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Life on the Farm

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 14

The ride home was quiet, subdued. I couldn't get over the fact that it was so dark out in the country. Only a few gentle lights from farm houses far off the beaten path littered the otherwise black country roads.

At one time, I needed to pee like a race horse. Adam found a wide spot in the road, pulled off, and unlocked the doors. Seth and I both scampered out of the vehicle, stood by the side of the truck, whipped them out, and relieved ourselves of pent up liquid refreshment remnants. While I was draining, I looked up into the cloudless sky and noticed the stars were brilliantly shining all around the place. "Look up there... what's that?" I asked Seth after noticing a great big bunch of stars all lined up in what appeared to be a bucket.

Seth replied, "That's the Big Dipper. Look right next to it... that's the Little Dipper. Kewl."

Seth pulled me in close, extended his free arm, and using his finger and instructions to look right over it, I saw a bright planet way off in the distance. He said, "When we're down at the lake house, when dad's in a good mood, he'll let me go out on the skiff. I'll look up in the sky and pretend that I'm on a space ship... it's kewl... I've seen stars explode and others travel across the sky... if you come back, I mean... when you come back... I'll see if dad will let us go out on the lake so I can show you... James... you've coming back, right?"

"Yip... of course... why are you worried? I'm not going away... I hope not, anyway. Adam said things have to change... I just hope I don't fuck this up... I hope I don't fuck us up... ya know."

"Would you stop saying that?"

"What?" I replied, not knowing what he was talking about...

"You keep saying that you're going to fuck things up... why can't you just roll with the flow?"

"I don't know."

Instead of going to Adam's place we headed to the lake house, arriving after 1am. We left our stuff in the truck, headed inside, took quick showers and immediately got into bed. The conversation Seth wanted to have... we put it off until morning. We were bone weary tired from the day's excitements. Sleep took us over completely... I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

At some point during the night, I was awakened to the bed shaking, and the bright light in the bathroom turning on, and the sounds of Seth relieving air and other such things from his belly. The toilet flushed, the sink turned on... all the while Seth was humming a tune that I did not recognize. The light went off. He came padding to the bed. He spent some time rearranging the covers and then crawled in, snuggled up close, kissed my cheek, and then tossed his arm across my chest. He whispered, thinking I was still asleep, "I love you, James." He lowered his head, kissed my chest then relaxed.

I whispered, "Good night."

Hearing that, what I'd said, he traveled his head down my torso, blew on my penis, then kissed my mound, flicked his tongue across that which designates me male, sending shards of pleasure up and through my entire body, landing and staying in my head. I stretched out and began undulating my hips, hoping to tell him that I was interested, even though my dick was at rest... sure enough; my little man awoke to the delights of being thoroughly bathed and scrubbed by the softness of his tongue. I worked his hips around so that he was basically lying on top of me. Without too much difficulty, I found his fully engorged pole of pleasure, worked my way so that about half of it was in my mouth, at which time I began the ritual old act of pleasuring him as he was pleasuring me.

Instinctively, without even giving it any thought, actually, my hands began kneading his cheeks like they were loaves of bread. Even more naturally, or so it seemed, my fingers found his mark and began exploring its depth, and then, easily, I entered his deep dark cavern where I began lightly finger fucking his hole, much to his delight.

The reverberations from his deep voice moaning and groaning his approvals around my cock sent me into orbit. While traveling around space, I landed on an exploding star, and got totally engulfed by its brilliance – and heat. The only thing that kept me from being vaporized on the spot was his hose injecting me with rich, thick, creamy, and very tasty fire retardant liquids.

Once the major brunt passed, he worked his way up my pubes, belly, chest, and neck until his lips found mine... actually, our searches were in pure-d harmony as I was searching for his, too. Our lips joined together for a quick one, before we settled in and got comfortable. I wrapped my arm around him, and with my finger, began tracing those little spine bumps on his back, going from one to another to another until I reached that dimple just above his twin globes. I'd have gone further but my arm needed to be a few inches longer to reach the dark place in the center of where God has split him in half.

Contented and totally peaceful, I whispered, "I could get very used to this. You know exactly what to say and what to do to bring this all over me. Seth, I've never felt this way before... you do it all the time..."

Seth didn't say anything, but he kissed the nape my neck and trailed his fingers down and lightly played with my belly button before resting his hand in that space just above my pubes, and just below my navel... he then kissed my chest, between my nipples, then returned so that his head fit that space between my shoulder and neck. He said, "Your being gone is what I'm most afraid of. It scares me."

There it was. He said it.

I'd been thinking along the same lines... he just put those thoughts into words. I kissed the back of his head, brought my arm up and rubbed his neck with little circles as I tried to put together what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, too... but fear took hold... something held me back... I went between the reality of feeling him in my arms... and then I went back to the farm, and its wide open spaces, and people who really seemed to give a flying fuck... not that Seth didn't, because he did... I felt it... like I'd never felt anything before in my entire life.

The only two words that I could think of to say, to put it all in a nutshell, "Me, too."

Nothing more was said. Nothing more needed to be said, right then and there.

With that resolved, at least for the time being, Seth lifted and supported himself on his elbow. Although I could only barely see the whites of his eyes, I could definitely tell he was boring holes through my skin and down deep into my chest, into my heart, any beyond that. I was sure that the bed was going to catch fire from the tremendous heat emanating from our being together, but, thankfully it didn't do that.

"Come on, let's go see the stars. We can't go out in the boat, but we can stand on the dock and see them just as good."

We slowly made our way down to the boat dock after making sure Tony and Adam were asleep, or at least their lights were off... so... off we went... on an adventure... as naked as the day we'd been born. A sheen of fog was lying like a blanket over the lake... it wasn't thick or very high. Seth went to the power box, flipped the switch, plunging the area into total darkness. Because it was so late, like two in the morning, no other lights were on in any of the houses thus making everything black like the ace of spades. I couldn't even see Seth, and was surprised a bit when I felt a pair of warm arms go around my midsection. I put my arms around him, letting my fingers trail down over his luscious butt cheeks, and into his crack.

We didn't say anything. We didn't need words to break the moment. Occasionally, we'd see a star shoot across the sky. Mostly, I kept my eyes on the Dippers, wondering how they got aligned like that.

A few minutes later, Seth broke the silence by saying, "Lore has it that the dippers catch rain water. When they're aligned so that the big openings are straight up, they are said to be able to fill up. When they're down then no rain is in sight. I don't know how true that is."

"Makes sense... how do you know all that stuff?"

"Science class. It's my favorite subject, and dad knows a lot of stuff about astronomy. He's planning on getting a huge telescope. We're saving our money for it. He says the really good ones cost thousands of dollars."

To finish off the night we got into the water. Although we couldn't see anything for shit, we had fun finding each other in the darkness. Sometimes, I'd swim out just a little ways, just far enough for him to swim between my legs. Sometimes, he'd slither up, stopping to nibble on my dick... sometimes I'd do the same thing to him... more often, though, I'd slink up and run my tongue between his butt cheeks, stop for a moment and quickly try to get inside, but, I'd run out of air before that could be accomplished. All we really did was to work ourselves into a state where we knew we'd have to relieve those needs and wants, again.

And relieve those needs and wants, we did. Twice. Before falling asleep.

We were awakened way too early, like about 8:30, by someone yanking off the covers. During that process, a set of hands began tickling my back very lightly... enough to be seriously annoying. And they did not quit. Snickers were heard. The tickling and snickers were not coming from Seth. My conscious awareness, slowly taking over, dictated that Seth was nestled into my arms... just as they had been when we'd gone to sleep.

"Boys, it's time to get up. We've got people to see, places to go, and things to do. Breakfast is about ready... up and at 'em." That voice belonged to none other than Adam.

I cracked open my eyes to just slits. He was standing and waiting for some acknowledgment that we were awake. I just laid there, however. I didn't want to move. Seth was still asleep; breathing deeply and rhythmically was the first clue. I closed my eyes shut, and then I felt Seth wriggling, and then he swatted an intruder away, like he was interrupting a one point landing of a bug or something on his skin.

"Up and at 'em. We need to leave in an hour."

Groggily, the fog in my mind fading, somewhat, I said, "Where, what, when?"

Adam replied, "You have a doctor's appointment... get up and showered."

"I feel fine." I uttered quietly, not wanting to break the trance, or move about... if I could have just stayed there for the rest of my life, I would have been happy as could be. No gain, no pain, right?

I then heard more giggling in the background. The sink turned on briefly. I opened my eyes, but it was too late. Seth shrieked in my ear then he fell out of bed... then whatever got him got me... a cold washcloth aimed perfectly, landing on my face... "FUCK!" I screamed as yet another ice cold towel landed on my belly, covering my crotch, and making the sensation of peeing the bed almost a reality.

The shock, the reality struck like a raging locomotive. The muscles in my leg seized up sending shards of pain throughout my entire being. My eyes slammed open... I saw Seth reach across... quickly he tore off the towel then got into Adam's face and began screaming that he'd hurt me. I thought they were going to go to blows, but, I got out of bed, took the towel from Seth while my other hand urged him to leave, to go into the bathroom. I shut the door, pulled him into my arms. He calmed down. A gentle knock on the door interrupted the quiet solitude. I turned around, opened the door a crack.

Adam opened the door just a little bit more. He apologized. I opened the door so that Adam could apologize to Seth. Seth had been more upset than me. They shook hands, and then Seth quietly accepted a gentle hug from Adam. With things smoothed out, Adam said, "Hurry up, boys. We need to leave. I called for an appointment with a doctor. They worked you in at 10."

"Okay, we'll be out in a little while." I replied softly.

We arrived at Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City at 9:57am. We waited forever to be seen. Finally, the doctor arrived a little after noon. He thoroughly examined my hip, put my leg through every conceivable range of motion, causing me to wince and moan and groan my disapproval. Then I went to x-ray. That was a trip in itself, as I had to have my legs separated so that they could get what's called a 'frog leg' view... immediately, once the radiology technician said that, my mind went back to Kevin, that little imp who showed me his frog... I giggled.

The technician looked at me like I'd lost my last marble. I said, "It's private, sorry."

She smiled and then did what she needed to do in order to get the tests completed.

I was then taken to the CT scanner where they did further testing.

We didn't get out of the office until after 2pm. The doctor said that I'd just strained those muscles, and that all the hardware in my hip appeared to be just fine. He commented that the doctor's in Kansas City did a very fine job, and that I should have no further problems with it.

That was really good news. Even though I was sore and stiff from all the 'abuse' they gave me, it was still comforting to know that nothing serious was wrong.

Friday afternoon, after making sure the lake house was locked up tight, the alarm set, the boats were moored securely, and after hitting a restaurant on the main road, we took off for the farm where it was arranged that I'd spend the weekend, until Sunday afternoon. Tony announced that he and Seth would have to return to Oklahoma City because he had a court case to work on that would be heard later in the week. In fact, they let me and Adam off at Adam's house then took off back to Oklahoma.

Feeling a need to empty the birth canal of our carnal pleasures, and other things, I headed to the restroom, closed the door, stripped to the skin, and sat down. Immediately, I felt that something was very, very wrong... it felt like a tree trunk was trying to pass through that very tender and well used canal. Searing hot pain shot through as the intruder, or is it extruder?... whatever... began tearing through, millimeter by millimeter.

I took in a deep breath... I was just about to heave ho when Adam knocked on the door, "Do you want some ice cream before bed?"

God damn... ice picks began stabbing those tender tissues... a few more millimeters... leaving me speechless.


"WHAT? YES... leave me alone..." Then I roared the rest of that deep breath out into the room as that fucker began sliding a few more millimeters... and then it stopped. I stopped pushing... I was dying a slow death! Or it felt that way...

The door opened, "James, are you okay..."

Not waiting for an answer, I guessed I looked like I felt... he grabbed a washcloth, ran it under water, applied it to my face, sat on the floor, looked into my eyes concernedly, took hold of my hand, squeezed gently, "Bad, huh?"

"The worst. It's stuck, damn it." I moaned as it scooted another millimeter, or two.

"Let's try something..." Adam said then straddled the base of the toilet and pulled me forward into the nape of his neck, "Push... just do it... don't stop. Take a huge deep breath, slow and steady... then hold it and push. Don't squeeze it shut... relax but push... I did this with my wife when she was having our baby."

"I'm going to kill Seth. Us guys ain't made for having babies." I said, drew in a deep breath, held it for a second, and then roared like a freaking lion while pushing down with all my strength. It wouldn't go no matter how hard I tried or roared. Adam pulled me even further forward and bent my waist so that my butt was totally hanging high. I took another deep breath and went for broke, giving it everything. And then did it again – success. Talk about a splash. The rest flowed freely, feeling like tubes of hot half-molten lava. "Fuck."

"Okay, I think I'm okay now. Yeah on the ice cream... I'll be out in a few... thanks, Adam."

"Okay, kiddo. You've probably tore some tissues. Don't be surprised if you see some blood. I'll see what we've got around here."

He exited; I cleaned up, flushed twice, and then sat down in the cold water. Relief. I could have stayed there all night.

I don't know why, but I put on a pair of underwear, padded into the kitchen where Adam had a bowl of ice cream waiting. He put just the right amount of Hershey's chocolate syrup on it.

"Sorry about that..." I said to Adam as he sat down on an adjacent bar stool.

"Don't be sorry, James. It's not like we have total control over what happens. You were very brave and strong. There's no reason to beat yourself up over something you could not do anything about. You did everything just right. I think I may have a solution to your problem... this isn't the first time that's happened, is it?"

"No... but, it's never been like THAT before." I said looking away from the TV and into his eyes.

"Diet change. There's some stuff you can drink once a day that will, or should, keep that from happening again. We need to go into town tomorrow anyway... we'll stop and get some of the stuff. Did you put any medicine in there?"

"No... uhm, I'll get it..."

"Need some help?"

I got off the bar stool, shrugged my shoulders as if I were undecided on whether I wanted to do it, or have him do it.

Without saying a word, he got up, put his hand on my back, and led us to my room where he did it for me.

On our way back to the TV room, I asked, "So, how much is everything going to cost me?"

Adam looked into my eyes, searching for meaning to the words I'd just said. Then he 'got 'it'.

"Well... let's see... emergency fees, doctor's delivery fees, nurses fees for medicine and applications thereof, ice cream, dishwasher... how about a hug... that'll cover everything, young man." As we hugged deeply, Adam continued, "James, the best medicine is to give the family a good strong effort. You may not know it, but, Dan and Vera both like you a lot. Let me give you a hint." Adam said looking into my eyes with certainty.

I looked to the floor then back up again when he raised my chin, "Talk to Dan about a horse... they've got a couple of them that do not have riders..."

"Really? Me? A horse? You've got to be kidding..." I said dumbfounded. I'd never been on a horse before, ever... they were kind of scary, actually. They were tall, too... I'd never make it up there, not like Thomas with his long legs.

"Just talk to Dan... he didn't give me any other details."

"But, I'm short... those fuckers are huge!"

"Yeah, you're a short stuff alright. But you have a big mouth at times. Vera said something about you having a potty mouth... I'm just giving you fair warning that the cussing and stuff won't be tolerated. Speaking of... I want you to clean up your mouth around here, too. There's really no reason to be cussing and stuff. Just pay attention to what you're saying."

I nodded... I hadn't even been aware that I'd been cussing – all that bad.

Adam took his last bite of ice cream. I grabbed his bowl then took them both to the sink, rinsed them out and put them into the dishwasher and sat back down on the chair across the table from him.

"Adam, you're not blowing smoke up my assssss... sorry.... you know... about them liking me, right? Stacy doesn't like me... I really don't like her, either."

Assuredly, Adam replied, "You two will have to work that out. I'll just give you a hint – it's called respect. Maybe you two had to come to blows to... I don't know if this is the right thing to say... maybe your argument today was what can be called a 'rite of passage'."

I looked at Adam, clearly not understanding what he was trying to tell me. "What do you mean? A rite of passage... what's that supposed to mean?"

"It's kind of like this... I have two brothers. One is older and one is younger... physically I'm the biggest of us three... yet, my younger brother is bigger and stronger than both my brother and I combined... growing up we had our share of fights... yet Travis could take me to my knees with only a word or two from his mouth, and from his heart. He did the same thing with Phil, our oldest brother. No matter how pissed off I'd get... he would neutralize the anger with his deep, dark, brown eyes... only rarely did he have to say something... Mutt and Jeff they called us. I loved him dearly."

"What happened? Where's he at?"

Adam's face fell. A tear formed in his left eye. He quickly reached up and pushed it aside, but then his right eye began leaking. I put my hand on his wrist and waited for him to regain his composure. He said, "Travis was killed in Desert Storm. Him and some of his buddies were trying to pull a kid out of a well the child had fallen into. When he saw that somebody needed help, he just did it, without questioning anything. That's just how he was... As they found out, the kid was strapped with a bomb and detonating device... Travis and his two friends didn't have a chance. James, it's time for bed. We've got a busy day tomorrow. I'll be getting you up around 7:30, so don't goof around getting to sleep."

During the night sometime, I awoke, needing to hit the restroom to pee. I heard noises coming from outside my room... they didn't sound so good... it sounded almost like a dog whimpering...

I got up, quickly peed, then left my room looking for the noises' origin. It was coming from Adam's room. I walked in. Adam was sitting in a chair with his head down... I saw his silhouette since the outside pool lights were still on. He was crying great racking sobs. I closed the gap between us, took his massive wrist in my hand and squeezed softly. His head jerked up at the contact. Quickly, he began clearing the tears from his eyes, trying to make them stop, even though they wouldn't.

I pulled his head into my chest and held him firmly as he let his pain go. Tears sprang from my eyes, too, at seeing him hurt so badly. I didn't leave. Not then, it wouldn't have been right to leave him alone... he'd never left me alone during my meltdowns. After a few minutes, I took hold of his hand and led him to his bed, then crawled in beside him and held on firmly. After a while, we fell asleep. We didn't awaken until the damn alarm clock announced it was time to get up.

I don't know for sure... it just seemed right... for the first time... we took a shower together, dried off, and then went to the breakfast table, sat down, and he told me how his father had abused Travis, and how he and his brother took the brunt of his fathers' anger to keep the small child, his little brother, safe and sound.

Adam, at one point, began to apologize for his outburst, but, I threatened to kick his ass into the next state if he continued on that thread, just as he had threatened (no not really) to kick my ass for apologizing for that which I needed not to apologize for or about.

Breakfast was cold cereal, a banana apiece, orange juice for me and coffee for him, then we took off on what would turn out to be a very long day.

The first stop, after getting dressed, was the doctor's office where I was seen and determined to have a big bad cut-like thing in my butthole. Thankfully the doctor was a petite lady who did not have big hands and fingers, because I didn't think I could take anything more than a pencil "up there".

Once I pulled my pants up, tucked in my shirt and snapped them both she asked me to stay in the exam room while she went and got her prescription pad. Once she left, I looked onto the table like thing and saw her prescription paid lying in plain sight. Something didn't seem right... I got scared, bounded off the table, walked into the waiting room and told Adam we needed to get the fuck out of there, that things didn't seem 'right', and why, and what happened.

But the fear I had was all for naught. The doctor entered the waiting room with pieces of paper in her hand. She walked to us, sat down, and explained how and how much to use four times a day for the foreseeable future. She then explained some diet changes I needed to make so that the same difficulties didn't happen again. She wanted to see me back in two days to see if I was healing up okay.

Adam made a return appointment for two days out, in the afternoon, then we took off and stopped in at the photography shop. He made several business calls about some projects people wanted him to do for them.

We had a 1pm appointment with Mr. Good, downtown at his office. We had lunch at BK. The lunch rush was going on, so we had to wait in line for about 10 minutes... I felt an urgent need to take a shit so I ran into the bathroom, got my pants down in the nick of time, and released nothing more than a bunch of the medicine that Dr. Silvers put into my butt after her exam. She'd warned me that might happen, so it was no big surprise when it did. Not a big deal... at least it didn't hurt.

Just as I was leaving, after washing my hands, a big man walked into the bathroom. I mean he was a fucking (sorry) gorilla. He looked at me, smiled, then grabbed me by the scruff of my shirt collar and hauled my ass into a toilet stall and told me to take my clothes off. I wasn't about to do that shit, and said so. Angrily, with one hand nearly ripping my clothes off, with my face smashed into his big fat fucking belly, and with his other hand unzipping his zipper, I violently rebelled and refused to cooperate... I couldn't scream... I couldn't get out of his clutches... with his big ass hand over my mouth; he face first slammed me into the wall... I then felt his penis pushing into the area between my butt cheeks... but, just as I felt his massive penis touch my tender area, I heard someone enter the bathroom... the sound that emanated from that 'someone' was none other than Adam's, when he asked, "James, are you okay... what's going on in there... James, answer me this very second!"

"MMMMMMMMMMM........MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Was the only sound I could make through those huge hands covering my mouth... "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

The stall door, we were in the stall accessible for wheelchairs, slammed up against the wall... I still don't know how the door missed the man trying to 'get' me, but it did. The man grabbed me up and pointed me toward Adam. From somewhere, the man brought out an 8 inch knife and put it to my throat. Adam's eyes went as wide as saucers... they filled with terror... meanwhile, the man's penis was pushing... though I don't think, at that point in time, he was trying to enter, well, maybe he was... I was totally powerless, there was nothing I could do... until he literally, bodily threw me at Adam, and then made his way out of the bathroom, with his pants still down around his knees.

The momentum of the slam into Adam caused us to go crashing to the floor in a heap. Quickly, he got up, took hold of my arm and lifted me to my feet. He turned me around and looked at my butt. I said, "He didn't go inside."

"Don't move. Don't go anywhere." Adam commanded. He then took off out of the bathroom at break neck speed, slamming the door against the wall.

My shirt was toast. Just as I was pulling away my shredded underwear, a cop walked in with his gun drawn, though it wasn't pointed at me. He asked, "Are you James?"

"Yes. Where's Adam?"

"Come with me. Everything is under control, now. I'll take you to him."

I know things about people... he was telling the truth.

The man, the dickhead, was lying in a pool of blood in front of the exit door. He was not moving... in fact his eyes were pointed up and were staring straight ahead... his lights were out and nobody was home. A shudder went through my entire being... Adam was sitting with another officer in one of those booths... he looked up... saw me... ran to me... grabbed me up in his arms... and his eyes filled with tears, fully. They were dripping down onto his shirt. And he would not let go... I didn't want him to let go... I held onto his neck... because I felt safe, again.

Lots of things were happening all around us. People were being led out of the restaurant, crime scene tape, you know – that yellow tape that reads "CRIME SCENE" (duh), cops were all over the place, everywhere, the ambulance arrived, paramedics rushed inside, some of the new cops arriving had their guns pulled... it was insane... I pulled myself into Adam's arms even more, and his grip became almost vice grip like.

Angrily, Adam said to everyone around, "I'm getting this child out of this... we'll be in the truck."

Adam carried me outside, opened the passenger side door, climbed in and cuddled me in close to his chest and held on tight, apologizing like crazy. I laid my head down and fell asleep... I'd always done that... when I got stressed out like I was; I always fell asleep.

Sometime later, I can't tell you how much later, I was being jiggled awake... though I was still in Adam's arms, two policemen were poking their heads inside the cab of truck looking all around. One of them said that the paramedics needed to check me out, per procedure. They also needed to take my statement, for the record, away from Adam, away from my sense of safety.

On the way to the ambulance that was parked nearby, my underwear worked their way down my leg and fell to the pavement. I reached for them but the officer stopped me and asked if they were mine. I told him they were. He called another officer over, an officer with an evidence bag. He picked them up from the ground with a tongs like thing and placed them inside the bag. I noticed a red splotch on them. So did the officers. So did the paramedics.

The paramedic said that I was going to the hospital to be examined by a specially trained team of doctors and nurses... they would not listen to me tell them that I had shit a brick. They would not permit Adam to accompany me. I was their possession, or so it seemed, or so it felt.

The fuckers stripped off my clothes and put them into evidence bags, all of them. They then strapped me to the fucking gurney, so tight that I couldn't move. I felt just like I was being tied down – just like my father did to me. I freaked. I started screaming bloody murder. I was out of control. I'd promised myself, and believed Adam felt the same way, that I'd never again be tied down. Finally, I got an arm free and slammed my fist into the paramedic's face... that was not the right thing to do... but it was all I could do because I was totally freaking out.

That, what I did, wasn't the right thing to do... the guy wasn't a very large man, but his hands were like steel traps. He quickly subdued my free arm, drawing it up and over my head. He said, "Stop. Nobody here is going to hurt you. Chill out, man."

I know things about people: despite the trickle of blood coming from his lip, he wasn't angry, but he was determined to not let me get in a second shot.

I relaxed, somewhat... until I heard Adam arguing. Despite orders to the contrary, Adam climbed up into the ambulance, sat down and started talking me down from my stark raving fear reaction, one that I didn't think I had in me.

He explained what needed to happen, and that he and the police officers would be accompanying us to the hospital... that I had to do this... I had no choice... that all they were trying to do was to make sure I wasn't hurt... even though both he and I knew I hadn't been hurt, thankfully.

Mr. Good met us at the hospital. Although he was charged with being neutral to that kind of stuff, you could definitely tell that he was rattled. It was in his eyes. You could just see it.

The doctors and nurses were very gentle with their examinations. They washed my private areas with a special fluid. The doctor explained that they were looking for sperms. A young pleasant nurse explained what they were doing which settled me down quite a bit. They then inserted q-tips into my ass, which hurt like hell, because of the cut inside of me. They didn't believe me, I don't think, when I told them of my injury the previous night while taking a shit. They asked who my doctor was... I told them... they called her... she was there in a couple of heartbeats. She explained my condition. Finally, they believed someone.

The doctors and nurses then were escorted out of the room and a big burly officer entered to take my statement. I'm glad to know that I can tell things about people because he was or could have been scary. But he wasn't scary at all. He explained that he had kids of his own, that he was happily married, and was a sex offenses against children officer. I told him what happened, what didn't happen, and how I'd hurt myself. When he asked me if I was safe with Adam, I lost all semblance of 'respect' and shouted, "Fuck yes!" That seemed to satisfy him as he concluded the 'interrogation'.

Mr. Good then entered, after the cop left, and explained that he, too, had some questions to ask … pretty much they were the same questions … then he dropped the bombshell – they were taking Adam to police headquarters for formal questioning, and that I was going to spend at least one night in foster care because of the ongoing investigation. Gently, he explained that there was no alternative to what needed to be done.

He left the room then my favorite nurse entered with a pair of humongous looking scrubs for me to put on and wear outside the hospital since the fuckwits had taken my clothes.

As if I were some kind of kid or something... she pulled a lollypop from her nurses' uniform and handed it to me – cherry flavored. Great. I like cherry, so like a good little boy, at her instruction, I sat in a chair by the desk in the ER room and began licking away.

Every once in a while a nurse, orderly, doctor or another nurse, or she, would come check on me. They'd tell me that it wasn't going to be much longer before I could leave, but that the foster family hadn't yet arrived. I'd ask about Adam. They would say that he'd left already – because the investigation was ongoing … Which pissed me off because the officer who took my statement said that Adam was in no trouble with the law, and that everything from the time he'd left the bathroom had been witnessed by customers and staff.

One of the orderlies had just returned me to the exam room from a pee break when a light knock interrupted my profound boredom. I got up, answered the door. I about shit my pants when Vera opened her arms and invited me into them. At the same time, a 3 year old bundle of energy grabbed hold of my legs and yanked with all his strength. He was screaming, "James!!!!! James!!!!"

Not waiting a precious second, I bent over to pick him up when my pants fell to the floor exposing myself to the world, and everybody in it, and to God himself. Kevin thought that was the funniest thing he'd ever seen in a million gazillion years. Dan grabbed hold of the hem, brought them up to waist level then securely cinched the drawstrings so that they wouldn't fall down again.

I pulled Kevin onto my hip and kissed his little cheek. He wrapped his arms around my neck and nestled in.

Probably the dumbest question known to man came into my mind. Without even thinking it spewed out from my mouth, "What are you doing here?"

Dan replied, "Come here, James. Let's sit down and talk about this."

He sat down in the chair that I'd been sitting in and motioned for me to join him. I sat on his lap. Carefully, he explained, "James, we didn't get a whole lot of chance to sit down and talk to you... just my wife and I. You asked a good question. We understand that you're in kind of a bind. We heard that you were going to be put into foster care for a day or two until a mess gets straightened out."

"Yeah, it's a big mess, all right... we didn't even do anything. Heck, Adam saved my life. It seems like he's in trouble about it... They won't even let me talk to him..."

"That's right, child. You certainly did nothing wrong." Dan said then Vera interjected, "James, we'd like to take you home with us until this blows over. Honey, are you sure you're okay?" She then took my cheek in her soft hand and lightly and tenderly squeezed.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Is Adam okay? Why won't they let me see him?" I asked Dan curiously.

He replied, "Vera asked if you'd like to come home with us? I hope you do, because we drove here to hear your answer, for ourselves."

"But can I see Adam? I've gotta know if he's okay." I said getting up off of Dan's lap. Kevin took hold of my hand, pulled me into his little face then he kissed my cheek. His eyes were big. He was anticipating my answer, even though the question was difficult, and even probably way above his head.

Dan said, "He's okay. He's been asking about you. We talked to him two or three times on our way here. The way I see it – we can go see if he's okay for ourselves. I think he's anxious to see you, too."

"Okay then... as long as he's okay and not in any trouble..." I got to thinking about how badly Adam felt when he talked about his brother the night before... my concern increased ten-fold. I was afraid for him to be alone... he'd never left me alone... even when I was down and out right after I was discharged from the hospital...

Vera said, "He's not in any trouble, honey. We're not exactly sure why you can't go back to his house to stay, tonight... my husband said he's anxious to see that you are okay, too. Are you ready to go?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready, alright. Let's go. Please."

After getting checked out, and after receiving Mr. Good's blessings, I gave Dan directions to Adam's house. His rig was parked in the driveway. I would have run as fast as I possibly could, but, Kevin kept a leash on my legs by wrapping himself around them. He wouldn't let go, and I didn't have the heart to push him away. He was too slow, though, so I picked him up and half ran (though I slowed down because Dan was worried that I'd trip and fall) to the front door, knocked incessantly until Adam answered the door.

Adam looked so sad. Then his eyes brightened like Christmas tree lights. He grabbed me up in a strong hold in his big strong arms. I thought he was going to squeeze me to death, but, I wasn't afraid that he would do that... not at all.

With tears freely flowing from his eyes and onto his shirt, he said, "Please come in. I am so very sorry for being rude to you. Please come in and make yourself at home."

Vera asked directions to the restroom. I showed her where the main bathroom was and then returned to where Dan and Adam were talking quietly. Adam motioned for me to sit on his lap, which I did in a split heartbeat. He got two people on his lap, because Kevin joined me on his other knee. Adam kissed the side of my head while pulling me in tight to him.

I asked Adam, "Why can't I stay here tonight?" To Dan I said, "I'm sorry Dan, I just need to know."

Adam said, "I don't know. They wouldn't tell me, either. Mr. Good tried to straighten things out... it's just best that you stay with Dan and Vera until this all gets worked out."

"Where's Tony? He's your lawyer, right?"

"That he is... unfortunately, we can't get this straightened out tonight. I'd really like for you to stay with these wonderful people. Do you remember what I told you last night...?" Adam then looked to Dan.

Dan said, "James, we like you. You are always welcome in our home. You're made of good stuff, son. Eric keeps pestering us about when you're coming back... Luke, even though he can't speak using words, nods every time Eric asks about you. This little runt here adores the ground you walk on."

Indignantly Kevin replied, "I am not a runt!" Then he broke out in giggles and climbed on his dad's lap. Dan wrapped his massive arms around the little boy and held him firmly. Kevin reveled in the attention his dad was paying to him.

Dan continued, "Kevin never used to do this, not until you showed up... we were really worried about him."

I whispered into Adam's ear, "Can I talk to you, alone, for a minute? Please?"

Adam said to Dan, "Please excuse us for a moment."

We walked into the kitchen. Adam sat down then urged me to sit in the chair next to his side. I took hold of his massive wrist, squeezed it tightly, and asked, "Are you going to be okay if I'm gone? You know... last night..."

"I'm okay, now, James. Sometimes, when I least expect it, I'll remember Travis... it still hurts... I'm okay, though. Thanks for being there for me... James..."


"Thank you. You're a good kid." Adam said, then smiling, continued, "And I don't care what anyone else says. I want you to go with them... do this for me, okay?"

Vera, Dan at her side, and Kevin in his massive arms, said, "Are you coming with us? I don't mean to hurry you any... we need to be getting on the road back..."

I looked to Adam. He nodded.

"Okay, I'll go."

I looked back to Adam just to make sure. I looked deep into his eyes to see if there was anything inside of his head that said he really, really needed me to stay. He nodded. His gesture was genuine.

I walked to Vera. She put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me into her bosom. She smelled nice. Her embrace was warm and genuine.

"Why don't you show me to your room... we need to get your clothes together." Vera said softly, releasing me from her hug.

We walked into my room. I showed her into the bathroom, and then I went to the dresser where I began retrieving clothes from the dresser and laid them out on my bed. Since she was in the bathroom, and I couldn't see her, I stripped off the scrubs, reached for a pair of underwear. Just as I began lifting them up and over my hips she appeared in the doorway then turned away. I pulled on a pair of jeans then a shirt. I said, "Sorry about that."

She replied, walking into the room, looking into my eyes, "You have nothing to apologize for, James. Honey, don't go through life apologizing for stuff you did not do... there's enough to apologize for without having to apologize for what we don't do. Have you got everything together... do you have a suitcase?"

"Yeah, I've got everything... I've got some more jeans hanging up... do you think I'll need them?"

"Well, if I know boys well enough then you can never have enough jeans... where are they? I'll grab them while you get a suitcase."

I didn't want to take Adam's suitcase, so I took off for the kitchen, grabbed a wad of those cloth reusable grocery bags, returned to my room and began smashing everything into them. Vera, seeing what I was doing, gently lifted my hands away, "Boys! Go get your toothbrush and anything else you need... 'I will' take care of this..."

As directed, I went into my bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste from the sink then reached way up in the medicine cabinet to retrieve the cream when I felt a sudden urge to 'sit'. The cream wasn't there, where was it? Hurriedly I closed the door, and just got sat down, exploded a payload of non-child-birthing torpedoes, which did not hurt, yet when I wiped, the tissue was blood tinged quite a bit.

A light knock on the door interrupted the last one, "Yes."

"James, I have your medicine out here... do you need it?"

"Uhm, yes ma'am. I'll be out in a second."

Finished with that business, Vera was in the doorway with the tube of medicine. She asked, "Do you need some help with this?"

"Uhm, no ma'am... I can get it. But, thanks." I said. She handed over the tube, I put an applicator full into my lower regions, wiped the excess from my butt, and the tube free of any remnants.

After checking my room one last time, we took off. Adam and Dan were still talking. They looked up as we entered. Adam took me into the kitchen, "Give it a really good chance, James. They really care about you. They have only your best interests at heart. Give them a chance. I'm just glad you weren't hurt."

"Adam, what happened... why can't I stay here?" I whined.

"This will be all straightened out. I really can't say anything more, even though I would like to, and would, if I could. Just have fun, okay."

"Okay... Adam?"

"Yes, little one."

"I ain't no little one..."

"Oh, but you are. You're just a step above half-pint."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I know."

"Yeah, me too."

Before we were even out of Wichita, Kevin was on my lap with his arms around my neck, with his little head lying on my chest, and he was sound asleep. My last thought, before joining him, was, "This is okay... please let it be real."

"Honey, look in your mirror." I said, while looking at the two boys in the back seat, lying together, and sound asleep. James' head was tilted to the right side and Kevin's head was buried in it. Both their heads were swaying gently as the car rocked every now and again because of the dips in the blacktop road.

"Looks to me they're friends, Vera. I still can't believe how they bonded so quickly. Kevin's opened up. He's my shadow, now."

I looked to my husband just as he wiped his face. He looked to me. A smile was plastered across it. I turned around to face forward and refastened my seat belt up snugly.

"Eric's taken to James, too. Did you see how they were wrestling around in the dirt? Gosh, that boy was filthy dirty, in his good clean Sunday clothes, no less."

Dan laughed heartily. "You got that right. Those boys are going to be a handful, Vera. Mark my word on that."

"Oh, they aren't any worse than when Eric came to live with us... he and Thomas got into a couple of good knock down drag outs... Eric knows no fear... haa haa, Thomas makes about 3 of Eric."

"Yeah, but the boy held his own... that's for sure. Got some good licks in, too! They'll be okay. Speaking of, I'm worried about Eric... if Thomas..."

"Yes. Yes, I am, too. Did you get through to him?"

"I think he's okay, now. Honey, what we talked about... is between him and me... father and son... for right now... he's scared. He's got too much time on his hands... he's asked for more chores to do, so I'm going to have him cleaning the stables. He needs something to be proud of. Our words are good, but, he needs to see for himself. I think James is the same way. Speaking of, <laughs>, I'm going to get him together with Eric so they can do the chickens. It's Eric's challenge... and that boy has a mouth on him." Dan said.

I replied, "I hope he stays with us, Dan. He's got so much potential... it just needs to come out of him." Tears came to my eyes, "Dan, that boy has never been bathed by his mother... he doesn't know what it's like to be loved by a mother... the poor boy."

"Honey, in case you haven't noticed, James has latched onto you. I knew he would. I am so proud that you are my Wife, and my Children's mother. We're all lucky, you know."

With that said, my husband put his hand over mine and squeezed very gently. A fleeting thought passed through my mind, "I could wring that woman's head off her shoulders, given half a chance!"

Oh my, I've never before thought bad thoughts about anybody in my life... I decided to keep that thought to myself, knowing I'd never do anything that I was thinking... but, then again, that child had had enough misery in his life, if half of what that social worker said was true...

"Wake up, boys, we're home." I heard a woman's soft voice say very tenderly, yet loud enough to be heard above the din of the car's engine.

Kevin snuggled in deeper and held my neck even firmer... he didn't want to wake up. I reached in and kissed his cheek, and said, "Time to wake up, buddy. You're home. I get to stay all night... we'll have fun tomorrow. Okay?"

I received a nod in reply, then his energy switch turned on like a light... he leaned back so he could kiss my lips, directly. I kissed him back, then he turned around and started jabbering to his mom and dad about how much fun he and I was going to have.

"Kevin, we need to get you in your car seat... come on up here, now."

With much exuberance, he did as requested. I fastened my seat belt, and within 15 minutes we were pulling into the drive leading to their house. The porch light was on. Another light was on inside... the kitchen. Nobody greeted us, but then again, it was 11:30 at night.

Vera said, "I'm going to put you in the spare bedroom. It has bunk beds, is that okay with you?"

"Oh yes, ma'am... thank you. And thank you both for coming to get me... I don't know why... but thank you."

When we parked, I got out, and grabbed the bags of clothes out of the trunk. Dan took one while Vera carried a very sleepy little Kevin into the house. "It's late, James. We get up early during the summer time around here... chores need to be done... you'll be helping Eric with his, tomorrow. Pay attention... he knows what he's doing. If you guys get into a squabble then just take care of it, but don't be fighting all the time. You guys roughing and tumbling around the other day is okay, but, I don't want you boys to be getting into it all the time, you hear?"

"The chicken coop?"

"That's correct... the chicken coop. Can you do that?"

"Uhm, I'll try... it's sickening, though."

Dan patted my back, then without warning, grabbed me up and slung me over his shoulder, much to my surprise – and shock.

He told me good night, and said that morning would arrive very soon, and to sleep well. Vera waited at the steps, and then we walked upstairs to an empty bedroom, 3 doors from the bathroom. She took my clothes, told me to take a quick bath and to meet her in 'my' room. I grabbed my toothbrush and did as I was told. After toweling myself off, I wrapped the towel around my midsection, grabbed up my clothes and then went to the room I'd been assigned.

She was waiting for me, grabbed my dirty clothes and then faced the door. I tossed the towel to the floor and got into bed and pulled the covers up.

"Okay, I'm in." I said, not knowing what else to say.

She bent down, grabbed the towel and with a frown on her face, said, "Honey, we don't leave towels lying on the floor. I'll hang it up for you this time." She draped it over the bed rail for the top bunk.

"Okay, sorry about that. Usually, I don't leave things lying around like that..."

She bent over, kissed my forehead. "You might want to put something on... I can't promise you that Kevin won't come in to sleep with you at some point during the night... he's pretty tired, though, so he might sleep all the way til morning. Sleep tight. We'll be waking you up at 4:30am, so get some sleep."

Vera stood up, turned to leave, and made it about halfway to the door when I said, "Thank you."

She turned around, smiled, then left my room and closed the door behind her but not before turning off the light switch, which plunged the room into total darkness.

I was glad she didn't make me get up, because I had one hell of a problem down south of the border. The covers were soft and silky, and they were definitely rubbing my male glands. I kinda sorta felt 'weird' about taking care of that little problem in a strange house... so I rolled over onto my side and buried it into the mattress, and then tossed and turned while trying to go to sleep... finally, I just rolled onto my back, took matters into my hand – gawd, it's hard to let yourself go when you're trying to listen for Somebody... but then nature took over... my legs straightened out, tensed up, buried my ass in the mattress, stretched my belly out, took a deep breath, and then let the orgasm wash my soul clean!

Have you ever been awakened by having a 3 year old bundle of energy landing on your bed with his arms flailing to grab you around the neck?

That's quite a treat. With his face directly in mine, he said exuberantly, "Wake up, James! Come on. Get up!" Then that same little bundle of joy starts giggling when his little body lies across your belly, chest and other very sensitive places down south of the border... THAT WERE, AT ONE TIME, UNDER THE COVERS! Not to forget to mention that he landed on a full bladder – MINE!

I wasn't quite sure what exactly to do... so I did the most natural thing in the world – I began a tickle fest, which had him squealing and making his way off me and out of the bed. He then took hold of my fingers and jerked, telling me to get out of bed!

I had no choice.

Dan was standing in the hallway watching it all take place... he was smiling from ear to ear. I rolled over and grabbed for the covers that had fallen to the floor. He paid no mind to my state of affairs and walked on down the hallway, all the while talking about moons in my bedroom... huh?

I got up and out of bed, walked to the dresser, rifled through the bag with my clothes in it. Then, finding a pair of underwear to put on, Stacy walked by and whistled a huge loud wolf whistle then said that I had a nice ass.


Luke and Eric entered my bedroom. Luke carried a pair of coveralls, then and handed them to me. Eric said, "Here... these oughta fit ya."

"Okay, thanks… I'll be right there." I said.

I put those coveralls on but couldn't figure how to snap them. Thomas entered and helped to snap them like they were supposed to be, without them being turned and twisted. He said, "You'll get the swing of it... go pee then meet me downstairs. Mom makes a killer breakfast!"

The bathroom door was wide open. Luke and Eric were standing side by side with their fully erect penises pointed down at the bowl. They were laughing about something. I stood at the door, faced the wall, and waited for them for them to finish, without watching. Eric said, "Don't be bashful... here, we'll make a hole for ya."

And they did. Luke undid the snap that Thomas had snapped... with minimal embarrassment at them seeing my hard dick, I lowered the front of my underwear and started a stream to be proud of.

Luke's penis was fascinating... I don't know, I guess it may have been 4 inches, or so, and it was fully erect. He had the beginnings of pubes growing on either side of his maleness. Eric, on the other hand was absolutely devoid of hair, but his testicles were plump, his penis was about the same size as Luke's but it was fatter around... geez... its girth reminded me of Seth's, and Seth was 4 years older than him.

"Whatcha looking at?" Eric said conversationally.

"Uhm... sorry..." I said then looked straight ahead, boring a hole into the wall.

"Don't worry none about it. We're all alike." Eric proclaimed proudly as he tweaked his dick to prove a point.

Luke, meanwhile, grasped his prong, shook any remaining liquid from it, then turned to me, smiled, and then began stroking it purposefully.

Eric said, "Hey dumb ass, don't do that with the damn door open... shit..." Quickly, Eric left us standing there, closed the bathroom door, then grabbed his penis, and very slowly began jacking it all the while looking to me for my answer... I looked down to my penis... my hand was already grasping it.

Luke, being left handed, and in the middle of us, put his arm around my waist and allowed his hand to drop so that it rested on my butt. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and got into pleasuring himself, all the while stroking my behind… with is finger lazily lying in the top of the crack. Since I'm right handed, I put my free arm around his waist, but I didn't trail my fingers, and then I began jacking with purpose and intensity, all the while feeling an itch way up inside my insides.

I heard Eric snicker, then he said, "You guys… sheesh… aim it into the bowl, willya? Oh shit… I'm just about there…"

Luke, with a lot of his weight resting against my arm, tensed up, pushed his hips out, took a couple of quick deep breaths, then raggedly exhaled. At the same time, I felt those old familiar pangs of tension rise up, and then they took over. I felt myself start to bend at the knees, but I was too far gone, until Luke smacked my butt to get my attention. Eric giggled. When I returned to sanity, I looked to my left. They were looking at me with lopsided grins on their faces.


Luke giggled, pointed toward the toilet lid. He'd shot it with a big glob of splooge. Eric told him to get some tissue paper, wipe up the evidence, and flush the toilet, while he showed me an easy way to snap the suspender like things.

He looked deeply into my eyes. There was an intensity that I can't really explain other than to say it felt comforting. He said, "You're okay."

With that said, he opened the door, after making sure Luke had done as he'd been told.

As soon as the door opened, the smell of fried bacon assaulted 3 dudes' sensory organs, to the max.

Lordy, there was enough food on the table to feed an army.

Much to Vera's dismay, Kevin climbed out of his high chair and quickly made his way to my lap and sat down. She shook her head, and then sat his food down in front of us.

Gads - pancakes, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, milk and orange juice was quickly devoured, in no time flat.

"Okay, boys, it's time to get chores a going. Get them done and then you can horse around. No slopping... ya got it?" Dan said then grumbled the last sentence... I wondered what he meant by that, but Luke grabbed the back of my suspenders and we all hauled butt outside.

Eric, the turd breath, as soon as we were out of sight from his dad, stuck his leg out in the darkness, and I tripped and fell to the ground... Dan's orders were not followed... cuz we wrestled for supremacy – again. It was all in fun that day, though.

We, Eric and I, helped Luke carry pails of water to his goats. Eric said that we needed to help out so we could do the chicken coop later... unless I wanted to toss my cookies... he said the morning chore was the worst because they had gone all night and a good part of the evening – so the shit was ripe and rank, to the max.

As soon as the goats were fed and watered, we went and helped Thomas move some bales of hay around. Though he didn't need our help, he accepted it anyway. It gave us some more time to let our stomach's settle before doing the chicken house.

Thomas said we could goof off for a while before doing the dastardly job. Luke, Eric and I took off for the creek. According to Eric, I'd never seen it properly, so off we went walking along the pasture fence headed for the stand of trees where we'd mess around.

The fence ended once we cleared the machine shed. Another fence headed west toward another tall stand of trees way off in the distance. Three horses were gathered together munching grass. They all looked up as we approached. One of the horses whinnied when Eric drew near it. He said that the horse was his, and that we'd brush her down after other chores. He climbed the fence, jumped over, and walked to her. She nuzzled his neck, but he pushed her away and began wiping his neck, "God, you're slobbering on me... quit it..." The horse seemed to be having fun because she continued to nuzzle him. When he stepped away, she stuck her head into his crotch and lifted quickly. I laughed my ass off. That horse kept irritating the hell out of Eric just because of its orneriness. I think he was telling her to stop being a show off, or something. Even Luke was laughing. I really thought he was going to say something... it seemed to me that he was so close.

"What's her name?" I asked when the horse became 'bored', or so she seemed bored anyway.

"Shadow. Sometimes it's 'bitch'... nah, she's okay. She's a good horse, aren't ya, Shadow?"

The horse whinnied her agreement.

All the horses then stopped grazing. They turned to the west and then took off galloping toward the far reaches of the pasture.

Eric exclaimed, "Shit. That fucking idiot." He pointed to the far end of the fence, "That fucking horse ain't worth a shit. Dad's going to shoot it one of these days. Nobody can ride it. We can't even get a fucking halter on it. Come on, ya ready?"

Once again, the horse looked at me... he was pointing in our direction... well, at that time I didn't know he was a 'he' because the tell tale signs of a male was not visible.

I started walking west. Eric warned, "Stay away from that horse... it's thrown dad three or four times. Thomas has tried to get close enough, too, but it always runs away. It's fucking worthless as tits on a bore hog. I guarantee you that dad will bust your ass if he sees you around him... consider this fair warning."

"I'm not going to go out in the pasture. I just want to see him... he's been looking at me. What does that mean?"

"It means you're a dumb ass if you go to it. Come on, let's go."

"I'll stay on this side of the fence. I'm going to go see it. I'll catch up with ya."

"James, one of the things you'll learn around here is that us kids have to stay together out in the fields. Alright, let's go." Eric said, seriously, then walked to me. He didn't say anything even though something was on the tip of his tongue. He led the way while Luke and I walked together, behind him.

The horse didn't run away, instead he walked to the fence and began eating grass while watching us.

"I'll be damned." Eric said, "He usually runs."

For some reason I didn't feel afraid of it. I walked to the fence where he was grazing. I looked down between its legs to determine its gender... yup, a dude.

The horse was as black as the ace of spades. Its color reminded me of coal. His coat appeared soft and shiny. For some reason that I didn't understand I felt drawn to him. I looked at Eric then to Luke. I walked to the fence. He was within arms' reach. I stuck my hand through the rectangular metal wires, all the while looking into the horses' eyes. He didn't flinch. Neither did I. My hand brushed its muzzle when it raised its head.

At that time, Eric body slammed me away from the fence. With total venom in his eyes he said, "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN. MY dad will bust your ass, and probably mine, too!" Angrily he led us away from the fenced in pasture toward the grove of trees down where they said the creek was located.

When we got close to the stand of trees, Eric, calmed down, said, "That fucking horse is crazy. He's never done that."

"Done what?" I asked.

"He's just never done that before. Stay the hell away from it, James. Don't let dad ever catch you do that. I've not ever seen dad afraid of anything – but he IS afraid of that fucker."

"Okay... but he was calling me."

Eric spun around, got into my face, and snarled, "You are a dumb ass. Ain't no fucking horse talked to anybody, yet. What are you? Fucking crazy, or something?"

"I've been called worse." I said then turned and headed for the house. I didn't need the shit he was giving me. That horse was at least 10 times my size... but I wasn't afraid of it; not one bit did it scare me.

I heard another set of footsteps. I clenched my fists up in balls. My chest got tight. My throat constricted, and my body filled with adrenalin... I was loading up for bear.

Instead of touching me, perhaps he sensed my state of being, Luke walked around in front of me, turned to face me, then gently put his hand on my shoulder. He tried to talk, to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth, though his eyes were asking me to not leave. I turned around to see where Eric was. He was walking into the weeds, away from us, toward the creek.

I shouted to Eric, "This isn't working out. I'm sorry." Luke still had his hand on my shoulder.

Eric did not respond. He was out of sight. Luke nodded, tried speaking again. All that came out of his mouth was a grunt... he was clearly frustrated. His eyebrows furled up... he was trying so hard to say something...

Then he did the best thing he could do to tell me to not give up... his arms went around my shoulders. My arms, seemingly on their own, went around his waist, and then, together, as one, we hugged. Although it was brief, it had plenty of meaning behind it. You know … warmth, like he cared if I stayed or left.

"Sorry Luke, I don't want to fight all the time." I said.

He got into my face, grabbed my ear decisively, then urged me to follow him – like … I really didn't have a choice. For shits and grins, I grabbed his. I can't stay 'pissed' too long around those dudes. We both tripped and fell to the ground... yup, another wrestling match – that time with Luke. Damn, they sure liked to wrestle around and get dirty.

We then heard a huge splash. In the same nanosecond, we heard Eric scream, in what sounded like 'agony'... but then his words took away all concern, "FUCKIN SON OF A BITCH THAT'S COLD! FUCK!"

Luke smiled and giggled, grabbed my arm and led us to a huge rock, and he began climbing up it. At the same time he ripped his shirt off and reached for the zipper on his pants... within a minute, no more, he was as naked as the day he'd been born, and then jumped into the water below. He came back up and began waving me to join them!

"The water's cold, pussy!" Eric sneered as he turned into the water and dove below the surface.

"Pussy, huh?"

Within 1 minute I was naked and jumping off the cliff. No sooner had my body hit the freezing, ice cold water than I screamed bloody murder. Jesus Christ it was colder than I'd ever experienced before – but I loved it. Both Eric and Luke lunged for me and pushed me totally under water, but just as quickly, they released me so I could surface.

And so it went... we goofed off for quite some time. It was an absolute, total blast. The tensions were released, just because we were playing together in the frigid Polar fucking water, dunking, splashing, and everything to keep the blood from turning to icy slush.

As soon as the sun crested over the rock, Eric exclaimed, "Okay, we need to get on the chores. Maybe we can come back later today when the sun has had some time to warm things up." To Luke he said, "Luke, lookie there... your balls are around your neck!"

Luke fell for it... the poor boy reached up to his neck and began feeling around... that earned Eric a serious dunking, by both Luke and I, until he was begging for mercy, playfully.

We clambered up the bank and onto the rock, sat down on it, goofed around, waiting for the air and sun to dry us off. Luke then jumped off, leaned against a tree then began taking a shit. He looked up. He had a grin on his face that went from ear to ear. After one last heave ho he dove into the water, rubbed his butt, swam around for a minute or two then joined us back on the rock.

"This is the country, James. When we're down here we don't take the time to go up to the house just to use the bathroom... mother nature, dude! Speaking of mother nature..." Eric said then lay back on the rock, took hold of his dick, coaxed up an erection, and then began stroking it purposefully. Luke smacked my arm with his hand, then he, too, laid back and took matters into his hands.

Needing no further encouragement... I joined them. In less than 10 minutes there were 3 boys pounding their puds for all it was worth, amidst groans and moans and exclamations of arrival. Recovered, I looked up into the trees. A warmth spread over my body and flushed my mind of all worries, at least for a little while. I decided I could get used to those feelings of peace and tranquility. I closed my eyes when they began getting cloudy because the water from inside me was leaking out and running down my face.

Very softly, caringly, Eric whispered, "Yeah, it's pretty peaceful down here."

I turned my head toward him. He was looking up into the trees, and he, too, had water leaking down his face. When he saw that I was looking at him, he briefly smiled, then jumped up, grabbed his underwear and began getting dressed. Luke and I followed. Soon we were dressed and headed to the chicken coop where we finished the morning chores without too much difficulty. None of us got sick from the stench. Amazing, actually, because the aroma was bad, bad, bad!

We took the 2 pails of eggs to the house and deposited them into the ante room just off the kitchen. Vera stuck her head in and asked, "What are you boys up to?"

"We've got the chores done, mom. We went swimming for a while. I'm going to show James how to mow the yard... the grass is getting pretty tall, okay, mom?"

"That's okay... be careful. Your dad had to go into town... stay together, ya hear?"

"Yup, mom. Heard ya loud and clear."

Eric drove the lawn tractor and cut the main parts while I used the push mower to trim up. Luke used the weed eater. The sun was out in full force and effect... it was getting hotter than hell. Eric showed me how to clean the equipment. He said it was important to keep them clean after use so they didn't rust.

Once everything was put away, Eric walked to the big maple tree in front of the house, plopped down, and fell sound asleep with his head lying on a tree root at an odd angle. Luke lay down, too, and soon he was asleep, evidenced by his deep rhythmical breathing and flaring nose.

I wasn't really tired. I sat there for a little while then got up and sauntered in the direction of the barn. I opened the big door, walked inside, and curiously looked around at all the farm implement equipment. I grabbed a flat shovel and walked into one of the stalls to see if it needed to be cleaned up. It was clear of any horse, cow, goat and pig shit, but, I got a sudden urge to make a deposit into a corner of the stall. No pain other than a twinge of discomfort with the first one. One problem though – no toilet paper, but, there was a roll of hand towels by the sink out in the main section of the barn.

I giggled then took off with my pants and underwear around my ankles for the sink where I took care of business.

I'd just got the snap snapped when Dan drove up in the big ass farm truck and parked it just outside the huge door. He and Thomas began unloading sacks of feed from the back. They did it like they were feather light. Thomas grinned, then handed me one of the sacks which took me to the ground. Dan snickered then mildly chastised Thomas for messing around with me. I did end up dragging it inside the barn and, with Thomas' help heaved it up on the pile of other sacks.

Dan then explained that two horses were ready to foal and that they'd be herding them into the barn for their birthing process. He and Thomas gathered up two bridles, and then, without warning, Dan picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, and then we headed into the field to get the horses to bring back to the barn.

About midway through the pasture he put me down, patted my back, and said that I was doing a good job helping with the chores, and was glad that I was having fun, too. I wondered what he meant by 'fun', then he said, "I watched you boys head to the pasture on your way down to the creek... James, you are to stay away from that horse. It is dangerous. Thomas broke his arm a couple of years ago while trying to tame that thing down. The doctors had to operate and put a plate and screws inside his arm."

"Dan, you saw it... it came to us..."

"Son, I know where my boys are almost all the time. A farm is a wonderful place to work, play and live, but, there are dangerous animals that will kill a human being in a heartbeat, even though, sometimes, they don't even mean to bring harm... that horse is a different story, James. I want you to stay away from it. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. I don't want to have to remind you again."

"Uhm, what happens if it comes to me again?"

"Then step away from it. I won't remind you again, James. This is serious business. We don't want you or anybody else around here getting hurt."

The horses we were going after ran away. Thomas said that they'd eventually come to the barn, on their own, and we didn't want to spook them.

Returning to the barn, we, or rather 'they' picked up two sacks, apiece, of the feed and headed into a stall, the one where I'd relieved myself. I grabbed the shovel and went around them, and into the stall and scooped up my 'stuff'. Dan looked down at it, snickered, "That don't look like animal dung, boy!"

"No sir. It's not animal dung. Excuse me." I said humbly.

They snickered and went on about their business. I took the dung outside the barn, tossed it over the fence, and then hosed the shovel off. I leaned it against the wall in the sun to dry.

I heard some big fucker galloping at break neck speed. I looked up... the coal black horse was running at full steam around the pasture then stopped out in the middle of it and stared me down. He then ran around the pasture again, that time coming within 25 feet of the fence, and then it stopped, snorted, pawed the ground with its hoof, and then stood still, staring at me.

Dan stepped outside barn, put his hand on my shoulder, and patted it gently, "That horse ain't acting right. Thomas, go get the shogun... it's in the usual place."

"Okay, pa. I've never seen that horse so close."

"Me neither." Then Dan turned to me, "Go on up to the house. You don't need to see this."

"Dan, please don't kill it. Please give it some more time... he'll come around. I just know it."

"James, sometimes we have to do things that aren't pleasant. Now, run along..."

Just then Thomas arrived. He handed the rifle, a big fucker, to Dan, took my shoulder in his massive hands, turned me toward the barn, and said, "Go. Dad don't want you around here. You're not ready for this stuff, yet."

I turned toward the pasture and screamed from the top of my lungs, "RUN! RUN! RUN!"

The horse ran to the far end of the pasture and disappeared into the tree line.

I then heard footsteps racing across the rocky floor of the barn. Eric and Luke appeared. Breathless, Eric asked, "What's up, Dad? What's the screaming about? Is everybody okay? !!!"

Dan looked at me. His eyes were hard and cold. He set his jaw and snarled, "James, you can't be interrupting farm work like that. I said that horse is dangerous. He needs to be put down. Go to the house. Go to your room. I don't want to see your face for 3 hours, until lunch time. Now go."

I went. Angrily, I stomped up the stairs to my room, slammed shut the door, plopped onto the floor … and began crying. I kept waiting for the shotgun blast to reverberate through the room. But it didn't happen. I curled up in a ball on the hardwood floor, hid my face in my hands, and fell asleep.

Sometime later I was awakened by the creek of my door opening, a pair of heavy footsteps, and then the door closed. One step then two... they were coming closer and closer. I immediately became fully awake then scrambled toward the bunk bed to crawl beneath it, but a strong pair of arms stopped me from going there. I was scared totally shitless... I was going to get beaten. I fucked up. I was worthless. Those strong as an ox hands lifted me to my feet. I lowered my head and put my hands to my face to keep it from being slapped, or worse.

"James, stop it. I'm not going to hurt you. I'll never beat you. You've had enough of that in one lifetime, boy. I called your attorney. I needed to know your history. I promise you on my grave that you'll never ever have to have that stuff done to you, if I have any say so. Look into my eyes so that you know I'm telling you the unvarnished truth. A man looks into a person's eyes when you are being spoken to. It's the right thing to do. It means nothing is being hidden."

Shamefully, I looked up, glanced into his eyes. They were firmly set, never wavered, and never left mine, not for a second. I did not see any anger or hatred in them. He released my shoulders, patted my back, then led me to a chair, sat down and motioned for me to join him.

I sat down at his feet, facing him. I looked up into his eyes and said woefully, "Please don't shoot him. Dan, he came to me... I didn't go to him, I promise. I swear."

"So I saw. So I saw. James, Vera told me to tell you that lunch is ready. After lunch, and after my nap, you and I have something to do. Don't ask me what because I won't tell you. James, one more time, you will not be beaten or locked in your room, or those other despicable things your dad did to you. I rarely get mad, but if I so much as hear that anything bad like that happens to you... well, I will be, how do you say it? Pissed? Yes, I will be pissed. What the law doesn't finish, I will."

"But I was bad... I did bad things. I'm a fuck up. I'm worthless... and I'll fuck this up, too. I know I will!"

"Is that what you believe... or is that what you were told in many different ways? And, clean up your mouth. One of these days you're gonna slip with that tongue in front of a woman... and, that, child, will get you in hot water with me. There's no place for that kind of talk... and I won't have you talking like that near or around my wife. Now, do you believe that you are actually worthless, or is that trash talk someone has said to you, forced you to believe?"

"They told me all the time. I've stolen money, food, and all kinds of things. I've lied. And, I've..."

"Stop it, boy. Did you intentionally steal, or did you take that money and food to survive?"

"Huh? Sometimes I had money, most of the time I didn't." I said then got to thinking..., "I stole some stuff from a drug store... I had a bad cut on my leg..."

"And you didn't have anybody to take care of it for you? Is that what I'm hearing? And, were you hungry most of the time?"

I nodded, reluctantly, then said when he lifted my chin to look into his eyes, "Yes sir. I did okay. Well, most of the time until I hurt myself... you know, my hip."

"How is your hip, James? Does it hurt you?"

"The truth?"

"Nothing but the truth."

"Sometimes. The doctor says I stretch the muscles out of place. He told me the x-rays are okay."

"Okay. Good. Now, let me tell you something... do I have your attention?"

"Yes sir."

"Here's the deal: you don't need to steal anything here. If you need something, let my wife or me know. We'll make sure you have everything you need. We take care of our kids. James, I see you as a good kid who is very sensitive and caring. These are good qualities. It comes from deep inside of you, areas that you don't know about, yet, because you are young. Vera always keeps bananas and oranges and apples if you get hungry between meals. You're a growing boy. So are Luke and Eric. We know this about boys... we don't want you going hungry..."

Just then a soft knock on the door interrupted Dan saying what he needed to say. He got up and opened the door. Stacy said, "Lunch is ready, Dad."

"We'll be right down. Give us a minute, okay?"

Dan grinned, "Are you hungry?"

"Oh, yes, sir. Definitely."

"Well, come on, let's not keep Vera waiting. James."

"Uhm hmm... I mean sir."

"You're going to be okay. We're going to give you time to grow up. You'll learn that you don't have to do everything on your own. Whatcha say we go eat what my wife put on the table?"

Not waiting for an answer, he put his big hand on my shoulder, patted my back gently, then led us to the bathroom where we washed and dried our hands, and then went downstairs, joined the family at the dinner table, said grace, and began shoveling. Food. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, and then Vera finished the meal off with a piece of apple crumb pie. Geezus... I'd never eaten so much at one sitting in all my life.

Dan scooped up Kevin and led his boys outside. I stayed behind, almost hiding in the shadows, but not quite. Vera looked up, smiled. I said, "Are you sure I can't help clean things up? I'm good at washing dishes and stuff..."

"No, honey, you go outside with Dan and the guys. We'll take care of this, but thanks anyway. Eric said you were a big help with chores this morning."

A feeling of accomplishment passed through my body, and settled in my head. I smiled, nodded, and then went outside. They were walking toward the barn. I half-ran, half-walked to catch up with them.

Dan opened the mammoth door, led us inside to a stall that had a padlock on it.

Thomas looked at me and said, "This is off limits. Dad has the only key. Just wait till you see it!"

When the door opened, a humongous ATV greeted my eyeballs. Holy shit.

Thomas mounted the thing then motioned for me to join him in the large seat on the back. Dan then got a helmet out of the stall, helped me to put it on, and then got one for Thomas. Dan then cinched a bungee cord around me and fastened it to the machine.

Thomas then hooped and hollered in his deep base voice, "Hi ole Silver, AWAY!" He then throttled the machine and we took off like a bat out of hell for the far reaches of the farm, going ninety to nothing, or so it seemed. We were jumping small hills, and sometimes the thing would go off the ground, and then crash down. Geezus, was that ever fun... I kept egging Thomas on and on to keep jumping, and he did. He'd then tear a path back to near the barn then pull a sharp turn and off we'd go back from where we came from.

When he stopped at the barn, Eric unleashed the harness like thing, urged me off, then he and Thomas took off again. I was wobbly as hell, somewhat dizzy, but God was that fun. That was a fucking blast, bar none.

Once I got my balance back, I walked outside the barn on the other side and looked out into the pasture. Luke went with me. Dan walked outside to see Thomas and Eric tearing through the pasture toward the creek, the same route he'd taken me.

The horse, the black one, the dangerous one, came galloping up to within 50 yards of the fence, stopped on a dime, then stared at us quietly and very calmly. I walked to the fence. Dan stood beside me, put his hand on my shoulder, then wrapped it around my neck calmly and reassuringly. The horse shook its head, whinnied, and then slowly walked to within 20 yards of us, stopped, snorted several times, but it stood in place.

"I've never seen him do that before." Dan said.

I looked up into his eyes. He was staring straight ahead, deep in thought. He then pulled me about a foot away from the fence, pointed me directly toward the horse, and said, "You stay here. I'm going to go into the barn, but, I'll be watching you. Do not go to the fence under any circumstance."

He walked away. I felt like I was on display. It was an uncomfortable feeling, yet, I stared straight ahead. The horse snorted and whinnied several times, then took off, ran around the pasture in a large arcing circle then returned to stand within 10 yards of the fence, eying me all the while. I put my hand out forward, palm up, in his direction. He tore out and ran the pasture again, then returned, and stood within 5 yards of the fence.

"Come on horsy, I'm not going to hurt you." I said softly, just loud enough that I figured he could hear my voice.

He shook his head, snorted twice, whinnied a loud resounding deep throated noise from the depths of his being, kicked his right front hoof into the dirt, nodded his head up and down three or four times. He then took a step forward, but then the sound of the ATV spooked him, and off he went to the pasture, kicking up dust as he gracefully exited.

Dan walked out, stood beside me, and watched the horse go off into the pasture. "Well, I'll be damned. Ain't never seen that before."

Thomas and Eric pulled up. Thomas said to Dan, "Did you ever see that before? He never comes up this close."

"Yeah, I saw it. I still don't believe it. But I saw it with my own eyes. When you take Luke out for a spin, come on back, saddle up our horses. I'll ride Cletus. You take Jericho, he's pretty calm today."

Luke walked away from the ATV, stood in front of Dan, pointed to his chest, and stomped his left foot and then his right foot twice.

"Do you want to ride, too, Luke? Is that what you're saying?"

Vigorously, Luke nodded, then took hold of Dan's wrist and wrapped it around his chest.

Dan said, "Okay, Luke, you can go with us."

Luke patted his dad's hand then pulled it close and held on tight.

Dan said, "Luke's quite the rider. Kippy is pretty spirited but Luke handles him like a champ, don't you Luke?"

Luke vigorously nodded his head in agreement.

"Okay, let's saddle up. James, you'll ride with me."

Between Thomas, Dan, Luke and Eric they taught me how to properly saddle up, making sure the blanket was spread out just right, so that no part of the seating part was on the horse's back.

I'd never been on a horse before. And I'd never spread my legs apart that far... well, except when Seth was about to ride me like a broking bronco, that is.

We rode out into the pasture then followed the outer periphery fence around the property, slow but steady and surely. I was sitting in front of Dan. He had his one arm around me to keep me from falling off because my butt had a lot of room to slip and slide in the saddle. He then gave me the reins, told me how to guide and direct our horse, how to stop it, how to lead it into a turn, and then he took the reins, held me tight and got it to galloping. Talk about fucking fun! That, dear reader, was a super fucking blast!

"Okay, boys, take the horses in, brush them down good; we'll be back in a little while." Dan said to Luke, Eric and Thomas. Thomas held back for a moment while Eric and Luke tore out for the barn.

Dan said, "We're okay."

With that said, Thomas took out after his brothers, leaving Dan and me alone. Dan took the reins and galloped us into the open pasture, but then slowed down considerably. The black horse, the dangerous one, was standing alone, as he always did, down in a corner just over the hill. He looked up at us, started to run off, but then stopped and looked at us, at me in particular. Dan said, "Be quiet. We don't want to spook him."

The coal black horse warily watched us get closer. He whinnied, snorted several times, stomped his feet in the dust, but stayed still, otherwise. Dan slowly, carefully, but deliberately closed the distance between the horse and us.

Our horse seemed to know what to do when we got to the other one, because blackie stayed still, and in fact the two horses nuzzled each others' faces, trading snot, spit and grass clippings.

Our horse suddenly jumped which caused me to fall off to the ground. Dan freaked, pulled his horse to the side of blackie then jumped down. He reached down, but blackie quickly positioned himself between Dan and me. It was almost like that damn horse was protecting me, or something. Literally, that horse separated Dan and me. Our horse, the one we rode down on, separated me and blackie so that Dan could get to me. Quickly, he almost literally tossed me onto our horse, turned it, but blackie blocked us from leaving. He then stood beside us, chewing on his lips.

Much to Dan's surprise and worry, I reached over and patted blackie's face, and talked to him softly, not saying much, yet it seemed like a lot.

Softly, Dan said, "Well, I'll be damned. She-it. I'll be diggered. Nobody's going to believe this, James. Heck, I'm not sure I believe it."

Blackie then nuzzled in, spreading snot, spit, and partially chewed grass all over my chest and lower neck.

"Gross!" I said. But then again, with it so up front and personal like, I reached my hand out and petted its head, pushed away a few flies that were circling around its eye. Meanwhile, Dan's arms were wrapped around me very tightly, holding me out of harms' way.

Then, just like that, blackie walked away and began grazing again. Dan brushed the grass clippings away and off my neck, then he turned our horse and we rode away. I turned around and saw that blackie was following us. I got Dan's attention. He turned around and saw it, too.

Blackie stopped about a hundred yards from the barn. Thomas opened the large gate and let us in. Dan said to his sons, "I don't believe it. You see the muck on James' shirt... well, that damn mean, cantankerous and dangerous horse did that to him."

Eric said, "No way!"

I grinned, "Yes way. He did, too, didn't he Dad... I mean Dan... sorry..."

Dan squeezed tight then put me down to the ground.

They then taught me how to properly brush down a horse so that it was shiny. Dan explained that brushing down a horse really gives them pleasure and relaxation.

At dinner time, Dan was quick to explain details about my brush with danger that day, and his disbelief at what was accomplished. Eric said that I had to have drugged the wild beast. Kevin got into the act and hollered, "BEAST!"

Speaking of Kevin, we played 'king of the mountain' before it was time to go take baths. Eric didn't want to take his first, neither did Luke. It was only about 7:30 in the evening, so I volunteered. That set Kevin off again. He grabbed my leg, looked deep into my eyes with his little boy enthusiasm, and the words that touched my heart, "Me, too!"

Off we went upstairs. We dropped by his room to get his fire engine jammies, then we stopped at the room I was staying in, grabbed a pair of clean underwear and jeans that Vera had washed up. He took my hand and led me into the bathroom... I wondered if he thought I'd change my mind... anyway he had a grip lock and determination... who was I to argue? NOT!

The boy was naked faster than I ever thought possible. I thought I was pretty quick, but, he beat me, hands down. I fixed his toothbrush with peppermint red striped toothpaste... he mostly jabbered up a storm, but got the job done. While I was brushing mine I got the water started in the bathtub, pulled off my underwear and tossed them into the dirty clothes hamper.

Bath time was cool... he insisted that I wash him, and then he more or less washed me, too. Although I was pudged up about halfway, other than moving it aside, he didn't pay much attention to it. He held out the towel and permitted me to dry him off, and then he busted out the door and left it open leaving me exposed to God, the world, and anybody else walking by. Thankfully, nobody was walking through the hallway as I quickly got dressed.

Because they live so far in the rural areas, only one TV station was available, and its quality sucked so bad you could hardly see anything, so the TV went off. Vera got two decks of cards from the cabinet and proceeded to whip our asses playing Spades. Luke then Eric took their baths. They weren't shy. Both were wearing only floppy underwear. It was easy enough to tell that Luke was fully erect, but he wasn't concerned and nobody said anything about it. I had a minor flashback to when my 'other' mother made fun of my stuff when I was little. When he sat back down on the floor, his springy rod shot out from between the cuff of the underwear and his thigh. Again, nobody paid any attention as he pushed it back inside. He did notice me watching him. He shrugged then dealt the cards because it was his turn to deal.

I got pretty good at the game. I came close to winning, but it wasn't meant to be.

Dan then pulled a Bible from the mantel piece and began reading. He read only a Psalm. Psalm 23... The Lord is my shepherd. I'd not had any kind of religious upbringing, so I asked some questions about who the Lord was, what he did, and then took a deep breath and said it had done nothing for me in my life.

Luke's eyes went wide as saucers. He tried so very hard to say something, but nothing would come out of his mouth. In frustration, he threw the cards to the floor, and then tried even harder to make something come from his lips. Vera pulled him into her arms. He wept bitterly. Everybody got up from their places on the floor and rallied around him. Vera stretched her arm and urged me to join them. I hesitated. She said, "James, Luke needs us. Come join us, will you please?"

Luke was cocooned all warm and tightly. If you couldn't reach him to wrap your arms around his sobbing shoulders then you could put your hand on him somewhere. I put my hand on his lower thigh and squeezed firmly.

He regained his composure fairly quickly. Dan said very gently, "Luke, your voice is going to come back one of these days. Be patient. We'll always be here for you." Dan then lifted Luke up from the floor and took him upstairs to bed.

Vera said softly, "God loves us all, James. He doesn't pick and choose, and he doesn't turn kids away. You're alive, boy. If you think your rescue was a mistake or an accident – think again. Somebody was watching out for and over you. You are a blessing to us, now you boys go get ready for bed. Thomas, Stacy, you wait here, please."

Eric stopped by my bedroom on his way to his. "Come on in. I don't bite." I said playfully, even though, deep down inside, the experience with Luke was still rattling me.

Eric smiled then walked to me and then reached for and lifted my upper lip. He said, "Good, you're not a vampire." Then he smacked my underwear clad butt, and then ran out of the room with me chasing him. I caught up to him in his room just as he was trying to close the door. The door separated us, but, I got in a good smack on his cheek before I jerked my hand away. He giggled. I smiled. I could get used to that family, I thought.

I turned off the light, shucked off my underwear, snuggled down into the soft down bedding, and had the most powerful sexual experience ever in my 12 years on the planet. I even squirted thicker nectar than I'd known before. I then slunk into a very, very deep and peaceful sleep, feeling that everything was going to be okay.

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