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The Light

By and © Joe Writer Man

Chapter 27

Actually, Peter has something he wants to say: Hey gang. David has performed an eloquent job with writing out his thoughts. He deserves rounds of applause <clapping>. Thanks, David. I love you so much.

I will warn you that when sexual scenes happen, he is much better at expressing them. Hmm, maybe I will try writing a scene or two. You ought to hear him when he has his climactic experiences. Good Lordy <giggle>.

Ahhh hem ... okay, here we go ...


"Peter, you okay?" David asked concernedly.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" I replied

"You spaced out for a few seconds."

"I've been told that before. I'm really okay." I said then gave him a kiss he won't forget any time soon."

"Ahhh hem, you guys go get a room, will ya?" Allen said.

"Okay you guys, all of you." Dad said after clearing his throat, perhaps with a trace note of exaggeration. In any event, it brought us back to the present, and why we were all there in the first place. I giggled.

David giggled too, which made me giggle again, I couldn't help it.

"Yes, dad, I'll testify. Bring 'em on."

"Okay son, know that we'll be with you every step of the way. Our family attorney, Richard, is going to represent your legal interests. You and he will work closely, together, with the prosecuting attorneys."

"Why do I need an attorney, Dad? I didn't do anything wrong."

"No, no you didn't. Richard's going to help lead and support you. The defense attornies can be and often are wicked, ruthless, and they'll try and put blame on you - all in the guise of defending their clients. Those are the main reasons why I've put Richard in your corner. The courtroom's kind of like a chess game. Your truth is your truth. Their truth is built on lies and more lies. Juries need to see the truth. The truth prevails - in other words, the truth results in a Check Mate."

"Chess? Why's that? I don't understand."

"Richard can and will explain everything better than I can. Give him a chance, okay?" Dad replied assuredly.

I nodded.


"Mmm hmmm."

"I know how to play chess. It's been a while, but I remember how. Bo taught me how to play. He was really good at it but you know what?"


"I seriously kicked his ass the last 17 times we played. That pissed him off. He never played me again."

"Oh shit." David said then bowled over in laughter.

Dad was trying to say something, but all he could get out of his mouth was nothing - he looked like a fish's mouth when it tries to breathe in water while out of the water - if that makes any sense.

Once again, I got afraid because they were laughing when I was dead serious. Feeling all alone, I got up then walked out to the pool and sat down in a chaise lounger.

Dad wants to write what happened next. Here you go.


*** Dad's POV

David got up to follow Peter to the pool. I said, "Don't, David. Let him be by himself. He needs to work this through this in his own mine. He's going to be okay. He's a very strong boy. Just give him some time."

"But dad, he thinks we are laughing at him." David cried.

"That was pretty cold, Jim." Angel said.

"He doesn't realize just how strong he is, boys. He needs to find his inner strengths. Son, do you remember when you and I went into the pool that day, clothes and all. Do you remember me leaving you in the middle? Do you remember that you found your inner strength by having to make your way to the edge?"

"You didn't force me, dad." David said angrily. I'd hit a nerve. He sat there thinking - I saw him working through his facial expressions and body language.

"No?" I replied when he looked at me.

"No. I decided to do it. You didn't make ..." He began to say then went quiet ... he was still thinking and processing.

"Then who made you decide, David?"

"The biker dude."

"The biker dude?"

"Yeah, he showed me. He didn't tell me anything. He just said he was going in for an overhauling. Alex (the prosthetist) showed me too."

That said, Peter got up then walked to where Peter was sitting and joined him.

Check Mate.


Back to the story

After sitting down in the chaise lounge, all sorts of sordid thoughts began filling my consciousness - too much; too, too many to count.

I reached down and took off my socks. Next, I put my fingers in the waistband of the brief underwear then began wiggling them down over my hips and thighs. I then stood up, kicked them aside, walked over to the water and dove in. I swam my laps as hard as I possibly could. I lost count, but figured I'd swum maybe 15 or 20, or more. My lungs were burning as were my arms, back and legs. When the cramps began to take over my foot, I got out then sat on the edge of the pool while getting my breath back and working my foot so the cramp would go away... my breathing went back to normal, and the cramp lessened. I decided then and there that I'd get the motherfuckers, and that dad was right.

A chess game though? What does a chess game have to do with... then it struck me... I wanted to grievously hurt and harm those fuckwits... but it was not the answer... they'd get off too lightly. But then again I realized violence was not the answer because violence is what started the whole mess in the first place.

I thought that while those idiots might very well get some punches in, the truth would be the Check Mate.

I heard the door to the pool area open. I looked toward it. It was David. He walked over, sat down on the chaise lounge then looked at me intently. When he saw I wasn't going to bite his head off, his underwear and socks joined mine then he made his way to me and sat down.

He kissed me on the lips but didn't say anything. Instead, he looked me in the eyes - our souls touched yet again. I said, "Dad's right. I'm going to try it their way. I can't live with knowing that I hurt them, or worse. I'm not that kind of guy. What do you think?"

David and I were sitting in total silence. He started to talk but we felt hands on our backs causing us to jump startled. After quickly turning our heads, we found those hands belonged to dad.

"Hey dad, you're right. I'll talk to Richard. I don't want them to win."

Dad replied, "Son, violence doesn't cure violence. I understand how you're angry though. I was angry too. I wanted to, uhm, hurt them very badly so they'd never do it again. Richard talked to me. I found my anger was overshadowing what actually needed to be done - the right way."

I nodded. David looked at me after shifting his gaze from dad, "I wanted to hurt them for hurting you, Peter. But now I can see how it wouldn't work. We'd be doing things ... just like they did to you. The anger, I mean. You know."

Seeing that the tension had dissipated, dad playfully dad pushed us into the water then dove in himself after tossing his boxers aside.

Soon Allen and Angel joined us. We all got into a huge splash fight until we were worn completely frazzled. The tension and tightness had been released from my body, and my mind. David headed toward the edge of the pool then lifted himself from the water. I joined him. I said, "Come on, we have some work to do."

David looked at me like he was trying to figure out what I was saying about work, then he smiled and we got out of the water. I walked over, retrieved his crutches then took them to him. We then dried off and went into the house.

I don't think David actually thought we were going to work in the conventional sense of the word - evidenced by a slight elongation in an area we knew and loved so well. When I sat down at the bar, turned the monitor so I could see it properly, booted it up, logged in then began typing the parent website that I wanted to research, he went to the refrigerator, poured us glasses of orange juice then sat down beside me.

After a few minutes, David said, "I'm going upstairs. I need to use the bathroom then I'll change our sheets and stuff. Call me if you need anything." He then kissed me passionately then walked away. I turned back to the computer, logged in under my alias ID then went searching. I found 4 new paid picture websites then wrote down their addresses. After logging off, I went upstairs, dumped a load then went into our bedroom where David was sitting at the desk writing this story.

I kissed him deeply then reached down between his legs, pronged him up good then turned his chair around to give me full access to that which makes him male, and lapped, sucked, and cajoled him into a spectacular release of protein that I loved so well. David didn't seem to mind, not one bit. He urged me to sit on his lap... soon thereafter I, too, released a huge gob of pent up joy juice from that which physically defines me as a guy.

Physically and emotionally satiated, we sat comfortably while I updated David on my internet finds.

Angel poked his head in the door and announced we were all going to the beach for a few hours.

When we returned, we helped dad fix up a homemade meatloaf, baked potatoes, a fresh crisp green salad, and desert.

Conversation was lighthearted. Jeremy arrived from work and joined us mid-meal. We briefly filled him on the conversations we'd had earlier in the day.

After dinner was consumed, and after cleanup had been accomplished, David and I took off upstairs to take our showers. While I was preparing the water temperature, David dropped a load of torpedoes then he joined me. As is our habit, we thoroughly washed each others' bodies from head to toe. When David began washing my lower cheeks for me, he spent an inordinate amount of time washing in and around my hole until his fingers entered began working to relax me. When his finger became irritating, I said suitable to the occasion, "Alright David, just what did you find back there to play with cuz I like it, boy do I like it. The only thing is that your finger is not quite big enough to suit my fancy."

"Well, let me take care of that then in just a jiffy. I'll have you squealing like crazy in about 5 seconds, maybe less." David replied. He sat down on the shower seat then guided me to sit on his lap where he lined us up perfectly. I fully sat down, his turgid spear impaled itself on me perfectly, just the way I like it. When I fully accommodated his rod of pleasure, I said, "Okay, baby. Give it to me good."

"Not so fast, not so fast." David giggled then began long-dicking my hole which drove me wild with need and lust, though not necessarily in that order, of course.

He would pull me down to where my ass cheeks melded into his thighs then I'd pull up and nearly off of my receptacle, then we'd do it over and over again.

David's pulling me down took on a whole new meaning when he reached his arm around then with his hand he grasped my prong and began stroking it up and down, taking me to a whole new level of need.

When David could take no more, he gripped my dick tightly then began jacking me in earnest. I quickly lost my cool and began spraying nectarine juices, the first one of which splattered the glass shower door. The tightening of my sphincter muscles sat him off. My insides were then whitewashed with his massive quantity of offering.

When no further offering was to be had, I relaxed down into his lap with his spear, still fully elongated and nestled into my hole, then relaxed while our breathing returned to normal, whatever normal means.

When fully recovered, we finished washing then got out, dried off each other then headed to our room where we put on pairs of briefs then headed downstairs, ate a bowl of ice cream with the rest of the family, and then headed upstairs, got into bed then fell into a restful sleep almost as quickly as our heads hit the pillow.

*** Saturday morning

I woke up early as usual. It was 3:15am.

Excited, I woke David. He's not much of a morning person but when I finally jiggled him into consciousness and told him we would soon be leaving on our trip, he fully awakened the bounded out of bed and headed to the bathroom after giving me a good early morning wake-up kiss on my lips. We then got into the shower, took a quick one after giving each other's wood a 'good morning wake-up call', and then proceeded to get dressed. Finished with that task, we, in our excitement, went around to each bedroom and made sure everyone else was wide awake. After only a little bit of grumbling, we hit dad's room... he was already awake and showered and dressed. He wasn't all that surprised to see us ready and raring to go.

Between dad, Jeremy, Allen and Angel (with David 'supervising') we were soon loaded up. It was 4:30am. We didn't need to be at the airport until 6:30am so we decided to stop at our favorite all-night eating establishment for breakfast.

Instead of ordering from the menu, we decided to eat off their wonderful breakfast bar. After loading up our plates to the brink of overflow, we made our way to our table, sat down and began seriously chowing on the various yummy tummy delights.

About halfway through my first plate of food, I looked up. My blood ran ice cold. I began shaking uncontrollably. Quickly, I swallowed a largely not-yet-chewed food, took a swig of orange juice to wash it down then, thankfully I was sitting on the end of the table, bolted for the door to the restaurant then tripped over a chair leg and hit the ground. Quickly, I recovered, got back up and made it to the door then raced to the Escalade where I hit the pavement and crawled under it, be damned the good clothes I was wearing.

Not more than one second later, Dad called my name, "Peter! Peter! Where are you?"

I was too scared to reply to his incessant shouts. Instead, I moved my body so that it was fully and completely underneath our large expansive vehicle. I was shaking, and despite the warm morning, I was shivering as a wave of ice overshadowed my body, and mind.

What happened next pissed me totally off... I began crying. Bo's ugly fat fucking face began completely crowding my consciousness, putting all else aside, putting aside all sense of reason... and safety. But it wasn't Bo, not at all. He wasn't threatening me... he was in jail, wasn't he? Dad had said so.

Then I heard footsteps in close proximity. They weren't heavy footsteps, not at all. They belonged to someone, two sets of footsteps actually, much, much lighter than the fat fuck who caused my blood to run ice cold in the restaurant. They were frantically calling my name. I recognized their voices. They belonged to Angel and Allen. Soon other footsteps joined them... they were running toward our vehicle. They were all talking, wondering where I was, dad was giving directions on where to look for me.

David then dropped to the ground... I don't know if it was on purpose or if he lost his balance and fell as he sometimes did. In any event, when I saw it was him, I said shakily, "David. Is that you?"

"Peter! Dad... quick, he's under the truck. Peter don't go anywhere... we're here."

I began crying hysterically. I curled up in a ball as sights and memories overtook my sense of being and wellness.

The next thing I knew, dad had me in his arms, and was holding me firmly while whispering that all was okay, that we were safe, and that nobody was out to get us. But I didn't believe him, not really, not for one moment actually. When I found my voice, I said, "He's in there. He's going to get me. You guys need to get out of here! He'll get you too!"

"Peter, what are you talking about? Nobody's going to get us. We're safe."

"No dad, you don't understand. That man in there, he's going to get me, he promised he would! RUN!"

"No Peter, I'm not running anywhere. Neither are you. Neither are any of us. Jeremy, open the door. Allen, move our stuff out of the way so that we can all get in quickly. Now go. Do it. Do it now!"

Dad left me no further time to react. Instead, he urged me to crawl out from underneath the vehicle. He quickly ushered, no, he pushed me into the vehicle then slammed the door shut. David took me in his arms, all the while whispering soft soothing things in my ear. Allen and Angel got in from the other side while dad got in the front passenger seat and told Jeremy to get us the hell out of there.

Dad turned around in his seat and asked urgently, "What just happened, Peter? I have to know!"

Jeremy, meanwhile had started our vehicle but before he could go, I screamed, "Dad, he's going to get us... we can't stop him. Oh God, David move, I'm getting sick!"

Too late.

Just as David was opening the door, I puked on the floorboard, splattering David's legs as I made my way outside where I hurled and hurled again until there was nothing left to hurl. Dad's strong arms, meanwhile, was holding me up, keeping me from landing face first on the pavement.

When the overwhelming nausea passed, somewhat, dad urged me back in the vehicle while he looked all around to see what I was so upset about.

He then pushed me back in the vehicle, put David in the front passenger seat, slammed his door then pushed me further in the seat then he himself got in and, in a very controlled voice, told Jeremy to get us the hell out of there, to take us home.

Jeremy, not wasting one precious second, slammed the vehicle in reverse causing the tires to shriek with protest, but they moved, and boy did they move. Once we were out of the parking lot, he slammed the transmission into drive but he didn't get things done soon enough. At about the same time, a vehicle slammed ours knocking us into the car that had been sitting next to ours. Dad, very angrily, very worriedly told Jeremy, "Get us the fuck out of here, Jeremy. Do it now. And do not stop."

With screeching tires, Jeremy put the Escalade into a frenzy. At the last possible moment, he rounded the curve in the parking lot, and took off for the exit. At the same time, that vehicle slammed us once again sending us into the street where Jeremy carefully navigated the machine in such a way as to avoid hitting cars innocently passing by. In all the chaos and turmoil, a car came screaming and screeching. It passed us and in the midst of tires smoking it tore down the parkway at a terrifying rate of speed.

Dad, as we approached a red light, screamed to Jeremy, "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jeremy got the vehicle to stop, seemingly on a dime with change to spare just as that malevolent vehicle was struck by an 18 wheeler that entered the intersection from our left. Glass, bumpers, pieces of metal, and half a load of grain struck our vehicle - but we were okay. We weren't hit by the carnage. Dad, in a cold, calculated voice said, "Jeremy take us home, now!" Dad then called 911 and told them of the massive wreckage blocking the intersection... he then told them he'd call them later, that we were okay, that we were headed home.

As we passed the intersection, I saw "him"... he was standing in the middle of the carnage. Dad saw him too. We saw the guy with a gun, and it was pointing at our vehicle. Jeremy saw it too. Jeremy took a quick right which landed us in a parking lot. I was afraid the parking lot was closed however Jeremy deftly headed our vehicle through a grassy area and after we bounced over the curb we were able to head home.

I meanwhile got sick again though there wasn't much left to offer, thankfully for dad.

Without any further incident we made it home safely, albeit Jeremy broke every driving law in the book. When we arrived, Jeremy put the Escalade in the garage then put it in Park and turned off the engine.

We sat in the vehicle, unmoving and breathing hard as the adrenalin rush slowly passed.

Unable to stop myself, I began weeping. Dad pulled me in his arms and held on tightly. Angel, sitting on my other side, put his arms around me. David took my hand in his and squeezed lightly.

When Jeremy got his wits about him, he exited the vehicle after hitting the automatic door locks to unlock them. He then went and opened the door to the kitchen area the disappeared for maybe 10 minutes. He returned, "Everything's okay here, dad. There were no intrusion attempts on the computer system."

Dad looked at me. I shook my head no. Besides my fright, my legs were like rubber. I'd also shit my pants with a deluge of diarrhea. I was afraid to move.

Dad picked me up then carried me into the house and on up the stairs. He said to Angel, "Go get the shower ready. David, get Peter some clean clothes. Jeremy, call 911 and tell them where we live but don't say anything about what happened, not yet. Allen, you'll help me get Peter's clothes off. Peter, you, you just relax. We're fine now. We're okay. Besides, we're going to Disneyland as planned. When we get you situated, I'll call for a limo."

I nodded as another wave of nausea made its presence known, but as before, there was nothing left to offer, thankfully.

Dad then carried me upstairs and into the bathroom where he and Allen got me undressed. Dad tossed my clothes into a trash receptacle. He then tied the bag closed and tossed it in the hallway. By then David had completed his assigned chores then got in the shower with me and with all the love and care he always provides, washed me up purposefully and lovingly, and then himself too. When we were finished, sans any play time, we got out and dried off then headed to our room where we got dressed in all black.

After arriving downstairs, David announced to dad that he was making me a medicinal concoction that his mother used to give him when his stomach had been upset.

"Dad, a 911 operator told me that there was nobody at the crash scene other than the truck driver, who by the way was okay. He wasn't hurt in the crash. He told the police that a limo had stopped and picked up the occupants. The police said they're checking hospital emergency rooms for injured people who might be going in for any kind of injury treatment."

Dad took me into the TV room, sat me down, then said carefully, "Peter, I need to know who that man was, and why he's after you."

Before I could answer, dad's satellite phone rang its buzzer sound. Dad assured whoever it was that we were okay, were home, but were leaving for Orlando despite everything that had happened. He then ordered a limo... he was talking to the person on the other end of the phone.

He then terminated the call and looked at me, "Dad, that man was from my past. He was one of them that beat me to all hell and back when I wouldn't 'put out'. I never put out in the way he wanted, no that he demanded that I put out. He did vile and filthy things. About a year and a half ago, he beat me into a bloody pulp when I refused to allow him to fuck me. Sorry." I said looking directly into David's soul through our eyes.

I then continued after David kissed me and took my hand in his, "He told me he'd kill me. I believed him. I still do. He's real."

After a pause, "My fear hasn't gone away. It won't go away until he's dead. I just know it. I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry."

David said, "You have nothing to be sorry about, does he dad"?"

"No. No, Peter, you have nothing to be sorry for. We're safe, and we'll be safe. I have put some things into motion that will assure our trip is a happy one. We'll be okay." Dad said assuredly.

In the same breath, dad added, "Peter, I want to promise you something. Jeremy and David already know, and Allen and Angel will soon find out... I don't often make promises. Promises can be broken through no fault of our own simply because we can't control all factors. Sometimes things get in the way... anyway, I promise to keep you and us safe at all costs. Are you all ready to go because we need to get a move on it."

Jeremy said, "Dad, the police want statements from us..."

"They can wait. We've got a trip to go on. We're going to have fun." Dad said then got up from his seat, but before walking away he added, "Boys, I'm going on a search and destroy mission. People like that shouldn't be on the street. They shouldn't have their freedom. I'll take these guys on in a very personal way. I can't promise I'll be successful, but rest assured, I'll try."

I started to speak up but David said first, "Be careful dad. Please. Don't get hurt. We need you."


*** Dad's POV

The boys got busy taking care of their needs. I went to my office, called Fuji and basically told him to find and destroy those fucks that put my family's safety in jeopardy.

"We're already on top of it, Jim. Level 1 security is in effect from this very moment forward. Rest assured that those tourists will not all be tourists. Right now, a fully trained fleet is assembling... we're calling this 'Operation Orlando'. Just have fun and leave the rest to us."

"Thanks, Fuji. We will. We will."


We arrived at the commercial airport terminal at 6:20. The place was a ghost town. We were met by agents then, unknowing to the boys because I hadn't told them, we made a quick detour to general aviation after seemingly arriving at our gate.

"What's this all about dad?" Jeremy asked with his eyes as big as saucers.

"There has obviously been a 'slight' change in plans son." I said looking from one of my sons to another smiling.

"We're going to Disneyland, right?" David asked quietly.

"That we are. We're just taking a slightly different tack."

Peter looked at me then smiled.

Payback. Don't ever fuck with my family!

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