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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 13

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After making appropriate deposits to the sewer system, I went to the room Peter and I shared, our room - I like the sound of that - and found him sitting at the desk, "Whatcha doing? I've been looking for you."

Peter jumped nearly out of his skin but quickly finished sealing the envelope, got up from the chair, came over to me and said, "I just wrote a letter to my ex-mother."

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked after we kissed lightly on our lips. His breath was minty. Ornery took over, we went diving for tonsils, and during the playing of tongues, he slipped the mint into my mouth where I swished it around and around, and then gave it back to him.

As a matter of fact, Peter stated, "I'd rather not. Basically I told her how things have changed, it's all good, and I wished her well. How about we go swimming for a while? Want to?"

"Okay, Jeremy's down there too."

After stripping all our clothes off and tossing them anywhere they landed, we took Peter's letter to dad's office. Peter put a sticky note on it asking him to mail it, and then we headed to the pool where Jeremy was swimming laps and dad was sitting in a chair drying off.

"Hey, guys. Ya doing okay?" Dad said.

"Yep." I said nodding affirmatively.

"I couldn't be better." Peter said with a smile.

"Good, I'm glad. Peter you did really good today, I'm so very proud of you." Dad said then came over to Peter and gave him a deep hug and a kiss on the top of his head.

Beaming with good feelings, Peter took off and dove into the pool like a pro.

"I'm proud of you too, David."

"What did I do?"

"Nothing. You did not 'do' anything. Your love for him and our family shone through and through. That comes from your soul, David." Dad said then hugged me tightly then took me to the side of the pool where I too dove in to some laps.

Tired out, Jeremy, Peter and I went to the side of the pool where we just hung out for a while, talking about this and that but not about anything really in particular.

"Well, guys, I'm gonna call it a night. See ya in the morning. Love ya." Jeremy said.

When Jeremy left and went in the house, I turned and faced my Peter. His eyes were closed. Drops of water speckled the soft skin of his face, almost like freckles. His nipples were deep in the water, and they were fully erect. I'd never noticed that on a guy before ... they were intensely sexy. I laid my hands across his chest with each one of his nipples between my thumb and index finger. The pool lights were down low. The water was nice and pleasantly warm. Just perfect, everything was just perfect.

The lights are at Peter's back. He just looks so perfect, and he is absolutely adorable. Then I spot it. His penis is semi erect, just waving back and forth minutely with each trickle of undercurrent.

He must be thinking something sexy as I watch his dick slowly grow up into this perfect specimen of art. "Hmm, I just gotta have some of that sweet sexy boy-man, and I need it right now." I thought silently to myself, to no one else, not even to Peter. Not to be outdone, this time ha haa, my little David also rose to the occasion, quickly.

Holding onto the side of the pool, I inch my way into Peter's front side. He hears my travels, opens his eyes and then flashes his beautiful majestic smile. He reached for me and guided my body into his. Our rigid poles met and danced as we took each others' lips and kissed them passionately yet gently, soothingly, hoping to transfer our love and passion to the other.

Breaking away briefly to gather up another lung full of air I said softly into his ear, "I love you Peter Scott Jamison. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are so beautiful. Yes, you are absolutely beautiful on the outside, yet you have an inner beauty that I cannot resist, do not want to resist, and will not resist."

Without giving him a chance to say anything in reply, I pulled myself even closer and put even more pressure into my kiss, not hard enough to bruise him, God forbid if I ever hurt him, never. I was breathing hard; he was breathing hard. I felt that all too familiar sense of tension rising in my nuts, they were tightening up... at the very last second, we released each other, panting with desire and need and passion.

"What are you doing, David. I'm right on the brink... where are you going?" Peter asked in desire.

"I'm not going anywhere. Fear not my love."

That said, I turned around into him so that his penis was against my back door. He grunted, not from any sort of pain, but from what I could only assume as from pure pleasure.

"Hold me against you. I've got a plan."

"Oh no, a plan." Peter giggled.

Peter gasped, when in the next motion I pushed his dick to line up to my butthole. The sensation of his penis being brought against my deepest area just about sent me over the edge into Nirvana, but somehow I resisted, and instead guided his dick up tight against my butthole. Peter gasped again. He pulled me even closer and said "David, what are you doing?"

Giving his cock a gentle nudge with my fingers and a push up of my ass against his cock, I feel it come right onto my back door, and knock. Meanwhile, I was crazy, my body wanted and needed to cum so bad, yet this was for Peter and I together. I was driven like an ox doing whatever ox's do. My body was urgently trying to get his spear inside of my waiting receptacle and then coat my rectal walls with a serious dose of his love nectar.

"Just push. Just push. Push it inside me." I begged for my life. I truly believed that my life depended on him ramming his spear into me, plugging me full of his essence and then drowning my insides with his whitewash protein shake. I was a man driven to distraction.

Peter became energized. He put his arms around my waist and then grabbed hold of my front and pushed hard against my back door. I was making every effort to relax but was having a difficult time doing it. I thought of another tactic... with all my heart and soul wrapped up in the desire for his dick inside of me, I yelled "PUSH!" and at the same time I pushed down on my bowels as if I were to take a shit. I gave it everything I had and then some. Peter took care of the rest. Immediately, a hot searing pain shot through my insides and up into my chest nearly taking my breath away, but, I pushed back into him, wanting more. And more I got. And more he got. His bristly pubes were smashed into my butt cheeks.

I was panting with need and desire. Peter was panting with desire and need. His body quivered and then it slammed hard into my most inner spaces. The white hot pain turned into red hot molten passion. As if he could read my butt muscles, he grabbed my cock and squeezed as he shot his protein deep inside of me... and I shot my nectar out into the pool. Pulse after pulse, we were almost in stereo, our offerings splattered out into the intended destinations.

Peter sensed a presence before I did. Startled by his change in aftershock movements, I opened my eyes, and then they screamed open at seeing dad standing across the pool with his arms folded across his chest. It was too dark to see his eyes and face, but I sensed a foreboding throughout my body.

Peter spasmed a final aftershock and then his penis left my not-so-virgin territory. He was still very hard, and my butthole was wide open. I shivered from the cool water entering my lower cavity. Try as I might, that door would not shut despite my best attempts, until dad spoke loud enough to hear, "You boys need to get out of the pool right now. No arguments. Peter, help David out of the water now. In 2 minutes the pool will become inhabitable for humans. I'll meet you in the kitchen. This is my only warning."

Dad then took off for the pool pump room. Peter boosted me out of the water and onto the side of the pool. He then got out, quickly walked and retrieved my crutches. My dick was still at about half-mast and was not deflating with any sense of urgency. Peter saw my little dilemma, wrapped a towel around my midsection after drying me off, and then after dried off we went into the house. Dad was sitting on a bar stool waiting for us. He was none too happy, in fact he was pissed.

Without waiting for us to sit down, he said "Okay boys, we have some ground rules to set up here. But before I get into them, I'm going to dump a load of chemicals into the pool. Don't go anywhere."

That said, dad gave me an evil eye and then went to the pool room.

"Wow, he's pissed. What's it all about?" I wondered out loud.

Peter took off and headed for the stairway, took them two at a time then disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the lock click.

"Damn." I muttered out loud and then took off for the stairway to go see what Peter's problem was. Just as I stepped up to the 3rd step from the bottom, dad bellowed, "I told you two to get a drink and sit down."


Dad's POV

"Night, dad, love ya." Jeremy said hugging me tightly with his towel draping over his obvious boner.

"Love you too, son. Sleep well, okay? Have at least one very pleasant dream." I deadpanned and then unable to hold it back, I snickered.

Jeremy is hard to embarrass but he caught the implication of my words and blushed a crimson shade of dark purple, or so it appeared. He recovered quickly though saying, "Yeah, I will dad. I'm gonna have a really good dream!"

"I'll say. Good night, Jeremy. I love you."

I received one of Jeremy's signature smiles, and he took off upstairs leaving me alone in my thoughts. I sat down after fixing me a gin and tonic and reflected on the days' events: The discussion with Officer Ramirez, Ella and I went good and ended on a fair note tonight.

My only real concern, what got my bile to rising was the procedural break where Ramirez questioned Peter about his current sexual practices. Not so much with the questions, they are necessary unfortunately, but rather the accusatory manner in which they were asked. When we all sat down and hashed it out, we determined that Peter said it all. Peter was and is a trooper. God, I'm rather quickly learning how to love that child, no I am not learning, it is coming over me.

He needs us just like we need him.

Ramirez agreed to delay his 'final' report preparation until Tuesday. Our court appearance for the petition to adopt Peter is Monday morning ... and well, we all want the ink to dry on it before the other report gets filed officially.

Not that anything is wrong with their being a couple ... we just do not want to taint the judge's mind when it comes to a romantic and sexual relationship between legal 'brothers'. I don't think the world is ready for that quite yet.

David and Peter are so happy with one another. Peter though has this haunted look in his eyes when ours meet, at times. Not always. Time will heal those wounds he has suffered so deeply in his past. I will give him every opportunity to flower and become the best person he can be, to prepare him for that dog-eat-dog world out there.


"Any man with a sperm count can father a child, but it takes someone special to be a daddy". This is the writing on a placard that hangs from our refrigerator door, one made by Jeremy when he was in 7th grade. It is signed by both him and David. Tears came to my eyes in gratitude, and an over flowing warmth filled my heart.

I'm a lucky son of a bitch. I really am. And no, my mother is not a bitch, not in any way. Thinking of her, I picked up the telephone to call her then realized it was 10:00pm in Hawaii's time zone, and 1AM tomorrow in California where she and my dad live. I'll call her tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I got on the Net and booked a trip to Disney World for 4 in three weeks. I got a really good deal on an airfare, all inclusive hotel (2 rooms, 1 for Jeremy and I, and the other for Peter and David) and a rental car.

I really am a very lucky man.

"Wonder where David and Peter are." I thought. Jeremy came in over an hour ago. I bet those boys have webbed feet and prunes for the rest of their bodies. I chuckled.

I went to the door leading to the pool area, looked outside and did not see them at first glance. I looked again, nothing. Not that I am worried or anything because a part of our pool is not visible in this position.

Those boys have to be tired, bone tired. They were tired and ready for bed when the police were called and, that ordeal had to have worn them out, especially Peter because of his recent injuries that required surgery.

Opening the door, I went out on the patio and called "David."

No answer.


No answer.

I heard splashing and grunts and groans coming from the far end of the pool then the unmistakable "PUSH!" That clear voice calling out in the night was definitely David's. Peter began thrashing the water, screaming out in ... ecstasy. David's was next.

I know lovemaking when I see it.

"Shit, those guys should not be doing that in a swimming pool for Christ sake. Making love is one thing; it is a beautiful expression of love between two people, but not in a fucking swimming pool because of the germs and danger of dumping a load, even unintentionally into the water. Damn it." I thought.

All of a sudden their activities ceased. I could not tell for sure, but it looked like David was looking in my direction.


Back to the story (David's POV)

"Dad, I've got to use the bathroom. Peter went upstairs to our bathroom, he locked himself in."

Quickly, I made those stairs as fast as I could possibly go, headed for the spare bedroom with a bathroom, just made it, sat down and blasted a load through the sewer system. When the mild cramps passed, I cleaned up, wrapped a towel around me and met dad in the hallway where he was knocking on the door and calling Peter's name.


Peter's POV

Hide. Hide. Hide. He's pissed. He's pissed.


Bathroom. Lock it. Quick!! Quick!!


There he is, HE'S GOING TO GET ME!!!!!


Two at a time, Peter. Two at a time. Hurry!! Hurry!!!!

I turned into the bathroom, slipping on the tiled floor and busted my ass. Ouch, that hurts. Shit. Shit. Shit!!!! HURRY!!!!!

I reached up and slammed the bathroom door shut.

LOCK IT !!!! LOCK IT !!!!

No. No. No. No. Not again. Please God, not again.

I picked myself up off the floor, opened the shower door, stepped in, shut it and curled up in a ball. I'm dead meat.

Knock. Knock on the bathroom door.

I curled up tighter and covered my head with my hands then prayed "God help me, please."

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