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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 14

Dad's POV

While walking up the stairs, many thoughts were passing through my head. The darkest one, the one that remained firmly in my mind was what I wanted to do to inflict pain and suffering on Peter's mother for what she had done to this kind, gentle, loving and caring boy we had taken in after she and her brother beat and assaulted him in more ways than one...

Yes, I was pissed that he and David had had anal sex in the pool. I was not actually pissed that they were sharing their most intimate moment together rather I was annoyed that they compromised the cleanliness of the water putting us all at risk of infection. However, by the time I arrived upstairs to the bathroom door, my concern had shifted to compassion, to allaying his fears that he would be beaten for the infraction. But then my thoughts went a step further after realizing they would not know of the risks because they had never experienced the situation before... so how could they know the ramifications it would cause? My anger dissipated entirely.

I lightly knocked on the bathroom. When I did not hear any response from Peter, I reached down and attempted to open the door but found it locked.

After taking a deep breath, I said, "Peter, are you in there?"


Peter's thoughts and comments are between [...]

David's thoughts and comments are between << ... >>

Jeremy's thoughts and comments are between ((( ... )))


[Sweet Jesus, please help me. Not again. PLEASE!!!]

He didn't respond so I continued, "Peter, son, I need to talk to you and David about what you and he did in the pool. Nobody is going to get beaten; we do not resolve things with physical punishment, and we do not angrily yell and scream at each other because someone screwed up. Come on and open the door up so that we can talk about this."

[Last time I prayed to you God, I got the shit beat out of me. You weren't there!]

A little harder, I knocked on the door again thinking that perhaps he had not heard the first one. When he did not respond, I said, "Peter, my job as a parent is to guide you and your brothers so that you guys can survive the world as adults. I do not, I absolutely do not strike my children, any child, to get their attention. I'm sorry that you were not in a home where you were loved and cherished, provided safety, security and happiness... but that's in the past now. I promise that I will never hit you for any reason. Hitting people is not the way we do things here."

[They all hurt me. Every last one of those motherfuckers did. Even my fuckin uncle did - and he's blood family.]

"Son, why are you here in our home... this is your home too, right?"

[They got me out of that shit-hole...]

"Do you think that we've ever lied to you?"

[No.] [I'm getting a Charlie Horse in my back. I slowly sat up and leaned against the shower wall.]

"Well Peter, let me answer that question... I've not lied to you, and do not plan to start now. Open the door now otherwise I'll use a key to get in there so that we can talk."

[Mom did not lie to me. She promised she would have my ass - and she did.]

((("Dad, what's up? I've gotta take a dump."))) Jeremy said reaching for the door handle, and then finding it locked said, "Whazzup, Dad, the door is locked."

"Peter's in there. He's scared out of his mind."

"What for? Why's he scared?"

I gave him the short version of what had happened, why I thought Peter was scared but left out the details of David and Peters' infraction thinking all the while that it was really none of Jeremy's business.


Thinking, I said loud enough to carry through the locked door, "Jeremy, have you or your mother ever beat you for any reason, at any time?"

"Nope. Why?"

"I think that Peter thinks I'm going to hurt him."

"No way. Come on Peter, I've gotta use it, hurry up, wipe your butt, and flush the damn toilet!" Jeremy said seriously. At the same time, he farted, and the aroma would have surely peeled all paint off the walls had they not been painted with enamel.

"Go use my bathroom or the bathroom in the guest room. Go ahead, get before the EPA gets called for your weapon of mass destruction. Peter open up the door, Jeremy's dead serious <giggles>."

"Very funny, NOT." Jeremy said.

"Oh, but it's true, funny boy." I said chuckling.

"Yeah, well, whatever." Jeremy chortled.

"Yeah, I'll whatever your ass." I said laughing.

[Jeremy said 'whatever' to Jim? Fuck, I would have been killed for saying that. And Jim, I mean dad laughed? Weird. Peeling paint off the walls? I snickered.]

"Did you hear that?" I whispered softly to Jeremy.

Jeremy snickered then said loudly, "Come on Peter, open up, I gotta seriously dump a load." He then ripped another one. That one was a killer. Even Jeremy backed away from it.

"Go. Use mine."

[Snicker. Snicker.]

"There it goes again. What's that noise?"


"Peter, I'm going downstairs. It's time to get ready for bed. We're all tired. It's been a long day. See ya later. Jeremy, go use my bathroom, get outta here already."

[Dad, I mean Jim doesn't sound mad. I'm tired too. This shower floor is killing me. I might as well just go and face the music. Dad? I don't know any 'dads' in any of my lives. He's adopting me? Making me a part of the family? Why would anybody fucking do that? This fucking shower is killing me, and I need to pee. Getting up off the shower floor, I headed to the bowl where I let go a stream of yellow liquid. I snickered. Relief. My toenails no longer hurt. After flushing and washing my hands, I stood in front of the closed and locked door.]

After sighing and garnering up all my strength, I said through the door, "Promise me that you won't hurt me. I don't think I could take it. I'll just leave and be gone and out of your hair. Just don't hurt me. It's the only thing I ask, please."

"I've promised you ... but I'll say it again ... nobody is going to get hurt. If anybody hurts you though, they'll wish they'd never been born."

"Okay. I'll come out, but only because Jeremy needs to come in." Peter said.

That said, the door opened; he stood there with tears freely streaming from eyes landing on his bare chest. He reached out his arms toward me. I closed the distance then hugged him deeply and allowed him to sob his pain out. I kissed him on the top of his head, and then we moved aside. Jeremy rushed into the bathroom where he shut the door behind him but not before ripping another one causing us to gag.

Peter gagged, coughed and acted like he was going to die from asphyxiation. I played along and shouted "Quick, call the fire department. Have them send a HAZMAT team!"

Peter totally cracked up after Jeremy loudly exclaimed, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That was big one!! Relief!"

Without giving it a second thought, I picked Peter up in my arms and then carried him downstairs.


Back to the story

I followed dad up the stairs, stood by his side as he knocked on the door and called to Peter. Tears sprang from my eyes and ran down my cheeks and landed on my chest, and rolled down into my pubic thatch, tickling as they went.

Dad looked at me, took my hand in his and squeezed gently. He then motioned for me to leave after whispering in my ear, "I'll take care of it. Go on downstairs. We'll be down soon."

I nodded then took off down the stairs, plopped down in a soft recliner in the TV room, turned on the tube, channel surfed, and after not finding anything on worth watching, switched over to the surveillance camera for the upstairs and then sat back, watched and waited and listened.

Once Peter opened the door and jumped into dad's arms, I breathed out collective sighs of relief, got up and then met them at the base of the stairs.

Through tear stained eyes, Peter looked at me and then dad released him. Peter and I hugged deeply and then we kissed passionately.

Dad led us into the TV room where he turned off the TV set, motioned for us to sit down next to him on the broad, deep sofa. I asked, "What's the matter dad? What did we do that pissed you off?"

"Before we get into that, let me just say... Peter, you can leave at any time if that's what you want to do. You aren't being held hostage here. I hope you'll at least give us a chance. We love you. I understand you're going through many changes, and that this must all be very scary for you. You'll always have a home to come home to if, at any time, you need or want one." Dad said softly.

After thinking quietly for a couple of minutes, Peter said after looking dad deeply into his eyes, and then he diverted his eyes to the floor, "I thought you were going to kill me. I wouldn't have blamed you if you did... I mean... nobody ever wanted me around... well... except... to do bad things."

"I'd be scared too, if I were in your position." Dad said softly and then he pulled Peter into his arms and held him firmly.

With tears in his eyes, Peter looked back into dad's eyes and said, "I don't want to leave, not really. I'm just scared. I don't know what you're mad about. Tell me so I can be good..."

"Yeah, dad, what's up? What got you upset?" I said.

"Fair enough. I thought we could just go to bed and get a good nights' sleep first then work on it tomorrow, but I understand your concerns, so I'll put it out on the table now so we can go to bed with the air cleared and not have it hanging out there on the clothes line, so to speak." Dad said. After thinking for a moment, he continued, "Boys, you can't be making love in the pool like you did tonight. There are just some things people cannot do there, and that is just one of them. You see, it is very possible, in fact very probable that making love anally will dump residue from your colon into the pool that will or could make people sick, even though you may not think so. This is precisely why I went out to the pool house, David. I put in a shock treatment to purify the water."

"I'm not going to punish you guys this time because you didn't know, however, if it happens again then you'll be grounded for a week, and then for another week for disobeying me and ignoring my telling you why this rule is so very, very important."

Jeremy came walking into the room, looked at all of us then sat down on the floor and said "Sup guys?"

"Hoping the trench and stench did not follow you down here, oh weapon of mass destruction bro." I snickered.

"Uhm, yeah Jeremy, that was pretty, pretty bad. Glad I didn't stick around for the encore." Peter said smiling.

Jeremy, fiending indignation, engaged us into wrestle mania that immediately diffused the tension between us. Dad was of absolutely no help... in fact he took on Peter while Jeremy took me on.

The wrestle mania ceased after we professed urgent needs to relieve ourselves BEFORE peeing on them.

As soon as I caught my breath, I said, "Dad?"


"We won't do it again. We just got carried away. We didn't, uhm, well we didn't, I mean we didn't use the bathroom if you know what I mean. Sorry, I didn't even think..."

"I didn't either, sorry sir." Peter said meaningfully.

"Okay. Your word's good enough. You guys can't use the pool for 24 hours. It's not because you're being punished, it's because those chemicals I put into the water are highly toxic... do you understand?" Dad said looking to each one of us for understanding and agreement.

After agreeing, Peter and I took off upstairs, used the facilities then went to bed where we immediately fell asleep.


I awoke early the following morning by feeling Peter getting out of bed. I assumed he would be hitting the bathroom then coming back so I fell back to sleep.


Peter's POV

After sleeping hard (no pun intended, but yeah I was hard) for several hours, I awoke early. The clock read 6:15; I needed to pee like a race horse; I was hungry; I had a crook in my neck; David had his raging hard cock nestled deeply into that place where God had split me in half. Though his penis was rather insistent and pleasurable my need to pee overruled all else... so I disentangled myself from the covers and David's arm, got up, wobbled a little bit from sleepiness, and then, naked, made my way to the bathroom where I unloaded a load of foamy yellow stuff from the end of my very, very hard dick.

Once that was finished, I went back to our bedroom, found a pair of black silky boxer shorts, put them and was quite embarrassed at the massive tent my maleness was showing off so I stopped in the bathroom on the way downstairs, closed and locked the door and then sat on the toilet where I unloaded a massive load of white creamy nectar, spasmed with relief, after only maybe 10 jerks on its stalk.

Once I cleaned the jizz from the end of my dick, thighs and toilet seat, I washed my hands and then went downstairs. Nobody else was yet up so I went to the refrigerator, poured myself a tall glass of orange juice and then went out to the table by the pool, sat down, saw various leaves and whatnot floating on the pool surface so I went to the pool room, retrieved the net and proceeded to skim the water free of debris. Nearly finished, Jeremy come out on the deck carrying a cup of what I believed to be coffee and sit down at the table. When he saw me at the other end of the pool cleaning, he perked up and smiled a wide toothy one at me and said "Hey dude, that's my job, but hey thanks a lot, I appreciate your doing that for me."

"No problem bro, I just figured it's time for me to contribute to the family." I said loudly so that he would hear me. I continued to clean the pool bottom until I was satisfied that it was done completely.

"Good job, Peter, thanks." Jeremy said as he motioned for me to sit down next to him on his chaise lounge.

"You've got a home here for as long as you need and want one. I've never seen David as happy as he is right now, and it's you who brought joy to his face, and it was you that made him finally decide and act on getting himself back to a sense of normalcy he has been missing since his brush with the cancer... so, thank you bro, it's been a long time for the coming." Jeremy said softly while looking deep into my eyes.

After a few moments of pause while we watched a dragonfly hover atop the pool, descending every now and gain to fetch up a bug, or something good for it to eat, Jeremy added, "What got dad upset last night. If you don't want to say then no worries, I'll still like you all the same."

"Uhm, well, it's pretty personal, I mean, well David should be here too... Jeremy, do you think gay is bad?"

"I've never given it much thought, actually. I mean we had a couple of gay guys on the team but they were discreet and didn't say anything about it. They had something special between them... you could see it in their eyes... they would touch each other... they'd hug after one of them did something cool for the team... and I don't mean they did anything sexually, that's not how they touched... it was actually kind of kewl seeing them bond over time."

After a brief pause, Jeremy continued, "At first they hated each other. Some of us had to separate them when things went too far... they'd trip each other, and one time one of them knocked the other one off of the concrete picnic table causing him to hit his head on the slab. The coach went off on both of them then told them to either stop their shit or they were off the team. At the next practice, things had changed dramatically. I saw them rinsing off under the outdoor shower one day. They were talking and shit, and then one of them dropped his Speedo to the ground leaving him nearly totally naked. Ha, the other guy was really checking the goods out. After that, their relationship changed. David says they are best of friends now, and that they have been a couple for a year or so."

I giggled wildly, "Man, I'd never be caught doing that... I'd have died from the embarrassment... you mean he made no effort to cover up even when lots of people were all around?"

"Nope. When he was finished washing his body, he picked up the swimsuit and rinsed it out then dried off and got dressed... just like nothing had happened."

Readily, I noticed that Jeremy had picked up a towel to cover up his obviously erect tent stake. He looked at me carefully, nervously... I said, "I check guys out too." I said hesitantly, not knowing really what Jeremy's reaction might be if I just said that which I already knew about myself. To answer his question, I said "It's pretty personal, about what David and I did in the pool last night, and I'm not sure just exactly what David would think because he's involved, if you know what I mean ..." I shrugged my shoulders after Jeremy said nothing but then stopped when he said from the blue, "Man, you and David have it bad, bad, bad. You two look just like my friends on the swim team..."

"It shows that bad, huh?"

"Yeah, for sure bro, without any doubts, it's all good, you guys look so happy together. Your eyes shine brightly when one of you walks in the room and you see each other. I hope I can have that kind of relationship with someone one of these days pretty soon." Jeremy said casually, meaningfully as he stared off into space.

Feeling safer, I ventured out and said sheepishly, "I made David... I mean... well, you know... David and I got into each other last night, and well, dad caught us."

With a surprised look on his face, Jeremy said "I didn't know David was that way... I mean I love him no matter what, I just didn't know. You guys did 'it' in the pool?"

"Uhm, yeah, we did. I mean... well, you know..."

"Come to think about it, I'm not really surprised. Like I said, you two got it real bad... and its all good is what I'm saying."

"Anyway, I'm sorry the pools' off limits..."

"No biggie, I've got to get ready for work anyway. Are you going to be here when I get home?"

His question jolted me into next week... I then remembered saying the night before that I'd rather leave than cause problems. That one moment was my decision point... confidently I answered "Yeah, I'll be here. I'm just confused. I'm not used to being treated... with respect... I don't know what I'm feeling..."

"It'll all work out... I kinda know what you're going through. We'll talk about it later, I've gotta get to work."

We hugged warmly then he took for the house and I sat back down on the chaise lounge. He turned around after reaching the door then said invitingly, "It's going to be a short day, maybe when I get home we can go to the mall then to the arcade?"

"You'd really take me there?" I asked incredulously just as a wave of chill ran down my spine.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know." I said as another chill escaped and felt my one ball pull up tight against the skin on the front side of my taint area.

"Get used to it bud. We do a lot of fun shit around this home, with this family, dude."

"What do you mean 'with this family'?"

"Didn't you know ... I was adopted by mom and dad, our mom and dad, at 7 years old?"

"No. I didn't know, sorry." I mused.

"My biological parents dumped me on my ass at a convenience store. They were messed up in some pretty deep shit, and well, they signed away their parental rights and everything. I miss them so much at times, but dad seems to read my mind and just pays a little more attention to me, gives me more hugs, and we all get through it together." Jeremy said softly.

"I had no idea, man. I'm sorry that happened to you..." I replied softly.

"So, Peter, you are just as much a part of this family as I am. Rest easy man, we've got a really good thing going on here. Let's not fuck it up, okay? We are truly brothers in every sense of the word."

"Okay. Brothers forever." I said then added "Are you going to the adoption hearing next Monday?"

"What time is it? I've got to work, but will change my hours to be there. Count on it."

"Uhm, I think it is at 10. Yeah, it's at 10."

"Okay, kewl, count on me being there for sure. Okay, gotta scoot. My boss is sort of a prick when it comes to being on time, as he should be. Love ya, bro." Jeremy said as he leaned over to kiss me on the top of my head.

"Love you too, bro. See ya laters."

That said, he took off into the house, and I sat back and exhaled a deep breath of air while remembering the last time I had been at the mall, and how they had picked me up for shoplifting and then how I had broke loose and got away...

When my breathing returned to normal, I headed into the house where I stopped in at the bathroom, peed, washed my hands then went into the kitchen and refilled my orange juice. I then went upstairs to check on David. What met my eyes will be forever and indelibly written in my memory banks. He was lying on our so peacefully, hugging my pillow into his chest

I took a detour and stopped in our room though. David was sound asleep as his breathing was deep and regular, and his face was totally relaxed. My breath caught in my throat at seeing his beauty. The top sheet was loosely laid just covering his chest, half of his flat and smooth tummy. I saw just the tip of his cute looking that which signifies his maleness lying at rest nestled within a sparse smattering of pubes. It was at rest. At the same time, a realization dawned and flowed through my brain ... I'd never before seen his maleness not raging and wanting me in every way. Just a strange thought, nothing more. Since its tip was visible, I couldn't resist seeing it real up close and personal like so I went over to the bed, knelt down and peered at it closely. Slowly, delicately, I lowered the sheet just enough to see it in its entirety. I was enraptured with its silky soft appearance. Unable to stop myself, I leaned over and stealthily kissed its tip and then covered it up so it would not catch cold. (I still get caught up in that moment; tears still flow when I think of it). I then went up to his face and observed him sleeping soundly. His breathing was rhythmical, deep and even, his chest rising and falling with each breath. Unable to stop myself, I leaned down and kissed his lips very softly as if they were rose petals.

Knowing that David needed his sleep, I stood up and as I was leaving his room with the picture etched in my brain, it happened... without touching my massively hard maleness, it erupted and shot a stream at last a foot in front of me. Jeremy said we had it bad, bad, bad. I understood fully what he meant!

I went into the bathroom, wiped up and peed yet again then I took off for dad's room. He was very much sound asleep, snoring lightly, breathing heavily, yet there was a peace about him... it was simply emanating from his pores, or something, or from somewhere.

I went downstairs, went to the TV room, turned on the tube, channel surfed, and after not finding anything of interest, I went into the kitchen, got me a glass of orange juice, slugged it down and then went on back upstairs, looked at dad carefully, and after finding him still sound asleep, I quickly stripped down, crawled into bed with him and soon fell sound asleep.

I don't know what time it was, the clock was on the other side, on dad's side of the bed but when I awoke, we were spooned together. He had his arm snuggled firmly around my chest holding me safe.

I felt safe. I felt loved. I was wanted for all the right reasons. I didn't ever want it to end. I fell back into a sleep deeper than I can ever recall. Yeah, right you are thinking: how did I know I was sleeping that hard... I had no dreams, which meant that I had no nightmares or other disturbing thoughts clouding my sleep.

When I awoke the next time, dad was still laying against my back cuddling me as before, however an addition had been made to our cuddle as David was laying in front of me holding my arm to him like a vice grip. He also had his beautiful smile on his face, his eyes were open and present. He was just looking at me smiling with a look of contentment, and love on his face. I saw it in his eyes. When he saw that I was awake, he leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips saying "Good morning, sunshine."

"Good morning." I replied sleepily with a smile a mile wide, it felt like it was a mile wide anyway.

"I love you, Peter. I'm so glad you're here, you're like a breath of fresh air." He said softly looking intently into my eyes.

Finding he could not get closer to me after he tried a couple of times, he turned over on his other side and we spooned, my front into his back. Our hips touched together, and as it were my hard, but not throbbing maleness nestled into his smooth young and naked cheeks. Add insult to injury, ha haa, he wiggled his globes such that that which makes me 'boy' sprang full staff, and I couldn't do anything about it, other than to jut it in just a little more, deeper into his crack.

Beings that he was teasing me with his ass-cheeks, I reached my hand down to his raging inferno of boyhood, took hold of it and then gave it a squeeze (or two or three). David moaned very lightly. He liked. With the slightest movement possible, I gave his cock a couple of up and down jerk off motions that tightened his cheeks even more sending a jolt of energy through my entire body. David had a little dribble of wetness exuding from that which brings him the ultimate pleasures.

We had a bit of a problem happening: David was leaking, my tool was trying to make entry, and dad was sleeping behind me with his arm draped over my shoulders.

Lustily, I whispered into David's ear, "Get up."

David nodded then slid over and off the bed. I took dad's arm and gently pulled it off me then I too scooted away and off the bed, handed David his crutches then we took off for our room, but before we exited, a sleepy dad said, "Love you boys. And thanks."

"Okay, but for what?" David asked curiously. I nodded.

"Have fun boys." Dad said then rolled back into the pillow and fell silent. His breathing went back to deep and rhythmical as we stood there observing him and trying to figure out what he meant.

We took off, hit the bathroom then went into our room then I shut and locked the door as David went to our bed, laid down peacefully then reached for the body lotion in the bedside table.

"Come on dufus, don't just stand there with a major case of cuteness, bring that cuteness over here." David said then tweaked his highly extended protrusion.

I walked over then took the bottle from him, squeezed a large dollop of it, worked it around my fingers then touched them against the doorway to my most sensitive and private areas and worked them in to the fullest extent possible leaving me wide open, ready, willing and able.

I lied down on the bed then brought my knees up to my chest all the while working, working my fingers, anticipating that which David was ready to give would enter completely.

He did not disappoint me, not in the least. Soon he was bringing us both major cases of delights. Slow and easy, in and out, deep, shallow, slam deep, all the way out, all the way in. As it were, I lost all control as my body began its spasms to blast off for that far away place we had grown to love and cherish. Briefly, I was brought back into this world, but only for a second or two, as David shouted his arrival, then we finished the trip together... and then returned on the same rocket ship and arrived at the same time. Our lips found each others' then while the aftershocks were present but declining, our oral attentions were gentle yet calculated and complete.

Fully satiated, at least for that slice in time, I lowered my legs to the bed and he lied beside me, put his arm around my chest then taken into the moment, simultaneously we said, "I love you."

Giggling, I said, "Me likes. Me loves you, you hunka hunka. Encore. Encore!"

We both giggled then as we looked down at Little David and Little Peter, finding them to be quite satiated at the moment as they were lying limply and happily on our thighs.

Soon however, I began leaking trails of David's love potions onto the sheets. I reached down only to find that my back door was wide open, "Ugh, I'm leaking."

That said we quickly got up then strode into the bathroom where I sat down and deposited many presents into the sewer system while David entered the shower to get the temperature just right for us.

With genuine care and concern and gentleness we washed each and every nook and cranny of our bodies, leaving none out.

Refreshed and dry, we headed into our room where I dawned a pair of bright red running shorts then headed down to the kitchen where we grabbed something to eat, and then got busy with that days' activities.

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