a runaway and wants you returned. We're here to return you."

"What the fuck's going on here? Where's my attorney? Seth, call your dad!"

"You may call your attorney, however there's not much that can be done because your custodial parent petitioned the court for custody, the judge signed it and here we are. There is no record of any other custodial agreement."

Filled with total absolute dread, I had no choice but to ask, "Is my mother there... this sounds like something she would do?"

"No, your mother is in Oklahoma City. She pleaded no contest to felony assault on a minor aged 14 years old or less. Sentencing is scheduled for next week."

"Great, just fucking great. This is all messed up. Can I at least take a shower, please?" I asked woefully.

One of the agents entered the private bathroom to look around, for windows I suspected. He exited the bathroom and nodded to the caseworker. I looked to Seth... he was getting dressed. The caseworker said, "We'll give you your privacy though Seth was led out of the room after he finished dressing.

I took a quick shower, dried off and got dressed. I blow dried and brushed out my hair.

With myself presentable, I went to the kitchen where the agents were congregated. Seth was sitting at the kitchen table. When he saw me he got up but the officer urged him to sit back down. Seth then grabbed the cell phone lying nearby. The officer started to take it away from him but Seth said angrily, "I am calling my dad. He's James' attorney. You can't stop me because I'm not a party to your action. Fuck off. And do not put your hands on me again!"

Seth quickly got through to his dad and explained what was happening. He then handed the phone to the officer. They talked for a couple of minutes then the officer brought the phone to me.

Me: Tony, what the fucks going on? They're taking me back to Kansas.

Tony: James, just go with them and don't give them any trouble. I received the petition a couple of hours ago. I just left Oklahoma City and won't be back soon enough. I'm afraid that I can't do anything since your father is, by default, your custodial parent. Has your father ever physically abused you in any way?

Me: No. But he let mom do whatever the fuck she wanted to...

Tony: If he hasn't physically hurt or harmed you then there's nothing I can do to stop their taking you back to Kansas. I'm sorry.

Me: I won't stay.

Tony: Our home is always open.

Me: Thanks.

We disconnected. I looked at Seth. His facial expression went from angry to sad. He started to walk toward me but the officer stopped his progress by touching his shoulder.

Seth's expression went to 'angry' in a New York second. He said, "Get your fucking hand off of me! You have no right to touch me. I am going to tell James goodbye, that's all."

The officer took his hand off James but accompanied him as he walked to me. James took me into his arms and squeezed hard. I joined the hug and squeezed him so hard that he had a difficult time breathing. We kissed in front of everybody... I no longer cared, once again. Do with me whatever they wanted to do... I knew they could not keep me in that house where I'd been a stranger for so many years that it wasn't even funny anymore.

"Call me." Seth said as we parted. He reached for a piece of paper and gave me his cell phone number. I stuck it down deep in my front pants pocket then turned to the woman and nodded, reluctantly.

The only thing that made our parting easier was my determination to come back as soon as possible. I'd just run away and hitch a ride or get there any other way that I could think of.

When we got outside the house the female introduced herself as Angela Watebury, a Federal Agent with the FBI who was in charge of interstate missing children. She was nice enough, and she didn't put her hands on me yet she carried an air of authority I didn't want to fuck with.

"James, I'm going to take you to the house where you stayed with Adam. You are permitted to gather up your things that you wish to keep. Federal agents are swarming the location so don't do anything funny or things will go from bad to worse, okay? You're not in trouble but I can't let you run away. Do we understand each other?"

I nodded but didn't say anything, what could I say that would make any sense, or that would change what was happening.

When we arrived at Adam's house... there were law enforcement cars and a huge motor home marked "Command Center" all over the damned place. I was escorted inside by Angela. She stayed with me the entire time, not letting me out of her sight even when I had to use the restroom, you know, sit on the toilet and take a crap. But she was discrete and turned her head away when I wiped and flushed. I thought it was weird when she peered into the bowl but she explained that she was checking for drug packets that drug dealers sometimes carry in their rectums and lower bowels. I thought that was fucking nuts, and said so. She replied that yes it was messed up but people did and do it all the time.

Another agent handed Angela two trash bags for me to put my shit into. She gave them to me and said to get whatever I wanted to take 'home'. I wanted to ratchet her teeth for calling that hell hole 'home', but restrained myself, walked into the walk-in closet and began taking jeans and shirts off their hangers and putting them into the bag. I took them all because I was sure the old clothes would no longer fit because Adam had made sure that I was fed plenty and regularly.

Once I got everything I wanted to take I went into the bedroom and walked to the dresser, opened drawers and began tossing things inside the bag but Angela stopped me when I started pulling out those tight, form fitting bikini underpants.

She looked at me intently and visually requested that I had them to her. I did knowing there was no point in arguing.

I pulled the rest of them out of the drawer and handed them to her which she put into little sandwich bag like things and then she sealed them closed, one at a time.

Another agent entered the room. She showed the contents of the bags to him. He took several of the bags and went into the bathroom where the dirty clothes hamper was located, scooped my dirty pairs for 'evidence' and sealed them up tightly, air tight.

Angela then led me into the kitchen where two other agents were sitting alone talking. They looked up when I entered the room and motioned for me to set in a chair but instead of immediately sitting I went to the refrigerator and retrieved a Coke, slammed down several gulps, and then as a matter of protest worked out a belch which reverberated throughout the room. Those agents just looked at me with disdain. Inwardly I laughed my ass off.

When I reluctantly sat down one of the officers opened a large manila envelope and pulled out some glossy photographs. Many of them were of Adam's photo shoots at the lake back home, some of them were of other places we'd done shoots, and several of them were naturist pictures of us at his house also back home. Then he pulled out, from another envelope, several pictures taken at the lake house we were currently in. Most of them were nudes of me, but not all of them. There were pictures of me driving the boat... I knew he was taking those pictures and didn't mind, not one bit.

I wondered what the fuck they were showing me those pictures then I remembered what the boat patrol officer had said about improper pornography.

The clenching moment came when he pulled out pictures taken of me back in the house where mom and dad lived. I knew he'd taken those pictures. Only a couple were nudes, and one of them showed my naked erect dick... but it was in passing, it was a full body shot, and not my penis alone by itself.

Then the questions started. Did Adam touch me? Did he pose me? Had I felt uncomfortable? Did I think the pictures were wrong?

I answered NO to all their questions.

Then they asked me if Adam had touched me.

I replied yes he did but only to give me a deep, deep hug whenever I needed one. He had always been on cue, reading me like a book. At no time had he forced me to do anything at any time.

I screamed "FUCK NO" when they directly asked if Adam and I had had any sexual activity between us. I continued to scream "NO" when they asked if Adam had fucked me in the ass, or if he blew my dick, did he feed me drugs, did he give me alcohol, and finally they asked why the hell would a grown man take pictures of a boy in various states of dress... I had no answer to that question because I'd never asked him, and he'd never volunteered why for any other reason than he'd told me about advertising and such.

I told them I'd answer no more questions without my attorney present, knowing that I'd gone too far already. Memories of mom calling me dumb fuck, stupid, a worthless piece of shit, and her constant exclamation that I'd been a mistake came crowding in -but- I somehow maintained. I didn't want those fuckers to see that they'd gotten to me, and that I was too fucking stupid to realize it.

Angela walked to me. In her hands was a pair of handcuffs, she asked, "James, I don't want to use these to hold you to the car but I will if I don't receive assurance that you won't bolt on me. You are being detained but you're not under arrest, unless you give me a hard time, do you understand?"

What the fuck ever... "Okay. I don't have any choice, right? GODDDDDDDDDD! This is so fucked up." I said as a wave of profound melancholy settled over me. Wasn't it less than two hours before when Seth and I were playing around, having fun, and having sex? Can't anything be simple? Why? What the fuck did I do?

I pushed her hand away, walked to the cabinet where I fetched two candy bars and put them into a baggie. "Okay. I'll go. I don't promise that I'll stay with him, just so you know."

After loading up, Angela locked the vehicle with controls only on the drivers' side. We took off. About half way up the road I saw Tony racing toward the house. I screamed, "That's Tony, my attorney. STOP!"

"I can't stop. Mr. Lorenzo isn't licensed to practice law in Kansas. I'm a federal agent with orders to return you home."

Resigned, I sat back and remained quiet until we got out on the freeway and then turned off at an exit that I didn't recognize Adam and me ever taking. "What the..."

"James, we are going to stop at a hospital in Tulsa to have you examined for injury and assault. It is standard procedure when we find a runaway child. It shouldn't take too long and they won't hurt you, promise."

"I don't have a choice, do I?" I muttered.

"No, I'm afraid not."

"I suppose you have to be with me..."

"Yup, I do. I can't break the chain of custody."

"Great. Just great."

About 20 minutes later we arrived at the hospital where I was quickly led into an examining room. A few minutes later a doctor arrived. A few moments later another woman arrived. The exam room was quickly filling up what with the doctor, Angela and that other woman all present.

Angela advised the personnel that she'd watched me shower and get dressed in clean clothes, that my old clothes were in the care and custody of FBI agents, and that she witnessed Seth and I having sexual intercourse with me giving TO the other boy, a boy approximately 14 years old.

I did not volunteer that Seth had deposited his sperms in me, and I should have said something. Hind sight is always 20/20. But I wasn't worried because I'd taken a dump at Adam's house, after Seth and I had had sex.

The doctor did his thing and paid particular attention to my butt. He stuck two or three large cotton swabs up, wiggled them around and then removed them after which he stuck his finger deep into my anus and then removed his finger as quickly as he'd inserted it.

The doctor said nothing other than telling me to relax a few times. He left the room, as did the other female, leaving me and Angela alone.

"James, this is very important... did Seth have sexual intercourse inside of your bottom?"

"That's personal. Do I have to answer that?"

"I'm afraid so. Just answer with a yes or no."

Reluctantly, with lots of misgivings I replied, "Yes. We did it twice..."

"Did he force..."

"NO! He didn't force me to do anything! Nobody forced me to do a fucking thing!" I spat angrily then without waiting for permission or asking for it I got dressed as quickly as I could.

The doctor returned and said that there was ample evidence that I'd been the recipient of anal sexual intercourse, that evidence was gathered, and that my tissues were somewhat swollen and inflamed.

Angela confirmed my disclosures to him. He said his findings were consistent and I was released to Angela's custody.

We stopped by the cafeteria on the way out of the building. I wasn't hungry, and said so, but drank a Coke and we were on our way back to that gawd forsaken hillbilly state of Kansas via the Will Rogers Turnpike, the long way to get home. After we turned onto westbound highway 54 my stomach started doing flip flops as my anxiety ramped up to epic proportions. When I began gagging, Angela pulled to the side of the road just as I began to puke up my guts.

She had to stop two more times for me to retch up my toenails, the last time when she turned into the driveway.

I knew something was wrong as soon as dad exited the house and stood on the porch waiting for me. He put on a good face to Angela as custody was transferred. She had him sign some papers and then she wished me well and then took off.

Without even looking at dad, I entered the house and immediately went to my bedroom and slammed shut the door. I then leaped into my bed, clothes and all, and waited for the hell surely to come.

I didn't have long to wait. Upon entering my room he said, "If you hadn't run away then this wouldn't be happening. Thanks a lot for nothing."

That pissed me off. I jumped out of bed, and with clenched teeth I spat angrily, "If it wasn't for her then I wouldn't have ran away. You saw what she was doing. You didn't do one good goddamned thing to stop it. So thanks for nothing yourself!"

Without any warning, as if it were happening in slow motion, he reared back his arm and with a clenched fist slammed it home knocking me to the floor. Dazed and disoriented the only thing I knew to do was to curl up in a ball and wait for the next blow to strike... but it didn't strike, instead the light went off and he exited my room, leaving me with a sick sense of peace, and then darkness settled into my bones... but before I gave in completely I somehow dragged myself under my bed and scrunched up against the wall.

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