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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 12

Peter's POV

After a quick stop for a pee, we headed down the stairs. David led the way while I held up the rear, so to speak. As he negotiated the steps with ease, I took negotiated them with intrigue while watching his cute ass sway from one side to the other. By the time we were all the way down, I was fully boned up. David caught me rearranging things, and snickered.

"Want something to eat?" David asked after putting his arm around my waist. At first I jumped at the contact but then immediately relaxed when he looked deeply into my eyes. He then reached over and kissed me a quick one then asked "Are you okay? You don't look so good..."

"My tummy's a little upset but I'll be okay."

"Do you want something to eat?" David asked again.

"No thanks. Do you want something to drink?"

"Yeah, I'll take a Coke. Thanks."

I went to the refrigerator, pulled out two Cokes, got glasses and put ice in them and then poured our drinks as he put a chicken cacciatore frozen dinner into the microwave to be nuked.

I sat down at the bar while he got himself a plate and silverware. My brain began working overtime thinking about the stuff we had been talking about with dad. The more I thought the more my stomach began getting upset. All of a sudden, I felt that familiar burning brash in my throat. Quickly I got up and ran to the bathroom by the TV room barely making it before tossing my guts.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom after rinsing off my face and rinsing with gargle, I began having severe stomach cramps causing another trip to the commode, but for the other end.

Both excursions left me weak and tired. Just as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom again, a knock on the door interrupted my concentrations, I answered "Yeah, I'm coming. I'll be right there."

After opening the door, David was there to greet me. Immediately, he asked "You okay? You look white as a sheet, and your eyes are sunken in."

"I think so."

"Just sip on your soda. Don't rush it. I love you. Everything is going to be okay. In the end this will all be okay. Just hang in there and be strong."

"I just got to thinking about those bad things, and well..."

Just then the door alarm signal permeated the silence between us, dad said, "You guys go ahead and sit in the TV room while the police and I talk for a while."

Readily, we agreed and went into the TV room after I fetched David's drink for him. He turned on a movie... I can't tell you what it was, I wasn't paying attention, and soon fell into a slumber while leaning up against him.

A few minutes later, I can't tell you how much later, dad jiggled my shoulder and said "Officer Ramirez is here to talk with you. He's here to get your side of what happened, and while we cannot be with you during questioning, we'll be close by."

After introductions were made, dad led Officer Ramirez and I into the dining room, made sure we had drinks and then made his exit after giving me a hug and reassuring words of encouragement.

"You're not on trial, Peter. I'm here to get your statement, answers to several questions. "My name is Ramirez from HPD's child sex crimes unit. I've been a police officer for 18 years. What we talk about today will be used by the prosecutor to determine appropriate charges." Ramirez said calmly, reassuringly.

I nodded.

He opened his laptop, logged on and then started the questioning session.

"For the record, would you please state your name and date of birth?"

"Sure. My name is Peter Scott Jamison, August 7, 1994.

"Can you agree to tell me the absolute truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

"Yes. Of course."

"Okay Peter, what happened?"

During the next hour or so I recounted precisely what had happened, everything. All of it, leaving nothing out. Officer Ramirez entered many notes, my answers to his questions, and provided a quiet, calm reassurance when I was asked to answer especially difficult questions. We took a couple of breaks so that I could regroup and recompose myself then the questions became much more sinister and disturbing.

"Are you safe here, Peter?"

"Yes sir, absolutely. These people, Mr. Blake and his sons literally saved my life when they took me in. I was prepared to go back to living on the streets."

"Nobody here has forced you to do anything against your will, sexually or otherwise?"

"No way, no sir."

"I have to ask those questions, sorry, but sometimes a child is not safe with the people he is living with, even in foster care."

"Sir, Mr. Blake wants to adopt me. I want it to happen too. I feel safe for once in my life."

"Good. Like I said, we have to inquire to assure ourselves that you are indeed safe. I've had a few kids honestly answer that their parents were doing all sorts of things to them, a couple we had severe difficulties in getting them somewhere safe."

I nodded.

"The next several questions have to do with sex. Please be honest with your answers, okay?"

"I swore I'd tell you the truth..."

After nodding his understanding of my reassurance, he asked "Are you sexually active, Peter?"

"Uhm, yeah."

"In what way?"

I squirmed around in the chair I was sitting on, not knowing exactly how to answer his question, but then spoke up after reminding myself that I swore to tell the whole truth, "Uhm, well, I masturbate, and I've been both the giver and receiver of oral sex. And, well, a girl and I did it on the beach a couple of months or so ago."

I quit talking when I thought of David and what we did the previous night in our bed.

"Anything else?"

After thinking about it, I answered, "Well, I've had guy-guy sex..."

"Did you have sexual intercourse with him?"

"Ahhh, yeah, we did."

"Okay, when was the last time you had sexual intercourse with 'him'?"

"Uhm, well, err, last night... I don't know what this has to do with anything, sir. I mean, well, never mind. I mean we actually made love. I love him."

"I need his name and address."

"Sir, please don't do that. I don't want to drag him into this. My mom did what she did. Harlan did what he did. Can't we leave it at that? Nobody is hurting me in any way, I promise you, please believe me."

"Peter, the defense attorneys will grill you on the stand; they will try to discredit you; they will try to make everything that happened to you your fault; they are viscous and ruthless; they will do and say anything within the parameters given to them by the legal system to vindicate their client; they will take any and all of your proclivities and run with them, and turn and twist them in such a way and to the point where a jury just might get swayed away from the truth. This is why I am asking these types of questions. The prosecutor can then stave the vultures off."

"Proclivities ... what does that mean?"

"Proclivities is the inclination or predisposition toward something, especially a strong inherent inclination towards something objectionable."

"But how is having sexual intercourse with someone I love so much - wrong? I don't understand why you and or the prosecutor and or the defense attorneys would go in that direction. I just don't understand it."

"Son, they, the defense does it all the time. It does not mean it is morally right, but their questions, if properly asked are legal. I'm sorry, but answer the question, please."


Dad's POV

After finding nothing worthwhile on TV, I switched from TV to the interview between Peter and Officer Ramirez. We probably should not have been watching but once I began watching, I began to understand the gravity of what Peter had endured his young life to that point in time.

Some of the details he provided were shocking and left me shocked as to the brutality that he endured. I tried as best I could to remain calm yet there were some times when tears leaked from my eyes and at other times I got so angry that I just wanted to spit fire.

David, previously riveted in his seat and holding onto my arm, got up and began pacing the floor, back and forth and back and forth. Finally, he stopped and bore holes deep into my chest with his eyes.

I motioned for him to sit down next to me. Reluctantly, he sat but then started rocking and shaking his head the longer the interview went on.

Most of Officer Ramirez' questions were appropriate and germane, no matter that I agreed or disagreed with them.

My senses went into overload when Officer Ramirez seemed to be badgering Peter about his sexual partners and particularly when the questions were about the love of his life...David my son.

Jeremy stood and challenged me with his eyes - just how much longer was I going to allow the grilling questions to continue.


Back to Peter's POV

"Peter, I need the name and address for your sexual partner. Withholding this information is, unfortunately, obstruction of justice."

"Wait. I don't understand how the relationship with my boyfriend is... What the hell. Send me to jail then, I'm not going to get him in trouble." I said then got up and held my hands behind my back ready to be arrested and taken away.


Dad's POV

"Dad, you can't let him get arrested." David said and got up and headed toward the door to the kitchen from the TV room.

"David, stop, right now."

He turned around to face me. He had tears in his eyes, and a look of defiance flashing on his face and in his demeanor - but he stood there waiting for my reaction.

At the same time, Jeremy stood, walked over to David ... now I had two boys staring me down.

"Okay, you two stay here."


Back to Peter's POV

"Not funny Officer Ramirez. My so called 'proclivities' have nothing to do with an adult attempting to and success with busting my nut because I did not voluntarily put out for him, or his fucking raping me. It's not like I fuckin asked him to."

Just then dad barged into the room, squared off with Officer Ramirez.

"David, go join your brothers in the TV room. And leave the TV on." Dad commanded.

I got up, stared down Officer Ramirez for a second or two then followed dad's gesture to leave the room. As soon as I passed through the doorway, he closed it abruptly.

David and Jeremy were waiting for me at the doorway to the TV room. Immediately, they both hugged and helped me to calm down. We went in, sat down and watched dad and Officer Ramirez' exchange of words.


Dad's POV

"Officer Ramirez, I'm uncomfortable with this line of questioning. Any other inquiries need to be directed towards our attorney who will be representing Peter." I asserted.

"Mr. Blake, I assure you these questions will be asked in court. They always are when sexual abuse, sexual battery or allegations of rape are brought to trial. They are asked to discredit the witness and/or most importantly the victim."

"Agreed, but, victim responses are best prepared by an attorney after being counseled. This is sad actually, since the victim and/or witness is actually perpetrated on twice. First, the event that happened, and secondly, the sharks called defense counsel who eat up victims and witnesses for lunch on the stand, and then spit on them, or laugh in their faces in the event their client is legally exhonerated."

"May I ask a question, Mr. Blake?" Ramirez asked concernedly.


"Why did you come in here?"

"Easy. Peter is my son. Do you think I'd allow him to do this all alone? Not in a million years. As an aside, I happen to be the owner of the second largest surveillance in North America, and third in the world. It would be stupid, no, it would be incomprehensible and criminal for me to not have our home and premises covered for obvious reasons, don't you agree?"

"This is highly unusual Mr. Blake, in that your actions are obstructing a confidential investigation."

"That may or may not be true. But isn't it true that counsel, the guardian and the questioned person are or can be advised that their testimony is being recorded? I do not recall any such notification."

"This is not a formal statement process. We are ferreting out confidential information, information that only the perpetrator and his or her victims would know."

"In that case my taping of the 'informational interview' is not obstructing justice, is it?"

"The only other alternative is to take this matter downtown where we can obtain an official statement. Peter will be detained for questioning for as long as it takes." Officer Ramirez challenged. He was right, of course, damn it.

"In that case counsels' presence is legally appropriate." I said while quickly calming myself down.

"You may contact his counsel at any time, but it does not mitigate the fact that Peter has material facts in his possession and that he is obstructing this investigation by withholding them. Are you his biological or his current adoptive father?"

"A petition for adoption is being prepared. We'll be in Family Court on Monday for its finalization. Currently, I am his foster father and legal guardian. I believe these qualifications amply satisfy any legal requirements in any court of law."

That said, I pulled my phone from its holster, hit the SEND button. The interview to that moment in time was transmitted to Ella's personal PDA device. Within 5 minutes she called, I told her what was happening, she agreed to come to our home immediately to help conduct the interview. When we hung up, I turned to Officer Ramirez, I have transmitted the entirety of this interview to Ella Right at Hawaii's CPS division, and she's on her way here as we speak. We're not trying to hide anything from you. We have nothing to hide. I simply object to this line of questioning without legal representation. It is very possible that this case will qualify under the Hate Crime statutes since Peter was subjected to coercion and force because of his alleged sexual orientation. For Peter, for you and for me, all dots must be connected."

"Very well, I'll wait."

I then opened the door to the kitchen and headed into the TV room where the boys were all sitting on the couch, talking amongst their selves.

David said, "It's not over yet is it dad?"

"No, it's not. This'll work out, I promise."

I went and sat down next to Peter... Jeremy and David joined me offering our love, encouragement and reassurances to him.

"Is this ever going to go away, dad?" Peter asked with tears freely flowing from his dark brown eyes, down his dark tanned cheeks, landing in his lap.

"Trust the process, Peter. This will get straightened out, and we'll get on with our life together. Trust me."


Peter's POV

I walked into the TV room and sat down on the large overstuffed couch right next to David who took me into his arms and held me tightly.

"Those questions he asked you, Peter, are not fair! What would our relationship have anything to do with some sad fuck trying to do what he did to you?" David asked heatedly.

"I don't know, David. He was using some words that I do not understand the real meaning of but it sure feels like what we have is bad and will cause trouble. I just don't get it."

"I don't know either. We'll be just fine though, just you wait and see. Come on, I gotta piss. We can talk some more."

"Hey, you guys, everything is going to work out. Dad is hot and knows his shit. I was just ready to go in there and kick some serious ass, Peter. Your relationship with David is a blessing. Please don't take it as a curse." Jeremy said assuredly.

I nodded with appreciation.


Back to the story

I was pissed.

But I tried not very hard to stay calm. Peter was upset enough. He did not need me blowing my top. I know dad was going to handle this situation okay.

We have nothing to hide nor do we have anything to be ashamed of. This calmed me down a whole bunch and I was able to relax some so that I could be supportive to the love of my life, Peter.

Together, Peter and I walked upstairs and stopped in the bathroom for a potty break. Peter leaned over the can getting ready to get sick to his stomach again. I went over to him and assuringly placed my hand on his shoulder to let him know that he had my support.

After a few minutes, Peter took a wiz then stepped up to the sink where he washed his hands and face. He smiled a wry little grin then said "Geezus David, that was close but I think I'm okay now. Let's go kick some ass. But, before we do that ... let's get rid of our tension."

That said, he grabbed hold of my deflated cock inside of my shorts and underwear and then rubbed and squeezed it until it fully and completely sprang to life. He then led me to the toilet, grasped hold of the waistbands of my shorts and underwear, and then in one feld swoop had them down around my ankles. He said one single word, "Sit."

I sat.

With no further conversation, Peter got down on his knees, took hold of my fully engorged cock with his hand and then gobbled down the entire length of my steel hard dick completely into his wanton, willing and demanding hot oral orifice where he sucked, squeezed, sucked. Sucked, squeezed. Sucked, sucked, sucked, squeezed. Squeezed, squeezed, squeezed, sucked, sucked, sucked, sucked again. On and on again and again and again - that is until I could not take any more... Blowey. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot again of hot, white molten hot jizz blasted from my raging pillar of red hot cock down his throat filling it completely causing him to sputter, but he took it all. He wasted not a drop, not one single drop.

Week kneed and shaking from the cataclysmic event of orgasm, I just sat there until I regained my composure. When it happened, I stood in front of him then held him tightly and kissed him deeply showing him my deep gratitude.

I then grasped the hasp to his jeans, unbuckled them, zipped down the zipper, lowered his pants down to his ankles and said "Sit." He chuckled with a big ole smile plastered on his face extending from ear to ear.

Before kneeling before him, I reached into the medicine cabinet and retrieved the Vaseline. Removing the lid, I reached in with my index finger and scooped a little dollop and then put the jar away.

When I knelt down, I pulled his legs up and over my shoulders then quickly inserted my finger into his hot tunnel then pressed firmly on his little button of pleasure as I went to work on his now fully extended pole of pleasure.

Suck, suck, suck. Push, push, push. Suck, suck, suck, suck. Twist, push, push, suck, push, suck.

Within two minutes Peter blasted a load of his nectar down into my stomach. It fully burned my throat with its hot scalding heat, and he was not gentle about delivering it to me, pummeling my throat with pulse after pulse of muscular contractions, mostly involuntary. I was surprised his dick did not pop out from the back of my head.

When Peter completed his trip to Nirvana and back, he pushed my mouth off his then wilting cock, saying, "Okay, David, okay. It's too sensitive babe. I gave his love canal one more finger fuck and then removed my finger, tore off a piece of toilet paper and cleaned him and me up.

Satiated, Peter and I stood and kissed tenderly, until a knock on the door interrupted our interlude into peace and serenity, "Yeah?"

"Come on guys, they're here." Jeremy said through the door.

"We'll be right down. Thanks." Peter said.

We kissed once again. Peter got himself together. We fixed our hair and made sure we had no errant cum spatter on our faces or clothes.

"Are you feeling better now?" I whispered to Peter.

"Never better. Bring 'em on!" Peter said through a grin.

After arriving downstairs we walked directly to the dining room. Ella came over and pulled us into a deep hug saying "Okay boys, everything's going to work out. Officer Ramirez has a few remaining questions then I have some to ask myself. Trust me that this will work out just fine. Just be honest, and I will interrupt if Officer Ramirez' questions become irrelevant."

"Okay. You do know that Peter and I love each other very deeply?" I asked.

"Your dad told me. As soon as I saw you two together I had no doubt. It's obvious. It's in your eyes. You're wearing it." Ella said gently then added "Please answer this one question so that I know the whole story, okay?"

"Shoot." I said. Peter nodded his approval.

"Are you guys sexually intimate?"

"Uhm. Hmm. Yes." I answered.

Peter looked scared of the question, maybe he was more afraid of the answer, but he looked at Ella confidently and said "Yes, we are. We are not ashamed of our love, and I will defend it to my dying day. Is this going to screw up my adoption?"

"Absolutely not, Peter. I will leave you a hint though."

"What's that?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

"Just remember that the criminal justice system moves very slowly. By the time any questions arise, well, your adoption will be finalized, if you know what I mean." Ella said with conviction and a gleam in her eyes.

We just grinned like Cheshire cats and nodded our understanding of what she just said.

"Okay then, let's go get this interrogation <giggles> over with."

"She's cool, Peter. I believe her." I said with certainty.

Dad, Jeremy and Officer Ramirez were sitting at the table. Ella, Peter and I took the remaining seats.

Peter appeared to be relaxed and confident.


Peter's POV

After we sat down, I had this brilliant idea to diffuse the situation and to put hearts and minds to rest.

As if David were reading my mind, he looked over at me, smiled and nodded.

"Officer, Ella, Dad, Jeremy ... the relationship that David and I have is beautiful. I feel alive with him in my life. For the very first time, ever, in my life, I feel at home here, and even though I have lived here but only for a very short time, I feel like I belong, and will never be tossed around like a garbage bag nor will there ever be any violence directed at me just because I messed up and made a mistake. David is 14 years old, Jeremy is 17 years old. They have never, I repeat NEVER, been hit or beaten for ANYTHING or for ANY reason."

"Look, I have a nut missing <I fumbled with my jeans button, got it open then unzipped and took my pants and underwear down and showed them my left ball and the empty spot on the right side where that one should be, under normal circumstances>. It was smashed to smithereens by that dickhead uncle of mine. It was hurt so bad that they had to remove it. <I pulled and fastened my jeans back into their rightful place <I am not even embarrassed because I showed them>>."

"Harlan might have had me but David has me. I fought Harlan off the best I could, and well let me tell you that I 'connected' with his manhood, if you call it that, in a very painful but personal way, but it was not sexual. I would cut my dick off and sew my butt closed if he were the only person left on this earth to have sex with."

"David is my boyfriend. I love him with all my heart."

"Did you know that he had had cancer? Yes, he had cancer. It took the removal of his leg to cure it. He's doing just fine. Tell me, Officer Ramirez, did you know that? Do you know that he now walks around like 'normal' even though he has a fake leg? Fake to you maybe but it is very real to David."

"Were you there when he walked out of that doctor's office on his own? Did you see the huge smile on his face, and the tears in his eyes, tears of gratitude and joy when he did that?"

"No. No you didn't. We all did though."

"Yes, David and I have made love. MADE LOVE. Yes, we have had sexual intercourse. It hurt at first, but my David stopped until I was ready to continue. When we continued, we made love. It was not bad. He did NOT rape me, he made love to me. WE made love together. We made love because we wanted to, not because we were forced to. Do you understand that?????"

"STOP putting us on trial here. 'Proclivities'? Come on man, get real. There is nothing, absolutely nothing bad or sinister about our love here. Do you understand that??? Do you?????????????"

The room was totally quiet. A pin could have dropped, and when it hit the floor the sounds would have been deafening.

David broke the silence, "How dare you put my Peter on trial, Officer Ramirez. How dare you cheapen our love for each other? You should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to be helping us to stay safe from those bastards like his SOON-TO-BE-EX-UNCLE. That's right, EX as in past tense, as if he never existed in Peter's life." David said with fire in his voice and a level of confidence that I had never before seen in him.

Ella, with a gentle and motherly look on her face said "Boys you are excused. There are no more questions. Period. Would you guys please leave the room so that the adults can talk together, please?"

Getting up from the table, Peter and I went to Ella, gave her a hug and said "Thank you." We then gave hugs to Dad and then David, Jeremy and I headed to the pool where we removed all our clothes and went for a late night swim.

After everybody left, we went back into the house and sat around and idle chit chatted about this and that, however, I still had lingering anger and resentment feelings so I sat down after saying my good nights to everyone and then wrote a letter to my natural mother. When it was finished, I put it into an envelope and sealed it up then put it on dad's desk with a note asking him to mail it. It read:


Dear Tanya,

I'm safe now. I'm loved. I've got a chance. I'm pretty happy. But I'm still scared.

I hope being scared will pass in time. My daddy says it will. He says that time takes time.

Yes, I have a daddy now. He's not in prison for life plus a hundred years after that. How can someone be sentenced for that long?

A person only lives once. He cares about me; he takes care of me; he even lets me make mistakes; he loves me; he says that everyone makes mistakes along the way because that is how we learn.

He told me one night that I need to forgive you at some point in time because if I don't then it will hold me back from loving someone else.

So ... I forgive you. I forgive you because I need to move on and put all the stuff behind so that I can love those who really love me.

Today I have people in my life who love me for who and what I am, without hating me.

I'm gay. I'm deeply in love with another guy. His name is David. I love him with all my heart and soul. I knew I did from the very first time I saw him. He loves me too. Ha haa, you should have seen him looking at me with those freaky binoculars from his room. He thinks that I didn't' see him, but I did see him however I haven't said anything and doubt that I ever will. It was so funny.

Don't worry too much. I haven't said anything about The Boss doing that weird shit to me. Maybe sometime I will. Maybe. Maybe not. Right now, it just doesn't seem to be all that relevant. I'm safe.

Did you know that I knew that there was boy who lived in the basement up on hill with Bo? I heard him scream many times. Where did he go? What is he doing?

Have a good life. Take care of yourself.

Your ex-son, Peter.

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