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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 1

Aloha, my name is David Blake. I'm 14 years old (January 21, 1995). My family and I live on Maui, Hawaii in a decent sized lanai within a fairly affluent (eh-hem ... snobby in comparison to the wheat fields of Missouri (yes, Missouri has wheat fields) where we lived before we moved to this rock) residential area where money is no object (ha haa), yet dinero is or seems to be a center of attention. Lots of people with last names of Jones, I've found, well maybe not Jones in the phone book, but hey I will assume you know what I mean.

We moved to Hawaii a little over 6 years ago when Dad received a job offer he could not refuse. Ha, he started his own company in telecommunications. While we are successful, that success has not gone to our heads when it comes to how we treat people. We treat and respect people as we wish to be treated and respected. It works out, we are happy here.

My mom was a nurse so she could get work anywhere. She welcomed the change in scenery. So off we went to the land of pineapples.

At first, I rebelled as much as an 8 year old can what with leaving our friends, family, school and church, the wide open spaces of farm country with hills of growing wheat, corn, dotted with cattle. We found that we really did not have that many friends to keep track of when all was said and done.

Over time, this place has grown on me. I really like being here. I just wish mom was still here as she died from cancer about 4 years ago, just 6 months after her diagnosis.

"David?" Dad called up the stairs from the landing.

"Give me five minutes, dad. I'm writing out an idea or two for a new story." <giggles>

"Make it four minutes, son. I need you to help with getting dinner prepared and on the table." Dad said.

"Four point five. I love you dad." <more giggles>

"Smart assed kids live in this house. Four point two five, last call, last offer. Take it or leave it."

"Okay, well I only need two minutes, so ... ha haa!" I silently thought to myself laughing.

"Hey, I heard that!" Dad bellowed.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there DADDY" ... cracking up. I hit Save and went to do my part for dinner preparations and then, of course eating it. I mean why fix food and not eat it? Eating does not require a rocket science degree to figure out.

We enjoyed a leisurely meal of good old fashioned hamburgers cooked out on the grill, roasted veggies, a lettuce and tomato salad, baked potatoes and a healthy slice of dyn-o-mite freshly baked apple pie. I'm a growing boy and like to eat, what else can I say? Dad is a good cook and my brother and I can hold our own in the kitchen as well.

My brother, Jeremy is 17 years old. He's cool. We are very tight, even more so since mom died and when I had my own cancer scare a year ago. He was there every step of the way, through thick and thin. He was absolutely my rock.

Jeremy is about five foot seven, 150 pounds, has wavy blond hair and a swimmers' build. Although he surfs in competition he does not follow the typical arrogant & self-centered jock type mentality. He's down to earth. He's my best friend. He and I never really had that brotherly competition thing that you hear about all too much. Yeah, sure we have used each other as punching bags a few times, sometimes in play, sometimes not.

The sometimes not times were usually related to my self-image as a human being once they did the cancer surgery to remove a malignant tumor from my left leg about 4 inches above the knee. Since the surgery, I see myself as somewhat of a freak of nature. I still do not go to the beach nor do much of anything the other people my age do such as going to and hanging around malls, taking walks since the terrain here is quite hilly therefore difficult to walk even when one has two legs.

I'm pretty average for a just 14 years year of age in that I'm 5' 3", weigh right at 104 pounds, well muscled but not muscle bound, pretty much typical of a swimmer and surfer, medium length jet black hair, dark brown almost black eyes with ample but not bushy eyebrows and long dark eye lashes and nice white straight teeth all set in or beneath an oval face with an olive, almost Hawaiian Native complexion.

My pubes are decent, still soft yet have a pretty good bush set under a 5 ½ inch hard cock, 3 and a half soft, and only a few straggler dark hairs adorning my walnut sized balls, the area between the base of my balls and butthole, even the area right around my hole has a few scattered hairs. I know, because I check them out every now and again.

I started jacking 3 months ago after getting tired of cleaning up my spermmess on my sheets following a wet dream which were happening very frequently, maybe every other day or every third day.

The first time I masturbated was accidental so to speak, in that I was in the shower sitting on my in-tub chair because to be standing on one leg in a slick bath tub is dangerous, with a raging hard that would not go down. While washing my legs, I brushed my cock inadvertently causing it to feel funny, like I had to pee or something, and well my hand just latched onto it and I could not stop from squeezing it harder if I had tried, which I didn't.

After a couple of strokes, it happened. My body tightened as if it were being squeezed in a vice then spasmed with a pulsing explosive feeling hard to describe. Looking down just before I nearly passed out from pleasure, I saw first one ropes of white hot liquid jettison out of my cock and onto my chest, and a second that jetted out of my now super hard pillar of pleasure onto my abdomen, and unable to describe or locate any more since I was out of control since I was out of control, in a good way, no less.

Liking it so well, duh, I do it, on an average of twice a day and definitely close my day with once right before I go to sleep. Doing it has stopped the wet dreams for the most part, but not always because after all I am a horny 14 year old guy.

For the first few times, my mind was on the thrills of cumming and not anything really visual or mindful, so to speak, I just paid attention to the physical pleasures of pleasuring my hard cock and the feelings that doing it caused to my whole body.

Soon though, I started thinking about various guys I had competed with when I was surf board competing when I jacked off.

I was startled quite a bit when one of the really hot guys was in my dream at the moment of orgasmic eruption. Following an earth shattering experience, I thought back to the church we went to in Missouri where they taught that having sex with another guy, or even thinking about such things was horrible and surely a first class ticket straight to hell, yet they taught that God loved all who were doing the 'right' things, and they had a list of gazillions of things to say or do that might assure a place behind the Pearlie Gates, but if you messed up then you had to start all over again, if you were lucky enough to get back into the churches' graces that is.

*** Flashback

In 5thgrade, my favorite music and science teachers were expelled from teaching and the school system for reasons that were not disclosed to the student body, however dad said it was because they loved each other in a loving sort of way. The community, the church community in particular could not handle it so those two guys left and were never heard from again.

My mom put it into perspective while we were driving home from church one Sunday afternoon soon after the teachers' departure by saying that it appeared the church only loves some people some of the time, but not others, and that it seems so unfair, that she believes that God loves us all no matter what.

*** End of flashback

What really brought this to light though, when it became problematic was when our new neighbors moved into a house down the hill. Typical suburban family I thought. Two adults, a man and a woman, along with a boy who I found intriguing even though I could not see him clearly since we lived probably 300 yards from their house. From what I could see though, he might have been about my age maybe a little younger, with medium length dark hair, a slender build in blue jeans, a white tee-shirt and clad in tennis shoes.

I became infatuated with him over the next several days. I spent a lot of time looking for him to come out of his house. Yeah, I didn't have much else to do, largely by choice.

My dad came into my room one day while I was sitting inside waiting and watching for this boy I was spying on and asked "Do you need the binoculars or something? What are you looking for?"

"Uhm, nothing really dad. I've been watching the new neighbors move in, get their place fixed up, and well there is a boy who apparently lives with them. I just find him intriguing, is all."

"Son, the neighborly thing to do would be to go down and meet him in person. You know there is a psychiatric diagnosis when somebody is spying on another person or people, you know?" Dad said with a chuckle in his voice.

"Nah, not me. Those people are creepy, I'm just freaky." I replied seriously.

"You would be more mobile if you would at least check out the artificial legs, David. I'm not going to force you to look into it, but I think you are missing a lot out of life by isolating yourself here in the house. Trust me, you only grow up once and these should be the best years ..." Dad said before I interrupted him by saying "of your life. I know, dad. I just don't want to freak him out."

"You are NOT a freak. You are a child who had cancer treatment that required the removal of your leg so that you can LIVE, David. I think you're feeling sorry for yourself, and you need to stop it before it takes over your entire life. Everybody has certain things they cannot do, or have difficulty doing. The thing is that we compensate with the things that we can do well, or learn to do well. I'm sure you will do well, you just need to do it. Talk to Dr. Miller about what we are talking about here today. At least open your mind to opening your mind." Dad said.

"You're talking in parables again, dad." I said with an evil eye.

"And you are being a smart ass. I'll get the binoculars, hold one second." Dad said laughing as he left my room.

The binoculars gave me a much better view of this guy next door. He looked fine. Let's just say that I spent a number of jack-off sessions wondering and thinking about this boy underneath his tee-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes.

Since moving to Hawaii, our family has adopted a naturist life style, although it is clothing optional when people come to visit, but most guests have no problem with disrobing and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. When the visitors do not wish to disrobe, we usually just wear something light and simple because we are not into fashion. To each their own is our motto. Me, I like the freedom of hanging out with everything hanging out.

The only rule about nudity in our home is that there is no sex in public areas such as the living room, TV room, dining room or out in the pool area. When both Jeremy and Dad are at work, I do jack off by the pool because it is so free and fun. At night when they go inside for the evening, I like to turn the underwater lights on to jack off in the water as seeing myself ejaculate under the lights is neat.


The front door chime rang a few days later. We had just begun preparations for our evening meal.

Our security system here at the house is pretty sophisticated in that when the doorbell rings, the cameras point to the door giving us a view of who has arrived.

Three people were at the door as seen in the monitor on the kitchen counter. I recognized them instantly as being the new neighbors down the road, the people who I had been spying on from my bedroom window. The woman was probably in her 30's with red hair, the man, a big fat ugly dude with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, and oh my god, the boy of my recent dreams and attentions.

"Dad they are the new neighbors from down the road. Please disarm the alarm system so I can answer the door without the posse springing into action." I said with excitement.

"Already done. Go ahead, I'll go with you." Dad said as he flipped me my shorts to put on which I did.

After our shorts were on he pushed some buttons on the computer keyboard next to the monitor to turn off the front sector of the system off.

"Hello, we are the new people in the neighborhood. We just came up to meet you." The red haired woman said.

"Jim Blake. It's nice to meet you. Can you come in so that we can make proper introductions?" Dad asked.

Moving back a step to allow them entry, I said "I'm David. Welcome."

"Tanya Jamison." The redheaded woman replied. She had a worn out, somewhat of a haggard face, hard too as if she had been around the block a few times and ridden hard.

"Harlan Jackson." The bearded man with sparsely dotted straw thin hair on top of a ruddy, pock marked biker type face said. He must have weighed at least 350 pounds and was still panting to catch his breath around a nasty old cigar hanging from his mouth that was overpowering and nauseating.

"I'm sorry, but would you please leave the cigar outside. We do not smoke. We would very much appreciate it if you did not smoke in our home." Dad said cordially.

After a brief moment of disdain and even with a taint bit of anger flashing over his face, he flipped his cigar out which we later learned had landed in the water fall next to the house causing it to clog up.

"Introduce yourself, Peter." His mother said glaring at him. I felt a little uneasy with the tension that entered our home.

"Sorry mom. Peter Jamison." The boy said meekly.

"Kids these days have no respect whatsoever." Harley grumbled under his breath yet intentionally loud enough for all to hear.

"Sorry, Harlan, I really am." Peter said taking another step away from him with a look of fear in his eyes.

Peter. What can I say? This boy is absolutely fucking gorgeous. On top of a head of shaggy long jet black hair was the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my entire life. Black full eyebrows, having dark almost black eyes, a full nose though not big or broken, clear skin free of acne, a full set of lips, straight and white teeth accentuated with a dimple in the middle of his broad chin and a neck devoid of an Adam's apple all sat on a set of broad shoulders. He was, as usual, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, a Harley Davidson tee-shirt which appeared to be at least two or three sizes too big. He was thin but not quite skinny. This guy was fuckin beautiful to sum it all up. Thankfully, the oversized running shorts I was wearing mostly covered the pudge building up in my loins.

Once introductions were made, we moved into the dining room where dad fixed everyone a glass of iced tea. After some superficial discussion about nothing in particular became strained, Dad asked them to join us for dinner since we would have plenty. They accepted our invitation then all the adults started talking about adult things, things that we had no interest in, subjects that we were not invited into.

They were sort of giving me the creeps, a very uncomfortable feeling in my very being so I said to Peter "Come on upstairs with me while the adults talk. We can get into the Wii game until dinner is ready, if you'd like to."

"May I go upstairs with David to his room and play some video games, mom?" Peter asked bashfully.

"Don't be a pain in David's ass." Tanya said dismissingly.

Peter stood there in his place until she finally said "Go."

Making our way upstairs, Peter asked "David, can I please use your restroom?"

"Sure. Just be sure to put it back when you are done. My room is next door, just come in when you get done." I said with a smile.

He smiled a brief little smile then went in, closed the door then locked it.

I went to my room where I shucked off my running shorts then put on a pair of briefs underwear, a pair of Dockers shorts and a plain white tee-shirt.

When I turned around away from my dresser after putting on my t-shirt, I saw Peter looking at me with this genuine smile on his face. I smiled back and then he said "I don't have one of those, David. I've never played before."

"No problem, dude. I'll show you how. It won't take long to learn."

Quickly, he got the basics down and played pretty good. We continued to play for maybe half an hour until dad called us down to dinner. Both our tummies were growling and grumbling, as only a pair of teenage boys can do.

Whenever Peter and I would casually touch shoulders, a knee or a foot my cock would feel a definite twinge of pleasure and it would definitely experience an elongation of varying proportions. By the time we were finished with eating, let's just say I was hard as piston. The change of clothes had definitely been a good idea, an idea that was paying dividends.

When dinner was finished, I began the cleanup process. Peter jumped right in and I had to say to him "You're a guest in our home, please just sit at the bar so we can continue to talk and get to know one another."

"It's okay. I do it at home, there is no reason I can't do it here. If that is okay, I mean." Peter replied.

"Okay, well if you insist. You are still a guest here. We do not run a slave market." I chuckled.

Finishing our chores in quick fashion, I said "Come on outside, we can sit at the pool and talk some more." However Peter's 'rents and dad were coming out of the living room and Tanya said "Come on, we're going home. You don't want to wear out your welcome."

With that said, they quickly made their exit but not before I wrote my cell phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Peter.

"Strange people but nice enough, I think." Dad said as he closed the door then walked back to the computer terminal to reactivate the alarm system.

"Yeah, Peter's dad gave me the creeps."

"Oh, he's not Peter's dad. He's an uncle. He is Tanya's brother. And yeah, he is a bit strange, but then it takes all kinds to make this world turn." Dad said.

"I guess. He just gives me the creeps. Did you see how pissed he got when you asked him to not smoke in our home?"

Dad nodded then said "Give them a chance, David. Perhaps they were just nervous."

Later on after going to bed, the images of Peter, and his overpowered my senses.

As soon as I sat down on my bed and began unzipping my shorts a thunderous and totally cataclysmic orgasm overtook my body sending torrents of white hot molten to explode from the end of my spasming pole of pleasure. Instinctively, my hand grabbed my rod and squeezed sending jet after jet into my shorts despite my feeble attempts to lift my shorts and underwear out of the way. Finally, I just gave in and jacked myself the rest of the way to Nirvana no longer caring what kind of mess I made, or where.

I finished undressing after recovering from that blast off to Nirvana and went in and took a shower which required a repeat performance in just about an equal amount of time to complete as before.

Satiated for the moment, I went downstairs and ate a bowl of ice cream with dad while we watched TV for a while until sleepiness took over.

Arriving back in my bedroom, Peter's fresh smell remained and once again my dick had to have its way and once again it expanded and exploded another torrential downpour of whatever was left in my body to cum out. Finally satiated, I fell off to sleep almost immediately.


I returned to Dr. Miller's office the following week for my every three month routine follow up visit to determine if the cancer had spread anywhere.

The examinations consist of blood work, x-rays, sonograms of my liver & kidneys and a urinalysis followed by a physical examination by Dr. Miller, the surgeon who performed my operation, and who is also our family physician.

He's real cool. He explains everything in detail, and is very knowledgeable, compassionate and generally a good people person. I had and continue to have absolute confidence in him.

"David, your blood tests came back as expected, we found no cancer in your system which was the primary goal of all of your chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We are very happy and hopeful, as should be you." Dr. Miller explained efficiently and professionally.

"Kewl. I'm really glad and grateful those treatments worked. They were really a pain though. I'm just glad they were successful and are done." I replied happily.

"David, one of the side effects from cancer chemo and radiation treatments, particularly the chemo in your case, is a diminished or absent sperm count so we would like to test the quality and quantity of your sperm." Dr. Miller explained efficiently.

He then went on to ask me a bunch of questions regarding the headaches I had during chemo, the sick stomach, the usual, which have stopped since chemo was completed. He asked the usual questions about my lungs, stomach, bowels, and 'phantom' pains in my leg,

Phantom pains are those sensations one 'feels' in the leg that isn't there. They explained it as being that the brain has not yet recognized the leg is no longer there, and the healing process just takes time. Okay, well I have a tremendous urge sometimes to scratch my foot, but my foot isn't there, obviously. It makes me crazy sometimes. They put me on a medication once, but it made me feel all whacked out. I do not do drugs. I hate them.

"Okay, David. The nurse is going to come in and weigh you. So if you would, please strip down and put a gown on, then I will come back and give you a thorough once over."

"Okay. Thanks."

He came back a few minutes later and did the complete physical thing, checking my eyes, nose, throat, neck, listening to my lungs, feeling my stomach area, both groin areas, my left leg stump and thoroughly checked my right leg.

"Alright, David, turn over on your left side so that I can check your rectum and prostate. Having the examination is just a part of a male physical. It should not hurt at all. I will do it slow and gently since this is your first time."

I turned over on my left side. He had me pull my legs up to my knees. He parted my butt cheeks and told me to relax.

I felt him put a cold gooey stuff right on my hole followed by feeling his finger go in. He wiggled his finger around then said "Okay, you might feel like you need to pee right now." I felt him push something deep inside of my butt and oh my god it felt like early stage cum. A little squirt of fluid shot out my penis slit and landed on the examination table paper. He then slowly removed his finger, took off his glove then wiped my butt with some Kleenex he retrieved from the box sitting on the desk.

"Whoa, doc. That was different."

"Did you ejaculate some?"

"Yeah." I said. I turned back over on my back and showed him.

"That's usual. Have you ejaculated today?"

"No. Not yet."

"Okay, good. Have you ejaculated since yesterday morning?"

"Oh yeah. Three or four times."

"That's fine. Here is a cup. Just ejaculate into it then sit it down on the table so the nurse can take it to the lab for the analysis."


"Yes. I'm going to step out and will lock the doors so that nobody can get in but you can get out."

"You can stay in here. I have nothing to be ashamed of and it won't take me long." I said looking down at my hard dick.

"No, David. I will step out, but I appreciate your confidence." Dr. Miller said smiling. He then did as he said he would - stepped out and locked the door.

Opening the cup up and pointing it towards my cumslit, I jacked several times then shot a load as I once again thought about Peter and his sweet smile. Most of it landed in the cup, but some shot past it coating my stomach and pubes. After wiping up the excess and washing my hands, I closed the cup and sat it on the table as instructed then got dressed.

A few minutes later, Dr. Miller knocked on the door. I answered it and gave him a smile. He retrieved the specimen container and walked out to take it down to the lab.

When he returned, he said "David, have you given any serious thought about seeing the prosthetist? I really wish you would as it would give you a much greater mobility enabling you to do the things kids your age find important to do."

"Okay. Dad and I talked about it some more since we saw you last. I guess I'm ready to at least look into it. Do they really make them where they do not look all gross and everything?"

"Great advances have been made in prosthetics, David. There are some which are very natural looking and natural moving. It is definitely worth looking into. Having a prosthetic leg will definitely change your life."

"Okay. I'll check them out. Thanks. I think I'm ready for it."

After hugging Dr. Miller warmly, we left the office and met with dad where Dr. Miller told him my physical was okay in that no abnormalities were found. The lab work, he said, would take a few days and that he would call then with the results.

"Dad, here's a prescription to fill. Read it carefully. I think you will like what this one does." I said smiling at dad.

Reading it, Dad pulled me into a deep hug then we left the doctors' office to go downtown and visit the prosthetic shop.

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