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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 2

Everybody was gathered around the dining room table celebrating the most recently added member to our family.

Judge Matheson said happily, "Here you go Andy. This is your amended birth certificate that shows that you are, indeed, legally James' son… you probably know him better as 'dad'. And here is the official order that from here on out you are legally his son, and that there is nothing that can be done to change it, nobody can take it from you. It's all yours."

"But what about mom, aren't I hers too?" Andy asked suddenly taken aback after he realized that Peggy's name was on neither document.

Peggy spoke up, after pulling Andy into her and holding him firmly, "Andy, what those papers mean is that you're our family. Your dad and I are not yet married, but as soon as we are then all the paperwork for all your brothers and you will be changed at the same time to reflect that we are your parents. This happens all the time with blended families."

"What's a blended family?" Andy asked innocently.

Dad answered, "A blended family is when one brings children from a prior relationship into a new relationship… and then another parent brings his or her children into the new relationship. Those families blend together."

"But what about Antoine? He's not adopted yet. Mom, did you adopt him?"

"No, honey, not yet. We're getting the paperwork cleared. His situation is a little bit different, but don't worry, it'll all get straightened out, I promise. He's really your brother, okay?"

Judge Matheson spoke up, "That's right Andy. We're getting some paperwork cleared for Antoine, your brother, because he came from a different country. That country's laws are different. He wasn't born in the US, he was born in France. We finally found his birth certificate… now it's up to the State Department to get the red tape cleared away. Don't worry. Important people from important places have assured us that the paperwork is just formality. Meanwhile, he's your brother, and you are his brother. Do you understand?"

"Okay, thanks. I understand now. Are Antoine and Matt gone? I mean gone?"

"No honey, they aren't gone as in gone forever. They went to see Antoine's very good friend. His friend lives in a country across the ocean far away. But they'll be back in a week. They miss you like you miss them."

Andy looked at dad to collaborate what Peggy had said. When he nodded and pulled Andy into a hug, he seemed to understand okay doky. His anxiety and doubt was to be expected… he'd only been in the family for a couple of months, bonded immediately with Antoine, then Antoine left with Matt for a trip to Singapore so that Antoine's Sensei, Matt and Antoine could help work through some of Matt's deep seated issues after he went through two or three therapists without much success.

Andy turned to Peter, "Peter did your adoption take so long? Are you going to go away too?"

"No sir, I'm not going anywhere. My doctor is the same one you have, don't you remember?"

"Oh yeah, Dr. Choi, he's nice."

"You got that right." Peter replied while taking Andy into his arms and hugging him tightly. Peter then began tickling Andy under his ribs causing Andy to squeal, and Andy squirmed out and then took off for him room laughing all the way.

Peter took off after him, yelling that he was going to get him, and that he'd better be prepared for a major tickle attack. Andy was squealing and screaming that Peter would, in fact, not do that to him. Peter reassured him that he would. And so it went.

David stood smiling warmly knowing that Peter would, in fact, come out with victory and that Andy would be begging for mercy, yet not to worry because Andy would be loving each and every moment of Peter's attentions to him. The next sounds to come from that end of the house were sounds of laughter coming from two boys who had chased each other for that brother bonding moment. Next up were Andy's demands to stop because he was peeing himself, or was very close to it, it was hard to tell because Andy learned early on to use that excuse to stop his tormenters.

Peter returned to the dining room. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat then said, "He meant business."

A few minutes later, Andy returned to the dining room, albeit wearing a change of clothes, and a half hearted attempt to be angry at Peter… but it didn't work. Jeremy then grabbed Andy up and began tickling Andy without mercy, saying, "Ahhh ha that excuse isn't going to work for me squirt. Prepare yourself for a family tickle."

That said, Jeremy presented Andy to Peter, David, Allen, Angel, and even mom and dad. Each had their moment to bring Andy torment. After they made the rounds, Jeremy put Andy down and was met with a promise of retaliatory action, at the most inopportune time.

Allen said to dad, "Dad, do you want us to get those steaks ready for the grill? We're hungry."

"Let's do it." Dad replied.

Peggy said, "They're marinating in the refrigerator. Go get the grill going and I'll take care of the steaks. Does everybody want a baked potato?"

Everybody agreed. Soon there was a flurry of activity while dinner preparations were being performed. Even Andy was involved. He was setting the table, arranging things just right, just as his soon to be adoptive mom had taught him.

Things were sort of helter skelter around the house. Boxes were here, boxes were there, the upstairs looked like an airport overflow baggage area what with suitcases, boxes, small pieces of furniture, a blanket or two covering the delicate pieces and prized possessions that were still in the boys' rooms.

Dinner was delectable. The steaks, baked potatoes, crisp green salad fruit were soon devoured, as is the case when a bunch of growing teenage boys are present.

After dinner was consumed, mom and dad went into the TV room while the boys performed necessary kitchen and grill cleanup duties. As soon as Angel's tasks were complete, he went upstairs and took his blood sugar test, and was pleased when the LED screen showed 130. He checked to make sure the insulin meter was working properly, it was. While he was putting the supplies away in his dresser drawer, he turned around and was pleased to see Allen there standing, waiting for him. They kissed tenderly then their lips and tongues were enmeshed as a display of their love for each other. They acted like they had not seen each other in a year or more, when, in fact, they had shared their bodies just the previous night. But they are teenage boys with male hormones raging through their growing veins.

Soon, they were left with no choice but to…

An hour and a half later, they would have been seen with evidence of their activities on their bodies from head to toe however they had been afforded the luxury of having their own private bath. Giggling, and very much in love, they continued their lovemaking into the bathroom and then on into the shower. Had there been audio equipment in the room taking note of their interactions, surely the apparatus would have melted in a puddle.

While Allen and Angel were sharing spit and other bodily fluids, the rest of the guys went to the pool and goofed off, just spending time with each other. When they finished roughhousing David said giggling, "Dayumm, I wonder what's taking Allen and Angel so long…"

The guys began ribbing Allen and Angel unmercifully (in absentia) then the banter continued on around the pool, picking out couples and ribbing and needling them… until everybody had ribbed each other, all playfully of course.

Andy was regarding the conversation carefully, finally David said to Andy, "How about you dude? Are you giving your noodle a good workout?"

Andy retorted seriously, "God, you guys are sick telling the whole world about your sex stuff… isn't anything sacred?"

"We're all brothers here, Andy. We don't have any secrets from each other. We're open books, bro, you know that already." David said casually.

Andy regarded David for a moment then he looked at Peter for confirmation. Peter walked to Andy then proceeded to quickly dunk Andy who had changed his frown to a mischievous grin. Jeremy, being the tallest of all the boys, quickly made his way to Andy and then when Andy popped his head back up, Jeremy picked Andy up and tossed him in the air causing him to land in a splash a few feet away.

Andy, hotter than a wet hen, took off for Jeremy. Everybody was rooting for Andy. Jeremy flipped everybody off on his way underwater with Andy on top after he body slammed Jeremy. That was funnier than shit, and it broke the ice.

When they had regained their composure, Jeremy urged Andy up on his shoulders. Peter urged David up on his back and then they went at it trying to knock the opposition into the water. Not surprisingly, Jeremy and Andy won the 'war'. They were high fiving, hooping and hollering their victory, making sure everyone knew they had won fair and square.

At about time the victors had amply confirmed their victory with a rematch, and another win, Allen and Angel made their appearance. They both had huge wide grins on their faces. Both, with gross exaggeration, walked bowlegged… everybody, except for Andy, cackled knowingly.

"Sheesh, you guys are perverts." Andy groused, though he was grinning, somewhat reservedly… but the important thing was that he was taking it all in stride.

Allen and Angel got into the water then as soon as their wilted cocks and their cute butts hit the water they made a huge spectacle of hissing and waiving their hands to blow air around their genital areas to let people know they were steaming hot in those areas.

Andy made a big deal out of it, or so it could have been assumed… but he broke tension by blowing out his ass a huge fart that made bubbles both in his front side and rear side. That cracked everybody up… even he was laughing wildly. That boy is a lethal weapon though… soon everybody was getting out of the water and running for towels and they covered up their faces with them to keep the gas bomb at bay.

Mom and dad entered the patio area then without a care in the world, removed the towels covering them up. The boys were giggling hysterically to themselves, looking at each other, stifling out and out laughs. Dad looked to Peter and said curiously, "What?"

That broke all the boys up, David hollered, "Andy stink bombed the pool… you guys had better get out while you still can!"

Mom looked at dad then dad said "Boys!"

The boys left their parents to themselves for some alone time.

Andy took off for the bathroom by the TV room where he closed quickly closed the door, sat down and blew the sewer system right off its moorings then added insult to injury by bombing it with torpedoes. When he was finished with business, he sat back and began bringing pleasure to himself. Meanwhile, David, Allen, Angel, and Peter gathered at the door then surprisingly opened the door and caught Andy in action just as he blew his spermies all over his belly and thighs.

"Kewl, I was worried about you brother." Peter said giggling as he pushed the guys out of the bathroom then he too left and closed the door behind him.

Andy stayed in there for quite some time. He was just sitting there thinking about things, and what getting caught whacking his penis off really meant to the others. He went from being angry to giggling then to anger again and then the giggles won out. After wiping up and washing his hands, he went into the TV room where all the guys were located and proclaimed, "Okay, I do it… what's the big deal? Now you know."

"Don't worry about it Andy. In this house a lot of spermies are produced." David said happily.

"You might as well get used to it. You're a guy, so are we… we all have our needs. Brothers?" Peter asked seriously.

"Brothers." Andy repeated. And then Andy, Allen, Angel, David and Peter repeated, in unison, "Brothers!"

Without prompting, Andy spoke up, "Sorry for giving you guys a really hard time. I get horny, and well, there aren't any girls to fuck around here."

"Whoa there dude. None of us 'fuck' for the sport of it. We're all in committed loving relationships. You'll meet somebody, you'll fall in love, and the chances are very good that you guys will make love with each other to cement everything in place. Count on it." David said genuinely to Andy.

That said and done, they put on a movie and watched it until mom and dad came in and announced that it was bedtime on a school night.

Despite some very mild protestations, all went upstairs to their respective bedrooms.

David and Peter made a quick turn into the restroom and shut the door. While Peter relieved himself, David brushed his teeth, and then when Peter was finished, they switched places. Their shower was brief then they headed, buck naked, to their bedroom where Peter closed and locked the door.

To say that they went right to sleep would be an untruth. Instead they took a little detour by filling each others' caverns with their love potions.

Jeremy, in the absence of having Jason, his lover, at his side, quickly torqued himself into a splashing frenzy then quickly went to sleep.

Mom and dad received a phone call from Antoine…

Meanwhile in Singapore (Antoine's POV)

When we finally got up, we made some more sticky stuff between us, then took off to have brunch and then we headed into the city where I remembered several temples to see. Matt was captivated… he also got very anxiety laden with all the people, traffic going on so we found a cab and after carefully and discretely telling the cabbie that we were tourists and that we wanted to find a nudist beach… he soon wove through the traffic like it was nothing… of course money talks and bullshit walks. Within an hour we were suitably situated on a nudist beach on Juwong Island. There was only one minor setback… and that was what to do with our personal effects, mainly my wallet and our passports. The beach was not that crowded with people, so we just took our chances, stripped down to our pubes then went and frolicked in the water… it was even warmer than back home… but then again, Singapore is only 87 miles from the Equator.

During our playing around, because of the very, very bright sunshine I hadn't noticed that Matt was being cooked alive by the sun… until I dunked him in a wave (we had been dunking each other frequently). He came up quickly and pushed me away saying that something had bit him on his shoulders. Quickly, I checked him out and found little blisters all over his back, shoulders and face.

"Shit man, you're sunburned, you've got to get out of here." I said through stinging tears knowing that the boy I loved the most in the whole wide world would be suffering.

"It's okay, don't beat yourself up… let's just get out of the sun… normally, I don't burn… are you sure?"

"I'm dead positive Matt. We need to get you into cool water and out of the sun – now!"

That said, we quickly made our way to our clothes. I quickly got dressed then helped Matt into his underwear and jeans, socks and shoes. We started to put his pullover t-shirt on but the mere touch of the fabric to his skin caused him to cry out with pain. Screw that… I used his shirt to shield his face from the direct sunlight then we found a drinking fountain. I made Matt drink until he was fully hydrated then wet his t-shirt and carefully and gently laid it across his shoulders.

Quickly, I took stock and found our money and passports to be safe and secure. I hailed a cab, paid him a huge tip to take us back to the hotel where I quickly took him to an onsite medical clinic staffed by a nurse and an aide. They said he was too badly sunburned for them to take care of so they called an ambulance and rushed him to the major university hospital. In China, they don't have or make such a fucking big deal about underage people being with their loved ones, though they did demand our parents to be there, not because of authorizations and such shit, but because Matt was so dehydrated.

They had to cut Matt's clothes off of him because he screamed when we tried to take his jeans off the normal way. When his legs were exposed, he was sunburned there too… even his penis was shriveled from the damaging sunlight. Quickly, they bathed him in cool water then wrapped him up in what they called burn blankets. When he began getting sick to his stomach, they pumped him full of IV fluids, gave him all kinds of medicines to calm his belly down… but they wouldn't give him anything to take away the pain. They explained a special doctor would be down very soon to give Matt pain relief.

About 10 minutes after I finished talking to that doctor, a very young Chinese lady arrived. Her name was Dr. Wong from the anesthesia department in the hospital. She was very pleasant, very understanding, and very, very apologetic that Matt was so sick. She explained that he was 'sun sick'. She checked his chart over carefully, asked me a few questions, and then reached into her pocket, retrieved a little gold box that was probably the size of a cigarette package.

"This will relieve his pain. Trust me. His pain will be gone very quickly." Dr. Wong said confidently.

"Take care of him please. His pain's my fault. I should have known better. Doctor, he's allergic to so many pain medicines, and I don't remember which ones." I said as the stinging tears freely fell from my eyes onto my t-shirt.

"I'll take care of him, don't you worry. He needs no pain medicine."

That said, she began putting little fine wire needles in his hands, feet and in the crease between his thigh and right nut. Immediately, Matt's face relaxed other than giving me a wide smile.

"I guess we've got ourselves in a jam. We'll be okay though, Antoine. Don't worry so much." Matt said comfortingly.

"Do you feel better now Matt?" Dr. Wong asked in Chinese… I translated. Matt's smile said it all.

"Antoine may I speak with you alone?" Dr. Wong asked softly.

"Uhm, ma'am, I don't want to leave Matt alone… can we talk here, please?" I replied as Matt wrapped his index finger around my little finger. She saw the gesture which we do naturally and pay no attention to.

"I'm very concerned about your friends' scars and operations. Western medicine is much, much different than eastern medicine. We must scan him so that we can best help him. I need to talk to his parents."

"Oh ma'am, that's no problem… I was going to call them myself. Our dad can answer your questions better than I can… and our mom is a critical care nurse. Can I call them now? Matt and I left his medical records in our hotel room… dad can transmit them directly to you."

"That will be fine. Let me assure you boys that Matt is in no danger. He has second degree sunburn on his face, neck, back, chest, abdomen and his thighs… he was very lucky that you were vigilant and got him out of our very intense sun here. He's going to be just fine."

I pulled my satellite phone out of my pocket, hit speed dial #1. Mom answered on the 3 rd ring…

Mom (very sleepily): Hey Antoine. What's up buddy?

Me: <With renewed tears flowing out of my eyes…> Mom, Matt got severely sunburned. I should've known…

Mom: That happens. Do you have him in a cool tub of water?

Me: No mom. He's at the hospital emergency room. The hotel clinic rushed him here… he's got IV's, they have him all wrapped like a mummy and everything… they stuck needles all over him…

Mom: Is he blistered?

Me: Yeah… mainly all over his face, shoulders back and tummy but he's burned on his legs too. Mom, it's terrible.

Dr. Wong looked at me but she didn't say anything.

Me: Mom, Dr. Wong wants to talk to you but I'll have to interpret. I'll put you on the speaker.

Mom and Dr. Wong talked, and I interpreted for them, all the while holding Matt's hand… but after Dr Wong saw us do that she placed my hand differently so my fingers would not interfere with the needles between his joints. Those needles were finer than a human hair, I could barely see them, and when I asked Matt if he felt them, he said no but he was glad to be entirely out of pain.

Mom explained the injuries that Matt had previously sustained, and that he had received full medical clearances to travel unencumbered and without restriction. Mom then transmitted Matt's medical records to the hospital in Dr. Wong's care and control because many things in there were extremely confidential, including the true nature of Matt's and my relationship.

Once everything was straightened out, Matt was taken upstairs to the pediatric critical care unit. No, he was not sick enough to be there, it was just the only place where they had specially equipped burn beds. Those types of beds evenly distributed the weight of the patient in such a way that no major pressure was placed on any one area of the body… the bed reminded me of the ICU bed Matt had laid in for so long. He was comfortable.

At some time during the night, Dr. Wong returned, checked Matt over carefully and asked him about his pain levels… Matt said that he was in no pain, not one bit. I was relieved because Matt often downplays his discomforts that resulted from his serious injuries to me, not wanting me to worry about him. Little does he know that I worry all the time about him anyway, just because I love him so much. He's a trooper though… he keeps on going, complaining but little. That's one of the reasons, a very small reason, why I love him so much.

At about 4am, another doctor came in the room and began removing the bandages from Matt's sunburned areas. He was pleased with Matt's progress and said that Matt hadn't lost too many fluids, which was a very good thing, and that he could probably release him from the hospital later that day with strict instructions to check in with the medical clinic three times a day, and at all costs – keep Matt out of the sun.

As soon as the doctor left the room, Matt beckoned me to him where he said, "Don't worry babe, I'm going to be okay… we can always go swimming after dark, and where I won't have to worry about putting clothes on… we can just hang out. I love you. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Oh baby, your lips are even sunburned…"

"I know what you're thinking… that's good enough for now but be prepared … no, wait…"

That said, Matt stuck his tongue out… at first, I thought he was playing around but then he said, "Go ahead and kiss me dufus."

Oh okay. So we tongue wrestled a little bit… both of our needs to kiss were satiated. Matt responded as any guy would do after kissing the person he loves the most. Luckily, no doctor or nurse or other health care person walked in to see the delight on his face and in that area south of the border…

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