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The Light, Book 2

by Joe Writer Man

Chapter 24

No sooner than I decided to wear the swimsuit, Andy appeared in the doorway of my room that led to and from the pool. Andy's seeing me naked was not something I had planned on, nor really wanted... surely he'd just be one more person to make fun of the attributes I was so ashamed of.

Without waiting for invitation or for me to put on something, namely the swimming suit, or at least a towel, he went ahead and entered, grabbed my crutches, put them in my hands, and then urged me to follow him to be with him and his brothers.

Jeremy, Jason, Antoine and Allen next appeared. Without a word from them, and despite my protests, they picked me up, carried me down to the pool, and then tossed me into the water.

The adults Jim, Peggy and Ella had all told me that I had choices … being tossed, screaming and protesting, into a pool … was NOT my idea of having a choice.

Although I was more than capable of handling myself in a pool, I felt hands, lots of them, pulling and tugging me to the surface. They were all laughing and carrying on. Like something was funny about grabbing hold of someone and 'forcing' the situation …

Add insult to injury … Jim, Peggy, Horace, Alice, and an old woman were looking on, encouraging their sons, and laughing … damn, that family sure laughed a lot.

I had absolutely no choice but to sink or swim, as the saying goes.

To say that I had a blast with them would be an understatement. They showed me their version of water soccer. Soon, I was 'into it'. I did notice David largely hanging onto the side of the pool, venturing out only to defend. The thing was that our team named me the co-goalie, so, basically, David and I hung together. I would venture out, aiming to be the front goalie, while he watched my back (quite literally).

When we took a break, David looked into my eyes. He had fear in his.

"How do you do that?" He asked, clearly confused about why I took to the open water.

I replied, "I just know how to use the water to my advantage... actually, it's easier to get around in the water than it is walking around on pavement, you know, out there. Just use your arms, keep your foot on the bottom of the pool to give you leverage."

Boldly, I took David's hand, led him out into the open water, showed him tricks of the trade, and supported him when he started to go under. He's a fast learner. Soon he was doing just fine on his own, though I stayed close by. I then swam to the corner of the pool, retrieved the ball, tossed it to him... he soon caught on. The guys then joined us. The game continued. David was really good, once he put his mind to it, once he became self confident.

David, Peter, me, Benji, Andy, Harry, and William were on one team, while Jeremy, Jason, Antoine, Matt, Allen and Angel were on the other team – we beat them hands down – and, no, they didn't let us win. It was a tough challenge because they were good – but we were better!

Very nonchalantly, they began exiting the pool, not caring one little bit that the adults were present, watching, and laughing right along with the rest of us. They headed to a little out building right next to the pool. Jeremy said, "We're going to take showers before we go into the house... ya need some help?"

I shook my head no then looked to the adults to see if they were looking in our direction. They were busily engaged in conversation, no longer really paying any attention to us. Benji exited the shower house with a towel in his hand. I raised my arm, Jeremy hoisted me up and out of the water, and then Benji helped me wrap the towel around my midsection.

In the combined pump and shower room the rest of the guys were washing up. I took a chance after Jeremy and Benji joined their brothers, dropped my towel to the floor leaving me totally naked and vulnerable, pronged and all, nobody said one word that made me feel uncomfortable, in fact, Benji, William and Harry offered to wash my back and wherever else I chose.

I really didn't 'choose', instead they washed my back and the leg I was standing on, leaving all other places alone. Nobody had ever done anything like that for me before. They didn't grope, and Andy didn't stare at my erection though he did check it out, as did everybody else. At first, I was very self conscious, thinking, knowing, that their words of ridicule were inevitable. But, it never happened, they didn't make fun of my worst attributes.

Maybe, just maybe I'd be okay there with them.

While David washed his hair he began talking of his bout with cancer, and how he just about died from its ravages. The room got totally quiet, other than for the noise from the shower heads, the only voice speaking was David's. He continued to talk of his journey even while the rinse water was cascading down his hair, across his face, and through his mouth. His words were quick, yet powerful.

William then spoke of his brush with death, how he'd been mortally wounded, and how he came back to the living.

I felt my resolves dissolving. Valiantly, I tried to hold my emotions in check. Nobody had ever shared their deepest experiences with me, ever. I felt drawn into them... it was like I could feel their gratitude at being given another chance at life... it made me feel that my outward attributes were not all that great big of a deal.

Peter said, "Matt, Andy and I have a story to tell, also, but let's get our showers taken, and then we'll talk later. Adam, you don't have anything that you need to feel ashamed of. Right now, I'll just say that you and I are not all that different... yeah, I checked out your stuff... that's just what we do … hell, straight guys check out other guys... it's just the way we are... I don't know if girls do that stuff. Anyway, I just want to say that you aren't alone."

I looked down into my lap. My dick was fully engorged. Its ugliness readily apparent, yet these guys weren't making fun of me, instead, I felt somewhat more okay with what I had... if only just a little bit.

After everybody was rinsed, they sat down on the marble table like thing. Allen said, "Usually, since we're all hard and everything... we do a circle jerk before going into the house. The only real rule is that we don't engage in any kind of sex while in public areas of the house. We're not supposed to parade around with erections.... but it happens... we just go to our rooms and take care of matters, either privately or with our husbands, boyfriends, or whatever. Other than that, oh wait, we don't have anal sex in the pool... just ask David and Peter." Allen snickered.

David rolled up his eyes, nodded knowingly, and said, "It leaves bad germs in the water... dad got really pissed that night... but we didn't know... so he wasn't all that mad really."

"Did he beat you?" I asked somberly, knowing there had to be an angle to what they were saying, knowing that adults always beat their kids when they did bad... I'd heard that song and dance too many times before, from kids at the home.

Peter said, "No, we weren't beaten. Dad doesn't do that stuff. He's not mean... though he does get angry when he's afraid... that's pretty normal... And, oh yeah, don't drag water through the house... heh heh heh, he'll make you sit in the kitchen or dining room until you dry off. At least that's what he did to me <chuckling>."

Angel spoke next, "Don't steal anything... I stole some money when Allen and I first got here... dad came down on me real hard, but he didn't beat me or anything... I was afraid... wasn't I Allen?"

"Yeah, no shit..."

As it were, 20 minutes later we exited the shower house, quite contented and no longer had erections leading the way. Once again, Benji wrapped a towel around my midsection, and made sure it was snugly in place.

We joined the adults. Conversation was easy, calm, spontaneous, free of tension, and lighthearted for the most part.

Even though it was way past midnight, and we were all tired, Peter then Matt then Andy then Allen then Angel... told their stories. Sometimes we laughed. Sometimes we cried. Sometimes we just felt the person we were hearing... and sometimes, they touched the person who was speaking, offering them encouragement, strength and hope, and support.

At some point, when their stories were told, I stood on David's crutches, and slowly, reluctantly, yet with feelings that they would not make fun of me, dropped the towel to the pavement, stood in front of them, and waited for the onslaught of shaming and blaming to take hold... it always had before... so that's why I had always stayed or blended into the background, not bringing attention to myself.

Matt spoke up... he hadn't told us what had happened to him, what had kept him on life support in the hospital for several months, that he had been broken, and left to die, and how he'd hoped to die. He began crying when he told us of how Peter had given him a second chance at life, and how Antoine and him had gotten together and how much they loved each other, and how their love was growing day by day.

I'd never seen two guys kiss before, but it all seemed to be 'so right' when he and Antoine kissed tenderly. Although I'd noticed that Antoine was well endowed, I never really realized just how endowed he actually was until he fully elongated... I hadn't even noticed how big he was when we jacked off in the shower... mainly because I was caught up in the moment, and gave them not a second thought.

He said softly, "As you can see, I am very big down there. I was ashamed of it. My father told me time and time again that I'd never experience sexual pleasure because I was a freak." With tears flowing from his eyes he said how he and Matt were perfect, and knew just exactly what to do to bring them unbridled pleasures during their physical expressions of love and commitment.

Peter said, "You aren't alone, Adam. My uncle hit me so hard that he busted my testicle. The doctors had to remove it because it was irreparable. They put in a fake testicle so that I looked normal down there. I guess what I'm trying to say is that David and I are okay... he never made me feel 'less than' just because I had only one thing... only one testicle. It's a long story but I now have two normal testicles... but I don't want to get into that... it is kind of like what David had happen to him... he was healed."

Peggy spoke up, softly, reassuringly, "Adam, quite a few boys experience growth in their breasts during puberty... it's not all that abnormal... some boys get it, many do not... it will pass with time. I'm sorry if they make you self conscious, but, I just want to tell you that you are not abnormal in any way. Your breasts will diminish in time, probably in the next 6 months or so."

"Uhm, well, I saw a doctor a few months ago... I had pneumonia... anyway he said basically the same thing... it doesn't help though... I just wear big shirts..." I looked around to each person. Seeing nothing but support, I continued, "The guys... they used to twist my tits so hard that I'd bruise... they'd keep it up..."

Jim said caringly, "We'll get you in to see Dr. Miller or Dr. Borkwin... maybe they should run some tests just to make sure nothing serious is wrong. Would you agree to it?"

I nodded then sat back down on Antoine's side, opposite Matt. I said softly, "Your thing, I mean 'penis' looks just fine... I mean, it's not ugly or anything..."

My story came out... I told them how the doctor's had said that my abnormalities had likely come from my mother who was a crack head, and how I'd been born 'drug sick'. They'd said that nothing could be done, the damage was already there, and that I'd just have to learn how to accept things as they were.

The older lady said, "You boys spend way too much time worrying about what God has given you... Adam, just let that crap go. It's not helping you or anybody else around here. That goes for all of you." She then looked to me, intently gazing into my eyes, and then her expression changed from serious to orneriness - "Does it work okay?"

Immediately, my face, neck, chest and back heated up... I thought I was going to blow a gasket right there on the spot.

Jim quickly spoke up, "Mom, that's way out of line... Adam, just nevermind her question!"

There were a bunch of giggles, groans and moans... Peggy looked like she was going to melt …. The old lady continued to look deeply into my eyes... she expected an answer. Slowly, cautiously, reluctantly, I nodded.

She said, "Well then you don't have anything to worry about. If someone can't overlook something as small as a physical difference... then you have no business being with them. If you were 40 or 50 years older..."

Jim said, "Mom, that's enough..." But he didn't get a chance to finish what he was going to say because the older lady continued, "Oh Jim... give it a rest. Your dad and I loved each other... and we never strayed... but... I must say that had Adam come along, and was closer to my age..."

I couldn't help it... I started laughing. Soon everybody was laughing. Even Antoine, who I took as being very serious about everything – just like me – cracked up.

With all that said and done, we called it a night, headed off to our rooms.

I'd lain on MY bed in MY room with MY real true friends ... tears sprang from my eyes... I couldn't stop them … the most profound thing was that I didn't want them to stop – they were happy tears, not pain tears.

I slept the best I'd ever slept in all of my life.

*-* Two days later *-*

Peggy had a regularly scheduled appointment with her obstetrician to check the progress of her pregnancy. She'd also made an appointment for me to see their family doctor about my situation.

Her appointment was first. She checked out just fine. I thought seeing the sonogram of the little baby was the most kewl thing I'd ever seen before in my entire life. The baby was very active, and didn't like being poked and prodded, not one bit did it like it. I thought the little girl would be a really good soccer or football player once she was born... Peggy didn't much take to that fact... she said she had enough rough boys in the bunch.

After her appointment, we stopped into the hospital cafeteria ,had lunch, and then took off for my appointment in a clinic way across the complex.

Dr. Miller had been in surgery so he was running a couple of patients behind. After waiting for a little over an hour a nurse called my name, showed me to the lab where I had blood taken, and then a bunch of x-rays were taken of my chest, the stump, my hips, back and my good leg. We waited another 30-40 minutes before Dr. Miller knocked on the door and entered.

He asked a bunch of questions, many that I did not know an answer. He reassured me that my not knowing would not be an issue, in fact he liked patients who were 'fresh starts' to the health care system. Immediately, I felt at ease. As soon as Peggy sensed that all was going well, she excused herself saying the baby was kicking fiercely, and as a result needed to pee.

He had me undress to the skin, and then he did a thorough examination from head to toe, and everything in between. He then paid close and careful attention to my nubbin cone shaped stump.

My examination was finished after he deeply probed my rectum. He was quick. It didn't hurt any, as I thought it might have been since I'd never had anything 'up' my rear before. I can't say the examination was pleasant, yet it didn't hurt, not at all. He wiped my butt free of the lubricant, and other stuff, if there was other stuff, I didn't look, and he didn't offer <smiles>.

"Okay, go ahead and get dressed. My office is at the end of the hallway. Take your time. I'll be looking over your x-rays."

Peggy was in his office when I arrived. Dr. Miller had my x-rays showing up on large display screens. They both welcomed me. Dr. Miller had me take a seat, opposite him, and then began explaining that everything was checking out normal.

"Adam, your breasts are undergoing pubertal changes... it's sometimes a side effect to the hormones ravaging your teenage body. I'd say they will be normally shaped, and of normal size within 6 months, and no later than a year from now. You do not need surgery, although we can do an operation to reduce them, but there is no guarantee that they won't redevelop. My advice is to allow time to let your hormones do their job, naturally. The condition is called gynomastica. It affects roughly 50 to 60 percent of boys your age. Only maybe 2 percent require any kind of surgical intervention. If your breasts are still an issue for you, say, two years from now... then we'll go from there. At any rate, I'd like to see you back here in 6 months or so."

"The doctors at the home told me I had been 'drug sick' when I was born, and that my problem was caused by that..."

"No, there is no clinical correlation between gynomastica during puberty and toxic baby syndrome... you do have a heart murmur, and some mild deformity of your private areas, and the absent leg... these, I believe, are directly related to your toxic state during pregnancy. Adam, I would like to talk to you about your private areas... do you mind if your mother stays, or would you like for her to leave?"

Peggy said, as she got up from the chair, "I'm going to go out to the waiting room. I'll wait for you."

"Uhm... you can stay... you know... well... you've seen..." I said.

"No, if I leave then you can tell me what you want to share. There are things a guy has to talk about with only his doctor. I don't want to invade your space..."

I nodded. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Dr. Miller said, "She is really a remarkable person. Are you doing okay?"

"Yeah, I'm doing fine. They're treating me like I belong there, or something."

"They definitely have the knack of growing on people... okay... here's what I recommend... first of all, you need to have two minor procedures for your penis. First, and we can do this at the same time, I'd like to repair your slit, the hole that you pee from."

I nodded.

He continued, "Do you have any pain with erections?"

"Uhm... sometimes... not always... I mean... well... sometimes when I'm... you know... jacking off... it feels like it's really tight, or something... uhm... can you fix the circumcision... it was really fecked up... it's ugly... uhm, sorry..."

"Yes, that is the third thing I want to bring up. Yes, you need a revision. How we proceed is up to you, though. We can refashion the skin so that you are not circumcised, or we can finish the circumcision, which is what I recommend – you'll have a lot less problems with scar tissue, and probably sensation."

"It really doesn't matter to me... I've seen my brothers... uhm... I mean my friends... you know... in the showers... and well... I'll be okay, looking like that."

"Okay, we can do that. I think you'll have the best result with circumcision. Now, about the deformity of your penis … when I examined you I found strictures of the corpus. The corpus is the spongy tissues that create erection when they become blood filled during excitement. I've done many operations for the same problem, and I do believe that you will do just fine. Your penis will look a little bit different, but, you will not likely have pain like you are now... and, am I not correct with assuming that you are having more discomfort than you've said?"

I nodded. He was right. My erections were mostly painful, yet the pleasures I derived from masturbating were far greater than any discomfort... having the moment was necessary... my erections came on their own... I couldn't stop them... and I didn't want to stop them.

"We use a laser to break those adhesions down. The laser does not create all the adhesions that a conventional cutting operation commonly causes. In fact, I will only make a tiny little slit incision, just big enough to get a laser beam into... it will be no more than maybe a quarter inch. After your surgery, it will be very important for you to follow through with exercise so that the strictures do not return. The best exercise is masturbation. I will warn you that the first few times will be exceptionally uncomfortable... but keep it up... don't quit... if you quit then you'll have more problems than you do right now."

I nodded. He knew I masturbated, or jacked off. It seemed weird... but then again it didn't seem all that weird... he was a doctor, after all.

"Now about your absent testicle... it is important for you to know that, based on your puberty development, your remaining testicle is doing its job just fine. You are in the normal ranges of growth and development, which proves to me that your hormones are right on track. If you want, we can implant a synthetic testicle that will be a little bit bigger than your regular side... this will permit your body to 'catch up' over time. There is, however, another method of having a testicle of your very own... it is called tissue regeneration. The process is very new, and is not yet condoned as acceptable treatment here in the US, and does not yet meet the criteria for an experimental treatment... On the outside, it seems really farfetched; yet, I've seen the process work with my own eyes, so I know it works."

'You mean I can get my own testicle, but how? I mean, you say tissue regeneration... but how?"

"I'm afraid I do not understand the process... all that well... but I know it works, and it does not require surgery, and it does not require medicines and other typical Western medicine. How much do you know about Benji?"

"Benji, what does he have to do with this?" I asked, clearly not understanding what he was saying, or what he meant.

"Talk to him." Dr. Miller said seriously. "He can better explain the process. Let's just say that he has some abilities about him... but it is best that you talk with him."

"Okay... he's cool... he's helped me out in other ways... I trust him... so... okay... I'll talk to him."

"Good. Now, about your heart murmur... I think it is congenital. Likely, you have a hole between the lower beating chambers of your heart. We call it Ventricular Septal Defect. It is common. Normally, it will close during the 4 or 5 days after birth... but sometimes it doesn't. Do you get short of breath or have pain in your chest when you're exercising or exerting yourself, like during sexual moments? These are times when the heart must work at maximum capacity..."

"Sometimes, I guess, but... well... you know... I usually don't pay much attention... when... well... you know... when I'm... you know... jacking off. Err...."

"I understand. I'd like for you to have a heart catherization to determine the exact nature of the murmur... we put a very small tube like thing in your groin, feed it up into the heart then shoot dye, and take pictures and pressures of the chambers... it's not uncomfortable, not really."

I shrugged my shoulders, then nodded my approval.

"Okay, last, your stump. You have a lot of atrophy of the muscles. You also have bone deformity that will make fitting of a standard prosthesis nearly impossible. I'd like to perform an operation that will reshape your leg. It is an extensive operation, and will require tissue rearrangement in addition to reshaping the bone. Adam, really, there is no reason why you can't be nearly normal in every way. I want you to think about what I've proposed here today. I've given you a lot to digest."

"Yeah, I guess. I just want to be normal... I guess it hurts my feelings when people make fun of me... yeah, it does. I get angry. And I hate myself..." I said, then had to check my emotions because I felt my chest tighten, my throat constrict... quickly, I brushed a tear from my eye as it threatened to escape.

"How am I going to pay for all of this? I mean... well... the doctors the home sent me to said they couldn't do anything because of money... they had to get paid or they wouldn't do anything..." I said angrily.

Quickly, I brought myself back to the present, I said, "I'm sorry... I've been told this before... I had my hopes up... but... they couldn't deliver... I mean... it was all for nothing..."

"I understand, Adam. I'm sorry they told you that. I'm even more sorry that they system failed you. Here's what I know: first of all, I cannot work for nothing. I do know Ella. She's good people. I've treated patients she's referred to me several times. I will receive enough compensation for my time and expertise... the rest... well... I write it off... and I write it off because I know I'm helping children like you... you deserve to be happy and contented with yourself. So... with that said... don't let money be on your mind, okay?"

"You'd really do that for me?"

"I would, and I will. Count on it. Adam, first of all, I am a doctor. I am charged with helping, no, it is my responsibility to help people become whole again. It is something I take very seriously."

Dr. Miller was speaking to me truthfully, from his heart. I said, "Okay, I'll be a good patient, when can we get started?"

*-* Andy's POV *-*

We decided to walk home from school. The day was nice. The trade winds were up. The surf was spectacular. Our home was located basically in a cove of its own, about a mile from the rocks, and centered between the tourist villa and the desolate areas of the island.

Off came my shirt, next my shoes, next my socks, next my shorts, next my underwear, and then – oops, I was naked and sporting a major bone... the wind does that to me, I can't stop it, I mean why stop it? Get over it heh heh heh.

Arriving at the gate leading up to our house, I tossed my clothes on the concrete then ran and jumped into the ocean, romped around, and was soon joined by my mates. The water was perfect in temperature, though the surf was high, and the undercurrent strong.

Jeremy, Allen and Angel went into the house, changed into their boardies, returned with their boards then headed out into the surf. The waves were huge, and watching them negotiate those humongous swirls and twirls given by Mother Nature was awesome. Someday I hoped to be able to board like that.

William, Benji, Harry and I – well, we got into a kissing game. Whenever the surf would come in we'd latch on to one another, kiss for just as long as we could before the swell took us apart.

David and Peter, well they sat on the rocks, paying no mind to us... they were just talking between their selves, enjoying the day.

Antoine and Matt... They didn't come down... one could only imagine what they were doing... heh heh heh... I was hoping that Benji, William, Harry and me could get into a same, similar situation before they had to go home for the night. Wednesday nights were designated family nights, meaning no sleepovers, for anyone, even the older guys.

William grabbed hold of Benji's and my love handles and hauled us to shore where he sat us down on the sand, and then went back to get Harry, in the same manner.

I said factually, "We've got to help Adam. We need to put our magic on him."

Harry agreed, as did William.

Benji, however, said, "He needs to come to me. We can't just go to him first. It wouldn't be right, my loved ones."

"But how is he going to find out that you can help him?" I asked. Harry nodded. William was scheming; I saw it in his eyes.

Instead he said, "I'll just tell him what happened to me." With tears streaming down his already wet face he leaned in and kissed Benji meaningfully, passionately, with purpose, without abandon.

The time was right. As one, we climbed down the rocks, waved to the older brothers and headed up to our home, to bed, to a distant galaxy, and then back to our bed and reality.

Freshly showered, a sort of depression set in when Harry, William and Benji dressed for their travels home, and then took off just as the rest of us sat down for dinner after putting on t-shirts and running shorts. Of recent, the rule for nudity changed a little bit to where we needed to wear at least running shorts and a shirt to the dinner table. That was no big deal. Just thought I'd put that in here, since everything had been very relaxed... it still was relaxed... I don't know what I'm trying to say!

Adam was eating like there was no tomorrow. It was good to see. When he first came to live with us a couple of days ago, he was very reserved, and acted like he really didn't belong. I thought that was pretty normal because I kind of felt the same way, even though Matt and Peter were already home. I decided then and there that I would talk to Adam that night.

Everybody was tired from a long day so we called it a night at about 8:30, or so. I followed Adam to his room. When he acknowledged my presence I closed the door behind me, walked to his perfectly made bed, drew down the covers, stripped off my shirt and shorts, crawled in and waited for him. He went into the bathroom, and from the sounds emanating, he was taking care of business. And then the shower started. He peeked out to see what was up. I smiled, got up and walked into the bathroom, and together we showered, washing each others' backs.

While we were drying off I said, "I need to talk to you about something very serious. Don't worry; it's not bad or anything..."

Adam nodded, "I need to talk to you about something, too."

When we got into bed, I was drawn to him like a magnet. I kinda sorta laid on my side so I could look deep into his eyes. I really wanted to get lost in them … but … I held back until he turned on his side so that he could look into my eyes. His eyes were captivating, inviting, and riveting. They were like clear, clean pools of water, yet he wasn't crying, nor did he appear to be on the brink of breakdown.

I took a chance by putting my free arm around his shoulder and squeezing firmly. I said, "Adam, what did you find out at Dr. Miller's office today?"

Easily he replied, "I need to have a big operation on my leg so that I can get prosthesis to walk on. He's going to fix some things down in my crotch... I'm going to be like you guys... I think they call it 'cut', or something like that. I've also got to have some dye injected in my heart... otherwise he says I'm healthy."

"Kewl... uhm... we can help you. You may not need the operations."

There, I spilled the beans, all over the table, so to speak.

"Dr. Miller said I needed to talk to Benji."

"That's right. You need to go to him though, he won't come to you."

That didn't mean that I wasn't going to sell him on the idea. By the time we fell asleep he knew most of David, Matt and Peter's stories, more so than he already knew. Details, Dear Watson."

*-* David's POV *-*

Peter was major naughty, as if I minded – NOT. My dude was definitely growing up, as was I because I could and did and do easily accommodate his burgeoning male designator.

Freshly showered, with clean sheets surrounding our warmth, I said, "We've got to help Adam."

"He may not be staying with us." Peter replied softly, almost longingly.

"Bet me."

"I'm not a betting man." Peter whispered, giggling slightly.

I kissed his nose, "Me either. He's not going to be able to walk, you know. That operation is so gruesome, hell it takes over a year to get over it... Alex told me about it because he had to have it done, and he definitely didn't want me to undergo such a radical thing. I started exercising like crazy... well, you know, you were there..."

Peter leaned in, found my lips, and sucked on them gingerly, parting only because we needed to breathe. "You're right... we'll talk to Benji tomorrow."

*-* Adam's POV *-*

I awoke during the night, chilled to the bone. The strong nightly trade winds were blowing through the full length open windows on the other side of my room. It was also raining... I heard it striking the window panes.

Andy was sound asleep. His breathing was deep, regular, and rhythmical. He was also somewhat cuddled in, in that his arm was draped across my chest and his leg was cuddled into that space between mine. It felt nice. I reached across to feel his skin... it was cold, clammy, and goose bumped. That was my cue to get my ass up, close the door and windows, take a pee, and then get back into bed so we could cover up.

The entrance to my room was sopping wet so I retrieved towels from the linen cabinet and wiped up the water, went into the bathroom, peed, and then headed back to bed, freed up the covers, got back in bed, and covered us up.

I'd thought Andy had been asleep... but he wasn't. I was shivering cold. He seemed to sense my state, so he cuddled in, reached for the covers and put them over our heads. He then did something totally unexpected: he kissed my cheek and said, "Good night." His breathing rapidly changed to deep and rhythmical.

I laid awake for a while, just taking in the comfort and security, and the extension of their family into my life and being. For the first time in a very long time, possibly forever, I felt okay, included, and even wanted. With those thoughts firmly implanted, sleep overtook my being.

The alarm clock woke us up at 6:15. It's shrill, incessant buzzing was annoying to say the least. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. Finally, I could take it no longer. I turned it off then crawled out of bed, after realizing I was alone. Andy had got up and left sometime during the night.

I grabbed my crutches and headed into my bathroom to pee, shower, and get ready for the day but Andy was not gone: he was sitting on the toilet furiously stroking his penis. I entered just as he got lost, just as he went over the edge into bliss. He made no effort to hide... in fact he looked relieved that he was no longer hiding that which he needed to do.

I walked to the sink, brushed my teeth, picked a zit on my chin, and then got into the shower and got the temperature to 'just right'. Andy joined me. Soon we were soaped up, washing our hair and each others' backs. Everything felt right so when Andy's hands continued onward and forward from my sides, I didn't flinch when he ran his hands through my pubes. Curiously, his fingers felt around my testicular sac, gently probing, gently twirling, and gently feeling me up. The sensations were pleasant... soon I was enjoying his ministrations, and hardly noticed when his fingers gripped my penis and began the age old ritual of masturbating my tool with fervor. I sat down just as the moment arrived... good thing too because I got lost in the moment, totally lost, gone, as in flight to Nirvana, and beyond.

When I came back to this earth, I looked and saw Andy looking at me with – what was it? Love? Concern? Caring? Friendship? Brotherhood? As those thoughts dazzled through my brain, he released my tool then rinsed the evidence of my emission into the drain.

I'd never been jacked off before. I'd never wanted to be jacked off by anyone, especially a boy, before. But there I was reveling in post orgasmic delight, and feeling okay about the whole experience.

"Your penis is perfect, Adam." Andy said factually, and then he got up from the shower seat, turned off the water, then got out and began drying off. I worked my way out of the stall, dried off, made my way to the sink and blow dried and brushed out my hair to where it was 'just right'. Andy had taken off for his own room to get dressed and ready for the day.

Since we had about an hour before we needed to head to school, we went to the TV room. Matt spoke first, "Adam, we want to show you something. I hope you understand what we've kind of been talking about."

With that, and without another word said, other than my nod to them, they turned on the TV and laptop then selected some images to show me.

I couldn't believe it. Matt had all kinds of scars and everything all over his body, surely from the operations he had had because of his injuries. But what really caught my attention was the pain in his eyes... you could just see it... and you didn't have to look very hard or very deep... it was there.

And then they put up pictures of Peter's penis and testicles, that night when his life changed forever, when he came to live with the Blake's on a full time basis, as their son and brother. I felt tears begin to well up, and then I did lose them when a picture of David's nearly lifeless body was shown. David went on to tell of, in great detail, his near death experience, how he went to Singapore, and how he got healed completely. Matt then shared of his healing... reminding me that I'd seen his complete body, now, and how the scars were gone... and I could see that the pain had left his eyes.

Juan dropped off Harry and Benji, and then he needed to leave because of a commitment at work. Jim also left with Juan.

Benji quickly picked up on the change in mood and attitude from the previous evening when he'd left just before dinner time. "Is everything okay?" He asked softly, into the room, in general.

I worked my way up and out of the overstuffed chair, walked to Benji, put my hands on his shoulders and said, "Can you help me? Will you? I'll understand if you don't."

Quickly, seriously Benji looked first to Harry then to Andy. His eyes then roved first to David then to Peter then to Matt then to Antoine then back to Andy, and finally back into my eyes. David grinned and shrugged his shoulders. Matt looked away with a smirk on his face. The room was deathly quiet.

Grandma, that was the name of the older lady, entered, and said, "Okay you guys. It's time to get off to school... Adam, are you okay? Benji? Somebody, say something."

David spoke up to his grandmother, "We're fine, grandma. Everything's going to be okay."

Benji nodded, "Saturday." He then smiled, hugged me deeply, and then added, "Do not be afraid. I will not harm you."

*-* Later that night, in Benji's room, Benji's POV *-*

Since it was not a Wednesday night, in fact it was Thursday night, it was truly 'family night', and we brought it in with meaning.

I chose to be truly on the bottom. Andy was inside of me while William was inside of Andy while Harry, on top, was inside of William. Basically Harry drove, meaning when he drove into William, the momentum drove William down into me. Shards of pleasure and delight soon, very soon, took me to the brink of loss of consciousness.

As we usually do each time we 'couple' or 'quadrangle' our emotions and physical attributes, Harry ceased operations, pulled us all apart to give us a 'cooling off' period before we took the next step.

Soon enough, I was inside Harry. Harry was inside Andy. And Andy was inside William.

Instead of switching places once again, before the final drive home, we were so lost in the moment that that is how we arrived on, and then went on past Nirvana, seemingly to the sun in pure and unadulterated orgasmic flight.

Once the immediate blast dissipated, we stayed in position until the rods of pleasure gave us indication that it was time to decouple from our love cocoon.

My needs were urgent. Since I was on top, easily I got out of bed, raced to the bathroom, sat down and expended that what needed expending.

Meanwhile, my bonded ones waited patiently, or rather, if you call tapping their feet on the floor, and giving you that 'look' that tells you to hurry up – patience... there is just so much hurry you can put into business like that.

When the sensations passed, I had but only time for a swipe or two before William grabbed my hand, urged me up, sat down, and exploded his own sentiments of having been made love to.

Harry and Andy giggled. Their glee was infectious. I smiled, shook my head, walked into the walk-in shower, turned on the water and got it to temperature. I went myself down, grabbed the shampoo bottle, squeezed out some in my hand, and then, just as I was about to spread it out in my hair, William appeared happy and bubbly. Promptly, with a bit of indignation in his eyes, proceeded to do that which I was going to do.

One by one, Harry and Andy joined us. Each one took their turn at washing and anointing my body with their offerings, care and attention to detail.

As we were drying each other with big fluffy towels Harry dropped a bombshell of a question, "Who's going to bond with Adam?"

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