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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 23

*-* Jason's POV *-*

Dad, mom, William and I headed to the restaurant where dad would have the reception party marking his first year without alcohol. A bunch of people were joining us us for a bite to eat, perhaps a piece of pie, and gobs and gobs and gobs of coffee for the adults.

Our car was pretty full with mom and dad in the front, and me, William and Jeremy in back. I knew Jeremy had a conspiracy thing going because he insisted that I sit in the middle which would put me next to William on one side and him on the other.

William had been on his best behavior for the evening... I wondered what was wrong with him until he said to dad, "Thanks dad. Things are better now."

Tagging onto my brother's comment I added, "We love ya dad. I'm really proud to have you for my father. I'm also glad that you're William's father. We're pretty lucky. Mom, that goes for you too."

Mom laughed, "Sorry boys but I'm not 'father' material. But yeah I'm pretty proud of your old man."

Jeremy leaned in, kissed my cheek, and quietly whispered into my ear, "I'm proud of you. A couple guys were really, really listening to what you were talking about. I don't think they're from around here."

Jeremy and I, we're respectful of mom and dad. Dad wasn't 'all there' with the gay thing but he'd made a lot of progress. I mean he was okay with ME being gay but he wasn't quite ready for ME to be in love with another guy. Jeremy's dad, a good friend of my own dad's really helped him a lot with acceptance. He'd told us that he really appreciated our being discrete. It wasn't so much that he had a problem with US being a couple he just admitted minor reservations about ME being kissed by a guy -and- his son kissing another guy.

One night we had a family meeting with just mom, dad, William and I. They voiced their concerns about William and I having sex in our bedrooms with our mates. They said that they would have the same problem if we had girlfriends instead of boyfriends so it wasn't a 'gay' thing. They also didn't want us over at the Blake's all the time so they solicited my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

"Mom, dad, I won't defy you if you say that Jeremy and I can't be intimate in that way in our home. If you say no then no means no. Jeremy and I love each other, and yes physical touching is one way that we express that love. We would probably..."

"Oh Horace, you know as well as I do... if we put our foot down to NO sex in our home then we'd better start looking for somewhere else where we can be alone..."

I'd cracked up laughing. Couldn't stop. That laughing fit was one of those that only gets worse the more you try to stop. Dad gave his sternest possible 'look' and shift in body language telling me that there wasn't anything funny about it at all.

Then mom got dad cracking up when she said, "I'm not going to any damn hotel you old goat."

"Mom, dad, it's not like we do 'it' every time we're together. It's not like we make sex all that we do... okay, well sometimes... sheesh."

"Yeah, us too. We don't do 'it' all the time. We don't do it very often actually. But it works for us... speaking of... hey dad, can they stay over with us tonight?" William asked impishly.

"That's fine with me." Mom said then added casually, "I'm not complaining, I love having Harry, Benji and Andy over here... it's no problem... but maybe you could stay over at Harry and Benji's once in a while?"

"Yeah mom, we've talked about it but Benji's culture is real strict about a child doing sex things in his parents' home, or something like that. He just says he can't. It's kind of complicated because Harry's dad is okay with us being together." William said.

"Honey, I'm not complaining a bit. Maybe us parents can get together and work something out." Mom said.

I got to thinking about the arrangements that Jeremy and I had. They worked pretty well. Wherever we were hanging out at was usually where we spent the night. School nights weren't a problem because mom home schooled us at home, obviously.

William screamed, "DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Before I could look his way we were slammed into by another car, truck or something. We were then flipping over and over and over again. Mom was screaming. Jeremy's head bashed into mine. William was pushed into me. I put my arm around him and Jeremy put his arm around me.

Then we smashed again into something, harder even. The roof coverings fell into our faces. And then we heard another crash but it wasn't us that got hit that time.

Dad groaned, "Oh Christ almighty. Oh my God...ohhhhhh myyyyyy Goddddddddddd... mom, boys say something!"

Mom groaned, obviously in pain, "My arm's busted. Boys!"

Our car was lying on its right side. Jeremy was above me, being held in place by the seat belt. I was mostly lying on William who had taken the direct hit. He wasn't moving.

Jeremy said, "I'm okay."

"Me too. William, dude are you okay?"

William's voice, totally unnatural in that it was barely perceptible and was produced by a loud gurgling sound coming from deep within his chest uttered, "I'm not so good." He then took a deep shuddering breath, let it out, and then he didn't take another breath. His body, already relaxed, went limp.

"William... wake up! Don't go to sleep on me." I said, suddenly a sense of panic began coursing through my veins.

"What's the matter?" Jeremy said fumbling with his seat belt latch. He then braced his feet against the floorboard but that didn't stop him from smashing into me, and me in turn against William when the latch gave way. He quickly rearranged himself which took the weight off of me. I was more concerned with William. He didn't move throughout that entire ordeal of Jeremy getting situated.

I had to get off William. I just knew that was keeping him from breathing.

Jeremy positioned himself so that his face was against William's. He said, "He's not breathing. William, wake up!"

I unlatched my belt with Jeremy's help to keep me from smashing William any more. I ended up on the floor between William's legs. I put my ear against his chest. He had a heart beat but it was weak and irregular.

I heard rustling in the front seat. Both mom and dad just groaned. Mom said, "I can't move. My legs are pinned! Horace, are you okay?"

"I'm the same. I can't get out of here. Jason, is there anything you can do for your brother. I can't get there, son. I'm trying though."

We didn't need to make the 911 call as sirens were heard screaming closer and closer to us.

I twisted William around so that I could see into his eyes and check out what was wrong with him. His eyes were wide open and distant. I screamed, "NO, JEREMY HE CAN'T DIE!!! Help me. Somebody fucking help us!"

William's head lolled to a side. He was limp like a rag doll. I screamed again, "DON'T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME... little brother."

Jeremy said as I cradled William's body into mine, "Breath for him. Just do it. I'll try to see where he's hurt. Just breathe in and let him breathe out."

Mom said, "Help's on its way. Do you hear the sirens?"

"Yeah mom, I hear the sirens."

I breathed a breath of air into William's mouth. When I released for him to exhale I said angrily, "Don't you dare fucking die on me you little shit head."



"Come on you turd, breathe damn it!"

I laid my head on my brothers' chest... his heart was still beating but it sounded weaker than before.

Then I felt something weird. It was like he was trying to get inside of me.

"No damn it. William, you come back to me. We need you here."

"Breathe for him, Jason. Do it 3 times. Give it a few seconds then do it again."




Jeremy took hold of Jeremy's arm, fumbled with his wrist looking for the pulse point. I said, "He's still got a heart beat... I hear it."




The sirens were coming closer. I saw very distant shadows of red and yellow lights. "Please hurry." Is said beseechingly.

My tears began leaking from my eyes. "Don't leave little brother. Please don't go."



My legs, hips and lower legs were beginning to cramp up. I said to Jeremy, "Help me sit up in the seat. I'll move up so I can hold him in my arms. Hurry."




Jeremy lifted William's limp body, gave him 3 more quick breaths. I then made my move and got sat down with the door supporting my weight. Jeremy then put my brother in my arms with his butt resting against the door.




The flashing lights got brighter. The sirens stopped.

Faint, muddled voices were heard approaching our broken and busted piece of shit metal. I screamed, "HELP US!! We're trapped!"

Jeremy said, "I'm going to try something." Jeremy quickly found a foot hold on the caved in passenger side door, just beside William. He then stood up and began beating on the drivers' side passenger window with all of his strength, to no avail.




Jeremy sat next to me, reached for William's neck. I knew he was looking for a pulse.

William, all the while was trying to get inside of me, inside of my being. I said to him, "I'll keep you safe little brother. Help's here. Hang on."

A man's voice said from outside our vehicle, "How many are in your vehicle?"

Jeremy loudly replied, "There are 5 of us. 3 are hurt. We're breathing for a boy. You've got to get us out of here... he's not doing so good but he has a pulse."

"Baby brother, don't go, help is here. I love you." I sobbed.




Jeremy got up and tried bashing to window out again. No luck.




William was crawling inside of my body. He was crying and trying to get out yet he was trying to get inside too. He wasn't quite all the inside of me. I said between shuddering breaths, "Little brother, stay here with me. I love you so much. I know I don't tell you that... but I really do. Who would I pick on if you went away? Who would I tickle if you went away? Who would I make fun of it you weren't here to piss your pants when we fight and play?"




The car rocked violently. The motion caused William's head to fall from my grasp. I screamed, "DON'T DO THAT!" I pulled William's head back into position then I breathed out and into his lungs another 4 times.

The man's voice told Jeremy to stop beating the glass because if it broke then we'd be covered with shattered glass.

I pressed my fingers on William's neck. I no longer felt a pulse. I said to Jeremy, "They've got to hurry. I can't feel a pulse."

Jeremy crouched down again and put his head against William's chest. The look in Jeremy's eyes was haunting. He said, "Keep breathing for him. Don't stop." He then stood up and shouted, "YOU GUYS HAVE TO HURRY. I CAN'T FEEL A PULSE ANYMORE."

The voice said, "Okay, we've got a crew here. Try something: try the window switch... see if that'll make the window go down."




I looked into my little brother's face. His skin was so soft. His nose was perfect. His long eyelashes... mom made a big deal out of them, embarrassing him every time she did it... that was mom's way of teasing him.




I then felt William pass into me. He was holding onto my heart for dear life. I hugged his limp body to mine and began sobbing, "Don't go little brother. Stay here. Mom and dad need you. I need you. Benji, Andy and Harry need you. Feel their spirits... call them."

"William you wake up now. Do you hear me? Don't sass me none boy." Mom said from the front seat area. Mom then raised her hand... I could see it. Without a second thought I reached for it. When we connected she squeezed hard, and then relaxed but she didn't go limp or anything.




"Wake up little boy. Momma needs her little boy." Mom said softly. Her voice was strained with emotion..

Dad was quiet. "Dad, are you with us?" I asked very softly.

"I'm here but I'm useless. I can't get out of here." Dad replied. His voice was filled with emotion. He added, "Jason, keep it up. You're doing good. I hear you breathing life into your little brother. Keep it up until help gets here."




I heard the whine of the window motor doing its thing. Jeremy was moving around. His knee bumped my head then it stayed stationary. Not knowing what else to do I kissed his hairy leg with the hopes that I'd get some kind of strength from our contact.




My tears then dried up. I couldn't cry anymore. I heard a voice, not from the outside but from within... it said, "Don't cry Jason. I'm okay now."

I reached down, moved his body just enough so that I could put my head on his heart.

I said, "I love you little brother." I then kissed his lips, held him tight then breathed 4 more times.

*-* Meanwhile at the Blake Home, Angel's POV *-*

Allen headed into the bathroom while I made up the bed after a very pleasant period of time that we used to its fullest. My main man turned on the shower which was my cue to get a move on straightening the bed. The sheets didn't need to be changed so I made up the king size bed that we call home.

The water felt really, really good running down my shoulders, back and points south. Allen was sudsing up my hair and running his strong fingers through it. At the same time he was massaging my scalp just like he always does. It felt wonderful. With him facing me I was able to squeeze out shower soap to wash his shoulders, arms and pits. From the vantage point I had I could easily tell that he had two or three little black hairs growing on the outside of his right pit. His left pit was baby soft and hairless. All the while I observed his dude-nuts swaying in time with his exertions on my head (my upper head just to be perfectly clear).

"Whatcha lookin at?" Allen said softly.

I lowered my hand, cupped his equipment and then squeezed the main attraction. Poor baby was not in the least interested in any further activity. For that matter neither was I.

"Close your eyes, babe." Allen said softly.

I did.

With all the care in the world he washed my face, behind my ears and then my neck. He was getting ready to move down to my chest when David's voice interrupted our post coital interlude, "It's Andy, he's sick... hurry... mom and dad are with him."

"Okay, we're on it." I said loud enough to be heard but there was no acknowledgment.

"Oh shit... hurry up!" Allen exclaimed.

I dunked my head under the faucet. Allen, at the same time, rinsed the soap that had splattered onto him from washing my hair.

He then got out, "I'll put a pair of shorts on the bed."


Two minutes later I was rinsed and dried. Allen had left a pair of Bermuda shorts on the bed. I quickly put them on and then headed to Andy's room. Nobody was there.

I then heard a piercing scream coming from the back of the house.

*-* Jason's POV *-*




I kissed my brother's lips hard. I could not stop. I whispered, "Don't leave Billy Bob."

He hates that name. That name usually earned me a punch in the guts. That's the only thing my little brother hates.

"He's going to hurt you Jason. How many times have I told you not to call him that?" Mom said seriously.

"He's a Billy Bob, mom. The little turd ain't doing nothing right here." I said quickly.




I kissed him again.

Jeremy lowered himself down. He had this most intense look in his eyes. Quickly, he kissed my lips then turned his attention to William, my little brother lying limply in my arms. He reached for William's arm again, held his fingers in place for a few seconds.

He squinted his eyes but for a second, maybe two. He then quickly reached into William's neck and started feeling around. He said, "We've got to get William out of here. Breathe for him a few more times then I'll lift him up."

The car twice violently rocked... I thought it was going to roll over. Jeremy screamed, "Don't do that!"

A voice said, "We're trying to get to you. We've got our lightest paramedic on her way up... the car isn't going to tip over, we've got it braced."

"You guys have got to hurry or it's going to be too late." Jeremy said seriously, dead seriously.

I, meanwhile, never let my eyes wander from my little brother. He was so limp... I'd never known him to be so limp even when he was asleep.

"Come on Billy Bob. Wake up. We've got chores to do. I'll do your chores for a hundred years... you've just got to wake up."

"William wake up." Dad commanded, though his low voice betrayed his authority.

A voice from outside the vehicle said, "The paramedic, her name is Tamara, is just about there. We've got a whole crew here. The plan is to get the little child out since he's having the most trouble, right?"

Jeremy choked then quickly stood up, pulled himself up through the open window. I looked up, something I hadn't done yet... he was sitting on the window. He was getting positioned to lift William up and out of the car, with my help.






Jeremy said to me through the open window, "Tamara's here now. I'm going to help her down. Jason, we need to get you out of there so that they can work on William."

"NO, I'm not leaving him. He's going to wake up. He'll be scared. I've got to be here." I replied factually.

"Jason, let William be. He's in good hands, son." Mom said sadly.

"He's in good hands. What do you mean? I've got him right here and right now." I hissed in anger.





Just then a soft woman's voice said, above us. I looked up.

She said, "My name's Tamara. I'm a paramedic. I'm going to come down and check on your little brother... what's his name?"

"William. He also goes by Billy Bob."

"Okay, well your brother tells me that you've been breathing for William."

"Yeah... you've got to hurry."

"Okay honey, I'm just getting my straps arranged so I don't go falling on top of you guys. Okay, winch me down. Sorry, I was just talking to my partner who weighs about 250 pounds. He's going to lower me down."

"Hurry, please."

"I'm on my way just as soon as I get through this window."

She was gently lowered. I showed her where Jeremy found a place to perch. Immediately, she reached for William's arm, and then she reached for his neck and felt around just like Jeremy had done. She then listened to his chest.





She took a different track. She let go of William's neck, looked into my eyes... they were sad then she said, "I'm going to look into his eyes. I'm also going to shine a light on his pupils... these are just some routine tests when we come on little kids like your brother who have been hurt really, really bad."

"He's going to be okay. My little brother has a hard head." I said fondly.

Tamara said, "You know that's what I hear from most big brothers. You love him though, right?"

"Definitely. Come on little brother wake up."





"Why aren't you talking to him?" I asked suddenly aware that she'd not asked him one single question.

"Honey, I don't think he'll be hearing us. He has a very, very bad head injury on his right side. It probably happened at the time of impact. Here honey, feel how soft his head is right by his ear. That's a really, really bad injury. I'm going to call some people so we can get him extricated. Are you hurt, honey?"

"Just my arm. But it's okay. I'll help you get him out of here and to the hospital. That's what we do next, right?"

Tamara said into her mic, "387 to 280."

"280. Go ahead 387."

"280, we have 4 victims. I need assistance. We have a total collapse of the dashboard into 2 adults, one female, and one male. Next we have a (how old is your little brother, Jason?)..."

I replied, "He's 10."

"Next we have a 10 year old. Code-D. How old are you Jason?"

"I'm 15."

"Next we have a 15 year old male. Chief complaint is a sore arm." Tamara said then looked at me for verification. I nodded.

"The two adults will require extrication. Get the crews in here. Things are stable enough to lower the vehicle as you were talking about. Roger."

"280 to 387. Roger. Is the 15 year old ambulatory?"

"387 hold please."

"Jason, honey, do you hurt anywhere other than your... what is it? Your right arm?"

"No. What's a Code-D and why aren't you working on my brother?" I demanded, angrily.

*-* Meanwhile at the Blake Home, Angel's POV *-*

The scene in the main living room was frightening: David and Peter, Antoine and Matt, mom and dad, and Juan were crouched down on the floor, hovering over Andy and Harry. Benji, bless him, was trying to maintain a modicum of control over his emotions... unshed tears threatened to slip out of the corner of his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked hastily and I got down on the floor and sat next to David.

"I don't know." Allen whispered.

Dad was busy propping up Andy's head onto a pillow while mom was doing the same for Harry.

I went to Benji and put my arms around his torso... Juan had his other side. I asked, "What's going on? Do you know?"

He looked into my eyes and whispered a croaking response, "I have never before experienced this. Something is very wrong. Something is very wrong with my spirit. And I have lost contact with William..."

Just then the house phone rang... once... twice... on the third ring I answered, 'Hey Jeremy?"

Jeremy breathless said, "Angel, I need to talk to dad NOW."

"What's wrong, bro?"

"We've been in an accident... put dad on the phone!"

"Okay. Dad, it's Jeremy. There's been an accident."

Instantaneously, sensing something very wrong dad took the phone from my outstretched hand and said, "Jeremy... are you okay?!!!"

"Yeah but Alice, Horace are hurt. Jason's got a beat up shoulder... and William is dying. I think William's actually dead but they're working on him."


"We're at 37 and state highway 377. We were T-boned on the passenger side by a truck carrying pineapples. According to the police the driver of the truck has drank too much."

"Okay, I'm on my way. Do you have your GPS on?"

"Yes, dad it's bad. Jason's doing CPR on William. William didn't have much of a pulse."

"Okay, Fugi and some other people will be on their way if they aren't there already."

With that said dad hung up the phone. He walked to mom and whispered in her ear. Her eyes immediately popped open wide. She said, "We're all going. Boys we know what the matter is... Jim, the boys are experiencing the loss of their soul mate. William's dying."

Fifteen minutes later we were stopped by the Highway Patrol about a quarter mile from the intersection where Jeremy reported the accident.

Juan got out of the vehicle, as did we all except for dad. Dad was still healing, and though he was much, much better he said that he'd follow up the rear. Allen, Juan and mom ran to the site of the accident however we were forbidden to go further but Juan took hold of Benji's hand and together they broke through the cordoned off area. Mom identified herself as a licensed nurse and showed the officer her credentials. She was let through however we were told to stay put or to go back to our vehicle.

Harry and Antoine took off and ran through the perimeter at breakneck speed.

Dad made his way to where we were standing. He pulled us into his side. We said nothing... nothing needed to be said.

*-* Jason's POV *-*

Tamara said, "Honey, there's nothing we can do for your brother. I'm sorry. Code-D is the same as DOA or Dead on Arrival."





"No... that's..."

Just then the car rocked. I looked up. Juan's face was peering inside the window down at us. I cried, "She's saying that my brother's dead."




I looked back up. Harry's face was visible. He was looking at his dad then down to us. Andy was next to appear. Andy screamed, "Benji get your ass up here!"

The car rocked again.

In the meantime Tamara's attention turned to mom and dad who were trapped in the front seat. I saw that dad was hanging by his seat belt. If that belt were released then he'd most likely go crashing into mom.

I said, "Little brother ... hang on for just a few more minutes. Your bonded ones are here. I love you Billy Bob."





Benji dropped down from the open window up above. He took one look at William, kissed his lips and then said to me, "I've never done this before. Keep talking to your brother. Keep telling him to come back. Keep telling him that you love him. Harry, Andy... get down here."

"Do you want me to go?"

"No. His spirit is hanging onto yours."

With that said I made room for Harry and Andy to be lowered down with Juan's assistance.

Andy arrived. Instantaneously Andy took William's head in his hands and held it firmly exactly as Benji showed him. Harry dropped down and leaned over my lap to touch his loved one. I put my good arm around his shoulders to keep him still and stable.




Andy leaned down and kissed William's lips. Harry was next. Benji's appearance was tense. Beads of perspiration ran freely down his face and neck. He would contort in pain then release. His concentration was intense.

"387 to 280."

"280. Go ahead 387."

"Victim 1, male age 35, alive, penned in.... lower extremities are pinned by the dashboard. He will require a major extraction. We've got to get this vehicle on its wheels."

"280. 10-4.

"Victim 2, female age 34, alive, pinned in... lower extremities by the dashboard. Fractured right humorous and multiple contusions. Impact side is caved in approximately 9 inches."

"280. 10-4."

"280. 387."

"Go ahead 387."

"Victim 3, male age 10. DOA. 4 youths, including victim #4, are praying on the boy's body."

"Victim 5 extricated himself and is out of the vehicle. He appeared to be uninjured. Copy."

"Copy 387. We're putting straps in place... ETA for let-down is 5 minutes."

"10-4. Copy let-down in 5 minutes."

*-* Andy's POV *-*

Benji was holding William's head steady with his hands on either side of our bonded one's face. Juan lowered me down. I straddled Benji's legs that were resting on the door. I took hold of Andy's face, clasped his cheeks firmly, and then I heard Benji's breathing though it was not coming from his mouth.

When Harry arrived, he halfway sat on Jason's lap, reached down to kiss William's lips. Through our bond I heard Harry say to William, "William, hold on. We're all here."

William said through our bond, "I see a white light. It's getting bigger and bigger. I love you guys but I don't know how much longer I can hold on. Jason's not letting me go. And tell him to stop calling me fuckin Billy Bob."

I said to Jason, "He says to stop calling him Billy Bob."

I waited not for Jason's response.

And then there was darkness surrounding Harry, Benji and my realm.

*-* Jason's POV *-*

I reached down, put my hand on William's belly and whispered in his ear, "Don't go Billy Bob. I love you."

I then tried to reach in to give him breaths of life however Harry was in the way, and Benji and Andy had their hands on my brother's head and face.

I felt William's essence flow up my arms and deep into my chest.

*-* Juan's POV *-*

The boys were all huddled around William. I knew, from all accounts and purposes, that they were the only chance of bringing the little one back from his destiny, from his death by car accident. I'd been around the block a few times, I'd seen some weird shit in my day, but the thing about their interaction with the boy was that I'd never seen the level of concentration ever before.

Knowing that they were safe, at least for the time being, I got down off the car's driver's side up side. Knowing that there wasn't anything I could do for them I walked in the direction of Jim's vehicle. They were standing at the cordoned off "crime scene tape". I said, "The boys are at work on one of their own. The paramedics have told me that William is DOA. Horace and Alice are trapped. They are going to do a special extraction/extrication but first Fire is going to put the car on its wheels... it's the only way."

Peggy asked, "How bad are Horace and Alice?"

I replied, "They're talking. Alice's arm is broken. Her legs are pinned. I'd say impact collapse on her side is eight to nine inches. I'd say the right rear passenger side is 12 to 15 inches."

Jim said, "The driver of the truck is impaired. He's been arrested. The police said he ran the light and broadsided their vehicle. They didn't have a chance."

Just then MediChopper arrived and sat down about 100 yards north of the accident scene on 37.

A police officer walked up to us. He said, "Mr. Cisneros, they're ready to right side the vehicle. Those kids, they need to get out of there for their own safety."

I replied, "Sir, I don't think that's going to happen. The boys in the back seat of that vehicle are specially bonded together. The bigger boy is the victim's brother." To Jim and Peggy I said, "I'm going to walk back to the scene. Maybe there's something I can do."

Jim said, "I'm going with you. Where are Antoine, Matt and Jeremy?"

"Antoine's holding the harness ropes. Jeremy and Matt are taking turns checking on the boys. The cops are raising hell with them. I need to go over there and get them out of the way. Those belts that lower the vehicle have been known to break. It's rare but it happens. The car is small so I don't anticipate any complications."

"Peggy said, "I'm going with you."

The car was in the process of being lowered when we arrived. Jeremy and Antoine had hand holds on the driver side fenders; as if they could stop the vehicle should it slip. I knew and was sure that they knew that if the vehicle slipped then there would be nothing they could do... so I walked to Jeremy and said, "Jeremy, you need to move away son, what you're doing is dangerous." He stepped back, slowly nodding, knowing that I spoke the truth.

Antoine let go also. The boys wrapped their arms around each other. I knew the feeling of powerlessness. The crews did much better than I thought they would. The car didn't even bounce when the wheels touched the pavement.

Peering into the backseat I saw that the little ones were huddled together as a mass. They didn't respond to my inquiries. Antoine suggested that we not disturb them yet he knew that Horace and Alice needed to be extricated.

The right side of the vehicle was annihilated in that the right front fender had been torn off and the right front wheel was bent into a most unnatural position. The actual point of impact had been entirely limited to the right passenger side. I estimated impact collapse to be more like 15-18 inches, with the 18 inches to the right rear passenger area, right where William had been sitting.

I moved out of the way so that Fire and Medical could get to Alice and William. They had the Jaws of Life poised to start cutting away what remained of the front door. Because I did not have protective gear and the fact that they were not about to provide me any I stepped away. After they put a heavy protective layer of material over Alice and told her what was about to happen they proceeded to cut, saw and remove that which was keeping them away from rendering her aid.

Two firemen lifted the dashboard up and away from Alice' legs. I had expected to see them gashed and fractured beyond repair however she only complained of some bruising and soreness. They carried her to a waiting gurney and then the personnel went to get Horace out of the mangled vehicle. The door to his side of the vehicle, while not smashed in, was nevertheless sprung beyond use and needed to be cut off so that medical could attend to his injuries, injuries that had to have been threatening to his limbs.

When they got him on the gurney I felt compelled to talk to him. I walked to the stretcher. Fire was cutting off his pants... like Alice he had only bumps, bruises, abrasions and a small cut on his knee cap. I leaned down, took him into my arms and whispered softly, "I'm sorry, Horace. I'm so sorry about your baby son. The boys are with him. He's not alone."

Tears filled my eyes... not only for his pain but for the fears and concerns I have for my own son.

The rear drivers' side passenger door also required it to be sawed off to give access because it too had been sprung nearly off its hinges.

Jeremy entered the vehicle even before the hot metal could cool. I thought about stopping him but knew the effort would be futile. Immediately, he kissed the love of his life's cheek and whispered how much he loved him. The boys' positions were very unnatural so I said to Jeremy, "Let's lay the boys out so they can have better access to William."

We accomplished that task fairly easily as the boys were pliable, relaxed and limp. All four boys had access to the little one who continued to lie lifeless in their arms and on their laps.

A petite woman paramedic asked to enter the car. Jeremy sat next to Jason and lifted the little one so that his face was propped for all to see.

William looked so peaceful... like he was asleep. He didn't look anything like dead people are supposed to look like – you know: blue, mottled, grayish, contorted and frozen from a terrorizing death. Instead I truly saw his life and vitality.

Tamara reached across the boys and felt for a pulse in William's neck. She had no access to his face and eyes since the other boys had him wrapped in their arms, protecting him from further injury and destruction. She patted Jeremy's knee on the way out then looked into my eyes and said that William had a weak pulse but was not exchanging air in and out of his lungs. She looked totally surprised by her findings.

From experience, though I was not at all versed in what was happening, I said that their process could take a while, for her to permit them to do their thing, to keep the area as quiet as possible, and to not physically disturb them. She walked to the Captain. I sincerely hoped that she was telling them to keep the tow truck drivers at bay. I knew that they were chomping at the bit to get the highway cleared so that traffic could resume.

I walked back to Jim and Peggy, filled them in with the latest information, and then we waited. Some 45 minutes later we heard a commotion coming from the direction of the ambulances. Curiously we three walked over enough to see what was happening. Horace was fighting off the fire crew from taking him to the hospital. In fact, he got off the gurney, walked to the car and peered into the back seat. We walked over to observe. Distraught and filled with agony over the loss of his son, Horace worked his way inside the vehicle so that he was sitting on the edge enough so that he could touch William's feet and ankles.

Jim leaned into the vehicle, put his hand on Horace's shoulder and whispered encouraging words of strength and comfort. I looked back: Peggy was doing the same for Alice.

Antoine and Matt were sitting on the pavement by the left rear wheel when I went to go check on them. Both boys looked up. Both had tears freely flowing from their eyes. I sat down between them, took each in my arm and pulled them in close.

A few minutes later Peggy and Alice walked to the vehicle. Alice wailed at seeing William lying lifeless in the arms of his brother and bonded ones. She leaned in, pushed their hands aside and kissed the boy's lips, moved his hair out of his eyes, and patted his chest tenderly. I nearly lost my composure when she leaned down to listen for a heartbeat in his chest. Somehow she had been able to lie down on the floorboard to wrap an arm around William's torso.

Horace made his way inside on the drivers' side, kissed his son's lips tenderly and then laid down with his wife.

Three hours passed. All the helping personnel were on standby. I knew they would have to ramp up recovery efforts had another call came in. As it were, no other calls came in.

By daybreak most of the rescue personnel had left the accident scene. The Red Cross vehicle was present so I got up, taking care to not wake Antoine and Matt, and got me a cup of coffee. At about 4am that morning Jim and Peggy had returned to their vehicle to sleep for a while. Peggy, being very pregnant, needed her rest and as little stress as possible. How do you rest when knowing your best friends' child was killed? Although Horace and I were not the best of friends... our relationship was growing. My heart ached for them.

I sat on the pavement and was beginning to rearrange Antoine and Matt when I heard a small voice say, "Daddy. Daddy, are you there?"

It was my son's voice.

In a flash I got up, spilled my coffee on the pavement, entered the backseat haven and went immediately to my boy. His eyes were open thought they were very sleepy. I kissed his cheek then said, "Daddy's right here. What's up little man?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were here. What time is it?"

I looked at my watch, "It's 7:15am."

My boy nodded his understanding. He then traced William's profile starting at his hairline and ended at where his Adam's apple would eventually reside. He then parted William's button up shirt and ran his hand down his tummy to his belt line. Harry looked into my eyes... he was looking for understanding. I reached in, kissed his cheek and then said, "I love you." I then got out, sat down on the pavement, swallowed down the last few remaining drops of coffee and pulled Antoine and Matt into my side. The car was moving in such a way that it didn't take a whole lot of brain power to figure out what was going on in that back seat.

Then it stopped. I heard a huge intake of breath and some rustling around.

"Mom, dad, what are you doing here?" A voice said softly.

The voice clearly belonged to William. My eyes popped more open that I could ever remember them being. I was instantly 'not sleepy' any longer. I jiggled awake Antoine then Matt, got up and peered inside. Harry was smiling sheepishly. He was still holding William's organ. And there was a mess on William's tummy. He turned in such a way so that he could go into Harry's outstretched arms.

With that said and done William looked at me then all around his circumference. He asked, "What happened?"

I said, "You guys were in a terrible car accident last night. Don't you remember?" I asked stupidly.

"No... mom, dad?" William asked quickly turning around. He saw them lying on the floorboard, "Wake up mom. Wake up dad. Jason?" William turned back around to see him lying on Jason's lap, with Jason still fast asleep.

Antoine leaned in. Tears began running down his face. He reached for William. They embraced tightly. Antoine said, "Hey little man. It's about time. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine. But these guys, they're all asleep."

Antoine went into fine detail telling the boy about Emergence, and how it could take several hours or just a few minutes to run itself through the process.

"You can let go of me." William impishly said to my son.

Harry giggled and then used William's shirt tail to wipe up any and all evidence of the younger boys' release. I helped to snap William's dress pants and then to sit up. I did lose control of my emotions when William reached down and kissed his mom and dad's cheeks then turned around and did the same to Jason.

To Harry he said, "Can I get out of here for a little bit? I don't want to go very far but I want to stand up."

Harry looked to me. I walked around to the passenger side, lifted William from the entanglement of arms, legs and torsos then stood him up on the pavement. I then lifted Harry from the same entanglement, got him stood up, and watched Antoine, Matt, and William embrace and share tears of gratitude.

Jeremy was the next to Emerge. He looked all around. A look of panic crossed his face when he leaned over and his head fell into Jason's lap who fell into Andy's lap who in turn fell onto Benji's lap. The boys didn't move a single muscle but Jeremy sat straight up so fast that our heads banged together. I pulled him into a hug and said, "Jeremy, it is okay now. You're here in the car and you are safe and sound. Why don't you get out and walk around for a while. Stay close. Why don't you go stand back by the rear bumper? I'll take care of these two."

Jeremy embraced me firmly then got out with my assistance. At first, he was a little shaky but then he ran around the car. I could hear him sobbing from my vantage point.

Just then Alice' arm moved. I looked down. Her eyes were awake... she was trying to figure out where she was. I said, "You are in the car. You were in a very bad wreck last night. William is waiting for you to wake up."

"No, that can't be... my son... my baby boy died." She said as her eyes filled with tears and began rolling down her cheek and yet more were puddling in the corner of her eye.

I replied, "Let me help you up. I think there's a certain someone who wants to see you."

We found the boys emptying their bladders while standing at the back of the vehicle, with their male organs hanging out of their pants, and not caring who might have been watching and observing.

Alice, overcome with emotion first ran to her son... it was a very emotional moment for his mom. How do you explain what happened?

You don't even try. This is how you explain something that is unexplainable.

When I got back into the car Benji's eyes opened... but clearly he was still disoriented. I pulled him into my arms and held him while he emerged.

That left Andy and Jason.

I touched both their eyelashes. They were still out. I sat them up so that they were leaning into each other. As a rule, generally speaking that is, the two closest people to the subject are the last to emerge. Okay, makes sense. Jason is William's brother and Andy is William's bonded one.

I felt a hand clasp mine. Benji had almost a terrified look in his eyes... he asked, "Where is William?"

"Oh... he's outside behind the car peeing to his hearts' content. So is Harry. So is Jeremy. So are Matt and Antoine. You might want to go and join them."

Embarrassment passed across Benji's face. Slowly he looked down. I tried not to look.... okay, okay, I didn't r-e-a-l-l-y look... it's not like you might think. Okay – well his pants were tented up in a conspicuous place.

"Yeah, I'll join them. Excuse me." Benji said sheepishly.

No sooner had Benji walked around to the back of the car than Horace emerged. At first he was terrified but soon relaxed, somewhat, to my reassurances that his son and wife were okay and that we should expect Jason to wake up shortly. After assisting him out of the vehicle I turned my attentions back to Jason and Andy. They were both still very flaccid and limp. I kissed the tops of their heads, got out and walked to the group.

Benji excused himself, went back to the beat up and mangled car, checked on Jason and Andy then returned to us.

Two minutes later rescue personnel descended on us. Tamara included. She looked like she'd see a ghost. Of course, they rushed William to a waiting ambulance with his mom and dad in tow.

I leaned back into the car to see Benji rubbing Jason and Andy's faces very tenderly. He was telling them it was safe to Emerge.

Andy was the next boy to Emerge. He too looked all around to get his bearings, and I assumed to make sure that everybody was safe. When he was assured all was well he got out of the vehicle. He didn't make it to the back of the car. I heard the telltale sound of a boys' stream hitting pavement.

I checked on Jason one more time before getting out. Antoine said, "They went to get our mom and dad."

Just then a fireman walked to us. He said to me, "Sir, the highway has been closed for about 12 hours now. We really need to get it back open. Is the boy in the backseat okay? Does he need medical assistance?"

Benji said, "No. He needs no medical attention. He should be waking up in another hour or two."

I asked Benji, "Can he be moved... I could carry him to your car..."

"That should be fine. Just be very careful and hold him firmly in case he emerges. He might be startled."

"Let's get him checked out first." I said.

Benji said, "No, he can't be subjected to western medicine. It would be detrimental to his Emergence."

Just then Tamara walked to us. She looked into the vehicle, got in, took his vital signs then began feeling his body everywhere looking for injuries. She attempted to wake the boy up. That is when Benji got all excited and stuff. He got into the vehicle, pushed her hands away and talked a little about the process that Jason was experiencing.

She said softly, "I hope you understand that I'm just trying to help out. I'll be very careful and gentle. Trust me, okay?"

"Okay, just don't try to wake him up, and do not shine light in his eyes. Not now. It could be very detrimental to his well being."

I heard Jim and Peggy talking. At the same time I saw Jeremy and William walking with Jason's parents.

Tamara finished her cursory examination and pronounced that Jason had no gross injuries but still wanted to check him out when he emerged. Benji was okay with it.

Jim and Horace walked over and got into the car. Horace, overcome with emotion, pulled Benji into a tight, tight hug and kissed his forehead, and told him how grateful he was for what Benji did for William. Though he was very concerned about Jason he relaxed when Benji explained the process of Emergence.

I was still skittish about Horace's ability to carry his son so I gently lifted Jason into my arms.

Horace was making arrangements for disposition of their vehicle. I walked and carried Jason to my car and put him inside. Harry, Andy and Benji climbed in, and they pulled Jason into a cocoon. When I closed the door the boys were, uhm, well... let's just say that their hands were finding strategic places on Jason's anatomy that they were attracted to. Yup, I'll leave it there.

I walked to Jim and Peggy's car. David and Peter were sound asleep in the very back seats. They had awoken several times during the night to check on their brothers and brothers' in law.

It was decided that taking Jason to his home and to his own bed was the best thing to do. It was familiar territory for him. The rest of the boys had been frightened upon their awakening to strange places. Jeremy self-assigned himself to Jason's care.

The ride to Jason's home was quiet, almost somber. The boys permitted me to carry Jason to his room. Horace, Jeremy and I removed his clothes and got him safely tucked into his bed, the same bed he'd grown up in

Jeremy, wasting no time, oblivious to the adults in the room quickly shed his clothes to his skin, walked into the bathroom, peed, returned and cuddled into his boyfriend.

William didn't want to leave Jason's side and fussed quite a bit when Jeremy told him to leave with us and that he'd keep us informed as time went along.

*-* David's POV *-*

Juan dropped me and Peter, Allen and Angel, Antoine and Matt at our house. He kept Andy, Harry, and William to take home with him. Benji and Jeremy, of course were staying at Jason's to await his Emergence.

When we left Jeremy and Jason alone Benji explained that Jason was likely taking longer to emerge because the bond between him and his blood brother was the strongest yet it was with Jeremy who he needed to bond with.

Mom and dad were going to stop in town to purchase and retrieve a quick meal at one of the fast food restaurants, not Mickey D's.

Peter and I went to our room, undressed to the skin and then put on running shorts and t-shirts. I kept my Leg on not knowing if we'd leave the house again. We went outside, found a chaise lounge to sit in and get comfortable on. Allen and Angel were already in the pool by the time we arrived. Matt and Antoine arrived 'dressed' for the pool occasion, dove in and then swam to Allen and Angel.

Peter said to me, "I love you."

I smiled and said, "I love you more. That's that."

"No David. I love you." Peter said and then allowed me to pull him back into my chest, wrap my arms around his midsection, and hug him tightly. We then sat in a companionable silence until mom and dad returned home which started a feeding frenzy second to none.

Mom and dad excused themselves after eating a slice apiece. Mom looked tired and haggard from the ordeal. I was worried about her but didn't say anything for I didn't want her to perhaps feel any worse than she looked.

We cleaned up the kitchen and then went out to the pool. I undressed, removed my Leg, and then got into the water and just lazed around shooting the shit with my mate and brothers.

*-* Juan's house, Andy's POV *-*

We stopped at the Mickey D's to grab some burgers, fries, milk shakes, onion rings and snacks for later on.

At home we devoured every bit of food that was sat in front of us. Shoo had been worried about us and she took her wrath out on Juan for being so irresponsible, and where in the hell was her son.

William was amazed as we told the story to Shoo on what happened and why we weren't home earlier. Yeah, Juan's house is just as much of a home to me as was our own. Harry and Benji had been given Allen and Angel's old room because it was the biggest and had its own private bathroom.

We chowed down like semi-starved animals. Not a single solitary morsel was left in sight. Shoo had made a big batch of rice pudding so that was a nice 'finish' off to the nasty Mickey D stuff they call food... yet it was sustenance and filled tummies.

Juan suggested quiet time or some time in the water after waiting for a while for the food to settle.

Shoo wasn't all that crazy about a bunch of wild naked boys running amok in the house so we waited until we got outside to strip to the skin and lounge around 'au naturale'.

While Harry got out a board game to play I went to the pool room, took one monster shit that I never thought would end, grabbed some towels for us, wrapped one around me and then took off for the kitchen where I retrieved Cokes, and then returned to Harry. We played Scrabble for a couple of hours and then found our way into the pool where we swam and goofed off for a couple of hours.

I know it's tough to acknowledge but we were completely tired out, so we got out of the water, put down towels on the deck, laid on our stomachs and quickly fell asleep curled up together.

My last thought before closing my eyes was how so very tired Benji was. Harry reached over, kissed my lips warmly and whispered, "I love you. I hope Benji can lie down for a while."

I nodded.

My eyes closed.

That was it.

Lights out.

*-* Benji's POV *-*

Alice insisted that we eat with the rationale that we'd be no good if we didn't have food for sustenance. She made up toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. We were all exhausted tired from the nights' exertions. I reminded myself to ask my grandfather why, when one sleeps in The State, they are so tired after the experience is complete.

Before eating I walked to the bedroom that Jason and Jeremy shared. The door was slightly ajar. Jeremy was sitting on the bed touching the face of he who he loved the most in this world. Jeremy was lightly stroking Jason's face with his fingers. I observed unobserved to Jeremy that he'd occasionally lean down to kiss his boyfriends' lips, nose, eyelids, cheeks and/or chin.

I felt fear emanating from Jeremy's innermost being, afraid that he'd do more harm than good if he were to become intimate with his chosen one. I also felt his concerns that Jason might never awaken... though I knew this was and never would be the case. I also felt, I mean I really felt that Jason was on his way back... that his spirit was healing and its presence was just underneath the surface of consciousness.

I did not want to disturb them however the need to allay Jeremy's fears was mandatory. I knew Jason could sense Jeremy's fears and concerns.

Although I'd not made one peep Jeremy sensed my presence. He turned around and saw me standing in the doorway quietly observing them. He got up from the bed, walked to the door, opened it and invited me in.

I noticed that Jason's foot moved the fabric covering his body. That is the first sign of Emergence. Emergence begins in the toes, and then it travels upward. People usually think that the return to this world begins with conscious thoughts but this is not the case.

I said to Jeremy, "Let's go in the bathroom so that we can talk in private. I have something to say which will help you better understand the process of Emergence."

I closed the main door into the bedroom. Jeremy led me into the bathroom and closed the French doors. Although those types of doors afford no conversation privacy it made him feel like they did.

He went to the sink area and looked at me through the mirror. He was awaiting my lead.

"Jeremy, Jason is beginning his physical Emergence. You may not understand that the physical process begins at the distant most point from center. I observed Jason moving the covers with his ankle which moved his foot. This is good to see. It means that he will soon be back to his normal plane of existence."

"Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? It's very hard for me to sit back and do nothing to help him along."

"I understand your anxiety. Your concern and worry is not a problem. I assure you that Jason is picking up on your anxiety though. He is currently in a dream state. He's not totally asleep and he's not totally awake. The point is that his senses are emerging though he isn't aware. Even a person who is entrenched in the deepest realm of sleep will awaken with stimulation... however this is not the case for deep meditation. The awakening follows a normal and natural path and sequence of events. He appears to be totally within normal. Here is my suggestion to you..."

When I left the room, Jason was preparing to create the perfect Emergence of his Jason's intellect and consciousness.

Normally, I am a very light eater however I was famished and accepted a second helping of both toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

With tears flowing freely from her eyes Alice asked me, "How... how did you bring him back to us?"

I thought for a moment before replying. I'd never before performed a ceremony that brought back to this earth plane a person who for all intents and purposes had left and gone to the Next Realm. Yet, William had not completely gone away. To be totally 'gone' one's physical Temple must be completely cessated -and- their spirit would have moved to the Next Realm.

I said, "Honestly, I have never before seen a total and complete transference of one spirit to another and then back again once a metaphysical shutdown, or physical death in plain language, has occurred. In other words, this is all new to me. I suspect that Jason and William communicated in a way that defies human explanation. A very important concept to understand and accept is that I believe the general principles of deep meditation Emergence is currently occurring. I see cardinal signs of Jason's return to this plane of existence. I have done all that I can do at this point in time. The remaining chapters are between your son and his chosen one, Jeremy."

"May I go be with my son as he awakens? I am his mother. It is my duty to assist my children whenever and wherever possible... I must go to all lengths to comfort when he needs comforted."

"Ma'am, mother of your son Jason, with all due respect for your concerns may I suggest to you that you permit Jason and Jeremy to do what innately is natural and normal for them. You are a good mother. You have a kind and wise spirit. You are a giving person. You request very little in return. The best possible way is to allow your son Jason to come to you. He will come to you because he will need reassurances that William is indeed alive and well. This cannot come from Jeremy. Your son will also need to collaborate William's well being with your husband. This is not because he distrusts you. This is not the case at all. He will simply need to hear his dad's words to collaborate and confirm your knowledge."

"It's hard to see my boys growing up and away."

"I totally understand. My mother experiences similar and same Conflicts that you do. It is hard for her to see me growing up and away. But she need not worry. She will always be Mother. Our planes will shift from dependence to independence with dependence. My Conflict is seeing her Conflict."

"Okay. Thank you. I think I better understand now. As hard as it is for me to not get directly involved I will trust your judgment and experience. This is all so new to me. Are you ready to eat something? You've got to be nourished... and you've got to be hungry because after all you're a growing boy."

Sheepishly, I nodded and said, "Yes I am hungry. At my age I'd hardly be normal if I weren't hungry most all of the time."

Alice, much different that she who calls me son and Maria who calls Jesus and AZ her sons, permitted me to assist with lunch preparations.

She would constantly and consistently touch me... be it with her hand on my neck, my back, my waist or a hug... I found it not at all distressing, in fact it calmed my spirit as my mother and I do not touch all that often, and even when we did touch is it was proper according to our culture.

After preparations were made we sat down at the table.

Horace began with a moment of silence followed by a prayer that moved me, "Dear Father in heaven. Thank you for allowing us to parent our youngest son William again. His return to us is nothing short of a gift from You. Thank you for putting a young man named Benji into our midst. He assisted or was the vein of your love and miracle. In Your name we pray. Amen."

Alice said, "Amen."

I replied, "阿门。"

During the meal Alice and I explained to Horace what was happening to Jason.

Horace said, "Benji, we're forever grateful. If you ever need help then just please ask and you shall receive it, and if we're unable to provide it then I'll search this earth until I do find it. I promise you."

"Your word is good, sir."

With that said we finished our meal. I insisted on performing post-meal cleanup though Alice would have not part of it and in fact demanded that Horace and I remove ourselves from "her" kitchen. So be it.

Horace requested permission, of sorts, to check on his oldest son's progress. Although I felt he very well may have been somewhat alarmed at what he would most likely see... I took him to the bedroom door and gently opened the door so as to not interrupt Jason and Jeremy's ceremony.

Horace quickly turned away and walked down the hall when we observed Jeremy moving his chosen one in such a way that defied denial of what they were doing beneath the covers.

I smiled and quietly closed the door, walked into the bathroom and relieved that which needed relieving. After washing my hands I went to locate Jason's parents. They were sitting on the deck quietly talking. I turned to walk away however Alice summonsed my presence. I obeyed her request for me to stay with her. We talked about various things about American cultures, customs and practices, and I shared a few pieces of information about my culture.

*-* Jeremy's POV *-*

As soon as Benji left our room I walked into the bathroom, took care of what needed taken care of, entered the shower and thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried off. I blow dried my hair, brushed it out, brushed my teeth and rinsed with a pleasant minty mouthwash, Jason's favorite.

I walked back into our bedroom. I observed several twitches from Jason's legs. I removed the towel from my midsection, tossed it to the floor, eased my way into bed, and then covered us up with a quilt that my grandmother had made for me when I had been a very small child.

Benji has suggested that I waste no time with frivolous preparations so I didn't although I made sure we were properly prepared. Jason's reception room easily accommodated its guest of honor even though I knew there would be and there was indeed moderate resistance but it was of no concern because of the nature of our being together in a most intimate manner.

Little by little, inch by inch, moment by moment, Jason's body began responding, and in fact his physical being emerged to the point where he was leading our adventure though his mind was still meditative.

As it were, and I don't know how we did it, the moment of no return was prolonged. When it did arrive I felt full and complete... just as if he was inside of my orifice used for love making. Just before falling off the world I recalled the many times I'd been inside of a female persuasion and how I had been left for longing. That was not the case with my Jason.

I must have fallen asleep or something because when I awoke Jason was stroking my face with his soft but firm hand. He was lying on his back with his leg draped across my torso. I looked into his eyes hoping and wishing my love was the Jason I knew.

I was not disappointed.

No sooner had we completed our physical bonding experience than he sat straight up in bed, looked into my eyes. His were full of tears freely falling down his cheeks. He began sobbing hysterically. He was inconsolable.

I knew that would happen. So did Benji.

I said, even though I knew it would do little good, "Jason, babe, William's just fine. We'll go see him so you can see for yourself. First though we need to take a shower and get dressed. Let's just do one thing at a time. I promise you that your little brother is just fine. I promise."

"You saw the bash on his head. He was dead but I kept breathing for him..."

"I know babe. You did everything right. Let's just take a shower. I'll tell you what Benji told me, okay?" I said then tenderly kissed his lips.

While I got the water to the right temperature Jason was busy on the toilet. By the time he entered I was pretty much done with my shower. He pushed my hands away when I offered to wash his hair so I finished up knowing that he was distraught and even a bit distrusting... until he saw for himself that his brother was okay.

When he got out I was already dried off... he did permit me to run the towel over his fine body.

We got dressed in faded blue jeans, t-shirts, socks and shoes. Without hesitation he went to his mother and said, "I need to see William. Jeremy told me he's okay but I need to see him for myself."

His dad, Horace, walked inside from the deck. Despite Alice' reassurances Jason went to his dad, pleaded his case. His dad, in turn, took Jason in his arms, held him tight and told him that William was indeed just fine, and that they would be going to see him momentarily. Alive cocooned into her son from the backside.

*-* Meanwhile at Juan's home, Harry's POV *-*

I awoke with Andy on my right side and William on my left. They were quietly whispering to each other. I said, "Hey."

William moved around so that his lips were poised above mine. Without hesitation he then Andy then the both of them descended on my essence and lips (in that order). I was about 2 minutes out from sending nectar down one or both of their oral caverns. I pulled them off and said, "I want to wait until Benji is with us. I know we agreed that anything between us, with or without all of us together, was okay but... can we just wait for him?"

"Of course we can. It's so not a problem... but it's not like we can't reload..." William smirked.

Okay, well we started reloading.

A loud knock on the door to our room brought 3 satiated, at least for the moment, boys up and out of their post coital blissful states of mind and body. Andy, the first to respond, quickly donned a pair of my underwear, went to the door while Andy and I covered up with a sheet. He looked back before opening the door to make sure we were at the very least presentable.

"Boys, Horace just called me. They're on their way. William, I'm not sure how Jason's going to respond. He's had some serious problems with your accident... the last he saw you... well, son, you were dead. So... just be prepared for anything, okay?"

"Okay. I'll be ready for him. I need to see him too. I really don't know what happened... the last thing I remembered before waking up... was the lights..." William said, trailing off those last words. He started shaking. "Those lights... I... I..."

Dad saw what was happening... he'd later explain that William was experiencing PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dad pulled our mate into his arms, tenderly rubbed his back, kissed his forehead, all the while continuously telling William to not hold back, that he was safe, and that we all loved him.

William recovered fairly quickly. His distress was replaced by a wicked ornery grin. Oh no.

Jason, Jeremy, Benji, Horace and Alice arrived about 45 minutes later. Jason stood before William, not believing really that his brother was actually alive. His eyes filled with tears but they couldn't or wouldn't fall. He started trembling. William reached his arms toward Jason but his big brother remained standing still, not moving, and not breaking eye contact.

Benji walked to Jason, took his hand in his, and then reached out so that Jason could touch his little brother, to see that William's hand was warm and alive. William had the impetus to close the distance. He pulled Jason in, hugged him tightly, which at first Jeremy tried to discourage but then he gave in, put his arms around his little brother, and then began crying hysterically. The moment had arrived for Jason to realize on his own that his little brother was indeed alive.

Jason then very carefully inspected William's head and ear. He kissed those two places gently. He croaked, "But how..." Still not quite believing, Jason lifted William's shirt, and then put his ear to his little brother's chest, immediately over his heart. William, meanwhile, remained quiet, allowing his brother to satisfy his doubts.

I sensed movement in the room. When I turned around to identify who was coming in or going out of the kitchen I saw that nobody else was in the room, other than us. I turned back to Jason. He was quietly running his hand through William's hair, kissing the top of his head, sniffling, and trembling.

William was lapping up his brothers' affections, reveling in the silence, rubbing Jason's back, all the while whispering that he was okay.

Fifteen or so minutes later, they parted but maintained a distance no further than an arms' length. Andy, Benji and I then circled around William while Jeremy took Jason into his arms.

Then it happened. William's ornery smirk returned in full force and effect. He punched hard into Jason's stomach and said, "You fucking dork... don't you ever call me Billy Bob again!"

William took off on a dead gallop, running into the family room. Jason stood in place with a dumbfounded look on his face then his facial features changed... the fight was on.

Poor Jason... the only person in the room who was cheering and encouraging him on was none other than Jeremy. In the end though, we all ended up in a dog pile in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Of course, Alice and Horace were barking orders for the fight to end, to take it outside. But their threats and orders were largely disregarded. They didn't push the issue. The worst thing that happened was that I was tossed off the pile causing me to crash into the hardwood floor on my back. The moment passed quickly, in fact there was no delay in getting back into the fray.

If you ask me, us younger kids did get the last punch in... But I'm sure that both Jason and Jeremy would disagree.

*-* David's POV *-*

None of us were really all that interested in swimming around or playing any kind of water game. We were just in the pool because there wasn't anything else to do except to worry. It had been one hell of a night and morning.

Jeremy called around 3:30pm to let us know that Jason was okay, and that they'd just finished wrestling around with the younger boys.

Talk about relief. I said to those of us in the pool, "Jason's okay. The way it sounds... William didn't like being called 'Billy Bob'."

Allen perked up. With a totally ornery grin on his face, "There's Davy Bob and Peter Bob."

"Okay Allen Bob... that means war..."

And so it went... the tension broke loose in that there were 6 dudes splashing, dunking and generally messing around in a very fun way. Soon though the reverie slowed down to where we were just standing around talking about this, that and everything. The mood was much improved so therefore the discussions were improved also.

Mom and dad had been watching... so we were careful to keep the curse words in check, and we largely kept our hands to ourselves, although it was pretty much 'open game' when we were swimming underwater. Peter and I groped more than once. When we'd come up we stood close to the pool wall... out of respect. Little David was pretty much out of control... but he maintained.

The house phone rang. Mom answered, talked for a while, talked to dad, and then hung up. A few minutes later mom announced it was time to get out of the water and that we were all going to get together at a local restaurant for dinner with the Klinger's and Juan and all the guys.

Because mom and dad remained seated in the lounge chairs and because we were all boned up we got out on the opposite of the pool, facing the pool pump room. I scooted in because my crutches had been left where mom and dad were sitting. During construction Mom and dad had had a long, wall length shower seat installed so that it was easy for me to get around. Not only that but whoever wanted to sit and shower could do so.

While bathing... the shower basically turned into an all out orgy between partners. We had to do something to quell the rampaging testosterone of 6 adolescent boys, so that our bones weren't all that noticeable. David and me, well we did a 69. Allen and Angel... well they used soap and had full out sex, taking turns to be giver and to be receiver. Matt and Antoine... well, they, while kissing lips profusely gave each other hand jobs... everybody seemed to be really enjoying their selves.

What that accomplished we finished washing up and then rinsed and dried. Antoine was still a bit pudged up however it wasn't any more than usual. The rest of us were drained and wilted. With that we headed into the house to our rooms and got dressed. Peter wore dark brown jeans, a baby blue Polo shirt while I wore white jeans, and a dark cream colored tank-top. We then dried and brushed out our hair. Teeth were taken care of.

The ride to the restaurant was a bit tense because we crossed the intersection where the accident had happened. There were no skid marks that we could see. Dad said the cops told him that the truck driver was so drunk that he didn't even realize the intersection was present, and true to the absence of skid marks he hadn't even slowed down. The accident investigators had estimated the truck to be traveling about 50 miles per hour at the time of impact.

Even though William was okay, the investigators presented to the prosecutor recommended charges of vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatality accident, and a whole bunch of lesser charges. When I asked dad why the fatality charges... he replied that at the time the rescuers arrived William was DOA. He then went on to say that the defense lawyers would likely argue that no fatality had happened but he didn't think they had a chance since the paramedics, Fire and law enforcement all confirmed William's death.

As we drove through the intersection a cold chill ran up and down my spine. The energy of the cold chill passing down even caused my Leg's ankle to twitch. Peter put his hand in mine. He squeezed lightly. He too shuddered as if a chill passed through him also.

The rest of the ride to the restaurant was quiet.

The parents got a table for the adults and an adjacent table for us non-adults. Within minutes we were seated and had our drink orders taken.

Horace, Alice, Jeremy, and Jason had already arrived and were waiting for us however Juan, Shoo, Benji, William, Andy and Harry were dragging their heels. I couldn't help but to wonder... but had to dismiss the thought that... that maybe... they had to travel through that intersection...

I dismissed the thought... then it came back again.

I breathed a collective sigh of relief when I saw them enter the restaurant.

Peter leaned in and whispered into my ear, "I was thinking the same thing."

I kissed his cheek and smiled knowing our bond was strong.

William sat next to me on my right side while Peter was on my left. William's mates sat on the other side of him. He made a point to interlace our arms together. I had to stop myself from choking up. I was so happy that he was still with us.

Peter ordered a grilled salmon steak with rice pilaf, green beans and a fully loaded baked potato. I ordered shrimp scampi, rice pilaf and a side salad with honey mustard dressing.

William pushed his menu over so that I could help him order. He doesn't like seafood nor does he like salads. Since the restaurant was seafood joint that pretty much eliminated most of the menu. Finally, he decided on a loaded cheeseburger and onion rings. I couldn't hear what the rest down on that end of the table ordered... other than Jason. He ordered a 16 ounce prime rib. Everybody dared and double-dog dared him to eat the whole thing. The chiding and whatnot was all done in fun.

Ya know what?

Jason ate the whole dang thing... every last bite. And he would not share... he didn't want to be accused of 'cheating'. Anyway, he got the trophy award. Trophy award? It was something we just thought up on the spur of the moment. Perhaps it would become a tradition?

Andy and William headed to the restrooms. Dad and Horace just about got into a fist fight (LOL) about who was going to pay the bill... as it was Juan picked up the tab. Juan wasn't even involved in the 'argument'. You have to remember that dad and Horace grew up together and farmed within a mile of each other... I couldn't ever remember them actually fighting though they had exchanged words a few times over the years. Always, within 24 hours they had cooled their jets, made up and moved on with life.

The other side of the restaurant has a food bar. It had nearly everything on the menu. You could eat all you wanted at a set price. We'd eaten from it a number of times. There was a difference in quality though. Food from the menu always seemed to be fresher.

Peter bumped my elbow and discretely pointed in the direction of the bar. Although we'd not ever participated in an extramarital affair... we had no trouble with 'looking' at the sweetness all around us... the islands were prime mating grounds, as the saying goes. That evening was no different.

Peter's and my choice in the male species market was almost completely the same. He liked blonds better. I liked dark hair. I wonder why.

I wrapped my arm around my Peter's shoulders.

The guy was probably our age. My kind of guy – he had dark almost jet black hair, a clear complexion, bushy eyebrows, about 5" 3' tall, and weighed maybe 125-130 pounds, and was lean yet filled out nicely. And there was one more thing that stood out even stronger but wasn't seen until he turned to face the meat case: he was using a single crutch. He was stumbling around like he was having a hard time keeping his balance, or something. He was filling his tray, scooting it along, picking out things to eat, and then balancing using his other arm.

I knew the feeling.

I felt another pair of hands on my shoulders. William's voice said, "Whatcha looking at?"

When I turned around to answer his question he pulled me in and kissed my lips... of course, I kissed his back – twice. I hugged him and he sat down and began talking to Benji.

Peter grabbed my arm and turned me to face the food bar. He said, "He dropped his tray... dude... look... oh shit... do you believe that?"

I didn't believe it. The kid's dad took the crutch.

The boy was just like me.

He was a left leg amputee though his amputation was just above his mid thigh... the bare stump barely hung below the hem.

Not only did his dad, or whoever it was, take his crutch … he also took it to a table and sat it by a chair. He then walked back to the boy. He was angry as hell.

Andy, being the most vocal of the group, said just loud enough to be heard, by anyone around us including the 'rents, "What the hell? Look at that shit."

The father, or whatever he was, got his own tray full then went the same table where he'd put the crutch for the boy... leaving the boy standing there all alone, with people going around him as they 'attempted' to fill their plates. The boy put his head down. He looked like he was totally ashamed.

Using the tray as a support apparatus, the boy disappeared from sight... I knew what he was doing... he was going to the floor so that he could scoot to his destination.

Peter whispered in my ear, "Where did he go?"

"I don't know. Oh wait, there he is." I said. The guy was scooting to the table where his parents and sisters were seated – eating their meal.

One little girl handed the boy a drumstick. The angry mother quickly slapped the girls' hand and put the piece of chicken back on her plate.

By then the 'rents were turned in the direction of that family's table. Dad looked at me with an inquisitive expression on his face.

I got up and headed to where he was seated but William had his chair out so I tripped and fell without grace, landing on the floor with a resounding thud. No damage. Just some bruised Ego. I quickly got up and continued my journey to dad. I leaned in between mom and dad and told them what we guys had observed.

When I looked over to where the family was seated the boy was gone. I quickly looked around... he was headed to the back part of the restaurant on the one crutch. His face had that look of determination on it... and he was pissed... and he was trying not to be angry... both at the same time.

"Dad, I'm going to talk to him, okay?"

"Go do your magic, son. If the father gets up and goes that way I'll... I'll be there."

I nodded to Peter. He didn't understand what I was indicating so I walked over to the table and told him what the plan was. He agreed, got up. We headed to the back of the restaurant after telling the younger kids to stay put. Antoine said he'd keep track of the kids, and to call him if he was needed.

Peter and I then told the rest of the guys what was up, in the Reader's Digest version.

I looked back at dad. He rolled his eyes. Mom was smiling. She looked so tired. I knew the day had been hell on her so my hopes were that we'd talk to the boy, find out what was going on, and offer reassurances, and then we could go home and get mom into bed.

The only problem with the restrooms being located in that end of the place was that the doors to the kitchen area shared a same hallway so the floors were notoriously slick at times. That evening was no different. I didn't have a problem negotiating the grease but as soon as we entered the men's room we saw the boy on the floor, sitting on his butt, his crutch at least 4 feet away.

He had his head in his arms, resting on his knee.

Peter went to the kids' crutch, retrieved it and then handed it to the boy. The boy said, "Thanks." But he never looked up.

I said, "Hey."

"Hey." The boy said dejectedly.

"I see that you're like me." I said then rapped my knuckles on my Leg for sound effects. Peter always laughs when I do that.

The kid looked up. He just shrugged his shoulders then returned to his prostrate position, not making any effort to stand despite Peter's offering hand.

I looked at Peter. He nodded.

I lowered my jeans to the floor and then lifted my shirt to the level of my rib cage. I said, "My name's David. I'm an amputee."

The boy reluctantly looked up. Then his eyes got really big, big like saucers, like maybe he met his first equal. He said, "I'm Adam. Adam Struthers."

"Nice to meet you. This is my husband Peter. Once in a while he helps me up when I fall. Usually I can get up on my own. I noticed that you can control your falls pretty good too."

"Yeah... I'm a student in the college of hard knocks."

I grinned and said, "Yeah, I know that college all too well. Adam, are you okay?"

Peter said, "Hey dufus... wanna pull up your pants... I didn't see a naturist section."

"I'm not nude dude. Give it a rest already." I bantered back.

Adam took Peter's hand and hoisted himself to a standing position. He was about my height, maybe an inch or two shorter. His eyes were dark and shimmering … and captivating. His complexion was clear, clearer than I'd observed and appreciated from a distance while he'd been at the food bar.

I felt myself boning up so I headed to a urinal, lowered the front of my shorts and then released a stream to be proud of. That pretty much did the trick as far as my dick going to a full set of wood. I shook the appropriate number of times, got my jeans up and snapped.

As I was washing my hands Adam said, "You do pretty well on your artificial leg. I couldn't help but to notice that your fake leg looks almost like your regular one... where did you get it? I mean... well... never mind... sorry... we don't have... we can't get something... nevermind."

With that said Adam headed to the urinal that I'd used. He was very unsteady on his feet because of the slick floor so Peter took hold of a belt loop and guided Adam to the stall. Adam whispered, "Thanks."

"No problem." Peter replied.

Adam finished up, put it away then on his own walked to the sink where he washed his hands.

"Well, I guess I'd better get back or they'll come looking for me... and well, you know..."

"Yeah, I guess so. Uhm... Adam, I couldn't help but to see what happened to your food. I, we could get you a tray of food... you just pick out what you want... sometimes it's really hard for us to ask for help... I'm kinda still that way."

Peter nodded agreeably. I flicked his ear, "You don't have to agree with me all the time."

I wasn't serious. Peter knew I wasn't serious. Adam broke into a very cautious smile then quickly reverted to his stoic self.

"Adam, I noticed you have a broken tooth... does it hurt?" I asked seriously.

"Sometimes... usually when I eat something cold... but it's not too bad... it's doable. I got an A on that one."

I giggled. "Yeah. Before ya know it we'll have PhD's." Adam fully grinned... he had 3 upper teeth with noticeable chips. One looked pretty old and the other two were newer and the one tooth looked fresh and brand new.

"I'm working on my thesis." Adam said continuing his fully wide open angle grin.

Then he turned serious as a heart attack. Shyly, meekly he said, "Okay... will you help me?"

"Sure, no problem. We'd be glad to."

Peter said, "Can I help you negotiate the hallway... it's really slick."

"Yeah I know. I didn't voluntarily go to the floor just so you know." Adam said happily.

I grinned and added, "That was the first paragraph of your thesis, right?"

After a pregnant pause I asked, "Why do you only have 1 crutch? It takes two to work right."

Peter began humming the song from Donnie and Marie, "It takes two..."

Adam cracked up then he turned serious, "Uhm, well, I mean... I'm learning how to just use one crutch so I can carry stuff... today's my first day out of the house... they said I needed to put my doctorate paper to work... you know – in practice."

"That's crazy dude. I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that - me and my big mouth."

"I'm doing pretty well. Okay, we'd better go before... anyway, are you ready?"

I took one of Adam's belt loops in front and Peter took one in back and all three of us made back onto the carpet without slipping and falling... which was really kewl.

The food bar area was slick and crazy so we worked out a system... Adam would pick out what he wanted, I held the tray, and Peter retrieved the item. Pretty soon we had a nice tray for our new friend. Peter carried the tray to their table and sat it down.

Jason and Jeremy walked to the table where we were standing waiting for Adam to sit down.

The lady said, "I'm sorry we cannot accept this tray. Adam has to learn one day to become independent... he's not going to be living at home for very much longer. He's got to learn how to do his own stuff. He can just go hungry until he learns."

I replied, "Yes ma'am. I understand where Adam is coming from. I lost my left leg a few years ago due to cancer." For emphasis I reached down and knocked my leg. Peter giggled. He does that every time. Some people!

When neither Peter nor I picked up the tray to remove it the man angrily slammed his fork on his plate sending its contents on the table. He got up, hastily picked up the tray, carried it to the trash receptacle and made a spectacular childish show of tossing the contents of the tray into it. The plates, bowls and silverware went into the trash along with the food.

The man huffed his way back and sat down with a thud. He said to me, "Disappear. Scoot. We're eating."

I said, "We're just trying to help. I know where your son is at on his journey cuz I've been there done that, and I'm still doing it. Sir, the hardest thing for an amputee to do is to ask for and accept help. We really try to be independent but there are just some things we cannot naturally do, obviously."

"He's a freak of nature." His mom said while putting a bite of food in her fat fucking mouth.

Peter groused, "He is no freak. Look, your calling him a freak pisses me off. David thought he was a freaking freak until I set him straight. How dare you. Get the kid another damn crutch and he'll do okay."

Another fork filled with food splattered the table. The man got up.

Jeremy said seriously, "Don't. Sit back down. Relax."

Softly, I said to the woman I assumed to be Adam's mother, "Ma'am, we can be just as independent as anyone else can be... we just need the tools. I'm not telling you what to do... and I am not intending upon getting into your business... I'm just saying from my own experiences. I can do just about anything except swim in the ocean with my prosthesis."

Adam, once his dad sat back down, said something he should not have said, "I'm a freak. I was born without most of my leg... it's just a part of life."

His mom smiled.

His dad resumed eating.

The little kids, I assumed them to be his sisters, turned to their plates and ate as if nothing had happened. Discussion was over.

The middle sister grabbed a taco from her plate and offered it to Adam. The dad knocked it out of her hand and her mother slapped the kids' face.

Jeremy said seriously, "That is child abuse. Jason, call Ella at CPS. We're going to get this straightened out right now."

The man got up and out of his chair. Angrily he got into Jeremy's face and was about to say something when dad, Juan and Horace quickly walked to us. Juan forced himself between the man and Jeremy. He said, "Sir that is NOT a good idea. Sit down."

"What the hell? Are you threatening me?" The man bristled.

Juan replied, "Yes. Sit down."

"Well, you fucking spic get the hell away from me and my family. I'll have you arrested." The man spa angrily, threateningly.

Dad said, "Sir, this confrontation has been recorded ever since my boys approached your table with an offer to help your son. The tray of food that went into the trash can, you and your wife's disparaging and denigrating remarks to your son, the slap of your daughter, and your getting into my son's face... it is all recorded. My wife is presently calling our contact at CPS. Law enforcement should be arriving momentarily."

Mom walked to the table. She said, "I am an officer of the Department of Health and Human Services. Until this matter is resolved... your son will not be sitting here at your table. Jeremy, Jason, would you please assist Adam to our table?"

"You can't do that. He's our son. What we say goes... it's as simple as that. Isn't it Adam?"

"Yes sir." Adam quickly replied. But I don't think that his dad realized that we saw his hand next to Adam's neck... the gesture was or would appear to be reassurance... yeah, he was reassuring all right - NOT!

Just then Antoine wormed his way between me and Juan. He grabbed the man's hand just as it began slipping around Adam's neck. Antoine jerked his hand so that the man was writhering in pain. The man then made a near fatal mistake... with his free hand he arced a punch that connected with Antoine's chin which sent Antoine to the floor. Antoine grabbed the man's leg with fierce determination. Juan shouted, "Stand down. Do not do it."

At the same time Juan used his big beefy muscular hand to seat the man in his chair. With his other hand he grasped the man's windpipe in his fingers, squeezed slightly, and said, "You just fucked up buddy. Jeremy, Jason take this boy to our table."

Horace said, "I'll take him." To the man he said, "Sir, give me a reason..."

The man cowered in his chair. Good thing for him too because there was a lot of testosterone surrounding him that would have found great joy in rearranging his bones should any further invitation come from him.

Mom, she was attending to Antoine. He had a bloody lip but his teeth were all intact, his tongue was fine... he'd just bit his bottom lip. He said, as we walked back to our table, "That was a lucky shot. Damn he hit hard. But don't tell him that."

Horace carried Adam to our table and sat him down next to me.

Adam said to Adam, "Dude that was fucked up. You ain't no freak so stop calling yourself one.

Adam, clearly perplexed asked, "How do you know?"

Benji grinned, "Technological advances." He then showed Adam the recording of the entire transaction.

To Adam I said, "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back."

What I did next... was totally spontaneous. I reached for this guy I didn't really know, yet I did know him in a way, and hugged him deeply. I whispered, "It's going to be okay. I promise."

My brothers took over.

I went to dad, asked him for the keys to the Escalade. I then walked to our vehicle, got into the back, retrieved my crutches, both of them, put the anti-skid ends on the feet and then carried them into the restaurant, took them to our table, stood Adam up, and between me and Peter had them adjusted to Adam's height.

Adam, with tears in his eyes said, "I can't take these. They're yours, right?"

"If they're mine then they're adjusted all wrong. Adam, this is one of those times when you just need to accept an offer of assistance. Enjoy them. When you are in a better position then just pay it forward. Adam, I need to ask you for a favor..."

"Sure... anything... and I mean anything."

Peter put his arm around my shoulders and said, "Don't ever call yourself a freak ever again. It is a lie. You are not a freak. You were born without a leg. You didn't ask for it. It is simply a challenge in life. You'll overcome it. Look, I don't know what's going to happen... but I hope you'll be our friend. David will show how he got through his obstacles. We'll support you in any way that we can. You'll have to do the work though. We won't do that for you. It's got to come from your inner strength."

Jason said, "I hope I can be your friend too. As you may have guessed we're all gay or bi. I hope that doesn't present a problem for you. There's no reason for us to be ashamed of who we are... the same is true for you too."

William said, "Yeah... Jason made me like guys... you know... I REALLY like guys but I like girls too. It's in the genes."

"You are wrong little brother... I do not like girls THAT way."

Adam was smiling throughout William and Jason's continued brotherly bantering back and forth.

One by one, Adam was introduced to our big happy family. He was relaxing.

During our conversations we noticed that a posse of law enforcement officers had arrived. Mr. Struthers was being questioned by one of the officers with another one close by.

Then Ella walked in. She looked none too happy although she waved at us but she went right to business.

Jason, William and Andy got up and walked to the food bar. Geezus, with all that they had eaten for dinner... how could they ever eat another bite?

Soon they returned, sat a tray of food in front of Adam. Jason said, "Here you go. I hope you like what we picked out. Shit, William go get him some silverware... puhleeze."

"Hey you dork... don't use shit and my name in the same sentence... or I'll have to hurt ya." William retorted angrily, but playfully at the same time.

Jeremy walked to our table. The cops had taken his statement. Antoine was being attended to by a paramedic... it was just standard procedure Jeremy told us. And then they were going to take his statement.

Mom and dad, Horace and Alice, and Ella walked to us. Ella said, "Good evening boys. Adam, you're the only boy I don't know yet, my name is Ella Right. I work for CPS. I need some information from you so that some decisions can be made. How about we sit at that vacant table so that we can talk, just the two of us? Honey, you're not in any trouble so don't worry about having done something wrong."

Adam nodded but the smile left his face. He looked to me then to Antoine. Antoine said, "Go ahead Adam. She's good people. Trust what she says. Just answer her questions truthfully. Is this your tray?"

Adam nodded slowly, sheepishly.

Harry got up from the table, grabbed the tray and took it to the table Ella had pointed out. Andy saw that there was no silverware so he took off after some.

Ella walked to the table and sat down. When Adam didn't immediately follow her she said, "It's okay. I'm really not going to bite. I just need to ask you some questions and get some clarifications on a couple of things. You can rejoin your friends in a few minutes."

Andy returned with the silverware, saw the tray on Ella's table, took the knife, fork and spoon and put it on the tray then came back and sat down next to me. I pulled him into my chest and kissed the top of his head, and thanked him for being helpful.

Andy walked to the table and sat down. He looked back and saw us all watching his every move. He then nodded to Ella and they began talking.

*-* Adam's POV *-*

This lady, she turned on a recorder like thing, looked at me, smiled, and said, "Hi Andy. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Ella Right. I am a supervisor at Children's Protective Services for the State of Hawaii. The purpose of my visit here is to better understand the difficulties with your meal here tonight. I want to emphasize that you are in no trouble. I'm not going to take you to juvenile hall unless you ask me to take you there. I am required to record our discussion"

I didn't have a problem with the recording device but was puzzled why juvenile hall was even brought up - all I'd done was to spill my tray of food. "What do you mean 'unless I ask you to take me there? I don't understand." I asked concernedly. I'd known two guys who'd been sent to juvenile. Their experiences there were not great, in fact they'd been beaten up, treated worse than a dog, and when they got out they were pretty well fucked up. One of them went on and did drugs and died.

"Adam, I have no intentions of sending you to juvenile. When we get finished with our question and answer period I'm going to let you decide what you want to do. You're old enough to be an integral part of the decision making process."

"Okay thanks. Nobody's ever really given me a choice... you know..." I said. I felt that maybe I would have a choice in what happens next. Besides, David and Antoine told me that I could trust her.

"Tell me about Adam Struthers." Ella said.

"Uhm... well... like what do you want to know?" I replied. I always had a hard time with talking about myself. Nobody had ever asked my opinion about anything.

"Okay... fair enough. Were you born and raised here on the islands?"

"No. I was born in Connecticut. He moved us here in November. Apparently he got some kind of job or something. So here we are."

"Oh, I've always wanted to go back there. I was born in Atlanta. I moved here to Hawaii in 1990. What kind of work does your dad do?"

"Uhm... well he's not my dad. My real dad was a heroin addict. I heard that he died. My mom was a crack addict. I was born a drug sick kid. The doctors think that I had some chromosome damage..." I said and pointed to my absent leg."

"I've seen it happen. It's very unfortunate for the children but the kids are often resilient and overcome their difficulties. I see that you are doing pretty darn well."

'Thanks. I try, really I do. I'm pretty clumsy though."

Ella smiled and said, "So I've been told. Tell me... have you had the opportunity to see a prosthesis person who could teach you how to walk on crutches?"

"No. I do okay, really I do."

"Okay... can we come back to that later?"

"I guess. I'm doing okay. I do better with two crutches though. They were teaching me how to do things with one crutch. Like I said I'm learning."

"Okay honey... this is what I know about amputees. You've met David. He's my guide to a person living without full use of his legs. You're helping to better understand. You see David hasn't been without his leg for his entire life."

"Oh, okay. I didn't know. I'll try to answer any questions you have about it... I mean it's really no big deal. I hop along." I said smiling hoping that she didn't see right through me.

"Are the Struthers adopting you? Is that why you're here?"

"I guess so. They haven't said. I assumed so."

"Have you been adopted before? I'm sorry... I have to ask though so that we can find out what your status is."

"Ma'am... I've never lived in a home. I've been in foster care all my life. There are not too many families out there who want a freak for a kid ya know."

"Did you run away?"

"Uhm... yeah... kind of."

"Kind of?"

"Yeah... I was in a home for boys. It got pretty violent around there and they were starting to want to do sex things... in fact they really wanted to do that stuff to me."

"Were you abused that way? Where you sexually abused?"

"No. I wouldn't let them. They were fighting... it was all too much so I left." I said seriously.

"So where did the Struthers pick you up?"

"I was hitchhiking outside of Hartford. They picked me up because it was snowing like hell, sorry. It was cold too." I replied truthfully.

"You have a lot of strength inside of you, Adam. Don't ever underestimate your abilities. No freak could ever do what you've done."

"Thank you ma'am. I try."

"And you're doing a good job. Okay, then you're name isn't Adam Struthers. Can you tell me your real name?"

"Sure. It's Adam James Lee. My date of birth is February 29th. I'll be 15." I then grinned, "Well, maybe I'll just be what? Three and a half?."

Ella laughed. "Oh honey I think you're older than three and a half. So you've got a birthday coming up in a few weeks."

"Yeah... it's no big deal though."

Ella clucked her tongue but didn't say anything about it.

"So you're in the Connecticut child welfare system, correct?"

"Yup. I was anyway."

"What's your social security number so I can look up your records on my PDA device?

I gave it to her. She punched some buttons on her PDA, looked up and said, "Nothing is coming up... let me try your name and date of birth."

"Oh... there you are. Yes, you're reported as a runaway from the Elgin Home for Boys in Hartford. It says here that you left on October 27th. Is that about right?"

"That would be about right. Yes ma'am."

"Okay, give me a minute. I'm going to enter your whereabouts and transfer your case here. Do you like it here in Hawaii?"

"Oh yeah. It's a lot warmer here." I said factually.

She typed in some stuff then looked back up and said, "Okay, I've got you transferred to my jurisdiction. I'll receive a confirmation tomorrow."

"Kewl. I like it here."

"I'm glad you do because it looks like you get to stay here but only if you want to. The only alternative is to transfer you back to Connecticut. If you return to Connecticut I'm almost certain that they'll put you into a secure facility to keep you from running away until you're 18 at which time you'd be on your own."

"Oh yeah, I'd like to stay here. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure you can." Ella replied readily then looked into my eyes and waited.

"Uhm... what's happening to the Struthers? I mean they're strict and everything but they weren't too bad." I said though not entirely believing what I had just said.

Basically, I was in their way. The woman made me up a bed in their out building because they didn't want me sleeping around their daughters. She said I was a growing boy and all boys need pussy, and that she wasn't even going to take the chance. I figured that would be just fine since I didn't really get along with people all that well. It wasn't that I was bad it was just because I kept to myself everywhere I'd been before.

"Adam, you've been straight up with me so I'm going to be straight up with you. First of all... they kidnapped you. Running away is not an excuse to be picked up by strangers and transferred half a world away. There are serious consequences for doing that. Secondly, Mrs. Struthers said that she cannot take a chance with you around her daughters. Have you done anything that might cause her to think that you would?"

"Oh no ma'am. No way. They put a bed in an outbuilding for me to stay in."

"An out building, what kind of outbuilding is it?"

"It's kind of like a shed. They keep the lawnmower, garden tools, and the landlord keeps a lot of his equipment and junk in it. I don't know if the Struthers were actually renting or if they were just squatting. They seemed to be squatting because they'd disappear when the landlord came around. I was told to hide in the attic."

Ella's eyes narrowed to slits. He asked, "Did they feed you adequately?"

"Yeah. They'd let me in the house to eat, use the bathroom, shower, and sometimes I got to watch TV. I'm not much of a TV person though."

"You were outside most all of the other times?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Did they send you to school?"

"No ma'am."

"Were you physically, sexually or spiritually abused in any way by the Struthers?"

"No, not really. I mean no they didn't beat me or make me do sex or anything like that. They called me a freak of nature but I already knew that."

Ella looked up from entering data into the PDA. I said, "Okay... nobody's calling me a freak... in fact they <I pointed to the tables where my new friends were sitting> said I'm not a freak... so I guess I'm not really a freak."

She smiled, "I knew you'd see it their way... or else. That David is pretty convincing." She broke out laughing.

"Yeah, no kidding." I smiled then turned back to the two full tables. They were all, and I mean all of them even the adults, looking intently in the direction of where Ella and I were seated.

"That's quite a bunch." Ella snickered.

"I think so too." I said cautiously. I felt warm feelings flowing through my body. Yet I had lingering doubts, many of them, about what we were going to do and where we were going from there.

Ella looked up and into my eyes, sat her PDA aside, and said, "Adam, I have at least one approved foster family for you to stay with. There will probably be at least one more home available by tomorrow. The one I'm thinking about putting you into has 8 boys and a girl on the way. One of the boys is an amputee much like you. The boys range in age from 12 to 17. I'd really suggest that you take this family since at least for tonight the only other alternative is our juvenile hall but I don't want you to go there. Is this acceptable to you?"

"Uhm... I don't know... I lived in a pod with 8 boys... and well... it didn't work out... maybe I could meet them... I don't ask for anything except for maybe a dry bed and a little something to eat."

"I understand... would you at least meet them... then you can make a good informed decision. You'd know all the facts."

"Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Yes, but only if you feel comfortable. We can go meet them and then you can tell me of your decision." Ella said confidently.

"Okay... I'll meet them. I'll hurry and finish this food, can I?"

"Take your time. One more question for right now?"

I nodded as I shoveled a fork full of roast beef and mashed potatoes in my mouth.

"Do you have anything at the Struthers you need to pick up before we go?"

"Just some clothes is all. I don't have anything else."

"Are you married to those clothes? I only ask because I'm sure they can find something for you to wear. I will warn you ahead of time that most of the kids are naturists... in other words they don't like to wear clothes. Does that bother you?"

"Uhm... could I at least wear shorts?"

"That's just fine. Adam, nobody's forced to do anything like wearing clothes or having sex or any of that kind of stuff. They all have chores to do because they are members of a large family. I will add that 6 of the 8 boys have been adopted or they are in the process of being adopted."


"Yes, really."

Quickly I hauled in the rest of my food, swallowed most of the non-meat stuff whole, and then finished my glass of milk. I scraped the plates clean, not knowing when my next meal would be, or where.

"May I be excused? I need to use it before we go? Please."

"Go right ahead."

With that said I took off for the restroom and was very careful because I already knew the floor was slick. I had no problem. Those stop guards that David put on his crutches really did do the trick. I quickly made my way to a stall, shut and locked the door, took care of business, all the while trying to maintain my composure. I'd never lived with a family like Ella was talking about.

I heard a voice, it was David's voice, ask, "Adam, are you in here?"

"Yeah, I'll be done in a minute. Ella's taking me to a foster home as soon as I get done here. I get to check them out first. They have 8 kids..."

I heard David walking into the stall next to mine. His pants went down. He sat down and ripped one to be proud of. He said, "Sorry about that."

"No problem. They're all boys. But I don't know about it. I lived in a similar situation where I came from... and well it just didn't work out."

"I wish you luck, Adam. And you can keep the crutches. I have another pair at home."

"Oh yeah... that family... one of the kids is an amputee like we are. I'm kind of excited."

"That's really kewl. I'm really happy for ya."

After the last one fell I cleaned myself, pulled up my shorts, flushed then went to the sink where I washed my hands, dried them and then headed back to the table where I'd left Ella. She wasn't sitting at our table; instead she was sitting in a chair next to the pregnant lady. She gestured for me to sit next to her, which I did.

Andy got up from his seat, walked over to me and said in my ear, "I hear you're going to a foster home. I hope your okay there. I hope they let you use two crutches. David's tried it a few times and well... it just didn't work. I think you're parents are morons. That's just stupid."

He patted my back then sat on another boy's knee. The boy was black skinned, kinda short, not very big, but his eyes captivated me. I had to look away... I didn't want to be rude or anything. I'd been told to not stare at anybody.

David returned to the table, sat down then it got all quiet and stuff. Nobody was saying anything. I looked to Ella and said, "Okay, I'm ready... oh... I'm sorry... I wanted to thank you all for everything you did for me tonight. I mean it. And David, when I get my own crutches I'll return these to you. Ella can I borrow a piece of paper and a pencil... I've got to write David's phone number down so I can get his address."

Ella smiled but she didn't move to retrieve the writing stuff.

Jim and Peggy got up from their seats, walked to where I was sitting, and put their hands on my shoulders. Ella said, "Adam, this is the foster family I was talking to you about. I believe you've already met everybody but I'll go around and formally introduce everybody."

"Oh no. Oh my God. I... I... I... I don't know... I don't know what to say... YEAH!"

My shoulders were patted. The pregnant lady leaned down and said into my ear, "Let Ella introduce everybody... sweetie, it's her job." The pregnant lady snickered then lowered her hand so that it was resting on my chest. She smelled so good. Her face was so kind and peaceful. My reserves were breaking, and they were breaking quickly.

"Adam James Lee, meet Peggy. She is everybody's mother. Next to her is Jim. He's everybody's father but likes to be called dad. Next is Antoine. The cutie sitting next to him is Matt. Then there's Andy. I understand that you've met David and Peter. Then you have Allen and Angel. That's Jeremy and Jason. Jason isn't their son... he belongs to Horace and Alice. Then, last but certainly not least, there is William. He also belongs to Horace and Alice. He's very fortunate to be here."

There was something she was leaving out but then Andy said, "This guy sitting next to me is Harry. The next guy is Benji. The lady sitting next to him is Shoo and that big man's name is Juan. Harry is Juan's son. Benji's mom is Shoo."

Andy sat down in his seat, pulled Harry's arm around his chest and kissed his wrist.

What was that all about? Why would he do that? I felt my face drop. I looked to the floor, found a crumb of food and stared at it.

Peggy said, "Adam, I think the boys need to fully identify themselves. It might make a difference to you. Antoine, would you start?"

"Sure mom. Adam, Matt is my partner for life. We love each other. We are committed to each other and no one else." Antoine said.

Matt said, "This guy here is my hunk. Yes, we're gay. We got married on Christmas Eve last year. I hope you stick around. Don't worry about us. Gay doesn't rub off."

David spoke next, "Adam, Peter is my husband. We too were married on Christmas Eve. I sure hope that having gay people around does not change your mind about coming to live with us for a while. We're good people."

"It's nice to meet you Adam. Nobody in our home will ever force you to do anything that you don't want to do. Actually, there are few of us who are not in committed relationships so you're definitely safe." Peter said.

Angel offered, "Allen is my mate for life. He's my husband who I love with all my heart. Peter's right... we don't do anything with anybody else... so... yeah... you're safe."

Jeremy said, "I'm Jeremy. Jason is my boyfriend. I love him. We haven't made the decision to get married yet. We probably will... just not right now. I'm the biggest and oldest... so you'll have to do what I say... I'll work you hard and will probably give you me and Jason's chores to do..."

"Like that's going to happen..." David snickered.

"Jeremy's the resident dork... don't listen to him..." Peter said chuckling mischievously.

Andy said, "He's full of ..." The Benji boy covered Andy's mouth affectionately.

Andy said, "Harry, William, Benji and I are bonded ones. We share our minds, spirits and bodies. We can talk about it later if you're interested in knowing about us."

Benji said, "You will not be forced to do anything in our home. I sense your difficulties with accepting everything. There is a lot to understand. We will be honored to help you through your difficulties. I hope you come live with us."

Jim, the dad, deadpanned, "Nevermind Jeremy. Adam, I'll be adding more chores onto him for his wiseacre comments to you. Yes, you'll have chores to do. I'll probably assign you to the yard where Antoine works. He's been asking for some assistance but nobody is really interested. Well, don't let me get ahead of myself... we'd like you to come stay with us for as long as needed."

"Uhm... well, I worked grounds-keeping when I was at the boy's home. I'll try... is that okay, Antoine?"

"That's fine. You will do well. We'll work together. I have some ideas and would like your opinion."

"You want my opinion?" I said, clearly surprised.

'Yes." Antoine replied seriously.

"Okay." I stood up turned to the lady named Peggy and said, "If it's okay I'd like to come stay with you for a few days until something else can be worked out, right Ella?"

Ella sat up in her chair. She smiled, "Just for a few days until we get some things worked out."

Peggy, the pregnant lady said, "Yes, we'd love to have you. Don't worry. You'll fit in just fine. Don't worry about food and clothes... do you have some clothes that we need to stop and pick up before we head home?"

I looked to Ella, "We can stop by if you have something you want to pick up. I can arrange for the police to be there if you think there will be any danger."

"They aren't really dangerous. We won't have a problem. She'll be glad I'm gone." I said knowingly then added, "Okay... I'll go with you. Thank you. I have to warn you that I've never lived with a family. I hope I don't mess it up."

Peter said, "Don't worry... I didn't really have a home before living with mom and dad. My brother Matt was pretty much the same. In case you're wondering... he and I are twins. Andy is our little brother. Our common connection to Andy is the egg donor. Matt and I have the same egg donor and sperm donor."

Mrs. Struthers was waiting for me. Well, maybe not. She definitely wasn't prepared for 4 adults (Shoo waited in Juan's vehicle) and 13 dudes to come knocking on her door. She was accommodating in that she opened the back gate and unlocked the shed.

Ella carefully observed my living quarters, took several pictures, and entered some data into her PDA. Jim found a plastic trash bag and loaded up the few clothes I had including dirty underwear which I was embarrassed to have him touch. He said, "Just remember, I have quite a few sons around so another pair or two isn't going to bother me."

Peggy bantered, "But honey dear... you don't do the laundry... don't worry Adam I've seen my share of crusty underwear and socks."

There was heard varying sounds, tones and words that sounded like embarrassed groans and moans coming from the group of those guys that wanted me to come stay with them. I have to admit that my face heated up several degrees, my pits got a bit damp, and my eyes opened wide... like a saucer.

I locked the door and handed Mrs. Struthers the key. I said, "Thanks for everything. I don't know what else to say so we'll just leave. You don't have to show us out."

"Yeah, well, you'll be back once they find out that you're really a freak of nature. Good riddens."

With that said she turned on her heels, walked up the steps to the house, went inside and slammed closed the door.

Peggy said to me, "It's going to get better."

David's crutches worked really, really good walking up the stairs to the bedroom area of their house.

There were 4 open bedrooms. They gave me the choice to pick out whichever one I wanted to call my own. Each had its own bathroom and dressing area. I'd never ever before ever had or had the opportunity to have anything like that. I'd never had my own room... other than the outbuilding I'd slept in for a few short months... but even it wasn't all mine because it was used frequently... the Struthers were always in and out, usually during the day.

All had king size canopy type beds, full built-in dresser drawers, full size walk-in closets, and floor to ceiling windows that opened onto a common deck. I kind of liked the corner room. It was smaller, but not by much. I walked out onto the deck and found that it overlooked a nice pool with lights and everything. I said to Peggy, "Can I have this room? If it is any trouble then can I just sleep in one of those lounge chairs? I don't need much ma'am."

Jim said, "Jeremy would you please put Adam's clothes on the dresser. Why don't you guys go swimming?"

Ella said, "Okay Adam. Is everything okay here so far? I'm going to leave unless you have any questions for me."

I looked to Peggy then to Jim, "Is this room really all mine? I mean thanks... I just haven't had anything this nice before..."

"It's your room for as long as you want or need it, Adam." Peggy said.

Jim said, "Each of the couples has a room of their very own. They are all furnished the same way and they are all just about the same size. If you don't like the color then having it repainted won't be an issue."

"Oh... I like it just the way it is... I mean yeah definitely. I love it. I'll take good care of it. I promise."

Ella said, "Okay, I'm going to leave. If you have any questions or have any problems that can't be worked out just call me. Jim and Peggy have my phone number. I'll ask them to give it to you so that if you need to call me without going through them you can."

"Okay. Thanks."

With that Ella and Peggy left the room. Jim sat down in a chair and offered me one opposite him. He started to say something but we were interrupted by a series of splashes from outside.

I smiled, "Can I go see?"

"You sure can... in fact you can join them at any time. Do you know how to swim?"

"Yes sir. I'm pretty good."

"Go ahead then. Uhm, Adam, if I know the boys they will not be wearing swimsuits. They use the excuse that goes along the lines of they don't want to clog the filters that clean and sanitize the water." Jim was snickering.

Curiously, I walked out onto the deck, looked down into the pool and saw that nobody was wearing anything... not even a bikini... not even a thong. They'd forced us to swim naked in the indoor pool at the boy's home... which was where I'd had the most problem with the guys touching, groping, playing dick tag, and other minor stuff that I'd felt uncomfortable with.

David was in the middle of the pool... Peter was next to him... like he was helping David stay upright... I'd never got to play like that... I had been confined to hanging on the wall for support and stuff.

Jim walked out while I was standing and observing the guys. He said, "If you'd feel more comfortable, I'll get one of the boys to give you a swim suit. I expect that they will get involved in a game of water soccer before the night is out. In case you're wondering David plays too. He's usually the goalie. He's really good about pushing off the wall so that he can get to where he can bat the ball to a teammate. They'll get you a position to play... but that's between you and them, if you want to. Adam?"


"I'm going to suggest that you just join them. The first few minutes might be a bit awkward for you but it will pass. You're going to have to step out there and trust us. Nobody's going to hurt you... and if they do intentionally hurt you then they have me and Peggy to deal with. It doesn't go that far because the boys are good about policing themselves. When someone gets out of line then one or usually most of the guys get on them pretty hard. I'm going to let you get settled into your room. If you want to go swimming then go. If you don't then you don't have to. Peggy and I will be in the TV room watching an old folk's movie or reruns from the dinosaur days. If you want to join us then you're certainly welcome."

"Thank you, sir. Uhm, can I take a shower? It's been a couple of days since I took one, and well I don't want to get the pool dirty."

"Adam... you do not have to ask permission to use the bathroom, take a shower, or any other necessities. Seriously Adam, all we ask of you is to not steal, like, cheat or hurt anybody. We'll get you set up in school. You'll be expected to work hard but we have a lot of fun here. And there is a lot of love in this house. There is plenty of everything."

"Thank you, sir. I think I'll go swimming but I want to take a shower first."

"Okay, well, have fun. If you need anything just let us know." Jim said. He then exited and headed down the hallway.

I closed the door all the while thinking, "My room … Really... is this really my room?"

I walked back to the deck. Peter saw me and yelled, "Come on out Adam. We don't bite!"

I laughed. "I'll be out in a little while." I said happily.

"Hurry up!" The big guy, Jeremy, said.


I walked into the bathroom, closed the door and was greeted by my entire body being shown in a full length mirror hanging on the door. The sight of my body standing there all alone stopped me cold. I shuddered violently. There were mirrors all over the room... in front, in back, on each side, even the shower door was coated with a mirror like substance.

I took the two steps to the mirror hanging on the door, put my face close up to it and saw two pimples on my chin. I also saw a bit of fuzz on my upper lip which was a bit puffy... but then my lips were a bit puffy anyway... that's just how they were.

The most notable thing was my eyes. They looked like they were alive. They even sparkled. Normally, when I even took the time to look, they looked dreary, tired like, sleepy maybe.

I worked off my shirt and tossed it to the floor after giving myself assurances that I'd pick it up and place it where it belonged.

My nipples were large. Even though I wasn't fat my breasts were large for a guy... like they pouted out an inch or so... they were too large. The guys at the home had made fun of them, twisted them to the point where they were bruised, and called me a freak. I'd kyped a roll of duct tape from the maintenance shed and taped them down so that they didn't tent out the thin t-shirts they'd made us wear even in cold weather.

My tummy was my best asset. It was strong looking. And I had the beginnings of a nice six pack. I traced both sides of the V going down inside my shorts and underwear. I figured I might as well get it over with so I balanced my weight on my right crutch, unsnapped my shorts and then in one fell swoop lowered both my outside shorts and underwear. They easily dropped to the floor. Using both crutches I stepped out of them and kicked them to where my shirt had landed.

I looked back into the mirror. I had respectable pubes which were getting coarse yet they were still mostly downy soft. I reached own and lifted my dick, which was about half hard, and examined its head. It had a nice mushroom appearance if I do say so myself. Just past the mushroom though was ugly, ugly, ugly. From the appearances of the other guys I could tell that my circumcision had been botched badly... it was almost like they ripped off the skin instead of cutting that piece of skin. I wrapped my fingers around the ugly part and continued checking out my shaft. I was probably 5 inches fully hard but I didn't like looking at the slit because the slit was on the bottom of my dick, not out front like other guys are. Two more freaky things for the freaky kid.

I pushed everything aside and looked for more hair on that space where a testicle should be. I only had one testicle on the left side... the right one had never been there... another freaky thing for a freaky kid. Putting that aside I searched for more hairs. Nope, still 3 or 4 downy soft, almost invisible hairs.

I had nice thighs, plump, muscular, defined. The muscles in my left thigh were of course wasted. It ended in a cone like thing for a stump. It was ugly, ill defined and useless. Another freaky thing for a freaky kid.

My right leg was okay... muscular but not overly so. I was growing some dark black hairs down around my ankle, and it was spread up for maybe 6 to 8 inches. My toes were long and slender, almost feminine like.

I turned around... with all the mirrors and their angles I could clearly see my butt. Nice... other than my abs those globes were my second best attribute. It was full but was not necessarily bubble. My crack was deep, which spread up and out to a nice well defined V.

"So, what are you going to do Adam? Are you going to put yourself out there so they can make fun of you? They don't seem like that kind of people but then ya never know. I may as well get it over with."

With those thoughts firmly etched I entered the shower, got the water to temperature. I'd noticed that the water was immediately warm. Ya didn't have to wait for the warm water to start flowing.

The really neat thing about the shower was that it had a marbleized seat to sit on so I sat the crutch outside the door and got busy washing the grime off my body. I was about three quarters hard. At least I didn't have to gross them out with a hard dick so I did the deed which did the trick.

I dried off and was careful to not leave water trails. I shook my hair out, which needed cutting because I didn't like to wear my hair long.

I opened the door, peered around the corner to make sure I was alone. I saw something dark on my bed so I walked over. The object was a pair of short boxer like swimming trunks. They were a size 27, my exact size.

Then I heard my name being called:






I smiled. For the first time in my life my name had a nice ring to it.

I grabbed the swimsuit and sat on the bed that would be mine. I looked at it carefully as though it was a diamond ring or something equally as precious.






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