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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 1

The plane that Matt and I were riding on as passengers was about an hour out from our destination. The trip seemed to be just shy of forever… we had left the previous day; it was just before 10pm.

I had only slept for a few minutes here and there, not really getting into that deep, deep sleep the body needs to rejuvenate and reenergize. Matt, on the other hand, was pretty much bored and was able to sleep a lot.

Dad had purchased, for us, a full row, that is 3 seats side by side so that we would have ample room to rest and relax, and to have some room to move around. Right now, Matt's is lying across all the seats with his legs across draped over my lap. He was snoring lightly, his breathing was deep, his eyes would flutter every now and again though they remained closed oblivious to that around him. Every so often he would change positions, move around to a more comfortable position, or to simply completely turn around so that his head laid comfortably on my lap which enabled me to run my fingers through his hair, to trace his eyebrows, to lay and rest my hand on his face, and yes, every once in a while I'd reach down and kiss his forehead. When he'd wake up, while his head was in my lap, we'd come together and kiss tenderly, hold hands, and sometimes even to steal a moment just to check out each others' equipment.

Last night, when the cabin lights went off for the night, before we arrived in Tokyo for the next and final leg of our trip to Singapore, I laid down with him, pulled the cover up over us then proceeded to pull that which made him a boy, a young man actually, and then caressed him into a state of wanting, needing, and then release. He'd then fall asleep. I'd put him back together. The next time we awoke, we traded places.

About 30 minutes or so had passed since I began writing this note. We're experiencing some turbulence that which was enough to jar the plane significantly, enough to rouse Matt from his slumber. With wide open eyes he sat up then scooted such that he could sit by my side. He crawled under my arm and snuggled in tightly. He yawned and tossed his arms in the air while taking in a long, deep breath. He then put his one arm around my neck and pulled me in then kissed me on the lips. I made no effort to hide my feelings for him by pushing him away or otherwise make him feel he was not wanted or needed, even though we were on a public conveyance and in full view of other passengers just across the aisle, not even 3 feet away. I was becoming very much aroused, as I always get when kissing the love of my life. Before we got out of control and devoured each other right then and there, Matt sensed our ardor and pulled away, and settled back into my side. I put my arm around his shoulders.

"How much longer? I'm hungry." Matt said sleepily.

Just then the pilot came on over the loud speakers, "Ladies and gentlemen, our arrival at Singapore Changi Airport is on schedule. In a couple of minutes we will begin our final approach. We'll be arriving at gate 27 in about 25 minutes. At this time, please give your refuse to the steward personnel, and put your seat back to its most upright position, and the tray tables should be stowed. The temperature in Singapore is 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind is from the south at 18 to 25 mile per hour. The humidity is 80%, and the sky is clear. We appreciate your flying Japan Air. Have a great stay in this fine city."

That said, we banked hard to the left then banked smoothly right. The landing was flawless. That huge double decked bird took the air and went down like it was wearing a well made tailor suit. I was impressed.

"What now?" Matt asked curiously as he looked all around us. There were mega people all over the place going from here and there to there and here, or so it seemed.

"The first thing we need to do is go to customs just like we did when we left Honolulu. Come on." I said then took his hand in mine and led us to the main concourse where I saw a sign indicating that customs was close by. When we arrived, I pulled my passport out of a carry-on soft briefcase that dad had given me to keep our important papers, such as passports, itineraries, birth certificates, and Matt's medical records for 'just in case' purposes.

Matt had been doing fine, he was virtually healthy though he was experiencing mild anemia but Dr. Miller approved him for extensive travel without any doubt that he'd be just fine.

The customs agent spoke no English so Matt had no clue what the agent and I were talking about, but I knew very well. Everything went just fine, and soon we were on our way to the baggage claim area. About 30 minutes later, the turnstile began its circular motions. About 20 minutes later, our bags arrived. Either or both of them were way too heavy for Matt to negotiate off the carousel so I took the honors and had them on the floor without any effort. Thankfully, though, they had wheels on them.

When we caught a cab I told the driver we were going to the Marina Bay Sands. Quickly, he negotiated the heavy pedestrian and vehicle and bicycle traffic with ease. Soon he was pulling into the entryway of a humongous, high-rise, mega hotel. We were immediately welcomed and our bags taken by a really young guy of Chinese descent. Since reservations had already been made by dad's travel agent, we were quickly escorted to our room on the 53 rd floor where the bellboy deposited our bags and sat them on the baggage carriers in the room. Honorably, we bowed before each other then I handed him a $50.00 bill for his fine service to us. His eyes about popped out of his head. Profusely he thanked us and wished us a happy stay, and should we need an escort then he would be happy to accommodate us. He gave me his phone number then left us to settle in and get comfortable.

We unloaded our suitcases and hung up that which needed hanging on clothes hangers and then put that which did not need that attention paid to them in the drawers.

The room was spectacular in that it had two huge bedrooms, centered by a massive living room, a huge screen TV, a full kitchen and a bathroom with a full sized Jacuzzi and steam room.

"Holy shit!" Matt exclaimed.

"You ain't kidding. This place is freakin awesome." I said in wonderment then we headed to the sliding glass doors where we entered a huge balcony. The view was of the ocean; actually the water way we saw was the Singapore Strait. We stood there for a while just drinking in the sights, feeling the breeze blow through our loose fitting clothing and over our faces. It was totally peaceful; very little traffic noise was heard at that altitude.

Both of our tummies were rumbling from hunger but before we could go, I pulled out the satellite phone dad had given us, dialed the international number he had given me to use, and soon he answered the phone…

Dad: Hey guys. How was the trip?

Me: It was long but we arrived safely. We're in the hotel looking out at Singapore Strait. Sheesh dad, this place is for kings. It has two huge bedrooms, a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a steam room, and it has a huge full size kitchen… how much did you pay for this place?"

Dad: The cost is none of your business, Antoine. You have business to take care of. This is our gift to you.

Mom: Hey boys.

Me: MOM! You should see this place! I'll send you pictures… hold on a minute…

I took several pictures and then transmitted them. Both were impressed, but not surprised at seeing the stellar accommodations that they had arranged.

Matt then talked to them while I went back out on the balcony to admire the view, to relax and to give thanksgiving for our safe trip, the accommodations, our parents, and for everything. Tears began freely flowing down my cheeks. I made no effort to stop them. I was caught up in the moment... and then stayed in it until Matt came out and stood beside me. He put his arm around my waist firmly as the last of my tears fell.

"This is awesome, Antoine. I never thought I'd ever be in a place like this with the dude I love with all of my heart and soul."

"Yeah, I hear ya, Matt. We're really fortunate. Are you still hungry?" I asked hopefully.

"And you even have to ask?" Matt giggled as loud rumbles of thunder emanated from our empty and hungry bellies, at the same time.

"Ha, I guess not. Dad said we could order room service, but I'd rather get out and walk around, how about you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm kinda stiff and sore. Let's go." Matt replied then while he released me from his sideways hug, he snickered, and said, "Ha haa, I'm kinda stiff but I ain't sore… I want you to do something about it when we get back…"

"Your wish is my command." I said seriously then added chuckling, "Me too!"

That said and decided we headed down the elevators to the lobby where we looked around for the hotel restaurant. We found it on the other side of the hotel. I had some concerns that it would not be open at that time of night, however, the sign read they would be open until midnight. It was 11:20.

We were soon seated at the front of the restaurant however the maitre-d gave me some minor grief when I told him that our parents would not be joining us at that hour. The service was impeccable, and the food was to die for and it filled us completely to capacity.

As we were walking (waddling) out of the restaurant we very nearly ran into Benji, the guy who had taken our bags to our room and who made sure we were satisfied with the accommodations. I said, in Chinese, using the Singapore dialect, "Hi, its' good to see you again."

He respectfully bowed then with a gleam in his eyes, said (in perfect English) "Yes, it's good to see you again. Did you enjoy our food?"

"Oh yeah, it was good, no wait, it was great! I'm totally stuffed." Matt readily answered for the both of us. I quickly nodded with agreement.

"Do you guys want to go on a little tour? You look kind of lost…" Benji said kindly.

"What do you say Matt? Shall we go on a walk for a while? I've been in Singapore a few times before, but I've not had the opportunity to really look around." I said remembering the circumstances that had brought me there before… in my old life.

"Yeah sure, where we headed for?" Matt asked inquiringly.

Benji replied, "We can go down to the shore. The water and the shores are really clean up here."

I looked at Matt, he nodded smiling ear to ear. I was smiling too.

As we walked to the shore, Benji told us all about this section of beach and how the hotel had just opened up the year before, that this section of Singapore had actually been a rundown desolate area, and full of crime and murders until the city had decided to reclaim it, spruce it up a little and to make it desirable to tourists and to those who traveled to Singapore on business.

We learned that he was 14 years old, that his father had died while helping to build the hotel. His dad had fallen from the 40 th floor while the girders were being laid. The company his dad had worked for turned their backs on he and his mother after saying the man had jumped to his death voluntarily. Benji and his mother knew his father would never do such a thing, but some 'big guys' came calling one day when he and his mother were home alone, and convinced them to drop the matter. His father had made good a good living for his family, and then… not only did they lose their loved one but they also lost their sole source of income. His mother had gone to work in a factory, and Benji, at age 14 was permitted to work in the hotel trade. He also said he had a part time job but could not disclose its nature for personal reasons. I suspected I knew what it was but didn't say anything.

Benji was a gracious host. He gave Matt and I time to be alone while he sauntered around at a private distance. The area we were in was quite dark though not completely. Matt's and my hands found each others as we walked along the shoreline. When we got within shouting distance, our hands went to our sides as if we were minding our own business.

When we arrived back to Benji, he was grinning and bowed before us respectfully. We returned the respect then headed back to the hotel as both Matt and I were yawning our heads off. Total exhaustion finally crossed the ocean and caught up with us utterly and completely.

We arranged to meet Benji the following morning. He would make sure we got to our destination, and then would wait for us so he could show us around the city during the light hours.

After bidding him farewell, we took off for our hotel room. We arrived at 12:30 in the morning. As we rode up the elevator, people were getting on and off of it at and above the 45 th floor – au naturale. Matt and I looked at each other. Our eyes perked up then we smiled knowingly. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that dad and mom had made sure we were on the higher floors, knowing that our lifestyle would be no foreigner to us.

With all thoughts of sleep put aside for a while, we entered our hotel room, quickly picked out a bedroom we'd share together then promptly shed our clothes, relieved some 'stress' factors from the excitement, and then headed to the elevators where we went to the last stop that led out to an Olympic pool on the top of the hotel.

There were few people there at that time of night but all were enjoying their naturistic swim in the crystal clear water.

Wasting no time, Matt and I dove in the water at the deep end so as to not bother the adults lounging around in the shallow end. We met at the side of the pool then went swimming underwater, playing around and goofing off, having a great time just being ourselves, 15 year old boys, spending time with he who meant the entire world to the other.

As fate would have it, at 2am, a hotel clerk announced that the pool was closing, to get all our belongings, and to please exit.

When we got out of the pool, we realized we'd left our towels in our hotel room. The clerk saw our plight. Quickly, he tended to our needs by going to what I assumed to be the pool room and retrieved for us towels which we used to dry off with and then we put them around our waists and headed back to our suite where we jumped in the shower and made quick order of cleaning up after making appropriate deposits down the high rise receptacles.

After brushing our teeth, Matt led the way to our boudoir where, together, we turned down the bed coverings and jumped in then immediately we embraced because the air conditioning was running and we were still damp and without any clothes.

Just as we were settling in, Matt announced, "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere."

I reached up and turned the bedside table lamp on. He was in our suitcase, grabbed something out of it then returned, smiling wickedly. When he was back in bed and had the covers back up around us, he smiled then rose up his hand. In it was a bottle of that which enabled us to show our love and devotion to each other.

With no further encouragement needed, he went to work on me. Soon, too soon, he took me to Nirvana with everything he could offer as a conveyance to that destination.

Likewise, I took him to that far away destination by offering him everything that I had to give so that he would feel like I had felt.

Later that morning, I awoke with a start… the sun was streaming through the double glass doors and on into our room and into my eyes. The sun was up to far to be early morning, so with great concern, I looked over at the clock… it read 10:45.

"Holy shit Matt, wake up! It's late! Get up dude." I said loudly with purpose knowing that we were to meet our destination partner at noon for brunch.

Matt's not a morning person in any sense of the word… so I grasped his arm and pulled him up to a standing position. Had we had time, I would have lovingly taken care of that piece of human anatomy that was, in fact, standing up very proudly. I, no doubt, believe he would have taken care of my needs, as mine was standing down at its version of attention… nevertheless, I led him into the bathroom where we got into the shower, washed up good then, after seeing that he was awake, got dressed and went downstairs where we hailed a cab who took us to our destination, arriving at 5 minutes before noon.

An elderly man answered our arrival notification. He smiled deeply and bowed respectfully at seeing Matt and me. Quickly, he ushered us inside his residence, offered us each a small glass of Saki.

Sensei Chin: Antoine it is nice to see you again. This must be Matt, he who is your light and sunshine.

Me: I'm sorry, Matt. Please excuse my rudeness. Matt, this is my Sensei, he who guides me.

Matt: Pleased to meet you, sir.

Sensei Chin: Likewise. Please make yourself at home. What is mine is yours.

Me: Thank you Sensei. Your hospitality is noted and deeply appreciated. Thank you for seeing us on such short notice. My father feels very deeply that we should meet here and now. I respect my dad because he has my best interests at heart.

Sensei Chin: <Bowing> I am deeply honored that your father has faith in me. Before we talk, let me show you around.

That said, he took us around his palace showing us his pieces of art, statues, vases, fine crystal, exquisite tapestries, and specially woven carpets, as well as his fine wine collection that contained extremely rare and specially made substances. He paid a lot of attention to Matt, which, truth be told, was the main reason for our travels.

Contrary to Matt's saying he was okay, and wearing his tough outer coat, I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he had been deeply hurt, and that his spirit was having great difficulties with all that had happened in his short life.

Matt was not the sort of guy that trusts easily, and I could see him struggling with Sensei… but Sensei was quite well aware… in fact, he was more aware than I was. Every now and again, Sensei would touch Matt in some innocuous yet meaningful way. I was pleased to see that within 30 minutes, Matt was warming up, and that he was beginning to ask questions about this and that of Sensei. Every once in a while, Matt would look back over his shoulder to make sure I was close to him. By the end of that 30 minute period, he was smiling while, at the same time, listening to Sensei's every word about this or that artifact.

Sensei used to be an archeologist before sustaining life threatening and life changing injuries to his spine and legs about 20 years ago. For a long time he was bitterly confined to a wheelchair. His wife had left him for a 'complete' human being… a few years ago, Sensei told me that his wife had been married and divorced 8 times since their departure. He held no bitterness toward her; instead he blessed her travels willingly and with deep meaning.

When we reached the sunroom, he motioned for us to sit down, relax and to drink up since the Saki would by then be at a pleasant temperature. It was perfect. Matt didn't much care for it but he drank it dutifully then smiled in such a way that I knew he was looking for approvals of what he had just done.

Sensei caught Matt's reaction too.

For the next couple of hours, Sensei Chin and I discussed how we had first met about 3 years ago.

Up until then, Sensei had been a customer of my birth father. Yeah, he did drugs and was heavily involved in the trade all the while trying to find his spiritual roots… looking here, there and everywhere, yet not finding them anywhere.


Through the darkness, the driver wound around in circles, straight lines, going around blocks, doubling back, seemingly without sense… but I had a good general idea of where we were at all times. My father had, many times, taken me blindfolded out into a desert with only a gallon jug of water and then left me to find my way home. Without fail, I always made it back. If he thought I had taken too long, he would chastise, make fun of, and generally treat me like a fuckin dog, then he'd take me back out until I could find my way back, using a different way each time, much quicker than the time before.

In any event, that travel took me to Singapore, to this very castle, to this very room where Sensei, Matt and I were sitting and talking. I was not paying much attention to their conversation as they were becoming animated… just as I had done when I first met Sensei.

Anyway, the first time I arrived here, I was tired, hungry, lonely, scared, and full of dope… the dope had been sewn into my clothing. Customs, police, all law enforcement had no idea that an 11 year old would be a drug mule… so I got away with it without any difficulty… I don't think they ever suspected that I was carrying several hundred thousand US dollars in customer commodities.

End of flashback

Sensei: Antoine, are you here? Are you with us?

Startled, I quickly replied, "Yes, I'm here. I was just thinking… I apologize."

Sensei: You were thinking of the first time we met in this room, no?

Me: <Surprised that he would bring that up, but yet not surprised all that much…> Yes, Sensei. My mind wandered off. I'm realizing how much the human spirit can change over a short period of time, Sensei.

I then told Matt how Sensei had met, why and how with Sensei interjecting and correcting or reminding me of details… over the next several hours, we had completely filled Matt in on those things I had forgotten, and even things that I felt had no relevance before our meeting.

Exhausted, stiff and sore from sitting for so long, Sensei bade us farewell until two days in the future at which time Sensei would begin teaching Matt mind control, relaxation techniques, meditation and The Way of bringing his mind, body and spirit into one of harmony.

Sensei had his driver take us back to the hotel with assurances that he'd pick us back up early on that following Thursday morning.

Arriving in our hotel room, we quickly showered and changed then went to the restaurant where we ate voraciously, as if our lives depended on our eating each and every morsel off the plates and out of the bowls that had been sat before us.

When we finished our meal, we took off for the same exact shore where Benji had taken us the night before. This time, without Benji, Matt and I walked the entire length while holding hands, kissing every now and again, and just generally having a really good time, alone.

When we were sufficiently unwound from the day, and had walked off the uncomfortable feelings of having eaten too much, we returned to the hotel where we quickly undressed then went to the pool, swam, goofed off and generally had a really good time just being by ourselves.

Once we were satisfied with our water adventures, we took off for our room where we paid dividends to the sewer system, showered, dried off then headed to bed after retrieving the lotion we use for back rubs, and other such things. Over the next two hours (this is an arbitrary number… truth is that we didn't keep track of the time!), we tried and used all sorts of wacky positions and methods of pleasing each other to the fullest … all of which left us very pleasantly tired and sore, if ya know what I mean.

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