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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 24

Previously (Angel's POV)

"Since you brought this into the open, which I am very proud of you Angel for doing, your chores will consist of cleaning the pool each morning and night, keeping the Escalade clean and vacuumed, keeping the garage cleaned up spic and span, I'm going to cancel the lawn service - you'll assume those jobs, and finally, you'll be in charge of laundry. Getting things straightened out should take about a year, seems like you'll be on probation for that amount of time..."

"I can do that. Thanks."

That said and agreed upon, Jim took me in his arms, offered a deep, deep hug then announced to all in the room, "We'll not talk about this again. Do we all understand?"

After acknowledging and agreeing on those terms, Jeremy said, "Dinner time!"


Back to the story (David's POV)

Dinner, we were somewhat reserved, was basically light-hearted and casual, not to forget that the salmon steaks were cooked to perfection thanks to Jeremy.

After cleanup was accomplished, me, Peter and Jeremy to the pool, stripped down then sat next to the pool for the perfunctory hour prior to being able to go swimming.

"So, why do you think Angel took dad's money?" I asked to nobody in particular... it was just a thought that had been pressing on my mind.

Apparently I was not the only person thinking that same question. Peter spoke up, "Maybe he was afraid... I mean I know what it's like to not have a home and have parents who ... well, what parents? I think I know why he did it... or at least I can understand his doing that. I think he's an okay guy when all is said and done. Allen and I talked for a while... he's okay too... they've just been stressing and didn't know how to deal with it."

Jeremy looked at me, "I don't remember much of what happened when I was little. Dad said I was found wandering the streets, and that I was filthy dirty, and sickly. I don't know any more than you do, why those whose responsibility is to take care of their kids, don't, or they kick them out when the kids aren't who they want them to be. It's pretty fucked up."

*** Meanwhile up in Angel and Allen's bedroom, Angel's POV

After an indeterminable period of silence, I finally spoke up, "I got really frightened when my dad and mom told me that I was a worthless scumbag faggot who'd never amount to anything. I got so scared that I'd be on the streets - I didn't want to do what Peter had to do in order to survive."

"I guess I was afraid of that too, Angel. After what mom and dad have done, and were caught at no less, what they did to us I mean, both you and I, well I thought we'd be living on the streets. But I trust Jim and his family not to turn us away when we really need them, and we need them right now." Allen said.

"Life's so mixed up right now. I'm not sure what's going to happen to 'us' or if we will even get to stay together. I guess I just panicked." I said looking down at the floor trying to find a comfortable place on the floor to bore my eyes into; all the while tears were flowing down my cheeks and landing on my pants.

Allen pulled me into his side. Together, tears were dripping from our eyes as we pondered mountains of uncertainty.

Our silence was broken with a knock on the door. I spoke up, "Come in."

Jim entered, "May I sit down? We have some things to talk about."

"Sure, this is your house... sorry." Allen said then scooted aside so Jim could sit down between us. Jim put his hand on my shoulder then urged me to sit next to Allen then he sat down next to me.

"Boys, I've talked to a social worker down at CPS and I've officially received emergency custody for you two until the situation gets straightened out. Ella's going to want information regarding your aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents, or other friends and family. She also needs basic information about your identities. What happens after that is pretty much out of our control."

I replied, "Jim, my mother's parents are dead; they died about 5 years ago within 6 months of each other. Grandma passed away first, then grandpa died almost but not quite 6 months later probably with a broken heart - they were pretty kewl. My other grandparents live in Michigan. We've only visited them three or four times that I can remember. Grandpa is a hard man and has made it perfectly clear that he is bigoted, racist and hates homos and hobos. Grandma, of course supported him... they'd been married since dirt was invented. I'd rather live on the streets than stay with them. I'm sure they would feel the same way if they knew everything... besides that I'd be a hella long way away from Allen."

"Allen?" Jim prompted.

"My family is scattered all over God's creation. Nobody's close. Dad's parents passed away long before I was born. Dad had always bad-mouthed his siblings. Mom was an only child. My brothers and sisters are all older. They're off doing their own thing. They moved away, went to college off of the islands as soon as they could leave saying that there was nothing keeping them here anymore." Allen replied then, after a short pause, added, "My oldest brother and I don't get along... we were once very, very close but that all changed one day... Angel and I were home alone, cuddled on the couch in the family room watching TV when he came home and found us there. We weren't having sex or anything, and were dressed in jean shorts. He didn't say anything to Angel, but later on he told me that I couldn't do that "queer stuff" in our home. He really didn't talk to me very much from that point forward. He always looked at me like I was some kind of alien from outer space or something, like he was disappointed. Alicia's busy raising her little kids, working and taking care of that worthless fuck, uhm sorry for that, I mean her husband ... well she isn't even an option... besides that I don't know how she and scumbag feel about gay people. Oh yeah, they live in San Diego."

"Okay, that gives us a starting place. Don't worry boys, you're welcome here. I'll fight to keep you two together as much as I possibly can. Just hang in there. At least temporarily, you're here, and will stay here if I have anything to do or say about it. I won't have any of that shuffling through foster home after foster home or worse yet, placement in an institution for boys. Ella's doing what she can to make this all happen yet she's got mountains of paper and red tape to wade through. Meanwhile, the other boys went to the pool and are waiting to go swimming, why don't you two go on downstairs... the waiting time is just about up."

"Okay Jim, thanks for everything." Allen said. I nodded my agreement then said, "I'm sorry for what I did... like I said it won't happen again, promise."

As soon as Jim left our room, I walked to the door and locked it, and then took Allen in my arms, held him tightly, "I love you babe. You're my rock. It's all going to work out. I don't know why, but I feel okay knowing Jim's in our corner, even after everything I've done."

We then kissed tenderly, passionately. Allen then lifted my shirt over my head and laid it neatly on the bed. I mimicked his ministrations... soon we were as naked as the day we were born, and fully pronged up. Allen took hold of that which designates me as male then began jacking it in earnest. Not to be left out, I gently put my hand around his and then began jacking him equally in earnest. Soon, showers of sparks flew all about the room as we reached that pinnacle of orgasmic explosion of mind and body.

When we recovered from the trip to and from Nirvana, we went into the bathroom where Allen sat down, deposited several gifts to the sewer system while I wiped cum goober off of my belly and legs. When Allen was finished, I sat down and gave a mighty heave causing me to successfully deposit additional offerings.

We then headed downstairs to the pool.


Back to the story, David's POV

We all had a load of fun splashing and dunking each other then finished our play time off by playing a lively game of water soccer.

Tuckered out, Jeremy and Dad got out of the water, dried off and went inside.

Angel and I stayed in the water after Peter and Allen got out. I noticed Angel checking out Peter's equipment. Because I was in a good observation position, I was able to observe that Angel's prong had not sprung wood. Angel said to Peter, "Can I see your bag? I mean I've never seen a guy with one nut, and well I am a nut addict?"

Peter replied after spreading his legs wide, "Sure, go ahead, no problem."

Angel slowly but purposefully reached in to touch Peter's ball sac then looked up into Peter's eyes first and saw Peter nod affirmatively. Assured, Angel grasped the empty skin where Peter's testicle had been and moved it around in his fingers then grasped Peter's left testicle to size it up and compare it.

"Wow that happened when you were attacked? That had to hurt hella bad." Angel asked after letting go.

"Oh hell yeah it hurt like a mother but it is okay now, no pain." Peter replied knowingly.

Curiously, Angel asked, "Does it work okay? I mean, well, you know... you get hard and can cum, right?"

"Yep. Everything's okay if you mean can I have sex and stuff." Peter chuckled looking at me.

Nodding, I said with enthusiasm "Oh yeah, for sure, it works great!"

"Kewl." Angel said warmly.

Peter added, "I'm going to get a fake testicle after we get back from our trip."

"Yeah, I'll have two to play with." I said without even thinking.

Everybody laughed.

I noticed that Little Peter was getting excited from the sex talk. Can't say I was fully at parade rest... in fact, mine was up and out like a bean pole.

Peter leaned over, looked in the water, saw my 'situation' then looked down at his own 'situation'. He grinned then said, "Hmmm... I see something I'm interested in. Shall we?"

"We shall." I said grinning like a Cheshire cat then with a helpful shove from Angel, I got out of the water and sat next to Peter, kissed him warmly and added, "You ready lover boy?"

Peter, grinning, nodded then got up and went to get my crutches.

Meanwhile, Angel and Allen were discussing their own situation then Angel got out, dried off then they headed to the house. Peter and I followed them inside. They headed upstairs while Peter and I retrieved and drank a large glass of orange juice. We then went upstairs, stopped in at the bathroom where we peed, then went to bed and immediately fell asleep... we were simply too tired to play around.


Angel's POV

After leaving David and Peter, Allen and I took off upstairs then after entering our room, I closed and locked the door while Allen went into our bathroom. I joined him, brushed my teeth while he was getting the shower going then got in with him.

We drew each other into a hug then began tongue wrestling passionately. Little Angel was responding nicely, and was soon ready for some serious action.

Allen's already stiff prong was pushing my very ready dick around like it owned the friggin place but I certainly was not complaining, however, I was getting closer and closer to that point of no return so I backed off and away from him and told him, "I'm too close babe, I want it to last, and I want you inside of me. I need your protein."

Allen then began washing my body, leaving not a microscopic millimeter untouched. When he got to my male organs and my butt, I knew that I needed him right then and there so I turned around so that my ass gave him invitation to invade. He's pretty quick and smart... needing no further encouragement he soaped up my crevice and his prong then positioned himself with his cock nestled right where I wanted him to be.

As soon as he touched me, we both knew we were going to lose it right then and there so he grabbed my love spear just as I began unloading a stream of white hot molten liquid from my piss slit. At the same time, he drove his hard prong into my waiting love canal. It hurt like hell because I was not prepared nor relaxed. But fuck me oh dear, I didn't care and just pushed back on his love stick wholly and completely. We both arrived at Nirvana at the same time. It's a wonder we didn't fall and crack our heads open because we were gone yet we were also together at the pinnacle of intimacy.

When reality slowly returned we turned and faced each other then gave light little feather kisses on our faces and necks until our breathing returned to normal, and our legs no longer felt like weak feather light rubber bands.

"Shit. That was abso-fuckin-lutely awesome." Allen whispered into my ear.

All I could do was nod because the exertion used the last remaining morsel of strength that I had in my body, save for that needed for breathing and maintaining a heartbeat.

By the time Allen finished washing himself off, I had regained my strength and was feeling quite well and said "Sorry, Allen. I got so weak from that mind shattering, cock blowing orgasm that I needed a few minutes to regroup."

"Are you okay babe? Do you need some help getting out and dried off?"

I just smiled at him then turned off the water. He, like the true gentleman that he is, motioned for me to exit first... which worked out well because I wanted to dry his hot body... but, while the mind was there and wanted to do it, my body all of a sudden said otherwise.

"Sorry babe." I said as a sudden wave of exhaustion nearly took over my mind and body. Quickly, I walked into our bedroom where I lied down on our bed, still dripping wet and soaking the sheets. I didn't care about any of that. Concerned, Allen followed me carrying towels. While he was drying me off, I fell asleep and do not remember anything else so I'll turn this over to Allen.

*** Allen's POV

I noticed Angel's shaking as we popped our corks but I attributed it to our cataclysmic orgasms that overtook us physically, emotionally, and yes, spiritually. I know, earlier in this story, that I somewhat whined about the loss of our zealous sex life but our time in the shower brought back really good memories of our previous couplings.

After I regained my composure and removed my rapidly deflating male tool I noticed that Angel was still shaking, maybe even more than he had been before we began our forage into shower lovemaking. He insisted that he was fine, but still, I was concerned.

He got out of the shower saying that he wanted to dry my "hot body", as he so fondly refers that which I carry around on the two feet that my Creator provided for locomotion, but then once I got out of the shower he very quickly exited and headed into our bedroom... he was still soaking wet, and even had some shampoo remaining in his hair. I found this incredibly odd, asked him if he was okay again, but received no response. Quickly, I dried off, grabbed another towel and headed into our room.

Angel was lying prone, mostly on the bed though his leg was hanging off of it.

"Angel honey ... are you okay, you're worrying me?"

"Yeah, I'm okay, come to bed." Came his muffled reply.

Quickly, I dried him off the best I could under the circumstances then turned him over onto his back where I quickly dried the rest of him then went to work on his hair... he went off to sleep as evidenced by his deep relaxed breathing. I felt his forehead to see if he was running a fever... instead of being hot as one would expect with a fever, his skin was cool and clammy. I found that weird because I had just dried him off. I then ran my hand across his neck and chest and found those wet too.

I dried the places where water was on his body then covered him up with the sheet then kissed him on his lips... he returned the kiss and assured me he was okay, that he just wanted to go back to sleep. I kissed him again then went back into the bathroom where I dried my hair, brushed my teeth, and peed.

When I returned to our bedroom, Angel was sound asleep. He was breathing deeply and didn't flinch when I kissed him goodnight. I got in bed, directed the light so I could do some writing for this story... David had asked me to write some words about Angel and my relationship, how we started out, and our travels since first meeting.

After about an hour of writing, my eyelids were having a hard time staying open so I sat the writing materials down on the floor, reached up and turned off the light then cuddled into Angel and quickly fell asleep.

Sometime later, I was awoken by Angel jerking out of my arms, getting up then the awful sound of someone tossing their cookies followed by a very audible thud on the floor.


No response.

Alarmed, I reached up and flicked on the light then I saw it. Oh my God, Angel was lying face down on the floor in a pool of his vomit, and he'd also lost control of his bowels. He wasn't moving.

Quickly, I got out of bed and in two steps was by his side shaking him without response, calling his name without any response.

I checked his breathing. He was exchanging air, albeit quickly and shallowly. His pulse was very fast. He was sweating, and he was shaking - not violently, but it was like his muscles were quivering inside his skin.

"JIM! SOMEBODY HELP US! ANGEL'S SICK!" I screamed from the depths of my lungs.

Nothing. No response.

"Shit the fuckin door is still shut and locked!" I thought out loud.

Quickly, I got up then went to the door, unlocked then opened it and screamed again, "JIM! SOMEBODY HELP US! ANGEL'S SICK...!"

Lights went on in Jim's room, I returned to Angel who was once again vomiting. Quickly, I turned him over on his side so that he wouldn't drown.

Jim arrived first then Jeremy. David and Peter followed.

Jim crouched down on his knees, checked a few things on Angel then said to Jeremy, "Call 911. Tell them to hurry!"

I pointed to the bed stand where my cell phone was located... he made the 911 call. They were dispatching EMS while he was still on the phone. Jim told Jeremy information to tell them then Jeremy relayed the information to the dispatcher.

Within 5 minutes we heard the wail of sirens in the distance.

Jim said, "Okay boys, get some clothes on. Allen you stay with Angel. I'll be right back. I've got to get a pair of shorts on. When I get back you get some shorts on. Peter, you go downstairs, disable the security system then open the door and turn on the light. David, get some towels. You and Allen help clean Angel up a little bit. Jeremy, go open the garage door and get the Escalade ready to go."

I looked down at Angel and his mouth was moving as he was trying to moisten his lips.

"Angel. Oh God, I love you so much. Jim?" I said.

"Angel, open your eyes up, son." Jim said kneeling back down on the floor next to him.

Angel opened his eyes just a slit then he grimaced as his body tightened up. Dad took hold of Angel's butt and I pushed Angel's shoulders so that he once again was lying on his side. Just in the nick of time because Angel vomited once again.

David arrived with the towels which we used to wipe Angel's face free of the sticky fluid.

Angel opened his eyes, groaned deeply then hurled again, and then sprayed a massive load from the other side of his anatomy. Luckily, nobody was struck by the explosions of stomach contents.

Jim then picked Angel up and took him into the bathroom. I followed. Jim said, "Turn on the shower, Allen. We've got to get him cleaned up a little bit. Angel, wake up son, it's going to be okay. Where are those clothes?"

I ran into the bedroom, retrieved pairs of running shorts for both Angel and I then raced them back into the bathroom where Jim was just getting Angel out of the shower. I quickly handed Jim a towel then I retrieved another one and dried Angel as he held him.

Peter arrived with Jim's shorts. Peter and I held Angel up while Jim put on his shorts.

Not wasting any time, Jim picked Angel up then carried him into the hallway where we were met by EMS and Jeremy. Jim quickly laid Angel on the stretcher. One attendant quickly removed Angel's shorts and covered him with a sheet while the other obtained information from Jim.

"Where am I? What's going on?" Angel said weakly.

"Angel, you're home but you're very sick. EMS is here. You've got to go to the hospital."

"Sir, I'm going to do a finger stick for some blood to check his blood sugar. He appears to be having a hypoglycemic episode." Gil, one of the EMS people then took some blood from Angel's finger then put it into a little meter like thing and told the other EMS, Amanda, to start an IV then give Angel a large dose of glucose.

Swiftly and professionally they got Angel hooked up then gave him the medicine. Within 2 minutes and no more he started responding to things they were asking him. Then Gil said "Okay. I think he's going to be okay. His blood sugar was 45, which is extremely and dangerously low for a 14 year old boy. He's responding nicely to the injection of high concentrated glucose we gave him. He's probably stable for right now but we need to take him to the hospital he can be evaluated fully, and treated."

We all nodded then Jim signed a form on a clipboard Amanda had handed to him.

When it was signed, she got on the radio system and called the hospital, gave them some information then they loaded him on the stretcher with his IV's hanging on a portable IV pole which was attached to the side of the mobile bed.

Just as they were getting ready to go out of the door Angel asked me "I love you. I'm sorry. Can you come with me, please?"

"I'm sorry. Due to insurance regulations no passengers are permitted." Gill said efficiently and professionally.

"Jim?" I asked.

"Sorry guy. I'm really sorry. We'll get there real quick." Jim said softly.

"I love you. We'll see you in a few minutes, babe." I said then kissed him again.

I noticed that both Gil and Amanda looked at me like I'd lost my marbles, "Take care of my brother!"


Dad's POV

"Okay boys, take quick showers. We'll be on the road no later than 20 minutes from right now. Go."

After taking a very quick shower, I sat on my bed, debated for a few seconds then deciding to do what needed to be done I punched in Angel's home number on my sat phone (capable of recording conversations) to speak with his father John Mainero so that authorizations could be given to the hospital to treat the boy. He answered on the 5th ring, "Hello."

The second he answered, I pushed the little button to record our conversation.

"John, this is James Blake, David's father. We've spoken often before back when the boys were in surf competition."

"Yes, I remember you. What do you want? He and his faggot boyfriend were coming to visit you... I talked to him earlier today..."

I interrupted, "John, Angel's sick. He just went to the hospital by ambulance. Can you put that stuff aside long enough for him to get treatment... the hospital will need authorization before they can..."

John angrily interrupted me, "Fuck him, and fuck that fairy ass boyfriend of his, and fuck you too for condoning his sinful ways. Don't ever call me again... that fairy ass named whore boy toy is no son of mine... he's dead. Fuck him."


"Fuck you too you, fucking fuckwit." I said into dead airspace.

"Dad, what the heck are you doing..." Peter gasped... I hadn't seen him standing at the door of my room. David was standing with Peter... he had an incredulous look on his face.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that... I just got off the phone with Angel's sperm donor. Are you guys ready to go?"

Allen, in the background, screamed, "COME ON LET'S GO ALREADY!!!"

"We'll talk about it later. Let's go."

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