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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 25

Dad's POV (Continued)

On the way to the hospital, I said, "I'm sorry you had to hear that. I wasn't talking to anybody. I was just speaking into a dead phone... Angel's father had hung up on me, saying he wanted nothing more to do with his son... I apologize that you had to hear and feel my frustrations."

Jeremy spoke up, "I'm glad you're human... I was starting to wonder about you... I've been wondering where you've stored up your frustrations and stuff."

Allen, contemplating, said, "I don't know what's up with his dad. He seemed to be level headed. I really didn't think he'd have a problem with Angel being gay... just goes to show how much I know. This is all jacked up."

After arriving at the hospital, we saw Angel sitting in a wheelchair in the lobby of the emergency room. He looked pale. They had given him a pan to puke in should the need arise... it was clean. He was also still naked save for a towel they had thrown across his lap. As you might imagine, his personables were on display underneath the towel. Allen walked to him then rearranged the towel so that it covered that which he would not want the world to see.

My irritation level, already heightened, jumped a notch or two. Allen perceived my change in attitude then he said, "Jim, they say I'm stable enough for them to call my parents to obtain something called an informed consent to treat me. I'm sorry... I've got to pee... do you guys know where a restroom is?"

David spoke up knowingly, "Yeah, come on. It's just down the hall."

That said, Allen looked at me for approvals; I replied, "I'm going to go looking for an administrator. This is unacceptable... you guys stay together, and come right back."

What that, I went to the ER check-in desk where I said to the first unsuspecting soul, "I'm James Blake. What is keeping Angel Mainero from being treated? He came in by ambulance, and he was sat in the hall because he's 'stable'... he's not stable. I want to speak to the head of your ER, now."

Determinedly, I went searching for medical staff. Locating a nurse, said that Angel had not yet been admitted and she is not a triage nurse. She would not tell me who could answer my questions and that after answering her question I could be given no information since I was not his father.

That sent me into orbit. Instead of blasting away on her, I stepped away and walked back to the waiting room where I called the hospital switchboard and asked to be connected to Dr. Miller. The OR responded and said that he was in surgery.

I explained what was going on. After a muffled conversation in the background she returned and said that Dr. Miller's partner, Dr. Borkwin would come to the ER and talk to me.

The boys still weren't back so I took off for the restrooms. They were just coming out.

"Is everything okay?" I asked Angel.

Angel looked up from his seat in the wheelchair. His eyes were bloodshot. His face was paler than it was earlier, and his hand was slightly shaking, "Yeah, I guess. I don't feel so good."

"Okay. Things are about to get moving. You guys head on down the hall to the ER... I'll be right there." I said reassuringly. I then went to a stall and peed. After washing and drying my hands, I went back to the boys.

David said to me, "What's up?"

"Dr. Miller's partner is on his way but it might be a while... they were in surgery." I replied.

"I have an idea... I'll be right back." David replied then hastily made his way to the elevators, and disappeared.

Meanwhile, I took the boys to the official waiting room where I lifted Angel up and out of the wheelchair then sat him on my lap. Allen made sure Angel was covered appropriately then sat down next to us, took Angel's hand in his then said, "Jim, Angel's hands are sweaty. Can't something be done?"

"I'm not sure what David's up to. I'll call Ella in the next few minutes if something doesn't change real soon..."

I need not worry... my phone rang. The caller ID indicated that Ella was calling.

"Hey there, Ella... great minds think alike... I was just getting ready to call you."

"Jim, I received a phone call from the ER saying that a boy was in their department. They called the patient's father who told them to essentially fuck off. That's how I got involved. I called the father, myself, and let me tell you he's one piece of work. I thought of you because I am going to have to place him somewhere for the night until we can get the matter investigated. Would you be interested?"

After thinking of the strange occurrence, I ventured out by saying, "I have a boy in my arms... and I had the same conversation with his dad, and received the same reception you got... his name is Angel Mainero. He's 14. We're waiting for our family surgeon's partner to come down and see him. The ambulance crew treated him with glucose, and they strongly suspected he had a hypoglycemic episode. That's where we are ... oh yeah; we're sitting in an ER waiting room. Angel has a towel covering him by the way."

"Okay, I'll get off of here. If you don't get Angel into see a doctor within 15 minutes, call me. I'm going to shake some trees."

The line went dead.

Knowing Ella, things would begin happening very soon. I looked down at Angel, squeezed his shoulders lightly then said, "Things are going to start happening real quickly. That was our caseworker on the phone... let's just say that she's on a mission right now."

I then noticed that my shirt was wet and he was profusely sweating. His eyes also had that glassy appearance to them.

I decided we weren't going to wait any longer so I got up and was heading out into the hallway when I saw David and Glenda walking briskly down the hallway from the elevators.

When they arrived, Glenda took one look at Angel then said, "Come with me. He needs to be seen right now." She said to Angel, "Hang in there buddy. We're on our way... you just hang in there."

As soon as we made our way down the main ER corridor, a man in green scrubs looked like he was searching for someone then our eyes locked.

"Mr. Blake?"

"Yes. That's me. Angel's my foster child. The authorization for treatment and billing information are on the way. CPS is transmitting it over. It may have already arrived by now."

"I'm Dr. Borkwin, Dr. Miller's associate. I'm not worried about the paperwork. I've been called here to treat a sick boy. And that is precisely what I'm going to do. I'll talk with you after I've seen him."

That said, Dr. Borkwin, with urgency, took Angel from my arms and then they headed into a trauma room. Glenda closed the door behind them.

Allen turned around after seeing his boyfriend taken into a trauma room. Tears were freely flowing down his eyes... he looked lost, and he looked destitute.

I walked over then pulled him into my arms where he sobbed freely, nearly out of control. David and Jeremy joined our hug. We had Angel in a cocoon where hopefully he felt safe and protected, and supported.

A nurse, from another trauma room, took us to a conference room then genuinely advised us that she would notify Dr. Borkwin where we were, and she apologized for the trouble Angel and we had gone through. The badge on her chest said "Rhona, Director of Emergency Services."

The boys all congregated in a huddle giving support and strength to Allen in his time of need. I felt assured he was going to be okay, though I knew exactly how he felt when someone he loved with all his heart was taken away while in a medical emergency. The same thing had happened to my wife when she was sick and dying.

About an hour later, Dr. Borkwin entered the room. He was smiling. The boys all got up and walked over to Dr. Borkwin and me. He said, "Angel's just fine now. He's stable and is asking about you. Which one of you is Angel because that's who he's really asking for... and for you too, Mr. Blake?

"We'll wait here, dad." Jeremy said to me then looked to David who nodded his agreements.

Dr. Borkwin added, "I'll be right back. I'll discuss what Angel's problem is and how we are going to treat him."

That said, he and Allen took off while the rest of us just stood there taking it all in, absorbing, processing, and after deciding all was being done for Angel that could be done, sat down.

A couple minutes later, Dr. Borkwin entered the conference room and sat down. "Okay. Angel has juvenile onset diabetes. His sugar bottomed out at 47 in the treatment room which is dangerously low for a boy his age. We gave him a large dose of concentrated natural sugar in his IV. He responded promptly just as I expected. He's stable for the moment. We're going to keep him here so that his blood sugar can be continuously monitored, and then treated as necessary. I've ordered tests to check functions of his pancreas and kidneys. As soon as we get sonograms of his belly, he's going to be sent for a chest x-ray, and then he's going to the ICU."

"Why is he going to ICU?" Allen asked, alarmed.

"It's just precautionary. He can be monitored much more closely there. He's certainly not in critical or even serious condition. Do you have any questions for me?"

"No, I guess not. Can I go see him?" Allen asked seriously.

"I don't see a problem... normally we don't allow visitors under 14 to visit our patients." Dr. Borkwin said factually.

"I'm 14." Allen said quickly.

"Are you family... we do restrict visitors to family."

I spoke up after looking at Allen... he nodded slightly, "Doctor Borkwin, Allen and Angel are a couple in a committed relationship. If it's at all possible, could he be allowed to see his life-mate?"

"I don't see a problem ... I'll write an order for visitation." Dr. Borkwin explained warmly, caringly.


"Sorry, I've got to go. We have a boy upstairs who is very touch and go." Dr. Borkwin said hurriedly as he walked out the door and then began sprinting toward an exit that read "Stairway".

I was impressed with his youthful actions since I would have placed him at probably 70 years old.

We walked down to the trauma room. David and Jeremy went to the general waiting room, sat down, and then Allen quickly opened the door and was greeted by Glenda, David's favorite nurse who took good care of him while he was in the hospital for his amputation. She said, "I would imagine you are Allen. Angel has been asking for you... then quietly, she whispered in his ear, "He's a keeper young man."

Allen looked at her with shock and surprise clearly written across his face. She added, "Go ahead... I'll give you a few minutes of privacy... he's very stable right now."

That was Allen's ticket... just what he needed to hear. Immediately, he entered the trauma room. Glenda said to me, "He's really okay now, Jim. He's in good hands. I heard what happened with his father... that's a real shame. I never understand why parents disown their kids for being who and what they are."

"I don't either, Glenda. I'm going to do what I can to help him through this."

"I'll check on him often. I think he's going to be okay though." Glenda said assuringly then she returned to the trauma room.

Allen came out then drew me into a hug. He said, "Thanks for everything, Jim. I'm sorry I got out of line... I'm just worried."

"No problem, Allen. I understand. Let's go get the guys and maybe head down for a snack. It will take a while to get those tests taken... and usually they bounce us out while they get someone settled into ICU."

"Okay. Yeah, I'm hungry."

The boys were ready to eat... I had no reason to doubt the hunch I had had.

When we arrived in the cafeteria, the boys took off like a wild pack of wolves that hadn't eaten for weeks... I knew different though!

As we were sitting down, I saw Dr. Miller arrive in the cafeteria. He looked around then retrieved food for himself. I got up then walked over to him. He smiled, greeted me, and then said, "I heard that you were here. I'll go check on Angel after I eat something. Are you alone?"

"No, I'm not alone. The boys are here... they're eating. Why don't you join us?" I said.

"Actually, I'm here for just enough to get me through the night. I have a couple of critical patients to watch over... uhm, Jim, I heard of the problems about getting your boy treated. There's no excuse. The incident will be brought up in a medical staff meeting later on today."

Dr. Miller then went on about getting his food, and I returned to the boys. They were much more relaxed. Being able to eat is a really, really good thing for a bunch of teenage boys!

After we were all talked out, we returned to the ICU waiting room. Dr. Miller came out shortly and said

"Hi everybody. Angel is now stable and responding well to treatment. He is definitely diabetic and what brought him into the hospital was a hypoglycemic or low blood sugar episode, in lay terms. As you know, he was given a bolus of glucose at your home by the EMS as well as in the ER, and responded as we thought he would."

"Is this going to happen all of the time?" Peter asked.

"No. So long as he watches his diet, carefully monitors his blood sugars, and takes the correct insulin dosages at the correct times then he should live a normal life. I've ordered a consultation with a dietitian. Jim, it will be well for you to talk with the dietitian."

After everybody acknowledged Dr. Miller's positive words he continued, "I've ordered additional tests. I want to be perfectly honest with you: although I do not anticipate negative results, I have also ordered some special x-ray studies of his pancreas to rule out cysts and tumors as causes of his diabetes. These are rare, but I'd be remiss if we didn't look for the worst and hope for the best."

Allen spoke up, "Is Angel going to die, Doctor?"

Dr. Miller chuckled lightly, "Not for a very long time. As long as he manages his condition, there's no reason why he shouldn't live to be a very old man. We're all going to die, Allen. Let's just take this one day at a time. Let's get these tests performed so we know exactly what Angel is dealing with."

"What happens if he messes up his diet?" Peter asked.

"Minor fluctuations in his diet are to be expected. He's a teenager. The important thing to remember is to keep those diet fluctuations within reason. One thing I usually prescribe for adolescent patients is an insulin meter. This apparatus continually monitors a patient's blood sugars and then injects insulin as needed. Jim, these units cost in the neighborhood of $7,000.00. Health insurance covers most of the costs for them and their supplies. If you'd like, I'll order one for him."

I spoke up, "I'd like to have one for him, but I'm not the right person to give you an answer. Right now, he's in the system. Ella, the CPS caseworker is working on getting his father's insurance carrier to pay for this hospitalization. But that's all business... if it were up to me then Angel would have the best healthcare he needs, and deserves."

"Fine, I'll order the machine then we'll just let the powers that be handle the paperwork. Consider it done." Dr. Miller stated professionally, factually.

I like Dr. Miller.

"Do you all have any other questions?" Dr. Miller asked.

"Yes, I have one other question, but it is kind of embarrassing." Allen said.

"Would you like to talk with me in private, Allen?" Dr. Miller asked.

After Allen thought about it for a few seconds, he looked at us then he had his own answer and said "Dr. Miller, can his diabetic treatment improve his, uhm, sexual functions? I mean he's been having troubles with it sometimes." Allen asked quietly.

Dr. Miller sat down next to Allen, "What kind of problems?"

Allen looked at me. I started to get up but Allen said, "Would you please stay? I'm okay with you being here. I don't think Angel would mind."

"Uhm, Dr. Miller, Angel and I are gay. We don't mess around, if you know what I mean <Dr. Miller nodded>. Anyway, Angel has troubles getting and keeping an erection. A lot of times he doesn't want to do anything." Allen said seriously. Again, he looked at me. I reached over and patted his back, "Allen, I'm happy that you trust me enough to talk about your relationship difficulties. We'll not share this information with anyone else nor will we mention it to Angel, unless you're present."

I looked to Doctor Miller. Allen sat up straight. Dr. Miller said professionally, "First of all, let me say that I have no problem with who you have chosen to be in love with. Love is love. I think society puts too many rules on love. I'm really glad to know that you and Angel are okay with who and what you are... not every teenager, or adult for that matter, is okay with their selves, and it sure causes a lot of heartache. Some people choose suicide as their solution - which we all know is a permanent way to deal with temporary problems. Now to answer your question... I have no reason to doubt that when his blood sugars return to an even keel his sexual functions will even out also. He's too young to have serious vascular and nervous system problems that we normally see in older adults, especially when they have not taken good care of their disease. I hope that you and Angel will tell me if you continue to have difficulties because we can look into it at a later time. Does that answer your question?"

"Yeah, thanks. I love Angel. Sex isn't everything in our relationship but it's important." Allen said.

"When can we see him?" I asked.

"That's a good question. Normally, our hospital permits only close family members... I'll write an order permitting visitation for you and your sons, including, especially including Allen. Was there anyone else you'd like to have on the list?"

"No, that'll be fine. Thank you very much."

"Okay, I can't change the hospital rules concerning only two visitors at a time. When I came out here to talk with you, he was asleep and resting comfortably. I suggest a quick visit tonight then you all go on home and get rested up."

That met everybody's approvals. I asked one more question, "Dr. Miller, how long do you anticipate Angel being here in the hospital?"

"Oh, I'd say a couple of days barring any complications. Once we're certain that his sugars are stable, I'll have him transferred to the floor... probably later on today."

With no further questions, Dr. Miller made his exit after once again reiterating that we should go home and get rested up.

Allen stood up then shook Dr. Miller's hand then looked at me. The boy was clearly antsy, so when Dr. Miller left, Allen and I made our way into the ICU. The nurse at the desk smiled warmly then told us that Angel was in bed #18. The nurse then led the way... Allen in the middle, and me following up the rear we made our way down the hallway. She stopped at cubicle #18 then motioned for us to enter.

Much to Angel's consternation, another nurse was giving him a bed bath to clean him up from his earlier sick episodes at home. When he saw Allen, his arms opened up wide. They embraced firmly, then without even thinking because their relationship was so natural, Angel kissed Allen hungrily. The nurse stepped aside. She clearly did not approve of their affections... it was written all over her face. She looked at me for some support, and when she didn't find it she left.

When they looked at me with sadness, I said, "Boys, not everyone is accepting. There are always going to be people in the world who think differently than we do. Meanwhile, Allen shall we finish what she was doing?"

At about the same time as I picked up the washcloth, Glenda arrived. The boys immediately fell in love with her, just as David had on his previous excursions into hospital care. We had Angel cleaned up in no time. The poor boy was so sleepy... he fell asleep when Allen took over carefully washing the organs that they loved so much. It was beautiful to see and experience. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that those two boys loved each other so very much. They reminded me of Peter and David's relationship. I vowed right then and there to provide them a safe place to live and be together.

Deftly, efficiently and professionally Glenda changed Angel's sheets, covered him up with another sheet then made her exit saying she'd be back again to check on Angel's progress.

As soon as she left, I did too so that the boys had a few moments to their selves. I went on back to the waiting room where David and Jeremy were sitting back in their chairs very nearly asleep, in fact, David was asleep but awoke immediately with a start once I entered the visitors' room.

I sat down with them. We were talking about nothing in particular when Allen appeared. He had a smile on his face... I didn't ask him why he was smiling all of a sudden... and he didn't offer but he was blushing and grinning like a Cheshire cat. He stated quietly, "Angel's all settled in. Why don't you guys go say hi then we'll let him sleep, okay?"

I nodded. David and Jeremy got up then left to go see Angel.

Soon they returned, Jeremy said, "Angel's sound asleep. He had a little smile on his face... what...?" Jeremy started to say but I headed him off... Allen blushed wildly but didn't say anything.

I figured it was time for us to get home to our own beds so we did take off and arrived home in about an hour.

We took our clothes off, and after hanging them haphazardly on the bar stools, bar counter and kitchen chairs we went swimming for an hour or so to unwind and get relaxed.

When I went to bed, the boys were all huddled together on Angel and Allen's bed, sound asleep. I made sure they were covered up then turned in myself. Sleep came rapidly.


The clock read 12:31 when I woke up. My penis was fully boned up, and I needed to pee something terribly so I got up, went into the restroom where I relieved that little difficult however it did nothing to quell my 'needs'. I closed the door to my bathroom, sat down on the stool then took care of my little problem... yeah, adults have their needs too!

After shaving, showering and dressing, I went and checked on the boys. Allen was lying awake, nestled between Jeremy and David. He waived to me happily, and then wormed his way out of bed, and with his teenage pole leading the way he unabashedly went into the restroom. I took off for the kitchen to make the boys and myself a late breakfast.

Allen was the first to arrive. He was showered and fully dressed including his shoes. He looked rested and serene. Without invitation, none was needed by the way he took me in his arms and hugged me deeply. He then helped with putting the finishing touches on our meal. Just as our preparations were very nearly completed, David and Jeremy entered. They too were fully dressed and ready to go.

We enjoyed our meal, and then after cleaning up after breakfast, we took off in the Escalade for the hospital.

He was in a really great mood. His color looked so much better, like he felt so much better. He began grousing... he needed to use the bathroom and refused a weak invitation to use a bedpan to relieve himself into... me and the boys were having some serious fun with him... until the look on his face told me that he was serious as a heart attack.

I ran down a nurse who, with our help, walked him to a restroom close by. Because he could not be let alone at any time in the ICU, a male orderly assisted him and stayed with him while he did his duty.

Over the next two days, Angel continued to improve and was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon along with diet instructions, his insulin pump and directions. The dietitian was pretty quick to point out that our eating habits were good and that, perhaps some of Angel's problems were the result of having previously only ate junk food and was now eating healthily, well his body might be reacting to the changes, but she was uncertain for sure.

After all questions were asked and answered, we took off, and took the scenic road home. While we didn't leave the vehicle, we did roll all windows down and immensely enjoyed the ocean breeze. By the time we were home, everyone was relaxed, and anxious to get home.

Upon arrival, Allen and Angel excused themselves then took off for their bedroom. We didn't see them for a couple of hours. I was in my office when they came down. The boys all went to the pool and swam for a while before coming in and announcing their hunger. I know that's a danger point... don't make boys wait for their food very long else the woodwork, furniture, and everything else has bite marks indicating childhood abuse of 'starvation'.

I finished making reservations for our trip to Disneyland and to see mom and dad when David and Peter arrived announcing they were defrosting steaks for a bar-b-q dinner. David asked, "Hey dad, we're still going to Disneyland, right?"

"Yep, I just finished making reservations - for all of us."

That met with their approvals. They left whooping and hollering it up. Pretty soon, a gang of teenage boys descended on my office. They were dancing and carrying on... as if they'd won the jackpot or something...

After dinner, Allen and Angel disappeared as the rest of us were going to the pool for a lazy evening at home. When they didn't immediately return, I got out, dried off and then went upstairs. The door to their room was closed.... and if I had had any doubt as to Angel's improved health then they were dispelled after hearing what they were doing behind closed doors. I smiled warmly then went back downstairs and rejoined David, Peter and Jeremy.


Angel's POV

While I was in the hospital, I failed to not appreciate the tremendous show of support from my surfing competing friends on Oahu once they received notice that I was down and out. I received lots of phone calls, flowers, cards and miniature surf boards signifying and extending their support and love.

I feel good. I feel better than I have in ages. Dr. Miller told me as part of his discharge instructions to have fun.

The dietician provided me with a diet that I and all of us can live with.

The manufacturer representative of the insulin pump also gave me instructions on how to care for the places where the wires and tubes enter my stomach area, just underneath the skin. He also gave me patches to cover the apparatus up with when I go swimming, or while I shower. Here at home, we eat healthily with lots of protein, grains, fresh fruit, vegetables and natural drinks. When I do have soda pop, it's okay to have diet pop.

After putting everything away we went for a dip in the pool. The water felt perfect as did just sitting in the sun when we got out and sat in the chaise lounges.

We were all having fun and enjoying ourselves to the maximum. After we had a snack Allen indicated to me that he had something to show me in our room.

Curious, I went upstairs with Allen then hit the bathroom first then went to our room where he closed and locked the door.

Since we wearing only smiles it was not too difficult to see that we were ready and willing for some alone time. Naturally, instinctively we went to one another then pulled ourselves together into a warm and gentle hug then kissed sweetly. Allen's breath was filled with a strong cinnamon flavor having just completed sucking on a fire ball.

I like cinnamon so I dove into Allen's throat with my tongue looking for it. While I didn't find the cinnamon ball, I did, or rather we found each others' tonsilar tissues and sucked them contentedly.

Our dicks responded instantaneously by rising to the occasion. What am I saying; my dick was already hard just anticipating what was to come, or cum as the case may be... hopefully both! My breathing was fast, tense, shallow, urgent; not at all conducive to sustaining life... however the natural born hunger for air kicked in saving me from a blissful and fulfilling demise.

Allen, the love of my life, was in no better shape. He was grinding into my body wantonly. When I slightly pulled away from him during my air hunger recovery, he took a deep breath, took hold of my buns then began rapidly removing my clothes. As soon as I was naked I took over taking off his clothes until he too was wearing only a smile.

While we were lying down, Allen reached into the bedside table, retrieved the bottle filled with personal lubricant, looked at me and then seeing me lie down with expectations for a good pronging, he said, "No, I want you inside of me. I want you to pound my body like you've never pounded it before. I need a good dose of your protein nectar slammed deep into my body. Angel, your offering is necessary to prolong my life!" He handed me the tube.

His sphincters were tight, however with gentle persistence I was soon embedded to the hilt within the deep recesses of his love tunnel, and pounding away.

Soon, too soon, my urgent needs for release overpowered my senses resulting in a colossal injection of spermies into the love of my life.

Spent, I collapsed.

I had anticipated that Allen would have shot off his cannon. But he hadn't though he was trying by urgently fisting his steel rod.

"Wait." I said while grabbing the lube tube from under the pillow. I applied a generous dollop to my bung hole and then greased his needy and wanton pole of pleasure. He was lying flat on his back. I worked my way up and over his prong then sat down. After making a few adjustments and manipulations his 'that which makes him male' easily and completely entered my orifice; he then began pistoning until I, too, was filled with his love offerings.

Completely spent, completely fulfilled, Allen collapsed on top of me which exited his maleness from my fully open and stretched anal orifice. We repeatedly kissed lightly, not urgently mind you, and then fell asleep.

About 30 minutes later, a light knock on our locked bedroom door interrupted our slumber following the trip to and from Nirvana.

"Yeah?" Allen said.

"Can I come in?" Peter asked.

"Sure. Come on in." Allen replied.

Hearing a rattling of the door knob, I realized the door was locked then urged Allen up and off my body. He gathered what I was about to do, "I'll get it babe; stay here, I'll be right back."

When he got up, I reached for the sheet then covered my limpness.

Allen said through the door, "I'm going to unlock the door, wait just a minute before coming in."

Allen unlocked the door then padded back to bed where he got in. Once he arranged the sheets to cover his hot body he said, "Come on in."

Peter entered, sniffed the air, saw us cuddled together then said, "Oh, sorry guys... I didn't mean to..."

I responded, "Wait, you're not interrupting anything. Whazzup?"

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