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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 2

On the way home from the doctors' office, Dad and I stopped by the prosthetics shop to just see what was available.

I was skeptical. My skepticism was enhanced when all I saw were the standard peg legs that I found to be unacceptable in every way. Any sense of hope I had before walking into that place were dashed. I resigned myself to a life of 'missing' a vital piece; I resigned to a life filled with crutches and their limitations. In other words, life was half empty instead of being half-full.

When I'd had enough, I walked outside leaving Dad inside milling about the place without me. When he did not follow me out, I sat down on a park type bench on the sidewalk next to a candy shop next door located in an outside strip mall.

Some time later, dad came outside looking for me. When he spotted me, he came over and said "Son, come on back inside, I think we have found an answer you just might like. They had their better prosthetics put in a back room because of their low marketability. Low demand things do not warrant a place on the front shelf. That's just business."

"Dad, I'm tired. All they have in there is crap. I just want to go home." I replied sullenly.

"Son, I do not like that word. You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and try to see things as a challenge rather than just giving up, look at the glass as being half full instead of always half empty and impossible." Dad said.

"Shit." I muttered under my breath while getting up.

My dad does not get pissed off at anything. He's low key with Jeremy and I and has never raised his voice in anger at either of us.

But let me tell you what, he was seeing red. He walked over to me, and while looking me square in the eyes, "David Allen Blake, you'll watch your mouth; you'll stop acting like baby, right now! Now get in there before I tan your hide, and I'll really get pissed off. Just do it. Get over your attitude, NOW!"

Dad never uses my full given name, ever.

"What the fuck." I thought to myself silently, but I did roll my eyes to look way up in the sky. He went back over to the doorway of the shop, opened it and waited expectantly then pointed to it for about 5 seconds, it giving me no choice in the matter.

Leading the way, we went to the back of the store and then went into a room off the main area where a man was measuring a little girl about 8 years old, a little girl who had no natural legs at all. When the prosthetist was finished, he told her and a motherly type person that it would be available in a few short weeks.

When the little girl and what I assumed was her mother left, they smiled at me warmly.

"I'll be right with you, David. Give me a second to enter this order into the computer." The prosthetist said with a warm smile.

"How does he know my name?" I asked.

"Well, while you were having your little pity party outside, I talked to him about your circumstances. He said help was available.. That is if you are wiling to accept it. I told him that you would be. So that is that." Dad said with a tone that removed any trace of my having a say so in the matter.

"David, I have something to show you, please come with me." The prosthetist said then turned and led the way to a back shelf area with a sign that read 'Ambulatory Aids". After I entered, he pointed to a particular one.

To say I was impressed is an understatement. "Dude, that looks like the real thing." I said with a trace of skepticism in my voice yet I felt somewhat hopeful.

"Would you be interested in something like this?" He asked pointing to the device.

"Yeah, but that is definitely not my size. It looks like an adult one."

"This one is a display model. We tailor measure and manufacture them according to measurements specific to the client. Don't worry though we replace them every 8 months with the extended service plan to accommodate your growth and development. We also take pictures to precisely match your skin tone."

"Sure, I'll look at it but how much does it cost? It has to cost a fortune."

Dad tapped me on the shoulder and shook his head. I took it that the issue had already been decided, and no was not an option.

I nodded.

"Okay, David. Good. I think you will like it. Just give it a try." The prosthetist said.

"Okay. I will." I replied.

Pointing to a cubicle with a curtain in front of it, he said kindly "There is a changing room for stripping down except for your underwear. There is also a gown, please put it on. When you are finished, come on back and we will begin taking your measurements."

After complying with his request, I returned where he took many measurements, pictures and then entered them into the computer.

"David, this Leg is adjustable and I only use it so my client can get an idea as to what the final product will look like."

That said, he put it over my stump, made adjustments, strapped it down and then with assistance he helped me to stand on it with him and the bed supporting me.

He made a few additional adjustments, "How's that? Does it feel comfortable?"

"Yeah, it feels fine. Hey look, it even has some hairs on it. What are these wires for?" I asked holding several wires out for him to see.

"Those will be placed over your existing muscles. They will receive electrical impulses that will cause the leg to move as you wish once you have been trained with their use. You will get the swing of it."

I giggled and then said "Okay. I'll go for it." Then added "How much does it cost?"

"Your dad and I have already discussed that. We agreed you do not need to know. You should just concern yourself with how this will change your life."

Dad nodded, and he had a look on his face telling me the issue was closed to discussion. I nodded my understanding.

When we were leaving, a big burly guy who had just parked a very large Harley motorcycle walked through the doors and into the shop. I looked at him and smiled. He replied with a two thumbs up, "Good luck, son. I'm in for an overhauling to my bionic leg."

Getting into the Escalade, "Wow, a guy on a big ride is wearing a prosthetic?"

Laughing, "No son, you are not getting a Harley. Not while you are living under my roof anyway."


Arriving home a little while later, I went to the computer and began writing chapter two of this story after getting a glass of iced tea when Dad said "David?"

"Yep, can't you see I am writing?" I chuckled.

"Very funny, smart ass."

"Better than being a dumb ass, ha haa! Gotcha dad!"

"I have to watch you every step of the way, don't I?"

"Yep, hop-a-long Cassidy I am. A freak side show who is getting a bionic peg leg."



"Son, we all, every human being has freaky things happening in their lives. We're no different you know. Look at me ... you're my son so that makes me freaky too." Dad chortled.

"Dad, I'm just kidding. I think this is going to all work out. I'm willing to give it a shot." I said quietly.

"Good boy. I knew you would see it my way for a change." Dad said grinning.

"Hey, dad? How much did it cost? Did you get the service plan? Sheesh, it sounds like a new car with its extended warranty and stuff." I asked.

"Why is that important to you? The shop and I came to an understanding. A deal is a deal." Dad replied.

"I don't know, dad. I just want to know."

"Fair enough. The deal is already done though. No going back. With the extended service plan which runs until you are 21 with options to extend it for any length of time after that, the overall price was twenty seven thousand and some change.

"Whoa. Those are some serious buckaroos. Are you sure it is okay?" I asked.

"Like I said, David, it's a done deal. Anything is worth seeing you get around, besides it will be worth a million dollars for you."

Dad then went to the bar where he unloaded his pockets of billfold, keys, change and whathaveyou and then pulled me into a hug. At the same time he picked me up, carried me over to the doors leading out to the pool then got this wicked grin on his face. The grin on his face reminded me of the movie Smokey & the Bandit when the truck driver dude prepared to run those motorcycles over with his big rig. Oh shit, I'm in trouble now is all I thought.

Somehow he successfully opened the door then rapidly we crossed the patio. With our clothes on he dumped us in to the pool. As soon as we hit the water he let go of me. I surfaced laughing and tried to fiend disgruntlement but he didn't buy it, not for one second.

"Hey guys, what are you doing in the pool with your clothes on? Doncha know that messes with the filters, and guess who gets to clean and replace them, huh?" Jeremy said as he looked at us with amusement.

"Gotta keep you on your toes, son." Dad replied.

"Yeah, he dumped me in this pool. Blame him, not me oh pool hand." I bantered back.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm off to work, see ya around 11 tonight if you're lucky." Jeremy said.

"Can't wait, how soon ya leaving, can't wait for you leave, dude." I chuckled.

"You're nuts." Jeremy said.

"Yeah, I have some nuts, ha haa."

"Ha haa, in your dreams."

"Okay you guys, Jeremy go to work, ya don't want to be late again ... as usual." Dad bantered.

"Okay, see ya all later. Hang loose." Jeremy said.

After making my way to the edge of the pool we got into a game of pool hockey and soon wore ourselves out completely.

Dad had another trick up his sleeve. He took me out to the middle of the pool in fairly deep water then he walked over to the steps and hauled himself out, dried off then went thru the doors into the kitchen. Just like that. He left me there.

The son of a bitch. He always helps me out of the water, ALWAYS!!

"Son of a bitch. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!" I yelled.

Needless to say, I got out of that damn pool, madder than a wet hen no less ... hobbled over to the pool table, removed my clothes and then negotiated my way back into the house. Dad was sitting at the bar chuckling his ass off, like some damn little school girl.

He broke out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter and giggles. His whole body shook. He was all red in the face. I thought he was going to have a stroke right then and there.

"Very funny. Very funny." I said all indignant but with a smile on my face at the same time. His laughter was infectious. Pretty soon I was cracking up too. Damn.

"I thought so." He said.

He came over, pulled me into his arms, "Son, I love you, but I can't always do everything for you. You have found that you have an inner strength I do not believe you knew you had. I knew you had it though. You just needed to be pulled out of your feeling sorry for yourself stage. You are okay. I'm very proud of you, you know." He hugged me tightly then kissed me lightly on the lips, which I returned. Then he let me go, adding, "And oh yeah, I had the intercom turned on."

"Oh. Sorry dad. You heard everything? Ah nevermind. Sorry." I said looking down at the floor.

"Just don't say those words in anger to another person, okay?"

"Yes sir. Sorry."


Later that afternoon, my cell phone rang. The caller id revealed it to be Peter calling so I picked up on the third ring, "Hey Peter how's it hanging, dude."

"About five inches man, some things never change." Peter responded happily.

"Yeah, same here. Can I call you right back?"

"Yep. Laters."

"Bye. Call you right back."

"Dad, since you sorta surprised me <chuckles>, can you grab my crutches for me, please?"

He walked over to the kitchen island, grabbed my crutches and brought them over, "Here ya go son. Why don't you invite Peter over for supper, and it's okay if he spends the night."

"Kewl. Thanks."



"Thanks. I love you."

"And oh yeah, Dad, paybacks are a mutha." I said turning away from him to head upstairs to my bedroom.

Now, dad has a habit, a bad one no less, of swatting me on the ass, no matter if I am dressed or not.

Usually it is a play slap, no big deal but this time he swatted his normal one and it connected with my still wet butt, "YEOUCHHHHHHHHHH !!!" I screeched and tore out as fast as I could go on my crutches.


Dad's POV

Damn, I did it again. One of these days I'll learn that swats on wet butts are or can be painful. Just ask my fingers that were still smarting from the last one on David. I forget that his butt was wet from swimming and bare.

Since we moved to the island our preferred mode of dress is *none*, not because of any perverted motives, but because things around here in this household are relaxed. Our only real rules of attire are to wear a t-shirt at the dinner table and to have no overt sexual activity in our common living spaces. Not bad. The kids like it. I like it and we get along well. Most of our friends are casual and share our preferences. Naked has just not been an issue.

As David mentioned, my wife and their mother passed away a few short years ago from the ravages of cancer. Diagnosis was late and her death was early. It was a devastating ordeal, and although sad, we have gone with life just as she would have wanted us to.

David's cancer diagnosis was equally devastating to our family, still sorely smarting from Helen's loss. David's type of bone cancer is slow-growing and readily amendable to treatment, which in his case required amputation above his knee a few inches. He has not done well, emotionally, despite his rapid recovery from the physical aspects, again not too uncommon in a teenage boy who was constantly on the go with riding his bike and even his forage into competitive body surfing.

To be quite frank, his attitude sucked, in that he pretty much gave up and considered himself a freak because of one leg missing. His doctors were confident he would do well with a prosthetic device. The devices of old were aesthetically hideous even though they are fully functional and provide adequate mobility.

As his father, I was getting quite tired of his attitude and his giving up on life. David is not a risk taker and sometimes life requires risk taking to be successful, productive and happy. Things have gone from bad to worse over the past couple of months. My dumping him in the pool, safely though, came as a result. Mind you, we have an intercom and video system set up to hear and view the pool at all times. Today was no exception.

My dunking him in the pool, while not dangerous, since I was close by, seemed to have boosted his self confidence and sense of levity he had long been known for before his cancer diagnosis. I am hopeful and have every sense that his prosthesis will get him mobile again so he can see and do what you and I take for granted most days.


Back to the Story

After removing my wet clothes and drying off, I returned Peter's call, he answered it on the first ring, "Sup dude?"

"Just hanging out with dad. Jeremy, my brother whom you have not yet met went to work. Are you coming up?"

"As soon as mom leaves. She's mental today, worse than usual." Peter said morosely.

"Yeah, the 'rents get mental sometimes. Dad was mental today, ha haa. He dunked me in the pool with all our clothes on." I replied happily. "I'll be looking for ya man. I've gotta take a shower. See ya soon."

"Okay. See ya in a while. Bye."

"Laters. Hey Peter!"


"Pack a bag and plan on hanging here tonight, okay?"

"I doubt I can, but I'll ask. See ya later."

Peter is really good people, I believed he's my best friend in the whole world, or certainly will be anyway. He's 14 also, 4 months older than I, but we look about the same in height and weight. He's not into the naturist thing, in fact he always wears long jeans and a long sleeved shirt, strange for this climate and location where everybody is basically informal and laid back. But that is Peter, no big deal.

His dad took off when he was a baby, his mom told him he did not want anything to do with commitments, he was just looking for a fuck chick and then when she came up preggers he up and left. Peter refers to him as "The Sperm Donor".

He does not talk about his mom, which is kind of strange. He gets sad when I talk about my mom, he doesn't say anything instead he just gets real quiet. I see a longing in his eyes, which are at times haunting. I wonder what's up with that.

I walked in into the bathroom, contributed to the sewer system, flushed then went to the sink to brush my teeth. I turned around to walk into the shower and noticed the big red splotch on the outside of my right butt cheek in the reflection of the mirror. "Damn, dad really got me today." I thought then chuckled at his antics.

Then my thoughts turned to Peter's coming over in a little while causing me to immediately spring major wood. Washing off quickly, I then turned my attentions to my dick which was now throbbing from need.

After soaping up my dick and butt up again, my thoughts turned to hoping that Peter would one day wash my body then my thoughts went strong on washing up his fine body.

Nearly but not quite being consumed with those thoughts, I sat down on the shower chair and commenced to play with my butthole by pushing my finger through its opening that sent shivers shooting throughout my body. Grabbing my cock with my other hand, I soon exploded in a sea of pleasure as I arrived and then crashed on Nirvana. Rope after rope of white hot molten semen flew out of my raging pole of pleasure splattering to the floor.

Somewhat satiated, I got up, rinsed off then got out of the shower, dried off, went to my bedroom and I got dressed in a pair of bright red running shorts, commando, and a t-shirt.

Dad met me in the hallway as I left my room, "I thought you had fell or something since you screamed out so loud." He had a smirk on his face but let me reply, "Nah. No problem, dad. I guess I hit my toe or something causing me to yelp." I said with a sheepish smile knowing all too well that dad would not buy it. He didn't.

"Is Peter coming over?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, he'll be over in a few after his mom leaves. He says she is major mental today."

"Is everything okay with him?"

"I don't know. Something does not seem right. You know how she was the other day when they came over."

"I'm here."

"Okay dad. Thanks."

"Business calls so I need to go into the office. A client has come into town so I will be late. Call if you need to."

"Sure thing dad, be careful. Hopefully Peter gets to spend the night."

Dad came over and gave me a hug, went to his room, go dressed and then left shortly thereafter.


Dad's POV

My thoughts turned to Peter as I got dressed for work. He seems like a good kid. His old lady sure seems like a tough one though. I get the sense that she does not like her son. And that jackass Harlan, well there is definitely some friction between him and Peter. I sincerely hope Peter is okay.


Back to the story

The phone rang, the caller ID showed it to be Peter so I picked it up on the second ring.

Me: "Hey, sup?"

Peter: "Uhm, a slight complication has come up and I am unable to come down to your house, do you think you could come over?"

Me: "Has your mom left yet, or what is up with that?"

Peter: "She's gone."

Me: "Yeah, I can do that. Be down in a few. Should I bring anything?"

Peter: "Nah, just yourself. Bye."


Me: "Yeah, bye, see ya in a few." I said to a dial tone. Huh? What the fuck? Weird that he hung up on me.

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