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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 3

*-* Back in Honolulu *-*

As usual, William arrived unannounced at our house early that morning to make sure that we were all up and ready for school. He does that. I think that was his way of really, really liking us… the feelings were mutual, of course.

Mom pointed her thumb at the stairway… which was her way of saying to William that there were some seriously dragging butts not yet down for breakfast up there. He grinned knowingly then raced off up the stairs two at a time. His legs were going 90 to nothing with the ease and grace of a doe.

Meanwhile, upstairs… David was embedded to the hilt inside the love of his life, giving it everything he had as they reached their pinnacle of success. Gush after gush of white hot love potions were flying everywhere… well, David's whitewash was coating the inner sanctum of Peter… more correctly stated, Peter was splashing the shower doors with his offerings. Both were oblivious to all around them… even William who had entered the bathroom.

William, hearing the tell tale sounds of mad passion quietly exited and closed the door. He stood there for a moment holding the front of his jeans and underwear. A moment later, his head went back. The look in his eyes would have told a story or two. He shuddered violently. He looked like he was going to fall to the floor. As soon as his release was complete, he exclaimed, "Fuck, I'm all wet now damn it." But then he giggled, looked down at the front of his dark jeans, and seeing nothing, he began banging on the door to the bathroom causing David and Peter both to jump out of their skins.

Peter hollered over the sound of the running shower water… loud enough that his voice would pass through the closed door, "Give us a second will ya?"

William giggled to himself then went to Allen and Angel's room to find them pulling up their jeans. Allen said snidely (William didn't catch Allen's drift… he's naïve like that), "Morning there stud. Did you have pleasant dreams?"

"Never mind him. He's got a one-track mind. We'll be down in a minute." Angel said as he playfully slapped the back of Allen's head.

Jeremy came out of his bedroom. When he saw William standing in the doorway to Allen and Angel's room, he snuck up behind him then picked William up and slung him over his shoulders then they went downstairs with William screaming to let him go.

After the boys went off to school, mom and dad were sitting at the bar sipping their coffee and engaging in idle chit chat after they had talked about Matt and Antoine's plight in Singapore, half a world away.

"They'll be okay. I'll get hold of them later on today… it's nighttime there now. I'll have Antoine take pictures and send them to us via the sat phone. We can and will talk to them, calm them down, and assure them… that's probably what they need right now more than anything else. He's blaming himself… I just know that his heart is broken because he feels responsible." Mom said looking at dad.

"How are you feeling this morning? You look a little peaked…" Dad asked mom.

"I had a rough morning to be perfectly honest. I didn't go back to sleep after the call. I can't really put my finger on it, but I don't feel right. It's happened since the boys left… maybe it's just nerves. Anyway, I'm okay by mid morning. I'll lie down and take a nap later."

"Okay sweetness, well, I'm going to take off for the office. Patch me through when you get hold of the boys."


I fell into a fitful sleep after assuring myself that Matt was okay, at least for the moment. I had just fallen asleep but then was awoken by a soft hand touching my shoulder. Immediately, I opened my eyes in full alert.

It was Dr. Wong. She stepped back. Quickly, in Chinese, I told her that she was okay and safe.

Matt, meanwhile did not wake up so easily… he was dead to the world (matter of speech only) asleep. Dr. Wong looked at me, I looked at her. She nodded. I got up from my chair and went to Matt. I leaned over, kissed his forehead, and said, "Time to get up buddy. We've got people to see and places to go. Wake up now."

Very sleepily he yawned then smiled from ear to ear when he saw that it was me peering into his eyes. Automatically, he reached up, pulled my face to his then kissed me warmly on my lips. I readily returned it but then when he let go I stepped back. He saw Dr. Wong standing there smiling. When she looked at me, I smiled and shrugged my shoulders… hoping against all hope that she understood that Matt and I were a couple, and that she'd be okay with our relationship.

I couldn't help but to notice that the front of Matt's gown was distended upward toward his belly button. Matt looked at me sheepishly when I found his eyes but he made no move to cover up with the thin blanket at his side.

Professionally, Dr. Wong performed her examinations all the while making sure his privacy was respected as much as possible. Matt's dong was quite persistent though. Somewhat shyly, he pushed aside the blanket to allow her to see that which had also been sunburned. After quickly looking, she took his gown and covered him up respectfully then pulled the covers up and over his mid section. She then sat on the bed on one side of Matt then she motioned for me to sit on the other side.

"Matt, your sunburn is much, much better this morning. I see no reason why you cannot leave the hospital. I would like to talk to you about something that is bothering me more than your sunburn. You have so many semi healed injuries that must obviously hurt you. I can tell."

After I translated, Matt replied after looking at me then to Dr. Wong, "I don't know what you did but I'm in no pain this morning… none… it's a miracle."

I looked at Matt with concern, "I didn't know. I'm sorry … I didn't pick it up." My throat tightened up, my chest heaved in a deep breath… then I put my discipline to work and recovered my composure.

Dr. Wong looked at me… her eyes penetrated into my soul. She said warmly in Chinese, "You are honorable. Do not be ashamed. You are a Warrior yet you have a gentle soul so do not be ashamed or afraid of it or your feelings."

I nodded respectfully, still composed though my heart softened at hearing her words.

Dr. Wong then turned her attentions back to Matt, "You have had many skeletal injuries. You've had many broken bones. You've had many operations. The human body is not designed to have so many injuries and still function as yours is. I'm really amazed at your strength. Right now, you are under heavy sedation. That's why you feel no pain."

Matt looked up incredulously, moved his hands and legs freely, smiled, recited the alphabet... he was being silly, or so I thought until he clearly said, "I don't feel sedated. I feel wide awake, and I'm free of pain. I have NO pain. Zero, no pain, period, none."

"That's not what I mean, Matt. Your nerve impulses are being interrupted by use of a special type of acupuncture. You have received no western medicine drugs while you have been here. We use those drugs only under extreme dire circumstances. We perform many surgeries without mind altering synthetic remedies. Patients heal much faster without those artificial chemicals. After looking you over very carefully, I am only concerned with one area of your sunburn… it will heal on its own though we will give you a natural cream to kill off any microbes that may be just under the surface. How long are you and Antoine going to be in Singapore?"

I translated; Matt replied "6 more nights and 5 more days. Can I leave the hospital now? Antoine will take good care of me; have no fear of me doing anything wrong because he'll keep me in line."

After I translated, Dr. Wong replied, "I was hoping you'd say that. You're right; I have no doubt that Antoine will, indeed, follow my instructions to the letter. I will release you provided you promise me to come here each and every day until you leave Singapore. I'd like to treat your pain centers much more aggressively so that you are pain free for a very, very long time, perhaps for your entire lifetime. If you will make that promise then I'll let you go."

Matt nodded his approvals vigorously, as did I.

"Okay, you are free to go back to your hotel. Antoine, I will prescribe antibiotic cream for Matt's nose. The sunburn on his nose is almost 3 rd degree. Until your skin heals completely, you must keep it free from all cotton. Cotton sticks to damaged skin, if only microscopically. And, under no circumstances, are you to have any prolonged exposure to the sunlight. You get in your car. You get out of the vehicle then go inside."

Matt nodded. I asked carefully, "Would it be okay if he were in chlorinated water?"

"No. I will give him a special soap to wash with. Use it twice per day, once in the morning and once just before he goes to sleep."

"There goes our swimming at our hotel, Antoine." Matt said morosely.

I looked at Matt. Dr. Wong saw the disappointment pass between us… "What do you mean? I said minimal sunlight. You will damage your already damaged skin."

"Dr. Wong, what he was saying… the pool at our hotel is clothing optional… we were just wondering about chlorination of the water… is that okay to swim in? We'll go swimming at night."

Dr. Wong's demeanor softened considerably… she replied, "Our hotels do not use harsh chemicals to destroy a human being's skin. We use all natural methods to filter and purify water… they cause no damage to the human skin. To answer your question, go ahead… you're safe. Just stay out of the sunlight as much as possible, and when you do need to be out in it then keep the exposure brief. Wear a hat, cover your face especially. Matt, you have beautiful skin but it is aged far beyond what I would expect for your age. Antoine, yours is aging too, though the natural pigment in your skin exfoliates and refreshes your skin frequently. While you do have some damage, it is nowhere near to your mate's."

"I'll keep Matt out of harms' way, ma'am. Trust me." I said assuredly.

Matt smiled and nodded.

She then left the room but not before looking back at us intently. The look on her face was one of understanding, and approval, and warmth. For the first time since we met her she actually smiled. Then she was gone.

As soon as she was no longer in sight, Matt got up from the spaceship appearing bed then went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I looked all around the ICU cubicle for his clothes then remembered that they had been cut off of him the previous day in the Emergency Room. I thought the gown looked mighty sexy on my main squeeze however it probably would not have been appropriate for attire outside the hospital given the propensity to be super revealing.

Matt came tippy toeing out of the restroom. When he saw that we were alone, he smiled, lifted his gown up in front which revealed his 'little' not so small 'problem' had been renegotiated.

I shook my head. He giggled. I said haughtily, "Later?"

"Promise." Matt said resolutely. My dick twitched with anticipation.

As if our minds were being read, a few minutes later a young man, not more than 16 or 17, appeared in the cubicle entrance. He was carrying a totally white neatly folded garment. When we acknowledged his presence and invited him in he bowed respectfully. I returned my respects.

Matt, not knowing the customs, bent his back over then reached his hand out to shake Wu's hand. Wu was apparently familiar with the American custom of shaking a persons' hand so he lightly grasped Matt's hand and shook it then he stepped back.

In a dialect that I was not all that familiar with, Wu said, "Dr. Wong wishes for Matt to be offered this gift so that his skin will be protected."

That said, Wu bowed toward Matt then quickly offered Matt a beautifully crafted white Kimono. He offered it by unfolding it then held it so that Matt could basically walk into it. I quickly stepped toward Matt then as Wu positioned the garment between Wu and Matt, I lowered Matt's gown and allowed it to drop to the floor. Both Wu and I then draped the Kimono. Then fastened two snaps and tied the sash.

Matt looked simply awesome. The Kimono fit him perfectly.

"Tell him thanks. I really like it." Matt said. I translated. Wu smiled then bowed and left the cubicle.

Just as I was about to pull Matt in for some serious lip touching, Wu reappeared. In his hands was another white garment. He walked over then stood before me, bowed then held his hands out with another Kimono is his hands. Wu smiled broadly then unfolded the garment and then held it out in front of me… similar to what he had done for Matt.

I looked at Matt as tears fell freely from my eyes and onto my cheeks. I was extremely honored, more so than I could say.

Quickly, I pulled off my shirt then handed it to Matt. He laid it on the hospital bed. Next, I kicked off my shoes and reached for the snap on my jeans. Wu stepped up with the Kimono effectively shielding his eyes as I lowered to the floor my jeans and baby-blue brief underwear. Despite the honor I was being shown, my dick was fully engorged. I looked at Matt. He was smiling impishly. When I kicked aside my jeans and underwear, Wu stepped forward and placed the Kimono on my shoulders. Matt took over from there and wrapped the garment around me. It fit perfectly. He couldn't figure out how to tie the sash… so Wu walked around, rearranged the garment correctly then, in a flash, had it tied properly.

Reverently, I bowed to Wu. Matt did the same. Wu respectfully returned our gestures then made his exit.

There were no mirrors in the room so I took Matt's picture with my cell phone showed it to him. He smiled, pulled me into a hug then we kissed briefly and tenderly. We were both quite 'warm', if you know what I mean…

Wu reappeared. That time he was carrying two traditional hats, offered us each one. We accepted then he left after bowing one more time.

While we were putting our wallets and passports away in the sewn in pockets, a nurse appeared. Her name tag read, "Kim".

"Hello, this is your patient Matthew Blake. I am Antoine Garza. We are pleased to meet you." I said in Chinese.

She replied, "Nice to meet you too. My name's Kim. I've brought Matt some special creams so that he can leave our hospital." Kim replied using fluently spoken -English-.

Professionally, she handed Matt a tube of what appeared to be antibiotic ointment then she handed him a heavy quart plastic jar. The labeling was all Chinese. I hadn't read Chinese since I was a very young child but my senses picked up nothing but the depiction of a penis… I don't know why I look for that kind of stuff… I guess it just jumps out, or something, pun intended.

If I could blush, I would have, and would have combusted spontaneously. Matters did not improve when Kim said, "The contents in the large jar are made from pure emollients, all natural oils. Use it liberally though only a tiny bit is required. Dr. Wong instructed me to tell you that you are to use it during special times when your skin might be exceptionally dry… I'm not sure what she means."

Matt looked at me. I looked at him. We both bowed to Kim.

Singapore does not require the perfunctory 'wheel chair' ride to the front entrance. Side by side, arm in arm, Matt and I were escorted outside the hospital to a waiting limousine. The driver, an American named Ralph, said that dad had arranged for his services at any time of the day or night, and that he required only an hours' notice to take us wherever we wanted, or needed to go within a 300 mile radius.

We were starved.

The first order of business was to get something to eat therefore I instructed the driver to take us to a local McDonald's. The traffic was horrendous. The driver was making absolutely no progress; in fact we were jammed in a total and complete gridlock.

The driver called back on the communications system. He told me the fast food place was three blocks straight up the road on the right. He suggested that we take off on foot, that we'd arrive much, much quicker than waiting for traffic to move. Our rumbling tummies gave the answer so we disembarked and walked the three blocks in just under 10 minutes… the driver apparently did not know or realize that when you have two starving teenage boys distance is no object for concern; they will travel to the nearest stimulation of their olfactory senses.

We made quick business of scarfing down every single morsel of the food we had purchased. When Matt began eyeing the paper wrappers and the tray… I returned to the counter where I purchased another round of hamburgers and milk shakes. Those did the trick. No more hungry teenagers. The world was a much safer place.

We stopped by the restroom and peed then took off to locate the limo driver. He was double parked patiently waiting our arrival despite the blare of angry horns all around. When we alighted he quickly took off after making sure we were in the vehicle securely and buckled into our seats.

After spending the rest of the day sightseeing this and that, the driver took us back to the hotel then made sure we were tucked away in our room safely and securely. After tipping him generously, I locked the door. Matt took of his Kimono then headed into the bathroom and shut the door. Meanwhile, I gathered up my clothes and Matt's skin medicine and the jar of emollient from the sack and put them away in their proper places. The cream like stuff – well, I put it on our bedside table, hopefully to be used later – you know in case our skin got dry…

When Matt came out of the restroom, he had an impish smile and was being led by a very pleasant appearing appendage elongating from the front of his flat tummy. He then took hold of my hand and led us to the huge canopy bed where he lifted my Kimono from my body then tossed it on a chair close by. We then laid down after pulling the covers aside. He got into bed then raised his legs high up in the air and began tweaking his pucker with his finger.

Now, I'm no rocket scientist but I' no dummy either.

Matt's genitalia and pucker were clearly presenting an open invitation. Wasting no time, I laid down on my stomach then proceeded to gently and lovingly tongue lap his orbs. Normally, I'm not a butthole guy but Matt smelled pleasantly refreshed and clean so I took a tentative swipe across his wrinkly place with my tongue and found the aroma and taste to be quite pleasant. Matt moaned. I thought he was hurting so I moved up beside him, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Matt put it all in a different perspective, he said, "Don't be silly. Am I clean enough for you? You didn't hurt me, believe you me! Now get back down there!"

Needing no further encouragement, we kissed passionately then I returned to that which brought him pleasurable sensations. Shortly, I found my tongue willingly and wantonly searching for and hoping to find a part of Matt that I'd never even looked for before in such a way. My ministrations were driving Matt wild with unbridled lust.

Meanwhile, I was fully engorged… so much so that I was afraid that I'd splooge the sheets if I laid there like that any longer so I sat up so that his upper thighs were over mine. I began rubbing my dickhead against his wide open anal orifice. While my penile head easily entered past that first obstacle using its own lubrication it would however go no further, at least not as far as both Matt and I liked it to be.

Matt, meanwhile, was of no help whatsoever. He was begging me to enter him quickly and completely.

I disengaged much to Matt's protests, and mine too for that matter. But I wasn't to be gone for very long… maybe momentarily as I reached for the jar of emollient, opened the top then took a deep breath though my nose. The aroma was very pleasant and inviting. I dipped my finger maybe an inch or so then touched it to my tongue. It was very pleasant tasting.

That gave me an idea.

Once again I took me and my finger down to Matt's most private of places, rubbed the goop on his rose petals and the rest on my tool.

Matt groaned loudly when I inserted first one, then two, then three fingers and began gently finger fornicating his not-so-virgin-orifice. As I was providing provocative ministrations to his back door, I was rubbing my not-so-little member to get it stiff enough for penetration. I had to stop though as I nearly reached that moment of no-return.

The sensations emanating from that special natural potion was both warm (nearly hot) but at the same time very soothing.

Matt said, "That stuff is way kewl. You don't know how good that stuff is making me feel… fuck me, Antoine. Fuck me now. Fuck my brains out, I've gotta have you! Do it now!"

While sitting down on the bed, I pulled Matt's hips and buttocks to where our most intimate places on our bodies touched. Easily, I began to insert my elongated tool into his tool belt. Inch by inch, slowly I entered Matt until I was fully impaling him, much to his delight. Mine too!

That cream stuff was totally different. With the friction surrounding my now wildly pulsating rod of pleasure… it was both steaming hot, and cool at the same time. I'd never experienced something like that before, ever.

Matt was whimpering his protests that I was going too slow. Meanwhile, I was whimpering because of the sensations surrounding my dick. Just as I was about ready to totally and completely spaz out, I came back full center then with an exuberant and decisive push began whitewashing Matt's inner sanctum with a massive load of protein. Pulse after pulse after pulse; gush after gush after gush it went. Somewhere in my frenzy of activity, my hand found Matt's prong… just as my cataclysmic overload of sensations began to ebb, Matt's began. He bucked hard toward that which was stroking his massively over stimulated flesh, shot at least a gallon, or so it seemed, of steamy molten hot lava straight up in the air landing on his chest, belly, and my hand. At the same time, he was screaming his approvals, passion and good feelings.

When our moments passed, I removed my cock from his tunnel then positioned myself on top of him where we kissed to our hearts' content.

When we recovered, I said, "Matt, I want you to feel that… please. Please give me everything you have… I want you inside of me. You've got to feel that hot yet cold stuff on your dick inside of me."

"Okay, give me a minute to get hard again."

Unwilling to wait, I slinked down to where Matt's cock was up close and extremely personal, right in front of my face in fact. Hungrily went my lips around his soft, 3.5 inches of boy flesh. Within scant moments, Matt was fully erect. Wasting no time, I once again dipped my finger into the special lubrication and applied it to my butthole. Matt took my hand away then went down between my cheeks with mouth, and with his tongue he began penetrating my needy bunghole, all the while sending shards of unadulterated pleasure through my anus up and through my entire body. I, too, became fully elongated, and needy.

Quickly, I turned over on my stomach and pulled both large pillows and put them under my hips, "Fuck me now, Matt. Don't wait. Do it."

Matt giggled and eagerly complied with my demands. As his dick entered that area just outside of my wide open and air sucking in butthole, he gasped while closing the gap. When his cock touched my butthole, I took in a deep breath, jutted out my ass cheeks which gave him full access. Never before, even with him, had I ever prostrated myself as I did just then.

Matt put his arms around my torso then pulled against me. His cock, without so much as a flinch, fully and completely entered my cavern.

Within 10 seconds, Matt was exploding his nectar deep inside my receptacle of love. At the same time, I reared up and clamped down as hard as I possibly could which sent him into overdrive. He pounded and pounded and pounded more and more of his white hot molten jizz… I thought for sure that his liquid offering would exude from my tonsilar tissue… but it didn't, much to my dismay, although I was taken aback by the intensity of his love making.

When his passion lessened to a more manageable condition (for him, I was ready for anything he had to offer), he got up then pushed me off the pillow, gave me a quick hello kiss, and then took my place on top of those pillows while lying on his stomach. He looked at me intensely, unable to say anything, yet I caught his message. Not to disappoint him, once again, filled him to capacity with my prong and then with my liquid offerings of youth and love.

After one more turn apiece, we were both spent utterly and completely… with him lying in my arms, we fell into a very restful sleep.

Sometime later, we, at the same time, awoke from a deep, deep sleep. Our lips touched together very tenderly. Lazily, our tongues began their dance that we had grown to love so much. Almost immediately, our male organs arose to their fullest potentials. Matt broke our almost meditative state first. He rolled off of me then laid flat on his back. He urged me, and no it didn't take much convincing to invite me in for another round of urgent lovemaking. Once he received his second protein shake that had been vigorously shaken up, he immediately invited himself back into my waiting cavern. Once again, we made love until the unmistakable colossal nerve racking, mind blowing, blinding and spasming explosions subsided to a more manageable level, and even until the aftershocks ceased completely.

With rather urgent needs to drain our cans, we got up, went into the bathroom where one at a time we relieved ourselves of pent up juices from both the front and rear orifices until none was left to relieve.

I brushed my teeth as Matt got into the shower and brought the water temperature to a just right condition then lovingly, we washed each other from the tips of our heads to the ends of each toe. After rinsing and drying off, Matt went to the double sliding glass door, drew back the heavy drapes, slid the door wide open and then stepped out onto the terrace unabashedly. He beckoned me to join him. There we joined arms and stood there watching the ships come in from sea through the strait. Those ships were huge. We closely observed two of them dock just up the channel. Matt said, "I wish we could go on one of those and check them out. I've always dreamed of being a sea captain."

"I'm sure they have tours set up for tourists. Benji!! He'll know for sure."

"Well, call him, dufus." Matt giggled.

Just then a knock on the door interrupted our plans and dreams. Matt looked at me curiously. Me, I got a little nervous. The knock did not sound malevolent; the knock was more of a soft, gentle rat a tat tat. Nevertheless, I said to Matt, "Go throw on some jeans, grab me a pair, please."

Matt took off for the bedroom suite while I went to the door and peered through the peep hole. I giggled. It was Benji.

Matt handed me my pair of jeans which I quickly put on then opened the door after Matt had his snap snapped.

Matt said to Benji, "Dude, you've got ESP. We were just talking about you. Come on in."

I shut the door after Benji entered. His smiles were infectious. After high fives were given and received, Matt asked, "Hey Benji, do they have ships to tour here in Singapore?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

Matt went on and told Benji of his dream. Benji replied, "My uncle has his own boat. It's not a streamliner, but it's like sixty feet long. He's a fisherman in the off-tourist times. Otherwise he and my aunt travel up and down the coast. They stop only during the Christian's holiday in December. I might be able to contact him if you want me to. I don't know what he's doing or where he's doing it at right now."

"That'd be way kewl. I don't want to be a bother though…" Matt said humbly.

"I'll try to contact him tonight. What are you guys doing?"

"I was going to see if Matt wanted to go swimming… you can come with us? We'd love to have you around… but only if you want to, that is. Then we'll probably need to eat and turn in early. We have to be at our friends' house at 6am."

"Sorry, I don't have my swimsuit, and since I work here, I can't be running around naked." Benji replied modestly, respectfully.

"You can wear mine." Matt offered then went to our suite and came out with a pair of his bikini swimsuit dangling in his fingers.

"Dayumm… you wear that?" Benji asked incredulously.

"Nope, not usually. I usually go like this!" Matt giggled then dropped off his jeans, stepped out of them then twirled around to show off.

Benji's mouth dropped open then a wave of surprise and sadness swept over his face. He dropped his arms to his side. He looked at me. A drop of water was forming in the corner of his eye then it cascaded down his brown cheek. I put my hand on his shoulder then said, "Matt was hurt very badly. His perpetrators have been punished. They will never draw a free breath of air ever again. He's okay now."

Matt walked over to Benji then wiped the tears from Benji's eyes. "They'll never hurt anybody ever again. I'm okay now. <Smiling warmly> Are you going swimming with us or not?"

Benji took Matt's swimming suit then headed for the bathroom. He came out a minute or two later wearing the thong. It was a little bit too large in the waist and crotch areas, he said, "Do you see anything hanging out?"

Both Matt and I looked Benji over carefully. Other than having some cleavage showing from the lower end of the V on his back, we saw nothing that would embarrass him.

We took off for the pool up on top of the building and had a blast. Benji is a good swimmer. He said that he had had no lessons, that he just swims frequently and picked it up to keep himself alive out in the swells.

After about an hour, Benji announced that he needed to get home because it was very late and he needed to be at work at 7 the following morning. When we went to get out, Benji stayed in the water. He looked at me with worry in his eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, just give me a few minutes, please."

Matt figured out the problem. He went to the cart where towels were kept, retrieved one then came back over to where Benji was hunkered down. Nothing needed to be said.

When the last couple left, I took the towel from Matt then extended forward over the ladder leading out of the pool. Gratefully, Benji quickly exited the pool, grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his middle parts that were, uhm, well they were tented out. He was in obvious distress since the towel really didn't do much to hide that which was causing his distress.

Matt saved the day, and Benji's dignity. Matt jumped back in the water, "Come on Benji. Antoine help me."

Benji quickly jumped back in the water after throwing the towel aside. I then got in. I said, "Benji, nobody's around now. I'm going to get on one side of you. Matt will get on the other side. You'll be in the middle. We'll shield your dignity for you. It's really okay."

With great reservations, Benji thought about our idea for a moment then nodded. After he looked all around and was assured that, indeed nobody was around, he very quickly joined us. Matt and I stood beside him as he very quickly released and relieved his tensions.

Quickly, he gathered his wits. After a couple of minutes to recover, he quickly got out of the water, grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his midsection… that time with no untoward effects. Matt and I got out, dried off, then so he wouldn't be embarrassed, we wrapped towels around us then strode down to our hotel room.

Benji quickly got dressed. Matt offered Benji a hairbrush so he could comb his hair out.

"Thank you. I'm honored of your friendship. I must go now. I will see you soon. I will contact my uncle."

As soon as Benji was out the door, we went into the bathroom, showered, played a little bit (read this: enough) then hit the bed and quickly fell asleep in each others' arms.

At 3:15am my cell phone began ringing bringing me up out of a deep, deep, contented and restful sleep. Without even looking at the caller ID, I pushed the answer button, "Hello."

"Antoine? Is that you baby?"

"Oh, hi mom, how are you?" I said sleepily while brushing my eyes open with my fingers. Then I sat up. Matt cocooned against my naked torso and automatically wrapped his arms around me, felt for then found my prong which was totally flaccid… but I did need to pee.

"We're fine here. How's Matt?"

"Oh, he's fine. <Giggle> He's dead to the world asleep. Hold on, I'll wake him up. Be right back."

I put the cell phone down on the table then began nibbling on Matt's ear, "Wake up boy-man of my dreams, mom's on the phone and wants to talk to you."

"Huh?" Matt said sleepily.

"It's mom… she wants to talk to you."

"Put it on speaker… you're her son too." Matt said giggling.

I turned on the light. Its immediate illumination was like a direct blast of sunlight into a dark room, immediately blinding us. As soon as my eyes began their adjustment to the invasion, I reached for and pushed the speaker button.

"Hi mom, what's up? Miss you!" Matt said sleepily, but more awake than he had been just a few minutes before.

"We're calling to see how you are. Antoine called us from the hospital. He told us about your sunburn and how you had to go to the hospital. Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine, mom. Dr. Wong put a bunch of needles in my hands, wrists and crotch… mom… I've got no pain anywhere in my body. I feel better than I've ever felt."

"Oh honey, I'm so glad for you. You've never complained, or said anything… but I saw the pain in your eyes…"

"We've got to go back and see her every day we're here. She said she'll naturally block the pain receptors so that I can be this way all the time. It's really kewl, mom."

"Hold on boys, your dad is making a connection…"

One click later, dad said, "Hey guys. Matt, are you all better?"

"Oh yeah, definitely for sure dad…"

We then went on to repeat the news to dad that we had told mom. He was elated to say the least.

After talking to Jeremy, Allen then Angel as they arrived home from school, we exchanged our love with mom and dad then disconnected the call.

Needing to pee like nobody's business, we got up, went into the bathroom, drained then returned to bed where we had a midnight 'snack' of hi intensity 'protein' 'shakes', and then went soundly to sleep.

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